The Psychopath (1966) Movie Script

Gustavo, I still can get
no answer from Mr. Klermer.
I'll try myself, Mary.
Our things seem better than usual.
A most delightful evening.
I'm worried about Klermer.
He hasn't missed one of these
weekly sessions for years.
Oh, I'm quite sure he'll find
some simple explanation.
He telephoned me earlier today.
Said he had something he wanted to
discuss with me after tonight's session.
Well, I guess I better
be running along now.
Thank you very much for your
hospitality, Mr. Loftis.
Oh, not at all, sir.
Uh, I was hoping we might get
a chance to talk tonight.
On evenings like these, I'm afraid I
prefer chamber music to conversation.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight, Mr. Loftis.
Oh, there's still no reply from Mr.
Klermer, father.
I've got an idea your
father doesn't like me.
Oh, he'll warm up once he gets to know you.
Well, let's hope he warms
up before we're married.
Thank you, Mary.
Thank you.
Well, I'll see you tomorrow.
Is Mr. Saville in?
I'm Detective Inspector Holloway.
You think I can see him for a moment?
Yes, come in, Inspector.
Reinhart Klermer dead.
There's no doubt about the identification.
His body was discovered in this alley
shortly after 8 o'clock tonight.
Well, from...
from what you say, it sounds
like a hit and run accident.
Well, hardly an accident, Mr. Loftis.
That car must have...
gone backwards and
forwards over his body...
half a dozen times.
How did you know he was
coming here, Inspector?
His landlady told us.
Um, he was carrying his
violin case with him.
Mr. Roth, might I ask you what you
were doing at 8 o'clock this evening?
L- a a
I had just come home from work.
The rain chills me to the bone and
my wife made me take a hot bath.
But it...
It didn't help.
- Bless you.
- Thank you.
And you, Mr. Laville?
I was not at home earlier this evening.
- Ah?
- There's a pub called The Blue Unicorn.
I stopped by there for a
drink on my way here.
At the time of the murder, I was there.
I see.
At the time of the murder, you said?
8 o'clock?
And you, sir'?
I've, um...
I've got a witness.
A policeman on the Great West Road.
Contravening our traffic regulations, huh?
Speeding, was it'?
Yeah, but uh, note the time.
Oh, I noted the time, Mr. Loftis.
8 o'clock.
Is this really necessary, Inspector?
Mr. Klermer was our friend.
In that case your information
may be very helpful...
in discovering who was his enemy.
He was a solicitor, was he not'?
Yes, yes, I was one of his clients. He
handled my affairs for many years.
Where were you this evening, Ms. Saville.
In the house.
A room guard?
And you, sir'?
I went out...
for a while.
But, for your information, Inspector,
since my heart attack a year ago
I'm not allowed to drive a car.
I went for a walk.
I was back home again by 8 o'clock.
Mary will tell you. Mary?
The hall clock was striking just when Mr.
Saville came in.
It was exactly 8 o'clock.
Will that be all, Inspector?
Oh, yes.
No more questions.
Thank you for your cooperation.
There's just one other thing.
It's quite possible that all of
you later on will have to make a
formal statement.
But, what for'? You know
where we were at 8 o'clock.
That's true.
Unfortunately, 8 o'clock was the time when
Klermer's body was discovered.
The medical report shows
that the time of death...
was around 7.
And God bless you.
We picked up the car this morning.
The lab checked on the tire treads.
What about the owner?
He won't be much use to us.
He's dead.
Died on the operating table
yesterday afternoon.
The car was pinched from
the hospital car park.
You're not safe anywhere nowadays.
I'm just performing an operation, myself.
Who's the patient?
Your old friend.
The late, lamented Klermer.
He's a bit of a mess.
You should have seen the original.
We've already run a few tests.
Two fingerprints.
- The clothing is all hand sewn, of course.
- Mmhmm.
Domestic wool.
Could have come from any mill.
Hey, look at this, sir.
Molding wax with Klermer's
features painted on.
Someone substituted a whole new head.
But the body is ordinary enough.
The manufacturer's imprint
is usually right here.
Scraped off'?
You would say that that
body is a common mold?
I bet a thousand shops carry them in stock.
Well, you've learned all
you can from that stuff.
Yes, I think so.
Put it together again, will you?
I shall want it first thing in the morning.
Looks like another case of looking
for a needle in a hay stack, sir.
That doll is our needle.
There's loads of hay stacks.
You evidently haven't read
the report on our friends?
Oh, nothing there, sir.
Loftis is an American medial student.
Ledoux is a sculptor.
Roth works in the Dutch Embassy.
Saville is retired.
And his daughter, Louise,
she's a designer.
She designs dolls.
She works in a toy shop.
The face has been remodeled, of course.
But, we want to trace the
manufacturers of the doll's body.
I thought Ms. Saville
would recognize the make.
She couldn't.
But, she thought that you might.
Oh, yes, this is the culprit.
As I thought.
You see, it's notjust that
they're the same size,
but if you notice the hands you'll see
that they're are absolutely identical.
Do you stock many of those?
Oh no, sir.
We discontinued this line a year ago.
I'm afraid there isn't much call for
this sort of thing now, you see.
Today, it's all bombs and rocket ships.
Aggressive plastic in
rather vindictive colors.
Personally, I never want to sell
anything you couldn't cuddle.
When did you last sell any of these.
Last'? Um...
Oh, dear, my memory is beginning
to positvely crumble.
- Uh, I should have to look that up.
- I've already asked you to look it up.
I found it.
It was a couple of months ago.
Oh, there it is, yes, exactly two
months ago. Yeah, six dolls.
All delivered to the same address.
14 Ann Street, Mrs. Hedwig Von Sturm.
14 Ann Street. Hmm.
Thank you very much, indeed, sir.
Come in.
I'm over here.
Um, Mrs. Von Sturm?
I'm Detective Inspector Holloway.
I wondered if I might have a word with you?
Of course. I shall just close the door.
I can manage, thank you.
Are you all alone here, Mrs. Von Sturm?
I am never alone.
Children, we have a visitor.
This is Inspector Holloway.
We were just having tea.
Weren't we, mein kinder?
Will you join us'?
No, thank you very much.
You have a remarkable collection.
For 23 years
this has been my life.
But, you did not come
here to talk about that.
Let us go where we can have privacy.
I shall be back in a moment.
My work room.
Do you make these dolls to sell?
Listen to him.
I would not dream of selling my children.
Would I, my little poopsie?
Mrs. Von Sturm...
Did you ever make a doll like this?
- You recognize him?
- Of course!
Reinhardt Klermer, my solicitor.
Did you make that doll?
No, Inspector. I did not make this.
Do you have any idea who might have then?
Perhaps Mr. Klermer could tell you.
No, Klermer is dead.
He was murdered yesterday.
Brutally murdered.
This doll was found by his body.
Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't
realize you had company.
This is Inspector Holloway.
Inspector, my son, Mark.
How do you do?
- You from the police?
- Hmm.
Mark, did you know that
Reinhardt Klermer is dead'?
Yes, mother, it was in
the papers this morning.
- Then why didn't you tell me?
- I didn't want to upset you, Mother.
It's very important I should know!
My mother is not very well. If you have
any questions, perhaps I could help you.
Yes, perhaps you could.
If you'll excuse us, Mrs. Von Sturm.
No, Inspector.
I've never seen this before.
I knew Klermer, of course.
Your mother says that he was
her legal representative.
Yes, for my father's estate in Germany.
It was confiscated after the
war by an allied commission.
My father was an industrialist and
the commission claimed that he used
slave labor in his factories.
So, they arrested him.
He committed suicide in prison.
My mother has always
hoped to clear his name.
And, Klermer was working on it for her?
Oh, he gave up ages ago.
He never told Mother that.
He said it was better to live in hope.
And, I agree with him.
Her world collapsed when my father died,
so she built a new one out
of her own imagination.
Has she no friends?
She never leaves the house
or invites anyone here.
The dolls are her friends.
The dolls and me.
Your mother said she didn't make this doll.
Well, is there any reason
not to believe her?
She ordered half a dozen
doll bodies of this type
only a few moths ago
from the Regis Toy Shop.
Mother is always ordering doll bodies.
See for yourself.
She gets them from toy shops all over town.
Mr. Von Sturm, where were you last night?
At my job.
I'm a night watchman at the Morn boat yard.
Night watchman.
My mother gives me food and lodging.
I support myself.
Are you all alone at
night in the boat yard?
And, there's no one to vouch for your whereabouts
at the time of the murder, is there?
No one.
My dear Inspector.
How flattering you should
wish to see my studio.
I am honored.
Well, don't be.
I'm here on official business.
You don't like my work?
Neither do I.
But, it sells.
It's uh...
Klermer you want to know about, isn't it?
I'm much more interested
in the Von Sturm family.
What could you tell me about them?
Saville, Roth, Klermer, and I...
We were all members of an allied
commission in Germany after the war.
We investigated war criminals.
One of them was Von Sturm.
He claimed he was innocent.
That one or more of us had
falsified the evidence.
Why should any of you want to do that?
There were profits to be made
in Germany after the war.
Huge profits.
When a man's property was confiscated
sometimes a portion of it disappeared.
If one of you were dishonest, and Klermer
found new evidence which would prove it
then that would be a motive for his murder.
But, uh, none of us is.
My work pays well
Roth has his post at the embassy.
And, Saville has retired
from a very good business.
I see.
So, you're all fairly well off.
What about 2O years ago?
This is a bit different from
your usual work, isn't it?
I still do representational
pieces just as hobby.
Please, sir, don't tell him. I
want this to be a surprise.
It is.
How many of these have you got?
Every artist has some.
It's not much of a step from this...
to this.
Is there?
Oh, really Inspector.
Do I impress you as the kind of
man who would play with dolls'?
Somebody isn't playing.
Why, Mary, you look lovely.
It's Mary's day off.
I'm Louise. Remember?
Well, whoever you are, let's hurry, eh'?
'Cause we're going to be late.
A moment. I want to here what Dr.
Glynn has to say about Father.
- I'll be right down.
- Oh, uh...
Your father's ill again, is he?
He was complaining of chest
pains again this afternoon.
- How is he, Doctor?
- Difficult as usual.
What does that mean?
No need for alarm.
Your father will be around for many years
yet, if he looks after himself properly.
Which I doubt.
What are you, uh, what
are you giving him, sir'?
Dr. Glynn, this is Donald Loftis.
Pleased to meet you.
Donald's a medical student.
Really? Hmmm.
Well, after 2O years as a physician,
may I offer you some advice?
- Yes, please do.
- Take up plumbing.
As it's Mary's night off...
I'll leave this with you. Your father
is to have one half ounce at bed time
and same again in the morning.
I'll call him sometime tomorrow.
Oh, Doctor, Donald and I had planned
to go out for dinner this evening.
Perfectly alright, just make it plain to
your fatherr that all he needs is rest.
Only wish I had someone to
tell me the same thing.
Goodnight, Dr. Glynn. Thank you.
He's a very good doctor, it's just that he
doesn't have much of a bed side manner.
You see, bed side manner,
that's my strong point.
Give me a chance to demonstrate.
No! I'll tell Father we're leaving.
I don't want you to go out.
It's Donald you really object to, isn't it?
I suppose I do.
I'm sorry, Father. You'll
just have to get used to him.
- Why should I?
- Because I'm going to marry him.
You're out of your mind.
You know I'll have to leave you some time.
It's out of the question. I need you here.
Please, it's not going to happen tomorrow.
Didn't Dr. Glynn tell you
that I need attention?
He assured me that all
you need is rest.
And, how much rest will I get with
you careering around with... with...
Goodnight, Father.
I won't be gone long.
- Do you want more coffee?
- No thanks.
How about some conversation.
I'm sorry, Don. I guess
I shouldn't have come.
Have you been talking to your father?
Would you be very upset if I asked
you to put off our wedding?
Just for a little while.
You have been talking to him, haven't you?
What did he say?
I can't leave him now.
- You do understand don't you?
- Of course.
He's a sick man.
He needs you.
That's what he's been telling, isn't it?
He's playing on your sympathies.
He's using his illness as an
excuse to keep you there.
He's a selfish man.
Don, you've no right to say such things.
He is my father.
That's just the point. He's
your father, he's not your lover!
Doll for the lady, sir'?
- Hi, Ledoux.
- Ah, my dear Roth.
What do I owe the pleasure of this, uh...
- The Inspector came to see me today.
- Yes, yes, he came to see me, too.
And what did he want to know?
He asked about you.
And the commission?
Yes. He wanted to know about that, also.
Did you tell him anything?
Just what he wanted to know.
But, suppose he finds out about us'?
And Saville.
Saville won't talk.
What makes you so sure'?
I am sure.
Who's there?
Who's there?
Don't you know?
Who are you?
Take a-
Ilsa Von Sturm.
I've changed, haven't I?
After all these years.
Years can be cruel.
But, not as cruel as men.
What do you want'?
What I've always wanted.
You're making a mistake, you know?
- Didn't Klermer tell you...
- Klermer is dead!
- But, I had nothing to do with that.
- You are lying.
It's the truth.
I swear it.
You swear it.
Just as you swore my life
away more than 2O years ago.
Did you think I could ever forgot?
But, that's all over now.
That's ended.
Nothing ever ends, Mr. Saville.
Nothing but life itself.
Get out of here before I call the police.
- You see I'm ill. My heart is...
- You never had a heart.
You went out.
Where did you go to'?
I wanted some fresh air.
I wheeled myself.
A short way.
Just to see...
an old acquaintance.
Thank God it's you.
What's the matter.
I wasn't sure it was you.
Who else could it be?
I don't know.
Father, the front door
was open when I came in.
I found this parcel on the table in
the hall. Was somebody here tonight?
You're not well. You should be in bed.
Please. Please sit down.
I've got to talk to you.
Before you do anything else
you'll take some of this.
What is it?
It's the medicine Dr. Glynn left you.
- Please listen to me, Louise.
- Just as soon as you've taken this.
It's bitter.
It's good for you.
Now then...
Don't worry. I'll see who it is.
May I come in for a minute?
Louise, I'm sorry I...
I had no right to speak to you that way.
I'm sorry, too.
I had to come back and apologize.
I'm glad you came back, Don.
It's all so stupid, really.
So, when you arrived home...
the door was wide open.
And, your father was upstairs.
In other words anybody could
have come into this house...
without your father knowing about it.
I told you all I know.
It's what we don't know that's important.
Look, can't you see she's upset.
Do you have to ask her
all these questions now?
No, Mr. Loftis, we can ask you.
Why didn't you escort Ms.
Saville home this evening?
Because we had a...
a misunderstanding.
About our wedding.
You are engaged?
We haven't told anyone yet.
Did your father know?
I couldn't tell him. Not in his condition.
But, why not'?
He didn't want me to get married.
Not yet.
Ms. Saville has told us it took her
approximately 15 minutes to walk home.
How long did it take you to drive
the same distance, Mr. Loftis?
Perhaps 5 minutes.
Well, I see, to be perfectly clear
Sgt. Mogil is suggesting...
that you could have driven over here and
arrived 1O minutes before Ms. Saville.
Only I didn't.
I just drove around for a
few minutes to cool off.
Why are you asking all these questions?
Mr. Saville died of a heart attack.
You're a medical student, aren't you?
That's right.
Well, I'm not.
But, I did recognize the
smell from that bottle.
What are you talking about?
Ms. Saville...
The medicine that you gave your
father contained prussic acid.
Hydorcyanic acid, cyanide.
I haven't heard the term
prussic acid used in years.
I'm not here to discuss
terminology, Doctor.
I trust you're not here to accuse me of
administering poison to
my patients, either.
No one is accusing you of anything.
Obviously the medicine
bottles were switched.
No fingerprints?
I'm much more interested in
what you may have prescribed
for another patient of yours.
Another patient?
Mrs. Von Sturm.
Surely you don't think that she had anything
to do with what happened to Saville?
She's a hopeless invalid.
Figure of speech.
But, after all of those
years in a wheelchair...
What exactly is wrong with her, Doctor?
Hysterical paralysis.
Hysterical paralysis arises in the
mind, but the effect is quite real.
As long as her mental state
persists, the paralysis exists.
What if she were pretending.
Now, come, come, come.
Anyway, why should she pretend?
Why should a madman be mad'?
Now two of them are dead.
First it was Klermer...
then Saville.
I know what you are thinking?
I should be sorry, shouldn't I?
I have waited too long.
All of these years I have waited.
You do understand, don't you?
I knew you would.
And mein kinder...
it's only...
Justice! Justice!
- Mother.
- Yes?
I was just worried about you
sitting in the dark like this.
What else is there for an old woman to do?
- Well, you could try and live?
- After what was done to me?
That was a long time ago.
We can't go on living in the past.
Suppose Klermer had got us another
hearing and cleared our names?
You and I could have started a new life.
We could have reclaimed
our estate and gone home.
This is our home!
We'd be free of this doll's house forever.
You're not happy here?
In this house?
With nothing to see but dolls'?
No one to talk to'?
A person would have to
be out of his mind to...
Is that what you think has happened to me?
I'm sorry, mother.
- Sorry, mother. I didn't mean to...
- I know, I know, my liebling.
It's all right.
I'm a old woman.
This is the only life I know.
Too late for me to begin again.
But, one thing I know.
Those who harmed us will be brought
to justice for their crimes.
The evil-doers will be punished.
All of them.
Ah, Mr. Ledoux, but I'm just
going out for my dinner.
Hello, Charlie.
You have something of interest for me?
You know this place as well as I do.
Just mark up what you want and
I'll send it up to your studio.
- Thank you. Good boy, Charlie.
- I'll see you.
And so there was one.
None, sir.
Ms. Saville?
How long have you known Mr. Loftis?
Five weeks.
Only five weeks?
And you're engaged already?
Well, uh, Mr. Holloway, that's
none of your affair, is it?
I suppose it would be time
enough to discover...
that you'd receive a comfortable
inheritance when your father died.
What are you talking about?
Here is a list...
of your fiance's outstanding bills.
Other debts.
In excess of 2,000 pounds.
- You've been pretty busy, haven't you?
- Mmm.
We've already established that
you had access to the poison
and that you could have
switched the bottles.
But, you're forgetting one thing, Mr.
Inspector Holloway.
But, do go on.
Whoever killed Mr. Saville...
obviously killed the others.
What possible motive would
I have had for that.
What, indeed.
An impoverished medical student...
a girl who works in a toy shop.
If only you could speak.
I think we've seen all we want to see.
- I'll get it driven away.
- Well, I wish you would, Governor.
It's cluttering the yard up.
C'mon, get out of it! Quick, get out of it!
I'll make you an offer for it, Governor.
Ask them, Inspector. Go ahead and ask.
They know I cannot move from this chair.
How could I possibly harm anyone?
Mrs. Von Sturm, how long does
it take you to make a doll?
Oh, that depends on merely dress.
Others require...
much work.
Look at this!
You see'?
This is Hans.
And, here is Rhea.
Und Artel.
I knew them all back in Germany.
Many years ago.
You also have memories...
of some others.
Roth. Ledoux.
Their dolls were also a likeness.
Anyone can make a likeness.
But not everybody has a motive.
You had a very strong one.
Why should I have waited...
twenty years for revenge?
You're going out'?
I was...
just going to work.
It's earlier than usual
Well, I...
I have to stop off on the way there.
You are lying.
Why should I lie to you, mother?
You are going to meet someone, hmm?
Why shouldn't I?
A Qirl'?
What if it is'?
What's she like?
Oh, she's...
She dark'?
She'sjust, she'sjust someone I know. I...
Look, L
I must go.
I'll be back first thing in the morning.
Hello, Mark.
Aren't you painting tonight, then?
I'm not alone tonight.
There you are.
Did you find out anything?
I called some of the other shops
that might have stocked the dolls.
But, they hadn't sold any to your mother.
And she only had the six
she had bought from you.
I've searched everywhere for
them and I can't find them.
Listen, Gina, will you
do something for me?
- What?
- Get me four more of those dolls.
You must have four in stock.
Why those dolls'?
I can't tell you why.
Just trust me.
Is that why you asked me out'?
Just to protect your mother?
Oh, please, Gina.
Please help me. My mother is a sick woman.
I'm the only one who can protect her.
I must have those dolls.
These damn dolls!
Mrs. Von Sturm, where is your son'?
He went to work.
perhaps he'll be able to help me.
He'll be home in the morning.
You can talk to him then.
Yes, after you've already spoken to him.
Goodnight, Mrs. Von Sturm.
And thank you.
Mr. Von Sturm?
Mr. Von Sturm?
Who is it?
Inspector Holloway.
Inspector, my apologies.
I'm not used to visitors.
I'd like to talk to you for
a few minutes, ifl may.
Yes, of course.
I was just finishing my rounds.
You can come with me if you like.
Don't you find it a bit lonely here with...
nothing but boats for company?
I take it this isn't a social call then?
I just want to find out
more about your mother.
Well, I'll tell you what I can.
I understand how you feel about her.
You want to protect her. Don't you?
Yes, I do.
She was the one who always protected me.
Dr. Glyn says that the reason
for your mother's paralysis...
is not physical.
The reason doesn't matter. She's helpless.
I have to take care of her.
Have to'?
Well, I want to.
This is my office for what it's worth.
Sit down, Inspector?
Something I must make clear to you.
My mother is a harmless old woman.
There's nothing in her
life but dreams and dolls.
Some of those dreams are
fantasies of revenge.
Some of those dolls existed in real life.
Yes, but she's not responsible for any...
Can you swear to me that she
never leaves the house?
Can you?
Interesting amount of books you have here.
Abnormal psychology.
From the look of that collection you
must be quite an expert on the subject.
It's a way of passing the time.
It's that and my music.
What else am I to do cooped
up in here all on my own.
Uh, look at
pictures of girls, perhaps?
Have you got a real girl, Mark?
What are you doing?
He's our enemy, Mother.
Give me the knife.
Mother, he's our enemy.
Give me the knife!
You needn't be afraid.
I will protect you.
Mark, don't go away.
Mark! Look out!
They're on their coffee now, sir'?
Well, you stay here.
Somebody's got to settle the bill.
Bound to be outrageous.
Inspector Holloway. Nice to see you.
- How's your head?
- Oh, much better, thank you.
It was only a mild concussion
and a few bruises,
however it gave us a few days
to do a little homework.
Well, we don't see you
down here very often.
Well, on a policeman's pay, Mr. Loftis...
I don't get down here very often.
Well, will you join an impoverished
medical student for a cup of coffee?
Thank you.
Hello, Ms. Saville.
Tell me, is there any
news of Mark Von Sturm?
No, he's disappeared completely.
And his mother doesn't know where he is?
So she claims.
Surely you're not taking her word for it?
The house has been searched
from top to bottom.
The place has been
watched continually ever
since I was found with
this dent in my head.
Nobody has been in or out.
Except the tradesmen.
But, why did he attack you?
He went for me when I mentioned his mother.
Maybe he thought he was protecting her.
But, if Mrs. Von Sturm is the murderer...
Why now?
Of all times.
What do you mean?
I spoke to the German branch
of Interpol this morning.
They've been checking up on the
background of the Von Sturm case.
Apparently the Allied High Commission
issued a new report two weeks ago.
It was sent to the Von Sturm's immediately.
It clears Von Sturm and restores
his estates to his family.
It also finds that the original
members of the commission
gave false evidence.
They were all implicated.
And, I'm afraid, your father.
Then Mrs. Von Sturm was right.
Ms. Saville, if your father was guilty...
he's already paid the price.
I don't think you'll find you
owe the Von Sturms a thing.
Please come in, Ms. Saville.
Sit down where we can be comfortable.
You like my dolls'?
I can see that they like you.
You work in a toy shop, don't you?
Have you anything...
like this?
- It's marvelous.
- Thank you.
But, you didn't come here to look at dolls.
You said you had something to show me.
- Allied High Commission.
- Do you want to know what it says?
- I already know...
- My husband's case...
Oh, excuse me.
My dolls. They need some attention.
My husband's case...
was reopened.
His name was cleared.
They found...
that the original members of the
commission, including your father...
had given false evidence.
But, why are you giving this to me?
'Cause it proves that my son had
nothing to do with the murders.
Why should he want to kill
anyone when our name is clear
and our estate has been restored'?
You can...
give this to the police.
But, why not give it to
the police yourself?
I want nothing more to do with them.
Coming here day after day
searching the house.
Asking questions.
I don't trust them.
That's why I called you.
But, Mrs. Von Sturm, the
postmark on this envelope
is dated two weeks ago.
I have given you proof
of my son's innocence.
Now you must go!
Why didn't you say something
about this report two weeks ago?
Perhaps you didn't know about it then?
- Perhaps Mark got the report, when it arrived.
- No!
But, he never showed it to you. He hid it
somewhere and you didn't
find it until today.
Get out of here! I won't
listen to your lies!
Then listen to the truth.
When Mark got this report,
he realized you would
never go back to Germany
and claim the estate.
So, he decided to take it all for himself.
But, you were in his way.
So, he committed a series of murders
that only you could have a motive for.
And left evidence to point to you as
the murderer. He made those dolls!
And killed those people.
In order to rid himself of you.
Your son is a murderer.
- You can't protect him.
- He is my son!
Can't you see'? It's no use.
They're bound to find him sooner or later.
You must give him up.
Where is he?
Come with me.
He needs help.
What's in here?
Just a room.
Sometimes whenever children are naughty...
I make them go in there to punish them.
I found this hidden in Mark's
room when I found the letters.
He meant to kill you, too.
Be careful!
The stairs are steep.
He's dead!
No, he's not dead.
That night in the factory...
his back was broken.
I have kept him safe ever since.
You see, I have my boy again.
My real doll.
Is that right, my liebling?
Get back.
Let me out.
Please. Don't you see'?
- It's no use. He needs help.
- No one can help him now!
No one but me!
He's mine now!
No one.
Can take him away.
Thank you for your help, Ms. Saville.
I think you might realize nowjust how
little you owe the Von Sturm family.