The Princess Switch (2018) Movie Script

Get the fire started
Yeah, it's Christmas
Save a little mistletoe for me
Breaking out the holly
All your friends are calling
The lights are already wrapped
around the Christmas tree
Baby, bring the snow
We've got nowhere to go
Just you and me at home
Underneath the mistletoe
Fire's burning gold
I've got you here to hold...
Merry Christmas and come back soon.
Oh, I will.
Your bakery
is the best kept secret in Chicago.
Oh? Well, then I'm counting on you
to spread the word.
Take care.
City Hall needs this by 5:00.
How are we doing?
- Ready when you are boss.
- And that is why Kevin Richards
- is the best sous-chef in the business.
- Stop.
Okay, carry on.
- Hey, pumpkin, how was dance?
- Good.
- We did The Nutcracker.
- Yeah?
Hi, Stacy.
Are there any sugar cookies left
for your favorite goddaughter?
Well, you are my only goddaughter.
But for you,
there will always be sugar cookies.
Aren't you gonna tell her the news?
What news?
I, uh...
You know the Christmas baking contest
you're always talking about?
- Uh-huh.
- The really fancy one
at that Christmas festival in Belgravia?
That only the best pastry chefs
in the entire world get invited to?
And it's on TV?
Well, when you broke up with Paul,
I wanted to cheer you up.
So I sent in a photo and our recipe
- for the Christmas castle cake and...
- And...
"At the behest
of the Royal Family of Belgravia,
the judging committee
is pleased to invite you to compete
in our 56th International
Christmas Baking Competition."
Can you believe it?
They pay for everything.
When is it?
We'd leave Friday.
Kev, we can't just close up shop
right before Christmas.
Turns out we can.
Belgravia's like a fairy tale.
We'd get to stay in a cottage.
And they even have a handsome prince.
Well, it is an honor just to be invited.
Hey, Liv,
don't you need some milk with that cookie?
Sure. But just so we're clear,
I'm team
"Let's Go Visit the Handsome Prince."
Could you be spontaneous
for once in your life?
You know I'm not good at spontaneous.
This could put us on the map.
Maybe. But maybe not.
Come on, Stace.
Ever since you broke up with Paul,
it's like you're scared
to do anything different.
You plan your life
down to the last minute.
Well, it's good to have a plan.
John Lennon once said
that life's what happens
when you're busy making other plans.
What? And you can't argue
with a Beatle?
- No.
- An event like this will be a lot of work.
They're giving us the entire afternoon
to prep the kitchen
and two days to relax and go sightseeing.
Well, maybe if they gave us more notice.
Stace, come on.
It's not good to stay
at home at Christmas alone
and feel sorry for yourself.
Look, Paul and I were together
for three years.
Christmas was
a really special time for us.
Maybe it's time to move on.
I am just not ready to.
Merry Christmas.
Thank you.
Christmas sure is
a magical time of year, wouldn't you say?
Yeah, I just wish
I had someone to spend it with.
Christmas wishes have been known
to come true.
Uh, excuse me.
- Stacy, hey.
- Hey.
I was thinking about you the other day.
- You were?
- Last Christmas?
- That lodge in Vermont?
- Yeah, that was pretty terrific.
Hey, sweetie.
Oh, I'm sorry.
- I'm Taylor.
- Stacy. Stacy De Novo.
I'm sure Paul mentioned me.
Actually, no, he didn't.
Was he supposed to?
- Stacy and I dated for a while.
- Yeah.
Honey, if we're gonna catch that train,
we better run.
We're spending Christmas week
with Paul's parents.
Well, that sounds...
- big.
- It is.
- Do you have any plans for Christmas?
- Yeah.
Big plans. Super huge.
Like what?
I will be competing
at a baking contest in Belgravia.
No, in fact, I got to go and start packing
my big old suitcase right now.
See ya.
So much for Christmas wishes.
It isn't Christmas yet.
I guess we're going to Belgravia!
Wow, it's Clara's house
from The Nutcracker.
Yeah? Well, if the Mouse King shows up,
I'm out of here.
Hey, can we stop in town?
They have a huge North Pole Christmas fair
with Santa, with elves, with everything!
And maybe we could even
get some stockings for the fireplace.
We're supposed to be at Wembley at noon
to prep the kitchen.
It wouldn't hurt to be a little early.
I mean, aren't you being a little,
I don't know...
I am being organized, okay?
We have a schedule.
Let me see that.
- See? It says "time to have fun."
- Yeah.
- Where?
- Right there.
In invisible ink.
Don we now our gay apparel
Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la!
Troll the ancient Yuletide carol
Fa la la...
I've got some more over here.
I'm sorry. You look so familiar.
I've heard that before.
Well, you weren't in Chicago
last week, were you?
How could I have been in Chicago?
They really go all out
for Christmas here, huh?
It's in honor of the royal wedding.
The Prince is getting married
to the Duchess of Montenaro
- on New Year's Day.
- Is she pretty?
We haven't seen much of her.
The Duchess is what you'd call camera-shy.
Doesn't allow her picture to be taken.
Well, maybe she's just
a really private person.
If you want to get a look,
you might still catch her.
I heard she was touring the set
for the royal baking competition.
It's The Nutcracker.
That's the Children's Ballet Conservatory.
It would be so awesome to dance with them.
- Maybe you can.
- Really?
I hear they have a summer program.
Can we watch just for a little while?
Five minutes. You guys go ahead.
I'll take care of this.
Uh, one of each.
Are you people in a hurry?
Uh, I'm trying to get to Wembley
a little early
to set up for the competition.
I'm one of the contestants.
Well, you know what they say.
Life is what happens when you're busy
making other plans.
That's the second time
someone said that to me.
Maybe you need to hear it.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Hey! Slow down!
Would you watch where you're going?
Who's yelling?
A tourist, sir.
Probably from the States.
Piping bag, prep spoons,
rolling pan, sifter, and saut pan.
It is all here.
Alphabetized the equipment list?
Yeah, of course I did.
I don't like the handle on this one.
- Get a new one tomorrow?
- Great.
Stacy De Novo. What a surprise!
Brianna Michaels.
I didn't know you were going to be here.
I won the competition last year.
Oh! Well, congratulations.
And what are you making
for yourpice de rsistance?
Cheetos la mode?
Hey! I like Cheetos.
- And you are?
- Kevin Richards. I work with Stacy.
Stacy and I went
to Le Cordon Bleu together.
Yeah, Brianna was really close
to some of the faculty.
They knew I had talent.
Oh, yeah, like when you sauced
Professor Kendall's berries?
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Let me help you.
Thanks. I'm fine.
- She seemed...
- Mean?
I better go clean up.
- Oh!
- I am so sorry.
No problem.
Who are you?
Lady Margaret Delacourt,
Duchess of Montenaro.
- You're the one who's marrying the Prince?
- Yes.
Oh, right. You're here for that tour.
Uh, look, I am really sorry
for running into you.
I'm usually not this messy,
uh, but I'm one of the contestants
at the baking contest,
and there was an accident
in the kitchen.
I'm sorry. I'm Stacy De Novo, by the way.
Nice to meet you.
Miss De Novo.
Did you say you were a baker?
Uh, yeah. As a matter of fact,
I have my own shop in Chicago.
Well, as you know, I'm getting married,
and I could really usean expert opinion
on my wedding cake.
From me?
The Royal pastry chef here
has a way of doing things,
and I'm not sure they're to my liking.
Well, when it comes to wedding cakes,
the bride is always right.
I know it's short notice,
but would you join me at the palace
for a consultation later on today?
A consultation?
I would be so honored.
- Shall we say in an hour or so?
- An hour?
Yeah, sure.
I mean, I was going to go sightseeing
with my friends,
but I'm sure they'll understand
if I tell them...
Oh, no. You can't tell a soul about this.
I wouldn't want to risk offending
the King and Queen.
Right, of course not.
My lips are sealed.
Do I really need to bow or something
before I go?
It really isn't necessary.
I tested out the oven
while you were gone,
and it doesn't look like you had
much luck with that stain.
- Stain?
- Your apron.
Right, my apron.
Um, you know, I think the best thing to do
would be to just go buy a new one.
If you hang on a sec,
I'll pack this stuff up,
and we can all go together.
What I mean is
Olivia doesn't want to go shopping
for some silly, old apron.
Maybe you and I can watch
some more of the ballet.
And you can ask
how much the summer program costs.
Liv, you know we could never afford
something like that.
Meet you back at the cottage in an hour.
I really wish you and Stacy were a thing.
Stacy and I have been friends
since high school.
If sparks were gonna fly,
we'd know by now.
Maybe you're just not trying hard enough.
She's my best friend, Liv. You know that.
Besides, she's just a little too intense
for someone like me.
People change.
Not that much.
It's uncanny.
Do you think we could be related somehow?
Three generations ago,
your great-grandmother's cousin, Cecil,
fled the country after a dalliance
with a vulgar Americandivorce.
It was rumored
that Cecil settled in the United States.
His daughter married
a man named De N'Ofrio,
but the families lost touch.
De N'Ofrio, De Novo... It could be.
Stacy, I think we were destined
to run into each other.
Don't you?
I don't know about destined...
But I am so happy
to help you with your cake.
I do need a favor,
but it has nothing to do
with baked goods.
What kind of a favor?
Would you like some tea?
I'm supposed to marry Prince Edward
on New Year's Day,
but I don't know anything
about the people here
or what a normal life here,
or anywhere, is like.
So, you want me to teach you
how to be normal?
No. I want to be you.
I want to switch places with you.
Switch places?
I become you, and you become me.
Get out!
It would only be for two days.
No one would even notice.
I'm kind of guessing
your fianc would notice.
Edward is leaving town tonight
to meet with the Spanish Ambassador.
He won't be back
until the day after tomorrow.
So, you wouldn't have to deal
with him at all.
You know, it doesn't sound like
you're too excited about getting married.
My parents taught me
that marriage is about duty,
about alliances between nations.
Now that they're gone,
I'm not going to disappoint them.
So, what?
It's, like, an arranged marriage?
Edward and I met twice
before we were engaged.
It's not that he's unpleasant.
He's just very... formal.
Does he happen to have
one of those fancy limousines?
I believe so.
Why do you ask?
Not important.
Look, the only thing on my schedule
is breakfastwith the King and Queen.
You can spend the rest of your time
relaxing right here.
If there's anything I could offer you...
anything at all.
You wouldn't happen to know anyone
at the Children's Ballet Conservatory,
would you?
It's one of the Royal Charities.
So if an adorable,
eight-year-old ballerina wanted
to do the summer program?
It would be my pleasure to sponsor her.
You really mean it?
Consider it done.
And I'd be back
in time for the competition?
We would switch back
at midnight the night before.
I mean, if you really think
it would help you out.
So, you'll do it.
They say life's what's happening
when you're busy making other plans.
- Okay, so... that is Chicago.
- Wow!
- There's my house.
- So charming.
There is Kevin.
And little Olivia.
Oh! How precious!
There is the bakery.
- Did you make that?
- Yeah.
- Very impressive.
- Thank you.
So, the most important things
to remember are, obviously, Edward.
His father, George,
and Caroline, his wife.
Can't forget.
Right, let us take a closer look.
I see your smiling face
Like I've never seen before
Even though I love you madly
It seems I love you more
The little cards you give me
Will touch my heart for sure
All these things and more
All these things...
Perfect, right?
Now, watch.
Christmas means to me my love
I feel like runnin' wild
As anxious as a little child
Catch you 'neath the mistletoe
Kiss you once and then some more
And wish you
a Merry Christmas, baby...
Right. Now...
So bad!
Oh. It's so cute.
Almost there. One final finishing touch.
Oh, um, sorry. I don't do hair spray.
You will learn to do hair spray.
What do you think?
Stacy De Novo. How's it hanging?
- How's it hanging?
- A bit much, is it?
- Who is it?
- Edward. May I come in?
Just one moment if you please.
Do I really sound so Downtown Abbey?
I don't know. I'm trying.
Just... hide or something.
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Oh. Okay.
Just a minute.
Ah! There you are!
Here I am.
Please do come in.
Might I say you look lovely in pink.
And you look lovely as well.
Not in... Not in pink.
Just... you know, in general.
Though I'm sure pink
would be very becoming.
I'll take that as a compliment.
I trust the accommodations
are to your liking.
Oh, yes, they're top drawer!
Yes. But is there a problem with the sofa?
No. No, no, not at all.
You seem to keep staring at it.
Oh, well... I have a lazy eye.
- Oh.
- Yes.
Uh, not all the time.
Just when I get fatigued.
Perhaps it's not to your taste
or not comfortable enough.
Oh, no, no, it's very comfortable.
Very comfortable indeed.
In fact, I took a nap on it.
Slept like a log.
A log?
Yes, dear, a royal log.
It's an expression we have in Montenaro.
A royal log?
It's very quaint.
Oh, well, we're a quaint, little country.
But I don't want to keep you from Spain.
Oh, yes, I...
I suppose I should be heading off.
Yes, off you go.
Oh, and do tell your driver
to be careful of pedestrians
and other road hazards.
Road hazards?
You were brilliant!
I don't know about brilliant.
Well, I do. With Edward away
to stuffy, old meetings,
all you need to do is stick to chatting
about the weather.
If you say so.
Okay, now there is a sightseeing schedule
in the back pocket of those jeans.
All you need to do is follow it
for the next two days.
Well, I suppose it's time.
- Well, good luck.
- You too.
And thank you from the bottom
of my heart.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Olivia thought you got lost.
She went to bed an hour ago.
I was just taking in the sights.
And there are a lot of sights to see.
So, you get the apron?
Right, the apron with the stain.
Nope. Couldn't find one that fits.
Stace, aprons are one-size-fits-all.
What I mean is I couldn't find one
that fits... my personality.
Did you get a haircut?
Yes. Yup.
Sure did.
- Just out of the blue?
- Yup.
I've known you 12 years,
you do not do out of the blue.
There's a first time for everything.
Well, it's getting late.
I better catch some Z's. Good night.
Good night.
"Catch some Z's"?
Does Lady Margaret
really wear this to sleep?
If you mean, does she wear a proper
nightgown to bed instead of feety pajamas,
then the answer is yes.
So... I guess it's just you and me
for the next two days.
Have you worked with a Duchess
for a long time?
- Since she was a little girl.
- And you're okay with us trading places?
Well, the Duchess
has always been rather spontaneous.
And, uh, it's not my place
to have an opinion.
But you have one anyway.
The dear girl
has been through so much already.
Losing both her parents so young,
and now, all the responsibility
of becoming a royal
when she doesn't even really know
who she is.
The truth is I would do anything for her,
which means that for the next two days,
I will do anything for you.
So, uh,
should I bring you a fresh pot of tea?
No, thanks. I think I'll be fine.
I believe you will be.
Hello, darling.
Mrs. Donatelli?
I'm coming!
It's you again.
I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
No. No, not at all.
Mrs. Donatelli went to fetch some tea,
and in Montenaro, it's the custom
to always wear a hat to tea.
Even in one's nightgown?
Yes, yes.
There can be no exceptions,
substitutions, or exchanges.
- Excuse me?
- Our code of etiquette was drafted
by a rather fastidious attorney.
Is there something I can do for you?
Yes, I just wanted to say
I hope you understand
that I wish I could rearrange my schedule.
I hate to leave at such short notice.
I completely understand.
Schedules are important
to keep things organized.
I couldn't agree more.
- "A goal without a plan is..."
- "Just a wish."
Antoine de Saint-Exupry.
The Little Prince.
One of my favorites.
Mine too.
Well, safe travels.
Thank you.
So much to do,
and so little time to do it.
- Mmm.
- Ah.
Please join us, dear.
Your Majesties.
I trust you slept well.
Very well indeed.
The weather is particularly
splendid today, isn't it?
Hmm. If one is a fan of frostbite.
I'm so glad to see you, my dear.
I've been talking with chef
about the menu for the reception.
What about the menu? Prithee, tell.
It's the salad course.
Chef was thinking
about a peanut sauce for salad dressing.
But I seem to recall
that one of your relatives is allergic.
I just can't recall which one.
My mother's side.
The Pembrokes.
Lord Percival?
Didn't he die last spring?
Yes. Yes, he did.
Suddenly, in fact.
The dear thing.
So we won't have to worry
about poor Percy.
You know? I never did like peanuts.
Well, then we'll find something else.
Oh, you all right?
Oh, yes. Just... surprised.
I thought you'd be happy to see me.
Of course. I just...
Didn't you leave for your meeting
with Spain last night?
Edward hadthe good sense to turn around
before he arrived at the airport.
Yes, I thought it wrong to be concerned
with affairs of state
with our wedding just around the corner.
And I'm determined to spend
as much time together as we can
over the next few days.
How smashing!
And now, you can both attend
the St. Andrew's Shelter
Charity Ball tonight.
How doubly smashing!
Which reminds me.
I have something for you.
I had it made for your engagement present.
I hope it's suitable.
It's... It's very suitable.
Extremely suitable.
Well, in the meantime,
I've spoken to Miles at the stables,
- and he'll be ready for us in an hour.
- Ready?
For us to do what?
I thought a nice ride
through the countryside
would be a fun surprise
for you this morning.
Isn't it too cold to go riding?
- I thought you said you love the cold air.
- I do.
I... I do.
But I'm worried about the horses.
The horses live in the stables.
They're used to the cold.
Well, of course they are, here.
But not in Montenaro.
It's much warmer back home.
I thought you had
a terrible snow storm last winter.
We did.
Dreadful, really.
But we have heated stables.
Ah, well...
- How very nice for the horses!
- Yes, well, you know what they say.
A warm horse is a happy horse.
And there's nothing better
than a happy horse.
Well, I better change
if we're going riding.
- Yes.
- Yes, all right.
- Frank?
- Sir?
I want you to keep a close eye
on the Duchess.
- She seems, um...
- Different?
All right, we have our eggs, our pancakes.
Should be enough.
Breakfast is ready.
You never burn anything.
Uh, I guess I'm a bit nervous
with the big contest coming up.
Maybe we should eat out.
- Splendid.
- Splendid?
Splendidly super.
Stacy, what did you do to your hair?
Oh, I got a trim.
Thought I'd mix things up a little.
Are you feeling okay?
Uh, will your father be joining us?
Father went out to get thatsaut pan,
and he said he'd pick you up a new apron.
So, where should we go?
There was a place right on the square.
The square.
Where we bought the Christmas tree,
Right! The Christmas tree.
Tell you what, you get the coats,
and I'll wash the dishes, deal?
Secret handshake?
Stacy, phone!
Oh, come on, Margaret. Pick up.
Was Your Grace having difficulty
with her mobile telephone?
Oh, no. It's nothing.
Just a dropped signal.
Would you like borrow mine?
Oh, no. I wouldn't want to impose.
Oh, it's no imposition.
The Duchess is quite capable
of placing her own calls, Mr. De Luca.
I was just trying to be of service.
Well then,
you may take these to the laundry.
It's that way.
The laundry.
For God's sake!
- Shall we?
- We shall.
Oh, dear God!
Is there a problem?
Not at all. It's just...
The horses in Montenaro are a bit shorter,
like large ponies.
But... no problem.
None in the least.
Here we go.
- Are you all right?
- Mm-hmm.
I thought you said
you were a competitive rider.
Oh. Uh, I'm quite competitive indeed.
It's the pants.
They must have shrunk in the royal wash.
Wouldn't want to split a seam.
All right, there we go.
You know, we really don't have to do this.
Oh, no. We are scheduled to go riding,
so that's what we're going to do.
- Well, then let me give you a hand.
- All right.
Ready? One, two, three.
- Better?
- Much.
Good. Okay.
All right. Oh! Oh!
Here. Let me help you.
I'm quite all right.
Well, just in case.
You have something in your eye.
This really is quite breathtaking.
Yes. Yes, it is.
I come here when I need to get away.
Do you need to get away a lot?
Sometimes the affairs of state
can be a burden.
Burdens usually aren't so bad
when you have someone to share them with.
I doubt you'd be interested
in the details of foreign trade.
- Why not?
- You shouldn't have to worry about that.
Because I'm not bright enough?
No, because you have a wedding to plan.
So I should stick to things
like polishing my tiara?
No, I didn't mean it like that.
Well, I think it's precisely
what you meant.
It's getting a bit chilly.
I think it's time to head back.
Ugh! Boy, am I glad you picked up.
I was going to call you.
There's been a bit of a snag
at this end.
What happened?
Hey there, Princess.
Oh! You figured us out!
It wasn't rocket science.
You okay with this, Liv?
You kidding? I get to hang with royalty.
And Margaret told me
all about that ballet scholarship,
and that'sso totally cool.
I'm glad you're all right.
Let me talk to Margaret.
We're getting on fabulously.
Well, that's great
because things are not fabulous here.
- Why not?
- Edward is back.
Get out!
I'm not kidding.
But he's supposed to be...
Never mind where he's supposed to be.
The fact is he came back
to spend time with you, with me, with...
I don't know, us?
Oh, and you didn't tell me
about the charity thing tonight.
- Didn't I?
- No, you didn't.
I suppose it must have slipped my mind.
Well, you need to get back here pronto.
I'm afraid I can't do that.
- Why not?
- With all the preparations for the ball,
there's no possible way
I could sneak in without someone seeing.
Besides, it sounds like
you're getting on famously.
I vaulted over a horse!
If Edward hasn't found out yet,
we're in the clear.
I don't know if I can keep this up.
Oh, I must run. Ask Mrs. Donatelli
for anything you need. Toodles.
- I got the apron and thesaut pan.
- Super.
You decided to eat out?
Stacy's decided she's gonna be
spontaneous from now on.
I'll believe that when I see it.
- I mean it!
- Okay.
Then let's forget about that schedule
of yours and just hang out.
You sure about that?
May I help you?
The Prince would like to see the Duchess
in the Portrait Library.
I'll be sure to let her know.
Oh, Mr. De Luca.
Ms. Donatelli.
These need to go to the kitchen.
What do you think?
- It's pretty.
- Let me see.
Oh! Gorgeous!
And what's that supposed to be?
Rudolph the blood-sucking Reindeer?
Okay, smarty-pants, let me see yours.
Christmas should be about love.
I've never seen you so sentimental.
Maybe you don't know me that well.
Ho, ho, ho!
Look, it's Santa!
- Go for it. I'll wait for these to dry.
- Come on!
Does the heart good
to see two people in love.
Who, me? With her?
Looks like a match made in heaven to me.
We're just friends. I mean...
She's not my type.
I wouldn't be so sure.
Go on, babe. Go.
And what would you like for Christmas?
Um, let me see.
A new pair of ballet slippers,
a skateboard,
and oh, yeah, a new mom.
I'll see what I can do.
Smile for the camera.
Wait. Let's all get in the picture.
Oh, yes.
She's very regal.
That's my grandmother.
Her necklace, is that a family crest?
It's been passed down from generation
to generation for over 300 years.
That's a lot of generations.
Granny was a bit of a rebel.
She had an opinion on everything
and wasn't afraid
to let everyone know what it was.
The palace wasn't used to it.
She sounds like she was ahead of her time.
Palace could use someone like her again.
So, you wanted to see me?
Yes, I did. Um...
I believe I need to apologize.
You believe you need to apologize.
You're not certain.
No, actually, I know I do.
Apologies are important.
The truth is when we were out there
on horseback, I...
...was a complete and utter imbecile.
You're going to be my wife.
If you havean opinion
on a matter of state,
well, I'd like to hear what it is.
Apology accepted.
Glad to hear it.
Margaret, I know how difficult
this must be for you.
We hardly know each other,
but I want to make this marriage work.
We have a... duty to make it work.
You know, there's something about you,
something I hadn't really noticed before.
I can't quite put my finger on it.
Like my interest in foreign policy.
Let's go with that.
- If that's all?
- Yes, that's all.
Oh, please. You don't need to curtsy.
Heedless of the wind and weather
Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
I've never been to a sing-along before.
I thought you went last year with Paul.
Yeah, Paul. I almost forgot about Paul.
Good, old Paul,
the man who broke your heart.
Well, I think it's time for me
to get over Paul.
I'm glad to hear you say that.
Prepare for annihilation!
Okay. What?
Okay, two versus one?
Oh, my God! Are you okay?
I don't know.
I'm sor...
You look...
Thank you.
And you look...
Thank you.
Shall we?
We shall.
Oh, uh, wait. Your tie.
There you go.
What's so amusing?
You and Your Ladyship seem to have stopped
under the mistletoe.
A silly tradition.
Well, we can't disappoint them.
The Duchess is a strong-minded woman.
Hmm. Just what the Prince needs.
Your Majesties.
Oh, you look stunning, my dear.
Oh, thank you.
You've outdone yourself again
this year, Mother.
The people at St. Andrew's
will be thrilled.
How many families actually live
in the shelter?
I don't know exactly.
Quite a few.
Is there a full-time staff there
or just volunteers?
We don't concern ourselves
with the details. We have people for that.
Of cou... Of course.
- I didn't...
- I have an idea.
- Yes?
- How about you play something for us?
Oh! Oh, no, no. I'm very rusty.
I hear you're quite gifted.
Who would like to hear the Duchess play?
You can't say no.
Stage fright?
Something like that.
How about we play a duet?
"Carol of the Bells."
You play the bells. I'll play the rest.
- I don't know the chords.
- Well, they're simple.
It's these four notes.
Wasn't she wonderful?
Have you seen the Duchess?
I believe I saw Her Ladyship
in the gazebo.
Ah, thank you.
May I just say, sir?
The two of you make a fine couple.
That's very kind of you.
I've been looking for you.
Edward, I hope you know
I didn't mean to offend your parents
by asking about the shelter.
You didn't offend anyone.
Maybe it'd be better
if I didn't say anything at all.
That would be dreadfully dull.
In fact, I've arranged a carriage ride
first thing in the morning,
just the two of us,
so you can spend more time talking,
and I can spend more time listening.
I don't think that's a very good idea.
I think it's a fabulous idea.
Speaking of fabulous ideas,
they'll be expecting us
to have the first dance.
Oh, dear!
I'm not very good at dancing.
Well, you know what they say.
Practice makes perfect.
- Here?
- Why not?
So then what happened?
We were soaked to the skin.
Kevin can be so immature.
He is very endearing.
Kevin is like a puppy.
If you're nice to him,
he'll follow you anywhere.
We're going sightseeing tomorrow.
To see the St. Nicholas Fountain.
Wait, but that wasn't in the schedule.
Well, we threw out the schedule.
Why would you throw out the schedule?
Hey. I forgot my toothpaste.
Can I borrow yours?
Where is it?
Everything okay?
Yup. I'm great.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Have you ever seen Kevin
with his shirt off?
Ew! Kevin? No.
But Edward...
Edward looked so good in a tuxedo.
Edward was born in a tuxedo.
So, you and Kevin aren't an item?
No, there hasn't been anyone in his life
since Olivia's mom left.
Why do you wanna know?
Just curious.
Well, keep calm and carry on.
You too.
Quite hot!
Off we go.
So, now that I have you alone,
you can tell me the truth.
Uh, about what?
Anything and everything.
But how about we start
with what you think about the charity work
we're doing with St. Andrew's?
St. Andrew's! Of course.
Well, if I'm being honest...
Having a ball to raise money
is a wonderful thing to do.
But you really need to be more involved.
- How?
- Schedule a day to visit the shelter.
Get to know the people.
It's never been done before.
Which means it needs to be done
sooner than later.
You sound like my grandmother.
I'll take that as a compliment.
"He sprang to his sleigh,
to his team gave a whistle,
and away they all flew
like the down of a thistle."
Isn't she wonderful?
Reading to the children like that?
The Duchess is very special.
"And I heard him exclaim
as he rose out of sight,
'Merry Christmas to all,
and to all a good night.'"
Is it true you're really a princess?
Not yet. But I will be
after I marry Prince Edward.
Are you in love with him?
Very much.
I wish I could be a princess.
The most important thing
about being a princess
is caring about other people.
And if you do that,
then you're a princess in your heart.
Can we all please say,
"Thank you, Lady Margaret"
for her time here today?
Thank you, Lady Margaret!
You're very welcome.
Is that your Christmas tree?
Yes, it is.
Where are the presents?
We don't have the budget for presents.
What about the money from the ball?
food, clothes.
So the children don't get any toys?
Toys are in short supply.
But we usually manage
to find a wee little something
to pop in their stockings
on Christmas morning.
I trust it was a good visit?
It was very educational.
The families here don't have
a real Christmas tree
or presents for the children.
Unless we do the shopping,
and the wrapping, and the baking.
You and I?
Why not?
You've already made
the proper gesture, Your Grace.
A gesture isn't what Christmas is about.
We have the afternoon free.
It's a very ambitious undertaking.
So I suppose we'd better get right to it.
Oh! Uh, sorry.
That wasn't very dignified.
It's all right. I liked it actually.
Frank, the nearest toy emporium
on the double.
A toy emporium.
Frederick's on Palmetto Road,
Your Majesty.
Palmetto Road.
According to the guide book,
the fountainis right up ahead.
Can I get a candy cane?
Yeah. There you go. Knock yourself out.
You know,there is a legend that says
the St. Nicholas Fountain never freezes
because of the warmth
of the Christmas spirit.
I'm guessing there's
an underground spring.
Well, I like the legend better.
You know what?
So do I.
Excuse me? Are you Stacy De Novo?
Yes. Yes, I am.
Adam Delaney,Food Insider Magazine.
I heard about your bakery in Chicago.
I'd love to do a feature on you.
Hello! Brianna Michaels.
I won the competition last year.
So the buzz is
you're the one to beat this year.
Oh, well, uh, it's not just me.
We are a team.
This is Kevin, my very talented sous-chef.
Kevin. Can I get your full name please?
Yeah, sure. I'm Kevin Richards.
And how long have you been a team?
- A long time now.
- Very.
This is nice.
Oh, very nice.
I always wanted one of these.
My parents never let me have one.
Well, what's wrong with saving the Earth
from an alien invasion?
If you're going to save
the Earth from an alien invasion,
you should probably do it
by diplomacy not warfare.
Yes. We'll need about a dozen.
Ooh! And a few of these as well.
Edward, look what they have.
Ooh! It's a mat
with... large colored circles.
You've never played Twister before?
Ah, it's a game.
Take off your shoes this instant.
Has the Duchess always been so different?
Tell me, has the Prince always been so...
You're hiding something.
I'm gonna find out what it is.
You're going to be looking
for a long, long time.
Right hand red.
So, that's how you do things in Montenaro.
It was nice of you
to let me do that interview.
Well, you deserve it.
Guys, come look! It's a toy store!
I've never been in a toy store.
Um, what she means is
she's never been
to a "Belgravian" toy store.
- Come on!
- Lead the way!
All right.
Oh, wow!
Geez Louise!
Excuse me?
My earring from Aunt Louise, it's gone!
Yes, yes. Maybe look over there.
- I changed my mind. Let's go see Santa.
- Yeah!
- We just saw Santa.
- Yeah, but he and I didn't go deep.
Oh! Oh, my goodness!
I feel so... so faint!
First, you wanna go shopping.
Now, you wanna see Santa.
What's going on with you?
Come on, Liv. Spill.
Excuse me. Sorry to be a bother.
My car has run out of petrol.
The station is down the street,
but I can't push it myself.
Think you could give an old man a hand?
Of course we can.
- Yes, here we go.
- Just hot. Thank you.
Wait a second. I know you.
On the square in town,
you had one of those booths.
Closed early today.
Rheumatism's acting up.
The car's right outside.
Great! Let's go.
Oh, wait! I see it.
- Here it is.
- Ah!
- Yes. Close one.
- Right.
- Cooled down?
- Yes.
There we go. I feel much better now.
It's fine.
Here. Try this.
Where did a Duchess learn
to bake like this?
My father.
Your father?
The Grand Duke of Montenaro baked cookies?
Best cookies in the world.
You miss him, don't you?
I'm generally not the sentimental type,
but doing things like this helps
keep a piece of the past alive.
Yes, I know what you mean.
I used to love the smell
of turkey roasting at Christmas.
It meant my cousins were coming over
to play.
That was a long time ago.
It's still all right to play sometimes.
Not so sure about that.
Well, I am.
All right.
- Here.
- Okay.
Hang on. I think there's a couple more.
I wrapped that one.
Your Highness wrapped
the presents himself?
- Really?
- A few. With a little help.
Taking the time to wrap a gift
is part of the gift itself.
It's what we say in Montenaro anyway.
Well, it's not very dignified for a royal.
It's always dignified to be kind, Frank.
- Right. Shall we?
- Yes.
- Do you see what's going on out there?
- I do.
I don't like it.
There's something about that girl.
George! She's a breath of fresh air.
And it seems your son
is falling in love with her.
Well, I suppose that's all that matters.
You know that's all that matters.
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
I've always wanted one of these!
Good. We need someone
to defend our galaxy.
When diplomacy fails.
Look! I really am a princess!
Your Majesty!
Your Royal Highness and Lady Margaret
have given us so much this Christmas.
Well, it was all the Duchess's idea.
Well, it was a very gracious gesture.
That's just it.Christmas is about more
than just a gesture,
which is why I've decided
that Lady Margaret and Iare going
to make it a tradition
to comehere once a month
and get to know you all.
That's wonderful.
Excuse me.
You're standing under the mistletoe.
Ah, so we are!
- Who wants to go play Twister?
- Twister? My favorite. Come on, Frank.
That's not really
in my job description, sir.
It is now. Come on.
Oh! That was the best spaghetti
I've ever had.
Since you're doing the heavy lifting
at the competition tomorrow,
I figured it's the least I could do.
- So, are we going out tonight?
- Ooh!
You're going to bed.
We have an early start tomorrow.
We got to be at Wembley by 8:00.
- But...
- Pajamas.
Can Stacy tuck me in?
She never runs out of energy, does she?
Her mom was like that.
Do you miss her mother?
You know me better than that, Stace.
Karen and I weren't meant to be.
Like you and Paul.
Well, you're right.
We weren't.
So I guess you're leaving tonight.
I don't have a choice.
I wish you could stay.
I wish I could too.
But you'll have Stacy back,
and I must get on with my duty.
Which means you have to do things
even if you don't want to do them?
Something like that.
That's not fair.
It's complicated,
but I'll never forget you
and your father.
You'll always be special to me.
But you're meant to be here.
I'm afraid I don't get
to decide things like that.
You should.
You know, I think this trip
has done you a lot of good.
- You do?
- I mean,
it's almost like
you're not the same person.
- Please!
- No, I mean it.
There's just something less...
intense about you.
I don't know.
Just being here,
making Christmas ornaments,
singing carols.
I mean, all those little moments with you.
It's what life's really about.
That is the nicest thing
you've ever said to me.
Well, it's true.
- Wanna watch a Christmas movie?
- Sure.
Which one?
The... one with Santa.
Stace, they all got Santa.
Then you choose.
This one.
Ooh! Your favorite?
- No, it's your favorite.
- Right.
I was just messing with you.
I'll pop the corn.
I've learned so much from you.
Like how to bake cookies
and wrap presents?
Like how to understand people
and how to reach out to them.
You have a good heart, Edward.
You're going to do just fine.
As long as you're here to help me.
Well, I suppose it's time to turn in.
I wanted to give you something.
Didn't have time to wrap it,
but... probably for the best.
"Veritas, Anoris, Amare."
"Truth, honor, and...
The family crest.
The one from the painting.
It belonged to your grandmother.
Margaret, if I'm being truthful...
I was worried about us,
about the wedding, about...
- not knowing who you are.
- Yeah.
But after today,
I'm not worried anymore.
You really are Prince Charming.
- Did I do something wrong?
- No.
No, you did everything right.
Well, then I'll see you in the morning.
You will see your Duchess in the morning.
There is nothing like a happy ending
to make someone cry.
Endings usually aren't very happy.
Hey, what is it, Stace?
I don't know.
Just feeling sentimental again.
Must be the movie.
Well, speaking of sentimental...
Don't kill me.
I got you a little something.
But it's not Christmas yet.
- It's not for Christmas.
- Then what's it for?
It's in your stocking.
Open it.
What do you think?
It's the most beautiful gift
I've ever received.
Thank you so much.
May I?
Look, I know...
we've been friends for so long.
But these last few days, I...
I felt like it could be more.
At least... to me.
I think you felt it too.
- Something wrong?
- No.
I mean, it's me.
I should not have done that.
- It's okay.
- No, it's... It's not.
Can we just pretend this never happened?
Please, you just have to trust me on this.
Yeah, sure.
Whatever you say.
Thank you.
Good night.
Good night.
I will be right outside.
Thank you.
So, did you get to do
everything you wanted?
And you and Edward got on all right?
Yeah. Everything's set for your wedding.
You know, Edward's really special.
He's thoughtful. He's kind.
Your friend Kevin is the real prince.
No, Kevin is just Kevin.
He's one in a million.
No, Edward is the one who...
You're in love with Edward!
And you're in love with Kevin!
Well, this wasn't supposed to happen.
No, it wasn't.
So, what do we do?
You go back to being the Duchess,
and I hop on a plane back to Chicago
as soon as the competition's over.
Oh, I believe this belongs to you.
Is it really you?
It's really me.
It really is you.
Well, do you have
to sound so disappointed?
No, no, no.
I'm really glad that you're back.
It's just I really wish
Margaret didn't have to go.
And now she has to marry
that creepy, old prince
who probably smells like mothballs.
Okay, first of all, the Prince
does not smell like mothballs,
and he's definitely not creepy.
Then what was he?
Sounds like someone's crushing big time
on Prince Mothballs.
Look, all I know is we have got
a big competition today, which means...
we need to focus, okay?
I have urgent business with the King.
Anything that concerns the King
concerns me as well.
It's a very delicate matter.
I really should speak
to His Royal Highness directly.
I see.
It would be such a shame to lose one's job
right before Christmas, wouldn't it?
- But...
- Hand me the envelope, Frank.
But it's...
Or would you prefer
to hand in your resignation?
No. No.
Your Majesty.
Oh, and, Frank,
there seems to be a plumbing problem
in the privy next to the study.
Would you mind taking a look?
It would be my great honor, Your Majesty.
- Your bath is ready, Your Grace.
- Thank you.
Forgive me for speaking plainly,
but that doesn't sound
like a very happy bride-to-be.
My happiness isn't what matters.
It's my duty.
Oh, before I forget,
Miss De Novo gave me this to give to you.
It's a gift from Edward.
"Veritas, Anoris, Amare."
"Truth, honor, and love."
Funny thing,
it doesn't say a word about duty.
A remarkable resemblance,
wouldn't you say?
Apparently, she's a baker
at the competition in Wembley.
Looks like a princess to me.
Ladies and gentlemen,
if you could please find your places
and make way to your seats.
The competition is about to begin.
- Looks like we're good to go.
- Great.
Stace, about last night...
Let's just talk about it
on the plane, okay?
- Yeah.
- Cool.
Good afternoon, and welcome
to Belgravia's 56th Annual International
Christmas Baking Competition.
The finest bakers from around the world
will have five hours
to prepare the most spectacular
Christmas cake.
Only one will be crowned winner.
And the competition begins...
And how is the blushing bride-to-be?
Very well, Your Majesty.
Edward has been telling us
about your adventure
at the shelter yesterday.
I understand you made
a lot of people very happy.
She was magnificent, a born leader.
I must say I'm very impressed.
Thank you, Your Highness.
You know, I'm feeling
a bit under the weather.
- I hope it's nothing serious.
- No, it's just a bit of fatigue.
Edward, would you be a dove
and take my place with Margaret
at the baking competition today?
I'm supposed to be handing out
some ribbons,
and I don't think I have the strength.
Oh, yes, we'd be glad to.
Something wrong, my dear?
I don't know if we have the time.
Of course we have the time.
But the wedding...
I would imagine the staff
has everything under control.
Will you excuse me for a moment?
More gold! More sparkles.
This isn't a funeral. It's Christmas!
- We're gonna need more poinsettias.
- I'm on it!
Those layers cool yet?
Uh... Needs five more minutes.
- I'm gonna start on the filling.
- Yeah.
How am I supposed to puree the berries?
You're gonna have to do it by hand.
- You got this, okay?
- Okay.
Yeah, we're good.
I've been looking all over for you.
I needed some fresh air.
Well, I was worried about you.
Please don't.
Look, Margaret,
I don't know what's wrong.
Whatever it is, if you don't want
to hand out a bunch of silly ribbons,
just say so. We don't have to.
No, we have to go.
There's something
I need to tell you first.
Sounds serious.
Well, it is.
It's about truth and honor.
But mostly, it's about love.
Eight, seven, six, five,
four, three, two, one...
Time is up. Well done.
Frank, we need to get
to Wembley on the double.
- Now this should be interesting.
- Oh, shut it, Frank.
It's incredible presentation.
And your sugar work is commendable.
Thank you, judge.
The filling is interesting.
The puree isn't as smooth as I'd hoped.
But it has a wonderful flavor.
Nicely done.
The judges have reached a decision.
In third place...
is Zachary Brachmann of Munich, Germany.
Well done, Zachary.
In second place is...
Is Brianna Michaels of Beverly Hills, USA.
Well done, Brianna.
Okay. who's next?
And in first place,
the winner
of the 56th Annual International
Christmas Baking Competition is...
Stacy De Novo, Chicago, USA.
Well done, Stacy.
Now, since Queen Carolinewas unable
to attend today's ceremony,
presenting the award...
is Prince Edward of Belgravia
and his fiance,
Duchess Margaret of Montenaro.
Now if the winners
would like to please join me on stage
for the awards ceremony. Thank you.
You know, who needs a silly medal?
I think we should go.
Are you crazy?
Stace, this is our moment.
Yeah, but we're gonna be late
for the plane, so...
I'm going up there,
and you're coming with me.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Prince Edward and Duchess Margaret.
And here it goes.
What's going on?
You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
Try me.
I think I can explain.
- There's two of you?
- No.
No. But we think that we may be related
through some great, great someone in-law.
- Cousin Cecil.
- Yeah.
I think we need a moment to ourselves.
- Maybe let's go backstage.
- Perfect.
Let's go.
Can someone please explain
what's going on?
This is my fault.
How's that?
All I wanted to do was to get to know
what it was like to be a normal girl.
Even if it was only for a few days.
When I saw Stacy,
the idea just came to me.
- You two switched places?
- Yeah.
You've been with Margaret
for the past two days.
And Stacy has been with the Prince.
I'm sorry.
I didn't think things would get
so complicated.
Complicated is an interesting word for it.
But there's more.
How can there be more?
I like being normal.
I hate being in the spotlight.
Edward needs a partner who likes
taking charge, who has a good heart.
Someone who is meant to be a princess.
Someone like Stacy.
Wait. Me?
I didn't plan any of this,
but I suppose I found out
I'm just a normal girl.
And normal girls,
they fall in love with normal boys.
Like you.
- But you're not Stacy. You're...
- Margaret Delacourt,
Duchess of Montenaro.
Aren't you supposed to marry the Prince?
I know this is a little confusing, but...
Lady Margaret is trying to say
that she's in love with you.
Doesn't that kind of piss you off?
Not at all, actually.
Because I'm in love with her.
Stacy brings out the best in me.
The way you bring out the best in me.
You're not mad at me?
At us?
If all of this ends with me getting
to be with the woman that I love,
I am very happy.
I intend to keep being happy
for the rest of my life.
No. Edward, I...
I can't let you do this.
Stacy. Stacy, wait!
We need to talk.
How about we do it over a movie
and hot chocolate?
It's a date.
Kiss her, Daddy!
Stacy, wait! Please, stop.
Edward, you can't be in love with me.
- Says who?
- It isn't right.
Okay, things happen according to plan.
Life happens according to plan,
and this...
This is not the way it was planned.
- So you're saying you don't love me.
- No, that's not what I'm saying.
I love you more than I've ever loved
anyone in my whole life.
Then I'm not giving you up
without a fight.
I'm not a duchess or a princess.
I'm a baker from Chicago.
You can still be a baker from Chicago.
We'll pick up your shop,
and we'll move it here.
No, you can't do that.
Then you can open up another shop here.
You can bake to your heart's content.
As long as we're together.
This is crazy.
No, it's not.
Don't you understand?
Stacy, you're my destiny.
This was the plan.
We were meant to be together.
You can't really be serious.
Stacy De Novo,
if you're still in love with me
a year from today,
will you marry me next Christmas?
Of course I'll marry you.
Yes! Yeah!
Yes, sweetheart?
You're a real princess now, aren't you?
She is indeed.
I guess Christmas wishes
really do come true.
Aren't you going to throw the bouquet?
So, what are you doing New Year's?
I don't have any plans. Why?
You might want to hang on to that.
A very merry Christmas to one...
and to all!
Merry Christmas!
Get the fire started
Yeah, it's Christmas
Save a little mistletoe for me
Breaking out the holly
All your friends are calling
The lights are already wrapped around
the Christmas tree
Baby, bring the snow
We've got nowhere to go
Just you and me at home
Underneath the mistletoe
Fire's burning gold
I've got you here to hold
Such a happy sound
Singing "Silent Night"
Baby, bring the snow
Bring the snow
Ring another bell
And make a joyful noise
I can't get that smile off my face
Everything looks evergreen
Celebration happening
I smell gingerbread
That I can almost taste
Baby, bring the snow
We've got nowhere to go
Just you and me at home
Underneath the mistletoe
Fire's burning gold
I've got you here to hold
Such a happy sound
Singing "Silent Night"
Baby, bring the snow
Bring the snow
Happy holidays, baby
I got you a puppy with a bow
Couldn't fit him in your stocking
But you've been a good girl
So, baby, take him home
Baby, bring the snow
We've got nowhere to go
You and me at home
Underneath the mistletoe
Fire's burning gold
I've got you here to hold
It's such a happy sound
Singing "Silent Night"
Baby, bring the snow
Bring the snow
Baby, bring the snow
Bring the snow
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Good tidings to you
Wherever you are
Good tidings for Christmas
And a happy New Year
Good tidings we bring
To you and your kin
Good tidings for Christmas
And a happy New Year
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
We wish you Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Jolly old Saint Nicholas
Lean your ear this way
Don't you tell a single soul
What I'm gonna say
Christmas Eve is coming soon
Now, you dear old man
Whisper what you'll bring to me
Tell me if you can
Jolly, jolly, jolly old Saint Nick
Jolly, jolly, jolly old Saint Nick
When the clock is striking 12:00
When I'm fast asleep
Down the chimney broad and black
With your pack you'll creep
All the stockings you will find
Hangin' in a row
Mine will be the reddest one
You'll be sure to know