The Professor and the Madman (2019) Movie Script

"London, England 1872."
Define the accused please.
Dr. William Chester Maynor
Captain retired surgeon in the US military.
Dr. Maynor came to our shores
Seeking refuge.
In his native United States.
He was relentlessly chased From a man
who vowed to torture him and kill him.
On that fateful night of February 17
The accused woke up blindly.
He was known immediately
He was pursued and found.
And that his pursuer was named Declan Riley
He was already in his home.
Dr. Maynor took his military pistol
The pulley went off in pursuit.
On the streets, he found a man running.
Help Help.
Eliza, open the door Eliza.
ELIZA In the confusion caused by the night.
He could not distinguish the difference.
Between the attacker
And the innocent George Merritt
Stop your place
This is not Phinean.
This is not Phinean No.
I'm sorry I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I'm sorry.
Dr. Maynor fired
On the wrong man
It was not intended.
Sir, perhaps the court should be fired
He simply released the good doctor.
With an apology for the misunderstanding
that has taken place.
Declan, Dylan Riley is his name.
There is a mark on the
left side of his face.
Come at night, come with others They come...
They chase me and they enter my house
I do not believe you, sir
This court does not believe you.
Please calm down.
Quiet in court Please calm down.
Quiet Calm down Calm down.
We are members of Her Majesty's body
We find Dr. William Chester Maynor.
He is not guilty of murder
George Mirit deliberately.
Quiet Calm down.
Based on insanity.
I am not mad, sir.
Please calm down
William Chester Mainor.
This court rules.
You must be locked in a safe reservation
At Broadmoor Hospital.
Of the insane criminals
"The criminal is spared the punishment".
Until he officially decides to be released.
Please calm down.
Move, move "Mill Hill, England".
You are He utters these words
again and will be expelled
I have to go back to the stadium Dad
I know, soon you boy.
Take some breaths.
Pay attention to the
long distance on the wing
I saw the savage coming
Play to another stadium.
Do not let him attract you, concept?
Try to receive the ball clearly.
Sir, the game, sir
Harold, about your choice of words.
Sir, good.
Come on, boy, come on. Sir,
I had a little conversation with him
Yes, I saw this.
The newspaper has a terrible story
Shooting in Lambeth.
By an American, an officer in the army
"Murder in Lambeth".
And that poor woman
I stayed with six children.
Yes, I saw this.
I do not know what I was going to do, James
If I were deprived of you this way.
This is good, this is good.
Yup Yup.
Yes Yes What do you think
of this mule-headed mules?
That's enough, you're out
What is the problem with the word "bloody"?
Get out Harold Harold.
I would like to state that I own
Familiar knowledge and general structure.
"England, Oxford"
Languages? And Arts.
In the Aryan studies and texts
Syriac Arabic
I recently submitted my report
On the conduct of German verbs.
To the linguistic and historical
jurisprudence complex... Mr. Mori
I understand you do not
have a college degree.
No sir, no certificate
I am self-learning, I have learned myself
I know this word
What about school education?
The school was left at the age of 14
To earn my living.
Frankly, Frankie
This is a lot more.
A little more, yes.
Of course, we are the honored delegates
From Oxford University Press.
We were trying to compose this dictionary
Since the last 20 years.
Despite great efforts For a whole
army of academics, including myself.
We did not get anywhere.
Forgive me, this is not true
We are actually backtracking.
Language evolves faster
than our development.
Our great language that arrives
All over the world.
It has exposed its weapons and sharpened its
bayonets She announced that she would not hesitate.
We are, with our tantalizing arguments
of nausea Related to style and size.
The aim of these words.
She made us throw ourselves into a prayer
before her Immersed in a terrible defeat.
At the moment, the endeavor is stalled.
Is this over-the-top?
Gentlemen, I am afraid that
the situation Calls for a
general and no less than
a year's worth of trouble
I admit that extraordinary and unconventional
Mr. Mori is our solution and our salvation.
Your narrative though is a little dramatic
But it is true, Freddy.
But we need something
More than a flaming plea.
Qualifications in one's mind
Maybe a bachelor's degree.
Qualifications, yes, good.
I speak fluent in Latin and Greek
Of course, apart from these two languages
I have a good knowledge of romance also
Italian, French, Spanish and Catalan.
And a lower degree in Portuguese
And other dialects.
In the Germanic Languages? Branch
I know German and Dutch
Danish and Flemish.
I have specialized in language
The Anglo-Saxon and the Goths are Gothic
I attended some work
For the publication of these languages.
I also have a useful knowledge of Russian
I have enough knowledge of Hebrew
and Syriac To read directly.
Old Testament And the simplified
translation of Syriac gospels
I also know to a lesser degree
Arabic Aramaic and Coptic.
And Phoenician to the stage
Which Gisenos left behind.
Forgive me for my chatter
I am sure you have questions.
Mr. Mori I got a word.
Can you know it and tell us its date?
I will elaborate them in a hasty manner.
Intelligent, "adjective,
mean ingenious, clever, witty".
Probably of low German origin
For the word Clover.
Or perhaps from the Dutch center Cleaver
With the letter Kaff.
It means energetic or conscious.
Mr. Mori is a teacher
Scottish Clog dance also.
Please forgive me for hiding this from you.
I myself hardly believed
in the opportunity.
It's all for me, Ada, the whole language.
I never knew how to resist your vitality
But this is very sudden.
And to give up all this
School and continuity.
Is that what you want?
For all of us really?
Ada, I'm a fabric seller
Uneducated at a school of Tevetdale.
It has suddenly happened now
A real opportunity for this.
My whole life was ready for this
The invitation came finally.
Whatever it has achieved
I have achieved it with you.
I could not do that without you.
Once again, be with me.
If I was to write a book
I will need a bond.
My Father
Elsie, boys.
Will we go somewhere?
To Oxford,
your father is a dictionary checker.
New English Based on historical principles.
What does this mean?
It's a great book with lots of words
All English words.
Like Dr. Johnson's dictionary?
Yes, but his book
Only a few words
I am responsible for my identification
Definition of each word.
Will the word "happiness" be in it, Dad?
Yes, the word "happiness"
will be in it, Elsey.
It will need my dictionary
To as many folders.
To contain the entire language.
Will the word "sad" be present?
The word "sad" will be present, yes.
What about the word "big"?
Will the word "big" be in it?
Yes, and "small" also.
There is no word in your mind
You will not be in this very big book.
My Father? Yes Ouzuen.
Will Ozwin be in it?
Probably... maybe.
You and playing books, we agreed?
This... is a mistake.
"Broadmoor, England"
Wednesday 17 April 1872
Prisoner No. 742.
No. 742, Attendance.
Mainor, William Chester
American, 48 years old.
Surgeon, captain in the US Army.
His religion is unknown.
Categorized as dangerous to others.
A guest in pool number two.
The prisoner is in a state of anger
Spits dozens of times.
According to him, he is trying not to
swallow Cold iron bars coated with poison.
Pressed on his teeth.
March 17, three days passed
The prisoner did not sleep there.
He constantly jumps out of his bed A researcher
under him is in a state of extreme panic.
Repeatedly claims to search for
"Who come looking for him at night".
Dr. Richard Brin.
Mentally Ill Physician
At the Broadmoor Mental Health Clinic
William Chester Maynor
Dr. Breen's Patient.
There was staring to my face There is no room
to deceive the interior minister to accept.
Can you believe this?
Such as Orthios, a two-headed dog Written in
the literary institute in a single sentence.
Your book, Mr. Mori, will need to be established
Strict rules prohibiting such insults.
In addition
You must correct all spelling errors.
And puts the correct pronunciation
And emphasizes the validity of speech.
We have talked about this by YaMax.
What about all the tricks and binoculars.
Lack of finesse and impotence
Which comes in the future?
The language must be in its purest form
Efficiently polite.
So that they can not from now on
But only deteriorate.
It's up to us
To fix it once and for all.
And then the amendments
can be allowed or not.
Who will allow him to authorize this?
You, O Max? I? No.
Words are all legitimate in language.
Old or new, neglected or active
Of foreign origin or originated at home.
The book must be an inventory of each word
Each difference is simple.
And every change in the derivation And
every citation from every English writer.
All or nothing at all.
That means reading everything.
The quotation of everything has to do
with history Words that can be quoted.
The task is enormous and great.
And impossible.
There is a way to solve.
The task you may need
To one man who lives a hundred years.
You can need a hundred men
They live one life.
Volunteers, we've tried this
By James O and we failed.
I'm afraid there is not enough
Of academics in the country.
How many people have you recruited?
Eighty, maybe ninety.
With a thousand of them you can
check this out In just a few years.
"Key words" Where do you
suggest finding a thousand men?
English is celebrated and spoken.
In every bookstore or school
Place of work or home.
Did you mean ordinary people? Hobby?
English speakers, yes.
We will ask them to read
Search for the words we want.
"The standard word is to solve this
dictionary" And let them write the word.
On a piece of paper.
With the quote they found Which
explains the meaning of the word in it.
They then send the paper to us
full army.
"The standard word is to solve this dictionary"
Covering the entire empire and beyond.
Works to refute the entire English literature
He sets up a list of his full language.
Dictionary of Democracy.
However, we will check it
Educated men.
By this order, Mr. Mori How much do
you think you need to finish your job?
Five years, seven maximum.
The whole words and their full history?
Dear England.
We are about to start
The greatest adventure of our language.
"Let's begin with the word
Adapark:" The land pig.
We will not even stop
"Zeimardji:" The chemistry of fermentation.
I bet this is the last
word in the language.
It is certainly nothing
After craftsman Z and Wai.
And what it means?
You will be able to search for them
In a few years.
He has strong enthusiasm Yup.
And that Scottish scourge of the ears.
Why do not you think he's trying
to hide it? Keeping our ears safe?
His ideas are very radical
That's exactly what we need.
You do not think he was a publisher of
pamphlets Horrible German-born, right?
No, no, no, my dear.
This man is practically sick
To be part of our small world.
I say that he has been strongly seduced.
I'm sorry, Ada.
For what?
On this dispersion On the fragmentation
of the house, on your grove here.
I have no doubt James and no worries
I need this promise from you.
Now that it has started
To come to an end firmly and design.
Petition to English readers
In Great Britain
America and British colonies.
To read the books and write abstracts
For a new dictionary worthy of English.
We live today and know
the origin of the earth.
Human beings and all animals.
We know what boiling water is hot
And how long it will take.
Our gurus know exact measurements.
"Abscoatolit: Left quickly"
For latitude and longitude.
"Ich News and Periodicals"
However we have no scheme or compass.
"Eletriomance: As a priest, an astrologer"
To guide us across the wide sea of? Words.
The time has come to give this great
language Dignity and respect itself.
Like other standards defined by science
"Achachatura: A musical sign page 47".
Send your words to Oxford
"Hurt you".
Let us all communicate
In this great endeavor.
Through the wonderful maze of our
interlocking mailOxford Dictionary.
What are you doing, Dad?
Me and Mr. Bradley
We dig a big hole in the ground
but why?
For a manuscript room.
It is a room like that
In the medieval monasteries.
Where monks were writers
They copy the sacred texts.
Look, look at this
Look what I found
Will you clean this for me
Yes Dad
It takes a long time
But we can keep the language up.
Mr Bradley.
And with you, our volunteers
Such as stairs in the ladder.
We may be fluent in English
To the Gates of Heaven.
Come on {\candHFFFFFF.
Get away from me.
Sorry man.
Away from me Who did this to me?
Go back Get out of the way.
Return Take me.
Stay away from me
Go back, retreat now, now.
Look at me, look at me
My son, my son, listen to me, listen to me.
We will raise the gate slightly
To see if you can pull your leg.
I do not know, sir.
You have to do this, son
We must do this.
Let us try.
Well done, well done.
After the number three
one two Three.
Stay away from me
Stay away from me.
How far is the nearest key maker?
The closest surgeon?
Crowthorne Village, it's a distance away
Half an hour back and forth.
I want a sharp knife and a saw.
Lift it up.
Within half an hour
This man will bleed to death
Coleman Yes sir.
He brought a sharp knife and a saw.
Listen to me now, doctor.
I know who you are
And how did you get here.
Believe me when I say
None of your wealth will benefit you.
If you do any trick.
Who is involved.
Wrap the wound with boiling powder Keep
the belt tight and take it to a surgeon.
Your tie is steady, the bleeding was a little
His condition is critical, but he is alive.
We are very grateful to you, Dr. Maynor.
Was the wound cleaned and finned?
Fortunately our local surgeon is well informed On the
latest methods of disinfection and sterilization of Lister
I think you are.
Soothing Rash.
Dr. Rush, I think he was a surgeon
In the US Army for some time as well.
Dr. Rush thought that if the patient was made
Completely silent during manic convulsions.
The effect of madness
itself can be reversed.
Berber ordered its simplicity.
It is an old symbol of the dark
days of my profession.
But still has its uses
When mixed with modern techniques.
You think I'm crazy.
Are not we all a little crazy?
You feel you are under threat
is not it?
There is a man coming in search of me.
I am a prisoner and I
will not see him coming.
So if you allow me
I ask for your vigilance.
And tell your men to warn me.
Easily recognizable.
Has a marking tag
On the left side of his face.
Dr. Maynor, rest assured
We will do everything we can.
To ensure your safety.
Is there anything else
Can I help you?
I have a pension
Of the United States Army.
I hope to give the bulk of it
For Mrs. Merritt to support her children.
Well, I'm sure he can arrange for this
I want to take care of this personally.
Hey, Doctor.
You have our best men
Works on the case.
Thank you, Monsieur.
There are children sleeping here.
It's just a message to you, Madam.
Delayed time on mail delivery, right?
You are terrible liars
I am not a newspaper worker
Or police or anything.
I'm not here to bother you at all.
You need to be sure
That you personally received it
I'll slide it under the door.
I am not a journalist
who are you then?
I am Monsieur, Madam.
I hope I can help you.
Is this you?
No, Madam,
the message will explain the matter.
Who are they?
She even refused to think about it.
Thank you, Monsieur.
Search again, we should get it.
We searched and did not get it
I have quotations for it
In the 14th, 15th, 16th and 19th centuries.
But not from the 17th and 18th centuries.
How can this?
: How can Ruskin write.
The statue was approved"
And launched in 1849?
"OK... John Raskin"
How can I now use it daily.
If you tell me
It disappeared in the 17th century?
No IAM not
Where did you go in two hundred years?
I'm not saying it disappeared, sir
I simply say that we have no evidence.
Look again, Charles.
Where do you want me to look, sir?
Maybe in Christmas cards
Or medical instructions? Or manuals?
Or maybe Gay Fox's messages?
We only deal with the character "er" here.
What about B and C, DJ, E
and Ji and Ich and Ai and Gee and Kee.
This is hopeless, sir.
Mr Hall Please
Try to maintain the appearance of tact
Henry, what exactly is the problem here?
It is the word of Arov: "Agrees" Sir.
A link is missing.
"If nothing is said about the
word Art:" Art Art: Art.
We miss the word Arov
In the 17th and 18th centuries.
We can not find one effect for her.
"See in the poem" Lost Paradise The language
took a decisive turn in the days of Milton.
He was a fundamentalist
He wanted to reaffirm his English.
The key will be the solution there
try this.
Perhaps we can overlook
About the 17th century sir.
We have a generator
: In 1380 with John Wyclef.
"Christ confirmed his law
and with his death he agreed."
We have Raskin here in this century.
Mr Bradley
We must have every step.
It is not about centuries But rather
to record the evolution of meaning.
Go to Milton's poem She's here.
Present, Sir.
Mr Bradley Charles.
Apologize: In 1848"
"Poet James Henry Lai Hunt.
"Many apologies for misconduct."
Razor They brought me my code.
Sir Richard Just chill.
They brought me the code
Men, come quickly.
Bring it They brought me the code
Come on.
My Father My Father My Father My Father.
My Father My Father.
This guy is Declan Riley
Mark it.
O guard.
It must have come from below.
And to the water, in a bowl at the threshold
Elf will not be able to overcome this.
What is there on the other side, doctor?
Night, wants to take me there.
His blind eyes
He can only see me in darkness.
How will you feel if we light the lights?
As a treatment?
I do not need treatment.
Not as a remedy, as an experiment
I need to see him coming.
So that I can defend myself As an
experience... Experience in self-protection.
We will start it together,
doctor, we agreed?
Let me take a look at this.
Multiple superficial wounds on the face.
How will you feel, doctor? Did we
introduce some of the comforts of home?
Unscrewing, angle of face 80 degrees.
Maybe some clothes.
Section of the tendency to love, grade 8 with high
Department of love having children, 4 with decreasing.
How can this be?
My own clothes as protection?
As protection, specifically
Yes Yes.
Section coherence, 3 constant
The tendency to fight 6 with high.
Confidentiality, 8 degrees
Hope, 4 is static.
Yes, simple things
Which we can place in your surroundings.
It also happens that the adjacent cell
Became available.
You can stretch your legs.
This will give me space to draw
I can get
On the panels holders with colors.
Sure... wonder, idealism, intelligence,
shape All eight with a decrease.
End, unspecified.
Do you have any other requests, doctor?
My books, can I get my books?
Sure, is there anything else?
A pistol.
Maybe we will not agree to this.
Thank you doctor.
Please do not thank me
It has been a long time since anyone
this is different
my dear friend, no need to thank.
No need for thanks.
A new beginning.
New beginning, yes.
How can a man of such a high origin.
To decline due to illness
By a very large down to the animal?
Mr Monsey?
All boys participated in this.
What do we have here?
It's a book, sir
We are all grateful to you.
Yes that's right
Thank you, Monsieur.
Because you saved the life
of the young guard, sir
I will read it with enthusiasm and appreciate
it forever I thank your men in my name.
Merry birthday sir.
A glorious birthday for you also, yes.
Meat, Mr. Monsey
I find that warm piece of meat delicious
Often better for cold response.
Of any number of blankets or charcoal in
the fire Especially at this time of year.
Did you like the book, sir?
The book?
Yup I do not know.
Did he read it?
Well, I've opened the cover Sir,
Then open the book Yup?
Then he threw it out the window.
What? Yup.
He said that a demon evaporated from
the page And he entered his nostrils.
Naked? It's at home now.
Trying to pluck his nose.
To lay out a plan for
the life of each word.
We must start with the birth record
When I wrote for the first time.
From there the words come to us through
the ages It rotates and rotates its way.
And its meanings come
out and split like a fish.
A hostess and a deliverer to and from herself
Exact knowledge differences hardly seen.
But it leaves traces.
In the great breadth of English etiquette.
We will chase, hunt and hunt for it.
All, every word
Of the centuries of writing.
We will do this by reading each book.
Can this be done?
You crazy crazy bastard.
O guard O guard.
Ink, I will need ink
Yes, I understand, sir.
And paper.
Yes sir. Lots and lots of it
I'll see what I can do, doctor.
Wya Coleman.
Yes sir?
Do you turn away and
get rid of these for me.
What is this, sir?
Can not you see?
Yes, of course I can, sir.
It is a hair of a nose
Watch out for Satanic vapors.
Be sure to wash your hands
I'll be sure to get more out later
thank you sir Thank you Coleman.
I feel very cold, I'll go home.
We will warm each other, come on
I feel very cold.
U Smile
I can not, the atmosphere is very cold
Come on.
No, no, you promised me
you promised me.
Go away, I owe you nothing.
What can I feed my baby?
I do not know, ask their father.
How are boxing stuff going?
Mom, are you okay?
Yes Yes
I need to vacate myself for a moment.
Yes, what do I serve you?
Good evening.
Things will be fine.
You wonder if your mother was here?
We will finish packing Matchboxes
With the end of the night.
There is a man in the door.
Tell him that Christmas will go.
Will you come back tomorrow
Of course.
Can you give it to me for me?
Tell your mother that Mr. Monsie
Wish you a glorious birthday?
The night of your night, the two girls.
There is meat in one
He did not say what in the other.
"He said",
Tell your mother a glorious birthday.
A glorious birthday from Mr. Monsey.
It's okay, is not it, Mom?
Stop, sir, please.
Yes, my dear?
Is this supposed to be me? Yup.
Your night is sweet if your lady Merritt
good night.
Thank you.
Please forgive me because
I will say the following, Madam.
But it is not necessary
That the situation be so.
Boys, they do not have to starve
Someone wants to feed them.
Take me to him.
Let me look in his eyes
To see if I can accept it.
I went to a banquet
I ate apples, bananas and wild tuna.
I went to a banquet And I ate apples,
bananas, wild tuna, and... a dog
this is not possible
You can not eat a dog.
Yes I can No, you can not... Mom.
Happy birthday to everyone.
We are getting fired, Mr Bradley.
Attack them.
You little villain.
Do you remember the first
Our birthday at school?
It was not Harold
More than 8 or 9 months.
He was a fat little boy.
Do you remember how he was crying?
Password FAQ Calendar Mark Forums Read.
One night he was screaming hard
I do not know how he managed
His little body did it.
Every part of him screams.
He did not calm down anything I tried to do
I was afraid.
Then I came home.
I raised it in your arms
And his firmness to your chest is stopped.
He was very exhausted
and slept immediately.
It was always so, with all of them.
You have something I do not have.
So I taught myself
To be what you were not.
Strict, steady, unchangeable.
Queen and clown
Together they form an ideal world.
What if it changes?
What if you were not present to be a clown?
I know I was a little recent.
But the change will be solved
It will be for the better.
I wish I had your trust.
I want to put out the fire
When you come to bed?
"Paradise Lost."
I thought you might be here, sir
I have a few hours before I wake up
My children for the morning of the feast
I thought to take another look
On the word Arov.
So we became two
Dr. Maynor?
I have an offer for you
there is a request for a meeting.
Tristram Chandi.
A gift from Mr. Monsey and his men.
But it is more than just a gift.
The issue is very sensitive
I'll need the books
Folders are much more than I have
William, I think this could be
Is very important to us.
University of Oxford
A full-English inventory.
They asked for help.
Will you listen to me, William?
I'll be fine... working
with this work.
I will be fine.
But I will need the books
I need only books.
Write me a list of all the addresses
you want If I have I will send it to you.
Thank you doctor
When do you want to come?
Lady Merritt
where is he?
Will come after a moment.
I wanted to make sure
everyone was breathing.
There is real generosity in
your visit today Hey, Merit.
True courage.
It is not courage that comes to me, doctor.
Is it.
Is it possible to wait outside?
The message Yup
How can
We will take care of everything sir.
Thank you Doctor
Thank you, Mrs. Merritt.
This does not make it right.
What would you like to send her?
Few first books have been read.
"Articles by Sir Joshua Reynolds" ...and
the 17th and 18th centuries before others.
Which call for urgent assistance.
These two horns are almost entirely
Need to be reviewed.
You can focus on the rare and the late
Old and new and strange.
But do not avoid quoting from it.
Because every word is in place Become
beautiful in the light of its meaning.
Sir Monsey.
Sir Monsey.
Sorry to wake you up
I need your help with mail.
Yes, good Are we at night?
There is a lot of it, I need envelopes
Lots of them, lots and lots of envelopes.
Big bag Present Sir.
And Nagar, can you bring me a carpenter
In the morning of course?
"Part 1, 2 and 4"
good morning sir.
I am afraid that the situation
Not very good, Henry.
It is the word art
None of the references are helpful.
Are you sure, sir?
I checked myself last night.
Strange combination.
I have lost all sense of cohesion
It lacks many variations in meaning.
We must start again.
But, sir, we will need weeks
To reset the definitions only.
Mr. Gill asked me
In the printing press office this morning.
I would very much like to see Art They
were torn and re-started when I came back.
We agreed? Good sir.
Thank you, Henry.
Your book, Mr. Mori Will be an impervious
contribution to English science.
It will make you famous when you are done.
Look around you, Mr. Mori.
An empire with an area and population
Quarter of the globe.
The largest commercial area ever known.
If one wants to contribute, then I will In front of
her majesty and speaks in her own language, English.
Forgive me, Mr. Jill.
He reminded me why I was taken out
About my work this morning.
The Bible, Mr. Mori.
I was brought to the printing press to be
updated Trading academic books, to sell.
Do you know what is the first book
Quick sell I found it?
Bible King James Version.
Sell? Everywhere
In all remote areas and swamps.
Where there is an Englishman He does the
work of the Lord with the cloak of a monk.
We have operations on every continent.
Stores in Edinburgh and Toronto
Melbourne and Calcutta.
All print, assemble and
distribute all advertisements.
Now everything is ready
For the new good book.
Everything awaits you.
What is that?
Your job takes too long.
Our expectations are constantly adjusted
We have not seen a single page of it.
Commissioners unanimously agreed to
take care Making the project end in time.
For this You have a bunch
of suggestions in your hands.
On the way in which the area of?
Work is mitigated.
What we need
Is a more enthusiastic selection.
Survive for the most
appropriate words only.
I'm tired
My team is more than tired.
For months I have not received
my requests for help No response.
She refused to pay the costs
One extra assistant up.
I started this thing and I intend
To achieve something unprecedented.
To organize the world of words And make
them universally reachable and useful.
I swear that nothing will
stop me from achieving this.
As for now
Since this very moment.
My insistence Stronger than ever.
You are on the verge of total abolition.
These are laws designed
To help continue the work.
You may not like Mr. Mori
But what is the other way?
My way, Mr. Jill.
Master Mori.
We watch with a worried eye.
Watch if they feel stunned.
Help me, my God I'm lost
sir sir.
What? It's a marvel.
This is impossible
Calm down, man, say what you have.
The word Abrov, sir, has been completed.
Done? You're right sir.
Others who agree"
"Do not overflow according to your example.
For the poet Milton
"In the poem" Paradise Lost.
Did you find it?
No, we are not, sir
We recommend that you read this
"with a great sense of pride I
present myself as a volunteer."
Please read on, sir.
You will find an attachment in the envelope
A word paper With quotations approved.
"From all sides of literature."
The key"
"Dictionary within a dictionary.
The words"
"With added quotations.
My order is simple"
"Make your coats light.
"Write to me."
"Tell me what words are
currently selected."
"Literary Institute"
"Shine and disappear in your hands."
Agreed, Approved OK, OK, OK.
"From A to D"
"Let other helpful people."
Searching the ocean"
"Putting their nets on display
I will shoot my car And I pick
quotations that have escaped you.
"When you ask me to do this"
1667, the poet Milton"
The lost Paradise poem.
Yours sincerely, W C. Maynor"
"Crowthorne, Parkshire.
See, everything is here.
He gave us the reference to the word Arov
In the 17th and 18th centuries.
The word Art?
Not these, but many others.
All start with a letter
Words we all work on.
At first sight all are usable.
The Lord has sent us a Savior.
Now all we have to do
Is to try to keep him.
Thank you, Mr. Hall.
Let's take a closer look
On these scraps.
You can not estimate
The impact of your offer and your timing.
I am your grateful recipient.
Let the paper and ink
They are like flesh and blood.
To have the privilege of meeting.
Attached to the message you will find
a list In words that are now evading us.
And proved the word Art
They are particularly tired
you will find attached to the message.
Quotations you requested "Art".
In contemplation of the word Art I remembered
: The words of a great man of our time said
"all the great and
beautiful work has come."
"The 16th Century... Art"
"First alert."
"Without shrinking into darkness."
Do you allow me, sir?
"Arson: Arson, Artemisia"
I know that dark well.
"Art" ...Thank you.
Because you allowed me
By lending Nuri to your light.
Together we will shrink darkness
Until only the light remains.
The Savior.
"Art" Crawthorne, Parkshire.
New English Dictionary"
"Based on historical principles
James A. Murray's audit Head of
Department of Linguistic Sciences, Part I.
Here it is.
We'll put your name on it now too.
New English Dictionary"
"Based on historical principles.
Mr Bradley, can I take it
Another brochure please?
I know someone else
His joy in seeing her will not be measured.
Yes Madam?
Is Mr. Mounsi at the helm? Yup.
Can you please tell him
That Mrs. Merritt came to see him?
I will certainly do, Madam.
"Great hopes, Charles Dickens."
Hello ma'am Mr Monsey.
Very happy because you are
back, my lady Merritt.
Come in, ma'am.
Very interesting.
Enter your doctor.
Mrs. Merritt brought you a book.
Yes, from the Mags, bookstore
I was told you liked to read.
Thank you.
Do you want to go around, Madam?
It is a beautiful spring day
did you read it?
Great hopes
The book you brought me?
Is it your favorite?
No, no, suggested by the bookseller.
I came to say.
Thank you.
The boys will not be hungry anymore.
They have warm clothes now
So for the next year, however.
It is never too late with children
Their whole life lies in tomorrow.
But I can not continue
By taking your money... this is not right.
Please, Mrs Merritt
It is blood blood.
I know, but it's my blood too.
My life belongs to you
I made it that night.
She suffered a spirit, and a terrible trade
Put another between your hands.
Right, all I have is yours.
I do not know what to think.
I do not know why I came.
Lady Merritt, please.
Good, let me know if you're back.
Let me look at these chains.
Thank you.
What will I serve you, sir?
Yeah, I'm here to see the supervisor.
Is he waiting for you?
No, I came out of an immediate desire
I am James Mori
I am a friend of Dr. Maynor
But by mail only.
Dr. Maynor? Supervisor?
Yes, I came to bring him this.
The fruit of our work
I know who you are, sir.
You sent messages for you
I lied the stamps myself.
Thank you Use your native tongue.
Yes, I'll see what I can do.
If this is a good doctor
Mr. Mori, Sir.
Dr. Maynor
I'm proud to know you, sir.
I can not believe what you see in my eyes
Neither I nor this surprise.
How did you login?
I came despite the remote possibility
of meeting you And to bring you this.
What we have collected so far
Humble but determined to inherit the earth
thank you
You deserve a sense of pride.
I can not speak
You served as a fortress for us, doctor
I'm glad I helped you Even though
I am just an employee of the Queen
Avery is yours.
I sent a quote for the word"
Lexicon Barrett, 1580-
Of course, English dictionaries mean
Latin, French and Greek first.
But of course you know this
Of course I do not know, but I know poets.
You are in your messages Know the author
My mission is to introduce the word.
Alvary Its a lovely sign.
"What about Kush:" Blackjack
Or Vettel: "Polishes"?
"Loach:" Shy.
Recall this from childhood.
She always looked naked.
Comortex, I adore this word
Looks like you want problems.
It's definitely troubling
It is hard to find.
"Jair:" Roundabout.
Revolution, spiral.
"Decayed:" Cross.
Formed of cross lines
X-letter, or crossword.
Maybe you should write definitions and me I
will be useless in caring for your patients.
So let's leave it as it is.
We just started
Partners, word versus word
American and Scottish?
How did an American get to this place?
It's a story for another day
Follow the comparison.
One from Oxford University
And one from Yale University.
Both have hairy hair
One clever and another crazy.
Yes, but which one and which?
New English Dictionary"
"Based on historical principles.
Where do we go from here?
"From the word" adversity "to" bathe.
"From the word" shower
"To" cholera.
"From the word" cholera
"To" dysentery.
"From the word" dysentery "to" eczema.
"From the word" eczema
"To" fungus.
Why not jump directly to "leprosy"?
This drops a lot of words.
"You can go back to" acne
No need for wheel
who is this?
It's Mori, sir. Who is Mori?
The man who works on the dictionary
Which the doctor was working on.
It is a very busy day
So we keep the meeting brief.
Present, Sir.
Mr Monsey.
Give Mr. Mori a full visit rights
Let me know when they will meet.
Sir, Thank you.
To document their meetings
Trust them in boring detail.
One can dare to say
The place is lovely here.
Listen to the leaves of trees
Scratch the air.
Sometimes it looks like
voice firing cannon and sometimes like.
Such as applause Yes, applause.
Mr Mori Yes, I must go if.
Check your messages
I will gather my thoughts
And spark it from your thoughts.
Iron iron also sharpens
A man also hugs his friend.
Holy text, you are a religious man
This should not surprise me.
This is thanks only to his grace.
I wish I had tested this more
Will do my friend.
Good and compassion will
follow me throughout my life.
Yes, though my miser
Through the valley of the shadow of death.
You are not alone, doctor
We are now linked.
We have gathered close to the blood
two brothers.
I looked for you this morning
I wanted to share with you
Some good news
any news? New Volunteer, Miracle.
It brings us out of the swamp
We have doubled our progress with him now.
This is awesome, James
who is he?
Just a friend.
"Great hopes."
"Dickens, Great Expectations, 1861."
"Memorable:" Worth mentioning."
A message from our supervisor, sir.
Thank you
Henry, would you care about future
messages? Of the whole good doctor.
He is a man who loves privacy
I would like to respect this.
I brought another book for you
I see this.
What is the?
It's from the list
Which Mr. Monsie gave me
I asked him,
it's one of the books I wanted.
You are good at reading.
I will guess which one is
Give me a paragraph of it.
Or sentence
I am sorry, Doctor.
Lady Merritt, Lady Merritt.
Lady Merritt, please, what did you do?
Do not read well
forgive me What I had to assume.
You do not need to bring me books
my lady, Merritt, your visits.
Please doctor, let me alone.
I can teach you.
This is realistic Please let me
know you can teach your children.
It's freedom, Mrs. Merritt
I can fly from this place
On the backs of books.
You have reached the end of the world
On the wings of words
I can not
When I read... no one is following me.
When I read, I am the one who stalks
Pursue the path of the Lord
please I beg you.
Join the chase.
"Camcott:" Chinese orange.
"Opelong:" Rectangle.
"Bert:" Sleet.
"Bronze:" Peach.
Coconut: Coconut.
I won, O Mori.
What is Cheetti?
Long form of chit.
Of course, Chit, a message or a note
Of Indian origin, right?
That's true.
Who is she? The impossible.
The more impossible love was, the greater.
Do you really think this?
My heart is very sick.
What I know about love is
It often becomes the disease is treatment.
It's my girlfriend.
She is my dear friend.
It has received a terrible loss.
Perhaps the grace of the Lord will
solve them Through your love, O William.
"Eat:" he eats
You do not utter the letter, it's uttered.
"A... G... SELL"
Brush and thickness Yup.
You are learning very quickly.
The brain is wider than the sky
We put them one near the other.
One will easily include the other
you too.
The brain weighs the Lord.
Their weight is a pound versus a pound.
They will differ, if they disagree.
The difference would be the word
From the voice of its utterance.
Did they cut the rest of that girl's hair?
Lady Merritt
It is making amazing progress.
Lady Merritt
I began to think that whenever it was revealed to the
world Behind these walls will be treated faster.
You think it can be cured, doctor?
I must do
There must be hope for all of us.
Even the most tormented souls.
I... think about it.
Dear friend, I recommended the commissioners Your
name should be mentioned in the first folder.
For the new English dictionary
"Based on historical principles."
In which you breathe your vibrant mind
The same life I desperately needed.
The last booklet is already complete
Waiting, James.
"Volume I, Letters E and B."
"Checking Dr. James A. Murray."
Congratulations... Doctor Mori.
Because you gave us a letter eh
"Even the word Baizen:" a terrible sight.
And on the rest of the letters
"Starting with the word CAP:" wagon
thank you sir.
University of Oxford, PhD"
"In the name of James A. Ich Mori.
It is not sold
4 thousand requests in the whole empire
Demand is not increasing.
We are farce academics
I wonder if the time has come.
So that we can gently descend upon our
gentle Scottish man About the small roost.
Things will be okay
They are good boys.
We do not have to do this
If you do not want to.
Look at me
Things will be fine.
Boys, I want you to know
To a friend, his name is William.
You must be Olive, is that true?
And Peggy.
You must be Peter.
I was glad to meet you, Peter.
And you are Claire if?
I am honored to meet you, Claire
Mr Monsey.
Watch them for me for a moment only.
Doctor Wait wait
I'm sorry, I did not want this to happen
I'm so sorry.
I remember that I was safe and quiet
I remember I knew who I was.
Then I woke up and all this was over
and your hatred
A lot and a very long time.
But after I knew you
I know who you are
I know it is the same
Has been done to you.
I wrote you something.
"I can because of you"
"I can"
"I can... because of you."
I miss my husband.
I came here
That first day I hate you.
To take your money I will see you as
a prisoner, and your matter is over.
You have to keep going.
Not anymore.
Look what I did Look what I did.
There is not much this time, sir.
Department of the elderly patients"
"For staff only.
I wrote you something.
No, read it when I go.
I'm sorry, Eliza.
But what if I am not sorry?
She killed him again.
Sin is your sin.
She killed him again.
"If it is love... what then?"
In your heart.
Mr. Coleman.
Perhaps you should warn the clinic.
I hurt myself.
My friend, I no longer find"
"I have the right place to do this.
I thought you might accept it"
"You remember me.
As a testimony to our friendship"
"And what we have created together.
"In the short and ephemeral time."
Because then and with you"
"I could trust my mind, William.
Dr. Mori
I'm Richard Breen, supervisor
I was glad to meet you, sir.
I am very proud of the contributions
Which Dr. Meinor of course did.
The disease entered a new phase
You may be shocked
I must warn you too
It may show some enmity.
I came.
Of course I came
I knew you would do.
Your Lord is very demanding.
There was a sacrifice required.
I received your message His love.
His wife.
Stolen from the dead.
Have you reached the words
of the letter ay now?
I had some to add to your words
but it seems I can not.
I can not find my pen.
It's our words, William, it's our job.
Maybe that's true, maybe.
Madness gave us words.
But you have made it your own
It bears your secret signature
why did you come here?
Have you brought others?
I'm alone William
I have reason to believe they are hiding.
Between spaces in the ground
They wait for their time.
I'm sorry James I'm sorry.
I... for a moment I am.
I dared to get hope
your words... forgiveness.
It is more than forgiveness.
She... gave me this.
Read it later
If you really want to know why
know what?
Quote, of Austin, 1832.
I sent him, but only out of hope
I was not sure yet.
No... I can not remember the quote
look for it look for it.
You've seen me now, and we're done.
You can leave the madman to his illusions
I came here to see my friend
I'm not a friend of anyone, I'm a criminal.
Everything else is fabricated
So he left.
Left, left, left ...left, left.
No longer, I do not want to see you.
Please, Dr.
If it is your claim that
you are my true friend.
This simple security will be respected.
I think it should not be there
Other visitors to Dr. Meinoor.
"Bundemead:" Maid.
Are missing from the first folder.
The English word is completely used daily
It is not our
I do not know how this can happen
I have verified the evidence myself.
The University of Vienna paid attention
to it You bastards, this is a shame.
Calm down, Phillip.
We will add them, we will form an annex
I meant to discuss this with all of you.
Do you intend to forget other words?
"The makers of this great folly."
They also see that they are superior to
ensuring that Names and recipes denote states.
So do not mention an African word"
"Or Arab or American and others.
This is contained in the
damned Figaro newspaper.
At the same time They explain the
virtues of their competing dictionaries.
In France, Germany and the Netherlands.
This is a war over the spread of the colonial
language "Oxford University and Mr. James Mori".
Not a war fought with shots and bayonets
"Oxford Dictionary Problems".
But influence and attendance
This is very ridiculous.
No, the absurd is your
stubborn and stubborn approach.
An enormous abundance of surplus things
Doctor Mori.
We need your focus
The language evades you, you lose.
What exactly do you say, Mr. Gill?
This is the University of Oxford
We are not losing.
It is clear
that the only remaining way of working.
BONDMED What did you say?
Raise your voice, Freddy.
Bundemide, I raced the guide from the
writing room To use in one of my lectures
I forgot to return it.
I'm responsible for not putting it
This does not change anything.
And also the absence of words such as
African, Arab and American.
She persuaded James not to include her.
So you can see, gentlemen
You are criminalizing the wrong person.
Freddy You're right, Philip.
There is one way to act
I will resign from my post
Of the Commission of Commissioners.
We'll announce it
The project will continue... with James.
I do not really understand how
Philip, please.
Send this in writing To the offices
of the printing press in the morning.
It is completely lying
Of course he is lying.
So why do they leave them doing their work?
Did not you see?
Dr. Mori
The same distance as one of the collapse.
It is without Fornival mediation
All we need is to wait.
He spoke privately with Bradley
I think it is required to be our
He is judged more willingly on the helm.
"Only the most persistent people"
James, what's up?
I'm lost, Ada.
Today was a day of loss.
I need to tell you some things.
Do not continue to
explain what I did there.
Nothing you can tell me
To make it right.
All wisdom and perseverance are all
and you just ninety.
How long have you known madness?
How long have you been with this man?
Why are you so angry?
What difference can this make?
His work on the dictionary proves that he is
sane You fooled the jury and cheated you.
What about repentance, Ada?
What about atonement?
Commissioners, your team and your family
We all deserve more than to know.
I can question the moral
Every hidden volunteer we relied on.
This man hits his children
This man is addicted to drink.
And that, did not you hear? Scams in words
Cross in Times Magazine
remove the Black Guard from the list.
He's a criminal He lied to you.
Have not you ever lied?
Did not you?
What do you fear so much?
That a guilty man can purge his sins?
Is not that what we believe in? What
do we whisper to our children at night?
What do we pray for? Forgiveness
I do not know who preaches
neither am I.
"So in their despicable plot they
stood repentant" "Paradise Lost."
"Pray from the seat of mercy from the top."
The grace granted I have removed
the alienation from their hearts.
"And made new flesh"
Milton The Lost Paradise.
Grace granted "O Ada"
By falling, salvation for all.
If we choose to engage in it.
"If it is love... what then?"
What is that?
Letter from the widow
Ask the question to the murderer.
Acceptment, accept the harm that has been"
"Suits, consensual, compensation.
Legally married wife and family
Still have the right to compensation.
Not understand.
This means that everything is paid off
The culprit compensates the victim.
I thought he gave her money already.
No, Ada, his life, his life.
"If it is love... what then?"
That's what I wrote him
and his answer
"If there is no chance of atonement".
If there is no chance of atonement.
What will you do?
What can I do?
Sometimes when we push people away from us
We need to resist.
If it is love... what then?"
"If there is no chance of atonement.
Please, let me in Let me in.
I need to see him Let me in.
Please, Monsieur
I know you can hear me.
Let me in I need to see him
let me in.
Lady Merritt
I need to see him, please.
It's better to go now
And not to return.
Please, I need to see him
Lady Merritt, I'm sorry
I need to see him, please, no.
I need to see him I beg you.
"Paradise Lost."
The time has come to start a therapeutic
approach More surgical and experimental.
All procedures will be fully documented
Are we ready?
Ready and with all rights.
Thank you Doctor.
They fixed his arms.
Well, here we are.
So, prove, well done.
Come on, let's move it, stand up
Doctor, carry with me Yup.
Well, that's good, that's good.
Prove yourself
one more time.
The same thing again sir No
a second.
Yes, we are stuck
We are distracted
one more time I'll put it here.
Again sir, well done
I asked first.
Stand up, stand up.
Proved one more time.
Have you brought it? Yup.
Lady Mori.
My name is Churchill
I work for the South London Chronicle.
Can I talk to your husband, Madam?
The story will be published tomorrow, sir.
Everything, you
Your Great Book, Widow Merritt.
There is nothing I can do anymore
For this now
I just wanted to give you a fair warning.
But these,
I did not give it to the newspaper.
I thought maybe you can keep it.
It seems to be in bad shape, sir.
No, no.
Go upstairs And play there
If you allow me to say, Sir
between me and you.
I was worried about
Some of Dr. Brin's medical techniques.
We had to take precautions
I am James O William
I fear that this does not work.
He is not here.
I do not know where it is
But it is not here.
Wait for me outside.
Dr. Mori, I must ask
To teach me before your visit.
Once you learn.
Yes, but this is not a club, sir
This is a medical facility.
Dr. Meinor is patient under my care
It's my friend, my brother.
Yes, it's my friend too
He is one of the bravest men I know.
But this is a very rough situation.
It is a fair question whether it is the
soul Has left the body or not already.
"Away from himself and
from his rational mind."
Which without him we photograph"
"Or just monsters.
How could this have happened?
I must ask you to leave immediately.
No, his place is not here
Not like this.
On the contrary
It does not belong anywhere else.
Please allow us to continue our work
We have a lot to do.
It's okay, William
I beg you.
It's okay, William, it's okay
There is nothing wrong.
It was the last 400 years
He knows his quotations alone.
"American Assassin defiles
the Oxford Dictionary."
We were in the darkest moments
He gave us life.
I'm asking you to help, son
To tell the truth what he did.
Let this be known, not this.
The only thing I regret.
Is that you did not confront me
With this information sooner.
What you should know has already been said
Here, written, did not you see?
But this is human life.
All it is
I will end up with him in that place.
It is where it must be.
What interest
Who does charity useless?
If I resign.
There will be no need
To these theater movements.
The name of William Maynor will be deleted Of
the certificates of recognition of all credit.
You will be welcome As much as you want
this as a contributor to the dictionary.
The audit function will be
transferred directly to Bradley
I will propose this at an emergency meeting
To the commissioners of this afternoon.
I do not expect any dissent.
I will not steal more of your time
I will not steal your time from you
Oxford Public Station"
"reservation office.
Yes sir?
Is the master of the house present?
Is everything okay?
I'm sorry, Freddy
I did not know where to go here.
I lost everything.
Everything has collapsed.
I wanted to be closer to
the history of everything.
To give the world a book that gives meaning
Everything the Lord has created.
Or at least the English part thereof.
But he beat me.
Now I paid for this
Everything had value to me.
Do you know? There is another book
He claims this exactly.
But he has preceded you
come with me
Come, I want to show you something.
"I need a dang:" Shipping timber.
What? With a "small stick"?
How do you do this?
"I did this by saying:" The trick.
Daneig, Sprat, a report.
How many new words
Have you replaced old words?
How many new words
For things not yet imagined?
How many of them in
your comprehensive book?
Language can not remain intact
James permanently.
It is not whether it emanates from life.
But how can work be done?
If it is never completed?
You gave us his heart with a violent shake
Let's start with the first few pulses.
Generations after you will follow this work
For thou hast shown them on the way.
But it will never be complete.
Forget it, take care of yourself
Leave me the project
I have some tricks
For Jute and his follower generation.
They did not think about
it in their maneuvers
After Bradley became responsible The
University Press leads the endeavor firmly.
We think we can stay
On our desired goal.
Which is 704 pages per year
Where we double the current sales estimate.
Thank you, Mr. Gill.
Good, gentlemen
I think we are now well informed.
To vote on the draft resolution.
Sorry, my husband can not attend
I want to ask permission
Say some words in his place.
Lady Mori, this is a closed meeting
I'm afraid you should leave.
My family and I gave a lot For the
glory of the commissioners, Mr. Jill.
I'm sure they can give us
A few moments of their time in return.
Of course, Lady Mori
We are here to listen, please.
My husband has a leather sheet
Small silly
: Printed on the doctrine
"Only the most persistent people".
you searched for in your dictionary.
Continuous and sincere effort
To achieve what one seeks.
Continue, effort
But also, hardness... and pain.
Some of you think
My husband is foolish, stubborn and naive.
Submissive to where he arrived because of
fear Which awaits us all on the other side.
But it is not.
He sees the world, he sees it all
With his innumerable choices.
He chooses to be what he is.
Yet two men like them were found
On each other in our time.
My husband and his crazy criminal friend.
Together we gave something exceptional.
I'm here to ask you
To exclude our prevailing natures.
I'm here to ask you
Do not punish them for this
Bradley told me you had resigned.
And I did what I could do there
But they are a difficult group.
We will leave this place
We'll be back in London.
The book, it's not just you alone
To leave it, it is us, remember?
Me and the children
And for others, they do not count.
They can achieve this oh James
If there is love.
I know the answer now.
I know the answer to the widow's question.
I want you to do something for me
I will.
I want you to go to it
She looks into her eyes.
If you see forgiveness
if you see love.
I want you to help your friend.
Hack my friend Thanks sir.
If it is love... what then?"
"If there is no chance of atonement.
He gave me these
The last time I saw it.
The last time he was conscious.
They refuse to let me see him.
Can you make them let me in?
No benefit from this
It is no longer as you remember it.
I forgive him
Why should they punish him?
Thank you for meeting me
Without warning Sir Charles
Freddy is an old friend.
But I must warn you, Mr. Mori
The American criminal is a scar.
Perhaps the scar is still very modern
Maybe this will cure her
I do not think so.
Any politician explaining his case
He would certainly face public outrage.
Prospects of amnesty or deferment of implementation
The death sentence is completely absent.
What is the price of justice?
What is the price of mercy?
Expensive for your first question.
It is cheap but not desirable
As for the second question.
Listen, leverage can be used
To secure a hearing for you.
But if you were your place
I did all I could.
To know who will be called to I would
have packed people with what I wanted
William, can you hear me?
Let everyone out I'm James.
Let everyone out
William, you have to hear us
can you hear me?
She brought Mrs. Merritt to Terek
leave him alone
wants to talk to you and you need
leave him alone.
With respect, Sir
Let them be the same
William, I'm here.
I am Eliza.
Do you remember, William?
"If it is love... what then?"
If it is love, then what if William?
If it is love.
It is love.
If love is love
stop Please.
Do you know why you are here
Dr. Meinor?
And in your opinion, Sgt
Have circumstances changed?
No, sir.
Under what circumstances did
you enter the nesting situation?
Documented remedial procedures.
With patient consent?
Of course.
Gentlemen with my respect The problem
here poses a different question.
Where and under the care of It will
be triggered by a misguided sympathy?
There is no other place
This is his home.
Thank you, Mrs Merritt
Is there anything else you want to say?
Yes, I want.
My husband did not deserve what happened to him
He worked hard, and kept his family together.
Then one day he left
Nothing can bring it back.
What happened to him injustice.
For a long time after his departure
I did not want to remember him.
Not even how it was shaped.
I want to say I am sorry about this.
It is worth more.
My husband was a nice man
But he can also get angry.
Once furious
So much so that he kicked the heater.
Because they were not working.
He pierced it with his foot and was burnt by
hot embers He limped for weeks afterwards.
One day Jack saw his successor He jumps
and limps like him, do you remember?
Look at Jack.
He began to laugh.
He laughed hard as he limped
So that almost falls.
I think that's why
In that he was often angry.
Because he wanted to his children... all of
you were young He wanted to make them laugh.
I think if George was here now.
To see that what is happening here is
unjust I think this would have angered him.
What he would say in this
Lots of fancy words.
But I know
He wanted to stop this.
Sir, please, a moment of your time
I will deliver my report within two days
You will know the result then.
We do not ask for your full circulation But rather a
suggestion of the direction in which they are inclined.
His release will be refused But the details
of his treatment, which made it difficult.
This is not enough.
But it is a condemnation of the whole system of insane
criminals Which this body is not entitled to try.
Dr. Mainor is a deeply troubled man.
For his safety can not be given A
recommendation to launch it among the public.
Sir, is not there another way?
Whatever you intend to do, Dr. Mori
You have one day to do then report on me.
We can try a final action, James.
But you have to be prepared
To offer everything you have.
The timing is the worst.
Armed gang of Latvians
I gathered in a building on Sydney Street.
The Royal Guards surround the building
The whole situation escalates into a siege.
It is a complete disaster.
He put it in a bad mood.
Wait here.
I'm sorry my friend
No room for this, the timing is bad
Sir Churchill, please.
Forgive me, this was my brazenness.
I do not know you, sir.
I do not know what kind of men you are.
But the office is running it
Allow me to have wishes.
About the man I want you Be it.
Your decisions affect everyone's life
In this country.
And here I am, standing in front of you
For one man.
The life of a man is complex, painful
and sad But he remains a human though.
So it is human life
Well worth and worthy.
If you believe, I believe you believe
That every human being deserves his chance.
I want you to listen to
what I have come to say.
Please, sir Hassan.
I think I already said
To offer everything you have
Dr. Meinor will not be released.
The prime minister will not support the
resolution The people will not tolerate this.
Luckily provides us with your dictionary
a way To hide what is unpalatable.
What I will do
Is that I will leave Dr. Mainor.
Did you understand that he has a
family in Connecticut? Right, sir.
I will inform the Commission that if he
is released Must be sent to his homeland.
Unusual stranger
Let America take over her lost son.
Reconcile this, Doctor Mori
Promise to your job
Winston Churchill
The nation needs you.
And allow me to return to my work
thank you sir.
Congratulations Doctor
thank you Thank you.
"Council of deportation... release."
Let me introduce you to Freddie Fornival.
This is my honor, doctor.
This is impossible.
They are ready, sir
wait a moment please Present Sir
I'll be here, William
There exactly, we agreed?
This is good
I would like to confirm at number three
one two Three
this is our
Something to read on board.
Do you know it?
She knows.
Tell her I am.
You will tell her if I will.
Have you seen the latest directory
On the front cover?
Her Royal Decree gives royal care seal"
"By Dr. James A. Murray.
The lucky thing about these nasty people.
Is that they firmly believe
Their divine right to rule the monarchy.
Their system collapses into pieces If they
do not abide by its ridiculous complexities.
So we use it against them.
Book safely James.
And will continue to hold the helm of his
leadership As much as you want from time.
Or even the last day of your life.
Yup What now?
Now and forever my dear generation.
Dr. Mori will remain the dictionary.
Maybe you should consider taking a break
I heard that southern France
suitable place.
To recharge one's soul
A knighthood was awarded by His Majesty
Sir James A. Murray.
On June 26, 1908 Everything
has been done up to the letter T.
Died of pneumonia of pneumonia
"On July 26, 1915."
"The dictionary was in
the face of a rejection."
"Dr. William Chester Maynor."
After receiving treatment at the hospital
"St. Elizabeth in Washington DC."
"He was recently diagnosed
with schizophrenia."
Died peacefully while sleeping at home
"After suffering from pneumonia."
"On the 26th of March 1920."
"The dictionary was in a state of spread."
In 12 volumes, and 414825 words And a
million and 1827. 306 explanatory quote.
The first version was completed
From the Oxford Dictionary of English.
On the first of January From 1928.
After 70 years From thinking
about writing it for the first time.
"He is still alive."