The Proxy Soldiers (2017) Movie Script

Concentration. Take care
It was so stupid child.
Fear yah?
- Yes. - Do not fear can only kill the enemy.
Its new bold survive.
You know what's scary?
There is no end of the dead, like your father.
Can still be passed.
I'll remember.
You want to drink, they did not dare to kill you.
One gulp.
Boy, you do not fear, there is conscience.
There will not be taken away - do not worry.
You ran away, dying at the hands of me - come on the road.
Almost there.
- Why? - I'm the same as you.
I'm the government.
Love you money
so you come with us.
I hate this way.
Let's quickly take a corpse.
Why - Quick.
Safe companion.
Today how many - 24.
Next year could be re-han.
Of course - this bastard.
You idiot.
Huan Yin's sister died because of you - sorry.
I do not dare stick.
Puncture, puncture love to see.
You do not dare to stab you to death, stab.
Just now you kill, you yourself.
So you own
even forgotten the name.
Damn - Anything not really good working condition.
We eat together - Let's all.
Yes, me.
Sun thou si.
- Who? - Who? - I am.
My name is hard to remember - Quick.
Your Pin with - Kenapa - SIAP
dead - Quickly find people.
Vomiting - All new death, this is outrageous.
Origin talk - Who says dead.
This is good is good, your spirit.
- Dead same is not dead. - Do not give me the money.
Of you - Do not tell anymore.
You just do - Damn.
Demi position set up to Han Yang.
You rely on anyone alive.
Leave it.
- He is not hun ce? - Why trust him?
They also did not accept the king of hell
so all do not die.
Coming own go - go together
Here waiting for orders.
There's a new king of the people there.
True - Origin talk.
It is written - the people of countries.
How can the government remove its people.
People can not die, also died in the country's lower legs.
People want to go to the state.
King, there was a fight.
How could this.
Silent indiscriminate basis.
What we deliberately detach.
Here, people have to live.
All go to the state ming, can accept.
Love the prince.
Still old? be quick on the trigger
king, feeling better little?
Take any medicines - Eat what else?
Already is, I've been taking medication.
Do not say like that.
There's all.
There must be responsibility.
Guards and people - no.
This clearly can not.
Go to Yong's.
He will assume you're a prince.
Together these will rise
fight death - father
already guilty should die.
Tak did not dare.
You poultry O true king, Sun Country and we will do?
What we are opposed to it forever?
Back safely first and said.
In the chaos of war, it can maintain its safety.
From now on, you're the only king.
King - do not look back - the King.
We are ready to die - King.
Kill us first.
Do not go - already blurred
This team is clearly not enough.
Anyway this is vague
This is certainly not possible.
Why, back - Those who.
Those coming from the north.
King went on to state ming.
But this.
- Stay here surely die in the war. - King.
It's like life? We have no fear of God is the eye.
Royal why can the two cities.
On why? Open road.
Quickly open road.
Do not push.
Do not use a knife - Stand aside.
Possible ...
We do not want people to remove the king's escape
I like this forever.
I never thought this hell on earth.
I can not take it away.
Quickly go - Calm down.
Kill without exception - you think.
Go to Pyong that we could still come back to life?
Se niu - Ya.
You see there, tell us quickly
- go to avoid trouble. - Let our king.
It's the only way, is over, we follow behind.
Fast - Good - a security guard.
Countries want to die, keep the what is the significance?
We can not.
Quick says the love of the king to hear.
Listen good if the case is an important task.
Important blurred.
You can not avoid punishment, understand
you guys task.
Must be resolved, we returned to the family.
You said what?
You do not want to live? Why do you say back to the family.
Although take money.
Of course there are - You're innocent dead.
This is again doing?
This is why?
We have for the government, these experiments.
Because of the chaotic took a bow.
Back to the soldier.
And if so, the little boy was also arrested?
Yes arrested.
It also ails.
You choose to go first.
We do not have pleasure.
If in this arrest.
I said when the war
love view
how can you say
do not expect much - We'll try.
We own entrance.
Perhaps fear.
We will not again.
Prince's arrest, the king helped end the war.
Do not let the sacrifices.
This is my second brother.
Government into two parts
so get him.
Let go of me.
Sign find the king.
Hurry hurry the fuck?
Anyway we've caught him.
Go catch a prince
hideyosi be happy.
Should be 10 days to arrive.
Must be fast, avoid the pursuing enemy.
The most important good either case
may also be blurred
even so.
Ouch predication.
But I say, why so two dragons.
Instead of one male one female, so alone.
Alas arrived hua sen also check?
Who confuse, so the troops.
By whom?
Lap butt own father, for so
it can not be anything.
Meng ce re
prince of
people will gather
The other princes for the sake of the world
people in the battlefield.
It was his mother's father take care of the people.
Damn, this is how.
Ead - ouch
see moonlight, missed by the home
do not worry se niu very clever.
He will take care of the house.
The chaos of war.
What is that? That's the fire?
- what's up? - What is this.
What's up.
King you got any?
It seems so quiet.
Who is this?
Mau crazy.
It's very heavy, ordinary people can not shoot.
It very much can shoot
This place is attacked.
Who is this?
You're here.
All blame you.
I've now been on fire.
The book can not be read anymore.
King lives only one.
I told you the life I have.
Already. He helped you
you burn him - why?
Actually, what is it? How is this
happened like this - pardon
This in check - basic.
We can not continue the way?
Already half, die die yah yah blur blurred - O king.
Pyong very danger, our roads mountain roads
not much to say - Can the road?
Only mountain road - Bullshit you let the king go?
Do not fuss, we wait for orders.
King is only one position
This can only work for a mountain road.
Look for opportunities to kill them.
No one else?
This shit does not arrive, want to lift a stretcher to death.
This group, made us upset
want to hurt us - It was.
It's dead, is also gone.
Go to Ciang se we definitely get the profit?
Many people fled, got into the team.
So vague - I want to try.
This change destiny.
Stupid, still innocent.
Do you believe this.
You want to find dead this.
I went all the women teased
want to change the fate sooner.
No. This sui Ciang love.
Maybe sooner.
So forever so.
It lah.
You're a bastard.
Anyway sui Ciang come, the state is almost dead, no matter how this is the last time.
You're fast asleep.
Rancid boy fast asleep.
Te li
the team will stand?
- It is difficult, how to go? - King do not overdo it.
Do not give up.
I do not understand a father means what?
Always with me very cold.
And again this chaotic war, I was how in the world.
It's been difficult.
I'm at war do not understand.
Really tasteless - king.
Do not worry.
I really want to do good either.
Let the happy father.
- All hearts. - Be careful.
King - You got any?
No more road - Diam.
Choose the mountain roads you.
Us how to rice fields.
He said the troops so.
It can not happen?
Have you wake up.
Get up.
You're a bastard.
Bastard you know you for what?
- You're making a big mistake. - I do not care
if the king seated inside. could how
dead live with us
can not no longer command
but this - silence
you taught me - Shut up.
Everything is made fuck
execute death.
King, do not store it in the liver.
Her words correctly
And again I do not want to sit down again.
There was no wind, very difficult.
The road is very far away, fast way.
This wake.
Here's how good it is.
- Who? - Stop.
There is attacked but.
I know this is where the way I take it away.
He did not know who to attack.
It's so fast.
This tool i.
What mountain bandit?
This we watch the world.
Man ...
Fast acting, living dead worthless.
The camp says Ciang cie met.
In the forest the tiger will appear.
But this did not expect.
There was the sound of a tiger - He's nothing that can eat.
The smell of dead tiger.
- Why? - Not moving?
quick help
would puncture looking first place.
It can only be dead
quickly kill the king.
Raja quick kill.
All over, we can get out
This place Tigers.
This predication - Yes
but this is made like this.
- Right there is the tiger? - Certain.
This is the body of me.
I came out, I was with people
why fear of water in here?
Tigers seemed afraid of water - This
This fear courage.
It's in the fight against the enemy.
Seem in view
You ... look
We are the only in the identity like this
no matter how many times, so the habit
this statement.
I'm afraid this.
How can these people chasing us?
- We have been to the mountain road. - We are in a trap.
Do not carelessly talk
No clue you're doing?
There is what is in view?
It chun ce apparently did not run away.
- Tell lah. - It.
Behind to follow
there appears to be the back.
I think look like this
This thought ruffian not blurred
then I'm behind
see this fan.
This chaotic war case
there must be the soul of the dead - What is the
King was the person
The world's problems be sure ...
You're merely talking about it.
Who? Surely you come from there.
What might you?
True, or not?
Answer me - now.
This is a king.
- Raja...
- Diam
do not be rude to the king, you base
even daresay origin - My dad.
Do you know why?
King's mother, who?
I do not know the truth.
I've seen it in the palace women between meals.
King was born lucky you
but these things can not be forgotten.
- Your biological mother ... - Shut up.
Then - He began to hate you.
Hate you - What
The king became crown prince
And wife.
This is still just a man.
You're talking basic origin
execute his
beat hard.
I do not want to hear do not talk.
You just do not want their lives - Damn.
I heard the command to do.
I do not want to hear anymore.
This is not the castle.
You do not feel sorry for?
He should be very sad.
Do not know the new self pity.
It's our people.
To think that there are corpses - dead how many people
less than one day.
This is the how - Forgiveness
country so there was a fight inside.
I say - this
anyways so.
We have - ouch.
You got any?
Get up.
Old man.
It is enough?
Awasnya not have to come.
This damn - this war may be dead people.
With Ciang sui war to the death
they seem to kill people I know this is not easy.
You think this fox lives easier?
Damn, foxes live?
This we ask not arrested.
You used our hands.
Why? Thanks goodness what?
It was the world says good either admire you.
Continue to take care of him.
Basics - Do not fight.
Do not fight it - you think is important?
You changed.
Changed - True
This has not changed.
That you fight forever and die?
He himself could not, would we tanggalkan him
you're not okay? It's already a lot.
All joint return.
Raja help you increase energy.
On appeal body, be more difficult.
If you were not born, mother
will not die, initially.
Committing a crime how many days.
So the father is performing better.
Now I understand.
Each time you look at me, he sees himself.
So do not love me, love dad
The king could you less space and feelings.
This can not continue.
It's chaotic war - we survived.
- Of course must continue to enter the mountain. - All blame you.
I've been told this could not escape.
The boy's father on the spot.
King's escape.
I do not have the talent to be a king.
Also, do not plan becomes.
You take it how many books this war.
Says important lives only in the ear i.
It's destiny me.
I replace the king.
My dad remove his life what it means?
Anyway not be king.
I am not willing to accept sin.
I'm lost in this world die
skip this life.
There was no life to come.
Hu sui why did you come?
Tuan also died.
You know, he did not live long
so take care of him because of this.
I once thought the one-way
This thought someone's face.
Su siu you crazy?
Why? What father wants him dead?
Anyway he did not become king, we are arguing about is what's the use?
Want to live this Ciang sui rely on strong
put his sword, you have for us.
We went with my sister.
Rely sui Ciang
This became the enemy
the king.
This country ...
I have no resistance.
Fear of hell better
you're here do not kill her.
I let it run out of people to kill.
Here ends.
I will not blame you killed.
Sui su fast.
Although death.
I also think it die at the hands of the people.
Body in hell ...
I kept the road
no nose
this beat, this Ciang sui be considered a success.
Sui Ciang already entered.
These people - what storm?
Exit. Fast.
It's okay.
Leave them for food - It's us.
We are the master.
In said - this.
There is no country new leader
you protect what.
Stop stop.
The government can not do anything.
Su Ciang these people.
Losing the role, remove the loss.
But you guys.
How do I gorged myself
King please eat.
Long time no eat
This busy, how did it - you're so great.
I also how many times
This still exists.
Su siu mari sing a song.
Listen to this.
You can cut.
Which already do not want to sing it.
It feels sad singing.
I was in the palace there is also this thought.
Just try it.
Su siu, last night I heard it.
It can not be anything - let.
I eat the soul is more important
I never thought when the king sat meet state.
He's going to die right.
With me this people.
The country and the people there.
This is more important
This better stop
How is this
my mom with others
we lived.
For the sake of eating, I'm 12 years in between to the palace.
When it did not know to cry very long.
I have to admit destiny.
I'm forever.
It was fate itself.
Remaining how the road.
From here - Yes
we are accelerating.
Good good break.
- Wanna see? - Yes
This could be attempted was not.
You've done enough.
- There will be a good day. - I think so.
This flag dragon
must guard dragon flag
King please you.
- How? - Brother.
From the forest meet, just now the forest.
There - Pursue.
Bother you. Nothing
this already.
All in fuel, blurred.
History is off here.
Really deserved to die.
Us how - stay has been lucky.
Quickly pull back.
You do this - There is hell?
King there.
Sui Ciang come chase - Yes
now where - all in his mountain cave hide.
Ow you say news, themselves passed.
That we got any?
Mom I'm okay?
At that time, all want to climb aboard.
There are some people fall into the water.
It was your mother
died - sorry
This bastard.
Su yes - sister
king there is not time.
How is this
king. This can not be
want to wait here.
Then this.
Now the team
you know where the troops.
True King.
What do you want to go - now can not.
You also see - It's in the case.
You have how - do not tell.
How is this.
Them. Already assured.
Not fulfilled the promise we
you go lah - Sorry.
It's okay, anyways.
There was no place I could go.
There is still this. goods
I go with you guys.
Kidding, I'm gone, you eat and drink well either.
It's a boy.
It must go where
This can tell they let them escape.
Do not just talk, it's only going to get there.
We have to go.
Come quickly.
They say they are - Brother you for what?
I said - I can understand your feelings
but I have no reason for that - you go first.
Sister thought this person.
You're a business, to the end - this after all that in mind.
Just know eat.
All will die.
I do not care, you change nothing.
Hey, I'm sorry
This hell is he? Look for him?
Actually what?
Maybe this.
Ouch do so.
Do not be a king, who take care of us?
Do not dream.
It can not be anything.
It is over. You're back.
Thou er - sister.
Back sister.
The king let this big.
Correct. Not easy.
Let the hearts of so.
Let me back.
Nobody here anyways.
Let this.
Please act - Really nice.
We watch - yeah right.
This in governance.
Please let us road safely.
Later there is the outboard and run
the same father with his child.
Here gather - what's up
Cuen ce - Ya - Raja.
We can not be opposed to the king's order, we should leave.
This can not
come - it let people hide.
You still do not know.
Only the king.
The eldest son is still there.
You have to be careful.
You see we all have.
Take care of you.
Some people hide in place.
- Where? - Not far from the mountain
want to go?
- Perhaps not? - In the back of the mountain.
There is a hill, it scares people.
Nurut you why not - his own brother
come on the road.
He says it's here to come with me
sui su - nobody.
It can not be dead at detach.
What you gifts just met.
This king.
We went here tonight
small boat king here.
I was in the palace shot how many times
you really want to how
Which can be made already made
You have run out already.
It's for big things.
I was reading in the book.
People are more important - this.
It was the people that lived king
This you uninstall own child? Father fled already.
Children desperately fight off the king what will calm down?
It's a fundamental thing, now let the father see no good
do not tell me the world is not there.
You want to be filial children do not?
You kill me first.
Father and son
problem child, this time a chaotic war
so for the sake of justice.
This knife so broke?
King of all people are a part of herself.
It is our love.
I'm the same with you.
Do you know. I am
but God wants the life of me.
Actually it could replace anyone
This is already someone else in case.
Not for the sake of others.
I myself fought.
Raja - oh.
Really? want to fight
too pushy.
If not - no.
This team,
Last night dream.
Some people know we want to help.
You see this itself we perceive.
Originally you open the door of the city.
I'm going to catch a prince.
Warpath - Yes.
Ready for war.
Here danger go - It's okay
anyways very much.
Set up a team - Good.
arc useless.
All heard.
Let the prince out.
This was soon gone.
- It su sui? - Prince did not come out.
He will die in front of the door.
I've heard.
He lost his mother's father.
Help me.
Damn, do not kill innocent people.
Submit your prince did not hear?
King for the country to be like this, what the responsibilities
you let people get killed?
Sister. Su Sui.
Why you are here?
Why, lives also do not want?
You really crazy su siu you for what?
The government runs out, all over
This what it means.
Su sui you can not die.
We must live out together.
We will not hate you.
Listen prince here.
Soon - do you remember?
We are first in the mountains of the moon.
Even the corpse, just wait.
Maybe not come, now is the same.
Go there and die of hunger, go here starving to death also.
I own you live
King helped you out
help you out.
Help us.
I know.
Help us.
Help us. Help our king.
Help us wrong.
King're now doing?
- I'm out. - You can not go out, I can not.
I target enemy.
I understand more of the war, although the peak.
It all must endure.
You understand not
- then let me see? - Yes.
Just me out, new people can live - can not.
I can not leave him.
Can not. should hardcore
scared the hell do you know?
See you all dead.
That I'm afraid.
Come true.
Hey kid rancid - There's what - you have to go
go shit.
I told the people here.
Now the outside there are more than 100 people.
This is great.
This is huge goanya.
We finished out just smile in the face
but outside there were troops, can be tried.
You go back a bit, let them surrounded.
Let sit to go?
You now do not want to be king?
You want me to be ordinary people?
I name who?
Your name.
If this safe exit, just say you are.
Everyone living bye.
Chase! Can not last
they attack
please take care of yourself.
King take care of myself.
Damn, wait a minute.
I have to go back take - out.
Well to be this way?
I say it's crazy
do not know why.
Do not let him get away.
Come again people - yes.
This ... team
The road team camp there.
I ask you, this team camp
you ask why
go tell him
The king came to the country.
You're back.
This know why there were two dragon flag?
One king, one more people.