The Prison (2017) Movie Script

I am just sick and tired of hiding
and waiting in here so long...
I'll get on the cargo ship first thing
in the morning
but you have to handle
the rest it over there for me.
Do you understand?
What? What do you mean
i have to wait?
How many times have I told you?
I'll get blamed for everything!
It's all over the media!
Woo-myung group's
tax evasion confirmed
no no no no... not China!
I wanna go to Vietnam...
Who the hell are you?
Mr. jang min-ki?
What the fuck are you doing?
Sit him up.
This will sting a bit.
Clench your fist, please.
Let's go, then.
Got it.
This wasn't in the script.
What do we do?
What do you think?
Rewrite the script.
The cfo of woo-myung group,
who vanished just before
being summoned by prosecutors,
has been found dead of a
heart attack in a Seoul hotel.
The cause of death seems to be
a massive drug overdose...
Jang's death is expected to derail
the prosecution's investigation
into tax evasion at woo-myung group.
Move orderly. Stay in line.
Let's get along well.
Eyes ahead! Move forward!
Oh, it's a death row convict!
You blockhead, death row is red.
Yellow is a person of interest.
Meaning he requires attention.
Best for us to leave him alone.
What are you looking at, fucker?
Don't stare.
I'll dig your eyes out...
Damn it!
Let me go!
Let go!
Come here, you!
First bonehead to come in a while.
Seems that way.
He's even got forsythia
on his chest.
You son of a bitch!
Haven't seen him before.
Where does he belong to?
Damn blockhead.
Get in!
Stay still!
Stay still, you bastards!
- Don't move.
- You might break your neck, prick!
Got it!
(Ya)'. He's hanging!
You asshole.
- Hey, cut it out.
- Yes, boss!
I'm gonna sleep.
Put him there.
Good night, sir!
Why do I always need to pee
when I try to sleep?
I should see the doctor.
Having a hard time?
You should stay strong.
It's no fun like this,
lieutenant song.
I know.
You never imagined sharing a cell
with a guy you threw in, I get that.
Are you laughing?
Is this funny?
You motherfucker!
I don't understand a word,
you asshole.
Long time ago...
Long time ago...
What? Long time ago?
Don't move!
- Where's the warden?
He's coming!
I asked for the warden.
Not all you scumbags!
I'll cut his throat!
It's your fault if he dies!
Bring the warden now!
This bastard is really insane!
Let me ask you.
Whose idea was that?
You should be careful
when playing tricks.
What did you expect me to do
among those bastards?
This tea is from Tibet.
It has a great scent.
I heard this place is
tough as nails.
But you shouldn't do that to me.
I was a civil servant
just like you.
You never know what might
happen to you someday.
Administering correctional facilities
isn't easy.
People locking up other people...
You talk through your ass.
You're not listening to me.
Put me in another cell.
Then I'll lie low
until I finish my sentence.
Challenging me
is like punching a wall.
When I was in go-Chang prison,
I made the chief of security
and one officer quit.
So don't provoke me.
Then I'll be calm and quiet.
Who lets inmates
wander around at night?
What kind of prison is this?
Come here.
Come here, you bastard!
Stop right there!
Get over here!
It hurts...
I had enough.
Let's stop this. Fuck!
Your eyes are
full of malice.
This place is tough.
If you run wild like this,
we'll wear each other out.
We need to rely on each other,
and help one another.
You and I are both
fucking prisoners.
How dare you preach to me?
So, you lost your hand
working on this machine, okay?
Damn it.
Fuck, let's not do this!
Catch him!
Hold on a second!
Please forgive me!
I'll do whatever you tell me!
You promised to behave.
You wet your pants.
No. 3260. 20 days' detention
for assault and damage to property.
Get in!
Don't push.
Who the hell was that anyway?
Fucking embarrassing.
Whoever gets on his bad side
is dead meat here.
Not even the warden
can touch him.
Ik-ho is a troubleshooter.
So his word is law here.
To be honest,
he makes our jobs easier.
Where does he belong to?
He doesn't belong to any gang.
He's above them.
You know the white tiger gang?
The leader picked a fight with lk-ho
and lost all his men to him.
Rumor says lk-ho pulled his eye out
and chewed it in front of everyone.
Don't bullshit me!
Warden um anyway, he's untouchable here.
He's the king.
Try going to house no. 8.
Warden um all his men are there.
We don't set a foot there.
If you can join that house,
prison life will be great.
Woo-myung tax evasion case
closed with no charges
- reformation!
- Come on in.
I heard your daughter's
getting married?
You didn't have to...
We're all family here.
Congratulations, chief Kwon.
By the way... hey!
Yes, sir!
He has a situation...
What is it?
- My daughter is very sick...
- Transfer him...
Busan would be good.
Don't worry.
I can handle that.
I have a meeting now.
Thank you, chief Kwon.
Guess that cop has quieted down?
He's a real badass,
so we need to keep an eye on him.
- Hit and run?
- Not just that.
He did everything...
Destruction of evidence, bribery.
He was called the grim reaper,
coz once on his radar,
nobody got away.
That's why he has so many enemies.
He's a real headache for us.
Meaning he did his job perfectly?
3260. Come out.
Who are you?
You don't even recognize
your source?
Are you gye-sik?
What happened to your face?
Look at yours.
I heard you came in here.
But I hardly recognize you
wearing this shit.
Hey, lieutenant song!
So you're out?
Hard time in there?
We were fucking bored without you.
Hey, you should pay
for my ear, fucker!
I ate it all up, asshole.
Go search in the toilet.
Back off, you two!
Tonight's gonna be special.
You'll watch the sunrise
with blood seeping out your asshole.
I told you, back off!
You want to go into solitary?
I told you to stop!
You used to be a gangster,
but you're turning into a bully.
Watch your language.
My boys are here.
Ordering your men to bully others,
that's what a bully does.
how about a fight to settle things?
Damn, what are you trying to do?
Are you scared?
Should we bet on it?
If I win, fried chicken for every cell,
and put me in house 8!
Hell, okay.
If I win, transfer me and my boys
to another prison, okay?
You heard them?
Go for it, bro!
- Boss, you alright?
- Off!
My hand!
That's a foul, you asshole!
Get up, you motherfucker!
Stand up!
Stop it! Stop!
Final blow, asshole!
You rocked it, man!
Boss! Boss!
Quiet, you bastards!
Prisoners chicken! Chicken!
- Prisoners you bastard.
- Prisoners I want a leg!
Put them in my hands!
Prisoners I want a wing!
A wing!
Tastes delicious.
Why don't you have some?
You don't mind missing dinner?
I only eat spicy chicken, asshole.
So all of you like spicy?
Farewell! I'm off.
Hell, is this a prison or a dorm?
This is great.
This was arranged
in order to keep you quiet,
so you behave.
I fought my ass to get in here.
I don't owe you any favors.
Hi, Dr. Kim.
No, don't take that!
Is it?
All right, then.
Let's have a bowl
of beef soup, then.
The balance for
the woo-myung case.
Damn real-name account system
makes things so complicated.
The first one's for you,
so you take it.
The rest goes to the captain.
You've got stocks in gold wing?
- A bit.
- A bit, my ass.
Sell them.
They'll file bankruptcy
in two days.
And what's this?
You don't know?
It's all arranged.
So tell me what it is!
Your attitude gets on my nerves.
You think I'm still a prisoner?
If you really want to know,
ask him yourself.
What are you in for?
Medical accident.
Professional negligence.
Are you a doctor?
Baek-jung he's a real killer.
You'd better watch out.
The men here are
not just random prisoners.
Opener was an ex-researcher
at se-sung safe.
Mr. Yang was a chief operator
at army headquarters.
Butcher was a meatman.
All of us are experts.
No place for the fuzz.
Watch your mouth.
I did well for myself, too.
Let me eat.
You should slow down.
Too many mouths to feed.
How can I slow down?
Things are different
under the new prison service head.
If we worry over petty details,
we'll starve.
You don't know
how things work here,
always being on the outside.
This latest matter is urgent.
Let's hurry, Mr. warden.
Dr. Kim is great.
How does he get all this?
He took what was seized by police,
so no trouble for us.
So you figured it out?
We need to blast.
There's a guy called gi-tae.
He's in jang-sung prison.
He's the best in Korea at blasting.
Opener will do the safe,
hak-kyu the transportation,
and yong-cheol, back-up.
Four should be enough.
What the fuck?
I'm taking off.
You left me behind?
Haven't you heard
about teamwork?
Are we going or not?
- They seem to be done.
Yes, sir.
What are you doing?
We're fucked.
What we do now?
Damn it!
Kim sang-Jo
nov 23, 1995
Come on in.
- Warden.
- What is it?
Why are you telling me now?
What if the police
catch him for something?
Go get him!
Do whatever it takes!
Yes, sir!
What is it?
I see.
The head of the prison service
is coming for an inspection.
What the hell?
Why so sudden?
You two change!
Kwon, stay up!
Let me open the door!
All clear at work, sir!
Why are you standing in the rain?
What brings you here so suddenly?
- Should I notify you beforehand?
- No, sir.
Then why make a face?
- You got a problem with this?
- No, sir.
I'll see whether
you have a problem.
You bastards need random checks.
Let's make our rounds.
All clear!
I told you to water
the workroom floor!
It's bad for their bronchi.
Yes, sir!
If you get caught taking
bribes from subcontractors,
you'll be in deep shit.
What is that?
What is that?
You have a gardening class?
Yes, sir.
What a sensitive prison you run.
Leftover ramen makes me crazy.
Just make what you can eat!
Damn pigs!
Quite impressive.
But the pruning is the key.
You've got potted plants too?
- If so, I wanna take some.
- I see.
- Potted plants...
- Here they are!
You used to be in gang-Jin prison,
didn't you?
Fuck pardon.
You don't remember me?
7126, jung lk-ho, right?
I even remember
your prisoner number.
Now you're a model prisoner?
Level a?
Are you sure about this?
Look these bastards.
At ease.
I said 'at ease', asshole!
That's enough.
What did he just say?
You're a fucking big shot now!
Who's been spoiling this asshole?
Head on the ground.
You fucker.
This son of a bitch must've
forgotten about me.
This is the last warning.
On the ground!
What's wrong with your eyes?
Your head on the ground,
you damn bastard!
You're resisting?
- I told you...
- Damn it!
Why bother a man
who didn't do anything?
Who do you think you are?
Don't prisoners
have human rights?
Why should he do that?
Oh shut your mouth!
Oh you damn son of a bitch.
You put your damn head down!
Shut your mouth, I said!
Why? What did I say wrong?
This cheap bully has
a nice henchman.
But you're still a scumbag.
What's wrong with you?
Where are you going?
Shut him up!
Come here, you son of a bitch!
Watch your mouth!
How dare you run away?
What are you doing!
Beat him up.
You want to be a regular here?
Slow down, bastard.
You must love it in solitary.
Did you hide candy there?
Ouch, my back!
Close the door.
It's chilly.
Clean up this mess.
- I'll check back later.
- Yes, sir.
Never forget your original intention.
I quit smoking.
Damn bastards stepped on my back.
Hurts like hell.
What's your favorite?
Anything you want to eat,
name it.
Not much...
I eat like a bird.
Then never mind.
Hey, put this asshole
back in the cell.
Yellow tail!
It's the season now.
You mean sashimi?
Why did you bother asking
if you can't make it happen?
What the heck?
This is a damned break out!
Hey. Quiet!
I'm escaping!
It's a real break out, bastards!
I've been to so many prisons
but never seen one like this.
My kind of place!
That's damn good!
It's worth being beaten.
Why did you do it?
Well, I don't know...
I'm curious too.
To impress me?
There must be a benefit
to impressing you?
Everyone in that prison
seems to crawl to you.
But what's the use?
No one stepped out for you
when you needed it.
Seeing that upset me,
so I decided to act, okay?
You crazy bastard.
You have to be crazy
to survive in fucking prison.
- But what's your secret?
- Secret?
Your secret to
living well in prison.
I heard you can do anything.
You envy me?
Then tell me so, you prick!
Of course, I fucking envy you.
I heard your nickname was
the grim reaper.
Let's not talk about the past.
It hurts.
Can you go out
and bring someone in?
$100k in cash just for finding him.
I smell something dirty
behind this.
Anyway, I'll catch him only.
Don't mix me up in other shit.
Don't you worry.
Just do your job.
It's going to be cloudy
with a chance of rain...
Let's have some quiet.
Lieutenant song.
I'm sure this is a hotbed of crime.
We need to expose it.
That's ridiculous.
You think it's possible?
Even you think I am crazy?
That's not it...
You're a reporter.
Not a policeman.
- That's why I came to you.
- Hey, yu-gon.
I need to get back.
Let's talk later.
And call mom!
- Do you think we can trust him?
- Doesn't matter.
He's disposable.
When you get out of prison,
first you visit guys who cheated you.
To make them pay you back.
I still have a few sources
on the outside.
They say hak-kyu was cheated by
kangwei, his business partner.
Where are you?
What the hell?
Got cigarettes?
You go ahead and smoke.
I told you,
we're not here for you.
Where is hak-kyu?
You can't tell anyone
i told you this!
Fucking asshole!
He went to gun-San.
Asked me to find a ship to China.
Are you certain he's here?
Of course not.
Nothing in life is certain.
But I heard he has
a Chinese mistress living here.
And this is an emerging spot
for smuggling.
If he ran away,
this must be the place.
Let's wait and see.
Is he here?
Yes, he is.
He looks outnumbered.
Damn it, i hate getting soaked!
Fuck, I think I'm getting a cold.
Did the warden ask him
to do this, too?
I heard he's the
troubleshooter here.
Anyway, catching a
jail breaker is incredible.
No, actually it's me
who's incredible!
I'm sorry, sir.
Why did you do it?
I just wanted to stop.
It won't happen again.
Please forgive me.
From the outside, this might seem
like the lowest rung of life,
but it is not.
In here too, people live
and time passes the same.
Your life depends on
how you make up your mind.
You can't be a cop again anyway.
Take this as an opportunity.
Can we have better pork
next time?
Let's drink!
Eat slowly.
Let me pour for you.
- Thank you, sir.
- For what?
I heard you sent my father
to jeju island last month
for his 70th birthday.
- I didn't know until now.
- Don't mention it, prick.
It's nothing.
Let's drink up, to us!
- To us!
- To us!
- You two are the same age?
- Yes, sir.
You two can be of one mind.
When I was a cop,
I was about to screw
your far east gang.
If I hadn't been dragged
to headquarters,
we would've met long ago.
What are you trying to say, fucker?
You wanna face off now?
I'm sorry, sir.
Eat quick and clean up.
And you watch your damned mouth.
Hey, you guarantee me
all-night fun with a girl?
Whatever you want!
Here he comes!
Just five minutes!
Mr. ma, come on in.
What the fuck is going on?
Being alone with you
reminds me of the good old days.
What the fuck happened to us?
What happened to your forehead?
Are you going to stay here forever?
You're out next year.
What you gonna do?
The word is out already.
You kissing the ass of a jerk
who don't belong to any gang.
Who says that shit?
To be honest,
it's not 100% wrong.
I'm so scared.
Don't get upset.
I'm telling this for your sake.
I think that crazy bastard song
might push you out.
You'll lose everything
standing around gawking.
Then you get out of prison,
and you're nothing but a loser.
I've heard enough.
Mr. ma.
I didn't ask you to do anything.
Just step back and close your eyes.
I'll take care of the rest.
For old times' sake
i didn't hear anything.
But pull this shit again,
and you're dead meat.
Gosh, what a royal servant you are!
Song yu-cheol
dong-gook daily
Dr. Kim captain told me
to look into him.
Dr. Kim his name's song yu-cheol,
a real journalist.
Dr. Kim
specializing in investigative reporting,
they call him pit bull terrier.
He never let go
once he finds something.
He's onto us now.
I think he'll publish a scoop soon,
so go tell captain
to get rid of him quickly.
This is a hotbed of crime.
We need to expose it.
Even you think I am crazy?
I must be out of my mind.
- Who the hell are you?
- Pardon?
- What are you doing here?
- I'm cleaning.
What's taking so long?
Sir, I didn't know
you're still here.
Why is he here?
I told him to clean up.
Ministry of justice people are coming.
Who asked you to do that?
I'm sorry, sir.
Get the fuck out!
It's not your first time, is it?
I've been watching you.
You go to that room
whenever you have a chance.
Why'd you do that?
Well... I have some light fingers.
I see.
So what did you get?
Show me.
Don't move!
If you touch an officer,
you're on jankers.
I knew it.
You can smell money, I guess.
Must be a lot of it, right?
I'll confiscate this.
I'm sure you get my meaning.
No, sir.
Asshole, I want some crumbs off
lk-ho's table, too!
from the warden to the chief,
enjoys luxuries
sponging off of lk-ho.
Why can't I get any benefit?
What are you doing here?
We need to hurry.
I'm giving guidance...
Can I go now?
I'll see you soon.
Isn't it cool?
I'll have it ready in front of
this prison when I get out.
Anyway, we're all blessed
to meet our generous captain here.
Fucking blessed!
Thanks to him,
we could die at any time.
What's wrong with you?
Did I say anything wrong?
Are you on dope, junkie?
I need some sleep!
Prison officer okay.
Dr. Kim they're sober as a judge...
You did a great job this time.
No one cares about a bankrupt
subcontractor to a prison.
I really appreciate it.
Dr. Kim but now as chairman of
the reformation conference,
this is the least you can do!
- Let's have some tea.
- Sounds great.
Today is a special off day.
Let everyone stop working
and rest for a day.
Yes, sir.
Clean these up
and deliver them to
each house quickly.
Yes, sir.
Everyone out!
I said, out!
You too get out!
Why? I'm fucking busy.
I said 'out'.
You motherfucker!
Who gets the blame
if dinner is burned?
Damn bastard.
Dr. Kim this hasn't changed a bit.
Come here and meet.
- Dr. Kim.
- Not a real doctor.
Dr. Kim I got that nickname here
as I was a walking dictionary.
Nice to meet you.
Kim sang-Jo.
Dr. Kim I wanted to meet, since
our captain adores you so much...
Dr. Kim but don't we need
a background check?
Dr. Kim just kidding.
Dr. Kim I've told him often
we need someone from the police.
Now we've got you,
my job will be much easier.
Dr. Kim let's work well together.
- Hey, you take a rest.
- Yes, sir.
President Lee.
You made the right choice.
The products here are great.
Prison officer be quiet!
Dr. Kim check it yourself.
Dr. Kim take your time.
What the hell?
Go in.
Dr. Kim you can wire the money here...
What are you doing?
You take all the cream?
To eat fruit you must climb a tree.
I can't stay in the same prison
as you any longer.
I'll pushing you out today.
You motherfucker!
Why are you rushing out?
What the fuck is it?
You operate on
such a huge scale!
You're fucked now.
I'll tell everyone
on the outside about this.
Your luck depends on
who your boss is.
Today one of you will
lose a fucking eyeball
because of him!
Don't stand there, assholes!
He's bluffing!
Get him!
Since I came into prison,
I've dug out nine eyeballs
and eaten them all.
The fucking judge warned me
I'd be hanged
if I did it one more time.
Stay still, motherfucker.
You won't die.
After eating your eyeball,
I'll die for you.
Fair enough?
I apologize, sir.
You know a gang is all about
saving face.
I have my men and territory.
If this rumor gets out,
i lose everything.
You stupid moron.
I'll die for you!
Fuck you.
Please let me serve you.
You fucking bastard.
You son of a bitch.
Did my begging flatter you?
Stupid asshole without any backing
tries to control this place?
Damn son of a bitch!
You crazy son of a bitch!
Stop it!
I told you to stop!
Stop, you asshole!
Give these morons a little freedom,
and they show their true colors.
Send the injured to
the dispensary.
And the rest to
the investigation room!
Fucking moron.
I need to check.
Song yu-cheol
this doesn't look like an accident.
There's no witness, no evidence.
It must be premeditated murder.
Any idea who did it?
That fucking bully.
Did he stab you deeply?
I owe you too much
too often, I guess?
If the prime suspect in a case
is already in prison,
he has the perfect alibi.
After investigating,
i found out these cold cases
are all related to this prison,
regardless of the type of crime.
Chief, we need to solve this mystery.
But it's an assumption
without any conclusive evidence.
- I agree, but...
- Listen, jeong.
- Yes, sir.
- Are you sure about this?
Circumstantial evidence shows
what he says is highly possible.
How will you prove it all?
Tell me.
- Let's form a special task force...
- Then we'd need to re-open
all the cases he mentioned.
We'd need to summon the prosecution,
police, court and prison service.
You think we can do that?
At a time like this?
I understand how you feel.
But this is too big.
I'm not sure about this.
Let's call it off.
Let me go in there.
I need to go in myself.
From in there,
I'll find out
who's planning what,
and how they do it.
You fucking assholes!
I'm leaving!
Enjoy yourselves,
and go to hell!
You fucking bastards!
Let me have one.
Fuck you.
What the hell? Hey!
What is it?
Why this sudden call?
Someone here backstabbed me.
Come out now,
or I'll kill you.
Please forgive me.
I will never...
Hey, Mr. ma.
If you had gotten rid of me,
after conspiring with Chang-Gil,
who'd have been the boss?
You or that bastard?
Anyone to take care of this rat?
No one?
You chickens.
Hey, song '(U-qw-
you do it.
You know...
You lost your hand
working on this machine.
Great view, isn't it?
You feel shitty?
In here's no different
from the outside.
The more desperate
you are to survive
the more sins you commit.
That's how life is.
You asked me my secret.
How I live well in here.
Whoever you fight against,
hit the leader first.
That's the fastest way.
When the minions see
their boss as nothing,
it's game over.
You might think the world
goes around by itself, but it doesn't.
There's people running it
as they like.
This way and that way...
You know...
From in here I'll have
those bastards in my pocket.
Just trust me and follow.
Then you'll be fine.
Fuck, today's not my day.
- You cleaned everything up?
- Pardon?
In recent years...
You moved to a bigger house
and bought some land.
Also I heard...
You're buying a villa
in geo-je island.
All under your wife's name.
A warden can't afford all those.
Can he?
You're right.
But you don't have to worry...
There's something between
you and that lk-ho bastard.
You won't tell me?
You want a special audit?
Pass me the onions!
What the heck?
You only peeled this much?
Has anyone seen yu-gon?
- Where is he?
- Yes?
He's been out.
Out? To where?
Assigned to assist
civil authorities.
Look at this mess...
- Let's wrap up!
- Yes.
There are goods sent from
the women's society in storage.
- Put them in the bus!
- Yes, sir.
Give me the balance!
What is it?
What do you care?
Don't get me into trouble later.
You keep your mouth zipped, too.
This isn't a prison, it's a huge
crime assembly line by jung lk-ho.
He sends out prisoners
to commit crimes for money,
like a coach picking
players for a game.
He has men for planning,
and for actions outside.
The warden is the messenger
between them and lk-ho.
You'll be in deep trouble
if you stay there longer.
Don't try anything risky.
Just hang on for a few days.
I'll start by getting
a stay of execution.
This will be our only chance
to catch him.
I can't leave now.
I need to twist his neck
with one move.
Come in.
Come and sit.
Leave it.
You come and sit too.
Shall I smoke one, for once?
An exemplary prisoner for 5 years.
18 years in total
with an impressive record.
You've been reformed
enough, I believe.
request for approval of parole
what are you trying to do?
Leave now.
Bae, that bastard,
knows what you've been doing.
I think I can cover up
what we did until now.
But not anymore.
This is the only solution
i can think of now.
What is it?
You don't want to leave?
You need a fresh start,
don't you?
With my signature,
you'll be free.
Better be grateful.
Go out and live a good life.
I didn't know there was
this side to you.
You should've listened
when I told you to slow down!
Who should've listened to whom?
You forgot who made
a petty guard a warden?
Now you've earned your crust,
you want a way out?
If you ever try pulling
a filthy stunt like this again,
I'll make your wife
spend rest of her life
in prison, warden!
Hey, I heard you went out
to support civil work?
I was bored and wanted
some fresh air.
What are you waiting for?
The light's green.
Dr. Kim in charge of planning,
and hwang of operations.
Watch them closely.
If they move together,
that's a sign something is imminent.
When the message comes in,
the inside starts to get prepared.
- Hello?
- It's me.
Where are you?
Don't worry about me.
Take care of yourself.
Can you hear me, son?
Hello? Hello?
I can't leave now.
I need to twist his neck
with one move.
When they come out,
we'll bust them all.
- Where are you now?
- No time to talk.
A foundry outside an-San.
Get here fast!
A, secure the position.
B is standing by.
Send them in.
Update me on the situation.
We're subduing them now.
Get the suspect first.
Obtain ID from all the workers.
A, investigation complete,
no suspect identified.
What? There's nothing here.
By the way, why'd we change
the destination?
You don't have to know.
Sit back and enjoy the show.
What... the hell are you doing?
How have you been?
You've gone too far,
you son of a bitch!
I don't have time to go too far.
I'm here to work.
You motherfucker!
I'm promoting our warden
to head of prison service!
So that I can control
all the prisons in this country.
What do you think?
Isn't it great?
What the hell?
I get what you mean.
I'll resign quietly.
You will?
Then you don't mind going
to hell right now, do you?
Ik-ho wait!
You brought all this on yourself.
Stop it, lk-ho!
L~\ \ \ b 'x!
You bastards!
There's nothing we can do
if the operation fails.
They're outside of the prison now.
Director of correction I also confirmed
the head of prison service is missing.
If we block them from returning
to the prison, we have a chance.
I'll find another way.
So just withdraw now.
If you add fuel to the fire,
it will rage out of control!
But yu-gon will be in danger.
What if something happens to him?
Listen to me.
Retreat now!
- That's an order!
- But please...
All right.
Sung-an prison
23 km
it's not always easy
to travel one's path.
Can you just kill people at will?
What else can I do?
They all stand in my way.
You know this guy?
Who is he?
Dr. Kim's tail.
The fuzz ambushed the factory
like packs of wild dogs.
It's obvious
there's a rat among us.
Is it the warden, byung-soo or Dr. Kim?
I can't trust anyone.
- Bum-mo.
- Yes.
You all set?
So Mr. jeong doesn't know yu-gon?
Yu-gon said likewise.
Then that's that.
Finish him off now.
I had a similar case once.
A fucking reporter was
bugging me so much.
I thought I cleared it up then
but now this again.
Why do you think that is?
Stop it.
He's got nothing to do with you.
Stop right there.
Then why did you
drag him into this?
He's dying because of you.
Stop it now.
No... no...
I said stop, son of a bitch!
Damn it.
What happened to bae?
- I suppose...
- Bastards!
Who the fuck are you?
Are you an officer,
or a prisoner's henchman?
Then what about you?
Where are those fuckers?
How many people know about this?
How many more
should I send to hell?
Tell me.
What do you want me to do
with you?
You crazy bastard!
Do whatever you want!
I figured myself dead
when I came in here.
After all you did to get this far.
You okay with that?
Doesn't matter.
It ain't over yet.
Now I remember.
It was me
who killed your brother.
Did you know that?
If I knew,
I'd have killed you already.
But that's not all you did.
Just wait.
I'll make you
pay for everything you did...
I knew that you were
the real deal.
Whatever I decide about you...
Remember it's nothing personal.
And I don't regret
having trusted you.
But still...
I guess this is the end.
I can't take it any longer.
I think you understand too.
Are you out of your mind?
You collected those shitty tapes
like a scared rat.
You caused this shit.
There's no time.
Finish him off now!
You shut your mouth
and get lost.
What did you say to me?
I treat a scumbag convict well,
and now you think
you're something?
Let's call it off.
Why do you keep wanting
to call it off?
It's only the beginning for me.
from today you're the warden.
How about this?
You killed yourself
after shooting the warden.
That will do.
Hurry up!
Want to stay here all night?
Come on, you son of a bitch.
Baek-jung pull him up.
I'm trying!
His legs! Legs!
You stupid morons.
Let him go!
Let him go, you fucker!
Turn the light on!
Nobody move!
Get him!
Don't move!
Man on the loose!
He's trying to escape
after killing an officer!
Blockade all exits and
cut off escape routes!
Shoot on sight!
9there's a man on the loose!
Prison officer nobody move!
Prison officer search.
I must be out of my mind.
You know
this is not really like me.
Don't ever tell anyone
that I saved you.
What the heck
did you do this time?
- You should help me.
- No way!
I'm sorry but this should be it
between us.
Search harder you assholes!
- How about the back gate?
- We're checking!
Prison officer2 back gate!
Report on the situation!
A fire broke out!
It's getting
bigger and bigger here!
It's collapsing!
We'll extinguish a fire!
This is central fire service.
An alarm has gone off at your location.
Yes, it's not a fire.
We're fixing the incinerator.
Take immediate action please.
Yes, sir. We will.
I heard an explosion.
Are you okay?
Hello? Can you hear me?
Answer me.
Sung-an prison.
Cut off all the connections.
And lock all the gates.
Open up house 8
and send everyone
to extinguish the fire.
A major fire broke out
at sung-an prison, sir.
Send in all available troops.
How about jeong?
Have you found him yet?
What happened
to that filthy rat?
Hey, chief.
Do you want to be warden or not?
Catch that rat right now!
Prisoners fuck!
Great view, isn't it?
You're a lousy shot, i guess?
No fun killing you that easy.
Whoever you fight against,
hit the leader first.
I'll end this game,
you son of a bitch!
Look, you bastard!
Everyone is watching!
I'm going to show everyone
how a scumbag like you ends up!
Let me go, assholes!
Blockade all the exits
and arrest everyone involved.
Drop your weapon and surrender!
I repeat!
Drop your weapon!
Fuck off assholes!
This is my territory!
The world I built,
you shitheads!
No one can ruin it!
You fucker...
You motherfucker!
You don't deserve to live,
you scum!
Song yu-gon, stop!
You didn't come in for that!
Lieutenant song.
Think hard.
Drop it.
You already did your job.
You think so?
No way!
Leave him to us, yu-gon!
Do you believe in them?
Those bastards
are nothing but idiots!
You stupid moron.
Son of a bitch!
Stand up, asshole!
You want to catch me?
What'll you do then, asshole?
You think there's a prison
on earth that can control me?
Sure, I know there isn't.
Go on.
You're better suited to hell.
It was all your delusion.
This is just a prison.
We'll take him now.
Let's go.
I'll tell you the good news first.
Jung lk-ho's outside connection,
Dr. Kim, was arrested in Osaka.
And hwang's whereabouts
should be confirmed soon.
In addition...
All the cold cases will
be re-investigated.
Everyone involved will
be summoned.
We'll get loads of work
thanks to you.
And I can return this
to you now.
What's the bad news?
It's about your actions in prison.
Suspicion of arson...
That one you've already admitted.
What troubles us more is...
Related prisoners and officers
have testified
you actively participated in
various crimes
as the close associate
of the main culprit, jung lk-ho.
Anything you want to say
in your defense?
I think my part here is done.
I leave the rest of
the investigation to you.
I'm sorry to tell you...
Even under these
extenuated circumstances
you won't be able to
avoid a conviction.
Can you accept that?
In there too, people live...
And time passes the same.