The Princess (2022) Movie Script

Come on, then.
See if she's in here.
All right, come on. You're nearly there.
Go on, then. Open it.
- Right.
- Right.
So, this is the princess.
All pure for her wedding.
I haven't been close
to the princess before.
Yeah, there's a reason for that.
No, don't.
If you wake her up,
I'm gonna break your face.
Yeah, yeah.
Oh, here we go.
Got a little fight in you, eh?
Just get her back to bed.
- What's she doing?
- Grab her.
Come on.
You're gonna get married, like it or not.
Stop messing around.
Get her back in bed.
All right.
Fun's over.
Get back here!
Come here, you little bitch.
I've got you now.
You think you're gonna make it
all the way to the bottom?
I'll see you there.
Might be in here.
Looks like she might be in here.
- I can hear something.
- No.
What's going on in there?
All right! This way!
- Get moving!
On your knees.
Close those doors!
- Quiet. On the floor.
- Lock everything down.
Shut up.
- Get this off the floor.
- Sit!
Get that lock in place!
Come on! Close the door.
No one gets in or out!
- Quickly!
- Move!
Lock it down!
What are you looking at?
- Come on! Move it!
- On the floor.
Castle is secure, sir.
Get down, now!
Told ya, move! Come along!
I hoped it wouldn't come to this.
I don't believe that for a moment.
Julius, if your father could see...
My father?
My father?
Your father was a diplomat.
You two were cut from the same cloth.
- Pacifiers, placaters.
- We trusted you.
You talk to me about trust?
You can't have my sister.
Well, my little princess,
I will marry your sister
because I always get what I want.
Listen and obey.
Like a child should.
Now, now.
We shouldn't be surprised
that this so-called king
abides the bad behavior of his daughters.
You have no respect
for the order of things.
You have trampled
our cherished traditions.
You have welcomed outsiders.
A true king should've conquered them.
You have made us look vulnerable
in the eyes of our enemy.
Julius, listen to me.
No one can rule by fear for long.
The people are not cattle.
They will not follow you blindly.
Oh, "the people."
People don't know what they want
until they see it.
Strength on the throne,
that is what "the people" crave.
Today, they shall have it.
As you were.
You, get them. Move!
- All right, come.
- Come on! Get on your feet.
- Come on. Get up.
- Come on.
- Chop-chop. Come on.
- Come on, move! Move it!
This is all my fault.
You are old enough now to understand.
This kingdom, it has no heir.
You will find it in yourself
to do your duty.
I am so honored
that you have chosen me as your son.
And to be given the vast responsibility
of becoming the true leader
of this kingdom.
I'd like to offer you this small token.
I'm s... I'm sorry.
Hang on. I gotta take a piss.
Oh, yeah.
Well, what do we have here?
Yeah, looking good.
Oh, yeah.
All right, then.
Where are you at? Get in here, now.
- Oi, get that door now! Move!
- Go!
Get a bag to put it in!
- Search every room!
Oi, come over here.
Plenty of bounty in here, boys.
Come on! This way!
Pick it up. Come on. Pick it up.
Hurry up!
The hallway's secure.
Move up to the next floor.
You should be locked up
with the others.
Oh, damn. Well, that usually works.
Someone needs to teach you your place.
I've heard that before.
Get off me!
I want to be a great warrior.
Like you were, Linh.
A true warrior is defined
not by how she fights
Through calm, find your center.
but by what she is fighting for.
What on earth are you two doing?
Your Majesty.
You're supposed to be learning etiquette.
with any luck, soon I will
give the kingdom the son it needs.
But your education and your training
are no less crucial
to our family's future.
If I might, Your Majesty.
She is a very smart girl.
She can learn many things at once.
In future,
keep it out of view of the palace.
The king will not approve.
He washed up over there.
He must have fallen from the tower.
Look at the bruises. They tell the story.
This man didn't fall.
Everything else is proceeding
just as my lord planned.
The tower is ours.
The princess is dressed
and ready for the wedding.
Has someone checked
that she's safe and secure?
She's locked in. Chained.
Is that what I asked, Kurr?
If there is some vigilante on the loose,
you take care of it.
your position is in serious jeopardy.
- Do you understand?
- Yes, sir.
- Do you understand?
- Yes, sir!
You. Come here!
To the top of the tower.
Check on the princess.
Yes. Up there. Go!
Warm in here.
- Gold. Look.
- Where?
- Women.
- Women's gold?
- What are you doing now?
- What's that? Quickly!
You two, search those doors.
- You, with me.
- Come on, then, boy, let's go.
Come on. Hurry up. Through here.
Come on. Must be some bounty in here.
I can't believe she stabbed me!
Oh, I like a girl in lace.
- What has Julius done with my family?
- Fuck off.
Do you even know how to use this thing?
Watch your language.
You're in the presence of a princess.
- Where are they?
- I'm not telling you anything, you bitch.
Don't make me ask again.
You're never getting out of here alive,
you cu...
I warned you about that mouth.
- Ooh, nice.
- Thank you very much.
There's plenty more in here!
Let's take it all, boys!
- Move!
- Out of the way, you big tub of lard.
Come on, then. Go through here.
- I like the look of that!
Get your hands off!
- Let's go!
- I'm coming!
Come on.
Oh, God. Hurry up.
- Search!
- Come on! Quickly!
No bag to put it in.
- Hey, what you doin' over there?
- What?
The order is to search this way.
Oh, yeah, all right.
Come on! Go! Look everywhere.
Anything that's shiny.
Anything we can sell down the village.
Look, look, look. That, there.
Nice. Nice. Anything like that.
- Get your hands off!
We'll be rich with all this.
- Come on!
- That's mine!
- No, give it to me!
- Come on, boys.
- Give me that!
- Get off it.
All right, all right. Calm down.
Load it up now, boy.
Hang on. Who put this clown in charge?
- Give me some of that.
- No.
I want it. Give me some of that.
No, not again.
This happens every time. No.
Come on, then.
Where's this food? I'm hungry.
We've got some wine. What do you reckon?
Yeah. Look at the pearls on that.
Bet that's worth
- There you go. Share it.
- Yeah.
No, that's mine.
Hey, Gibsy, what you got there, then?
- Don't hog all of it, you fat bastard.
This meat is mine.
You wanna eat? Get your own food.
Move quickly then, boys.
Julius can't get wind of this.
Come on. Chop-chop.
Sh... All right. Whatever you got.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
- What's all that rubbish you got?
- Just shut up. Come on.
- What?
- Keep your voice down.
Where's your center? Hmm?
No focus, no speed. Again.
What did I tell you?
You're not fighting from your heart.
Try it again.
What is he doing here?
You know Khai
as one of the king's advisers.
He's also my uncle
and the warrior who trained me
once upon a time.
Today, you're gonna fight us both.
You're not fighting from your heart.
No focus, no speed.
Patience and focus.
You were right.
She has a warrior's heart.
I cannot accept such a gift.
I would only entrust it
to the hands of a true warrior.
I would only entrust it
to the hands of a true warrior.
How are the preparations
for the wedding coming?
Good, sir.
Is everything exactly as it was?
The flowers, candles, ribbons?
The priests?
Is everything as it was that evening?
We'll get it done, sir.
grateful salutes
of my new subjects
we can finally purge this kingdom
of its weakness.
Then why not take the throne by force?
You can get what you want without her.
You're a valued consort of mine,
but politics?
There's a reason
why traditions last centuries.
People love tradition.
With her hand in mine,
there is not a soul that can question
that I'm the rightful king!
I only meant that last night
was a spectacular show of power.
- Yes.
- Mmm.
- They were terrified, weren't they?
So indignant.
Violence wakes people up.
And people will be even more terrified
after the coronation
when I slit the king's throat.
You are such a clever man.
I know you need to save your strength
for that limp rag of a bride.
What is it?
I'm sorry, sir.
- The king is asking for you.
- Oh, the king?
The "king."
Well, this will be interesting.
Juli us,
is the pri... the prince...
Is she th...
You seek the crown.
It can only hurt you in the eyes
of the very people you wish to rule.
And how do you think you stand
in the eyes of the people now?
Julius, this assault
You made a promise to me.
A promise you recanted
on the whim of a girl.
Who else do you take orders from?
Who exactly holds the power
in this kingdom?
We both do. You and I.
let us find the solution to this together.
Treason will only lead to more bloodshed.
A wedding is not an act of treason.
Take him away.
The princess?
She's in the tower.
Are you sure?
- Bloody hell. What's going on?
- Bloody hell did he come from?
Deal with this now.
Clear the tower again.
Take it floor by floor.
- Move! Let's go!
- Go! Come on! Move it!
Hey. We heard what he has to say.
You saw no sign of this man
on your way up or down?
We're dealing with someone
who knows this place well.
The lord's left.
No one has to pretend
to listen to you now.
Useless harlot.
Not so useless now, am I?
I want this vigilante killed.
Consider no chamber clear.
Look, she's down there!
Don't you move, girl!
Come on! Hurry up!
Where you going, huh?
You're coming with us.
Get after her!
Let's get her, boys!
Get back here!
Get off me!
Oh, God.
Come on, boys!
We've got you now, girl.
Come on! Get up. Get her!
My leg!
Come here, you...
Get up!
Go on, get her!
Come on!
- No.
Come on! Catch her!
My leg!
Stand back! We need her alive!
Get me down from here!
You! You! You let me go!
Shut up!
She's off her nut!
Oh, you...
Come on! Don't let her escape!
You're surrounded!
Come on!
Just move, will you!
He is an ideal candidate,
a respected lord
who will restore our standing
in the eyes of those who doubt us.
She's barely met him since she was a girl.
I understand
this does not sit well with you.
But this decision
has to be made strategically.
We have no son.
No heir.
We should arrange the wedding
as quickly as we can.
What else can we do?
I have a solution.
What is this?
I know of your plans for me.
And I beg of you,
let me train as a knight instead.
I'm afraid you have me to blame for this.
You condone this?
I never wish to see you this way again.
if you would just let me show you...
You are old enough now to understand.
This kingdom has no heir.
We are all vulnerable,
every last one of us,
until a successor is in place.
- But I can be the successor.
- You're my child.
You did not honestly think
that I would send you off to die,
or worse, at the hands of some barbarian.
But you'll sell me into the bedroom
of a man I barely know.
He is an honorable lord of good family.
I'm not a piece of property to be traded.
I credited you with more maturity
than I should have.
Now I see
that you are just an impetuous girl
who only thinks about herself.
This kingdom is relying on you.
You will find it in yourself
to do your duty.
- Linh.
- Princess.
What are you doing here?
I was making my way to you.
I'm glad you're here.
I have something for these wounds.
Sit here.
My family.
I know.
Mother always said that pain is beauty.
I think she was talking about corsets.
This will help.
What happened, Linh?
He came in the night.
No one was prepared.
The king's guards were overrun.
Julius showed no mercy.
I managed to escape and hide,
but was one of the few.
He was ruthless.
It's all my fault.
that kind of thinking right now
won't help.
I have to save them, Linh.
We will.
They're in the keep.
There's only one unguarded way in.
There's more rooms up here, lads.
Come on.
We need to find a way to the sewers.
But we have to pass
through the kitchen. Okay?
Go on, then. You hungry?
Out of the way. Move!
Don't make me cut you.
Oh, God.
Hey, yeah.
You think I'm gonna let you have
all the fun for yourself?
Just remember,
patience and focus.
Come on. Let's go.
We gotta find the princess.
Come on.
- Yeah!
- Come on.
- Yes.
Let's take that off.
- You wanna come with me tonight?
- Psst.
Ooh, tasty.
- Get that off!
- No!
- Come on, come on!
- Come here, love.
Oh, yeah. Do you like my hand there?
She loves it.
- Don't touch me. No!
- Yes.
Don't touch me!
Hey, we ain't gonna hurt you much.
- Now, now.
- Yeah.
- Oi! Where's my supper?
- Keep your voice down.
What's happened to the cook?
- Yes.
- Who are you?
I'm the princess.
And that's Linh.
Nice to meet you.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
Thank you.
It's her.
Sweet little princess.
Here, you hungry, love?
Well, go on, then!
Come on.
All you had to do was accept a ring.
Instead, you made a mess.
Why go through all this trouble?
Be the weak little person
you were meant to be.
Let's find out.
Princess, you go. I'm gonna stop her.
- I'm not leaving without you.
- Your family needs you.
You have to leave now
before it's too late.
- Linh, no.
- Princess, trust me.
Go now. Go!
- All right. You ready, boys?
- Oh, yeah.
My last coin.
- I spent my money at the tower.
Yeah, you wanna get down to the brothel.
They let you drink for free.
Oh, yeah? I wonder why that is.
No drink, no win.
Right, hit me.
Go on, then. Hurry up.
I needed that.
Come on!
I knew it.
Well, then.
Shall we?
We have to go. Okay.
Stay close.
Stay close to me.
Come on, come.
Look at the mess you've made.
Not exactly the ladylike behavior
I'd expect of you.
But that will change.
- Leave my sister alone!
- Violet, no.
Have we not talked about your manners?
You're an oddity.
What on earth happened
to make you end up this way?
I was born this way.
No, you were born to be my wife.
I look forward to it.
Oh, you do?
At your side.
Every day.
At your service every night.
It's like something out of a fairy tale
for me.
And for me?
A nightmare.
You'll learn to sleep with one eye open.
To never turn your back.
I'll be in heaven,
just thinking day and night
of ways to kill you.
And you'll be in hell
wondering when it's coming.
And you know that it will be coming.
Because you know that I'll never rest,
never idle, never stop,
until I am standing above your corpse,
holding, in my delicate, manicured hands,
your still-beating heart.
Well, it seems the princess
is still unwilling.
If only there were another option.
You look as though you won't be
nearly as much trouble as your sister.
Julius, you wouldn't.
Wouldn't I?
Kill the princess.
- No, stop!
- Julius, please!
Get back here!
And always remember, Princess,
the real power is not from your blade,
but from your heart.
What is this?
I am strong. I can fight.
You're my child.
I never wish to see you this way again.
- When I slit the king's throat.
- I have to save them, Linh.
- Julius, you wouldn't.
- Wouldn't I?
A true warrior is defined
not by how she fights,
but by what she is fighting for.
- Come on, boys.
- Come on.
You. There.
Stand in the middle as before.
Bring in the rest of our guests.
And where is Violet? Find her now.
Find the girl!
Come on, move!
- You, that way. In there.
- Quickly!
Oi! Get up.
Come with me. Get up.
Did I help?
- Good job.
- Oh, yes!
Oh, thank you, Violet. Yeah.
Princess. You survived.
It seems so childish now.
Me telling you
that I wanted to be a warrior.
If I had just done my duty...
No, Princess. No.
Julius would be the same monster
no matter what you did.
You have to stop him.
Come with us. Come on.
Linh, you go first.
This is one of our storehouses,
in the event of a siege.
- Let's get you ready.
- Yes.
- Look everywhere. Come on!
- Come on! Find that child!
Quickly! Find the child!
Little Violet can't hide forever.
We will find her.
Check in there! Get a move on!
What do you think?
I want to fight too.
You know,
I once knew a princess that said
the exact same thing at your age.
But you got to do it.
And you will too.
I will see to it myself, I promise.
But until then
Hidden. Quiet. Alive.
Yes. That's my girl.
I love you.
Stay safe.
Well, now we're all here.
Call for Violet.
She'll come to you.
I'll cut out my tongue first.
Yes, it may come to that.
Come on!
She refuses death, time and time again.
Not for much longer.
- Come on. Move!
- Come on! Let's go!
Go on!
We've got to find a way in!
Stay where you are!
Keep them under control outside.
And make sure it is done properly
this time, you understand?
Yes, milord. Come on.
Aim at the joints. Trust me.
- Gotcha!
Come here!
- Get up.
- Violet!
- Julius!
- Your eldest daughter
- I'll kill you. Get away from me!
- ls about to become a corpse.
- And as for the little one
Marry us.
We have to get in there. Let's split up.
Come on then!
Go on.
Take her!
I underestimated you.
That's okay. I'm used to that.
- No, don't!
Julius, please!
Go! Move, move, move!
- Come.
- Linh!
That sword doesn't belong to you.
No! No!
Get to safety.
It looks like you got me
to the altar after all.
I told you I would,
didn't I?
Your parents wept the day you were born.
I was there.
They were so upset that you weren't a man.
Well, I heard
yours wept for the same reason.
I was going to make
your little sister's life
much, much easier
until you started behaving like this.
Here she is.
Your pretty princess.
Kneeling before the new king.
A reminder to you all
that I won't be belittled.
I won't be forsaken
in this weak and feeble kingdom.
That power is required on the throne.
I will be that power.
I will rule with aggression
like no one else before!
A reminder to you people.
- I will never, ever
have taken from me
what is rightfully mine.
and focus.
It was never yours.
The kingdom is ours again.
Ring the chapel bells until midnight
because today,
an heir to the kingdom was born.
the daughters of this kingdom
make their own fate,
just as my daughter has done today.
I have never been more proud.
We are, all of us, in your debt.
I was wrong.
I should have trusted you.
Forgive me.
Now, rise.
And let the people see
their future leader for who she is.
- Linh.
- Princess.
You're alive.
You're alive.
You did it.
You did it.
There she is!