The Prodigies (2011) Movie Script

The Prodigies
37 studios.
You may feel cool I have to warn
you to arrange the track error in.
Minutes, I understand.
This rate will first cause the
derailment of ultracentrifugation.
Carriages after the collision out
of touch, out of the national trunk.
Five or six six 048
I arrange the direction of travel.
Jinbo! Come here.
Attention! Danger!
Line 5 is imminent collision.
You get where my chair!
Get out it get it back.
Jinbo! To come here, hurry up.
On the 8th line failure, collision.
- Conversion to a silent mode, Fox.
- Mute mode is activated.
You find it?
I, regardless of your rocking
chair where to go it.
You gave me to shut up.
Jinbo, this to.
Do not push me in the past to find you
I'm sorry Daddy, I wanted to...
Ask you a father, should not be so.
Procedural errors.
No, Dad.
- Mom.
- Brisk walking, fast.
Dad ask you, do not do
I order you to stop!
Stop it!
The little boy spent beside the
corpse there is a week-long.
Police discovered the crime scene He reading
in there as if nothing had happened.
His father killed his mother
Hanged himself with a belt.
That guy has to say.
Come here after never said a word.
But I have to write something.
This is a very good juvenile
But the mood is very unstable.
He does have a very good ability to But we think
he is likely to suffer from a sci-fi paranoia.
Also has a dual personality.
In his fantasy world
Some juvenile has strangely ultra.
They are the "magic juvenile
He is talking about."
President, my proposal is your
best not to separate into
I hope that no one
disturbed our conversation.
See, gold I fixed this for you.
Are you okay, old man
I know you do not want to talk.
Also do not want to be bothered.
Hate those who worry about
and they do stupid things
I like you
More like the feeling of quiet.
This is Charles Ji Lian
I would like to know you.
And you know why.
All these years I've been
looking for people like you.
People like me
I think you know, gold.
The purpose of this is to pick you out.
But first
You have to first show me something.
Your secret, gold
I have no secrets.
You of course have.
[Title: prodigy]
When Section C / D,
Equal to the HC and the
excitation energy unit.
- Farah Mr.
- Justin, please speak.
But we have not coupled
with a blank column.
Another wonderful questions?
Unfortunately, Oh, is not.
But we will see that this action Is the most
basic analysis of the problem is fundamentally.
We straight to the hallowed halls.
This means that this formula Proved a special
present at the location in line with their way.
Here we will find Individual's impulsive
behavior are also included in the calculation.
Well, do not be discouraged
Tomorrow review time.
She stretches out her
even more embarrassing
I will look at the paper used in reference.
Ready car, we go home.
Remember turn off the light.
- Fox.
- What, Jinbo.
- I did not go out it.
- Saving electricity thing.
Really is mess.
Jinbo, dear
I look report
I collected a lot of
information from the hall.
Results are mediocre.
Baby, you see our fire extinguishers?
Oh shit
I wanted to give you a surprise.
It is good to eat like
I thought that the need
to bake a bit longer.
Someone will appreciate
my beautiful new dress
I prefer the skirt inside.
We later eat dinner!
Honey, I think you just
trampled my right foot.
I'm sorry, I do not care
I really do not want to
fall what disability.
My little angel, I'm sorry.
Wait, I have to deal with.
Wait for the next
Monday Online.
- I do not want to hear it nagging.
- Has affected the environment of the game.
In this house if you really
want to have a child.
He will have to be quiet, Farah.
As it is now so.
Hello, guys
We now have a new situation.
You should go downstairs
Look at the New Mexico district server.
A player has just passed the 38 tests.
Impossible, no one over 38.
He reached the 39.
This is the first time he login the game.
OK, his age
To his information page.
He only took 4000 seconds to reach 40.
Fox, you can be updated in real time.
Gill, 5000 seconds exceeded 44.
There are four players just over 40.
Lisa, Washington
Harry, Illinois.
Sami in New York
Seattle Xia.
They know you.
Find all the registration information
Check whether there is similar information
I want to know whether they
are logged on the same forum.
Whether or not to belong
to the same network area.
Does not comply, you have other questions
I made the right
I do not know.
System to detect anomaly intrusion.
Fox, they can not do.
They are trying to shut
down the system window.
Cut off from one to 6 servers.
Them full access to the system
of administrative privileges.
They have invaded.
WARNING! Their ongoing attack.
Start in Safe mode.
Closure of illegal
connections, system security.
- They online?
- No.
But they left a message on the server.
Fox, are you sure they
do not know each other.
Confirmation of 1000%.
Great, switch to the information
they left the screen.
[You? ]
Jinbo, how?
They did, five people at the same time.
You say that these do
I find the five magic juvenile
Yes, 5.
Will you suddenly find.
All right
I'll be back in two days after the
No later than three days
I love you.
What happens, Farah President?
I hope not.
All right.
For me to say hello to chiefs
I will remember
That we embedded into the game
in the background of the test
I would like the results.
I think we found 5.
You can do the successors.
Go to them, gold.
Teach them to pass on to your stuff.
Do not tell anyone else.
To protect them.
They have the same features of special.
Some peep.
This abnormal.
And so, I am not
I will kill you son of a bitch.
Bastard kid.
Mad at me.
Memory of long points, useless guy.
Do not let me see you again.
Excuse me, sir, I Jinbo Farah.
By telephone.
Yes, you want to doing
Jill, your son, joined
an online puzzle game.
His performance brought to our attention
I can talk to him?
Jill you?
Your son.
This is a joke?
No, sir
I am talking about is the Gill
I take him to New York To participate
in a talent development program
I do not know if this is appropriate.
Model scout has asked her to
participate in the October draft.
His wife, the Foundation provided to her
Is the unique opportunity of her life.
Do not say, she was only
fourteen years old.
Waiting for project funding for
discretionary We are responsible for.
In addition will also provide
$ 25,000 per year Scholarship.
In this case, I go with her.
Come on, bite it.
Look, my little adults
I won eighty.
Let me go first, you, Mom
Was waiting for me.
Nothing important With only one.
Me an hour early to give you the results.
The appointment was canceled, I sat down
Omniscient Mr.
You want to earn enough
to your share of the.
That sit and wait, wish me luck.
They no longer take you to church, and Lee
I was told Debu how you and
other children to get along.
Is that true?
Do not allow evil to invade your mind
To learn to pray, my child
I came here, straightforward
and honest with you
I am glad to know you.
Over the years I have been
looking for people like you.
People like me.
We do not know what he does.
But we know nothing about this Foundation.
Listen to me
I think this is a good thing for him.
Let him go.
Sami to say that we want to.
These calculations are to some extent
You are the only people able to read.
This loneliness will lead to an angry
The impulse to want to destroy this world.
You would think that they do nothing.
You come to me, are trying to
stop such a thing happened.
This is what I want
I do not even have been
waiting for this moment
I'm sorry sir, I can not go with you
I have to leave, I have my responsibility.
Harry, he is very clear to me
A hundred times than stay strong.
Why should I believe you
I have a secret.
But first, to show me your
I have no secrets.
No, you have a.
Or I made a mistake
And other ordinary children.
A mediocrity.
No special talent
Jill, I made a mistake?
I know, gold I'm sure.
Gill, enough
Jill, stop!
Now, enough of.
Fast! Stop it!
Thank you very much.
Now tell me your secret.
You are not the only.
A total of five people
I would like to convene
the five men of you.
- Fox, there is news?
- Hello, folks.
- From Anna more than 20 short message.
- More than 20!
- Well, call her.
- Call.
Dear, Jinbo.
Listen, something is happening.
Jinbo, you still there?
He left to the people is
admirable impression...
He as an intellectual life...
After enduring years of pain the pain...
He is committed to the development
of children's education industry...
Famous creator of the Education
Foundation and operators...
To subvert the traditional
educational thinking.
In recent years, health deteriorating...
These problems has never
really been mentioned...
He is only a representative...
Education sector to obtain such
a high achievement of great
Charles Ji Lian died...
Computer schools $ 11 million, 14 million of the travel funds
Operate games of 21 million, 44 million of operational funding.
We want to eventually invest
nearly a billion funding.
For what.
Why do not you open up another market game.
We have been faced.
Then why do you have to
wait until now to say.
Proposed to wait until Ji Lian died.
- Jinbo, pay attention to.
- This foundation is your father's.
- He lives for the Foundation.
- Yes, to die for the Foundation.
Foundation threw everything else.
His marriage, family.
Foundation is not his empire.
- And I want to change all that.
- Do not.
No, I do not want to.
What? Do not want to?
You forgot his Group's right to operate
To me you.
Jinbo, my father completely trust me
You can also
I respect you, I assure you
I think that we can no longer entertain.
However, entertain.
Entertain can also make money.
Will earn a lot of money
I happy to go to your entertainment
Melanie Close Foundation will be The worst
decision of the Group since its inception.
Because it is a huge gold mine.
- Mrs.
- Think about it, Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci
Hawking, Napoleon, Shakespeare
Which is not in the youth of fame.
Imagine the scene of their
confrontation in front of the TV.
Imagine that a critical mass of
game shows of all child prodigy.
Imagine related advertising revenue.
They will represent the
future of the American spirit.
Foundation will become the
Group's logo window, Melanie.
We breath will be able to say
The name of all Nobel Laureates.
"American genius."
We can show called "American genius".
Finals held at the White House.
By the president to two finalists referee.
No, not two finalists.
Is five.
Why is five.
One hand has five fingers.
Five human senses.
Only the number of faces
of five is also a pyramid
5 is the perfect digital.
[United States genius]
Selected after six months of the sea.
Talent superior players gathered a.
Starting today, the playoffs stage.
To decide the winner and five finalists.
However, please note.
Champion only one Oh!
Honey, face the camera to smile!
- Lisa, Hello!
- Lisa!
Lincoln's birthday? The size of the Brooklyn Bridge?
819213th root of equal?
She is just a little shy Bale.
Pleasure and pain.
What do this from time to shut the luck
Level of intelligence.
Why not answer reporters' questions
Do not you know
Lincoln was born in Kentucky in 1809
Brooklyn Bridge a total length
of 1486 meters high and 84 m
819213 th root.
Did you know.
You do not know
13 belong to the 4n +1 figures.
The square root of this combination of numbers Will be subject
to the existence of the collection of impact in the 13th root of
2 ^ 13 is equal to 8192.
Obviously 819213th root is equal to?
2, mother, two
14-year-old on the superior
skills of the Miss Congeniality
Lisa Everton.
Good evening, first of
all, I want to thank...
Thriving ah
She can be so beautiful
I see our tastes almost Well.
Everything here is for you
Well, Little Miss, stepped down
to wait for it She'll be back.
Here are invited.
A very powerful player.
Brown Doll.
They are in slightly.
Worse than a dozen
I said that five people, Jinbo.
Oh, that five people
I took them apart to the competition
I was afraid they advance to meet.
Unspoken rules, you know.
Yes, you said that these five will qualify.
Sami, Jill, Justin, Gregory.
In fact these five gifts do not exist
I said, after confirmation.
Awesome, but I kind of foreboding!
If there are five individuals
They must here.
Yes, they will.
Is so!
We will continue, not bad!
So, start it!
Do you have any troubles you, my dear.
Did not, and Melanie
On tonight's program to assess.
And so on, Jinbo.
- Honey.
- How the.
Our innate creativity has been limited
I want to thank you for
appearing in my life
I have only one or two cried opportunities.
How dear, you scared me.
You with me tonight?
- I also want to, but I made an appointment with Melanie.
- I pregnant
I love you
I was afraid you were not there.
When I saw that scene.
If I had the first
Really want to see if you look at my face.
That is what we all want to see the scene.
We should never separate
I do not want to return to my mother.
I do not want to return
to my father that. - I.
Adults are Nazi
They do not understand anything.
In addition to his, he and others
I hope he can come
I think he did not trust me.
Not the case, because he put us together.
Thanks to his efforts
We can together.
Who are you?
Should is Jinbo.
- Is not it?
- Yes.
Who is this guy?
Look at the pairs of legs.
You grow can be really beautiful.
And so on, buy one get one free!
Do not touch me.
Do not be afraid, we just want to on Hello.
Come on baby, a pro-father.
- Let me go.
- Do not be afraid A.
You are my.
Stop, now let go of her.
What did you say?
No, Lisa, do not.
Release them.
What do you want.
Hey, you want to go
Jill, to.
Gill faster
I want to break her.
United States genius.
Where is she?
Do not ah.
A smile.
You do not have anything to say.
Should not be so.
To save people ah, anyone?
Is anyone there, help me!
I can not stand.
Do not ah!
Fuck how is it.
Come on, flash, fast!
Prize money of one million
dollars from the.
Do not worry, see if I can
recognize them that they.
Is his.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Well, my child.
You are willing to testify in court?
He does not have to do to
qualify for the preparation.
If you want to testify in court on the die.
Do not let us be so loss.
- You get this police.
- Understand.
- Police officers, Mr.
- What happened?
I can talk to you?
Your son is really good.
- A genius.
- I'm really proud of you.
- Hello.
- Hello, Miss Ji Lian.
Will look at it.
- Hello.
- Hello, Harry.
Want to testify prisoners
showed a lot of courage
I am proud of you.
Thank you very much to say these.
If you recognize the
offender, which is good.
We should find a lawyer
Do you have a lawyer, ma'am?
Are you not in need?
There will be the process of questioning, hearings,
judgments, etc. Criminals will be punished.
Only with good judgment
is the most important.
Not in danger under the premise.
- What.
- Made in favor of.
Your family a better
life and more favorable.
Foundation will have all the
talent responsible for the
Harry, consider all your future.
Without you appear in court
Do you think criminals will go unpunished?
Want to become a victim?
Your family can count on you.
Do you want me to do what
I'm so pleased.
You made a right decision.
Those who do not kill our people
Makes us stronger.
You good.
Well, do not think this
nightmarish experience.
There is also a champion to bring it
I wish you good luck.
And so on, Ji Lian Miss.
Thank you for your Harley done.
He was just very upright, or very good
I am sorry to inform you that bad news.
Last night, when our athletes
Photographs to Central Park.
Driving a stolen car driver
Hit them after the accident escape.
Sami and Harry was seriously injured
Lisa Everton are still in a coma.
The police are not yet confirm
the identity of the driver's.
But I assure you that the criminals will be brought
to justice Their crimes will be duly punished.
At the same time, the "American
genius" program will continue.
And so on, slowly
I get out of the way.
- Melanie.
- What?
- Calm down!
- Children are so you can continue the program?
Come in, Jenkins.
Then how do you think.
Do you really think I
was in the use of their
I do not know how you see
But things have passed.
If you feel accepted, then that can not
Then you do not come.
Let alone to be will.
You can also go out.
You think I'm a bitch.
If you had not snatched away from me that
my father's heart I may be more tenderly
Jenkins, to accompany him out From now
on, he is no longer part of the company.
Please hurry up go.
Seize the time
I'm sorry.
The first time I came here
Similar to your age.
Like you, I live in a nightmare
So I can understand you
I know you all feel today
I make a commitment to you
I will keep this commitment
I will not let anyone hurt you.
So, we have a total of six individuals.
Come on, Jinbo, gotta go.
Are you in?
Do not blame yourself.
This is not your fault, man.
No, I should have with them the
I go.
Responsible for the case officers
Not the case closed.
Their crimes should be punished.
- Should not be so.
- Why.
Everyone involved in the
punishment of criminals.
Why do you do nothing
I do not want to Melanie said revenge for
them This and the offender is no difference.
- Then you are abandoning them.
- What do you want me to do.
Conducting fair Fairness and
justice comes from the Latin word.
- Well.
- Is comply with the law, act in accordance with the order.
Fairness and justice also contains the
appropriate response to the evil - Fox, shut up.
[Security lifting]
They are archived and all
students of the Foundation.
Well, we again
Kim, you know why they will be here
I said to the police
I killed William and Elizabeth Farah.
"He is a very clever boy."
"To understand everything
he says is impossible."
I do not know how to tell you You did
not kill your parents, it is not true
I just want to leave this evil world.
This makes you shocked.
No, not at.
One day, you need to accept the reality.
Shame on you by your parents.
Well, shut up!
Like everyone else, you
do not understand me.
And you do not, I is a special case.
Can I use part of the
ordinary brain can not use
I can also control other
people's congresses brain region
I can control you, if I want to
Or even kill you.
We can eradicate all those
who want to harm our people.
"We"? There are other people like you.
Yes, I'm sure.
Somewhere, there must be
the same people and I.
They will be together like
brothers and sisters as.
They will understand me.
Once we combine They will pay a
price for everything they do.
Jinbo, you still there?
Are you afraid.
Yes, I do not like.
This morning, feeling out of control.
Two decades, this is the first time.
That you are afraid of what.
- How you going.
- I do not know
What are you doing.
Your mother, how is it.
Stop it, I'm sorry okay?
Give me a break.
Do not ah.
Do not ah.
Listen, Anna
Relations have been strained and Jinbo.
Father's death and the
recent children's accidents.
Jinbo has always been very fragile.
Before him had a similar crisis.
My father would appease him.
There really so many cases.
Yes, I also understand that.
You know just mature Jinbo.
Whether he needs what kind of help
Can come to me
Anna, I like love to own
brother did love him.
Even though I sometimes
have a very bad mood.
If I do, call me please
I will convey to him, thank you, Melanie.
Conflict and Melanie?
Honey, do not worry, will get better
I know.
Let me take care of you!
Night Well, my dear
I have good news
I closed.
You can call me Jacques Sergeant.
You've been promoted?
Yes, wages also rose.
- Congratulations to you.
- Thank you, my darling.
From now on, everything will be alright.
- Listen.
- Honey, What the hell.
- I can not.
- The gun is loaded, and quickly put down.
Ladies and gentlemen,
With a very happy mood announced
Lisa Everton out of coma.
Her state of optimistic
She can be said to laugh, move.
Concerned about the information you sent
She said that is very touching.
Now, let's renewed focus on our events.
Ji Lian Miss May I ask...
[United States genius]
Five competitors.
They all get in the White House for the
final Achieved the highest honor efforts.
Only 3 weeks.
One of them will be facing demotion.
Because he will be leaving our stage.
Please Lee, Thomas, Justin, Judy and Jill.
Pay attention to each of you has the opportunity
of promotion to the final five places
4 will leave you Continue to compete
in the remaining three weeks.
We will phase out the players.
This means that you.
Man, I from the New York Police Station
Get some new news.
Five o'clock this morning, police officer
Jacques Home by his wife shot and killed.
You see TV.
- Look, Kim, Lisa, she.
- Yes, I know.
Do not you think this is very encouraging.
She will recover.
Please, stop.
- First some medication.
- Anna, shut up!
Shut up.
Why? Why is this reaction.
Obviously you did not know the truth.
At least, you have to explain
exactly what happened.
Never what a car accident.
They are attacked To hide the truth
in order to let the game continue.
You are saying that five people
Is that right
Anna is not, you did not listen to me in.
They do not exist, gold.
You said it yourself.
You should accept the reality.
You need to accept the reality.
- What.
- You should see a psychiatrist.
- Melanie to tell you the.
- Not.
She said I had a spiritual crisis
But not the first time.
Look for God's sake, wake up Anna
We were manipulated.
We use, you do not understand.
Do not touch me.
- Anna.
- Stay away from me.
Beg you Do not.
No quick stop.
- All your fault.
- Not!
As the criminals still at large On the admissibility of the
case will continue in the case of the attendance of witnesses
- Jinbo?
- What happened
I can control you, or even kill you.
By their own willingness to instigate.
We can eradicate all those
who want to harm our people.
"We"? There are other people like you.
Yes, I'm sure.
Somewhere, there must be
the same people and I.
We will together like
brothers and sisters as.
They will understand me.
Good evening, I first want to thank Xiejilian
Foundation gave me the opportunity to.
Good evening, I first want to thank Xiejilian Foundation gave me the
opportunity to I am very pleased to come here to thank all of you.
Good evening, I first want to thank Xiejilian Foundation gave me the
opportunity to I am very pleased to come here to thank all of you.
Good evening...
You came here to do.
Twenty years ago you said
that we will converge here.
Your prophecy.
So, so what.
We have prepared a gift for you
To celebrate this event.
Here are invited to our guest of honor
Ebullient Mr. Jenkins.
Thank you very much, my friends
To see him dance more than stick.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Roulette has already begun to bet.
Cast it or give up.
- Stop.
- You do not like this gift.
Do so, I had enough of you.
This is what you mean.
Is not that what you want we are facing it.
Out of this evil world,
no longer worried about.
Without leaving any traces.
Ah, help me
Jill, are you talking about.
You should be very clear, Jinbo.
This is ridiculous, I never
said to do a bad thing.
Why do you want to choose their camp
Those who have been torturing us
Lee said that the right
Can not fail to punish them
I beg you, Jill
Should not be so.
You kill him, Jinbo.
Do not.
- Defense, Jinbo.
- Stop.
- Kill him, Jinbo.
- No
I may not want to kill each other.
You live in the camp of another world.
Fast counterattack ah.
Do not abandon us We trust you.
- Kill him, Jinbo.
- No!
Kill him.
Help me.
Kill him
I do not want to leave you.
We should be a combination of six people.
Gill, fast stop.
Kill him! I do not want to separate us.
Kill him, Jinbo.
We have been six individuals.
Do not ah.
Are you listening, Jinbo.
Jinbo, answer me.
Jinbo, answer me.
We had to trust you, Farah, Mr.
Here, this leave.
Other deleted.
- Are you sure you want to do this.
- Yes, now he has become an obstacle to
Lee said.
I know what your allegations
I did not do anything
I am innocent.
Farah President, if you are innocent.
Then you are not video
We see the man.
That the guilty who
I am referring to is the real sinner.
- You will not believe me.
- That should tell us.
Well, those crazy people than I do.
I was the only person that can stop them
You treat me locked up in here.
Prevent them from
Who are they? Farah, Mr.
Listen up, has never been a car accident.
Was a rogue attacks in Central Park
All this was Melanie masked.
And your colleagues.
Sit down.
Well, you say who those people.
The four to the genius of the
candidates in the United States.
They want to invade the
White House security system.
And you did not stop them
I'm sorry, Mr. Farah
I would like to properly explain to you The four rookie
invasion of the world's most stringent security system.
They use their abilities.
Able to control the ability of all.
You have betrayed us.
How do you know.
Farah, Mr.
They have been with such capabilities
You can not understand.
- You also have this ability?
- Yes.
That our little show under slightly.
Kill him, since such a request.
No, do not.
Kill him.
Like a one to kill them as.
His wife.
There Jenkins.
Farah President, you said it
all did not make any sense.
No one has the ability to.
Do not ah.
Do so, my father, find you
I can not stand.
They do not know what this will lead to.
When a person's life is
all in your control.
Are you referring to Jenkins, Mr.
Gold, listen to me, it is very important.
You have assured me,
never use this ability.
You have severe schizophrenia, Mr. Farah.
The age of 13 paranoia hospital treatment.
You always say "magical juvenile."
Have the impression, Mr. Farah.
To the genius of the time in the United States We have decided at
four of the five places in the final participation in the final
Justin, who know the
history of gifted students.
Li, accurate human brain calculator.
At the same time there are two
strategies genius Harry and Sami.
This is what we look forward
to the moment a year.
Now we have to decide the winner and the
last one of those places Jill or Thomas.
Your question is.
Our White House.
- What did he say.
- He said, "I came here in order to receive the gallows."
The final victory by the birth of a genius!
Yes, he is Jill!
Lisa, hello
I know who you are
Lisa, Mr. Farah in trouble
I think you can help him.
He was bad, you know.
He kept that you personal matter.
That sets you apart, and
contact each other.
- If you can help me.
- I do not want to talk to you.
Please, listen to me.
Only you can help him
I only rely on you
I'm pregnant, Lisa.
Listen, I am sorry Mr. Farah
You leave here, or I called the nurse to.
Get out of here.
What you do to my baby
I am sorry.
- How?
- Please, quick to take me out of here.
She needs help, she was pregnant
5 days in the White House
a few hours of activities.
In the evening, they will get the U.S.
President met.
Farah President, your phone.
Now all return to the cells.
To, you have a minute.
- Terrible.
- Anna
Anna you have to trust me
I have not killed Jenkins.
She has hurt our children.
- What.
- Lisa.
She has hurt our children.
No, how would
I hope the children survived
Speak ah, tell me something
I am afraid
30 seconds.
You give me corpuscles point.
Farah, calm
I want to say that these and Melanie.
- Do not say, Anna.
- I should have told her.
Do not do this
Listen to me, Anna.
Wait for me, I'll go back.
We left Washington
Calm down.
Do not ah.
Witness the historic moment on in front of.
Genius to!
Our five candidates.
Ladies and gentlemen,
first of all is Justin.
Good Well
10 hours after the escape of James Farah (Kimball)
New York Police Department is still not an arrest.
Ji Lian Group of senior professors.
Ji Lian new person in charge
had just been dismissed.
He is considered to be of the most
outstanding scientific talent.
He also as the principal adviser
of the United States genius.
- Mother?
- Do not worry, I did not hurt her.
I have been waiting for you
Lisa, you attack my wife and children.
Not the case, and we are not the same
I knew you would like to join us
But you are afraid to accept the fact that.
Miss Everton, the car door for you
Lisa, I need your help
to enter the White House.
We have to stop them.
I think they have reached the destination
Lisa, you should help them.
- Melanie.
- Anna.
- They go.
- We need to talk.
OK, the president inside, come on.
Welcome, welcome the arrival of all of you.
Nice to meet you.
Good evening.
Welcome to the White House.
Now our most lovely Lisa Everton.
Do not worry, everything will be alright.
Welcome, Miss Everton
This way, please.
Please accept checks.
North Gate Security.
Anomalies reflect the
implementation of the intervention.
To stop, do not move
Do not continue to move forward
I order you to stop,
Implementation of defending.
- Mr. President, a gun battle in the north lawn.
- What.
We escort you to the underground bunker.
- The children also came to.
- To, fast.
He said to do, young people
Come on, we go.
Them closer, to protect the President.
Advanced, the president,
other people aside.
Hello, I order you to wait here.
To keep Do not move,
this is the last warning.
Stop, or fire.
I would like for you from our first draft.
First look at the candidates who.
Ji Lian Miss or Mr. President.
Or the wife of the traitor.
Our winner is.
Ji Lian Miss.
Do not be like this!
God ah.
Congratulations, Mr. Farah.
Without your help, we can never meet here.
We quite understand each other
I'm sorry, Jinbo
I still can not inform you in advance.
What you do to him.
We are also considered
here regrets the death.
Careful Gill.
She was pregnant with the child
may also be a magical teenager.
We live in all.
Everyone in the use of our.
You treat us as exhibition show on like.
Let us become victims.
Hello, Harry.
Tonight everything will be the end of.
Nuclear strike system startup.
Tonight, it's their turn a crime victim.
Completion of the identification
of nuclear weapons systems.
You are wrong, Gill
I do not need you to educate me
I am sorry.
In order to support such children
Do you really ready.
Risked their lives.
Pupil identification.
For his.
In order you have done it.
You will pay a painful price.
Thank you very much, Mr. President.
Formal activation of a
nuclear strike systems.
First, to destroy Your most precious
Ji Lian Foundation Building
Jill, stop.
You still believe that the
world is there to save.
Come on, save it.
Stop, Do not
Anna, withstood.
Kill her
I can not do, Gill.
They and others are the same, kill her
Fast stop.
To stand up.
Close hand, Gill
Anna, and with me.
Do not do unnecessary
resistance, Mr. Farah.
One bomb, target Ji Lian Foundation
Building Countdown to 110 seconds.
Escape quickly, do not!
100 seconds.
Stop it!
Jill, do you think I abandoned you
Is that right
90 seconds
80 seconds
70 seconds.
Is that you abandoned us, Jinbo
60 seconds.
Listen to me, Gill.
When I went to your.
In order to take care of you
Charles Ji Lian taught me to control anger
I also want to teach you
to do the same thing
50 seconds
I have failed.
Forgive me
40 seconds.
Stop all this, I beg you.
Shut down the system.
- The abolition of all.
- Do not so, Lisa, he betrayed us.
You see what he had just done.
Jill, after you from time longer so, man.
The Jinbo want help us.
He loves us all.
Yes, Lisa said, on the
20 seconds
10 seconds
Do not ah, Harry
- Stop.
- 5,4
Nuclear weapons blasting cancel.
- Anna.
- I.
Everything will be fine.
You can do
I love you.
Do not.
Today's headlines Three months after
the disappearance of Jill Bates.
Survived four other young
people in the White House event
Lee Seao Na, Harry Backus, Sammy Cole Bot
Lisa Everton.
Bizarre loss of comprehensive
psychiatric hospital.
They did not leave any clues.
Search the investigation is nationwide.
Financial aspects, Ji Lian shares rise Group's current
economic situation and there is no real help.
Hello, Anna.
The kids left me a very worrying
information I have to take a look.
Before you leave, I would like
to say a few words to you
I can not find other opportunities.
For me is the most important, Anna
I can be this man
All because you are here to support my.
Without you, I will lose.
You will be a good mother.
If I was in any accident.
You know, I love you
I will always love you.
Her name is Audrey, 13-year-old
Score is 75.
Her parents put her up
She needs our help.
What are we waiting for that.
[Where are you? ]
[Dedicated to Bernal Wright Rick
(adapted from the original author)
[Antoine Xiarui Long-director work]