The Priest (2021) Movie Script

[indistinct voices]
'The holy virgin of Nazareth,
O Mother Mary'
'The words of Lord Jesus have
showered as flowers on this earth'
'The angel in the sky,
sang praises in your name'
'Time became a tender
flower in the virgin forest'
'The darling child has arrived,
to protect the whole world'
'O Martha, the mother of this whole world'
'The one who bears the pain and
sorrow of the world, O Maria'
'We sing praises in your remembrance'
'The one who's the root
of every life, O Maria'
'The holy virgin of Nazareth,
O Mother Mary'
'The one who shows the
path to the Lord of Zion'
'The angel in the sky,
sang praises in your name'
'The affection in the eyes
of the star in the manger'
'The kindness which removes
the sorrow from within'
'O Martha, the mother of this whole world'
'The one who bears the pain and
sorrow of the world, O Maria'
'We sing praises in your remembrance'
'The one who's the root
of every life, O Maria'
'O flower of inception which blossomed
in the Holy land of Jerusalem'
'O Virgin, who showers the fragrance
all over the hearts of people'
'O Martha, the mother of this whole world'
'The one who bears the pain and
sorrow of the world, O Maria'
'We sing praises in your remembrance'
'The one who's the root
of every life, O Maria'
O Jesus!
Through the immaculate heart of Mary,
I offer you my prayers, works, joys,
sufferings of the day,
in union with...
the Holy sacrifice.
Who is it?
Father Carmen Benedict?
Don't you ever close this door?
You didn't introduce yourself.
I am Diya.
I need a help from you, Father.
I mean, you're the only
one who can do it, Father.
I came here...
... to talk about certain incidents
that happened in Alatt family.
You must have heard of them.
Alatt Group.
I've heard about them.
Passing references.
I don't know anything more.
Affluent, enterprising, well-connected.
You can call them that.
Hospitals, plantations, finance.
They have many such businesses.
Joseph Alatt, the patriarch,
was the one who started everything,
and brought the family
to its current affluence.
After Joseph Alatt's death,
his elder son Alex
supervised all the businesses.
Alex took all the businesses
to greater heights.
Alex and his wife Lisy
had only one daughter.
While studying in Chennai IIT,
in 2014,
she died in an accident.
Alatt family's destiny started
changing ever since then.
Within one year of his
daughter's accident,
Alex committed suicide.
After 2 years,
his wife Lisy also consumed
poison and killed herself.
Alex's younger brother Joshi became the
owner of all the businesses following that.
Soon after the businesses
got back on track,
like his brother and sister-in-law,
Joshi also committed
suicide one fine day,
and that gave rise
to suspicions.
Whatever difficulties
they may have had,
Joseph Alatt's sons would
never commit suicide.
They were too practical for that.
Who's the surviving
member of the family now?
Elizabeth Alatt.
Didn't the police
investigate these deaths?
As per the evidence,
all those deaths are suicides.
But I'm unable to believe any of it.
3 suicides, back to back,
in the same family.
That too,
in a house which has plenty
of wealth and luxuries.
I can't do anything
here by myself.
I need official help.
I'll kick you!
Tell me!
Yes, Father.
A new case has come.
Did it come to you or did
you go looking for it?
I didn't go looking for it.
It came looking for me.
I want to meet you, Sir.
I'm at an interrogation.
I'll send you the location.
Tell me, you bloody...
- What do you think?
- I know this case.
It was Rural SP Kurian Sir who
investigated the first death.
I can see a kind of pattern
in all the suicides.
Like someone had designed it.
But I can't say for sure.
According to the reports,
all the three people who died had
depression and suicidal tendency, right?
All the evidence we found...
... led us to conclude
that they were suicides.
But this Elizabeth's angle?
That's a first.
There are possibilities
for that too.
The times are such.
It might be just a suspicion.
But the whole scenario
looks interesting.
Let's do an enquiry.
I have only gained bonuses,
on the paths you've showed me.
And you don't need credit
for anything either.
Elizabeth Alatt.
Alatt group.
I need her number.
Okay. Message it to me.
Close that door.
Who's inside?
The accused in Kanjiramattam
double murder case.
There was news yesterday that
he escaped from custody, right?
Didn't your police go to
Hyderabad to search for him?
If we say that he's in Hyderabad,
we'll get two more days here.
- Hello?
- Madam, I'm DySP Shekhar.
I need to ask you
certain things.
Go ahead. Ask me!
No! I want to meet you in person.
I am in Chennai today.
I'll be late to reach Kochi.
Let's meet tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?
- Tomorrow night.
When did Madam reach yesterday?
Around 12 AM.
Okay. Let me go inside.
Oh my God!
Yes, Sir.
The person whom we suspected to be the
culprit in this case has also died.
There are no signs of suicide
notes or any such things.
Along with cameraman Abhishek...
The deceased, Elizabeth,
is the daughter-in-law of
Joseph Alatt, the
founder of Alatt group.
Make way!
Don't crowd around.
Is it a suicide?
- Let us check.
Was it a financial
problem which led to this?
Please say something, sir.
- Have the forensic officials arrived?
- Yes.
The house was
locked from inside.
The housemaid opened it using
the key she had with her.
- Not working, Sir.
We're checking all the working cameras
of the houses and shops nearby.
What happened?
Madam had called me and the other
servant, and told us that...
she'll reach only by late night,
and asked us to come in the morning.
- And who reached first?
- Me.
- At what time?
- 5:30 AM.
There's a door at the back.
I opened it and
entered the kitchen,
made tea for Madam
and went to the room.
That's when I saw that sight.
... that girl was sitting on the floor,
looking at Madam's body.
Who's that girl?
Madam found her in Chennai.
When we enquired, we found out that she
had run away from an orphanage nearby.
And then?
She took her along, thinking that she'll
drop her back to the orphanage.
Did this girl sleep in
Madam's room last night?
I don't know, Sir.
I parked the car and
went to my room outside.
What's your name, dear?
Tell me your name.
How did you reach Chennai?
Are you scared, dear?
In which room did
you sleep last night?
Was it in that aunty's room?
What did you see when you
woke up in the morning?
The same thing everyone else saw.
- Dear..
- Sir.
Oh! You were here?
Good morning, Father.
Good morning.
- Is this the child?
- Yes, Sir.
Did she say anything yet?
She isn't saying anything.
I think she's still
in that shock.
- The other procedures are over, right?
- Yes, Sir.
Let's send the child to
the orphanage, for now.
- Also get a doctor to see her.
- Sir.
Elizabeth called our office, identifying
Ameya from this advertisement.
She said that she saw the child
near her apartment at Mount Road.
Since she said that she's from this city
and she'll get back here last night itself,
no one from the
orphanage went there.
Didn't you call her
today morning, Sister?
She had sent me a message
after reaching home last night.
Is there any connection
between Ameya and Elizabeth?
What connection, Sir?
Ameya is a child who has grown up here,
from the very next day of her birth.
When did Ameya go missing?
3 days back, in the evening,
after her class.
Then why were you late by one
day in reporting it to the police
and advertising
in the newspapers?
This is not the first
time she has gone missing.
This keeps happening
quite often.
But even if she goes, she comes back
the same night or the next day morning.
This is the first time she
went missing for so many days.
Where does that girl go?
Ameya's character is quite peculiar.
Be it here, or in the school,
she doesn't talk to anyone.
She would always be drawing
something or the other.
Though we took her to different doctors,
that didn't change.
She usually goes out without
any particular objective.
Sometimes, we find her.
Otherwise, she comes
back on her own.
But if she goes missing quite often,
isn't it due to your carelessness?
There are 46 children here.
We've appointed someone specially to
keep track of Ameya, all the time.
There is something unusual
about these attempts to escape.
Out of your experience so far,
you also would have understood that
Ameya is not an ordinary child, right?
She is strange and different.
Ameya is the only one who was in
that house when Elizabeth died.
If she has something to tell us, that
would really help our investigation.
If she recovers from her shock and
starts talking, inform us, okay?
Sure, sir.
- Sorry, I got a little late.
- It's okay.
DySP Shekhar.
This is Father Benedict.
My friend.
- Let's go inside and talk.
- That's not necessary.
We'll finish it soon.
- Did you get the postmortem report?
- No.
What do you think, Doctor?
She had manic depression.
Such people do have a tendency
to commit suicide sometimes.
It runs in the family.
Is it hereditary?
I can't really say that.
Though the four of them
are closely related,
three of them are from
different families, right?
But they had a strong connection.
The suicide of one person
influencing another.
We call it transference.
Elizabeth Madam has spoken about
suicide to me, several times.
But, in a way that she's
never going to do it.
A strong denial!
Isn't that an indication that
she might end up doing it?
Isn't it?
Are you a psychiatrist, Father?
But she was normal.
Someone who's going to commit suicide
won't bring that child from Chennai.
She was normal,
cool and strong.
But she was on
anti-depressant drugs.
I've given the details of
the medicines to the CI.
Elizabeth believed in God, didn't she?
She used to go for retreats.
Yet she was depressed.
She committed suicide.
This is Elizabeth's
postmortem report.
The poison created by an
overdose of sleeping pills...
and blood loss through
cutting her vein.
That's the cause of death.
No other fingerprints were
found in the room or the house.
And there are no signs
of any kind of struggle.
Like all other deaths.
We checked all the CCTV
cameras in the vicinity.
No clues.
Except the door opened by Sheela,
all the other doors
were locked from inside.
That wouldn't be the case if
a killer was present there.
Or else, that child should have
opened the door from inside,
and locked it later on.
From the evidence we've got,
we can only consider this
as death by suicide, again.
Did you see the person
who hurt you last night?
I didn't see anyone.
Did he leave when
you started shouting?
Or did someone do
it to scare you?
You should ask him that!
How do I know that?
Did you see anyone coming into
that house that night, Ameya?
I know you're seeing a
lot of things, Ameya.
Sister, I want to sleep.
Sorry, Father.
Ameya is like that.
She has certain problems because she never
got love or care from her parents.
You have a soft spot for Ameya.
Don't you, Sister?
Consider it so.
What do you think about last
night's incident, Sister?
- Since it's Ameya...
- Since it's her?
Are you saying that it
must be her imagination?
That's her bed.
This is the rust from
this window indeed.
So it wasn't her imagination.
It was indeed a murder attempt.
Someone who's scared that
she might say something,
is after her.
I've understood one
thing from this.
The last death that happened
in Alatt house, was a murder.
The killer who made his moves intelligently
so far, made a mistake that night.
- Mistake?
- Yes.
Ameya Gabriel has seen
the killer that night.
He would come before the law,
through that girl's testimony.
We won't get even a word from Ameya.
What other option do we have?
Get the CCTV footage from the houses
and shops around this orphanage.
He might make another
attempt, so...
one of your men,
should be watching her all the time.
May I come in, Father?
Yes, come in.
- Good morning, Father.
- Good morning.
I am Jessie.
I'm here as a new appointment.
- Instead of Dalia Teacher, right?
- Yes.
I wasn't present
during the interview.
The Manager Priest conducted
the interview, right?
Please sign on this.
Your first class is in VI B.
I was about to
leave for a meeting.
Otherwise I would've
introduced you to the class.
That's alright, Father.
Good morning, Teacher.
- Good morning!
Sit! Sit!
Do you know who I am?
I'm your new Maths teacher, Jessie.
What about Dalia Teacher?
I've come in place
of Dalia Teacher.
Why? Am I not as pretty
as Dalia Teacher?
So shall we get
introduced to each other?
I am Akshay. I am Agni...
[children speaking together]
Okay, okay!
Sit down!
I have your answer papers which
Dalia Teacher had evaluated.
I'll meet you one by one,
while distributing this.
Neerad Ashokan.
42 marks.
Allen Johnny.
35 marks.
Ameya Gabriel.
1 mark?
Hey! Why are you crying?
Because you scored low marks?
You can get good marks
in the next exam.
It's alright.
We can fix all that.
Go back to your seat.
I have checked all
the CCTV visuals.
It's the same result we got from
the vicinity of Alatt House.
No clues.
That child, Ameya?
Did she go missing from
the orphanage after that?
No. That child hasn't
gone out after that.
May I come in, Teacher?
Yes, come in.
It's my birthday, Teacher.
Happy Birthday, Manish.
I'll give it to everyone here.
You can go back to class.
Jessie, we have to be strict.
Otherwise, these kids
would take us for a ride.
What is it, Ameya?
So arrogant!
I had seen this girl while
distributing the answer sheets.
She was really silent then.
Jessie, initially you'll
think that she's innocent.
In my 15 years of service,
I haven't seen such
a disobedient child.
She doesn't study a thing!
If we ask her something,
she just stands there silently.
She's an inmate of
the orphanage here.
She's getting that consideration.
And it's that Sister who supports
her for all her mischief.
She considers her
like her own daughter.
Here you go.
[Class happening
inside the classroom]
You were sent out again?
Here you go.
So you know how to smile, huh?
There you go again!
Last week, Elizabeth
had come to meet me.
To prepare her will.
So chances are that she would have
pre-planned it, right?
Thinking of it now,
I feel so too.
But I've never felt that she had
a tendency to commit suicide.
How has the will been prepared?
Including the plantation
and the publication,
the ownership of all businesses
will be with a trust now.
This trust is in the name of Elizabeth's
father-in-law, the late Joseph Alatt.
With Elizabeth's death,
that trust has
gained legal rights.
The operations of the
and the salaries of the employees
have to be managed, right?
Who all are part of this trust?
Some people whom Elizabeth
trusted the most.
Do you still work here, Sheela?
No. The Advocate called and told me that
you would be coming. That's why I came.
This house is kept locked now.
- Were you afraid of your
Madam, Sheela? - No.
- Come inside.
- Well...
The fear one has for people when they're
alive, is different from when they're dead.
Come in.
- Yes, Father.
- Sir...
There must have been someone
else in that room, that night.
He hasn't come inside
through the front gate.
He must have jumped over
the wall or something.
When he rang the bell, Elizabeth
must have opened the door for him.
It was someone she knew.
Someone who was close enough or had
the liberty to enter her bedroom.
But how did he lock
that house from inside?
That's where his unique
touch comes into play.
What if he didn't leave that house,
after Elizabeth died?
He must have hidden somewhere.
people came there to see
the body on the next day.
That too, someone whom those
people knew very closely.
He hasn't left behind any evidence
which proves that he had come here.
there would be something which
God has left behind for us,
in this house.
The God's evidence in this case.
You can search anywhere
within this compound.
There might be things ranging
from a needle to a pick-axe.
But... bring only the things
which you find suspicious, to me.
Only the things you find suspicious.
- Got it, sir.
- Get going.
Who found this?
Why did you find this suspicious?
I found it near the
bathroom window.
- So? - No one takes medicines
inside the bathroom, right?
- You're really smart.
- Just that I don't have the looks, Sir.
Palip 6.
It's a high potency
psychiatric drug.
If it's given to an ordinary person,
he would have psychedelic experiences.
Only a registered medical
practitioner can prescribe this.
So we can trace him.
We can and we must.
That child has drawn your picture.
What have you done!
Ameya, pick up the books!
Pick them up, I say!
Let this book be here now.
You should take strict action, Father.
This is not the first time.
She's from our orphanage, right?
Orphan! This child is taking
advantage of that label, Sir.
- She's taking advantage of our sympathy.
- Sir, please.
I'm also an orphan.
It's not very nice to hear
such 'orphan' comments.
You can say all that. If something happens
to her when she goes missing again,
all of us here including me,
would be held answerable!
Father, forgive her this one time.
She won't do any
such mischief again.
I promise you.
She's still studying here,
only because you are here
to defend her every single time.
Ameya grew up without getting care
or attention from parents, right?
Shouldn't we give her that
consideration, at least?
There are many such
children in this school.
None of them have any problem.
It's easy to brand her as
someone who'd never learn.
Especially, at this age.
Us teachers should bring
them to the right path.
It's worth giving it a try.
If you're so sure,
why don't you try, Teacher?
I will.
Not as a challenge,
but it's my duty as her teacher.
So let Jessie Teacher take
up Ameya's responsibility.
But you should
remember something.
This is her last chance.
Okay, Father.
Thank you.
Where are you going?
It's the finals of 'Masterminds Quiz' in
which our students are participating.
The TV channel guys had specially asked for
some children to clap and cheer for them.
You also go with them, Ameya.
Are you coming?
Which district in Kerala
has the longest coastline?
Option A : Kannur.
B : Alappuzha.
C: Kozhikode.
And D: Kasargode.
Option A, Kannur.
- Option A, Kannur is the right answer.
Okay. Amal, we need a
shot of the kids clapping.
Move that child from the second row.
We have answers to all the
doubts you had in mind...
when you came to
meet me first, Diya.
All the deaths that
happened in Alatt house...
were murders.
Even the death...
which you suspected
to be an accident.
But it was Elizabeth's death which helped
the investigation the most.
That's when we got evidence that
there might be a killer behind this.
If a woman has to invite a man...
who's not her husband,
into a room where she's staying alone,
either he should be
her secret lover,
or.... her doctor.
We've been talking about this,
for quite a long time now.
This loneliness.
To escape from all this,
you feel that suicide is
the only solution now,
None of the medicines
you're taking now,
would give a solution to the
problem you're suffering from,
except that they would give
you a temporary relief.
Now you've started
depending on them much more.
I would say that...
suicide is better than that.
Just think about it.
Your husband...
His brother...
His brother's wife...
None of them are with you,
in this situation.
They were selfish.
We can decide...
when we should die
and how.
That's not cowardice.
Sanjay, the tablet called Falip 06 which
was not mentioned in your medical report,
was consumed by Elizabeth.
As her psychiatrist, why
did you hide that fact?
You were actually abetting
her to commit suicide.
It was me!
You've bought all this for
self-protection, right?
... yourself.
Isn't that what you did,
to the others in that
family too, Sanjay?
But you came to know that there was
someone else apart from you in that house,
only on the next day.
We have clear evidence that you
came without your car to Alatt,
and left in an auto
rickshaw the next morning.
I had borrowed huge
amounts of money...
from Alex and Joshi.
I did all this so that I
don't have to return any of it.
You're lying.
Why aren't you naming the
other two people, Sanjay?
Do you think they
would save you,
if they are outside the jail?
You haven't borrowed even
a penny from Joshi or Alex.
What you and your
friends wanted,
was the entire wealth of Alatt House.
Isn't that so?
It's not possible to divide
it into three equal shares.
How can you say that?
Though the three of
us planned this together,
I'm the one who's
directly involved.
Shouldn't I get a fair price?
How much?
I need half of it.
You both can split the rest.
Why wouldn't the police
investigate about the trust,
mentioned in Elizabeth's
will, Sanjay?
The three of you were the most
important trustees of that trust.
The stories of the suicides
which happened earlier,
and the secret behind
Alex's daughter's accident,
were revealed by them.
Alatt House murders.
4 culprits arrested.
The deaths which were
considered to be suicides,
Jessie Teacher, please come here.
I'll show you a miracle.
Dr. Sanjay, Advocate Sadasivam,
and including the family's relative
Francis, there are four culprits.
The investigating
officer informed that...
the culprits will be
presented in court today.
The Chief Minister had
called me personally.
He might entrust me with the file
of a famous case soon enough.
They don't know that it was
your brain behind it, Father.
I noticed even during the party.
Why are you upset, Father?
- That child, Ameya?
- Yes.
Her face is not going
away from my mind.
I think she's carrying a burden.
A burden which is not hers.
Forget it, Father.
Our case is solved, right?
No, Shekhar.
Only our case is solved.
This is only the
beginning of my case!
Happy birthday!
Who told you that it's my birthday?
What is it, Father?
Have you turned to crime investigation
full time, leaving the God's path behind?
This is also the God's path, Father.
That girl is quite peculiar.
Can't say how and
when she would react.
Handle with care.
I will.
- I'll call her.
- No. I'll go meet her.
[School bell rings]
What is it, Ameya?
Who are you?
Why are you following this child?
I am Father Benedict.
I need to ask certain
things to Ameya.
In private.
Did you get permission
from the Principal?
I did.
Now I need Ameya's permission.
Father wants to ask
something to you.
Don't worry.
Go ahead.
Happy birthday!
You remembered only now?
I even got a gift from
someone here.
Who's that?
Don't worry.
It's a student.
You've already charmed
the students, huh?
Not everyone.
Just one child.
Just one?
That's too bad.
[Ameya crying]
What is it, dear?
What happened?
He hurt me!
What is this?
I am not complaining about this,
just because you're a priest.
Now get out from here.
You shouldn't be here.
I hurt you, is it?
So be it.
Didn't you leave yet?
It does not befit a Priest
to show cruelty to a child.
Teacher, I have to tell you
certain things about Ameya.
I'm not interested to hear
what you're saying, Father.
You will be interested, very soon.
Here's my card.
You shouldn't be prejudiced
against anything or anyone.
When you know more about Ameya,
you'll come in search of me, Teacher.
Because, only I can help you.
These are not my words.
These are God's words.
Tell me the truth.
Did that man really hurt you?
Where do you keep disappearing,
hiding from everyone?
If you wish to go somewhere,
tell me.
I'll take you.
Don't go out on your own, hereafter.
Have I gone anywhere ever
since you came, Teacher?
Sit here.
Two months would be over
in the blink of an eye.
I'll come over to
see you then, Ameya.
Teacher, shall I
come to your house?
But I'm not going to my house.
I'm going to the hostel.
I can't let anyone
stay with me there.
Why can't you go to your house?
There's no one there.
It's locked.
I will come with you.
Let's spend this vacation over there.
Oh no! That's not possible.
Why isn't it possible?
You don't want to take
me with you, is it?
It's not because of that.
They won't send you from here.
You'll know that only
if you ask them, right?
Try asking Sister.
Please, Teacher.
I'll try asking once.
If Sister doesn't allow,
don't force me after that. Okay?
'O blue lily,
here you are,
in the pond of my moonlight'
'While the mist and wind
are giving us company'
'The clear sky is like an
umbrella of flowers now'
'The words of your starry eyes...
... have turned into a
sweet song of compassion,
caressing us lovingly'
What happened?
Don't you ever
come here, Teacher?
Why should I come?
There's no one here, right?
Will you stay here
if I am with you?
I came here now because
you are with me, right?
'O blue lily,
here you are,
in the pond of my moonlight'
'During these mornings,
while climbing the
stairways to a dream,
we wake up when sunlight
touches our petals'
'O my darling child'
'The full moon of my sky'
'You have given me
unimaginable joy'
Ameya, wait.
That's an old tea
factory of ours.
It's a deserted place.
Don't go there.
'Through this path,
as memories with wings,
we're floating to the peak
of the mountain of happiness'
'Here you are'
'As the rhythm of my heart'
'As a little friend in
my house of feathers'
'O blue lily,
here you are,
in the pond of my moonlight'
'While the mist and wind
are giving us company'
'The clear sky is like an
umbrella of flowers now'
'The words of your starry eyes...
... have turned into a
sweet song of compassion,
caressing us lovingly'
'A sweet song of compassion,
caressing us lovingly'
- Hi!
Why are you so late?
I couldn't find a ride.
So this is your Ameya?
I thought you would come alone.
How can I come alone
when she's with me?
That's true.
What do you want, dear?
Thank you.
Drink this.
Shall I order an ice cream for you?
Excuse me!
One ice cream, please.
Will you go back today?
- I'll go back in the evening.
- Siddhu!
Just a minute.
Hey! When did you reach?
- Around one week back.
- What's happening?
- Hi.
- What's your sister doing now?
Come, let's go.
Have it.
See you.
You didn't have it yet?
What's this?
You've got a job now, right?
Now you can, right?
Will you marry me?
What happened?
She must have gone home, Siddhu.
Start your car.
Look! She's sitting here.
I'm not coming.
She needn't get upset seeing me.
- Sorry Siddhu.
- Hey!
That's all right.
You get going.
I'm going straight to Bangalore.
I'll call at night.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Take care.
What you did was really bad.
I should be blamed.
I gave you too much freedom.
Is this how you behave with someone
you're meeting for the first time?
I don't know how to behave with
someone I'm meeting for the first time.
I grew up in an orphanage.
Ameya! Open the door!
I said, open the door!
What all are you doing?
You've been in
there for so long!
Ameya, open the door!
Ameya! Open the door!
You've been upset for so long.
That's enough.
I'm hungry.
I haven't eaten anything.
It was Siddharth
who came here today.
Siddhu and me have been
friends since childhood.
It was him and his family who took care
of everything for me, when I was alone.
We had decided to get
married, long back itself.
It was supposed to
happen this year.
But since he was busy with work,
we had to postpone it.
Anyway, it will happen soon.
Ameya, what have you done?
Let me see.
- Hi Siddhu.
- Hey!
You have a friend who's
a psychiatrist, right?
Will you connect me to him?
What happened?
Ameya... Her behaviour
is very strange.
The other teachers
had told me about her.
But it's the first time
I'm experiencing this.
Not her. You should be taken
to a psychiatrist first.
Jessie, didn't I tell you
not to bring her here?
It's not like that, Siddhu.
Don't do anything now.
Take that kid back
tomorrow itself.
How can you say that?
I have certain...
What is it, Ameya?
Don't be prejudiced
against anything or anyone.
When you know more about Ameya,
you'll come looking for me.
Because, only I can help you.
These are not my words.
These are God's words.
[Exorcism using high intensity light.
Girl critically injured]
[Malayali Priest arrested in Bhutan]
I am Diya.
Diya Alex Alatt.
- Like all other deaths.
- What?
Siddhu, where are you?
Don't you know that I don't get signal at
my worksite? What happened?
Siddhu, I...
I'm getting really
scared of her behaviour.
Why are you getting scared of her?
Siddhu, that Father Benedict
is a Parapsychologist.
Someone who researches
about ghosts and spirits.
Why should he
enquire about Ameya?
I have a lot of doubts.
Jessie, wait!
Are you okay?
I don't understand, Siddhu.
Where are you now?
- I am at home.
Can you come here somehow?
I'm really scared...
Who's on the phone?
Jessie, what's going on?
Hello Jessie?
Why did you bring me here?
To live here happily
for a few days, right?
And now?
You don't have time to
pay attention to me.
You don't need me.
If this was the case, you
shouldn't have brought me here.
Why do we need someone
else between us?
We just need each other.
We don't need anyone else.
Let me see who has come.
- What?
- Isn't this Jessie's house?
This is not Jessie's house.
This is my house.
'The rays of the moonlight,
caresses your cheeks,
through the window'
'Someone is tying up your
inside out...
... without letting you free'
What all are happening here, Father?
I don't understand anything.
There are many things in this world
that humans cannot understand, Jessie.
Drink your coffee.
What is Ameya's actual problem?
Why were you following her?
Ghost, Spirit, Soul.
You can call it any name you like.
But in my point of view,
it is an energy.
A low frequency energy,
which cannot do anything or does not
have the strength to do anything,
once it comes out of a body.
But Ameya's mind and body are
under the control of that energy.
Does all this exist?
If the question is to me,
my answer would be yes, they do.
If you believe it or not,
it is said that there is a dark zone
which is beyond every theory in science.
You can consider
this also like that.
This is the land where the Apostle
who refused to believe in the
resurrection of Christ, unless
he saw it in person, had come.
I won't blame you.
How did you realize that there is
such an energy in Ameya's body?
I could sense it.
I confirmed it during the
investigation of our case.
Though they tried to kill her, the
primary witness, several times,
she escaped miraculously.
Something.... something invisible
was protecting her.
That was the trigger
for this investigation.
And I confirmed it, at the school,
on that day.
Who are you?
I'm not asking this to Ameya.
Who are you,
residing in Ameya's body?
If this energy which is staying back
even after death has to do something,
it needs a medium.
A body.
This energy cannot enter
all kinds of bodies.
This energy can enter only a
body which is mentally weak.
Was Ameya a child like that?
There is something we don't
know about Ameya's birth.
Who would be inside Ameya?
Ameya was witness to
her unnatural death.
There would be something more
that Elizabeth wants to do or say,
in her life.
What could be a solution
for this now, Father?
Let us throw some
light to the darkness.
- Jessie, right?
- Yes.
Doctor, will we able to
save Ameya by doing all this?
Or should we take
her to some hospital?
The best doctor whom Ameya can get,
is inside that room.
He has confronted situations
which were much worse,
with his faith and science.
Who is this Father Benedict actually?
A Priest who is blessed with the ability
to see and listen to deceased souls.
He would go to any length
to achieve his goal.
Don't worry, Jessie.
Stay calm.
Father will save her.
Most glorious Prince
of the Heavenly Armies,
Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in our battle against
principalities and powers,
against the rulers of
this world of darkness,
against the spirits of
wickedness in the high places.
In the name of the Father,
of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.
I'm here to help you.
I can show the way out from
your sufferings and miseries.
Let's talk!
What do you want?
All those who caused your death,
have been punished.
It was this child who
helped that happen.
Don't hurt her.
You must leave this child's body.
All your attempts will be futile.
You don't have much time left
in Ameya's body.
I command your unclean spirit,
now attacking this servant of God,
by the mysteries of the incarnation,
passion, resurrection of our Lord Jesus.
By descent of the Holy Spirit,
I command you to obey me.
I whom am a Minister of God,
nor shall you embolden
to harm, in any way,
this creature of God.
Obey me.
Obey me!
She won't be able to bear it.
What do you think, Doctor?
It's not as easy as we
thought it would be.
That spirit has a
really strong will.
The presence in Ameya's body...
is not Elizabeth's spirit.
If it was Elizabeth, we could
have saved Ameya by now.
Then whose is it?
I don't know.
We need to find that.
Only if we find whose spirit it is,
and find out what
fear it has within,
we can save Ameya.
Where are you going,
so early in the morning?
It's my sister's death anniversary today.
I have to go to the Church.
- Is the Church nearby?
- No. It's a little far.
I'll take you there.
Father... Ameya?
Ameya will take some
more time to wake up.
What happened to your sister?
It was an accident, in 2008.
I was in eleventh grade then.
Did you go to Chennai after that?
After finishing my 12th grade.
I had lost my
parents much earlier.
I don't really have
any relatives either.
Why should I stay here then?
A friend of mine and his family
took care of everything for me.
- Hello?
- Hello, Jessie?
How have you been?
I'm good, Sister.
Where is Ameya?
Can you pass the phone to her?
What is it, Sister?
Nothing. I just
wanted to talk to her.
Ameya is at home.
I just came to the Church.
Then call me once you reach home.
What's the matter, Sister?
It is Ameya's birthday today.
I just called to wish her.
I'll call you back, Sister.
Why do you seem upset?
Sister had called.
I was totally blank.
I didn't even know what to say.
- Did she call just like that?
- No.
She called to wish Ameya.
She said it's her
birthday today.
Poor girl.
- Praise be to God, Father.
- Now and always.
I've come to gather some details
about one of your inmates.
Which inmate?
Ameya Gabriel.
That child's details...
No. I can't share any of it.
Why? Is there anything special
about that child alone?
Not just that child.
We can't share details of any inmate.
That's our rule.
You're also aware of it, right?
Do you really follow
all the rules, Sister?
Why did you ask so?
Is that child here?
Where else could she be?
Why should I prove that to you?
If you want to know any details,
come through proper channel.
Oh! Sorry.
You might have trouble adhering
to the rules of the Church, right?
This is it, sir.
Okay, sir.
This has all the details
I told you about.
What's next?
Shall we go to Sister officially?
Before going to her officially,
let me try it in my own way.
Everyone else can be scared of her.
But you needn't be, Jessie.
You're the only one
whom she won't hurt.
Oh no! What happened?
Come on, get up.
I can't bear the pain.
What is her present condition?
Sir, there is intracranial bleeding.
And the GCS is six.
BP is also falling.
Patient can go into
shock any moment.
My sister?
It's your sister, indeed.
I'd like to know much
more about your sister.
Just a minute.
This belonged to my sister.
'O darling,
the apple of my eye'
'I am here within
your arm's reach'
'My heart is not allowing
me to let you go'
'And it is burning within'
'As a lullaby for you to sleep'
'As a breeze that caresses you'
'I will always be there for you,
as your heartbeat, as your breath'
'There is darkness all around'
'I'll always be with you,
as an inseparable shadow'
'You are the molten gold in
the burning furnace within me'
'The shadow on your paths...
... is the sunlight that I had braced'
'She has forgotten the
dreams we saw together'
'I'm showering all my
love upon you, my child'
'As a shower of affection,
upon your forehead'
'Be it in truth or in darkness,
you are mine alone'
'Never letting the
flame of the lamp die,
she is standing guard for you,
my tender child'
'O darling,
the apple of my eye'
'I am here within
your arm's reach'
'As a lullaby for you to sleep'
'As a breeze that caresses you'
'I will always be there for you,
as your heartbeat, as your breath'
'There is darkness all around'
'I'll always be with you,
as an inseparable shadow'
When did you start sensing a
change in Ameya's behaviour?
When Siddharth came to meet me
at the coffee shop that day...
No! No!
It was while watching
TV, that afternoon.
She suddenly became
disturbed for the first time.
What were you watching on TV?
Ameya, leave it.
Don't act stubborn!
What, Father?
The fear of clown faces.
We need to perform exorcism.
I have identified you, Susan.
You don't have any other option.
You should get
ready to talk to me.
Why are you still
continuing here, Susan?
Your lifespan in this
world was over, right?
You should leave this child's body.
Who are you to say all this?
You get out of my house first!
You still have rights
over this house,
but not over this child's body.
Come out of it.
We can talk.
You won't be able to bear this.
I'll stop this only when you
fully agree to talk to me.
Why are you still here?
What do you want?
Exorcism and wizardry?
That too, in this age?
Siddhu, that's my sister.
Siddhu, this is Father Carmen Benedict.
What is your intention, Father?
Are you aware of the seriousness
of what you're doing?
Spirits and ghosts, it seems!
You should be providing medical
treatment to that child.
If something happens
to her because of you,
Jessie will be
answerable for it.
- Leave me.
- Ameya, leave him.
Ameya, leave him!
Come! Come!
Come on!
You are someone with
scientific temper, right?
In that case, what
is your opinion...
... about the incident which
happened right now, Siddharth?
Was Ameya's strength, that of a
girl who's studying in 6th grade?
Did you get acquainted with
Jessie after Susan's death?
We were schoolmates.
Susan Ma'am was the physical
education trainer in our school.
How was she with her students?
Absolutely hostile.
Were there problems
between you both?
There were issues which would normally
happen between students and teachers.
Apart from that...
Apart from that?
Coming to think of it,
a small issue had happened.
Ours was a renowned
sports school of Kerala.
Ma'am had some ego issues with
our head coach, Sudarshan sir.
Ma'am had shown that anger towards...
our friends group which
had Anand and Aparna,
who were trained to be the best
athletes of our school by Sir.
Why! Ma'am even hated
Jessie talking to our us.
During the final year,
before a sports meet...
Give it.
Hold it tight.
Sir, Susan Ma'am.
Hide it in the toilet, quickly!
Will it be a problem, sir?
- No!
What a great coaching!
What are you doing in the
boys' toilet, Teacher?
What are they doing here then?
That's not the issue here.
So you create stars
using steroids, is it?
But who used it?
You were about to use it, right?
I will report this.
Do it.
And get a test done.
You won't get even an ounce
of steroids from their bodies.
Get going, Ma'am.
No one is going to
believe you here.
I know that.
I've captured what was
necessary on this.
Don't create an
issue out of this.
Get lost!
Ma'am, please.
Don't report it.
Please Ma'am.
What happened after that?
There weren't any issues
between Madam and me after that.
That's not my question.
How was that issue dealt with, later on?
Madam complained about it.
Please, Teacher.
The school will lose its
credibility due to this.
Other schools and the media will make
use of this opportunity to destroy us.
Sir, what credibility do we need by
destroying the future of our students?
What achievement do we need?
Sir, you must take
action against this.
I'll do everything necessary so
that they don't repeat it again.
No way.
You must take strict action.
Him and these students should
be dismissed from the school.
No, Teacher.
I can't do that.
And.. it's not like they
actually used steroids.
Your evidence only proves that
they were about to use it.
I'll show you what I can
do with this evidence.
And after that?
What happened after that?
Madam met with the
accident after that.
That issue was over with that.
Do you know anything about
that accident, Siddharth?
Where is this friend of yours now?
Can I meet him?
Father, shall we talk
about this in detail later?
Did Siddhu leave?
I think Siddharth doesn't really
like this atmosphere,
which has Susan's
presence in it.
How long have you known
Siddharth, Jessie?
I've known him since school.
No. Just out of curiosity.
Are you still in contact with
those school friends?
I had contact with some
of them through Facebook.
Later on, I lost that too.
Who all were there
in your group?
Manu, Jewel....
Manu, I was still in touch with...
But he died in a car accident.
Where were you on
the day Susan died?
I had gone for a friend's
birthday party then.
Which friend?
Anand Subramaniam.
Isn't that his full name?
Did that birthday party
happen in Anand's house?
It was in Siddhu's house.
While that party was happening,
do you remember Anand, Siddharth
or anyone else leaving early?
It was Siddhu who
dropped me home that day.
- What is it, Father?
- Nothing.
Why are you scared, Jessie?
I haven't hurt you, right?
Come inside.
Ask him to leave this place, Jessie.
It should be just
the two of us here.
Hi Anand.
Father Benedict here.
Let go of me!
I am Jessie's friend.
Do you remember Jessie?
Yes. Jessie Cherian.
She was my junior.
Are you coming to
Kerala anytime soon, Anand?
No. There's a sports meet next month.
Only after that.
Tell me what the matter is.
Didn't all of you celebrate your
birthday while you were in school?
Do you have those
photos with you?
Why do you need them?
I want to give Jessie a surprise.
- Do you have it?
- No.
Send me Jessie's number.
If I get it,
I'll send it to her.
Aren't you in touch
with Siddharth now, Anand?
Who are you?
Thank you, Anand.
Thank you.
Isn't this Manu?
Do you know where his house is?
I know.
What happened, Father?
Let's go there.
Whenever he was here,
he would always be in this room,
reading books.
We still believe that he
has just gone out somewhere.
Where would they go,
sacrificing what they like, Sir?
He would still be around.
Who are you?
Hello! Hey!
Where are you going?
Who are you?
Who are you?
What nonsense are you doing?
Don't make noise.
The dog won't like it.
You better get out of here.
I'll call the police.
Call the police.
I'll tell you the section.
When your son comes back,
things would be
easy for the police.
- Good morning.
- Hi Father.
Why are you here so
early in the morning?
I just dropped in
while passing by.
Why are you sweating? Were
you working in the kitchen?
I was making tea.
Then please get me a cup.
Why not!
Please sit down.
- You have all facilities here, huh?
- Yeah.
I hope this is not from the time
you were studying in 12th grade.
No, it's fresh.
Look at this photo.
Do you remember anything?
These are the photos clicked
during Anand's birthday, right?
How did you get it, Father?
I tried calling Anand for this.
But he evaded it.
Finally, it was Manu who
told me where it was.
- Manu...?
- Yes, your old friend Manu.
Here you go.
Is there any connection between
your face in this photo,
and Susan's fear
towards clown faces?
Sorry, Father.
I have a meeting in Kochi.
I'll be late if I
don't leave now.
Let me get ready.
We'll meet later, Father.
I'm in a hurry now.
Whenever I see you,
you seem to be in a hurry.
But you must say this
before you go today.
Don't barge into my house
and try to act smart!
Move, Father.
Though I'm a Priest, I too
have some tricks up my sleeve.
- Got it?
- Move, Father.
Tell me.
I have to go my own way
after unravelling this.
Tell me!
Come on!
Chechi (sister)...
It's Reshmi's birthday today.
There's a party happening
in her house tonight.
Everyone from my class are going.
Shall I also go?
Why, Chechi?
You needn't get used to going
for night parties already.
Go and study.
We shouldn't be too late.
If Chechi comes to know,
she'll kill me.
Who's going to tell
this to your sister?
Don't worry.
You guys started?
I thought you didn't
get permission?
I made her sneak out.
- But I have to go back early.
That's all right.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you!
Is it Reshmi's house?
- Yes.
Is the party over?
What party?
Didn't Jessie come there?
What are you doing?
Now you look okay.
Let it be there.
You look really cute now.
Hey! Move!
It's late.
Come fast. We need to get
back before she wakes up.
Don't worry.
Shall I kiss you?
- Please! Just once!
How else can a 17 year old boy
react in such a situation?
After dropping Jessie home,
I went back to the accident spot.
... someone had taken her
to the hospital by then.
Does anyone else know this?
... and my mother.
No one else knows this.
And thinking about my future,
my mother covered it up.
Where is that car?
No one can find it now.
We destroyed it.
You are lying.
The lie that your mouth is uttering...
... is not being
complemented by your eyes.
How many ever times I ask you,
I know that you won't say
anything more than this.
It's okay.
I will find out myself.
Please come.
What happened to your phone, Jessie?
I couldn't reach you.
It's not working.
Take this.
Where is Ameya?
Please sit, Sister.
I'll bring tea for you.
Is she sleeping?
Yes, she is here.
I'll call her.
Please wait, Sister.
What happened, dear?
Sister, I have been locked up here.
It's been many days!
Jessie, what is this?
Sister, I...
Ask her to set me free, Sister.
I am hungry!
Did you bring my
child here for this?
- Sister, I will explain.
- What will you explain?
Where's the key of the room?
Sister, listen to me.
Don't open it now.
Move away!
Move away!
Sister, please.
Don't open it!
What happened?
What are you doing here?
Father.... Ameya...
What happened to Ameya?
She ran away.
You go this way.
I'll go this way.
What is it?
It's Siddharth...
Hello Siddharth?
Hello Father...
Ameya is....
Father? Hello?
- Hello?
I can't hear anything, Father.
Enough, Susan!
This child can't bear
any more than this.
I won't allow this,
however much you try!
This might be just a body for you.
But she has a life of her own.
It's not her...
... but me who lived in that body so far.
I know!
But even that life of yours is
coming to an end today, Susan.
How long will you hide
this child from me?
I won't let her go.
To wreak vengeance?
To get your revenge?
Isn't it?
I didn't stay back in this
world to wreak vengeance.
It is because I couldn't
leave my sister alone.
It is because I hadn't
had enough of loving her.
Just when I started living
again with my Jessie,
he came again.
He destroyed our lives...
and I won't let him take her too.
It was not him who
killed you, Susan.
It was him!
I saw it.
What you saw and understood
is not the truth.
Siddharth didn't do it.
Siddhu, shall I drive?
Is that necessary?
Give it.
He was protecting her.
After you died,
it was he who did
everything for Jessie.
He loves her lot.
You can entrust
Jessie with Siddharth,
and leave peacefully, Susan.
I won't be able to leave
her and go away, Father.
You have to go, Susan.
You must go.
Those who are dead shouldn't be
a burden for those who are alive.
There's a life which you forgot
about, due to your love for Jessie,
and your selfishness.
Have you ever thought about this child?
Have you thought about the 11 years
you snatched away from her life?
Leave Ameya alone, Susan.
Let her live...
... as herself.
It's true.
My world had only
Jessie and me in it.
While I was alive,
I never expressed my love for Jessie.
Through this child,
the few days that I lived with Jessie,
I could do it.
Like a penance.
Can I...
... touch my dear sister,
one last time?
- Sir?
- Yes.
Dr. Muralidharan is waiting
downstairs to see you.
He asked you to go downstairs.
What are you doing here, Doctor?
Get into the car, Sudarshan.
You must arrange
some cash for me.
We had settled our accounts, right?
Get going, Doctor.
Things have changed, Sudarshan.
Now a third person knows something
which only you and I knew.
Hello Doctor?
Your enemy is lying before me now,
in a critically injured state.
If I make a move now,
all your problems will solved.
What's her present condition?
She may or may not survive.
What should I do?
She shouldn't survive.
I'll give you whatever
you need for that.
Who is he?
Now you can rest in peace.