The President (2014) Movie Script

Good evening, dear listeners!
National radio greets you
from the city of light.
What a wonderful, peaceful evening!
The starry sky is so bright,
as if it is reflecting the light
of our city.
God tends to our happiness
from the sky,
and our president from the earth.
Our city streets are shining so brightly,
it's hard to imagine
it's 8:00 p. m. already.
And now,
the latest news from the state radio.
Al this moment, 8 military tribunal
has sentenced to death seven terrorists
who were threatening the security
of our country.
After the President's confirmation,
these terrorists will be executed.
Your Majesty!
I want an ice cream.
Too much sugar isn't good for you.
When you get better,
I'll order you ice cream.
Your Majesty!
I don't want to get better,
I want an ice cream now!
First you must get better.
Then you must grow up to be
a big, smart man,
so you can take my place
and rule the country.
I want an ice cream!
I don't want your place!
One of the criminals sentenced to death
is a 16-year-old boy.
International human rights
will make a big deal out of it.
If we don't punish this kid right now,
later on, all the fucking kids
will start a revolution.
Come here, sweetheart.
Let me explain
the value of my place.
How bright the city is!
When you take my place, with one call,
you will be able to turn off
all the lights!
Turn off all the city lights,
except in my office.
Did you like that?
I want to command, too.
Give me... Give me...
My grandson's command is my command.
Turn on the lights!
Do you like that?
Turn off the lights!
Turn on the lights!
Turn on the lights.
Why aren't they turning them on?
Your Majesty!
What's going on?
Can't you hear me?
Turn on the lights!
Can't you hear me?
Turn on the lights!
What's going on out there?
Can't you hear?
Maria, come with us!
Aren't we going?
No, we're staying here.
Won't he come back?
Command them to bring my toys!
We can't take an airplane
full of your toys.
Where are you, Maria?
Maria, aren't you coming?
Maria, come with us!
Your Majesty,
command them to bring Maria.
In two days you'll forget Maria.
Do you see that building? 81.
I commanded them to build it for you.
It will be ready when you get back.
I'm not getting on
the same plane as her.
You haven't spoken to me
for the longest time.
You were never my sister
even in our happy days.
You and your stupid husband are
the cause of our troubles!
Don't talk about things
you don't understand!
You'll go for a while,
and when the situation improves.
you'll come back.
It was your Swiss bank accounts
that were made public!
Your husband even imprisoned and tortured
his own business partners!
Stop it!
What are you talking about?
When you don't know something, shut up!
Get off me!
Won't you stop this?
Try to understand the situation!
Smile, both of you!
Wave at the people.
You have no shame!
At least I had a charity
for women's rights!
And I had a charity for children's rights!
If there's a revolution,
we'll lose everything,
and it is all your fault!
You're a whore!
It's humiliating.
Wave to the people!
Turn on the radio.
The whole world is watching, astonished
by the achievements and
rapid progress of our country.
Our first lady
and president's magnificent family
is traveling abroad on an official visit
to share the great experience
our president has gained
during the process of
building a successful country.
Come with us.
I despair for even the next hour
of this country.
I have the situation under control.
I won't get on the same plane as her.
Calm down,
don't you understand the situation?
Let me go!
His Majesty and I are staying with Maria
and my toys!
or I'm not going either.
Wasn't what they did to our son and
daughter-in-law enough for you?
Don't be afraid.
I promise, if the situation gets worse,
I'll come on an emergency flight.
Get off me!
Calm down.
Leave him with me.
I'll leave him with you,
at least you might come because of him.
Watch for his blood sugar levels.
Your Majesty.
why haven't they hung my photo?
When you grow up.
They'll hang your photo, too, my dear.
What's going on?
Get rid of these idiots!
As you command, Your Majesty!
What's going on?
I don't know.
Get rid of these idiots!
I need an order from an officer.
I'm ordering you!
This is the President's car.
Death to the dictator!
Death to the dictator!
Death to the dictator!
Hurry up! Faster!
Escort the car!
Go back!
Death to the dictator!
Escorts! Where are you going?
Lie down!
Turn right!
People are coming.
Turn right! Faster!
Where should we go?
The airport.
The escorts have run away, Your Majesty!
Down with the dictatorship!
Calm down.
I'm scared!
Go to the airport!
Go! Go!
Don't be scared!
Down with the dictator!
Get out and tell them to open the road.
Lie down, Your Majesty!
And the boy!
Open the road!
Go! Go! Quick!
Go to the airport quickly!
Open the road, the President is passing!
I trust the Marshal.
Order him to prepare the helicopter.
I don't need a pilot. I'll fly it myself.
Stop here!
No need for the pilot.
The President will fly it himself.
I don't care.
Nobody will fly from the airport.
Are you crazy?
This is the President's command.
Nobody will fly from this airport.
Whose command do you obey, idiot?
Go! Go!
Drivel Get down!
Again, again!
I'm dying, Your Majesty.
My family, Your Majesty. My son.
He's one year old.
Please take care of him, Your Majesty.
Okay, calm down.
I have nobody.
I've always been by your side.
M my heart.
M my heart.
They shot me in the heart.
Don't look.
Turn your face.
Don't look.
Your Majesty, why has he gone silent?
Now is not a good time for questions.
Turn on the radio.
Attention! Attention!
Dear listeners.
The dictatorship has fallen.
United opposition forces have taken
the presidential palace.
Change the route! The route!
The traitor president failed
to leave the country by plane.
He escaped from the airport
in an official limousine.
Turn right! Right!
We're out of petrol, Your Majesty.
Stop! Stop!
Take it off.
Hurry HP'
Quickly! Get off!
The hat!
Get in! Hurry up!
Get out, darling.
Quickly, quickly!
Don't look!
Attention! Attention!
Any citizen who provides information
and hands him dead or alive
to the united opposition forces
will receive a reward of 100,000 dollars.
The latest reports state
the President's bullet-proof limousine
has been seen in the south of the city
on the suburban highway.
I need the toilet.
Turn it off.
This way. Careful.
Here, a toilet for you.
What kind of toilet is this?
There isn't even a door!
We don't have a choice. You must pee here.
It's dirty.
It's okay. We don't have a choice.
I want to sit.
Okay. If you want to sit...
Sit! Hurry up!
Why didn't we bring that guard with us?
He's dead.
What does "dead" mean?
When someone can't breathe anymore.
When he can't talk,
can't hear,
can't move,
then he's dead.
Will you die, too?
Yes, I will.
Will I die, too?
You will die, COO.
Wash my ass, Your Majesty!
Everyone should wash his own ass.
But I've never washed my ass.
Me neither.
Let's try.
If you'd shot him, would he be dead?
Hurry up, come on!
Stop here!
Come on, quickly!
Stand here. Hold your coat up.
There's the water.
Are you cold?
Come, quickly!
Are your pants falling down?
Give me your hand. Don't be afraid.
Dad! They won't give Mom any more credit.
She needs money to buy bread.
And my notebook is finished.
This isn't even enough
for half a notebook.
I don't have it.
What can I do? It isn't enough.
Before, I had many customers,
now it's just one or two.
I'm ashamed but...
I didn't come here for a haircut,
but when you started I thought...
I'm embarrassed, but...
I wanted to borrow some money.
Now I understand.
Your Majesty, where are we going?
I don't know.
Either to where Grandma is,
or to where your mom and dad are.
Let's go to Mom and Dad. I miss them.
Why are they never around?
Where have they gone?
Far away.
Far, far away?
Far, far away.
Don't kill them, Your Majesty!
Your Majesty, is it really you or am I
Take off your clothes!
Take off your clothes.
Bring me your clothes.
Take it off, quick!
Burn my clothes.
And this!
Mr. President!
In all my life I've never
committed any crime.
Hurry HP'
I can't, Mr. President,
my hands are trembling.
I don't want to hurt you.
Your Majesty.
why are you getting your hair cut?
We're going to play, as if we were actors.
Do you like theater?
That's good.
It's me, Dad, open the door.
Mr. President, it's my son.
Dad, listen to the radio!
Attention! Attention!
The latest update about the President.
The traitor president, who escaped from
the airport a few hours age.
has stolen a farmer's motorcycle
and fled to the north of the country.
A few minutes ago
the President's driver
surrendered to the military
to avoid punishment.
Dad, everyone's shut their shops.
Come on! Let's go and catch him!
Any citizen who captures the traitor
president dead or alive
and delivers him
to the united opposition forces
will receive a reward of 200,000 dollars.
Take it off! Quickly!
Hurry HP'
Put this on.
Move! Come on, boy!
Come and finish my hair.
Mr. President has come
to seek refuge in our house.
Come here! Closer!
Come on!
Put the scissors away and shave me!
Be careful.
Don't drink!
Please remember,
if anyone brings you food or drink,
don't taste it before
they try it themselves.
To make sure that it's not poisoned.
You drink first.
OK, enough. Now the bread.
Enough. Stand over there!
Death to the dictator!
Your Majesty.
If you'd cared about the people earlier
it might have been better.
Hungry people grow wicked.
Lend me some money.
I swear when I regain power,
I'll pay you back a thousand times.
I had no customers today.
Shameless, greedy people!
You didn't even pay your taxes!
You destroyed this country! You!
Your Majesty, I have money!
Hands up!
Let's go, quick!
Leave those!
Flying at 165 degrees,
board number 12,
approaching from the north.
My helicopter, Your Majesty!
Has it brought Maria?
Will it take us to the palace?
That isn't your helicopter anymore.
That is our enemies' helicopter.
Let's pretend we are shepherds.
You have to herd the sheep like this.
Hey! Hey!
Let's shout! Hey!
Attention! Attention!
A barber and his son have been arrested
for helping the President
disguise himself.
The barber and his son
are being questioned.
More updates to follow.
Hide and don't move! I'll be back soon.
Boy! If you want to work,
you must come at sunrise.
Why aren't you working?
Take this stone. Work!
Mommy! Mommy!
Go! Go back inside!
Thief! My clothes!
Where are you?
I'm tired, Your Majesty.
When are we going back to the palace?
This is your new palace.
Wait here. I'll be back.
I'm cold.
I'm scared.
Command them to turn on the lights.
Turn on the lights!
Warmer now?
But I'm all itchy.
Come here.
We'll change clothes.
Let's take it off.
I'll play.
and you dance, okay?
Yes, alone.
Maria, where are you going?
Come back!
If anyone asks who we are,
we have to say we're street musicians.
I play and you dance.
You hold out your hand
and they put money in it.
I'm bored with this game.
I'm tired, Your Majesty.
Don't call me "Your Majesty" anymore.
I'm no longer the President,
and you are no longer "Your Royal
I'm your granddad.
And you are my grandson.
From today
I'll call you Dachi.
Because if anyone finds out who we are
they will kill us both.
They are our enemies.
Who are our enemies?
Yesterday's friends.
Everyone around us.
Do you understand?
I miss Maria, Your Majesty.
When will we go back to the palace?
Your Majesty, I want to go to Maria.
How many times must I tell you not to call
me "Your Majesty"?
Don't you understand?
Do you want to get us killed?
LOOK 81 me.
Do you hear that?
What do you want?
Can't you hear the helicopters?
I miss Maria!
What Maria? This is no time for Maria.
What should we call him?
Your Majesty.
Your Majesty.
And you are?
And you are?
Your Majesty.
You are His Royal Highness.
I'm bored. I want to play with Maria.
Your Royal Highness, let's practice.
Once more, carefully, okay?
How should we address this person?
Ah, Your Majesty.
Your Royal Highness, come.
Come on, let's arm wrestle.
And the winner
will receive this prize.
Come on.
I won! I'm the winner!
I'm stronger than you!
You've broken my hand!
I'm stronger than you!
I won!
I don't want to sleep here.
I want to be near you.
Don't be afraid. I'll hold your hand.
Hold my hand.
Tell me a story.
Once upon a time
there was a president
who had a very bad temper.
One day, the president's family
went to the airport.
They had to fly far.
Far away.
The president's grandson didn't want to go
with his family,
so he stayed with his granddad.
That's a bad story.
It's about us.
Tell me a good story.
Once upon a time
there was a very
smart, Nave
and obedient boy.
Who lived in a big, beautiful palace
with a very beautiful girl,
whose name was
Please get out
and take your stuff with you.
Hello, my son.
Hello, Granny.
Don't take it. Don't...
Granny, we haven't been paid
for three months.
If people don't give us food.
how can we survive?
I'm feeding my children with its eggs.
Better hungry but safe, Granny.
What have you got here?
A few old scraps
and some dried-up bread.
What do you do?
We are street musicians.
That's how we earn our crust.
Do you know this song?
Colorful buttery
Fly away slowly
Let's go, let's go!
What's this? A wedding?
Boys! Leave them, we have a wedding!
Let's dance.
Dance, groom!
May I dance with your wife?
Do you have no shame, people!
No one said anything!
NO one]
Shoot me!
Shoot me!
It happened revolution in our country.
It happened revolution in our country.
That's why we became refugee.
Please give us asylum visa.
Please give us asylum visa.
their life are in danger.
Not their life! It's our life in
Granny, is it our life in danger
or theirs?
Our life!
God damn our President!
He was no good,
for the poor or for the rich!
All the hardship I endured in life
to earn some money.
I lost everything in one minute.
Excuse me! Take it!
For the chicken you loaned me.
Thanks a lot!
This isn't enough!
My chicken saved your life.
Without my chicken,
they'd have known you're not poor,
they'd have found your money and killed
Okay, okay! Take it!
Can you drive the car?
Yes, yes! I'll drive.
Come with us.
I despair for even the next hour
of this country.
No one said anything!
Shoot me!
Death to the dictator!
I'm all wet.
Where are we going?
To Maria.
To my Maria?
No, to my Maria.
Where are you, Maria?
It's my turn.
What does "It's my turn" mean?
Look! How wet you got!
Take this off, too.
Come on.
Do you remember me?
Don't you remember being kids at the lake?
Listen! It's very dangerous here!
It's my turn now.
Get out, you bastard!
Get out!
What do you want from me?
What are you looking at? Get out!
I'm fed up!
You don't want a guest?
Leave me alone!
Didn't you see those bastard soldiers?
Fucked me one by one.
And didn't pay.
One of them put his gun between my legs.
and said.
"Shall I shoot you cash?
Or you put it on my account?"
People are going backwards.
I don't want to do anything.
I'm tired.
Get out. Go away!
H's ma.
I'm fine.
In two days.
Where we were supposed to meet.
Stand behind the curtain.
Don't turn around and don't listen.
I know you.
Do you want me
to tell you
your life story?
When you were 14 years old.
You fell in love with a 30-year-old man.
I've loved many men
but they were here just for
Nobody loves a prostitute.
These past 20 years,
the whole country has had my body.
Even the President.
The President?
When he was young.
Before he became someone for himself.
Really? Where is the President right now?
He's on the run.
There's a bounty on his head.
How much?
The price keeps getting higher and higher.
500 thousand... I don't know.
If you knew where he was.
Would you give him up?
If I was going to make money like that,
I wouldn't have needed to sell my body.
Why are you asking this?
Are you a policeman?
Then get out of here!
Can't you see I have my period?
Get out.
He was a coward, like his soldiers.
When my sister got arrested.
I wrote him hundreds of letters,
but he didn't reply to even one.
My sister died in prison.
I didn't receive even one letter from you.
Get out of here!
You brought me
nothing but misery my whole life.
I don't need your problems.
I swear, if I return to power,
I'll answer every letter myself.
Gia! No.
My sister was killed in your prison.
Get out of here!
I beg you...
Have pity...
Have pity on my grandson.
If you don't keep him,
he might get killed with me.
I have to cross the border.
I may need to cross the sea.
I can't do it with him.
I swear, if I can cross the border,
I will send you a lot of money,
and I'll take my grandson back.
Please have pity and shelter him.
It's very dangerous here.
I can't keep a child with me.
Who are they?
Go inside!
I need money. Please give me some.
Go inside!
Don't look!
Hurry HP'
One, two, one, two...
The number of casualties
in the recent civil war
has risen above 1,000.
According to the latest reports.
the President is still in the country,
although he remains at large.
Roads and bridges across the country
are under the control
of the united opposition.
Search them!
Me and you... Don't look at me! Look away!
We're not grandfather and grandson, okay?
We don't know each other.
The woman next to you... Don't look at me!
You will be her granddaughter for a bit.
If you do everything I say.
I'll buy you an ice cream.
I don't want to be that lady's child.
Look away!
Hold you, we are in big danger!
Cross the bridge with that lady.
I'll find you on the other side.
Listen to me!
People with children on this side.
The rest, over there.
God bless you, my son.
Put your hand down!
Where are you going?
Who are you with?
Is this your child?
You and your children can go.
Search everybody!
Cover your legs.
You're scaring the child.
You look familiar.
TO me, 100.
Were you also in prison?
Hello, brother!
The military have closed all the roads.
Sit down, then pee.
Because that's how girls pee.
If they ask who we are,
we say that I was a political prisoner
and you are my granddaughter.
What does "political prisoner" mean?
It means that I was the President's enemy,
and that's why they imprisoned me.
I wasn't the President.
I was his enemy.
Why were you the President's enemy?
If you say that I was the President,
they will kill us.
Why would they kill us?
Because they are the President's enemies.
Why, Your Majesty?
Don't call me "Your Majesty" anymore!
Are you finished?
What happened to his feet?
He was tortured.
What does "tortured" mean?
Don't tell the kid.
Why not?
It's better she knows.
They beat him with cables.
Go faster.
How many years were you in prison?
Political prisoner?
Were you tortured?
After the collapse of the dictatorship,
angry people, along with freedom fighters,
burned the former dictator
of their country alive.
That is the current leading
international news story.
Did you hear?
He deserved it.
First kill the fucking dictator,
then you can talk about democracy.
How can you talk about democracy
when your ideology is based on revenge?
You mean we should forgive the man
who tortured so many innocent people,
and ruined the lives of so many families?
We should kiss him goodbye
and let him go in peace?
I mean that we should not do
worse than him.
I, too, feel a great desire
to hurt the President.
You hurt one.
Than another comes and hurts you.
And then another.
It never ends.
If you catch the President,
forgive him and let him go.
If I find him, I will kill him.
If we only had a hat
and a worn-out coat
Add to that a big belly
A belly and head
If we just had a bit of vodka
And a bit of throat
For the rest, let's not give a damn
What were you charged with?
Luckily they didn't know
I was involved in a terrorist act.
What terrorist act?
Remember when they killed
the President's son and his
All the other participants
were tortured to death.
If they'd known about me
I would have wished for death.
I'll kill you!
I am the President!
You killed my son!
I'll strangle you one by one!
I'll leave you to rot in prison!
What is a "terrorist act"?
Tonight, you are all my guests.
If my wife knew that I'd been released.
She'd throw a party for the whole village.
When she sees me alive,
her heart might stop for joy.
Slowly, slowly.
You don't know her.
In our village,
our love story was legendary.
When people fell in love with each other
they would recite our love story.
This is all the fault
of the damn President...
All these years of torture.
I bore it for one reason only.
Her love gave me the strength to bear it.
Now I have just one wish.
That the moment I embrace my wife
be the moment
the President embraces his death.
What can I do with these feet?
What can I do with these clothes?
I don't want her to see me like this.
If she sees me like this,
she will commit suicide from sorrow.
Wear mine.
Put me down.
What? No.
No, better that I take you to the door.
No, no. I want to go on my own feet.
Okay. Careful!
I can feel you in my heart.
I'll go by myself.
Just a little further.
Who is it?
H's ma.
You're alive?
Yes! I'm alive.
I don't believe it.
Aren't you harry?
I am happy. but...
But what?
The baby is crying.
My baby is six months old.
Six months?
I was in prison for five years.
I got married.
Forgive me!
Don't let the kid see!
We will leave you here, brothers.
Our village is two kilometers away.
Travel safely.
Thank you!
I'm afraid when my mom sees me
she'll die from joy.
Mother, Mother...
Uncle, why were you in prison?
Because I sang.
Stop! Thank you.
We will leave you here.
Take care.
Attention! Attention!
The bounty on the President's head
has been increased to one million dollars.
I don't like this play anymore.
When will we finish it?
Just one more scene.
When we reach the sea,
everything will be finished.
Stand like this.
Like a scarecrow.
It's finished!
The play is over!
Now the boat will come
and take us to Grandma.
I want to go back to the palace.
Your Majesty!
Sorry... Granddad!
Don't worry!
From now on,
you can call me "Your Majesty"!
I built a palace for you.
Where did we dance'?
More than two days have passed
but I still remember Maria!
Here, we played
turning the lights on and off.
You remember?
I know why the revolution happened!
When we turned off the lights,
people couldn't see anything
in the darkness.
Quick! We have to hide!
They are looking for us.
Catch him!
This way!
Here's his guitar,
and this is his sack.
They must be somewhere around here.
These are their footprints.
They're in here! Come on!
Come on! They're over here!
Kill him!
Don't let him get away!
Get ready!
Don't shoot them!
This kind of death is too easy for him!
This monster
hanged my only son in front of me.
We should hang his grandson
in front of him,
than hang the bastard!
Make him suffer!
Hang him!
First kill his grandson!
Then fucking kill him!
He is not human!
Fucking kill him!
Hang them!
Make him suffer!
Hang the boy!
Don't 100th HIS boy!
The child is innocent!
What is he guilty of?
When they were torturing me in his prison,
you were his soldiers.
You killed people in the streets
at his command.
How could he kill so many people,
without you as his soldiers?
Don't hang him!
Burn him!
Burn the bastard!
He burned my brother alive!
People! Let's take our revenge!
People! Burn him alive!
Burn the monster!
You are the people who cheered him.
You are the people
who filled your houses with his pictures.
What freedom are you talking about?
Don't look back, darling!
Look at the sea.
I don't like this game.
Put your hands over your ears.
I can still hear them.
Listen to the sea!
Listen to the waves.
Look at yourself!
Let me go!
I don't like this game.
Cover your ears.
Cover your ears.
Why are you burning him?
You're holding one million dollars
cash in your hands.
God is just.
I can still hear them!
Try to listen to the sea.
Cut him into 100 pieces
and everyone will have their $10,000 share
of the reward.
Is this what you want?
Then start with me!
How can you not understand?
If we don't stop here,
we will continue
the same old fucking system.
First you kill the dictator,
then you'll start.
There's no end to it!
So what should we do?
Should we let him go?
No! Let's make him dance!
Let him dance for democracy!