The Projected Man (1966) Movie Script

You want to watch where you're going!
Pretty you may be.
Dr. Hill?
Professor Steiner is expecting you.
I'm Sheila Anderson, the
department secretary.
Would you come in here, please?
Dr. Hill, Professor Steiner.
Come in, come in.
Oh, it's wonderful to see you again.
And piggy to you.
I do apologize.
On the spur-of-the-moment,
I could think of no
other code name for you
to give to the guards.
That wasn't what I meant.
You haven't changed.
Seeing you standing there
as if the years had suddenly dropped away.
Paul, that was a long time ago.
What's the problem that you
want to discuss with me?
Oh, thank you, Miss Anderson.
Oh, Miss Anderson, is Dr. Mitchel in?
Yes sir, he went into the lab.
Would you ask him to set up a test run?
I'll be along presently.
At once, sir.
I'm working on the
conversion of solid objects
into pure energy.
Energy which can be stored
in a cell composition,
projected over long distances
and then turned back
into the object again.
All kinds of objects,
including human tissue.
Human tissue?
Television is one method of
transferring a visual image
from one place to another.
But the image is flat, two-dimensional,
lacks life and needs a receiver.
What I have achieved
is the projection of an
object in three dimensions,
something that has weight, depth and body
and without a receiver.
I achieved my first projection
of a living creature.
Unfortunately, something went wrong
and the subject died.
For how long did it live?
Oh, two to three minutes.
I want you to tell me why it died.
Whether there was any change
in the cellular structure
during projection.
What I need to correct.
What's the principle that you employ?
I'll show you.
Come with me.
I'd like you to meet Dr. Hill.
She'll be joining us on our project.
You could say we met before.
Well, almost.
Mitchel is an expert on laser.
I'm afraid I know very little about it.
well then fit her out with a heat suit,
explain it to her and I'll
go set up the console.
Professor Steiner?
I had to tell Dr. Blanchard
you wanted another experimental run.
He's given his permission
on this occasion.
In the future he requires 24 hours notice.
And you've been instructed
to see that he gets it?
I have.
Dr. Blanchard's the director
of this foundation, isn't he?
You can say that again.
I'm in the middle.
You were going to tell me about laser.
Well, I expect you know it's a way of
overcoming a scattering of light waves.
In it's simplest form, we
put an electric current
through a mixture of
neon and helium gases.
Now the light is amplified and emitted,
it becomes a coherent source of power.
You mean it doesn't go
off in all directions.
It's one very narrow beam
that can transmit more signals
than all the television and
radio channels put together.
It's light in a new form,
which I have modified to
transmit matter itself.
Now I'd like to demonstrate
with something of your own.
Something you'd recognize.
My watch do?
Couldn't be better.
Come with me.
This is the transmission cradle.
It creates a massive magnetic field.
Now, the watch.
Now, put your visor on and stand back.
But keep your eye on the watch.
What has happened at this stage
is that the basic matter of the watch
has been transformed into pure energy
and is stored over there in that cell.
Forever, if necessary.
Now, we wish to transmit that energy
to project the watch, in fact.
Laser preheat.
Laser preheat in.
Laser emission relay.
Laser emission relay...
Relay one.
Relay on in.
Relay two.
Relay two, on.
we'll see what happened to your watch.
It's incredible.
I succeed every time
with an inanimate object.
If only I could do the same
thing with a living creature.
Unfortunately there's a gap
between the molecular structure of metal
and that of living tissue,
which I must bridge.
What are these burns?
That's some we still
don't quite understand.
Paul, look at the watch.
Would it be possible
for the direction of the
magnetic field, the polarity,
to change in projection?
I suppose it could.
I've never really thought about it.
We better start thinking about it.
If this kind of distortion is present,
no wonder the guinea pig died.
No, a shock.
Maybe there is something in my theory.
Look what the shock has done.
No human being could survive
a time transition of that kind.
Not without fearful consequences.
Who are you?
I'm assisting Professor Steiner.
Who are you?
Dr. Blanchard,
director of this foundation.
Well then you should know
better than to startle me
when I'm focusing a microscope.
Let me see your identification card.
This is a classified
division, the work is secret.
No one is allowed in
without my permission.
She has permission.
Dr. Hill is working
here at my own expense.
Even so, an arrangement of that sort
requires my authority.
What name did you say?
Dr. Hill.
Dr. Patricia Hill.
I'm extremely sorry, Dr. Hill.
I apologize. For a moment,
I didn't recognize you.
Maybe it's my overall or the lighting.
I'm sure you will be of great assistance
to Professor Steiner.
She already has been.
With her help, I'm on the
verge of demonstrating
proof of my theory.
I am glad to hear it.
by the way, Steiner,
I hope Dr. Mitchel made it
quite clear this morning
that I can not agree again
to these demonstrations
being taken at short notice.
Quite clear.
You see, I have to warn other projects
that may be needing power.
These matters have to
be properly programmed.
I said Dr. Mitchel made your point.
Well, I won't interrupt you any further.
Goodnight, Professor Steiner.
Dr. Hill.
Please don't think the
foundation finds you unwelcome.
Thank you, Dr. Blanchard.
Paul, look at this.
Why didn't you tell me
about Professor Steiner's
arrangement with Dr. Hill?
He said he'd tell you himself.
What Professor Steiner
wanted to tell me himself
is immaterial.
You represent me on this project.
I hope you haven't forgotten
where your loyalties lie.
My loyalties belong to the foundation.
Very proper.
Miss Anderson,
I have agreed
that Dr. Hill be working
here for a short time.
But I must emphasize that in future,
no visitor to this
department must be admitted
without my personal authority.
Is that clear?
Yes, sir.
What are you doing?
Dictating reports.
Well leave it.
Come with me.
I want you to regard what I'm about to say
as highly confidential.
Yes, sir.
I've been instructed that next Tuesday
the ministry is sending Professor Lembach
of the Geneva Institute down
to witness a demonstration
of Professor Steiner's
projection experiment.
Professor Lembach, yes.
Obviously it will be
necessary for you to know
you will have preparations to make
but I would be obliged
if you didn't mention the
visit to Professor Steiner.
That is, for the time being.
But Dr. Blanchard...
Mitchel, please, please.
There are reasons why the
visit should not be announced.
I will, myself, inform
Professor Steiner in ample time.
In that case, why tell me?
As I said, Mitchel,
you are my representative,
not Steiner's.
That should be sufficient.
I still don't understand.
It's not going to be
as simple as we thought.
I had hoped that Lembach's
visit would throw him,
but he seems to be more
advanced than I'd imagined.
He's brought in a pathologist.
You're in no position to
allow anything to go wrong now.
But what can
I do? My hands are tied.
You'll have to use your
position with the ministry
to delay the demonstration
until I found out how far he's got.
Put it off?
After I've spent three exhausting days
heckling the minister to arrange it?
But you have to accept
that things have changed in three days.
He may have achieved some
sort of breakthrough.
I must find out before any
official demonstration...
I'm quite uninterested.
Really, I am.
That demonstration will
take place but it will fail.
Steiner must be discredited
in front of an official party.
But Latham,
how can I possibly
make sure that it will fail?
If not, there are certain aspects of
your warm and cozy private life
that suddenly will become
much more widely known.
All right! All right!
We're agreed then.
I'll have to do a
more careful examination
but I think I can pronounce
the patient fit and well.
Paul, that's splendid.
Hey, do I get a kiss too?
It needed such a tiny adjustment
to counteract that time phase.
There's nothing to prevent
me from calling the ministry
and arranging a demonstration.
Chris, get the glasses.
I think we deserve a celebration.
This is really going
to embarrass Blanchard.
Don't be too hard on him.
After all, it's his job
and we're not one of his pet projects.
You are too generous.
Blanchard hasn't spoken to you.
About what?
Well if it's something that
concerns us all, tell us.
It's supposed to be confidential.
He's arranged a demonstration.
- He's done what?
- When?
For Tuesday.
The ministry are bring
Professor Lembach down.
He told me days ago and
ordered me not to tell you.
What does he expect to gain?
I can't believe it,
unless he's so childish he
thinks he can embarrass me.
Chris, don't tell him you told me.
Don't even tell him we've succeeded.
I can be childish too and surprise him.
I'm tremendously excited
over this demonstration.
May I take your glass,
Professor Lembach?
Danke schon, danke schon.
In some ways, I think it's a pity
your visit couldn't have
be delayed, professor.
I'm sure Steiner would
prefer to demonstrate
at a later date.
There are urgencies.
My ministry is anxious to take advantage
of this offer of collaboration
from Professor Lembach's.
It's no so urgent, Mr. Latham,
but my dear friend and
colleague assures me
my visit will not be wasted.
Danke schon.
We also drink who only stand and wait.
Then don't stand or wait.
That's quite a
performance of Blanchard's.
If only he knew what was in store for him.
I plea that you're not part of all that.
Paul's very grateful to you.
So am I.
You knew him very well, didn't you?
I worked with him once in Stockholm
soon after I qualified.
That's all.
You're sure I wouldn't be
treading on anyone's toes
if I asked you to have dinner with me?
I know what you mean,
but that was all finished a long time ago.
I'd be delighted.
It's a remarkable development, Paul,
but I don't understand how
you've overcome the time element.
Oh well, you will very soon.
Shall we start?
would you check that everything's ready?
Yes, professor.
Where would you like to go?
Chris, I'd rather Paul didn't know.
But I thought you said...
I did and I meant it.
Oh I don't know, he's on edge.
I wouldn't want to do anything
that would precipitate...
You see, he trusts us.
What's that got to do with
me taking you out to dinner?
Nothing, really.
It's just him and his
work I'm thinking about.
In here, Professor Lembach.
Dr. Hill will show you the subject
from the first part of our demonstration,
which is the transformation of the subject
into stored energy.
Please watch the subject carefully
when I give the signal to transmit.
Secondary relays in.
Secondary relays in.
The animal is now in
the form of pure energy
which is stored in that cell over there.
I will now project the
animal onto the target table.
We have corrected the time lag element
which caused death in
our early experiments.
Please watch the target table.
Laser preheat.
Laser preheat.
Laser emission relay.
Laser emission relay...
Relay one.
Relay two.
Cut the power!
The power line of the storage cell
is completely burned out.
Just like depriving the brain of blood.
It's completely destroyed.
So we can't project the rat?
He's gone wherever good rats go.
God, what was Mitchel ever thinking of?
Why? What's it got to do with him?
Maintenance is part of his function.
Perhaps he's just loyal to Blanchard.
Paul, that's unfair and you know it.
I don't know anything anymore.
What about Blanchard?
Have you seen him?
Oh, he ran off with
Lembach and that man, Latham,
like a scolded cat.
You must explain.
We must try and arrange another...
What do you want?
I've been checking.
Well, it's a bit late for excuses.
Paul, please.
- I'm not making any.
- Look at this.
A burn through. That's
hardly surprising.
Look at the leads.
They're burned through,
what should I expect?
I specifically told you
to check everything.
I did! You still can't see what's wrong?
Those are acid burns.
When the power built up,
the natural heat in the
wires completed the rupture.
I'm surprised we weren't all killed.
Who would want to do such a thing?
Somebody who wanted to
make sure the experiment
was never completed.
Well, it doesn't make any difference.
Will be months before
we can be ready again.
I can replace this overnight.
You can't replace the storage cell.
Without it, the apparatus is useless.
I think it's only shorted.
Well, if you're right,
then we can recharge it.
I'm darn sure we can.
How long is Lembach staying?
I'll find out.
I'm afraid this takes
precedence over dinner.
Chris, what does I mean?
The idea that
somebody would want to
destroy Paul's discovery,
it frightens me.
But if that was their intention,
they certainly haven't succeeded.
If we work day and night,
get the apparatus in order,
achieve another perfect projection,
we can convince everyone,
including Blanchard.
Can I help?
Well, I could always do with a mate.
Lembach is staying in
London another few days.
Arrangements are being made
for me to have dinner with him
at Blanchard's house.
Well then you'll be
able to convince him.
Yes but someone seems to
be trying to prevent me.
Paul, that's the voice of despair.
I'm sure we can get it in order again.
Do you think so?
Yes, I do.
If I stand here talking,
I'll never even get started.
I wish I could be fully sure I trust him.
Why shouldn't you?
You're the only one I
have faith in now, Pat.
Don't desert me.
What do you mean?
He's paid by the foundation, not by me.
Pat, I've been watching both of you.
Be very careful before you go too far.
Paul, you're tired.
I think you ought to go home and rest.
I'll call you as soon as he's ready.
I have to be sure that I'm ready.
What do you have in mind?
An idea.
Nothing more.
But I have succeeded!
My dear Paul,
this is neither the time
nor the place to argue.
Now we sit comfortably,
digesting Dr. Blanchard's
excellent dinner.
I am not arguing.
I am stating facts.
I have only to call my two
assistants who are waiting.
I can arrange a
demonstration tonight, now!
You are behaving inexcusably.
You were only invited
because Professor Lembach
wanted to meet you again
before returning to Geneva.
This is unfair.
My demonstration was ruined.
Demonstrations do go wrong, Paul.
I do not hold it against you.
But I can not remain in London.
I'm needed in Geneva.
My demonstration was sabotaged.
It's true.
I have evidence.
This is my evidence.
It doesn't take a technical
mind to see the acid burns
on the ends of the connections.
If there had been sabotage,
Dr. Mitchel would've told me.
At my request, he did not.
Come with me and see for yourself!
I had no intention of telling you tonight,
but now you are forcing me.
Only this morning, my committee decided
they've gone far enough.
Your experiment will be abandoned.
Tomorrow you will start
dismantling your laboratory
to make room for another
and more urgent project.
I can not accept your decision.
It's monstrous.
I've achieved success.
You can not deny me my demonstration!
You have no choice.
How long will you gentlemen be here?
Some time, why?
Then I will give you
evidence that will force you
to reclaim my discovery.
I can not allow my friend to
leave in this state of mind.
I think it would be
better to leave him alone.
Were you not hard on him, doctor?
It was not of my seeking.
In any case, he had to be told.
Under the circumstances,
this seemed as good a time as any.
What were his prospects of success?
like most other advanced experiments,
When are you letting me have your views
to put to my government?
Within a few days, professor.
Well, in that case,
I shall be very glad if
you will ask your committee
to delay their final decision
until I can see the process for myself.
We must none of us forget
just how brilliant a
man, Professor Steiner, is.
Oh, Dr. Hill.
No, he isn't back yet.
Not back?
Have you heard from him?
It's getting very late.
I can't stay much longer
or I'll miss my bus.
Who is it?
It's Dr. Hill.
Sheila, I need your help.
Of course, professor.
All right, come with me.
Leave it.
But it'll be Dr. Hill again.
I said leave it.
I want to know why Sheila
put the telephone down.
If he did...
But he said he would call
as soon as he was ready.
I think something's wrong.
I want to go back to the laboratory
and find out what's happened.
All right, all right.
I want to know what's happened too.
I'm sure I'll never
get it right, professor.
Now don't be frightened, Sheila.
When I raise my hand,
press this.
When all these lights are on,
press this.
Press this, watch the lights.
The sound will then die down
and rebuild.
I've programmed the entire second stage.
All you have to remember
is when all these lights are burning,
press this.
I understand, professor.
Now don't be frightened.
When this is all over,
you can tell your boyfriends
that you helped trigger an experiment
that made scientific history.
Don't touch anything!
He's trying to project himself.
Sheila's disrupted the program.
What do we do?
I can't stop the program.
He wouldn't talk to us.
He knew we'd try and stop him.
He doesn't intend bringing himself back
to the target table.
Stop her Chris!
Don't push it too hard.
We got plenty of time.
Shut up, Gloria.
Three more minutes and we're done.
I'll go and take a look,
see if you've open up the neighborhood.
You get at it.
I meant get at that.
There will be time for the other, later.
What's that?
How the hell should I know?
A cat, I expect.
Never heard a cat make a noise like that.
Perhaps he was having a bit of fun
and she wasn't in the mood.
There you are, Gloria,
what did I tell you?
A flipping cat.
Relax girl, relax.
All right.
Oh God, I could do with a drink.
You'll be getting
something more than a drink
when we get through this lot.
Steve, hurry!
There's someone over there by that mound.
I can see him moving.
Well go and take a look.
If it's a bloke, chat him up.
But keep him away from here.
Hello there.
Have you got the time?
What the bloody hell did
she scream like that for?
How should I know?
I'm gonna go and take a look.
Come on, girl, wake up.
Don't muck about.
Where the hell are you?
Darling, get me
some asprin from the shop.
All right, mom.
Don't worry, dear.
I found a bottle in the dressing table.
We found them slap in the
middle of a building site.
There was no power cable
within a hundred yards.
Come and look.
The burns are typical.
That'll be for me.
Inspector Davis.
Ah, Martin, you got it?
One's Harry Slinger,
The woman's Gloria King,
which must make the over Steve Lowe.
That's got to make quite
a whole in the road scary.
I'm sorry about old Harry, though,
he was so bloody bad at it.
What were they up to, exactly?
Of all things,
digging away into the furriers.
So crude, they nearly got away with it.
Want their pictures?
Wait a minute.
Will I be able to recognize them?
No, don't bother.
Just round up a few relatives
for formal identification.
The cause of death, I'm
told, was electrocution.
You better get down there
and see if you can find
out any reason why.
Yes, I know.
See you later.
Well, let's have a look.
You chaps amaze me.
I barely finish an examination
and here you are putting names to them.
We amaze ourselves sometimes.
that's Lowe all right.
Well, well, well.
I've seen Harry in a good many positions,
but I never expected
to see him in this one.
You silly old fool.
And the woman's here, on the table.
I say she was scared too.
All three had a similar look.
Something else that might interest you.
Another body.
It, too, died of electrocution.
I thought that damned
Lembach would never go.
What's on Steiner's mind?
Something pretty
spectacular, if I know him.
Has he repaired the damage?
I don't know.
He and Mitchel have been
working day and night.
You ought to get your
hands on those tapes of his.
You're still sure they are
the key to his experiments?
Yes, they are.
We should get them tonight,
before he removes them himself.
we can get them now.
You then.
I hardly think it's my line of country.
I can't do it by myself.
I've got to take care of the security man.
Now, this is what we'll do.
I will drive into the foundation
with you concealed in the boot of my car.
I'll give you my keys,
you find your way up
into the main laboratory,
help yourself to the tapes.
In the meantime,
I'll take the security man up to my office
and that way, no
suspicion will fall on me.
Or on you either, of course.
Come on.
I want you.
We've been trying to get
you on the telephone, sir.
Me? What for?
Yes, it's Dr. Mitchel, sir.
He's waiting up in your office
with Dr. Hill and Miss Anderson.
There's been some trouble in
Professor Steiner's laboratory.
Is Professor Steiner still here?
Well, he did come in here earlier, sir.
Anybody in the laboratory?
No sir.
Did you want me for anything, sir?
Doesn't matter now.
it seems just as well that
I decided to return tonight.
Even so, I find your
explanation pure fantasy.
To me it makes sense.
He was obviously trying
to project himself.
The cross on the map is
exactly on your house.
With these calibrations
he worked out distance and
trajectory from the foundation.
The graph bears me out.
And you are seriously suggesting
that he would materialize
himself in my study?
Well, perhaps not in your study,
but in your house, certainly.
Dr. Hill, I can understand
how upset you are,
but what you suggest is illogical.
There is nothing illogical
in what I am saying.
Then tell me, where is he now?
We can't.
Sheila unwittingly disturbed the program.
He could be anywhere
in any state.
Do we have to kep Sheila here?
She looks exhausted.
It's my eyes.
They're hurting.
I'm sorry, Sheila.
Maybe you should see a doctor.
All right, I'll see to it.
It's past 2 o'clock in the morning.
How will you get home?
I can't.
Look, look, look.
You just run to your office
and get those clothes off.
I'll see that you're driven home.
It was an unfortunate accident.
None of you can blame yourselves.
What exactly happened at
your house earlier tonight?
Circumstances forced me to tell him
the project had been canceled.
You can't mean it.
Not now.
It's already been done.
As for you, Mitchel,
you're suspended from your duties
pending an investigation into your conduct
during the course of the project.
no point of staying here in the dark.
The cancellation is final.
Nothing more to be said about it.
But I must impress upon you both
that the work of this
foundation is classified.
There's no need to remind us.
We both signed the official secret oath.
All I need do is to
emphasize the necessity
of keeping your mouths shut.
There seems no reason
why Dr. Mitchel and I
can not complete the experiment
just to show what success we've achieved
if for Dr. Steiner's sake.
A nice sentiment, Dr. Hill.
You assume I noticed that
Professor Steiner, himself,
would not be able to continue.
But I didn't mean...
Don't fool yourself, Blanchard.
He has succeeded and once
more he will be back here,
in his office, at any time.
Then, if he retains his faculties,
he will know that it will
not be to much purpose.
Sometimes you're so cruel
that I think you must
have some other motive.
Miss Anderson is...
She will think I have forgotten her.
Oh, that man
gives me the shutters.
Well, he certainly has a whip pan now.
God, I'm tired.
What would you like, a drink?
Yes, please.
Is it such a little while
ago since we've been here?
About four hours.
Don't look so worried.
We don't know what's happened.
It's not the end of the world anyway.
For Paul it could be.
You really are fond of him, aren't you?
Of course.
But it's you I love.
Please, let me go.
Not until you've answered my questions.
What do you know about this man, Latham?
But I'm only a secretary.
You helped me once.
Help me again.
It's my eyes.
They're hurting.
Dr. Mitchel thought I
ought to see a doctor,
Professor Stei...
It's all right, Sheila,
you can use the name.
I know who I am.
Tell me about Latham, then
we'll see about a doctor.
Well, he spent a lot of
time with Dr. Blanchard,
but no one ever knew what he was exactly.
What do you think he was doing, Sheila?
Spying on us?
Please, Professor, I don't know.
Truly, I don't.
When I wasn't there,
did either of them go
into the lab without me?
Oh yes.
Wasn't it all right?
No, it wasn't.
How often?
Several times.
Mostly Mr. Latham by himself.
Why didn't you tell me?
Wasn't for me to
question him, professor.
I thought you'd know.
Please, can I go and bath my eyes now?
Did they ask you to keep it as a secret?
Don't worry, I'm not going to harm you.
Did they?
Well, not exactly.
Not exactly?
Either you know or you don't, which is it?
Well, Dr. Blanchard did tell me once
that I was working for the foundation,
not you.
I see.
All right, Sheila, go an bath your eyes.
Then I can go?
We'll see.
How long ago did you leave me?
Just as long as it takes to make coffee.
You move to quietly.
Come back to bed.
Don't you realize that it's a new day?
There's been no word?
Here, drink your coffee.
I'll telephone.
Oh, Dr. Blanchard.
Yes, as quickly as we can.
Something dreadful has
happened at the lab.
Is it him?
Blanchard didn't say, but he sounded
How much longer will they be?
Any moment, I should think.
Dr. Hill, Dr. Mitchel.
It's not...
I am sorry to bring you back.
Who were you expecting it to be?
We were half expecting
it to be Professor Steiner.
I see.
Now answer my questions quickly.
I want my squad here fast
and until this official secret
thing's cleared up, I can't.
What was on those computers?
Programmed tapes of our experiments.
Where are they?
That's roughly what I'm asking you.
Now don't touch anything.
I wasn't going to.
There's no need to look any further.
These were the tapes.
Dr. Blanchard tells me
you are a pathologist.
Until my surgeon gets here,
is there anything you can
tell me about how he died?
At first sight, I
would say electrocution.
Can you see anything that
would account for that?
I think I can.
There's too much for
it to be a coincidence.
I've seen the very same thing earlier on.
Well, there's no possible doubt
why the lights when out last night.
Somebody's fused the main power line.
You mean, him?
No, he's still be hanging there,
charred to a cinder.
What about those tapes?
As far as I can tell, they're all there.
The result of several
years of work in ruins.
You mean all your programs?
Every single one.
Don't you
have records, notes?
Not one.
For security reasons,
the tapes weren't transcribed.
We were going to do it when
the experiments were completed.
But you could replace them.
Not without Steiner.
Can I get on?
Yes, inspector.
If the tapes are destroyed,
then there is nothing
left of a secret nature.
What was Latham doing here?
That is for the inspector to determine.
Thank you.
What time did the lights go out?
Oh it was about 2:15, wasn't it?
Just about.
Inspector, I will be in
my office when you want me.
Don't leave the building
without letting me know.
I had no such intention.
This experiment Dr.
Blanchard was talking about,
the one that brought you
back here last night,
tell me about it.
Well we
left Professor Steiner
completing some important work.
We got anxious about
him and he telephoned.
Is Latham with you?
Who's that?
Where is Latham, Blanchard?
I ask, who's that speaking?
I'm an associate.
In fact, you might say
that we are very close.
You understand?
Latham's dead.
Then who has the tapes?
The tapes have been destroyed.
How did that happen?
I don't know what went wrong.
Then you will
kindly rearrange our affairs
so that they do succeed.
No, it's finished.
On no, Dr. Blanchard,
it is not finished.
I don't pay such large
sums of money for failure!
Never forget, I still have
those photographs in my safe.
I can do no more.
Now will you
listen to me, Blanchard?
I wish I'd never...
Listen to me, Blanchard!
You sold yourself to me a long time ago!
It's too late now to tell me
that you wish to change your mind!
Now presuming Professor
Steiner is still alive,
in what state do you expect him to be?
We've no idea what effect
the interruption of
the program would have.
Where's this place you found the body?
Corner of Evanston Street.
You realize that's
not above a quarter of a mile
from where Blanchard lives.
It couldn't be.
Why not?
From what you've told
me of his experiments,
do you really believe that it's
beyond the realms of possibility?
I know of nothing in the
concept of the human body
that could cause an imprint like that.
I've seen several like it.
Where did he go?
But if he has been
in some way transmuted,
we don't know what intelligence
he would have retained.
Presuming that he did do this,
them he must've been capable
of finding his way back here.
So why don't we try his apartment?
But I can't stop here.
Someone will be starting to look for me.
My mom, most likely.
Didn't you tell her you
would be working late?
Oh, she's used to me
being out all hours.
Anyway, Dr. Blanchard was
going to have me driven home.
Has he taken a liking to you?
He is my boss.
That I'm beginning to understand.
Don't leave me alone!
Somebody help!
Please help me! Let me out!
Somebody help me, please help me!
Somebody help!
Let me out!
Please let me out!
Don't worry, Sheila,
he won't come near you again.
You've done fine.
You've helped me a lot.
Thank you.
I feel a bit better now.
You know where Blanchard lives?
Come on, I hope we're not too late.
Oh my god.
Oh no.
No, wait.
Wait, Steiner, wait!
If the girl hadn't stay
unconscious for so long,
we might have prevented this.
After what she said, as
you still in any doubt?
Afraid not.
Do you know anywhere
else he's likely to go?
Those people on the building site.
Do you think he killed them accidentally?
I think he panicked
and just didn't know what would
happen when he touched them.
As far as I know, there's no
one else from the foundation
he would go after.
He's probably try and hold up somewhere.
Now that his flat's burnt up,
could he go back to the lab?
We've got that covered.
We'll just have to go on looking.
I should imagine a few frightened people
will soon put me on to him.
Where will you be?
At home.
I'll just take the
address and telephone number
in case I have to disturb you.
I feel so helpless lying here.
Shouldn't we be out looking for him?
Where would we look?
They'll call us as soon as he's located.
Chris, why did this have to happen?
It was Blanchard's doing
with Latham behind him.
Paul knew that.
Well whatever they
did, they've paid for it.
Chris, I'm so pleased you're here,
I couldn't bear this alone.
You don't have to.
Paul, how did you get in?
Why didn't you send for
us instead of using Sheila?
It was madness.
I am not mad.
Why use Sheila? Why not us?
Don't you trust us?
You dare to ask if I trust you.
But you can, Paul.
You want to destroy me
so you can go on with your love making.
Why did you come here, then?
I need power.
Power to help me think clearly.
But you can get it, at the lab,
while I program a tape to cure you.
I'll find it myself.
And I see where I can get it.
Paul, you can't walk around London.
In some way, you'll be destroyed.
Let them try.
Steiner, I know what's wrong with you.
I mean, this energy
discharge that kills people.
I couldn't realign the laser beam.
The magnetic field was out of step
as in the early experiments.
Paul, I beg you, do what Chris asks.
He just wants to get me out of the way.
Unless you have us help you,
there's not hope for you.
You destroyed all our
tapes when you kill Latham.
If I can get back to the lab,
I can begin to program a reversal tape.
What can anyone do about that?
Let him go.
Can we?
We must think of a way of
getting him back to the lab.
It's the only way he can be helped.
Get me Inspector Davis.
This is urgent.
You can't, Chris.
Give me an alternative.
Inspector Davis?
This is Dr. Mitchel.
I know where you can
find Professor Steiner.
All right, we're going in.
Thompson, find out who's in charge here.
Tell him what's going on and
tell him to keep his people
out of this section until
I give the word it's safe.
Right, sir.
The rest of you, you
got your special issue?
Yes, sir.
The first sign of resistance,
shoot and shoot straight
if you want to keep alive.
Now then.
They can't mean to shoot him down.
If he refuses to be helped,
he'll have to be destroyed.
But he was so gentle.
Try to think of him
as he is, not as he was.
Think of him as the Projected Man
who has nothing in
common with Paul Steiner.
Open the gates, we're going in now.
Now form up.
Don't take any unnecessary risks.
There he is!
Aim carefully!
Make sure you hit him!
It's not good, inspector.
Bullets aren't gonna stop him.
Drive straight at him!
Get behind the car again.
Keep down.
What is it?
If you go in there,
someone's going to get killed.
Any suggestions?
Only that somehow
we've got to persuade him
to come back with us to the laboratory.
And how do you expect to do that?
Let me go.
I'll get him to come back.
Don't be crazy.
Look at that.
You can't go in there alone.
Chris, you go back to the laboratory
and start programming a reversal tape.
The inspector will watch out for me.
I will if he goes with you.
No, I must go alone.
Where are you?
Paul, you must trust me.
Paul, don't you realize
every time you discharge energy like that
you weaken yourself.
Leave me alone.
Go away!
Let me find more power.
Paul, come back to the laboratory.
Let us work together to get you well.
Nothing can help me.
Paul, why are you doing that?
To frighten me?
Chris has gone back.
Is he all you can think about?
Go away.
Go back to your Chris.
You want me to destroy myself.
Paul, I beg you.
Come back to the laboratory.
We can give you all the
energy that you need.
You promise this isn't a trap?
Dr. Hill, are you all right?
Go away!
Keep out!
So it was a trap?
Look Paul, I'm tired too.
I'm going to go back to the car.
You can follow me if you wish.
If you fuse the switchboard now,
I can not do anything.
The console is programmed
for a reversal process.
Get away!
It's all over. Finished.
What the hell is he doing?
Can't we stop him?
It's the reversal program.
The projector has become an
instrument of destruction.