The Prince & Me 2: The Royal Wedding (2006) Movie Script

It's not that kind of wedding.
They do everything for you.
No, I won't be wearing a crown.
Mom, I gotta run.
I'm late for class.
I love you. 'Bye.
Our most important consideration
is our patients.
We have with us today
a young volunteer from the clinic.
Mr Lars Jensen.
11 years old. Chest pains.
A rash on the abdomen.
And a cough. Thoughts, anyone?
Bacterial pneumonia.
But, given the rash,
could be varicella.
Well, thank you
for joining us, Miss Morgan.
Why don't you step down here
and take a look?
Yes, Doctor.
Hi, Lars.
Let's see that rash.
Doctor, would you mind handing me
a cotton swab and some alcohol?
As you wish.
Thank you, Doctor.
This might be a bit cold.
Looks like we have
a severe case of
viral blush.
Someone got into
his mother's make-up.
But I do have a pain in my chest.
Yes. My heart aches for you,
Paige Morgan.
OK, wise guy. Go on. Get outta here.
I did it! I did it! I met my future queen!
She's a fox!
Hey, foxy lady.
Very funny.
Some of us are meeting back at my
dorm room later to study. Wanna come?
I can't tonight.
Danish lesson?
Date with Edvard.
A date?
You two are getting married
in three weeks.
I know, but it's been
so crazy lately with school
and planning the wedding, and we
haven't had any time alone together.
So you two made a date?
I'll see you tomorrow,
alright, Jake?
I'm afraid my duties don't extend
to that sort of thing.
Soren, what are you doing here?
Where's Eddie?
I regret to say that Edvard
is tied up in parliament, Miss Paige.
I'm afraid so.
He apologises and asks for
a 'raincheck'.
Is that what it's called?
- Soren.
- Yes, Miss Paige?
This isn't the way to the palace.
A small detour, if you don't mind.
There are some papers
that need your signature.
They won't take but a minute.
In the east hall this time.
Alright, Soren.
They're attracted to you.
How did you
I raided the entire
Blue Monarch population of Europe.
But, you see,
they wanted to come anyway.
You know, they say,
if you catch a butterfly,
you should whisper a wish
and set it free.
The butterfly carries the wish
directly to the spirits.
Well, then, it must work, huh?
Because my wish
has already come true.
Come on.
Coming live
from the Royal Palace
with Their Majesties
Rosalind and Haarald,
Crown Queen Paige
and King Edvard.
Your Majesty, is it true that the two of
you were lab partners at the university?
Um, yes. I suppose you could say we
literally had chemistry together.
And so, has Paige impressed you
with her ability to
adapt to her new role?
Definitely, yes.
Taking on the responsibilities
of being a queen
and studying to be a doctor
I think that's very impressive.
And what's been the most
challenging aspect for you, Miss Paige?
The language.
I mean,
Danish is a beautiful language,
um, but it can be a challenge
when you're learning.
I want so badly to be fluent.
I will be fluent in no time.
The royal wedding of
King Edvard and his wife-to-be,
Miss Paige Morgan,
is just three weeks away.
Don't miss the live
coverage here on
Is Haarald blind? This girl's nothing more
than a gold-digging commoner.
I wouldn't let her marry my son.
You don't have to
worry about that, sir.
One you don't have a son,
and two the only gold
you have to be dug is in your teeth.
I'm the third Prince of
Norway, once removed.
I'll not have sarcasm
from the likes of you.
Yes, Your Royal Highness.
And I am just
your humble accountant.
So, you insist, Henrick, that my funds
are currently in short supply.
Actually, I might say that you're
insolvent, bankrupt, penniless
Enough. Enough.
If I'd have been born
one prince less removed,
I'd have been very, very rich.
But that wouldn't have changed
your poor betting history at the track
Henrick, I didn't call you in here
to discuss my past financial ventures.
I called you in to show you this.
And this is?
My salvation.
That man is helpless
when it comes down to dressing.
Maybe 'hopeless', you mean.
Your Majesty, Your Highnesses,
may I bring you something to drink?
Indeed you may.
We absolutely crave a bottle
of '83 Chteau Margaux.
Excellent choice.
Vlad, what is the occasion?
The occasion is I'm thirsty.
Excuse me! Excuse me.
Um, I'd actually like a beer.
Whatever you have on tap
would be fine.
Now, you see, there is a true Dane.
Yes, I'll have a beer as well, please.
Thank you.
We will stay loyal
to the Margaux, hey?
Edvard, will you share a box
at Monaco this year?
No, I can't make it this year.
I've got better things to do,
like run the country.
Oh, boo-hoo.
Yes, boo-hoo.
Well, then, you'll miss none other
than your favourite princess
popping champagne and awarding
the title in the Champions Circle.
Carmilla, I'll be terminally bored
if it's just you again.
Oh, stop it.
And you, Paige. Please tell me
you will make the race. Mm.
Oh, I don't think I'll be making
any of the races this year.
I will be in the library
trying to make the grade.
Ah, you see, there
there is my baby.
Gabi, perhaps instead of
popping champagne in Monaco
you could pop a beer
and start a new trend.
Yeah, she is right.
Where is the wine?
We need the wine.
You know, when I was young,
I used to be terrified of these busts.
I used to think they were all watching me
and would come alive and chase me.
I can't imagine why.
They look so friendly.
Well, my mother used to think
that it was my fear
of not living up to
my ancestors' expectations.
I suppose there's
some kind of truth in that.
They don't look
terribly approving, do they?
I wonder what
they'd say about us.
What would they say about us?
They would say,
"Edvard, you are a lucky bastard."
And they'd bust a move.
You get that? "Bust a move".
It's a joke.
Wow. Is my Danish as scary
as whatever that just was?
Wow. See, I love that.
That's your happy smile.
As opposed to my unhappy smile?
No, as opposed to your trying smile,
your diplomatic smile, your
Is that supposed to be me?
Polite, authoritative,
a little flare of the nostrils.
Well, it seems
you know me rather well.
The florists are very pleased, and we
need your approval on a centrepiece.
Uhhow about tomorrow after
my biology class? Saythree o'clock?
Now, the tailors are hoping for
a final fitting for your wedding dress.
Oh! Um I can't do it
tomorrow at 9:00, though.
I've got Applied Anatomy.
We're dissecting a gall bladder.
Yes, Soren?
Queen Rosalind. Miss Paige.
I'm sorry to interrupt you,
but Prince Albert of Norway
is in the library.
In our library? Albert, now?
Yes, Your Majesty.
He came unannounced but says he has
urgent business to discuss with you.
His Royal Highness and Edvard
are on their way there.
Thank you, Soren.
I will join them in the library.
Albert and Haarald
went to school together.
He's a friend of yours?
Hardly. Albert's always been
jealous of our family.
Then why is he here now?
'Urgent business' usually means
he's here to borrow money.
Your Majesty.
Lovely, as always.
You remember Edvard, of course.
Of course. I remember when
you were learning to play chess.
How you hated to lose your queen.
And now you're king.
Funny how that happens, isn't it?
Enough of the small talk. How much
do you need this time, Albert?
Haarald, you hurt my feelings.
I'm not here for money.
"With law shall the land be built."
This is an original copy
of the Jutland Code,
first proclaimed in the town
of Vordingborg in 1241 AD,
and one of the most
significant doctrines
We're familiar with the
doctrine, Albert.
What is the meaning
of bringing it here?
"Where a son succeeds
the throne unwedded,
"he must marry a
woman of noble descent
"and ensure the monarchy.
"Whereupon such a woman does
exist, he shall agree to marry her,
"otherwise surrender
his position as king."
Is this some sort of joke?
No joke.
As it happens, my
daughter, Princess Kirsten,
happens to be such a
woman of noble birth
that this succession law applies to.
Your law is from the Middle Ages.
It's as archaic as chastity belts.
It's never been
contested or rewritten.
Therefore, according to Danish
constitution, it stands.
Edvard, why don't you
join Paige in my quarters,
and your father and I will
speak to Albert alone.
This is absurd.
Oomph! Sorry, sir.
Didn't hear you coming.
You should, uh, work on
your eavesdropping skills, Soren.
Yes, sir. Excuse me, sir.
Would you like me
to work on them now?
Splendid idea.
Thank you, sir.
Eddie, are you sure
we shouldn't be worried?
Absolutely not.
Listen, in Norway, the tabloids
affectionately refer to Albert
as 'The Royal Pain', and trust me,
the title's well-deserved.
And what about Kirsten?
How well do you know her?
She was my best friend
when we were young.
What's she like?
She's nice.
Oh, you mean,
"What does she look like?"
Well, to be quite honest,
Kirsten was always
Mm. You're not just saying that
to make me feel better?
Paige, listen, in three weeks,
I'm going to marry
the most captivating, beautiful girl
from Wisconsin,
and no law, no bankrupt idiot
is gonna stop that
from happening, OK?
Come here.
Soren, this is for you.
Why, thank you, Miss Paige.
Soren, what's wrong?
What makes you think
there's something wrong, sir?
You're smiling.
Well, I've just
received a present.
You've had this odd expression
on your face ever since you arrived.
Has he not gone?
Actually, he has.
He went to the airport.
Oh, well, excellent.
What's the problem?
He went there
to pick up his daughter.
Princess Kirsten.
It just seems strange
that this obscure law
suddenly takes precedence.
In Denmark, we adhere to
the rule of law.
Mother, this is not a law.
It's a plot hatched by some dimwit.
Though this particular law
is antiquated,
I'm afraid it remains valid.
Every move we make
in the coming weeks
will be of great consequence
for us and for the state.
Our lawyers are
the finest in the world.
They will discover a solution.
The solution is I marry Paige.
Of course it is, Edvard.
And your father and I will do
everything in our power
to see that that happens.
Now, Albert has agreed
to keep it out of the press.
That will give us the time
to find a how do you say it?
a loophole in the law.
Sowhat do we do until then?
We continue to prepare
for the wedding.
As far as anyone else
is concerned,
Prince Albert of Norway is on
a goodwill visit with his daughter.
Does Kirsten even know that
her father is plotting this scheme?
'Cause if she did,
I don't think she'd go along with this.
Edvard, Paige, as king and queen,
you will find many will love you,
but some will seek to destroy you.
No matter the crisis, we must at all times
do what is right for the people.
Kirsten's arrived.
Oh, thank you so much
for doing that.
Eddie, where I come from,
that is not rotund.
Kirsten, I didn't recognise you.
Well, it has been nine years. Mwah!
How are you?
I'm very well.
Umthis is Paige Morgan,
my fiance. This
Paige. Mwah.
I have been absolutely dying
to meet you
the American girl
who stole Denmark's heart.
Really, the pleasure is all mine.
Do get a move on, Kirsten.
They're showing us to our rooms,
and I'm hungry.
You can reminisce later.
Paige, let's get together later
and I will tell you
every embarrassing story about Edvard
he doesn't want you to know.
And you We've got
some catching up to do, haven't we?
Crash diet?
"The cutaneous nerve branches
to the lateral thoracic wall
"are derived from the?"
Intercostal nerves.
Very good.
I just don't understand why he
wanted to have dinner with her alone.
"During development, the limb bud
that forms the upper extremity
"rotates approximately 90 degrees
in what direction?"
He said she'd be more forthcoming
without me present.
Ah, yes. Yes.
True or false
all cervical vertebrae
have bifida spinous processes.
False. It would help if
she didn't look like a supermodel.
Perhaps we should move on
to your Danish lesson.
No need for apologies.
But if you don't mind
my saying, Miss Paige,
you have nothing to be jealous of.
I'm not jealous.
Who would be jealous of
a gorgeous blonde Norwegian princess?
Well, if my opinion is of
any consolation,
I think that, frankly
How do they say it in the States?
"Girl got nothin' on you."
Edvard, look, I just want you to know
that I feel so embarrassed
by my father's behaviour.
Ah, well, he's, um
I mean, your poor fiance must think I'm
some evil witch trying to take her place.
No, not at all. Listen, I told her there's
no way you could've been involved in this.
So she doesn't hate me?
No! No. No, um
Do you know, actually, I think
you two would get on very well.
She seems like a great girl.
Yes, she is.
She'd have to be, wouldn't she,
to land a guy like you?
Well, that's very kind of you
to say so.
It's been a long time.
Mm. I know.
I was remembering one of the times
I came to spend the summer here.
I think I was about
eight years old.
Oh, God.
So you must've been, what?
Um, I was about
- 10?
- 10, yes.
I distinctly remember
going up to your bedroom
and asking if you
wanted to play.
And you turned around very
seriously and said to me,
"Kirsten, we're no longer
children, you know.
"You don't ask someone
if they want to play."
"You ask them
to do something."
Yes. Oh, God.
- You were such an obnoxious brat.
- Thank you.
Oh, but then again,
you were the only boy who didn't
make fun of me for being fat,
so for that, I'm very grateful.
Well, kids can be cruel.
I mean, let's face it,
you were a bit of a chubster.
Excuse me, but you were not
such a hottie in those days yourself.
Anyway, look, I'm here to help.
I hope you know that.
Yes, I do, and I thank you.
Umit's nice to
see you again, Kirsten.
- And you. Cheers.
- Cheers.
Hey, Mom. It's me.
I guess you're out starting your day.
I'm just about to go to bed,
but I just wanted to call
and tell you thatum
everything's great
and I can't wait for you to get here.
Kiss Dad for me.
Paige, I'm so glad
you agreed to talk to me.
My father's acting like
a complete fool.
I'm so sorry he's causing such drama
just weeks before your wedding.
- Can I ask you something?
- Anything.
Why is your father even doing this
if it isn't something that you want?
Because it's not
about what I want.
It's about him wanting to
live vicariously through me.
You know, being married to a
king, a title he'll never have
that kind of stuff.
Actually, my personal theory is
that he's having a midlife crisis.
My own father had one of those at 40.
He got an earring.
- Tragic.
- Mm.
- Good morning.
- Oh, good morning.
Your Majesty.
What's so funny?
Oh, nothing.
We were just eating,
and I said something about toast
and she thought I said 'toes',
and I guess you had to be there.
Sounds hilarious.
Eddie, it was funny.
You know what? We should go.
Oh, uh, yeah.
UmI will be back in a little bit.
Are you two going somewhere?
Kirsten's going to show me some of
her favourite sights in Copenhagen.
Oh, you're going shopping.
See you later.
Leave some money in the Treasury!
You're so cute.
Look at you. Yeah.
Look at you!
Your outfit is so nice.
Maybe he's just having a bad day.
How much longer
is Kirsten in town for?
Dunno. Hopefully long enough
to stir things up.
This fairytale romance
is getting bloody boring.
I want the best lawyers
and judges in the country
working around the clock on this.
My colleagues and I are confident
we'll crack this case within a week.
Good. We must resolve this matter
quickly and quietly.
We've got a wedding to attend.
Hey, Paige.
Oh, hey.
- You off to the library?
- Yes. Where are you off to?
I'm going into town.
I need to pick something up.
But I'll meet you and Edvard
at the restaurant later.
- Great!
- Cool.
Oh, um, are you gonna stop
back by here to change?
Um, probably not.
This place is pretty casual.
Have a nice day.
Thanks. You too.
I thought this place was casual.
No, you look fine. Don't worry.
Greetings, lovebirds.
Paige, how is it that you manage to look
so smashing in everything you wear?
Kirsten, you changed.
Right. Yeah, I had to.
I met this dreamy
guy in Old Town,
but he managed to spill
his drink all over me.
Well, the rogues' gallery
here's already assembled.
Shall we wander up?
- Hi!
- Hello.
- Oh, hi!
- Kirsten!
Hi, girls!
Naughty Kirsten. It's just like you.
with no advanced price, yeah?
Gabi, how are you?
It's been so long!
- Mwah! You look delectable!
- Well, that's the point, isn't it?
But, really, Kirsten,
why all the hush-hush?
- Hi, Paige.
- Hi.
Edvard, I want you two-to-one
on the green this year.
- No, no time for polo, Vlad.
- You mean no time for fun.
Yes, hello?
I've just gotta take this.
- One sec.
- OK.
Paige, should we order you a beer?
I'lltry the wine.
Mm, practice makes perfect.
So, Carmilla, tell all.
Are you still with that guy?
What was his name?
The prince from Greece?
No, not that bronzed Adonis.
No. The norm.
Oh, the bartender. God, no.
That was just a fling.
I remember. Your parents
were beside themselves.
I dated a norm just before
Vlad and I began our current tryst.
You alley cat. I had no idea.
Wait, so both of you
dated a guy named Norm?
Oh, no, no. That's not the case.
'Norm' is just a nickname.
- Oh.
- Yeah, for a commoner.
You know, like the 'norm'.
Regular person.
I mean Tch.
That didn't come out right.
We're being idiots.
Paige, I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to sound like a snob.
Gabi was just referring to
the whole culture clash thing.
You know, coming from
such different worlds.
Sometimes it can
really cause problems.
But you and Edvard
don't have anything to worry about.
His parents love you,
Denmark loves you, and so do we.
Oh, there's Edvard!
I propose a toast.
To Paige of Denmark.
- Ah, cheers.
- Cheers, everyone.
What did I miss?
Come in.
Wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait!
Kommer in.
Very good!
I was gonna say, "Come shopping,"
but I see you're studying, so
Mmm. Trying.
Hey, it's a difficult language.
Don't give up.
I just feel like I can understand
so much more than I can speak.
That's rubbish. The problem isn't you,
it's what they're teaching you.
I mean
Trust me.
I speak seven languages.
The only way to learn is to
completely immerse yourself in it.
Believe me, I've picked up more French
living in St Tropez for five months
than I did studying it
for five years.
What else did you pick up
in St TropeZ?
Wouldn't you like to know?
No, seriously, I can help.
We just need to start talking.
Well, that'll be
a short conversation.
So, my dear Paige,
how is your Danish coming along?
Oh, she's doing terribly well.
I've been helping her with her lessons.
That's very kind of you, Kirsten.
Yes, see, Paige is dedicated
to learning Danish quickly.
So, Paige, tell us
some interesting news.
OK, um, let's see.
Well, it is a tricky
language, our Danish.
Why don't we retire to
the dining room for dessert?
Splendid idea.
Did I do something wrong?
Um, well, you called my mother
a donkey.
Uh, a green donkey, in fact.
I said she had a green thumb
and that she waves her hand
and flowers grow.
You know, because of her orchids.
I don't even know the word for 'donkey'.
Oh, you do. You do.
Um But you know what?
It's great pronunciation.
Good morning, Copenhagen.
Here's the latest
from the States.
The hot new single
from The Drop.
Rise and shine!
I'm not worried
- I love this song!
Here it comes
I'm not worried
It's just a shame I can't dance.
Anyway, I have
a little surprise for you.
A little goodie.
Oh, wow.
Wow, it's thethe dress
I tried on in the store.
I could see how much
you liked it, so I couldn't resist.
I can wear it to the shower today.
Hey, that's a great idea.
Thank you, Kirsten.
Wow, that was nice.
It was my pleasure.
At last, our guest of honour.
Birgitta, it looks beautiful.
A beautiful luncheon
for a beautiful bride.
I really appreciate your doing this.
Not at all.
And you look marvellous.
What a lovely outfit.
Mmm, thank you.
Paige, are you alright?
Yeah, I'm alright.
Just a little itch.
Well, come.
- What beautiful sculptures.
- Thank you.
They're Bernini, 17th-century.
We just got them at Sotheby's.
Aren't they fabulous?
Do you feel itchy?
I thought maybe there was
something in the air.
- Ah. Afternoon, ladies.
- Edvard, perfect timing.
- Paige is just about to open gifts.
- Perhaps I should come back tomorrow.
OK, I will go ahead
and start with this one.
It's from Vivian.
- Paige.
- Oh, sorry.
- Nice.
- Ohh.
- Paige, what are you doing?
- I don't know.
I'm just so itchy.
Well, I am gonna open that one.
Let's see, we've got a card here.
Paige, we've got a card.
"Paige and Edvard,
"To a life
"to a life filled with love, life
love and happiness, from Greta."
Greta, thank you.
Yes, well
Let's see what's in here.
- Oh, tongs.
- Ohh.
- Tongs, Paige.
- Mmm, nice.
We were just
We were just talking about tongs
yesterday and how much we need them.
Mmm, yes.
Let's open the other one, this one.
Heavy prezzie.
Look at this.
- Ohh.
- Ooh.
Ooh! Ooh!
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Did you see?
I think she was
taken with the tongs.
Whatwhat just happened there?
You alright?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
No. I don't know. I ju
I'm so embarrassed. It feels like
there's ants crawling all over my body.
You probably just had a reaction
to something. Calm down.
Paige, are you OK?
Is there anything I can do to help?
No. I think you've
done enough, Kirsten.
Um Just
Paige, wait.
So you think Kirsten had
something to do with it?
I just feel like the more
Kirsten acts like my friend
the more things
happen to go wrong.
you are under a lot
of pressure right now.
You've got Kirsten and
her family staying here
er, Albert,
who doesn't seem to like you.
You have your studies.
But I think you're confusing
father and daughter
and, quite frankly,
acting a bit paranoid.
I know Kirsten.
She would never do the things
you're accusing her of doing.
Come on,
just go and talk to her.
You two can work this out.
For me?
For me?
Come on.
There you are.
I've been looking for you.
Wow, Kirsten.
You scared me.
what are you doing in my room?
Well, I was coming by to apologise.
But then I found this.
You almost had me.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Oh, come on, Kirsten,
I know what this is.
Urushiol resin is what
they find in poison ivy
that causes an allergic
reaction in the skin.
I'm just a guest here, Paige.
That could very easily belong to
the person who stayed
in this room before me.
Right, so the Duke of Windsor
is out there somewhere
missing his after-shower
itching powder.
May I see?
You know, I knew that
powder was going to work,
but I didn't realise it was
going to work quite so well.
I mean,
the Bernini statue into the cake?
Paige, that was priceless.
I can't believe I
actually envied you.
Oh, don't feel bad.
It's only natural that you would.
I mean, you're a sweet girl,
Paige, but let's face it,
you're a little out
of your league here.
It's not your fault. You got swept
up in a fairytale. I understand.
You see, the problem is,
Eddie was never meant to marry
someone who was born to milk cows.
Edvard and I are getting
married in a week.
Don't you know to give up
when the game is already lost?
There is no game, Paige.
There are only royals and norms.
And I'm afraid they just
don't go together
no matter how hard they might try.
Does Edvard know you feel this way?
He might find it very interesting.
Oh, go ahead.
Tell Edvard anything you like.
Please. I dare you.
Eddie and I have known each other
all our lives.
It will just end up an ugly little case
of my word against yours.
So, by all means,
make more trouble for yourself,
give Eddie yet another reason
to feel that marrying you
is just one big mistake.
So, have you two sorted things out?
We're fine. It was just
a little misunderstanding.
'Cause the last thing I need right now
is my oldest, dearest friend
and my fiance
at odds with one another.
I'll be downstairs.
I wanted to tell him,
but I just couldn't.
I mean, he seemed so relieved
that everything was OK.
So what? Are you afraid
you're going to disappoint him?
Afraid? No. I just I mean,
what difference is it gonna make?
It's not gonna change the law.
It's not gonna help find a loophole.
It's only gonna put
more pressure on Eddie.
I'm just gonna have to
deal with this on my own.
Well, what are you going to do?
Beat her at her own game.
Ladies and gentlemen.
May we have your attention, please?
King Edvard.
Thank you.
Thank you.
It's an honour for me
to be here today.
And I would especially like to thank
the Copenhagen Historical Society
for making this event possible.
For decades,
this ship proudly served
our nation's greatest industry,
and today we're here to celebrate
the commencement of the restoration
of 'King Clupea'.
That's your diplomatic smile.
I'm sorry Edvard couldn't stay
for lunch, Mr Christianson.
Oh, I fully understand.
Thank you so much for including
my father and me in the celebration.
Oh, we are honoured
to have you here, Princess Kirsten.
Thank you.
I love the name of the ship.
Isn't 'clupea' the scientific name
for 'herring'?
Why, yes, it is, Miss Paige.
Most people don't know that.
I was reading the other day
about how Margrethe I of Denmark
had to battle Norway
for Scandinavian supremacy.
She ran naval gauntlets
to keep the city supplied with food.
She wouldn't have had to go
to such extremes, of course,
if she'd had the support
of local fishermen.
Actually, Kirsten,
I believe you're mistaken.
Margrethe was revered
by the local fishermen.
They felt she was the only one
who could identify with their needs.
Or perhaps it was because
she was a true royal
and the commoners knew
she was qualified to lead them.
In any case,
she issued a royal warrant,
giving the Norwegians
one week to vacate Denmark.
Indeed she did.
Miss Paige, I must say, I'm impressed
with your breadth of knowledge.
You have truly embraced Denmark
as your country.
So, shall we start?
Absolutely. This looks fabulous.
Paige, I imagine you're excited
to dine on the national delicacy.
Lumpfish caviar.
Oh, lumpfish? Mmm.
Madam, you may want to eat the caviar
not with the silver fork
but with the caviar spoon,
to prevent the metal
from ruining the taste.
We're having caviar again
tonight, Paige.
Don't forget your fork.
We all extend out heartfelt thanks
to Crown Queen Paige
for her generous sponsorship
of today's great masters charity event.
Crown Queen Paige.
Thank you, Mrs Lorenseon.
You, my friends, are gathered here today
to support a cause
that is near and dear to my heart,
to all our hearts.
The donations made today
will provide medicine
to the world's neediest.
And now I would like
to introduce, from Rome,
piano maestro Mikhail Elestroni,
who has agreed to entertain us today
with excerpts from 'The Magic Flute'.
Maestro Elestroni.
It's an honour.
Is there a doctor in the house?
Help! Is there a doctor around?
She's my mother. Her name is Benta.
She gasped and passed out.
- Has this happened before?
- No.
Any conditions? Diseases?
Asthma? Epilepsy?
Benta, can you hear me?
Benta, wake up.
- Oh, there you go.
- Oh, she's coming to.
Benta, you passed out.
Everything's fine.
Are you OK?
Oh, I think so.
Try to sit up.
Your chest wall's constrained.
It appears to be a fainting spell.
Yes, the singing
was too much for her.
Ah, ladies. Right, here we go.
One for you.
Thank you.
One for you.
Thank you very much.
And one for me. Thank you.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Listen, duty calls. One sec.
Maybe they can play 'Madame Butterfly'
and you can sing.
Or maybe they can fiddle
'Some Day My Prince Will Come'
and you can dream on.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen,
can I have your attention, please?
I'd like to invite King
Edvard and Crown Queen Paige
onto the dance floor to
lead us in a Snurrebocken.
Actually, I would like to give
my dance to Princess Kirsten,
as I am confident she does
a finer Snurrebocken than I.
That's charming.
No, no, no, Paige.
No, really, really. I insist.
Go on.
I love to watch you dance.
You ready?
I'm so sorry.
OK, OK. I'm OK.
Are you alright?
Five, six, seven, eight.
You alright?
Oh, dear.
Should I
Is she alright?
I think so.
Alright, it's fine. Right.
How'd you get so good at this?
It's the polka, only fancier.
- Ah.
- The Snurrebocken.
Tonight was a disaster!
How dare that little wannabe
try and make a fool out of me?
Well, Kirsten, I let you
do it your way.
Now I'm out of patience! And funds.
This little charade is over.
You wanted to see me?
It's all over the papers!
Oh, dear.
How did this happen?
That's what we'd like to know.
Well, you don't think it was me?
Why would I risk alienating
the entire country of Denmark
just days before the wedding?
This is a delicate matter,
and I gave you my word.
I'm a man of my word.
It's time we turned the crude instrument
of the media to our own advantage.
A press conference? When?
Tomorrow at 2:30.
I've got a class at 1:00.
Paige, look, this is
really, really important.
I guess I could leave early.
Are you sure?
Yeah, shouldn't be a problem.
OK. Well, look, I'll getI'll get
Soren to pick you up at 2:00.
OK? Got that? 2:00.
Thank you.
But, of course, we must remember
when comparing
one antibody to another,
that these amino acid sequences
are quite distinct.
Shoot. I'm late.
I gotta go.
Let's turn to a related problem.
Andthat's toxicity
in blood transfusions.
I know. I know.
She'll be here any moment.
What's going on?
It's an accident, I believe.
We can't wait any longer.
King Edvard,
can you tell us your reaction
when you first heard about
the succession rule?
Er, well, disappointment at first
and surprise.
But we need to have the flexibility to
re-examine archaic rules of this nature.
Your Majesty, is it meaningful that
Miss Paige is not here with you today?
I'm here.
Sorry I'm late.
Miss Paige.
Just one question at a
time, please.
Miss Paige, do you intend to
go ahead with the marriage?
Of course. The succession law does
not change my feelings for Edvard.
Are you concerned about the reaction
of the Danish people to the news?
Well, I've come to believe that
the Danish people are among
the most kind and forward-thinking
people on this planet.
I trust their reaction will be
supportive and understanding.
King Edvard, would you be willing to
abdicate the throne to marry Paige?
Um, sir,
that is a thoughtless question.
But, Your Majesty,
if no legal solution can be found,
would you relinquish the monarchy
in order to marry Paige Morgan?
Sir, once again,
I'm confident that will not happen.
Miss Paige, would you ask King
Edvard to abandon the crown
in order to marry you?
In my country,
we aren't bound by such unusual customs.
We're free to marry
whomever we love.
Crown Queen Paige, do you not
consider Denmark to be your country?
But this is not at
all what I meant.
My dear Paige,
there's certain things
that the Danish people
take very seriously.
Pride in their monarchy
is one of them.
But I love Denmark
and I love all of you.
This was taken completely
out of context.
The press does not know
the meaning of context.
They care about one thing
selling papers.
You should know that by now.
They're very sensitive,
aren't they?
I found that low light helps.
I give mine 12 hours a day.
Ah, I'll have to try that.
And these phalaenopses
are just gorgeous.
You really do have
a way with flowers.
Thank you.
It's a personal hobby.
I've been
looking for you everywhere.
Actually, I was looking for you too.
You OK?
Yeah, fine.
I wanted to talk to you
about tonight.
Yes. Precisely what I wanted
to talk to you about.
Look, I've got a meeting at 6:00,
and then after, I thought you and I
could go for a meal somewhere,
just the two of us.
I was gonna ask you
if maybe we could eat early
because I have a study group
and it's probably gonna go late.
Right. OK.
It's just that exams are, you know
Yes, yes, I know, in two weeks.
OK, look, I could reschedule
and then
Well, no, I wouldn't want you to do that.
It's too important to
Um No, you're right. OK.
Well, Eddie, if you'd prefer
No, no, it's fine. It's fine.
Are you sure?
Yes, it's fine.
'Bye, Paige.
'Bye, Paige.
Don't forget this.
You're gonna want that.
'Bye, guys. Thank you.
So, how do you feel?
Well, I feel a little shaky
on immunoglobulins,
but other than that
No, I'm not talking
about the exam, Paige.
I'm talking about the tabloids
and the stuff with Kirsten.
I don't know, I just
I mean, I want nothing more in the world
than to marry Edvard.
But all this stuff with Kirsten
and the tabloids
It's gonna be alright.
Oh, are you sure?
Paige, you are an amazing girl,
and you are going to make
an incredible doctor.
But will I make a good queen?
Denmark is lucky to have you.
Thank you, Jake.
I appreciate your dishonesty.
It's the truth.
Come here.
I thought you went there to study.
I did. We were.
Eddie, this is ridiculous.
Is it?
I mean, you
You two look awfully comfortable.
Jake is my friend.
After everyone left, we were talking.
I was telling him about
everything we'd been through,
everything we had to deal with,
So he hugged me.
That was it.
I see.
What? What?
Eddie, come on.
You don't actually think that
After everything I've been through.
I'm so tired of having to defend myself
against these stupid tabloids.
Well, the point is,
you shouldn't have to.
No, you're not hearing me.
You shouldn't even allow yourself
to be put in any situation
remotely compromising.
It's time you start
acting less like, um
Like a what?
And what exactly
have you been through?
Like a what, Eddie?
Like a norm?
Paige, for better or for worse,
things are done differently
around here.
I know.
And when you allow your actions
to be misinterpreted in any way at all,
you affect much more
than yourself.
Like you, right?
Right. I didn't say that,
but, yes, like me.
Likemy family.
Like the entire monarchy.
Do you know the risk
I've taken with you?
I mean, do you think
Do you think this has been
easy on me?
Easy on you?
Maybe Kirsten's right.
Right about what?
Oh, come on, Eddie.
I may not think like a royal,
but I'm far from stupid.
And contrary to what you may think,
I am not paranoid.
Well, what are you
talking about? What?
Whether you choose
to see it or not,
Kirsten has been trying to come between
us from the moment she arrived.
And the funny thing is,
I'm starting to think she's right.
Maybe she does belong here
more than I do.
No, Paige, look,
I don't feel that way.
I don't feel that way about her.
Maybe you don't think you do,
but inside, you can feel
something's wrong.
Kirsten coming,
the loophole, the tabloids.
Maybe it's all just a sign.
Paige Don't Paige
When that reporter asked you how
you felt about abdicating the throne,
your only answer was
that it wouldn't come to that.
But what if it does?
Are you really prepared
to give this all up?
I suddenly feel
very embarrassed.
Paige, listen
You know, I
I started to believe
in fairytales.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry, Eddie.
May I come in?
Edvard, I heard what happened,
and I'm so sorry.
I know how hard
this must be for you.
I just somehow feel
it's all my fault.
Yes, well,
blaming yourself won't help.
I know, and I'm sorry.
I don't mean to make this about me.
I just feel bad.
You know, I was thinking that, um
that maybe this was impossible
from the start.
Well, our world is so very different
from most people's.
Yeah. Yeah.
You know, Edvard,
we've known each other all our lives.
I never would have predicted
we'd be in this situation.
I honestly thought
my father was crazy.
But the truth is, the more I'm here,
the more it makes me wonder.
Wonder what?
maybe no-one's found a loophole
because a loophole
isn't meant to be found.
You have to marry
before your 23rd birthday,
which is only three days
after your wedding day
the day that you're bound
by Danish law
to take a Scandinavian princess
as your bride.
Maybe that's no coincidence.
Maybe that's fate
bringing us together.
Good God.
Miss Paige, this is silly.
I think you should
come back to the palace.
- I can't.
- Why not?
You know
the answer to that, Soren.
Besides, I'm only here
until exams are over,
and then, I guess,
back to the States.
Miss Paige.
You know, in my youth,
I was a footballer.
Excuse me, a soccer player.
In one of the best
junior leagues in Denmark.
It may be hard to believe looking
at me now, but I was rather good,
one of the top players
in the country for my age, actually.
The year I turned 16,
I played in a championship game
that drew scouts from all over Europe.
Suddenly, there were expectations
and pressures I never knew existed.
In any event, I spent the whole game
trying to impress the scouts,
and in doing so,
I ended up trying too hard.
As a result, I played
the worst game of my life.
You see, Miss Paige, I had forgotten
why I was there in the first place.
Why were you there?
Because I loved the game.
Always did.
Goodbye, Miss Paige.
'Bye, Soren.
I'm sorry, Edvard.
I know how difficult
this must be for you.
But we must
protect the monarchy.
So, what are you saying?
Are you saying that
I should marry Kirsten?
I'm saying that sometimes we have
to do what's best for the people,
not what's best for ourselves.
Hey, Mom.
I'm OK.
Um, I'm calling to tell you, um
Well, it's about the wedding.
Do you think it's too late
for you to get a refund
for your plane ticket?
Soren, I've made a decision.
I don't suppose
it involves slowing down?
Well, speed helps me think.
You know that.
Have you tried meditation?
Same clarity,
less potential loss of life.
I've decided to go through
with the marriage.
To Princess Kirsten?
I've given a lot of thought
to what she said about fate,
and I think she's onto something.
But, sir
No. No 'buts'.
I'm king. It's about time
I start acting like it.
Why am I here
Lying wide awake
Sleeping soundly
As the earth shakes?
I can foresee
The way you'll make me feel
After the fact
Before you can believe
Slow down
Now you can't stop
Can't stop
Slow down
He doesn't love her.
The way he's looking at her. It's his
diplomatic smile. It's not his smile-smile.
It's OK. I take your word for it.
I have to find the loophole,
but I don't know where to look.
I might.
The repository of ancient documents.
Which is?
Which is housed right here
on campus, in the law building.
Hurry, Jake!
The wedding is tomorrow!
Paige, wait. We need help!
Now, look, my law school friends
are a little weird,
but the thing is, nobody cares
about these books except for them.
Where is the repository? Up here?
You're standing on it.
It's in the catacombs.
How far is it?
Not too far, I hope.
We are close now.
Jake, what time is it?
Um, nearly 8:00.
We've got 14 hours
to find that loophole.
And 14,000 books
to look through.
Oh, and I thought
organic chemistry was hard.
Well, don't worry.
Erik will tell us what to look for.
I'll write the words for you.
It's morning here in Denmark
as we report live
from Copenhagen's Grand Cathedral.
An estimated 50,000 will line the streets
this afternoon at one o'clock
to witness the royal wedding cortege
of King Edvard and Princess Kirsten.
Jakewe're never gonna find it.
Yes, we will. We've got two hours.
Erik, I think
I might have something.
Don't give up.
Can you bring my car
around immediately? Thank you.
Edvard. Edvard!
Where are you going?
I've got no choice.
That's the King!
there's so much
I need to say to you.
I know I upset you when I said
being with you was a risk,
but the truth is,
nothing is really worthwhile in life
unless you do take a risk.
That's why I took the risk with
continuing the wedding with Kirsten.
I thought it would provide me
with the cover I need
to find a loophole in the law,
but, unfortunately, we
we failed.
Eddie, I
So if this means that I have to
give up the throne, then
so be it.
I love you, Paige Morgan.
I love you, and I cannot
spend my life without you.
I'm sorry, Eddie.
I can't let you give up the throne.
Which is why you'll need this.
You found it!
Yep the loophole.
How on earth did you
Ohh! I love you!
Hold on.
We've got to go.
We've got to go.
Thank you. Thank you.
Soren, I need your help.
Yes, sir.
Very good, sir.
OK, OK. Come on, come on.
We are so excited.
Their Majesties Rosalind and Haarald
are arriving at the Grand Cathedral
for the royal wedding
of King Edvard and Princess Kirsten.
You look absolutely lovely,
Miss Kirsten,
but just a little tense.
Have some tea.
Uh, no. I don't want tea.
It'll help with your nerves.
I'm not nervous.
Just a sip.
I don't
Look what you've done!
I am in great distress, madam.
Allow me to help you clear that up.
No, you're making it worse!
Stop it, you idiot!
Well, don't just stand there.
Do something!
Hold on. You have to recite
the entire constitution?
I don't have to memorise it.
I just have to read it,
before parliament, in Danish.
Oh. Here.
You'd better get started.
Excuse me, Soren!
I'm sorry, sir. Miss Kirsten asked
not to be disturbed.
Is something wrong?
No, no, she's perfectly fine.
She just wanted some time alone.
You know how young ladies are
in these situations.
In fact, she wanted me to tell you
to meet her at the church.
She wants it to be a surprise.
I believe there's
free food in the limo.
Tell her to hurry up, would you?
This is impossible.
You'll be fine. You can do this, OK?
My word, there's a
It's King Edvard. And
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is a new development.
It's Paige Morgan. Paige Morgan
is entering the cathedral.
Soren told me everything.
Oh, thank you.
Come, my dear Paige.
We have precisely 10 minutes
to turn you into a queen.
Come on, everyone.
Let's give the princess some privacy.
Oh, wait! I'm ready to go now.
Yes, Miss Kirsten.
I'll be back in a jiffy.
They're asking for you
in the stables.
I think it's some kind of emergency.
You'd better go.
Thank you, sir.
What?! That's my carriage!
Come on! Come on.
Come on. Hyah!
The royal coach
is finally approaching the cathedral
Could it be
that Princess Kirsten is
No, wait. The coach is empty.
Where on earth
could Princess Kirsten be?
Ah, Soren.
Where's Kirsten?
Uh, Miss Kirsten will be
along in a minute.
In a minute? But that's
Oh, dear.
You have a smudge.
Here, on the back of your jacket.
It looks like liverwurst.
You're rubbing it in, sir.
May I suggest the men's room?
Good idea.
Water should do the trick.
Let me know the moment
that Kirsten arrives.
Yes, sir.
Everything sorted?
Yes, sir.
Ladies and gentlemen,
may I have your attention?
There's been a change of plan.
You can't do this!
What's she doing here?
As I was saying,
there's been a change of plan.
The law says
The law?
The law,
according to the first
Danish constitution,
was written
in Vordingborg in 1282.
This is 41 years after
the Jutland Code was created there,
making it more current and binding.
It states that, "As long as a
prospective heir of common descent
"can demonstrate knowledge
of the Danish constitution
"in Danish
"before parliament,
"the succession law
is null and void."
Since we have the parliament
here today for the wedding,
there's no better time
for Paige to perform the task.
"The constitution applies to all parts
of the Kingdom of Denmark."
No, go.
That was good.
"The form of government shall be
that of a constitutional monarchy."
Where are all the cars?
Why won't anybody talk to me?!
Get me to the church!
Get me to the church! Come on!
"And if the bill receives
the royal assent,
"it shall form an integral part
of the constitutional act."
Well done.
Let the ceremony begin.
Go on! Get!
I'm the Queen!
When I say "Move," move.
Mom? Dad?
What's going on?
Why is she waiting?
They're here.
A man named Soren called.
Oh, honey,
you look so beautiful.
Ancestor to ancestor,
dynasty to dynasty,
for 5,000 years,
the crown has been the birthright
of the king and queen of Denmark,
but today's ceremony marks a new era
in the tradition of succession.
The path here has been rocky
and fraught with uncertainty.
Yet bravery has yielded joy,
and as our king
has opened his heart,
so does a nation.
By your solemn vow, King Edvard,
do you grant unto Crown Queen Paige
your whole heart
and your everlasting love
till death shall finally part you?
I do.
By your solemn vow,
Crown Queen Paige,
do you grant unto King Edvard
your whole heart
and your everlasting love
until death shall finally part you?
I do.
Then by this right,
before God and Denmark,
I declare you to be
husband and wife,
king and queen.
You may now seal this eternal bond
with a kiss.
Stop them! Stop them!
This is my wedding!
That girl isn't fit to be queen!
Just look at her.
I'm the one!
Kirsten! Kirsten!
I'm royalty! I'm royalty!
Daddy, I've got to marry.
I love you! Edvard!
I love you!
- Long live the King!
- Long live the King!
There they are!
You know, this may not be
a fairytale, but it's bloody close.
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la, la, la
BUt here I am
Waiting in the middle
Feels like you've been blinded
Can't get your attention
And that's when I often wonder
Why You and I go over, Under
When all we really wanna do
is Just get it right
And make it through
Over me
Under You
We play this game
In a house of mirrors
I Can't seem to reach you
Then there you are
If only for a minute
BUt somehow I lose you
Do you even see me?
And that's when I often wonder
Why You and I go over, Under
BUt never in a straight line
And never at the same time
When all we really wanna do
is Just get it right
And make it through
Over me
Under You
You're Upside down
I'm right-side Up
What does it mean?
Why Can't we find each other
Somewhere in between?
That's when I often wonder
Why You and I go over, Under
BUt never in a straight line
And never at the same time
When all we really wanna do
is Just get it right
And make it through
Over me
Under You
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la
Over me
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la
Under You.