The Precipice Game (2016) Movie Script

Let us off!
Get us off here!
I'm downstairs.
Mother: Are you done?
How much longer?
-What do you want?
-Let's talk in the car.
How many operations did you do today?
You must be tired.
So you don't think I smell
like a wet dog today?
-Let's go somewhere quiet and have a chat.
-I have made plans with Chuan.
I know you are serious this time.
I'm not trying to separate you two.
But have you really thought
about your future?
Five, ten years from now, do you think
you're still going to be together?
I live in the moment.
You're like this every single time.
You prematurely devote
everything to every man you meet,
and you always end up getting hurt.
If you weren't such a control freak,
maybe I would've had
a father growing up.
You have no idea
what our relationship was like.
I don't want to hear it anymore.
Take me back.
Let's go.
I've got a place I want to show you.
Baby, how are we spending
my birthday this year?
Take a guess.
Well, last year you took me to Shangri-La.
For Valentine's Day,
we went to Gulangyu Island.
-I have no idea.
-Keep guessing.
Is it bungee jumping?
Way more exciting than that.
Scuba diving? Hot air balloon?
Did I get it?
You'll find out soon enough.
-You are always so mysterious.
-You're my girl, I can't help it.
As long as we're together,
that's all that matters.
Is this your phone? It fell on the floor.
Be more careful.
You two are clearly in love.
Let me show you a little trick.
Pick a card, any card.
Take a look.
Two of hearts. Look closely.
Your two of hearts
becomes the ace of hearts
and then one ace.
One, two, three... becomes four aces.
The deck is rigged.
See? It's perfectly normal.
Give me your hand.
Four aces. Just for you.
Have a wonderful life together.
All Kings!
Yeah, whatever.
Magicians are con men, can't be trusted.
Let me show you something.
-What's up?
-My cellphone?
Didn't he just give it to you?
-Let me call you.
Son of a...
Look at this. What the...
It's that damn magician.
-Where'd he go?
-It's fine, forget it.
I was going to show you this.
We're going on the Skyline Adventure
Cruise this year for your birthday.
Thousands of people tried to sign up
for this game and we got picked.
Plus the winner gets a million in cash.
Pretty awesome, right?
The boat seems awfully quiet.
Is this for real?
Who cares about the ship?
I just want the prize money.
Hey, man.
We're here for the treasure hunt.
Name: Bing-chuan Yu
-Chen-chen Liu. Bing-chuan Yu.
-Chen-chen Liu. Bing-chuan Yu. Checked.
Leave your luggage here.
We'll bring it up to your room.
Let's go.
Welcome aboard Skyline.
Our entire crew is here to serve you
with the utmost passion.
We ensure that your trip
will be exciting and rewarding.
Welcome to Skyline. Your IDs please.
Please register.
Miss Sun.
The guests for room 316 have arrived.
We'll get you another room.
Room 316
Chen-chen Liu
Hey, sugar. Mind if we switch rooms?
Ma'am, please. This room number happens
to be my lucky number.
I'm sorry. It's also my lucky number.
This way please.
Hey, sugar.
Can you take a picture for me?
You won't switch rooms,
and now you won't even take a picture?
Come on, big man, don't tell me
you are afraid of your girlfriend.
How do you want it?
Get low. Make my legs look nice and long.
Battery's dead.
-Use yours then.
-I don't think so.
Where are you going?
We are all adults here.
What exactly do you want?
Remember to send me the picture.
I'm in room 339.
All contestants please proceed
to the event room.
The game will begin shortly.
Please pay attention
to the following safety precautions.
You definitely need this out here
in the open sea. Drives away bad vibes.
You can't be serious.
Let's go over there.
Sugar, don't forget to text me
that picture.
What picture?
I ran into her in the hallway
when I was getting water,
so I helped her snap a few shots.
Ma'am, your boyfriend is very skilled.
You must have trained him well.
The angle is all wrong.
It makes you look fat.
Let's delete this.
I'll take one for you later.
Will make you look skinny.
Hey, what's going on!
A warm welcome to our lucky guests!
Welcome aboard Skyline Adventures.
I'm Bang Chi, your Master of Ceremonies.
Allow me to introduce all the contestants.
Da-peng Liu. Hong-fan Chen.
Qing Ye. Chen-chen Liu.
Bing-chuan Yu.
Last but not least, Meng Sun.
You're all here because you've been chosen
from a pool of thousands of applicants.
Tonight is your night.
One of you will walk away
a millionaire tonight.
Let the game begin!
Please sit according to your number
and put on the safety vest.
The lucky winner of this round
will be given the first important clue.
Don't worry.
The game begins!
Hey, we're spinning.
Hey, Hong-fan, you feel dizzy?
I'm good.
This is fun!
Forgot to mention.
Losing the round means death.
Let's continue!
Bang Chi, let me off!
-Let me off!
Get us off this thing!
Let us go!
Chuan! Chuan!
Bang Chi, listen to me, I give up!
Let me go!
No! No!
Chen-chen Liu is out.
And the winner is Bing-chuan Yu!
Chen-chen, are you OK?
The blank shot fired from the gun triggers
the explosion of the blood pack.
Releasing vapor
that renders you unconscious.
I'm afraid I gave you all quite a shock.
The trial round ends here.
Chen-chen, are you OK?
-This is fun!
-It scared the shit out of me.
Chuan! Congratulations,
you've won the first clue.
The real game begins in ten minutes.
One person will be eliminated each round.
The one who lasts until the end
and finds the treasure wins.
Only then, will the game end.
The clues are on the ship.
What a dumb game.
I don't want to play anymore.
The ship has sailed!
-Hey, where did he go?
-So stupid.
What's going on with you?
Don't be like this.
It's just a game.
Let me ask you.
If we're the only ones left at the end
would you let me win?
Of course not.
Come on, I'm kidding!
Of course, I'd let you win.
I would definitely let you win.
Our first clue, see?
-What is it?
-A key.
Get out!
-Everybody, come out!
-Hey, what's gotten into you?
All my money is gone. And my pocket knife.
-Where did you leave it?
-In my room!
-Yeah, that's not safe.
-There is a thief on this ship!
Now don't go around throwing accusations.
Miss? Did you take his things?
And you two?
See, no one took your things.
-The show's over.
-Everyone stays right where you are!
Stay right there!
Somebody stole my things!
Listen, no one here saw your stuff.
So think about it.
Who isn't here right now?
That quiet dude with the face mask.
-It must be him.
-I don't know.
-Isn't that what you are saying?
-I didn't say anything.
-Where is he?
-You are making it up.
Where is he?
Everyone, please grab your flashlight
and map.
The next phase is starting now.
You better watch it.
You have 12 hours to finish the game.
Pay attention to every detail.
There are clues all around you.
Try to have fun, of course.
Tonight you're going to discover
just what exactly you're made of.
What's going on? Is that guy really dead?
It's OK.
Maybe this is all part of the game.
Part of the game, my ass!
His head fell right off!
Blood all over my face.
Where the hell are we!
What is this shit? Damn it!
-Don't touch me!
-Be quiet!
-I'm calling the cops.
-We're out at sea, there's no signal!
I'm right here, don't worry.
This whole thing,
this could be an accident.
How about we go look for the staff
that are working on the ship?
Come on. Calm down.
Is anyone here?
Anyone alive? Anybody?
-It's the front desk.
-Look, there is a phone.
Where are the twins
we met at the check in?
Where did they go?
Hey, wait up!
This is the place. This is it!
This is the bridge according to the map.
Open it.
We don't have the key.
Key. Your key!
It's not the right one.
It's an arcade room.
This isn't the bridge.
We followed the map exactly.
So the map must be wrong.
Congratulations, you've
solved the lock challenge.
Remember if your time ends
and you still haven't found the treasure
everyone is eliminated.
The only way to win is to stay alive.
Shit, there is surveillance everywhere.
What the hell is this!
Where is everyone?
I'm not playing anymore.
I'm getting off the boat.
We're out at sea, how are you gonna leave?
Guys, let's calm down for a second,
try to come up with a plan.
I think this video is prerecorded.
We can go back to where the host died
There might be clues.
She's got a point. If I were any younger,
I would definitely go with her.
What are you looking at me for?
None of my business. I am not going.
It's all right .
The map.
Wait a second.
-I am going with you.
-Don't be foolish. You're just a girl.
Are there no men left in this room?
-I'm coming with you.
-No, don't go.
-I'll be right back, don't worry.
-Don't go.
-I'm going. Wait for me.
-Be careful.
Why did you shut the door?
Safety first.
Wait a second. We should go left.
What's that sound?
We've been here before.
We're walking in circles.
Have a drink and relax.
I brewed it in my bar.
You don't look like a bar owner.
-You take your girl out to bars a lot?
-If so, where's the fun in that?
What a player?
It's understandable.
Guys, right? We live for the moment.
Your boyfriend
doesn't sound all that legit.
I bet he sucks in bed too.
Where do you think you're going?
Hey! Stop that!
You whore! You think you can hit me?
What the hell!
You pig! Pig!
Hey! Come on now.
We're all in this together.
Are you all right?
Where're you going?
How come all the doors are closed?
Where's the body?
Either there are other people on the ship
or maybe the host isn't even dead.
Let's follow this trail of blood.
It might lead to something.
I'm not scared.
What's going on?
-Qing Ye is trapped.
-Where's Chuan?
-I have to go look.
-Hey lady.
Go find the switch!
-I'll go look for help.
-Get back here!
Get back here!
There you are, great!
-That guy's leg...
-What leg?
The guy I was with! His leg,
he's trapped on the deck!
He needs help! Let's go!
-So? None of my business.
-Wait, I need help!
Are you OK?
-Are you all right?
-I'm fine.
Is that guy still stuck on the deck?
What's going on?
-He's on fire!
-I'll go get help!
-Where's the extinguisher?
-Help me!
Help me!
What's going on?
It's empty!
What should we do?
-Don't close the door!
-Let's go!
You are locking him in!
He's going to burn to death!
What's the use? We can't save him!
Let's get out of here.
Come sit down.
Where's Da-peng?
He's dead!
How did he die?
Burned alive.
This is a trap.
This isn't just a game.
Stay still.
Hey, weren't you stuck on the deck?
How did you escape?
I'm talking to you!
Your foot was caught.
How the hell did you get out!
Hey, dude.
Don't you remember?
He picked the lock on the door?
If he can pick a lock,
who knows what else he can do?
My leather jacket jammed the gears.
Bullshit, do I look stupid to you?
How come you have all the luck?
You must be hiding something!
Calm down man, don't jump to conclusions.
What are you doing?
Looking for liferafts.
Better than sitting here
listening to your stories.
Wait up.
He's right, you know?
Let's go.
Are these liferafts?
There's nothing here!
Found it!
They've all been slashed.
Someone did this with a knife.
Remember? Before Da-peng died,
he said his knife went missing.
-What're you doing?
-We all empty our pockets.
Let's see who has the knife.
Other than these,
I just have cigarettes and a lighter.
-I've been framed.
-Who would frame you?
Who is that?
Over there!
You hear that sound?
Chen-chen. Let's get out of here.
Let's go, hurry! keep you looking young.
Our automatic temperature control system
has the ability to monitor
and control the temperature.
You can relax yourself here.
We guarantee you will look more radiant
than ever before.
Congratulations on making it this far.
A friendly reminder.
Be careful of those around you.
One of you
will be eliminated at every round.
Where do you think you're going?
Well, this is all a misunderstanding.
He's messing with you,
it's not what it seems.
Don't let him get away!
Over there!
Bang Chi!
Bang Chi!
Where are you?
They've found out about me!
What should I do now?
Bang Chi!
Open up!
Open up!
Open up!
Help me!
Save me!
Help me!
Where are you going?
We're all going to die.
None of us can survive the night.
We're done for.
Who's doing this to us?
Wait. Didn't the host say
we need to find the treasure?
So finding the treasure
is our only way out, isn't it?
Don't you get it?
This is not about finding treasure!
So somebody tell me,
what the hell are we going to do now?
This is not a game! This is a trap!
We're all going to die!
Every one of us is going to die!
Chuan, Calm down!
How do I calm down?
This is all because of you!
All for your birthday! It's your fault!
I got on this ship because of you!
It's all your fault!
And now I'm going to die!
I'm going to die here because of you!
Let go!
Let's go.
Give me one.
It's out.
How did you end up with a guy like that?
I don't know.
My mother was right.
Your mother?
What's the deal with you and your mom?
My mom is a strong woman.
She started a business with my dad.
Then my dad ran off with another woman.
So she ran the business herself,
while raising me on her own.
She went through a lot.
I can understand that.
But she is way too overprotective.
I couldn't take it. So we butt heads.
You should be happy.
I have three dads.
Each of them gives me money,
but not much love at all.
Sometimes too much love can be painful.
You don't even know.
Every single relationship I had,
was destroyed by my mother.
Forget it.
I was too naive.
We have no choice but to get hurt first,
and wise up later.
When I was twenty-one,
I met this young guy.
He was gentle, kind, and passionate.
He was perfect to me.
I thought I was going to spend
the rest of my life with him
But I would've never guessed
that it was all just wishful thinking.
Meng Sun.
Chen-chen, you're awake.
That's great! I'm glad you're OK.
About earlier...
I'm sorry about what happened just now.
Chen-chen, I'm so sorry.
Please forgive me. Please!
The ship has stalled.
Engines don't just shut down
for no reasons.
Someone must have done it.
We need to find the engine room.
Are you OK?
I feel hot. My head hurts so much.
You must be dehydrated.
I don't know.
Wait here.
I'm going to look around.
You can't leave us here like this!
You just rest here for a while.
Hey! What's going on?
What's going on?
Meng Sun!
What's happening?
Come help her up!
Open the door!
Open up!
We follow the wire.
It'll lead us to the people behind it.
LIFERAF Help me!
You've finally made it.
You must have been through a lot.
Only when you finish the game,
will this be over.
Come out!
Quit playing games!
Come out!
Take a deep breath.
An SOS signal has been transmitted
from this lifeboat.
The closest coastal responding team
is on the way.
Please put on your life jacket.
Maintain your distance
from any potential danger and remain calm.
If the lifeboat begins to drift too fast,
drop the drogue into the water
to slow down the raft.
When you spot a nearby vessel,
use the signal flare
to send a rescue signal.
Da-peng Liu, Hong-fan Chen, Meng Sun
Qing Ye, Chen-chen Liu
I promise you.
I will get you out of here alive.
The deck.
I think the flag is the treasure.
Wait here.
Qing Ye.
We need to finish the game.
Looks like you've found the liferaft.
If the raft starts leaking,
look inside the emergency kit.
And you'll find is
a small water pump like this.
Place the end of the pump in the water
And begin pumping.
Once the water is emptied,
find the glue and tape from the kit.
To patch up the leak.
One thing to note.
While you are patching the leak,
don't stop draining the water.
Because the tape will be rendered useless,
if it comes in contact
with too much water.
Oh, right.
One more thing.
This job requires
two or more people working together.
Otherwise you're screwed.
Where's the flare?
We've done it. It's over.
Qing Ye.
Hold on!
-Calm down!
-Everything is under control!
Hurry! That spot over there!
Point the search light there!
Send them down.
-Be careful!
-Save her!
Initiate search and rescue, now!
Find her! Now! Over there!
All divers initiate underwater search.
Hey, man.
-What's the situation?
-Chen-chen jumped in to save you.
We haven't found her yet. It's too dark.
And the water is too cold.
She's been in the water for too long.
It's hopeless.
We've found Qing Ye.
We still haven't found Chen-chen Liu.
I promise you.
I will get you out of here alive.
Is it time yet?
I don't think Chen-chen's mom
can handle it anymore.
Send the speedboat back.
Please save my daughter.
Please save her.
Don't leave me like this.
Wake up.
What the hell!
She's alive!
-My darling, you're awake.
Mom, what are you doing here?
I'm so sorry.
You are all alive?
I truly apologize, Miss Liu.
We've caused you so much stress.
The fact is,
other than you and Chuan,
everyone else
is a crew member on this ship.
This is our magic supervisor.
Do you recognize him?
Hey, man.
We're here for the treasure hunt.
Wish you two a happy life together.
This time I'm not letting you win.
You lose.
The show began when the lights went out.
The ship has sailed!
We meticulously designed
and built every single trap on this ship.
In order to amplify the terror,
everyone acted the part.
And then Da-peng and Hong-fan
framed Qing Ye.
To add suspense to the festivities.
My money is stolen! And my knife too!
Our rescue team
had to ensure the safety
of you and your boyfriend.
We couldn't afford to make any mistakes.
Miss Liu.
I'm actually a stuntman.
Once the shelf falls,
the mechanism is triggered.
The fake corpse flips into place
while you make your escape.
It's absolutely safe.
I'm an actress.
We had simulated steam
blasting out of the pipes.
And the frozen arm
was prepared beforehand.
After Hong-fan locks himself in the room
and activates the trigger for the trap,
the wires will lift you up.
Please put on a good show,
make those screams convincing.
I'm so sorry.
Qing Ye is our illusionist.
Every trap on this boat
was designed by Qing Ye.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to Qing Ye's world of magic.
Follow the trail of blood
and activate the next stage.
Although he designed everything,
he still managed to get himself hurt.
Miss Liu.
Although this was all just a show,
the lie comes from a good place.
Don't blame it on your mother.
My mom is a strong woman.
She started a business with my dad.
Then my dad ran off with another woman.
So she ran the business herself,
while raising me on her own.
She went through a lot.
I am so sorry.
This is all because of me.
It is all my fault.
I just wanted to use this game
to put your boyfriend to the test.
You're right, I was wrong.
But don't worry.
From now on, whatever you want to do
I won't interfere, OK?
-Calm down.
-You bunch of liars!
Don't go over there!
You think you can take her money
and do what you do?
Let me tell you something.
You're not getting away with this!
This was all a trap.
I've been conned!
None of this is real, Chen-chen.
Please believe me, I still love you.
Chen-chen, we're going to be fine.
Let's get out of here.
Don't let them get to you.
You don't believe them, do you?
This was all a trap!
They were all designed to trick me!
It all came out of your mom's imagination!
It's you! You never liked me!
You did this to screw me over!
I'm going to sue you! Sue you!
Oh, I see what this is.
You two are in it together.
A mother-and-daughter team
that's out to screw me!
Chen-chen Liu!
What do you think you're doing?
I'm so tired.
Good job, everyone.
Bang Chi. You really pulled a fast one
on her mom at the end.
It's time. Send the speedboat back.
I hope there is no more
hard feelings between them.
Don't worry, we found her.
That adrenaline shot really worked.
We should be glad
no one got seriously hurt.
Qing Ye acted
a little out of the ordinary this time.
This is the kind of shit you do now?
Don't involve me with your shit
from now on!
Ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to Qing Ye's world of magic.
This is our brand.
You think you can leave?
You're nothing without me!
You're on your own.
Hey, don't go.
You wanted to see me?
I didn't know it was all targeted at you
I have a twin brother,
he's also an illusionist.
He is always the frontman,
and I am his shadow.
And whenever he messes up,
I am there to clean up.
The day before the ship sailed
he had too much to drink again.
So I boarded the ship as my brother,
trying to clean up his mess as always.
I'm sorry.
So long.
Where are you going?
I'm not sure yet.
Maybe find a new place and just be myself.
Take care.
My name is Tian Ye.
Subtitle translation by Hann Wen Sheu