The Priests (2015) Movie Script

Do they really exits in this world?
They?.... Whomever are you talking about?
The 12 spirits... The 12 false idols.
Don't you know.
They exits in every corner of this world.
Then....What do they exist to do?
They exist in every war, famine
and every disaster.
Then why do they hide?
If they are being discovered
The human race will turn to god
The Rosicucians will be in contact.
They say one of the spirits was
found in korea.
I can't contact father Zheng qi fan
in Korea.
Are we to go to Korea?
Let's go, time is running out.
Lord..please don't abandon us.
Exorcism- A catholic ritual to free the
lifeforce takenby the evil spirits.
Solemn Exorcism, according to church
law 1172, can be used to exorcise evil.
Priest , the Archbishop and Exorcist
combination's existence
Vice Exorcist, clergymen who
help the father.
The possesed-a person whose
body houses the evil spirit.
the rosecrucians will find out which of
the 12 spirit from the symptoms exhibited.
The priests
This is Priest Bei De Luo Jin Feng Xin
He and Priest Zheng Qi fan who is
retired were once a team.
Everyone says he is a
blockhead in church school
Also particularly well-known in Francisco
is a very stubborn person
I chased this man away once.
And he came back again.
Totally doing things in his own way.
He was not permitted
and so he was fired by the archbishop.
While the possesed child, is named
Li Ying Shen, an average high school girl.
Under this circumstances-Exorcismus
There is a need for the ritual of exorcism.
In mostcases we have Priest Zheng who
resides in the hospital for the exorcisms.
We will help as vice exorcist.
Priest Jin, you are putting
us in a difficult position.
Brother Bei De luo, in any case you should
have seek my opinion on doing it.
What are you talking about.
Dean, i had tried to seek your
approval many times
But everytime i brought it up with
you, you said it's not important.
This is the umpteenth time
you are bullshitting me.
If people found out that the Korean church
is performing exorcism in the 21st century.
I heard is someone we know.
Yes, he is a church fellow in Seoul.
We found out at the hospital that he has
symptoms of possession after the accident
You should pray for him.
Should'nt we just do a simple
psychological treatment for him?
I had made my prelimnary judgement
according to the basic rules of exorcism.
I made contact with the
possessed and made a diagnosis.
Her condition significantly differs
from the average psychotic patients.
Father, i can't sleep, I hear wierd noises.
What noise
Everything, even insects talking.
The decisive factor here is that
the possessed can attract animals.
So the simple dead spirit.
In another words a random spirit.
The majority can be exorcise with rituals.
What if it's not a simple dead spirit.
Theres very few cases of this in Korea.
If so, it'll be one of the 12 false
idols the Rosicrucian are looking for.
I know i know
People are so fickle, celebrating
jesus birth on christmas.
But saying such things will lead to a
debate of rational vs ethical
Even faithful clergymen too.
Enough, watch what you say infront
of the archbishop
Though i don't understand
why is everyone afraid
But now there is a child suffering.
Are we to ignore it?
I heard all your preaching.
You should know the impact if the word
of this gets out.
And so i officially object.
Do you understand? This is final,
please leave after this meeting.
As per the agreement, a civil doctor
and a vice exorcist on duty.
Do you have the right priest?
Professor Pu Xian Zhen from the Saints Way
church hospital have been informed.
As to the vice priest
in the exorcism ritual
Actually he is a Priest.
Thats why it is so important.
Therefore, the conditions
required will be many.
I try to end within a week
She is jsut a child, can't
be anything special.
Li ying Shen,Ying Shen, Come open the door
Li ying Shen
Why are you asking me about the accident
that occured a few months back again.
We don't really know that priest
If the exorcism is done, it must be
done wrongly or done heretically.
Is not it
This is information of graduates
from the Church school, it is confiential.
It is under the juridiction of Francisco
You are like asking KBS about
MBC's information.
Ok, i am hanging up.
Why are you all coming to the school.
I have been praying, anyway i am here.
We are here to look for a vice exorcist.
So I'll look around
Vice exorcist must be fluent Latin German
and Chinese to convey words of the priest.
We need to fight evil spirits.
So he must be agile, brave and open-minded.
Must be a brave person.
But also it has the wisdom to withstand
the temptation of the evil spirits.
He also must have a strong body to
withstand the long hours of exorcism.
Troublesome, troublesome.
If he atteneded lectures of Father Zheng
he will understand the nature of the ritual
In your case, hey you punk.
When you fall asleep, spirits might
possess you, you punk.
Come out, come out, so sorry.
Lastly, must be born on the year of tiger.
On the year of tiger, then it's 98 86 86
Must be born with a sensitive soul.
Why is it this punk.
Walk slowly, you seem unstable.
I am walking slowly.
Principal and priest must be very
angry right?
I was too absorbed in spiritual
prayer do so this semester grades
You're the only bad student that's required
of the job of vice exorcist in 10years.
Just like this from the last, became the
1st, and then back to becoming the last.
" Matteo Ricci " chapter 10 verse 16
Seventh grade Jia de
86 year of the Tiger right, parents did
not register the date wrongly right?
Yes, of course.
How's school life.
Great, under the lords grace.
You can reach the seventh grade.
must be with the grace of the lord.
Theres a good news and a bad news.
Which do you want to hear first?
I want the good news first.
Good news is the archbishop
has come to visit us.
So he will sing hymns with
all the students.
Thats great news.
Yes, and the bad news is.
You can forgo the event this time round.
Why only me?
Father Kim and retired Father Zheng
from Francisco
are informal members of the Rosicrucian
Performed and exorcism
on a child last winter.
But the boy commited suicide
is in a vegetable state.
Including myself, several priests
are helping the exorcism
In the convent there's a vice exorcist
is having some trouble
I am not the replacement, ri....
It's nothing, you just
need to listen to the priest.
Vice exorcist, it's just a vice.
Why me.
If you don't want to do it then don't,
join the choir and be happy.
Am i the only person who can do this?
The is the information the
priest left, you can read it.
A pious tougue
There inside contains the address
of where the priest live previously.
You can go there if theres a need.
I heard he is not meeting people, but
i am sure he willl meet the understudy.
You go and find out what happened
Ma Qin Hao fellow, where are you.
Who are you?
The dean ask me to come.
Why did he ask you to come?
I am be the vice exorcist
for this coming exorcism.
The door is open, so i came in.
Sorry didn't know that you were eating.
What is your rank in the church.
I am the vice exorcist.
Sending me a random punk my way.
I am not young, nearly 30.
If you are born in the year of
tiger you must be 62.
I am 74.
This is a textbook and notebook,
Vice exorcist need to do recording.
Ah, text and notebook.
Sir why did you quit.
My body is failing me.
and i need to take care of my parents.
how are your parents.
What are you doing,
why are you curious about this.
Hey,from now onwards you must listen to me.
Inclusive of where you go.
Fellow Pu, open the door.
Let's meet.
Come on out.
I see you sitting in there inside, come out
No, priest.
You might not be able to see me this time.
People will be sent there.
I quit.
No, its not like that.
I can't accomplish anything
with that meatbag.
It will be fine if it's enough.
Open the door i am not joking.
What do you mean its enough,
buck up priest.
Just help me one more time.
Don't you pity the child?
I let you go.
Where did priest Jin go wrong? You may go.
Sorry, i am going.
Fellowman, how are you?
Is there really a situation.
There might be. That crazy kid there.
Rosicrucian society
Choir singers Jin Feng Xin,
Bei De Luo Shen, Pu Xian Zhen
Priest Jin, quickly pray you punk.
The praying priest Jin who spreads his word
Ying Shen awake?
Ying Shen I can't sleep, i keep
hearing wierd noises
Priest Jin What noise?
Shen Ying Every thing, even the
conversation between insects.
Priest Jin Its like a flu.
What? you mean it's psychosis?
I saw it on the internet.
I know myself the best.
It will be fine after a brain surgery.
What do you have in your pocket.
Isn't this a voice recorder.
Hmm, why is this here.
Ying Shen itchy?
why does your body keep fidgeting?
Father didn't you just touch me?
I didn;t
I really like you, but why
are you always like that.
I don't like it
But you can't say even if it hurts?
I don't like it
Please speak properly.
The whole fiasco of the rosicrucian
society sending Latin fellomen to korea
must be in relation to the child.
God often give us opportunities in various
ways, this is a good thing
Who is it?
Church dean
Sorry i am going to rest
Had a nightmare?
What did you dream
Killed a dog.
Not bad, seems like you need to help me.
Today is lunar 15/7.
Ghost Festival , also
known as Obon in Buddhism
a day where negative energy is the highest.
It's the only day where heaven
allow spirits to spread merits.
Today is the only chance
we have to save the girl
Ah, fine
Hope in, ill drop you at the train station.
I would never have met you if any later.
why do you set off so early
Have to fetch something from
the dean in the capital
He uses you for everything really.
The Exorcist has been exposed, it's
dangerous and so its prepared by
vice exorcist
You did your homework.
How about Priest Jin.
You are meeting for the first time today.
Yes, we only spoke through phone.
What can we do about it.
Just curious.
Curious hmm.
Do you remember the last words
of the Pope in his inaugural speech?
People of reason and wisdom
We the catholic church
It is very rational and popular religion
The fight against superstition
and irrationality has been
full of difficulties to be
what it is today.
Because you have to go I will send you
It is not public knowledge,
you should know.
Yes i know.
And its not for you to help Priest Jin.
Italian Bride
Place of death
Soul fled
Novenmber 29 same day.
I am the light of the world.
People who follow me
Walk out of the dark
Life is
Ying shen ah
Think of the method
for praying for digestion.
Forgo your sacred happiness
I really can do it, 1 more time please
Dean and professor from the
capital have contacted fellow Pu
Regarding the girl
Did something i shouldn't have.
Lets take some photos secretly.
Whats going on?
The archbishop needs confirmation.
Don't do it bit by bit, get all
the facts straight before coming back.
Now it should stop people
Good day, Dean wen, i am
vice exorcist Cui Zhen Hao
Priest Jin ask me to come
Priest Jin?
Priest Jin Fan Xin
Priest Jin
It was sent a fortnight ago,
isn't it here yet
Please contact the company who sent it out.
Please confirm has it reach korea?
Grace of the lord
I must get it today.
Yes Priest Jin says we need it today.
They oonfirm they have
sent it out on their side
Priest Jin
I am sorry, please bury him,
he had alot of hardships in his life.
Theres a reason i did it
It isn't like that.
Priest Zheng has woke up.
Looks like we will only be there tomorrow.
I will contact you once i get hold of it.
Thats their problem
When did i ask you to do it.
I do not have the final say here.
On their side
I don't know, i really don't know
Did you steal it, or did
you make it, you figure it out.
Yes you told me some time back,
but he doesn't have it what can i do.
Untill you can get that,
you stay in church and pray
Why did you give me this job.
Hey punk, so its my fault.
Youngsters are so impatient.
Please please please
Whats the use of begging me?
I'll give you a call in a while.
Hang up on me? This is..
This is serious.
This is wierd why it smell so much
What smell
Ever since Priest Zheng woke up,
Theres a bad putrid scent.
Got it, you go rest.
I'll go take a look here,
i'll call you if theres a need
Ah, Fan Xin is here.
Do you know that i miss you.
You have grown scrawny.
Is there something going on?
You know whats going on.
Gotten heavier right.
It's gotten heavier,
like several people in a body.
Fan Xin, I dreamt i went
to heaven last night
You should have stayed there,
why did you come back
But there was a huge spider
gradually climbing towards me there.
O, spider?
That spider climb towards me and the smell
I didn't know what smell was that,then i
found out that's the smell of heaven
What happen after
Then i waited patiently
That bugger bit my leg.
O, that must hurt.
I thought it would hurt,
instead i became much sober.
But i suddenly thought of you.
Aren,t you always disatified with me?
What are you talking about?
I like you very much.
Fan Xin, stay with me today.
I don't think i am left with much time.
You lie down.
Don't you know that i am busy?
Where you going?
Are you going to refuse your
teacher's last request?
Not letting go?
Just a mere dead spirit and
you want to stop me?
Theres no one other than you.
Mini brotherhood
Wheres that guy?
It is to destroy dead spirits
Let the evil and the dead spirits of
the world answer my call, Fan Xin
Please send them back to hell.
Wheres that guy?
Ah, Professor Pu
What business do you have with profesor Pu
O it's fine.
What are you doing?
Priest Jin ask me to come.
Priest Jin
I know, the item has been taken back.
Wheres that pig?
Fellow Pu, that pig?
We already have a connection.
That vice exorcist
That kid will have
diarrhea if he eats spicy food.
If you open the door, he
will go to the toilet by himself.
You should come over.
Do you want to replace professor Pu?
Priest Dean gave me his permission
Do you know how many
have come here before you?
The number is in the tens.
Go back.
Aren't you accompanying today?
Where is that guy?
Reply me Fan Xin.
I need to know.
Where is that guy?
Need to stop you guys.
Speak to me.
The male who went with you.
I will go by myself today.
Thats why i go.
Priest deaconask me
to understand the situation.
I will reconfirm this time round.
No matter what happens.
I have not lived this life fully
Emptyness and falsehoods
I wasted all my energy.
Thereby my power lies in my lord.
My compensation is with my lord.
Bi Isaiah Chapter 49 Verse 4
Is it your favourite part, father?
Really until the very end.
This is call bell of Francisco, practicing
monks will ring the bell when pasing
by woods with evil spirits.
Made in San Francisco
is a national treasure in Assisi
I need this, what more can i do
Watch your back.
Understand what i mean?
My respected lord, my beloved god.
Look down upon this bell.
Save us from evil and the
threats that stem from evil.
Protect us from the corrosion of evil.
Alright i am here.
Moon? No, It hasn't risen yet.
Alright i am beside the market.
Alright i understand, immediately.
Pfft, you are not ordering a dog around.
Let's go.
The child's father accepted
a settlement after appeal
Do not miss any facts and come
back crystal clear on the facts.
We should ll stop him.
How are you.
I am Cui Zhen Hao vice exorcist.
Ah, lock that pig outside.
Why did you bring a pig to a barbecue shop?
Don't you have a conscience.
Everything is very natural right.
What did you eat, you look pale.
Occasionaly people says that of me.
Really young, so young.
Sit down.
Where do you live?
Long Ren Shui District.
Ancestry home?
I am born there, oh, the property
prices must be through the roof.
Whats your father's occupation.
It's the usual teaching position,
same with mom.
Are they catholics? No only my mom.
A younger sister.
Traffic accident?
That one is much better.
No, just that an incident happen.
What incident.
Come, tell it to me in detail.
Hmm, It's fine, forget it.
Bitten to death by a dog at 9.
Bitten by a dog?
Oh wow that's interesting.
Tell me in detail.
Whats so interesting about this?
Yeah, but why are you so sensitive.
It's all in the past.
Let me see, if you are killed by a beast
you'll wander in hell, you know that right
Oh, such tragedy and so
young, what can be done?
I am going to cry.
Left with a son after the disaster.
And the son wants to be a priest.
Went into church school with 100% certainty
Doing something thats not suitable
and pushing on with difficulty.
Of course this doesnt mean anything.
I thought once i become a priest.
my sister will go to heaven,
what an idiot i am.
Parents hurt alot deep inside.
Oh, oh!
This is really interesting.
Why? Isnt it like this?
You really know alot, it's no
wonder you are exorcist priest.
Everyone have a past, you are no different.
Then whats your past like, father?
Nothing special.
It doesnt matter if you dont
know right meatbag.
Want a drink?
I never drink alcohol, forget it then.
Why did fellow Pu stop doing the rituals?
He is very timid, doesnt
match well with the job.
Ah, everyone don't like to talk too much.
Those things are just like convicts.
When their existence are discovered
they hide immediately.
Theres no escape in that
instance they are found.
Luckily, theres a possibility that a
male spirit might possess a female body.
Its equivalent to a forced surrender,
this to us is real good luck.
Then we just have to catch him.
Thats right.
We just have to catch him.
Dear brother, do come frequently,
i nearly forgot how you look like.
Is it here?
Is this a reply to me?
Take care of yourself.
I understand, don't worry.
Dear brother, i am giving birth next month,
remeber to come and see your nephew.
Seems thinner, is this the original?
Yes, its confirmed.
You sure official Pu have
received a lawsuit? Yes.
He didn't say anything?
No, there was nothing more to say.
We are now going to
see a 5000 year old relic.
get excited for me.
On your command, Pu sir.
Did you do your homework before coming?
Jesus won't let them go, so the demons
came out to possess pigs body. Matteo
Ricci chapter 8 verse 31
I know
This is it.
The top floor
Smoke a ciggarette before going up?
Are you afraid?
No, exorcism is actually a
battle of momentum.
From now onwards, we
are Dragon's sun triad.
If the owner won't leave, make him.
I will act accordindly, you just
need to help on the side, don't get caught.
Don't look, don't answer,
you only need to pray.
Be studious.
What are you looking at?
You're really a sensitive being.
Why can't i be sensitive?
So much talk back.
Hey talk about the
characteristics of the idol
The idol is divided into
serpent lion and scorpion
The exorcism situation here is during
the war of 1942 in china.. enough.
The ultimate goal and extraction stages
The purpose of the ceremony is to force
the idol to reveal its name,if the image is
positive energy,put it into the water.
Wow you seem to gradually be
able to do something.Lets go.
Hey, continue to jump, no rest. Yes.
Seriously, feel like leaving.
Where are you looking at, You crazy?
Hey, go change your clothes.
Today is really the last day.
How many last time is this?
This is too much.
Today is really the last day.
Don't you see this is such a mess?
Are you using witchcraft?
He is a mystic, and he is quite powerful.
Oh, today is such a waste.
That child is in a coma, it must be
her who is trapping the evil spirit.
Direct the child to heaven.
Then aren't you killing the child?
Don't think of it as murder.
If we trap that, thats
equivalent to stopping it.
Heart wrenching things thats
happening in South East Asia.
How can you say this.
The exorcism is on a high school
girl, just a high school girl.
Do what you are meant to do.
You came today too.
Yes, i am here to kill you.
This cannot work, so sorry uncle.
Do you see anything?
Sorry, theres blood.
Its not witchcraft, its serpentine.
Its a male form, oh since when
do we have male form in korea.
Did the young girl come, come to exorcse.
Do what she is suppose to, a
witch has her own responsibilities.
Thats right, we can only accept fate.
The ritual is prepared. Alright,
i will go up straight away.
Finally a decent helper this time,
but too young.
Yes young, but very tough.
Whats the christian name.
Jia De
Who gave that name to you?
I gave myself that name,
becaus i want to be different.
Should buy some good ones.
Turn around, don't need to tidy those,
turn around.
Whats that?
This is female secretions.
The life of our dear priest
do not have this.
Turn around, turn around.
This is also a cover up skill.
The male form when meet with positive
energy will become more powerful.
Come come, this would help him.
This will benefit professor Pu,
it is not easy to come by.
Alright, this is fine.
Put a bit under your nose.
Professor Pu, arent you starting your work?
Yes, coming.
Come on, give it your best.
Oh please, do your job with more spirit.
This is termed professionaly
as Ma Er Duo Luo.
The putriscence, that the possessed emits.
You should know about it, the story
about jumping off the roof of the hospital.
Uptheenth time of suicidal behaviours.
Theres even talks of suicide.
Actually, it was found out
and tried to run.
Tried to possessed a male body but failed
Please sign.
What are you doing, faster prepare.
Wow, what a bright moon.
Theres only 1 such day in a year.
Hey spread this carefully,
this is a way of saving your life.
Now we must be at least 1metre from
the salt, we can start the ritual after
finish spreading the salt.
Need the prayers of St Micheal
in the order of Korean, English and Latin
Yes, I understand.
And this protection prayer
is the prayer of liberation
Vice exorcist, start recording now.
Start your prayers.
The Lord will give us protection.
The Lord will not give
protection to sinners like satan.
I will tell you this in the
name of the Lord.
Sinners like satan, will be cast into hell.
Take it out.
Now you will narrate everything
that will happen.
He won't believe it anyway.
I look alright now right?
You seem to come alive again.
Thank you priest.
Can't you help me loosen this?
This is to protect everyone
who is in battle.
I am Ying Shen, Father.
Look, i am alright now.
God and eternal life. Mom.
Doctor, free me.
Is there anyone who can stop this man.
Dad, mom please help me.
This man is touching me.
Is there no one?
This man is carressing me.
Please save me.
The rulers of hell.
And the heavenly gods, please bless us.
Please stop satan from controlling us.
To accept the Lord's words ,
please convey our prayers
Weaken the power of all evil.
Expel them
Evil spirits and curses
Or curses spread by
evil to hinder our visions.
Protect your followers from harm,
we pray with sincerity and fervor.
Eliminate jealousy and curses
Turn them into love and victory.
We pray that you protect us.
In return, we raise the
intensity of prayers of thanks.
My lord is with you.
My god.
My respectful god.
Raise your hands to free
us from evil and chaos.
Protector of the spirit and soul.
All evil will flee
Destroy evil spirits and evil doers
who carries jealousy and malicious intent.
And so through your protection of us.
We give thanks from the
intensity of our prayers.
God will be with you, do not be afraid.
God is our shepherd, god is with us.
My lord is with you.
Please protect your followers from evil.
In the bright light of all the archangels
and the confessions of saints.
Damn you Ba He.
Didn't i let you rape your sister-in-law?
Informer without courage.
The father of lies is the
beginning of a murderer
The father of lies is the
beginning of a murderer
In the name of the Father and the
Holy Spirit where did you come from?
In the name of the Father and
the Holy Spirit we ask you.
Where did you come from?
We are here and we are there.
We wander here and there.
We shift in and out of 2430.
When did you come here.
When did you come here.
All you monkeys.
When you reach 3,254,630.
How long do you intend to stay?
How long do you intend to stay?
How long do you intend to stay here?
How long do you intend to stay here?
Your existence have been noticed,
you will only suffer if you stay.
You have been discovered.
You will only suffer,
Disease famine
I have been among you all in peace times.
Look through your history and ask again.
Forever, Amen.
In the name of the Father and the
Holy Spirit we ask you
Why are you here.
In the name of the Father and the
Holy Spirit we ask you
Why are you here.
People with wisdom.
Heed my words.
Be like the rest of them outside,
behave as if you did not see and live on.
Homo sapiens ants.
Dead spirits tell me.
Why are you here.
Why are you here.
We are here to prove you are monkeys.
Homo sapiens
Who is the most powerful
guy protecting you all?
Who is the most powerful
guy protecting you all?
You humans never hear
the sound of falling star
He has already overcame
the world why is he there
He has already overcame the world.
Why is he there?
It is you who don't see
what i am talking about.
This damn meatbag has caught us.
I will find a safer place.
This bitch has hold on to me.
A few dead spirits have come out.
4 types have emerge.
Dead spirits are all out. Give me holy
water number 4 and the red satin
I will prove it.
You are all just monkeys.
Now we just need this guy to say
his name and we are done.
Prepare of the ending.
Lord of heaven is not going to respond
to you. Dirty and smelly..
Your lord in heaven.
Lord save me.
Lord save me.
Lord save me.
Evil! Expel. His days are coming.
Evil! Expel. His days are coming.
Listen! The voices that are
calling to you with renew vigor!
Listen! The voices that are
calling to you with renew vigor!
In the name of the living saints.
Go back to where you came
from, undead spirits.
In the name of Archangel
St Micheal and the Seraphims!
In the name of Archangel
St Micheal and the Cherubims
In the name of Archangel
St Micheal and the Angels!
In the name of Archangel
St Micheal and the Cherubims
In the name of Archangel
St Micheal and the Seraphims!
In the name of Archangel
St Micheal and the Angels!
Get a grip Jia De.
Male form
Male form
Don't look.
In the name of the lord i command you.
Evil beast.
Reveal your true form.
Four years later, you will die in prison
I'll dig out your newborn
nephews eyes next month.
Dig out your sister's womb.
Look at me!
Didn't you want to look at me?
What is there?
But am still quite curious.
What is there?
But am still quite curious.
But fellow Pu, is there really anything?
Be afraid!
Be afraid!
Go back!
Look at your arm
Your arm is going to rot.
Talk about it later.
Theres nothing here.
There only a crazy person here.
Dear brother don't go.
Save me!
Brother! Brother!
Run away.
Aren't you very good at it?
Let's go!
Why didn't you run further?
Forgot to wear my shoes.
All fled, only you are left.
I have a debt
That time.
I could not go back
Too afraid of the dog
that is biting my sister.
Because it's huge.
It's not your fault.
Because your sister is too young.
Beasts do not attack anything
thats bigger then themselves.
Aso foul smells sometimes
make us feel despair
You all are no different from beasts.
But God did not create man like that
I used to know the old fellow
who say the same thing.
Jia De
Yes, I am here.
You are crossing the line.
I know.
Theres a possibility of pestering demons
disturbing your sleep for the rest
of your life
Nobody knows and nobody will compensate you
Sons of humans
Do not fear them,
Do not fear what they have to say.
Even if your life is
surrounded by sharp thorns.
In an adverse envoirnment
Do not be afraid of what they have to say.
Do not shiver even if you see their face.
Yes Priest, Ying Shen's breathing and
pulse is normal, everything is fine.
I am a doctor, mam.
Why are you doing this?
Why are you doing this?
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are?
Bad person.
Why do you treat my daughter as such?
Something is happening here.
Please send the police over.
Please stop now.
Do you know who is helping us desperately?
We are not the only
ones fighting the battle.
Time is running lets
directly call out and extract.
You have Cane sugar and sulphur right?
Yes, I brought it.
You are not an understudy priest anymore.
You have to be with me and
help me summon the last spirit.
Dear lord, please have mercy.
Bold evil spirit, reveal your true form.
What are you?
342 collapsed bridge
5 collapsed building
5680 deaths
6682 human births
I command you in the
name of the holy lord, reply!
Why are you here?
I hate all of you.
40275 die from drought.
85938 black balloons explode.
7284430 deaths
All of you will be destroyed.
I come with darkness.
Do you want to exterminate the human race?
Return to where you are supose to be.
Tell me your name.
Tell me!
What is your name!
I hate you all.
I hate you all.
I hate, really hate.
Tell me your name quickly.
Priest i will hold on to him tightly
I am alright priest.
I will hold onto him tighly.
I command you in the name of the lord.
Leave Malphas.
I am sorry Ying Shen
Be at peace
Go to heaven.
Ying Shen.
I am depending on you.
I am depending on you.
I am depending on you.
Ying Shen.
Next is the most important step.
Throw that pig at least
15 metres into the river.
It will be dngerous if it's
more than 1 hour.
We received a report.
Get hold of this guy.
I am leaving now.
Come over.Stand here.
I'll get right out,
you wait here for a while
I am sorry but I have to go now Father.
There is a homicide going on.
What is this?
I am going. Stop moving.
Homicide occurrence, homicide.
Step back.
What's all this?
Stop right there.
Stop right there.
The road is wrought with hardships.
May God bless
Careful in the front.
That person sign the form.
The child was originally brain dead.
Only going to Goyang or Paju.
Please hurry to the nearest
Han River Bridge
You better go to the hospital sir.
Please hurry.
We are here.
Father, your face.
If the time has passed, then the last
remaining exorcist will become his host
This means that you will be in danger