The Principal (1987) Movie Script

Give me one thing
I can believe
Give me one thing
I can touch
Taste, want
Take again and again and again
Give me something
I can't remember
Forget me not
Give me something over and over
Don't forget
Keep me loved
Give me something
I can't ignore
Rick, the flame's coming outta
your nose, you crazy son of a bitch .
Come on, that's a lie.
on a high lonesome again , huh?
- Stevie B !
- Yo !
Come on, light up my life one more time.
Put it on the tab.
Hey, give one...
Give one to Bobby and Paulie
and Gus here, he needs another drink.
Jesus Christ.
It's Kimberly.
What'd I tell ya? Huh?
Not even two months,
and she's comin' back.
She looks good, doesn't she?
She really looks great.
She's with her fuckin' attorney.
That asshole!
He's the one who
represented her in the divorce.
You believe that? Jesus Christ!
Be cool!
He was probably dating her
before the divorce, wasn't he?
Huh? Jesus Christ!
It's over, Rick. Take it easy.
Yeah, take it easy.
This kind of shit happens.
Yeah. Yeah, I know, man. It happens.
Let it go, man. Let it go.
Okay, it's gone, it's gone.
It's cool, man. I'm mellow.
- Screw it, right?
- Screw it.
Screw it.
Screw it. Son of a...
Whoa, Rick!
Settle down, Rick!
Rick, no! Rick!
Now, wait a minute.
Keep me satisfied
With a woman's touch
Hey! Come here!
Come here, man!
Are you crazy?
- Come on!
- Crazy fool!
- Get over here!
- You stay away from me!
Come here! God damn it!
Get out of the car!
I said get out of
the fucking car, asshole!
I don't have to. No!
No, don't do it! Hey!
Faggot, get out!
You leave my car alone! Jesus.
What are you doing? You're crazy.
Hey, come on, asshole!
Take it easy, man.
Will you stop that?
You're tearin' my car up!
Get out of the fuckin' car,
My bat. Give me my bat.
Give me that fucking bat, asshole.
You bag of shit motherfucker!
Damn it!
All right, bring 'em up.
Don't freak out.
The course is available next semester.
Thank you.
Linda, I want you
wearing a bra to class.
Oh, God!
Not gonna change your grade.
Here comes Mr. Toad.
What are you gonna do?
You gonna fire me?
Ask me to resign? What?
Neither. We want
to make you a principal.
Aw, come on, Frank.
Don't you think
your sense of humor's a little cruel?
Maybe, but this isn't a joke.
You did in the past
apply for an administration position,
didn't you?
Yeah, that was a long time ago.
I know it was.
But we have a position
that needs to be filled immediately
and I feel you're
the right person for it.
A principal position?
A principal position.
Why am I not excited about it, Frank?
You don't have the luxury
to pick and choose, Rick.
I got a school that needs a principal,
and you need a job.
I need an answer yesterday.
You got the job. Thank you.
Fuck you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Oh, God.
Come on, man!
Everybody, split up!
Come on, man!
Come on! Come on!
Oh, shit!
Sent down
to the front lines
From the pan
into the fire
Now I'm falling
from the high wire
Hey, stop it!
I said stop it!
Come on, come on, get off.
Who the fuck is he?
Come on, lighten up here, huh?
Turn around, motherfuckin' white boy!
Let's roll.
Come here.
Lighten up!
- Let go, man!
- Damn it!
Let go, man! I wasn't doing nothing.
Who the fuck are you?
Yo, man!
Yo, man. Where the hell you goin'?
Hey, man, come back!
Who the hell you think you are, man?
I'm the principal!
I don't care who you are!
Let the fuck go of me, man!
Cool it!
I didn't do nothing.
Cool it!
My head.
Lighten up, man.
Is this the principal's office?
- Good morning, ladies.
- Good morning.
Is that him?
Yeah. I'm gonna
call his mother...
Okay, boys.
Man, fuck you.
What? I didn't hear that.
That's his name, Fuck You.
- Thank you.
- Fuck you.
Yeah. But you can just call me Fuck.
And call this ugly asshole White Zac.
His name is too long to say.
White Zac of Shit.
Well, Mr. Shit...
Can you tell me what class this is for?
Any class Victor Duncan
tries to kill me in.
You shit!
Get the fuck away from me!
Like I said, we got all day.
- Rick Latimer.
- The teacher from Willoughby.
I was hoping to speak
with you before this...
Oh, this wonderful,
warm welcoming party?
'Sup! Hey, yo! Be the last
time you say Victor's name.
- Sit down, man.
- Get the fuck off me, man!
Sit down!
Okay, why don't we
start my first day off
with some expulsion papers
for Mr. Shit and Mr. Fuck?
And, uh, call the police.
Whoa, uh, hold your fire, Rick.
Let's take our time here.
Get up.
Hi. Rick Latimer. I'm the new principal.
No shit. I said, get up!
Excuse me?
Get up!
Rick, uh, Latimer. I'm the...
I'm the new principal.
Oh, excuse me, Mr. Principal.
Jake Phillips, head of security.
Well, that's great.
Uh, look, while you're here,
why don't you call the police?
And, Mr. Darcy,
why don't you get the papers?
Right on.
Uh, Rick, I don't know
if you got a good look
at the neighborhood
coming into this place.
The high school
isn't exactly the highest priority
for the police around here.
These guys just tried to cut
each other's nuts off,
for Christ's sake.
The cops would only ask you
why you stopped 'em.
As far as expulsion goes,
most of the students here
have already been expelled
from someplace else, permanently.
Excuse me, Mr. Latimer?
If you would like
a tour of the resort, just whistle.
Yep, they come
from all over the district.
Condit High, Crosby,
El Roble.
Burglary, weapons charges, truancy.
All them nice things.
They even come
with their own customs and traditions.
I see I'm not
the only one from Willoughby.
Oh, yeah, yeah. Tatawicz.
He's from Willoughby.
Part of that white gang
that's tryin' to move in
on Duncan's territory.
Drug dealing, all that shit, you know?
Victor Duncan?
Yeah. I see you've met him.
No, not directly.
Here, follow me.
Hey, boys, check it out!
Look what we got here.
Check it out, eh?
Oh, you must have a great
dance department here.
I like your clothes.
Great move.
I'm gonna have to learn that one, Jake.
Sweet kid.
Well, then, welcome to Brandel,
Oh, and, uh...
If you need me, you just whistle.
Ever vigilant, I see.
Where we come from, they knock.
Well, where I come from,
they pick locks.
So with your kind permission,
Mr. Principal,
I'd like to replace your old rusty one
with a brand-new deadbolt.
The kind only .357 Magnums
can open up. Okay?
Well, thanks, Jake.
That's real encouraging.
I feel much, much better.
Have some jelly beans.
Oh, thank you very much.
Man, you mind if I ask you a question?
I ask all imported principals.
All right, sure.
What is a fine, white-bred
boy like you doing in a place like this?
Keeping my warm ass
planted in this chair.
Till something better
comes along, right?
Yeah, right.
Didn't know why I should think
it would be anything different.
What's that?
That's a scared kid.
Duncan's crowd has been terrorizing him.
Hold tight, Arturo. Be out in a minute.
What are you lookin' at?
Hi, Kimberly.
Ricky, get the hell away from me.
Just a minute, honey. Come on.
A minute is all it takes
for you to do
unthinkable amounts of damage, Latimer.
Oh, come on. Let's go out for a drink.
- You know, let's talk.
- Too late for that.
It's not too late.
Rick, I put up with all the frat brat,
Peter Pan bullshit I can take.
Hey, come on. That's your therapist
talking. That's not you talking.
Well, at least somebody was talking.
You weren't.
I tried to make things work, Ricky.
I didn't run and get
plastered every time we had a problem.
I didn't quit on us. You did.
I did?
Did not! That's a bunch
of shit, you know that?
You let it go, you let everything go.
L... How do you...
All the jobs you blew.
Your father gets you in at Willoughby
and you even blow that.
Hey, that's not all my fault.
You had to show up
in that bar with that guy.
Rick, grow up.
I'm trying.
Look, I'm running a school now.
I'm in charge of it. I'm the principal.
I heard. At Brandel.
Now, what the hell
is that supposed to mean?
Hello, heaven
Heaven, can you hear me?
Hello, heaven
Heaven, oh,
I call your name
Hello, heaven
Heaven, can you hear me?
Hello, heaven
Oh, gotta fight the panic
Gotta justify the pain
Gotta get romantic
Get closer to the flame
Sun rules the planets
Moon controls the tide
My mind considers
but my heart decides
Hello, heaven
Heaven, can you hear me?
Hello, heaven
Heaven, oh,
I call your name
Hello, heaven
Yo, Father J, where's Raymi at?
I know you're in here.
I saw you come in.
You're safe.
Those guys
ran down the hall. The coast is clear.
Come on, why don't you come out?
We can bullshit a little bit.
All right, if you want to
be a fuckin' sissy,
that's your prerogative.
I ain't no sissy, motherfucker.
Oh, no? How come you
were runnin' so fast?
You'd run too
if you were on their shit list.
Hey, I'm on everybody's shit list, man.
I just can't run that fast.
Hey, come on.
How about it? Come on over here.
Come on, let's go
down to the office, talk a little bit.
You and me. All right?
Maybe I can help you.
You know, maybe
we can do something about those guys.
Shit, like what?
We'll get 'em expelled.
Busted. Something.
Man, do you know where you are?
You're at Brandel.
Ain't you heard
what they say about this school?
Garbage never leaves the dump, man.
So they ain't gonna leave.
Neither are you.
Me? What about me?
What are you talking about?
Man, you're in the dump, too, sucker.
Word gets around fast at Brandel.
Let me tell you, man,
everybody knows about you.
Hey, you're full of shit,
kid, you know that?
No, no. You're full of shit!
You're that fuck-up teacher
from Willoughby, huh?
And that's the only reason
your sorry ass is even in this place.
So fuck you, man!
Don't try to be
no principal with me, man,
'cause I don't need your sorry shit.
Son of a bitch!
Can I have your attention, please?
Can I have your attention?
Thank you.
Harkley, don't you teach an 11th grade
social science class
in Room 212 this period?
I really find dialectic
and class struggle rather dull,
especially when it's being discussed
with a double-digit vocabulary.
Harkley, I want you
and everybody else in this room...
Hold it, Darcy!
To help seat all
the students in an all-school assembly
in the auditorium, sixth period today.
- An "assembly"?
- That's right.
Are you mad? Do you
know what can happen?
What are you doing this for?
I like the attention.
Holy shit.
Get off my foot!
You got another one.
I'm not going to...
I'm not gonna stand up here
and give you a lecture
about the values of education.
Thank you.
I just have two simple words.
No more.
Yo, man, I got two
words for you. Fuck you!
I'm very impressed.
They told me that you couldn't form
complete sentences here at Brandel.
No more!
No more missing classes,
no more gambling, no more extortion,
no more selling drugs on this campus,
no more gang intimidation,
arson, robbery, rape,
or whatever the hell
you've been majoring in here.
No more!
You're probably saying to yourself
that that son of a bitch
can't do anything.
That you can't expel students
from Brandel. Well, that might be true.
Well, that goes the same for principals.
You can't expel me, either.
So as long as I'm here,
I can promise you one thing.
That I will do everything in my power
to enforce my painfully
simple rule of "No more."
I know what you're thinking.
You gotta live with me,
and I gotta live with...
Sit down.
I said, sit down!
Usher, you wanna
show this gentleman to his seat, please?
You talk too much.
All right, just hold it down.
Hold it down now.
Shut this dumb shit down.
Stop it! Hey, Jake!
Usher, you wanna show these gentlemen
to their seats, please?
All right, sit down, everybody!
Son of a bitch.
Man, get him, get him! Fuck him up!
Break it up!
So much for that warm ass
in a chair routine.
Okay, okay.
Mr. Duncan!
That was a, uh, admirable display
of poise and leadership.
You know, you work real hard,
and maybe I can get you
a spot on the student council.
The principal's a funny guy.
Yeah, well, let me tell you
something really funny.
Classes and schoolwork.
Because from now on,
that's the only business
you're gonna be conducting at Brandel.
My only business, huh?
If you wanna stay in my school, it is.
Your school?
Your school's shit, clown!
"Classes and schoolwork"?
Do you want that to be
my only business here
at Brand X, huh?
You want that to be my only business,
then you're gonna need this.
"Cause this school here is my school.
And I make the rules.
Not anymore.
Hey, think you're on a bus? Huh?
- Wait a minute.
- Where did you get this?
I said, where did you get this?
Man, I do not care.
Man, fuck this.
Man, he can't turn it off.
Cool, cool.
Get back in line, big face.
Is this the exchange window?
I'm afraid mine's
been soaked in window fluid.
This is some good shit.
Don't touch till you've made a deposit.
- What are you doing?
- I'm making a deposit.
You stupid fuck.
You know who those belong to?
I don't care who they belong to.
All I care about is
I don't wanna see you
selling this shit in this school again.
Yeah, motherfucker,
somebody's gonna come looking for you.
Yeah? Well, you tell that somebody
that I'm in the office
at the end of the hall.
Somebody's gotta clean this place up.
Not me.
Ah, good.
Latimer, this is not necessary.
Good morning.
I said the entire security force.
I heard ya.
- That's it?
- This is it.
All right, look, I want every assistant
from the athletic department,
I want every class schedule,
and I want every student's
attendance record
in my office, right now.
"Right now"?
No. Surprise me on my birthday.
God damn it, Latimer!
That's Mr. Latimer to you, Darcy.
Now, look.
I want these guys put
on temporary payroll as security guards.
- What?
- They're being deputized.
Give 'em some stinking badges, Darcy.
But they're teachers!
They're big teachers.
Everybody out of the halls.
Put that thing out.
Call it quits.
All right.
Come on, sleepy.
Quincy, wake up.
Get in there. Pay attention.
Come on. What are you, crazy?
You got to get in. Come on, come on.
Y'all want this party
started quickly, right?
Set it off
I suggest, y'all Set it off
I suggest, y'all
Set it off
Set it off, set it off
Set it off, set it off
Set it off
on the left, y'all
Hey, man, which one you want?
Set it off, set it off
Come on, let's set it off
Y'all want this party
started quickly, right?
Set it off, set it off
Set, set, set, set it off
Hey, hey!
Yo, I ain't got no drugs.
Set it off, set it off
Set it off
Set, set, set, set it off
On the left, start it
On the right, start it
On the left I suggest
from the left, start it
On the left, start it
On the right, start it
On the left
I suggest while we're left
Start it
Set it off
I suggest, y'all
Set it off
I suggest, y'all
Set it off, set it off
Set, set, set
Set it off
So, tell me, how is it
that an entire world war,
which killed eight
and a half million people,
erupted all because of one,
politically minor assassination?
Excuse me!
Excuse me.
This is a classroom.
These are students.
And look, how considerate.
They saved you a seat.
Hey, man, get your
motherfucking hands off me, fool!
Hey, I'll bust your fuckin' eye, man.
Sit down.
Come on. Shake a leg.
Baby fat, what you doing in here, man?
You doing this class shit?
Yo, man, chill.
Yeah, well, Victor gonna
really smoke you good, man.
Hey, wet Willie, sit down!
Go ahead.
Continue, Emile.
I wasn't saying nothing.
Yeah, you was, you lying shit.
You was talking about
how you was trying to drive us
whites out of the school business.
You've got your tongue
so far up Victor's asshole,
you can taste his breakfast.
That's an excellent
description, Mr. Mawby.
Do you speak from experience?
Okay, I want
three journal pages from everyone.
Everyone! Tomorrow!
That's three pages from you, too, Jojo.
See if you can fit it in
between your scout meetings
and your charity work, okay?
I feel real bad for you, doughboy.
Ooh! I'm real scared, Jojo.
Next time, you won't be so lucky.
Sorry for the, uh, inconvenience.
Doing some remodeling.
- That's what you're doing?
- Mmm-hmm.
Latimer, this is my classroom,
and these are my kids.
And I'm hanging on to this class
by the skin of my teeth.
And you come bursting
in here with these thugs!
I resent you,
and I resent what you're doing in here!
You think you're so tough?
Fuck you!
I have a way with women.
You know, she likes me.
I can blow you away anytime I want, man.
Is that what you want?
Huh? If that's what
you want, man, I'm right here.
Come on, there's nobody else around.
Come on. We could go down to the court,
shoot some hoops, you know?
Bullshit a little bit. You know,
I heard you were really good...
Yo, yo, look, man.
If you're trying to reach me,
I'd just cut your hand off.
I got another one.
Look, why don't you
just do yourself a favor, okay?
And go back to your
white-bred suburban cesspool land
while you still got a chance, all right?
I can't.
Good morning.
Good morning, ladies.
- Mr. Latimer.
- That's true.
I need your signature
on this release form.
The girl you busted
in the toilet wants to drop out.
Mr. Latimer, it's one thing
to incite riots with school assemblies.
But when you start dumping
animals in my classroom...
I'd rather have animals.
They don't carry knives.
It was getting so much better.
Xavier stopped talking back to me.
Liz and Stacy started
bringing in homework.
I was finally getting through to them,
when all of a sudden,
I have six more seated in my class,
who have absolutely
no respect for anything.
They throw things,
and one of them urinated on the floor.
"Urinated on the floor"?
Urinated on the floor.
I heard you.
The whole class is in turmoil.
Nobody's learning anything.
It's pushed me back to the beginning.
Well, I'm sorry.
I hoped that wouldn't have happened.
What are you
going to do about it?
Well, are those students
on your attendance sheets?
Yes, but I don't...
Then the law says
that you have to teach 'em.
Oh, that's right. Blame it on the law.
They don't have
to be in there. They never were before.
There's nothing stopping
you from bending the law.
It's a tradition at Brandel.
Yeah? Well, that tradition is dead.
Come on, you people.
You can't pick and choose your students.
You gotta take the students
that the school gives you,
and teach them the best you can.
You can't just teach the easy ones
and throw the rest in the garbage.
You're having trouble
dealing with a student,
then you come to me.
If he won't come out of the classroom,
I'll come up and get him.
Now, look, every student
we leave in the hallways,
every student we leave in an alley,
every student that we
leave roaming around in the parking lot,
is another brick
off the foundation of this school.
Darcy! Darcy, come back here.
Come on.
Now, look.
Lighten up!
Have a little courage.
Brave it through a little bit.
Look, stone face,
knives only hurt if it goes through you.
Urine only smells
if you don't clean it up.
Come on!
I'll take care of this.
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.
Man, that was pure poetry.
Especially that part about each kid
being a brick in this shithouse.
Man, that gave me goose pimples.
Look, I got goose pimples
running all up my arm. See that?
Look. Look at that one!
- Hey!
- Hi!
- Mom!
The fuck?
What do you want?
- So I have a kid.
Now get outta here
before somebody sees you out.
What do you want?
I want you to graduate.
I don't want you to drop out.
Look, Treena, your grades are good
enough for it. Don't throw it away.
Shit, "throw it away"?
Don't nobody care if I graduate or not.
I care. Is that enough?
I care.
Why? I ain't selling dope
in your bathroom no more.
Plus, Victor got me a better job.
"A better job"?
Look, if you want a job,
why don't you go out and get a real job?
What's a real job to you?
Motherfuckin' burger joint
10 miles away,
with a two-year waiting list?
Get outta here. You make me sick.
I'm gonna tutor you.
All right?
You come to Room 211
at 6:00 in the morning,
every morning this week,
and I'll teach you.
What you gonna do that for?
Just show up! 6:00.
And then you can do
whatever job you want to do.
Go ahead and be there.
Hope you like teaching by yourself.
You're late.
What do you wanna start with?
The bathroom.
All right, hurry up.
My little Charles,
he was asking about you.
My bike. My bike!
Hey, come on! God damn it!
What... My bike!
Hey, stop it! What are...
You... Phillips!
Who did it?
I know you saw it. Who did it?
We can't tell you.
We can put it back together if you want.
I do. Like it was.
Hey, guess what, Latimer?
I'm giving you the day off.
Come on.
What did he spot you? 50, 60 bucks?
I don't know what you're talking about.
I was only trying to help you.
You don't know what help is!
You ever heard a baby cry
'cause it was hungry?
Yeah, sure.
"Yeah, sure."
Good. Then you know it's a crying
nothing but food is gonna fix.
And when you gotta listen
to that crying,
you know ain't nothing you can do
except you gotta get something
in that kid's mouth.
You do whatever it takes,
okay, Mr. Principal?
You got three months left
till you graduate, Treena.
Look, screw it, man.
I'm sorry about what happened today.
Just leave.
That's it? Just go?
You think I'm not dying
to get out of this shit hole?
You think I want to live like this?
You're wrong, sucker, 'cause I don't.
But some of us don't have
a choice like that.
That's bullshit!
I gave you a choice,
and you screwed me!
Then why you still wasting your time?
Because if you quit,
that means I let you quit.
That means I quit, too.
So, I want you in that classroom
at 6:00 tomorrow morning.
And if you're not there,
I'm gonna come up here,
I'm gonna drag your ass in there.
You're crazy.
Yeah. Yeah, I'm crazy.
You just show up!
I said like it was.
That looks all right.
We can give 'em bag number three,
four, five... Your choice.
I don't know what kind
of type dealers these are.
No, let me.
Kill that motherfucker!
Oh, fuck, man!
Oh, my God.
They're gonna
like you in prison, Victor.
You might even get a surprise up that
wise little ass of yours.
No one saw nothing.
You think so, huh?
Home, James.
Now, what the hell is wrong with you?
That blow in the head
give you brain damage, or something?
- Anybody see anything?
- No!
Nobody's gonna identify him!
Man, you're lucky that I'm
not scraping your dead ass
off that street after
a bullshit move like that.
Who do you think you are?
Dirty Harry or somebody?
I lost my head.
Yeah, it's a good thing
that's all you lost.
I been protecting your ass
left and right around here,
but once we get out there,
outside these school grounds,
man, you are on your own!
Yeah? Well, maybe now Duncan knows
I'm not kidding around anymore.
Victor Duncan doesn't learn lessons.
But he's gonna come back
and teach you one.
You can believe that shit.
- Jake?
- What?
Why are you so afraid of him?
Man, the only thing that I'm afraid of
is if me and that boy lock horns,
either he's gonna kill me
or I'm gonna kill him.
There won't be no overtime.
That is the only thing
that I'm afraid of.
I took myself through
this school, by myself.
Victor Duncans gonna come and go.
One comes up, the other one goes down.
There's always gonna be one.
I'm lucky to get
out of here with my face intact.
Why did you come back?
This is the launching pad,
man. It's the glory days.
The glory days!
When there was a football team,
I had three consecutive
900-yard seasons.
"The Phillips-head Screwdriver."
Led me to a diploma,
university scholarship.
After two years, I pleaded hardship.
Got drafted by the New York Titans.
I had one pretty promising season there.
Then, pop!
Busted my knee.
In an exhibition game, too.
I didn't come back 100%.
I got axed.
No name, no fame.
No more of that long green
I was really getting used to.
So, ... I came back here.
Came back to Brandel.
To see if I could find that, that...
That thing
that sprung me out of here
in the first place.
Well, I'm glad you came back.
- I'm glad you're here.
- Eh, I know you're glad.
You'd be dead by now.
That what you want?
Right now...
This is all I got.
This is it.
And you know what?
I'm gonna make a school
out of this place.
That's for sure.
See you later.
Okay, this afternoon,
we're gonna be working
on geometry, okay?
Hey, Arturo. What are you doing?
Just, like, hanging out, man.
Why don't you, like, hang out at home?
What's at home?
I don't know.
Hey, good job
on the tank and the helmet.
Really inspiring work, you know that?
Come on, we gotta get going.
We gotta get outta here.
I was sort of waiting for Miss Orozco.
Ooh! Got a little boner
for Miss Orozco, huh?
Don't you think she's
a little old for ya?
No. No!
No! No.
We gotta lock up.
Shut up!
God, stop.
God! No! God, no!
Don't need this no more!
That's the last time you
ever make fun of me, bitch!
Get the fuck away from me!
- Oh, dear God!
- Get up!
Come on!
You son of a bitch!
I like to think sometimes,
when I'm sitting here,
that I can close my eyes
and turn into a pigeon,
and go gliding down the hall.
Harkley's head be all spinning and shit!
And sometimes at my house,
when me and the old man would cut lip,
I go up on the roof and think
about being a pigeon too.
But then I see that there be
too many pigeons sitting up there,
doing nothing, man,
Just flapping their wings and shit.
Going nowhere.
So I think that, then maybe
screw that pigeon stuff.
I'd like to be a hawk.
Because the hawk cops for himself.
I could go gliding all the way
to Spain if I want.
I cop for myself.
I'd like to be a rock star,
or open my own body shop, you know?
"Raymi's Body Shop."
But I know [ just be dreaming.
And I get mad 'cause it hurt too much
when you come
down off the roof with nothing, man.
Nothing but pigeon shit on your shoes.
Hospital said
her wrist was fractured.
And she's, uh, pretty bruised up.
Pretty rattled.
No one's sure when
she'll be able to come back.
Now you know what it takes
to get a kid expelled from school.
Someone's been snorting
their happy dust today.
Yeah, he's high.
Since White Zac's been jailed,
he's celebrating his new
reign of undisputed king of the school.
Except for Pete Rose, here, of course.
- Who, me?
- Yeah, you.
Hey, come on, Screwdriver,
I told you I'm making you the principal.
And I told you what
you can do with your job.
- Well, I just can't do that today.
- Uh-huh.
Hey, hey, Raymi, come here.
Did I do something wrong?
Yeah. You write this?
This is good. You did a good job.
You liked it?
Yeah. You write some more of it?
- Shit, yeah!
- All right.
You write it, come to my office.
We got a lot to talk about.
You can't pay a substitute
enough to work here.
You can't pay anyone enough.
Sure you're right. Sure you're right!
Come on.
What? What? What?
What? What? What? Huh?
Sit down.
Sit down!
Sit. Come on.
What are you doing, huh?
Come on, in your seats. Sit down.
Okay, Emile, this ought to be
a good one. Let's hear it.
Man, I don't know what it be.
Homeboy just started hitting me, man.
- Just out of the blue?
- Yeah.
You should be in jail, man!
He helped White Zac get Miss Orozco.
Man, no, I didn't, man!
Fuck you, man.
Hey, hey, sit down. Lighten up.
But we don't have no teacher. He left.
Well, you have one now.
But you're a principal, man!
That's right.
You're the principal.
I know there's a law against this.
Okay, let's see.
The journal assignment was,
"Why did they call World War I
the war to end all wars?"
Obviously, it wasn't the last world war
or it wouldn't have
a number one after it.
So, what was their reason of thinking
that this was gonna be the last war?
Because, man,
if you kill off all your enemies,
there won't be no one left to fight you.
That's true.
Good, that's good. That's good thinking.
That's a stupid reason, Ricky.
Is that an invitation?
I mean, you wanna join me after school
for 200 push-ups, Emile?
I don't want that shit, man.
Okay, any other answers?
"Cause it would change all
the differences they would ever have.
That's what they were thinking.
Very good.
Who is you? Miss Albert Einstein?
Twenty-eight, 29, 30.
You got something to tell me
about Miss Orozco?
I don't know nothing about that.
You don't? All right, come on.
Come on, start pushing the floor.
Let's go, 31.
- Thirty-two.
- Thirty-one!
Thirty-one, 32.
What are you looking at?
Go clean something.
The bathrooms stink. Go do that.
Hey, yo, Ricky.
Somebody be here for you, man.
Come on in.
Did you want to see me, sir?
Yeah, I want to see you.
Well, am I in trouble or something?
You want to explain this?
Well, Miss Orozco said I can do it
just so's I can turn something in.
Yeah, well, I'm taking
Miss Orozco's class
for the next few days.
Unfortunately, I can't read alien.
You wanna do me a favor
and write it in English?
Just like everybody else, okay?
But she said I can do that
till I learn better.
Oh, yeah?
She was teaching me this
at lunchtime every day.
What's that?
Give it to me. Let's see it.
You can't read?
I'm almost finished with it.
She says she has another one for me.
Hey, keep your nose down!
Come on, keep pushing!
Fifty-one, 52...
Wanna finish it now?
All right, pull up a chair.
Yeah, we'll knock these
suckers right out.
Where were you at? Here?
- Yeah.
- Fifty-seven...
All right, go ahead.
"I cannot be a dog,' said Tootle."
Um, that's a, uh, an "ur" sound,
like in, uh, "Turd."
- Yeah.
- Turtle?
- Yeah, very good.
- Turtle...
- Man,
that sounds like a baby book!
What you be reading a baby book for?
Hey, I don't wanna hear
nothing outta you but sucking wind!
Look at that.
Homeboy be learning to read and shit.
You got a problem with that, huh?
No, man, I got a problem with you!
Hey, hold it right there!
Okay, Shakespeare.
Go ahead, read anything. Go on.
"No, you cannot do that,' said Pig.
"I cannot be a dog,' said Turtle.
"I do not want to be a dog.
Mom taught us at bedtime.
Well, good.
Go home.
Come on, get out.
Don't worry about him.
Come on, sit down.
Okay, all I've got
is these three pages and I'm done.
That's right. Three more pages
and this book's history.
Yo, Ricky!
You be history too, man.
Yeah, something's wrong with that kid.
Victor's gang.
I heard he quit 'em.
I heard he left today.
Oh, God.
What's happening?
Look, I didn't mean to laugh at him.
I think it's good he be
trying to read and shit.
That's not what I wanna hear.
You got a story to tell, pal.
I wanna hear that.
- I ain't got no story, man!
- Come on.
They wanted me to write
this note to Miss Orozco,
asking her to meet me after school,
but I wouldn't, man!
I'm telling you the truth!
All right. Hey, who wrote it?
Who wrote the letter?
Victor be doing it for White Zac.
He helped Zac
put the black paper in the window.
He help him out
so he could be our homeboy,
help us get rid of some other whites.
They say you all that's left, man.
They gonna make you behave.
Oh, I appreciate that.
Hey, man.
Talk to me.
They wanted me to take out
some homeboy today.
I wouldn't, man. I just told 'em no.
You did the right thing.
I don't know, Ricky.
When you be with Victor,
you can go wherever you want.
Do whatever you want.
Jesus. What are you, a wuss?
Say what?
I said, are you a wuss?
You keep sucking up to those guys,
you're gonna follow "em
right down the tubes, you know that?
Hey, man, I said no to 'em, didn't I?
I ain't going back.
You "ain't" going back?
I'm not going back.
All right, then! Okay!
Give me five, up high!
Come on, on the side.
Down low. Too slow, man.
- You're too slow.
- God.
Come on, jump on the back,
I'll give you a ride home.
Yo, I ain't a wuss, Ricky.
I stay nearby.
But you. You be careful, man.
Oh, yeah. I'll behave.
All right, man, I want three
journal pages by tomorrow, all right?
- All right. All right.
- By tomorrow.
Or you'll be doing 200
push-ups on your knuckles.
Al right.
Latimer. Hi.
L... Do you happen to have an extra copy
of a Sam and Jane book?
You know, the one
where they go to the zoo?
Oh! So you've read Arturo's journals.
Come on in.
- Nice plant.
- Thanks.
Wow, great tunes!
- Do you meditate?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I meditate all the time.
That's why I'm on such an even keel.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry that that happened.
Don't be. If it weren't for you,
I wouldn't be here.
I know, but I could have done something.
I could've gotten
there a little earlier,
I could've checked
the doors before I left.
Well, you should have worn your cape.
Make sure he reads
at least three pages a day.
He'll try to get out of it.
Look, take your time.
You know?
Take all the time you need.
- We need you.
- Thanks.
But don't hurry.
Thank you.
I can take care of World War I
by myself for a little while.
- Rick.
- Hmm?
Would you like to stay for dinner?
You mean a "dinner" dinner?
Dinner dinner.
Not a microwave dinner? Dinner dinner?
Like a sit down at the table
kind of food dinner?
Plates and silverware and glasses, yes.
You're not a vegetarian, are you?
Son of a bitch!
Son of a bitch!
Come on, let's split, man.
Don't you wonder
When the hell it's going
to start making sense
They say fair is fair
But at whose expense?
They've got my number
I've got them in my sights
You could say
the strong survive
But it just ain't right
I don't wanna know
How we're fooled
by this perception
I just wanna know
What to do now
For protection
'Cause we're looking
through our own eyes
We're believing in
our own lies
While we're looking
through our own eyes
What you see as true
I don't recognize
You look like shit.
Oh, God, I'm sorry.
I'm so fucking sorry.
I thought I was doing
something good, you know?
Something right.
You know, Emile...
Yeah, I fucked up with my old man,
I fucked up my marriage,
I fucked up at Willoughby.
I run a school of fuck ups
and I even fucked that up.
Aw, Jesus.
I'm sorry, man.
You know, I didn't mean
for you to get hurt.
I didn't want that to happen.
I don't know why I thought
I could change things there.
I can't.
I just can't, man.
What, you mean
I got my ass kicked for nothing, Ricky?
Aw, shit.
Yo, Rick, what's up?
I mean, like, uh,
how's it hanging, dude?
Want some chips?
Want some chips? Huh? Huh?
Son of a bitch. That kid is hanging on
by a thread! You know that?
I'll kill you, you fucker!
I want you in prison, man.
But I can't, because nobody
saw what you did to Emile.
But I'm gonna catch you,
and you're gonna wish
you were in prison when I do!
- Fuck you!
- No.
Fuck you!
I expel you, you fucker!
You're expelled!
You're not the principal
here anymore, fucker!
And if you come back
tomorrow and you try,
you're going home in a body bag!
You threatening me?
You're a dead man
if you come here tomorrow.
I expel you, you fucker! You're dead!
You hear me? You're dead!
Thank you.
When it rains at Brandel,
it sure does pour, don't it?
- What?
- That was the police.
White Zac, he jumped bail.
Son of a bitch!
So, if the police
can't prevent that from happening,
what the hell do you
think they're gonna do about a threat?
Why? Do you think
Victor's a man of his word, or what?
Well, let me put it this way.
You'd best call in sick tomorrow.
I'll be here tomorrow, Screwdriver.
Hey, Rick.
I'll be here too, man.
You're a very stupid man.
Yeah, I know. What can I do?
Good night.
Good night, Mr. Latimer.
Good night.
Hi, Rick.
Uh, come on in.
You don't mind, uh...
I haven't cleaned up.
The maid... You know.
Haven't really paid her,
I think that's why she's not coming.
There's a... I don't know,
they're on strike or something.
Come on in.
Actually, um, I have
something very important to tell you.
- Okay.
- Um...
Oh, you found out about White Zac?
Well, you don't have to
come back until he's caught.
Well, that's exactly why I'm here.
I've applied to a boarding
school in Connecticut
and I've been accepted.
I hope you understand.
Sure, I understand.
I think that's great.
Thanks a lot.
Good luck.
All right.
Okay, what did the privacy
of the automobile allow us?
Gave 'em a place to fuck.
Okay, all right.
And what did that do
for the moral climate of the times?
Um, it kind of made
the people a little looser and wilder.
I guess that's why they
called the '20s "Roarin"."
All right.
Very good.
"We can take this to Bear.'
"1 will take this,' said Baird.
"'Bear will...'"
No, wait, wait.
It's got an "e-r" sound like in, um...
Yeah, "turtle." Try it again.
"1 will take this," said Bird."
Bird. Good.
""Bear will have fun with this.'
"Yes, it will be fun,' said Chip.
"'"Now come and help.
What are you doing here?
It's my classroom,
and that's my student.
None of the students have left yet.
They're still here.
Can you take Arturo home?
No, man. I don't need
no one to take me home.
I ain't afraid of him.
I'll walk home by myself.
I'll walk right through him.
Arturo, why don't you take
Miss Orozco to her car?
Something's up.
They all can't be waitin'
to go to school tomorrow.
Is everybody out?
It's just you and me, stick.
You have a plan, Mr. Principal?
Yeah, I'm gonna have him
write on the blackboard 1,000 times,
"Do not kill the principal."
You gotta teach him to write first.
All right.
We'll give him another minute,
and then we'll go home.
It's time to go home.
No, it's not.
Look, right there.
All right, you call the police.
I'll go get the chains, chain the door.
Shit! Jake!
Ah, shit.
Who's there?
All right, motherfucker,
don't you play no games with me.
I said open this door!
God damn it, open this door!
Go check that shit out.
Somebody's cheating.
Good morning, Mr. Latimer.
Drop the fucking stick, Ricky.
Drop the stick!
Didn't I tell you
if you came here today,
you were going home in a body bag?
Now you're gonna die.
You're gonna bleed, Rick.
Cut this pig.
Don't do it.
- Cut him, Jo.
- Don't do it!
You wanna play football, boy?
Cut him, I said.
Cut this sack of shit!
Oh, come on, Victor!
Enough with the shit, man!
We got him scared shitless here.
Don't talk back to me, Jo.
Don't do it, man.
Cut that pig now!
Don't listen to him.
You got a chance, man.
That kid we threw off the building, man,
he could die.
If he dies, man, we're goin' down.
Cut him!
No, man.
Shut up. Shut up.
I ain't doin' life for nobody.
You wanna Kill this piece of shit,
you do it your damn self.
You hear that sound, old man?
Your boy's dead.
Yeah? Well, I'm taking you out!
You're gonna die now, Ricky.
How's it feel to know you're gonna die?
Tell me. You're the teacher.
I wanna know.
Hey, motherfucker!
Piece of shit.
Fuck off!
What are you gonna do now?
My turn.
No, please. No more.
You got that right! No more!
Yeah, that's right!
What you doing, motherfucker?
What the fuck is up with you, man?
No more!
Am I gonna see you here tomorrow?
Yeah, I'll be here.
We are very stupid men.
Yeah, I know. But what can you do?
Hey, man? Who in the hell
do you think you are?
He's the principal, man!
I'm the principal, man.
Hey, hey, hey
Yes, yeah
Don't think
you know it all
Do you think you could walk
through these streets
And never pay the toll
Just when you have it all
Does your life do a 180
and put you up against the wall
You need some
good protection
Could you use some of mine?
Could you use some of mine?
Just move in my direction
While you still got time
Now tell the truth
Gonna be more than just a survivor
- But you can't stay away
- Can't stay away
Living in the line of fire
Hey, you!
Are you just another gun for hire?
- But you can't stay away
- Can't stay away
From living
in the line of fire
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Oh, whoa, oh, oh
Just when
you're walkin' tall
It's the hustle
And the muscle
Can it teach you
with a palm of steel?
Concrete can be so cold
When you lay there
and you sell them your soul
That's how you make a deal
Hold on to my protection
While you still got time
While you still got time
Now tell the truth!
Gonna be more than
Just a survivor
- But you can't stay away
- Can't stay away
Living in the line of fire
Hey, you!
Are you just
another gun for hire?
- But you can't stay away
- Can't stay away
From living
in the line of fire
Tell the truth!
Are you more than
just a street survivor?
-'Cause you can't stay away
- Can't stay away
Living in the line of fire
Hey, you!
Are you just
another gun for hire?
-'Cause you can't stay away
- Can't stay away
You never stop
to seeing my way
What you gonna say?
Where does it get you
to just play it safe?
What you gonna do?
What you gonna say?
Uh! Still on
the street, huh?
Is it tough enough for ya?
You'll find out
Tell the truth!
Gonna be more than
Just a survivor
Hey, you!
Are you just
another gun for hire?
Living in the line of fire
Be more than
Just a survivor
- But you can't stay away
- Can't stay away
Living in the line of fire
Hey, you!
Are you
just another gun...