The Prey (2015) Movie Script

- Well, this night was a bad idea.
- Are you gonna be yelling at me again?
- No.
Well, yeah.
- Okay, it was your sister, that decided
to throw a stupid Halloween
party at the last minute.
I mean every year, it gets fucking worse.
It's not my fault it sucked ass.
- I'm actually surprised I
thought your kind went crazy
for Halloween.
- My kind?
- I just mean, you could help more.
You walked around with
that face all the night.
You look like you want to kill someone.
- Maybe I do.
(Man Laughs)
- [Man] (making throaty growling
noise) You are so grumpy
sometimes, did ya' know that?
It's just nice to make
a little bit of effort.
- Or what, like you did?
- What the fuck are you talking about?
This is a great fucking costume.
- (jeering laughter) Of course it is.
- Are you done?
- Maybe.
Actually, no.
- Oookay then, well,
what did you come dressed
as tonight?
A hooker?
(laughs sarcastically)
- A what?
What did you just say?
- No, I didn't mean that.
I didn't mean it like that.
I meant like a, you know,
like a spooky, spooky hooker.
- Okay, that's it, pull over.
- No, no, no, don't be stupid.
- I'm not joking, pull over now.
- Now, now what, now no.
(woman jerks on door handle)
No, what you doin', no, no, no.
No, alright okay, okay,
alright, alright okay.
Now, don't be stupid now.
- I'm sorry, I ruined your night.
- No, please get back in the car.
- I'm walking home.
- Well, don't be silly, it's miles away.
You look lovely, really.
(woman blows raspberry)
(suspenseful build up music)
(woman's shoes clacking on the pavement)
(building increasing music)
- Hi.
(purse hits ground with heavy thud)
Just, give me one second okay.
(bones popping and ripping)
(heaving breathing sounds)
(woman growling)
(piercing howling screech)
(heavy breathing intensifies)
- Ahhh
(juicy ripping tearing flesh)
(monstrous woman growling and biting)
(ferocious howling shriek)
(up beat music tempo)
(screeching tires)
- Hey, lookin' all over
for ya', come here.
Feelin' better?
- Yeah.
- Bloody hell, your such a
ripe bitch when your hungry.
(street crowd cheering)