The Presence of Love (2022) Movie Script

This program is rated G
and is suitable for
general audiences.
"Behold her,
"single in the field.
"Yon solitary Highland lass,
"reaping and singing by herself.
"Stop here, or gently pass.
"Alone she cuts and binds
the grain,
"and sings a melancholy strain.
"Oh listen,
for the Vale profound
"is overflowing with the sound.
"No sweeter voice was ever heard
"in springtime
from the cuckoo-bird.
"Breaking the silence
of the seas
"among the furthest Hebrides.
"Will no one tell me
what she sings?
"Perhaps the plaintive
numbers flow
"for old unhappy far-off things
and battles long ago.
"Whate'er the theme,
the maiden sang
"as if her song
could have no ending.
"I saw her singing at her work
and o'er the sickle bending.
"The music in my heart I bore,
"long after it was heard
no more."
It's crazy, I have read that
poem a million times
and it's now only just
coming to life.
Ah, well,
that's Wordsworth for you.
This is what I meant about
his connection
to the natural world.
He believed that poetry should
be written to provide pleasure
through a rhythmic and powerful
expression of emotion.
It's risky to say
what we're feeling.
Scary, even.
Well, I have to admit,
I was a little scared about
taking this class, but I've
actually really enjoyed it.
Are you coming back next
Dr. Tompkins will be back
from sabbatical,
but I am-- I'm working on it.
Well, I hope so,
you have been incredible.
Great example of hyperbole.
You've clearly been paying attention.
Oh, and as a thank you,
I got you some of that British
chocolate that you love.
My friend brought it back from
her studies abroad.
You're my favorite student.
I try.
See you later. Bye.
Dr. Lambert?
Dean Grant.
May I?
Uh, please.
Looks like you've made a lot
of fans here
over the last three months.
Well, luckily I happen to be
teaching my favorite subject.
Well, it shows, Joss.
Well, hopefully it will give me
a better shot
at my interview next month.
I know that tenure track positions
are extremely competitive
so if there's anything else
I can do to stand out...
Well, getting the interview in
the first place
is half the battle.
I just heard from
the Literary Review.
They kicked your paper back.
You're kidding.
They're intrigued by your
dissection of Wordsworth's work,
but they're not feeling like
you're saying anything new.
Something is missing.
Also your lack of published work
is a problem.
I've been published.
But it hasn't been cited
or won any awards.
Department funding is vital
for this.
You know I'm on your side.
Yes, I'm sorry.
They're giving you two weeks
to re-submit.
You know, when I was your age,
there were a lot of roadblocks,
and I pushed through
and I worked hard.
Sometimes I thought I couldn't
do it, but I did.
And I know you can too...
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Two weeks. Okay?
I don't get it, you've taught
at five different universities.
Sure, places that are smaller,
and where your teaching ability
matters more
than how many books
I haven't published.
Yes, but you served on the
faculty committee at this one.
And you organized that week-long
reading retreat last year,
which was incredible,
by the way.
I wish that mattered, Gwen,
but you know the saying.
It's publish or perish.
That mentality
is too intense for me.
That's why I love being a librarian.
The most pressure I face
is collecting late fees.
Which you are horrible at.
I know, I'm a real softy.
Ugh, I just wish I knew how to
get out of my head about this.
Actually, um,
I've been carrying this
around all week
just waiting for the right time
to give it to you.
What's this?
It's a present.
From your mom.
When was this?
About a year ago, when her
health started taking a turn.
You know Carol, always putting
everyone else first.
Open it.
She gave me specific
instructions to give this to you
two weeks before your 35th birthday.
It's my job to make sure you go.
This was the year I promised
we would finally
go visit her family farm,
the one that she grew up on.
She wanted to show me
the literary festival.
She thought of everything.
Airfare, taxi, train fare.
This ticket is for Monday.
Better start packing.
I can't just pick up
and go to England.
What better place to write a
paper about English poets
than England?
What do I tell the dean?
You could come up with a million
reasons not to do this,
but you made her a promise.
You've barely done anything
for yourself
since she passed away.
She wanted this for you.
What if something happens?
Like what? Killer sheep?
You know what I mean.
What if my anxiety gets really
bad over there?
Then you use the techniques
your doctor gave you.
In the meantime, eat right,
exercise, and take your meds.
You can call me anytime
you want.
In fact, you should
call me often
so I can live vicariously
through you.
Go, Joss.
You need this.
Tegan, love, I think the
chickens have had
quite enough breakfast
for the moment.
They're looking quite plump
as it is, sweetheart.
Penny for your thoughts?
I just don't know why they're
making us read our poems
at the festival.
Because you've been
working hard on them,
and letting the kids read one of
their poems at the festival
is a tradition.
We're not even done
with them yet.
What if I don't finish?
What if I mess up?
That's the beauty
of creative writing.
You can't go wrong, 'cause
anything you say is original.
Come one.
There we go.
Right. Now nip inside,
grab your backpack
before Gran realizes we haven't
left yet, all right?
Oi! Forgetting something,
are we?
Good girl, okay.
Thanks, Gran.
Glad I could be of service.
You two should be long gone.
It's my fault,
I was feeding the chickens.
It was my fault, I was stripping
the bed in the guest cottage.
Just trying to keep on top
of the bookings.
You're trying to drive me mad
is what you're doing.
I already changed them.
Right, well then.
Just making double sure.
I don't know why I bother.
If that next booking
ever turns up, I'll be amazed.
They reserved it nearly a year
ago and never confirmed.
At least they paid in full.
How you got me playing
chambermaid, I shall never know.
I think it rather suits you.
Oh, I'm sure you're
tickled pink.
Now it's your turn to play chauffeur
and get this little princess
to school.
Right, come on, you.
With pleasure.
Your grace.
Your lordship.
Good boy.
You okay?
You were looking the wrong way.
Wish I could say it was the
first time it's happened here.
You all right?
Can I have my arm back?
Of course, I'm sorry.
Oh, I can help you with that.
Are you my driver?
Only if you're Jocelyn Lambert.
Everyone calls me Joss,
but yes,
yes, that's me.
Welcome to Cornwall.
I'm Daniel.
What are you
smuggling in here?
We've got libraries full
of them here.
Actually, we're quite well-known
for our written word.
All right, party is over.
In the back with you.
Come on, Samson, in the back.
It's okay,
I can sit in the back.
He's just being stubborn.
He'll get there.
Oh, come on, Samson.
I prefer it, actually.
Real classy, mate.
Direct route or scenic?
I'll let you choose.
Oh, it's a no-brainer for me.
Is it ready?
Patience, my lovely.
You have to let it brew.
Why don't you use a teabag
like dad?
Because ladies use loose leaf,
like the queen.
Daddy just presses on the bag
with a spoon.
So does Tarzan, I suppose.
But if you want to do it properly,
you'll do it as I've shown you.
Now you always
put the milk in first.
Before you fill the teacup.
Not everything can be done
on a whim
no matter what your father
tells you.
What about jam and clotted
Jam first, of course.
Just finish your scone.
Hello, Felix.
Mrs. Carter.
You're looking lovely today.
May I ask why
you're disturbing my sheep?
I take it Danny failed
to mention
that I would be
stopping by today.
He most certainly did.
If it's about those monstrosities,
you can save your breath
and my time.
They're wind turbines,
Mrs. Carter, not Voldemort.
It's all right to speak of them.
Oh, I know what they are, Felix.
I just don't want them.
Well, shall we go in for a cuppa
and have one of your famous
I don't remember inviting you
to tea and scones.
Come on, look,
she's holding them up in the
window, isn't she?
That's my granddaughter.
She's having scones.
Here's Danny now.
Do you want to tell me
what this is all about?
Oh, hi, I'm sorry,
I'm Joss.
I'm staying at the cottage.
Well, that's lovely dear,
but I'm not talking to you.
I'm talking to that
driver of yours.
I asked Felix to come by
to explain our options.
It's a great opportunity
in a growing industry.
We have an industry, sheep.
You've already turned my
mill house into a cheap motel.
Forgive me if I don't want the
rest of the farm
looking like an Orwell novel.
I'm sorry about my mother,
she's in one of her moods.
I take it you didn't
talk to her, then.
I was working up to it.
You're not just my driver,
are you?
I wear many hats.
Too many, if you ask me.
Right, I'll be off.
It was lovely to meet you, miss.
Hope you have a pleasant stay.
And give me a buzz.
Excuse me for not introducing
myself properly.
I'm Daniel Carter.
Some say I run the farm
around here.
I say the farm runs me.
Right this way.
So you have your own washing
machine downstairs.
That's great. Do you have a
printer, by chance?
Uh, no, not here,
but we have one in the house,
so just knock
and you can use it anytime.
Uh, which is also where
breakfast is served,
usually by my mother.
Oh, okay.
I know she comes off
a bit gruff,
she doesn't mean anything by it.
I did appreciate the Orwell
reference, though.
Yeah, she's very well-read,
but sharp minds have sharp tongues.
Consider yourself warned.
Well, I'm sure your knackered,
so I'll let you settle in.
Oh, and if you need
- the Wi-
- Fi code,
it's in the guest book
under my mobile number.
If you have any questions,
best to ask me.
Oh, and if you want to stretch
your legs,
the sea is up and over
the hill a bit.
You can't miss it.
Thank you.
"Flopsy and Mopsy and Cottontail
"had bread and milk
and blackberries for supper."
"The end."
So, do you want to tell me about
your day now?
It was fine, dad.
Fine? That's all I get.
Okay then.
Well, you should get to sleep.
So, good night, good night,
mind the bedbugs don't bite.
Dad, stop!
Okay, okay. Suit yourself.
I love you.
I love you too.
What if something happens?
They're giving you two weeks
to resubmit.
Okay, Mom.
I'm here.
Now what?
Felix is coming by today.
I thought we'd settled
that matter.
We're just having a coffee.
Good. Try to keep your grand
ideas to a minimum.
I'm trying to put my business
degree to work out here.
You traded in livestock futures.
And what's that supposed
to mean, exactly?
You were hardly the Wolf of Wall
Street, were you?
More like the sheep of Southampton.
I can still hear you.
All I'm saying is the country
suits you.
Hi there, buddy!
Sampson, no!
Oh, it's okay,
we've met.
But I haven't met you yet.
I'm Joss.
I'm Tegan.
Dad says I'm not supposed to
bother the guests.
Oh, you're not bothering me.
Tell me, Tegan, has he ever
eaten your homework?
Well, maybe he could eat mine.
You have homework?
Sort of, I'm just writing a
research paper,
which is proving trickier
than I thought.
I find writing tricky, too.
Is it?
Well, I'm a teacher, so if you
ever have any questions
or you need any help,
feel free to ask, okay?
As long as it's okay
with your mom and dad.
It's just my Dad.
Well, and Gran, of course.
Okay, well, make sure you ask
her too, yeah?
Are you afraid of her?
What, of your Gran?
It's quite all right.
My friend Lily is afraid, too.
But she's really lovely to me.
I'm sure she is.
First bell is in 15,
are you ready?
How'd you sleep?
That doesn't sound very convincing.
Oh, sorry, no,
I can't even blame it
on the jetlag.
I'm just not a great sleeper.
It has nothing to do with
the cottage.
Maybe the fresh air will help
with that.
Any plans?
No, I just have this research
paper to work on.
You flew all this way to work?
Big deadline coming up.
Well, good luck.
Thank you.
Come on, you.
Your turn to drive, Teeg.
Yeah! No, no.
Not really.
"Let's get out of
this mizzle
"and have one of
your famous scones,"
and she said,
"You're not invited!"
I mean, I've jumped that fence
1,000 times.
Who knew that this was going to
be the final straw, eh?
Where is she, anyway?
Out with her precious sheep.
Ah, great, so we can talk
more freely.
Every month, it gets more strained.
Every suggestion I make,
she hates.
I thought she would have been
thrilled to see you
and Tegan at the farm.
Tegan, yeah, but she treats me
like the Spanish invading Cornwall.
I mean, a little warning would
have been nice.
Ah, come on, you know my mum.
I do, she acts tough,
but we both know
that I've been her favorite
since primary school.
Come on!
Look, I'm sorry, but all these
half measures you're doing
to try to diversify
the farm, well,
we know they're not going to
make much difference, are they?
This... this is your long-term.
What, leasing my land to you?
Not me. These beauties.
I mean, she does have a point,
they do look rather dystopian.
More science fiction,
if you ask me.
Don't look at me like that.
It was your idea
in the first place.
I know. But I also know
what she's going to say.
That we're sheep farmers,
that's who we are,
that's who we've always been.
And that they're going to ruin
the landscape she built
with my father.
Not totally.
No, not totally.
I just need to find
the right time.
All right, well, they're not
gonna wait around much longer.
They'll simply just offer
the contract to someone else.
So can I check in next week?
Am I going to see you at
Harbor's Head this weekend?
Two o'clock? Lily is requesting
Tegan's presence.
No, I've got so much work
to do on the farm.
We'll be there.
Good lad. See you soon.
"Behold her,
single in the field.
"Yon solitary Highland Lass.
"Reaping and singing by herself.
"Stop here, or gently pass."
Hey there, buddy.
What are you up to?
Not much, he hasn't lifted a paw
to help me.
Quite the wall.
Oh, it's built the Cornish way.
You put mud between the stones
so the plants can grow
between them.
And very tedious.
I've been at it a year and still
haven't fixed half the problems.
Sounds a bit like
my research paper.
A bit mucked up, then?
So what brings you out here?
Just stretching my legs, ruminating.
Do you want a hand?
I'd rather build a wall
than bang my head against one.
All right,
but you will get dirty.
It's okay,
my B&B has a laundry machine.
And you use this.
Oh, thanks,
So, you're a literature
What got you into that?
Well, my Mom and my grandparents
introduced me to the classics
when I was, well,
probably Tegan's age.
Is that why you bring all
your books with you?
Ah, it's for my research
on Wordsworth.
Oh, the footballer.
The poet. He's English.
Don't tell me you haven't
heard of him.
Of course I've heard of him.
"Nature never did betray
the heart that loved her."
Mick Jagger.
Oh, stop it.
So, um,
why here?
Why, on this whole island,
you chose this bit?
This farm?
Because this is where
my mom grew up.
You're kidding.
No, believe it or not,
my grandparents,
Pat and Colin Penberthy,
are the ones who sold the farm
to your parents.
That's fascinating.
We always wanted to come here,
my Mom and I.
Oh, yeah?
We planned on it, um,
but time just...
Ran out.
She passed away last year.
I'm so sorry.
Me too.
You know, having grown up
here myself,
I can say she was a lucky woman.
It's a beautiful place.
Have you been here
your whole life?
No, I went to uni in London.
I did my master's in business.
Actually, I used to work
in global markets.
Futures, mainly.
And you gave all of that up to
come back and work on the land?
How romantic of you.
No, I came back to help my Mum
sort things out.
She won't admit it, but she's
older than she thinks.
And, um, yeah.
Unfortunately, it's more work
than even I can handle.
Well, we should get busy then.
Hey, Gwen,
sorry I missed your call again.
I was out building a rock wall.
I will tell you about it
when we connect,
but until then, tag, you're it.
Okay, bye.
Hi. Is everything okay?
Gran said I have to do some
homework before training today,
and I still might need a little
bit of help if that's okay.
Of course.
It's just a silly short poem,
but every year,
they make the year two kids read
them at the festival.
Have you gotten any feedback yet
from your teacher?
We have to read in front
of the class, so no, not yet.
I asked to go last.
Well, I would be happy
to take a look.
I haven't gotten very far.
That's okay.
But so far, is it right?
There's no right or wrong
in creative writing.
That's what my dad says.
Well, I agree.
Have you tried mind-mapping?
I don't know what that is.
It's a really useful tool,
and I would be so happy
to show you.
But I've got to go to training
now, so maybe tomorrow?
I'll be here all day, so anytime.
Thank you.
Hi, Lily!
Using the family door now,
are we?
Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't--
No, no, no, don't worry.
You are technically our guest,
I suppose.
How can I be of service?
Um, thank you, Mrs. Carter.
Is Daniel back from the field?
That boy does what he likes
when he likes.
May I ask why?
I, uh, have a question for him.
Is this about your
I told him people would expect
a fancy resort.
Not a drafty old mill room.
No, it's actually--
it's about Tegan.
You have a question about
my granddaughter?
No, not exactly, I...
I found her notebook.
Thank you. Yeah.
I'm sure she'll be quite pleased.
Is that all?
Oh, that's all, yes.
Very well.
Daniel! Good morning.
Wasn't expecting to see you out
this early morning.
Doing some early morning
I actually wanted
to ask you something.
Has Tegan been struggling with
reading and writing for awhile?
What makes you say that?
She asked me for some help
with a poem.
She shouldn't have been
bothering you, I'm sorry.
Oh, no, I offered.
But I noticed her notebook,
and I saw something that
concerned me.
Concerned you how?
I think she may be showing signs
of dyslexia.
Has her teacher mentioned
Uh, just that she might need
some extra help reading.
Um... she's had a tough time
with the move,
she's fallen behind
a little bit.
She's had to put up with more
than her fair share in life,
but she's smart,
she makes great art.
That makes sense, 'cause most
people with dyslexia,
they're highly intelligent.
Because they excel in
other areas,
it can be really hard to spot.
My Mom had it.
She struggled a lot
when she was a kid,
but she learned how
to manage it.
Look, I'm sorry to hear
about your mother,
but I think you're making
a bit of a leap here.
I know this is overwhelming,
but there's people who
specialize in this.
And I would also be happy
to help.
Uh, thanks, but we're sorted.
Samson, come here.
Come on.
Come on, you.
That's beautiful, Tegan.
What's it called?
It's called Sampson the Mighty.
Why don't you write it up here
at the top?
Well, it's you're choice,
you're the artist.
Be back in a mo'.
Well, what do you think?
I think the professor is poking
her nose in where she shouldn't.
What if she's right?
Maybe I should take her to the
doctor to at least rule it out.
Oh, this is the last thing
she needs.
What is that supposed to mean?
She's already drawn
a short straw.
What kind of mother leaves
her child?
I warned you about Catherine,
from very the beginning,
that she was no good for you,
But you wouldn't listen.
Do you want to rehash my failed
marriage or talk about Tegan?
We're going to
tuck in Polly,
and we're going to
tuck in Laney,
and we're going to
tuck in Dougie.
Good night,
good night, good night!
And you. There we go.
Why didn't you tell me
that you were struggling?
I didn't want you to worry.
I'm not worried.
Is this the face of
a worried man?
You know you can tell me anything.
We're a team, right?
Okay, Dad.
Is Joss going to help me
with my poem?
Uh, Joss is a guest so we
shouldn't be bothering her.
But I'm going to talk
to your teacher
and we're going to get
everything sorted out at school.
Make a plan, yeah?
Okay. I just like talking
to her, she's nice.
Yeah, she is nice.
Um, sleep tight.
Don't tickle me!
I wouldn't dare.
Okay. Ah.
Does it go away?
Does what? Dyslexia?
No, it doesn't go away,
but there's loads that we can do
to make sure it gets
a lot better, all right?
Yeah. I love you.
I love you too.
Tegan hasn't made many
connections since we got here.
But she really likes you.
You know, I don't know
what we're dealing with exactly,
but... I want to help
however we can.
So, if your offer still stands?
Of course.
Goodnight, then.
I love what you're saying here.
About the river?
Yeah, about how
it makes you happy.
Do you want to try
reading the mind map,
see how it sounds to you?
Let's start here, okay?
I ran to the river.
Good, good. Keep going.
I can't remember
what comes next.
Well, whatever you want
to be next is next.
Do you know what I do
when I get stuck?
I sing.
Okay, not well.
But it helps me find
the rhythm in the words,
so I try to sing the poems,
and sometimes...
I dance them.
Are you serious?
Yeah, of course, it helps
the words just flow out of you.
Do you want to see?
Okay. I'll do it,
but just for you. Ready?
I went out alone
To sing a song or two
My fancy on a man
And you know who
It's silly,
but do you want to try?
I ran to the river
To splash around
Then up the hill to see
What could be found
When I reached the top
I reached to the sky
And the next thing I knew
I learned how to fly
Yes! See? Look at that!
Writing doesn't have
to all be hard work.
It should be fun, too.
Says the woman who would
rather mend a granite wall
than write her paper.
Sorry, I didn't mean
to break it up.
Oh, no. That's alright I think
we're almost done for the day.
Don't you think, Tegan?
Besides, I should get back
to writing my own paper.
I'm still quite stuck actually.
Did you try dancing?
You know, I'm not sure
that would work for
the research paper,
but I should try it, huh?
What you need is a pasty.
Actually, Felix and his wife
Isabelle are taking
their daughter Lily
to the harbor head,
and the puppet show.
We're gonna get pasties after.
You should come along.
Yes! You must.
I really shouldn't.
But maybe a change of
scenery would do me good.
I would only stay
for an hour, though.
We'll take it.
Okay, but what is a pasty?
Oh, well, let me tell you.
Behind you! Behind you!
Lovely to see you again, Joss.
How are you enjoying Cornwall?
It's beautiful so far from
what I've seen at least.
Surviving Mrs. Carter I presume?
Fell free to ignore him.
I'm Isabelle.
Oh, hi.
Felix's incredibly
tolerant wife.
Nice to meet you.
Isabelle runs the marketing
for the literary festival.
Oh, let's hope
you've heard of it.
Of course, my mom grew up here,
she used to go to it as a child.
Is that so?
Yeah, she even
volunteered for the festival
when she was in her 20s.
Did she ever submit?
Not original work.
She wasn't much of
a writer herself,
but she did
memorize all the greats
and she would recite one
at the final event.
Oh, how lovely.
What's her name?
I bet my mother
will remember her.
She remembers everything else.
Oh, shush.
Carol Lambert.
Well, Carol Penberthy
was her maiden name.
That sounds familiar,
but I'll ask her.
Joss is a professor
of romantic literature.
So, connection.
That's brilliant.
Romantic eh?
Danny boy over here is
a hopeless romantic himself.
Aren't you?
That so?
I never answer such
questions on an empty tummy.
Well, Ashton's mum is
taking the girls for ice cream.
Right, well, that just
means one thing, doesn't it?
To the pub. Come on.
How do they even think of this?
This is, like, genius.
The tin miners used to take
this down the mines with them,
and they would
never eat the crusts
because their hands were dirty.
I never knew that.
Is that real?
So what's the verdict?
Traditional or veg?
Traditional, definitely.
All your meat
and veg in one bite.
How can you go wrong?
Hey, are we still on for Monday?
The surveyor? Yeah.
Must we talk business?
We're having such a good time.
You don't have to decide yet,
but we will need to know how
much, you know,
land you'll have to swap out
if you decide to go that way.
Who wants another beer?
I will, yeah.
I should actually, um--
I should get going.
I've just--
I've slacked off enough.
Yeah, we can go.
Oh, no. That's okay. You stay.
Have fun. I can walk by myself.
Just point me in
the right direction.
Okay, em, we came
the more direct route.
If you want
a more scenic version,
then just turn left,
and you can't miss it.
It's very easy to do.
Okay. Thank you.
Hey, Joss.
Um... Thank you
for today with Tegan.
Of course.
We can do more, too.
You sure you don't want to stay?
Next round's on Felix.
I think I should just get back.
Or left, it's prettier.
It looks like there's four
candidates in the running now.
Four, how am I supposed
to compete with four?
I didn't mean to worry you,
I just thought you should know.
What am I going to do?
I only have a week to
make this what they want.
The paper?
Your research is impeccable.
I'm sure it just
needs a good edit.
You'll figure it out.
But what if I don't?
What if I can't?
Joss, I know how much
this means to you,
and, honestly,
you're the best teacher I have.
I don't want to lose you.
One step at a time.
Get the paper in.
When you get back,
we'll talk about what else
you can do to
impress the board, okay?
We'll talk soon.
This will pass.
"And in life's noisiest hour,
there whispers still
the ceaseless love of thee,
the heart's self-solace
and soliloquy."
Promise you. Alex.
Best surveyor in the country.
So, what does he think?
A good 40%, at least.
You know, to allow for
the number of wind turbines
to satisfy the contract,
but once they're in...
They take care of themselves?
Guaranteed income.
As long as the wind blows,
and in Cornwall,
she always blows.
Alright, so what else
do you need from me?
Nothing much, just an answer.
End of week?
Looks like
you're already coming, great.
How you been standing there?
Long enough.
Mum! Let's talk about this.
Why? You seem to have made up
your mind for both of us.
We agreed that
I would take over the farm.
To preserve it,
not carve it up.
You don't understand
what I'm dealing with.
If it's too much for you,
hire some hands.
It's not that simple.
The markets are changing.
England is changing,
the whole world in fact.
We can't keep
holding on to the past.
I agreed to
the bed and breakfast.
Isn't that enough for you?
I'm doing everything I can.
I promise you,
I won't make a final decision
without your approval.
I'm going to the cove.
Will you watch Tegan?
Be right there.
Are you busy at the moment?
No. Not at the minute, no.
Come on a drive with me.
Oh, I actually--
I'm not busy right now
but I really should
be getting back to it.
I just--
I'm so behind and so uninspired.
What was that line
from the Wordsworth poem?
He wrote a lot, which one?
The one you quoted me.
Ah. "Nature never did betray
the heart that loved her."
That's the one.
What don't we get
you out to nature?
I tried that yesterday
and she wasn't very hospitable.
Doesn't sound like her.
Maybe you need
a proper introduction.
You mean like a wingman?
I don't know what that means,
but if you'll come with me,
them yes.
To be honest,
I could use the company.
Feeling a bit
unmoored at the moment.
I'll let you sit in the front.
Must get my coat.
I'm feeling pretty
lucky that I peeled you
away from that paper.
Please, don't remind me.
I'm having enough
guilt as it is.
My apologies.
It's just up this way.
Wait a minute,
I recognize this place
from my mom's old home videos.
She used to talk
about this all the time.
She would climb to the clifftop
and sit there for hours
when she was young, just waiting
for the sunset, reading.
Taking pictures.
It was calming for her.
Yeah, we do have proper sunsets.
Okay, it's just
a little bit further.
It doesn't really look safe.
You coming?
This will pass.
It's okay. This will pass.
You alright?
Get the paper in.
But what if I don't?
It's okay. This will pass.
Almost there.
I can't.
Of course you can.
You got this.
Just down the path.
No, I can't.
Okay, we'll turn back.
Sorry about that back there.
Nothing to be sorry about.
It's my fault for pushing you.
I've been dealing with them,
anxiety attacks,
since I was young.
How young?
They started when I was nine.
I was in a car accident
with my dad. He died.
I'm so sorry.
I was always
a reserved kid before,
but afterwards the fear just...
Just took root
and never left.
Mom always encouraged me to
push past it, take some risks.
She actually still is.
This whole trip is
a birthday present from her.
When was your birthday?
It's coming up,
it's on Saturday.
Oh, great! Any fun plans?
Well, at the moment,
quietly contemplating the course
of my life,
whether it was a mistake
to come here when I should be
focused on
my professional goals.
Is that before
or after the cake?
Here, this is what
I wanted to show you.
Why does this make me so happy?
I know you're a book worm,
but you really take it to
the next metamorphosis.
What would that be?
A book butterfly?
If you're calling me a nerd,
I'm totally okay with that.
Oh, I love this quote
by Oscar Wilde.
"It's what you read
when you don't have to,
that determines who you will
be when you can't help it."
For those of us without
a degree in English literature,
what does that mean?
What you choose to
fill your mind with...
...has a huge impact on
who you are as a person.
So, you are what you read.
That is a scary thought.
Which way is
the comic book section?
I'm going to get us a table
at my favorite little cafe.
Why don't you find yourself
a birthday gift from me?
You don't have to do that.
I know, but I'm English,
being a gentleman
comes naturally.
Thank you.
Gran! I scored a--
No boots in the house, dear.
That's my girl.
Now what were you saying?
I scored a goal
at training today.
That's wonderful!
Where's dad? I want to tell him.
Your father is
out at the moment.
That's okay.
I can tell Joss then.
I'm afraid he's out with Joss.
I believe he's driven
her to the cove.
I'm sorry, dear.
That's okay, I like Joss.
Do you?
Daddy does, too. I can tell.
Is that so?
I don't know if he fancies her,
but he definitely likes her.
What do you think?
I assure you,
I don't know what to think.
Off you go. To the bathroom.
I don't want you stinking
at the dinner table.
I am so excited to read this
as soon as I get
a chance to pleasure read.
Thank you.
My pleasure. More tea?
As long as you don't
have to get back.
Soon, but I'm lucky.
My mother makes an amazing gran.
We've become quite
the team raising my daughter.
Tegan mentioned
it's just the two of you.
Must be hard.
Is that your clever way
of asking if I'm single?
It wasn't,
but now that you mention it.
I am,
and have been for a long time.
Catherine, and I met in London.
We got married
right after graduation,
against our parents' wishes.
I was in business school
when Tegan was born.
And things changed quickly.
Her parents cut her off,
and we started arguing.
A lot.
It was difficult.
One day, I came home after class
and Tegan was with a babysitter.
I never saw her again.
She just left?
She left a note saying that
it had gotten too much for her.
And, um...
Tegan doesn't remember,
though, luckily.
In her mind,
it's just been the two of us.
I'm so sorry.
Don't be.
It's in the past.
Where it belongs.
You have an uncanny ability
to live in the present.
I'm always going over
what happened in the past
and worrying about what's
going to happen in the future.
Life's too short to
deal with all that stress.
All we can do is
deal with the problems
right in front of us
and choose what
brings us the most joy.
That's beautiful.
It's a Carter original.
I thought so.
Are you okay?
All this talk about
"joy" and "reading"
has me worried
about my Tegan.
She's going to be alright.
I have a meeting
coming up with her teacher.
Could I trouble you to join me?
You make me feel
much more comfortable.
Of course.
Of course.
Today we're going to try
something a little different.
Alright, I'm going to
read you the words
to one of my very
favorite Wordsworth poems
What's a Wordsworth poem?
Well, Wordsworth was a man
who wrote spectacular poetry.
So, you're going to
listen to the words,
and then you're going
to write the words,
but with pictures.
Sounds hard.
Sure, but it's good
to have a challenge,
you know,
like in soccer practice.
You mean football?
Yes. Yes, I mean football.
Okay, should we try it?
Here's your pencils. Alright.
I wandered lonely as a cloud.
That one's easy.
That floats on high
o'er vales and hills.
What's a vale?
It's a valley.
When all at once I saw a crowd,
a host of golden daffodils.
Slow down!
I can't draw that fast!
It's alright. Just try not to
be intimidated by the words,
listen to them and think
about how they make you feel,
what they remind you of.
Think about the lyrics
to your favorite song.
The lyrics don't
always make sense,
but they feel right.
Alright, keep going.
Beside the lake,
beneath the trees,
fluttering and dancing
in the breeze.
Continuous as
the stars that shine
and twinkle on the milky way,
they stretched
in never-ending line
along the margin of a bay.
Ten-thousand saw I at a glance,
tossing their heads
in sprightly dance.
Her symptoms were subtle.
I wouldn't have noticed
if I hadn't seen it before.
I appreciate your notes,
Dr. Lambert.
Of course we will need to
get a full evaluation done,
starting with our
occupational therapist.
I did see signs, I just...
I thought she was adjusting
to her new life here.
I thought it was a phase.
It's difficult to fully
diagnose it unless you know
what you're looking for,
but early intervention is key.
Yeah, I just don't
want her to be labeled.
That isn't going to happen here.
Mr. Carter, it doesn't do us any
good being hard on ourselves.
We are only responsible
for how we handle this
with Tegan moving forward.
What do we do
about the festival?
That is completely up to Tegan.
If she wants to
read her poem, great.
Or she can read
something else she likes.
Or, nothing at all.
That's okay too.
She can lead
the charge on this one.
There are no labels here.
Only support.
You should've just
left it up to the teacher.
I did.
Joss was only there to help.
You shouldn't involve her
any more than you have.
It was the right move.
Everything is always a brilliant
idea with you, isn't it?
Until it's not.
Excuse me?
You always lead
with your heart
at the expense of
everyone around you.
Are we done here?
Doesn't look like you are.
I've seen your plans.
You look through my things?
You left them out.
Were you going to
talk to me about this
or just leave me to
wake up to the apocalypse?
Nothing has been decided yet.
The how do you explain this
perfect little map of yours?
It's all planned out is it?
Just my thoughts
on where they should go.
I don't want to hear it.
You promised me.
Imagine how your father
would feel if he knew this is
what you were going to do to
his farm when you took over.
And imagine how your mother will
feel when she watches her son
give his heart away to another
woman who is bound to leave.
And then he let me pick out
a book for my birthday.
Okay, I think I'm done.
With what?
Living vicariously through you.
I want to browse old books
with an Englishman. No fair.
So, he's cute?
It doesn't matter
because he lives in England,
and I'm leaving on Sunday.
Still could be fun.
You know what would be fun
is if you got on the redeye,
and you came
and met me at the festival.
That'd be fun.
I wish.
You know I wish.
Did you get your paper in?
Nope, nope, nope. No, I did not.
What? Why?
I thought you needed this.
I do or at least, I don't know,
everyone keeps
telling me that I do,
but it's like every time
I open my laptop,
just this wave of exhaustion
just flows over me.
Burn out.
Do you remember Gareth?
The guy I who trained me?
He just up and quit.
No job, no plan, no nothing.
That is terrifying.
Or is it brave?
I'm sticking with terrifying.
Well in that case,
you might want to stock up on
some Galaxy bars and take
another crack at that paper.
In that case,
I'm going to stay here forever.
Aw. Love you.
Love you, too. Bye.
Hi, there.
May I use your printer, please?
Of course.
So sorry to bother you.
Oh, you're very welcome as long
as you know how it works.
I'm rather old fashioned,
I'm afraid.
Oh, well.
So am I, believe it or not.
It's actually why I need it.
Most people prefer to make
notes on a computer these days,
but I actually like
the hardcopy with a red pen.
You should see my manuscripts.
All the notes in the margins
they just look
like hieroglyphics.
Probably hard to decipher them,
but you know, it's my process.
It's on the desk in the corner.
Thank you.
Carol Lambert.
She made your reservation,
didn't she?
My mom.
What was her maiden name?
You know, she actually
grew up in this house.
My grandparents are
the ones who sold it to you.
Would you excuse me a moment?
Of course.
I have something for you.
I found this box
about a year ago,
when I was
clearing out the mill.
I assumed it must've
been left by your--
By your mother.
It just looked like
some old trinkets,
and that tattered book.
But I remember
thinking at the time,
I can't just throw them away.
They're someone's treasures.
It's from my grandma to my mom.
She memorized all these poems,
she would recite them to me.
I wonder if she
knew this was here.
Ever since she died,
I feel like...
something important
has gone missing.
I keep searching for her,
as if she's just out of sight,
and if I just
look hard enough...
That I can find her, again.
Loss is a terrible thing.
It never completely goes away.
I miss her so much.
Ah, love.
She's still with you.
Her love lives inside of you,
and you carry her in your heart.
I'd give anything
to see her again.
You will.
I'll leave you to it.
Take as long as you need.
Thank you.
The Presence of Love.
Oh, mom.
Okay, shouldn't be
a long meeting.
They're just gonna
go over the testing with you
and introduce you
to some key people. Alright?
I know it's not easy.
You mean, reading?
Just life, in general.
There are so many
emotions we have to navigate.
You have me,
and you can talk to me
about anything, yeah?
I know, Dad.
Yeah, and it's not just me.
There's so many people
in your life that love you.
You have Isabelle
and Felix and Lily,
and your Gran, of course.
You can talk to any of us about
anything whenever you want.
I'm glad we came here.
To the farm.
Me, too, love.
Alright. Let's get in there
and show them what the
Carters are made of.
Come on.
Let's do it.
Someone is still
hard at work.
Oh. No.
Not really. Hi!
Hi, Joss.
Yeah. At this point, I'm
just reading for pleasure.
I hope it's your
birthday book.
It's your birthday?
Hang on. If you're out
here, relaxing,
does that mean you
turned in your paper?
Because I, uh, withdrew
my application for tenure.
I thought that was the goal.
It was, but I realized
that all that tenure is
is professional security.
I think I confused a
secure job with safety.
There's no guarantees.
Life's a risk.
I think I have to
embrace it.
I didn't quit my job, though, if
that's what you're asking.
I, uh, I requested to stay on
as an adjunct professor for now.
The dean already ask me if I
want to teach the summer term.
Well, this sounds like a
decision worth celebrating.
I think.
Tegan... I have something
I want to give you. Come here.
It's for you.
What is it?
It's a book of poetry that
my grandparents gave to my mom.
She had dyslexia, too.
Your mom?
You'll see all
of her notations,
that she saw the
poetry differently than I do,
but a beautiful
way that's all her own.
You'll see.
There's no wrong way.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I'm going to go
tell Gran.
Thank you.
It's nothing.
No. We both know it's
I know you were planning
on attending anyway,
but, um... we'd really love
for you to ride along with us.
To the festival?
I'd love to.
Okay. Brill.
Do you
have everything?
I've already checked twice.
Third time's a charm.
Now, remember,
when you're up there, just
see how you feel, okay?
Look. Could we get a move on?
I want to be right at the front.
I'll meet you in there.
I just need a minute, alright?
Let's make that
a British minute, shall we? Not
the American interpretation.
Of course.
I wonder that you
will still be talking.
Signior Benedick, nobody
marks you.
What, my dear Lady--
Oh, there's an
exclamation mark. Disdain!
...and the door of
your heart.
May the road rise up...
There was once a
day that owed time.
With their trouble
behind, side by side,
then the wolf and the
rabbit pushed off to sea
and traveled to the one
place they could run free.
Alright, everyone.
It looks like we have
one more reading.
Hi. I wrote a
poem for today,
but I'm not going
to read it.
It wasn't ready.
I'm going
to read a poem
that somebody else
wrote instead,
a special one from
a friend,
"The Presence of Love"
by Samuel Coleridge.
"And in
Life's noisiest hour,
there whispers still
the ceaseless Love
of Thee,
The heart's Self-solace
and soliloquy.
You mould my Hopes,
you fashion me within...
And looking
to the Heaven,
that bends above you,
How oft! I bless the Lot,
that made me love you."
Oh, you did so good!
I'm so proud of you.
You must thank Ms.
Lambert for all her help.
Thank you so much.
Oh. Of course.
You were fantastic,
and you do know that's my
very favorite poem?
I didn't have a present to
give you, so I wanted
to read the poem at the
festival for your birthday.
Gran helped with the cards,
so it's partly from her, too.
It was perfect.
Now, let's get
you a cake.
That's a brilliant idea.
I don't
need a cake.
It's your birthday.
I know, but it's
not a big one.
Still, we should go out.
Every year should
be celebrated.
And you, little missy,
have your own party to go to.
So you should go
and join your classmates.
I'll take her to
the party.
You two
should go out.
Tegan, your
fans await you.
Should we walk around?
Yeah. Sure.
I still got to
get you that cake.
Oh. It's just
a silly birthday.
I don't need
anything special.
This view is enough.
What if I want
to do more?
There's so much I
can show you.
I'd like
that, but...
I'm leaving in
the morning.
Can't believe it's
almost been two weeks.
Then stay longer.
Don't tempt me.
I have to get home.
Then let's celebrate right
now, tonight.
I feel like
I already did.
Right here.
This place that she
always wanted me to see.
The festival we
planned to attend.
It's easier if I
go back now.
Can I at least take you to
the station tomorrow?
Everything has all
been so perfect.
I think I'd rather just
end on this.
This sounds 19th century...
and not very promising.
"You lie in all
my many thoughts."
Okay. Make sure to
get the mill in it, yeah?
Thank you.
I'll miss you.
So will I.
I'm so glad you
got to see this place.
Me, too.
I'm not sure the
experience was
quite what you
wanted it to be.
It was so much more.
You give your dad
a hug for me.
Thank you.
I have to tell you something.
Your tea method is
far superior to mine.
I'm glad you've
finally come around.
Thank you.
What about the turbines?
Any chance you've
come around to those?
We have to address it.
So let's address it.
They are hideous
and noisy.
They'll be on the far
west pasture on the hill.
The noise will be minimal.
And what about the sheep?
What about the sheep?
They won't like it.
Well, they told you
that, did they?
I know this
is hard for you.
But it's an opportunity
that would really help us.
I think we should do it.
Very well.
Go ahead.
You have my blessing.
It must feel like you're losing
everything you hold dear,
but I promise you
I'll never let that happen.
I love
this place, too.
So does Tegan.
We're doing it
for her, too, Mum.
Ah, come here.
Forgive me for what
I said to you.
It was wicked,
and I've regretted
it ever since.
Your father would be very
proud of you, my boy.
You're a wonderful man
and an excellent father.
And you deserve
to be loved
by someone who cares as
deeply as you do.
Man on speaker:
Train to Paddington
leaves in two minutes.
What are you doing here?
I need to stop you
from getting on that train.
But I--
Please, I've got two minutes
to say this to you,
so let me just say it.
You came to Cornwall
for many reasons,
and I know that I
wasn't one of them.
In fact, I'm
probably to blame
for constantly distracting
you from your research paper
and-- and stopping you
from achieving
the thing you
most wanted to achieve.
But in the words of the
great English poet,
"You can't always
get what you want."
I repeat. "You can't
always get what you want.
But if you try sometimes,
you just might find..."
"You get what
you need."
That's the one.
Don't leave, Joss.
Use the cottage as a base.
Travel the world.
Fill up that
passport of yours.
Eat every single piece
of chocolate you can find
and-- and read every single
book that you wanted to, twice.
You're an expert
in Romantic literature.
Don't you think it's
time you did something
perfectly romantic?
I have a life
back in Boston.
An apartment, friends.
A professor once told
me that life is a risk.
You just have to
embrace it.
Do you know how scary
that would actually be?
I know,
but you'll have
the best wingman.
You sure about this?
I'm not, but I've
been banging my head
against the same
rock wall for years.
May as well try a
new direction,
see how that
goes for a bit.
You want to give me
a ride back?
Direct or scenic?
What do you think?
You secured a luncheon
with Dylan Turner?
Well, the kids are
so excited he's reading,
I just wanted to
make the most of it.
I mean, between that
and the panel of writers
you pulled together, you
realize this festival
is going to market itself?
I'm just happy
to be a part of it.
Not as happy as I am.
Although I doubt I'm the
most excited one here.
I know this is your noisiest
hour, but I was wondering
if you had the time to
take a walk with me.