The Punished (2018) Movie Script

Most fables and stories
are centered around a hero.
This one is about a villain.
Actually, it's about
two villains.
I don't think the contractors
are gonna bring this in on time.
Let's get a more realistic
appraisal of the timeframe.
I don't want to risk losing
a government contract.
Also I need you to call...
Mrs. Mendelssohn's office.
Oh, I guess it's not this phone.
I'll take this call privately.
Stacy, why don't you
go to your lunch break.
Did you get the cellphones?
You're worth every penny,
Mr. Wolfgang.
I didn't mean to eavesdrop.
Do you need a translator?
I can also speak English.
Oh good.
So I just looked right here
at your x-ray
and you have a very serious
fracture on one of your ribs.
It's a very precise impact.
How did this happen?
I fell.
Are you alone?
It is dangerous to be
wandering around at night.
Smoking is a lot more
dangerous than wandering.
You're right.
I'm gonna quit as soon
as I'm done with this one.
Besides I'm not wandering,
I'm escaping.
I have my reasons.
Now are you gonna give
me a ride or not?
- Not.
- Why not?
I don't even know you.
What if you turn out to be
a bandit or a kidnapper?
I'm just a kid.
Well where do you need
to go anyways?
Someplace important.
My life depends on it.
Maria, I've been looking
everywhere for you.
What are you doing out here?
Trying to get a ride.
Can you please
take her inside?
Thank you.
Can you give me a cigarette?
- But you said...
- Just give me a cigarette.
I almost had
a heart attack over here.
Thank you, seriously, thank you.
So what's up
with the little escape artist?
She's been living in and out
of hospitals her whole life
so she tries to escape
every now and then.
Says she has to go
to some special place.
You know how kids are.
Special place?
I don't know.
All I know is that life
is unfair.
You have this sweet little
girl who's chronically ill
and you have murderers
running around
who are in perfect health.
I've already told you I'm
only here to placate my family.
They need to think that
I'm taking steps
to deal with the loss.
And knowing that I'm
seeing a psychiatrist
makes them feel better,
but I'm in no way ready
to talk about my grandson.
Facing his death will
help you move on
and have a productive life.
It's important
for your state of mind
that we face this head on.
That's what I'm here
to help you deal with.
I dealt with my husband's
death three years ago
and I stayed strong for
myself and for my family.
It was difficult but I managed
because that's life,
that's nature.
Almost every wife has to
deal with that at some point,
but losing my grandson,
watching my daughter
suffer unspeakably
at the loss of her little boy.
That's not nature.
That's not how things are
supposed to go.
If it wasn't for those
miserable bastards
he'd still be alive.
Do you know what I was doing
when my daughter
called to tell me?
I was putting in a play
set for him in my backyard.
When that phone rang
I had no idea
of the kind of news
that I would receive.
I honestly didn't know that,
that that kind of pain existed.
The deepest darkest pain
and it's all because of
those filthy animals.
God don't you dare ask me
how that makes me feel.
I swear to God if you
ask me one more time
how something makes me feel...
I don't need to ask.
I can already see
what you're feeling.
I see a lot of grief,
but what I see the
most is anger.
You seem to be fixated on
your hatred for the killers.
That shouldn't be your focus.
It's kind of hard
to ignore, Doctor.
And what do you think
you're going to achieve
by giving these men so much
of your thoughts and energy?
Oh, I can't achieve anything.
I can't put on a cape
and go out and fight crime.
I'm just
a little old grandmother
or rather I used to be.
his first attempt at being kind
he's understandably nervous.
What will she think?
Will she be able to
tell that he's a killer?
Only one way to find out.
I didn't want to say
anything last time,
but you kind of talk
like a robot.
I've been told.
So what are you doing here?
I just wanted to
see how you are.
I'm sick every day so...
Isn't it better for you here?
Why did you want to escape?
'Cause we're in Redding.
Don't you know where we are?
I was a few hours away
and I was just driving
to the nearest hospital.
Redding has
all the funnest places
but I've never been able to go.
Have you always been sick?
I was born sick.
I see.
I'd rather have
a short life out there
than a long life in here.
Have you ever asked
your parents about...
I don't have any, I'm alone.
I'm a ward of the state
of California.
- I wish I could help you.
- Why?
I have a good reason but
you're too young to understand.
If you're serious
about helping me
then get me out of here.
And so this somewhat odd
and technically illegal
friendship has begun.
Have a good day with your
daughter, Mr. Hernandez.
Thank you.
Just be sure to have
her back by six
so we can administer
her treatments.
Of course.
- Goodbye, Maria.
- Bye.
I can't sit in the front.
What's your name anyway?
Wolfgang, why are you
being so nice to me?
Ask me some other time.
- Do you have a child seat?
- Just get in the car.
Hi, welcome.
How can I help you?
We need a tour guide.
Sure, the next tour
starts in...
We need a tour guide to
show us around Redding.
I'll pay you $500.
Oh, you actually don't need
a tour guide for the
attractions in Redding.
Most of them are...
I'll pay you $1,000
for the day.
Here's the first 500.
I'm going to get the rest.
Please show her around.
MARIA: Mm-hmm.
So your dad
seems pretty serious
about having you see the sights,
His name is Wolfgang
and he's not my dad.
I see.
But he is serious.
I've actually never seen
him smile.
Oh no, I just meant
that he's serious
about showing you a good time.
I mean even hiring me as
a tour guide, it's nice.
It just seems a little extreme.
Who are you and why
are you following me?
The main question is
will the little girl be
safe in Wolfgang's presence?
I mean look at this,
being attacked
by a stalker is kind
of normal for him.
You know if you guys
want to see a lot of sights
we should really get going.
Do you have any idea
where Wolfgang is parked?
Yeah over by the cement there.
All right let's go see if
we can find him, come on.
There you are.
- What happened to you?
- Are you okay?
I fell, but I'm fine.
I have the rest of the money
in the car, let's get going.
Shouldn't we get you
to a hospital?
Thanks, okay.
So let me know what you guys
want to do.
As you know, Redding has
a ton of fun things to do.
I'm sure that's why
you came here, so...
We have a huge water slide
park, we have a trampoline park,
we have a casino, we have
volcanoes, rivers, lakes,
caverns, waterfalls,
hot springs.
Let's see, you guys
could go camping,
you could go river rafting,
you could go jet boating
or mountain biking
or fishing, skiing, sailing,
we have house boats and cabins
and tours of historical places.
So just let me know
what sounds fun.
The list goes on.
I want to do them all.
Then we do them all.
- I want to go on that.
- Okay.
- Will you please take her?
- Of course, let's go.
Hi, Elise.
Oh hi.
Hey is that
your new boyfriend?
No, I'm just showing him
and his daughter around town.
I already told you
he's not my dad.
- Is he married?
- I don't know.
Anyway I'm just
enjoying the water slide.
Oh my.
And it's just beginning.
If this is going
to be her big day.
He's going to make
sure it's a great day.
But why?
Why is he doing this?
Who's he doing it for?
Her or him?
And most importantly
who is he becoming?
This is a request from
the public relations office.
They say it's good
for the company's image
to have our most successful
business woman
sign the freedom
of the nipples petition.
Petition for what?
It's a gender equality
issue to empower women.
I was reading up on it.
Can you believe that
women have to cover
themselves in public
while breastfeeding,
but men can take their
shirts off in public?
Serious inequality.
Yeah, that's tragic.
Do you know that in India
children work in filthy factories
just to keep from
starving to death?
Do you know in Africa soldiers
with AIDS and other diseases
rape little girls on
a regular basis?
In Southeast Asia
children are displayed
in the windows of brothels
to be used for sex
and right here in the
United States of America
children are sold as sex slaves.
I'm not talking about
runaway teenagers
turning to prostitution.
I'm talking about little
children held by force.
I didn't know, but I mean...
So if I'm gonna
put my time towards
trying to make this
world a better place
what should I do,
save the children
or should I focus on boobs?
Well we can do both.
Stacy, we're only human.
We only have so many hours in
the day to devote to causes.
You have a point, but if
everyone thought that way
we wouldn't ever
get anything done.
The gender equality issue
is serious and it's...
My dear, you say
they're interested
in me signing this petition
because I'm a successful
business woman, is that right?
I didn't become successful
by complaining for
things to be easier.
I worked hard in spite
of the inequalities.
If you've got a mountain
in front of you
you work hard to climb it,
you don't petition
for the mountain to be leveled
so that you can
easily walk across.
Yes, ma'am.
To be succinct,
when every single child
in this world is safe from harm
then and only then
will I worry about
giving more rights to
lazy entitled Americans
with frivolous causes.
Is that clear?
Now if you'll excuse me,
I have a call to make.
I don't mean to seem so harsh.
It's nothing to do with you.
See, my life was destroyed
by a random act
of street violence.
I know about your grandson.
He was only three years old.
I understand.
Did you get the information
from the cellphones yet?
Followed you?
Did you kill him?
So Maria tells me that
you're not her father.
She said that you're
just a stranger
who's being generous with her.
So you just decided to make
another stranger's
problems your own?
You don't know anything
about the movie business,
but I do.
I even have a guy in LA who says
he can put up the rest
of the money for us.
Look, he's serious and he says
he can get DiCaprio to do
a cameo in the film for us.
All right?
Just think about it and
get back to me, okay?
All right, bye.
Sorry I couldn't pick
you up from work, babe
I had to take care
of some business.
That's okay.
I needed the exercise anyway.
I paid rent.
We're finally caught up.
I got a gig as a tour
guide for a little girl.
Well that's perfect.
Do you remember I had to get
that plane ticket to Iowa?
The Ottumwa Iowa
film festival,
they accepted my short film.
Nick, that was our
grocery money.
I gotta get out there.
I've gotta get on that red
carpet and make myself known.
Isn't Ottumwa a really
small town in Iowa?
What makes you think they're
even gonna have a red carpet?
Even if they don't,
I'll get a picture
in front of the theater.
Either way I need to boost
my social media status
by showing that I'm
out there with my film.
And did you buy new clothes?
Just a couple of outfits,
for the pictures.
Great and I get used
clothes from thrift stores.
I thought
you liked thrift stores.
Besides I need to build
up my self confidence.
I feel like I don't even
know who I am anymore.
All I am is Nick's girlfriend.
I don't have an identity.
I don't have any aspirations.
I've just made all
your dreams my own
because I've forgotten
who I'm supposed to be.
Where's all this coming from?
I saw something today,
something that made all of this,
that made you and me just seem
ridiculous and self centered.
I am not self centered.
I saw a random act of kindness
from one stranger to another.
It was pure.
I haven't seen anything
like that since my dad died.
Your dad, wasn't he
a priest or something?
- He was a pastor.
- Same thing.
Just another holy man trying
to repress the masses
with ignorance.
He was a selfless man.
I'm sure he was great, babe.
But weren't you the one
who was always telling me
he was just trying to
manipulate you all the time?
I guess so.
Didn't he want you to be
some like '50s homemaker
or something?
He wanted me to be a princess.
So misogynistic.
Just sounds like another
way to dominate women.
That's how those people are.
No it wasn't like that, he
treated me like a princess,
he wanted me to be happy
and I was so happy.
Oh, you mean spoiled.
No, not spoiled,
he made me work.
He taught me that princesses
were kind and selfless.
And we donated our time
to helping those who
were less fortunate.
Well if he's so great
than why were you always
complaining about him?
Because I was angry
at him for leaving me.
I was just a stupid teenager
who rebelled
against everything that he
taught me, it was a mistake.
But you're always telling me
that all he ever did was try
to brainwash you into being...
Into being what, into
being kind and selfless?
Is that wrong, is that
uncool or something?
I mean is our life here
any more noble?
Look why are you trying to
turn this back around on me?
It's not my fault he had
a heart attack
and frankly I find it offensive
that you're making me
pay for the fact
that he filled your
head with such nonsense.
Do you want to know another
silly thing that he told me?
He told me that one day
I would meet a man
who would fall deeply
in love with me,
so desperately in love with me
that he would want to marry me
because he couldn't imagine
his life without me.
Well that didn't
happen with us
because we don't live
in a fairytale, Elise.
This is the real world.
No this is my world now
and if you want to live
in my silly fairytale
you're gonna have to ride in
like a hero.
You don't know a
thing about me
You don't know
a thing about me
You don't know a thing
and no you never will
I know that I don't fit in
this world
I know that you
don't want me in here
So I stayed alone but
I will not conform
And it's like I don't
fit in anywhere
But the learning strikes
a sane place in my heart
Over and over again
I don't fit in this
world and so it hurts
No this
After the fun,
after masquerading as an
altruist of sorts
it's time to go
back to his world,
to the smell of gun powder,
the deafening bangs,
to the blood and the pain.
This is what happens
when you come into
work on a Sunday.
Is this your daughter?
She's hot.
Just take what you want
and get the hell out of here.
- What we want isn't here.
- What?
We want the safe.
The safe that's at your house.
We know all about it.
Now we have your address.
If you touch my family,
I'll kill you.
No actually,
we'll kill you.
Those security cameras
they're recording all of this.
In the morning the tapes
will be reviewed
and this will all be on there.
That's why we're wearing masks.
We thought this whole thing out.
My friend here is gonna
drive over to your house.
Let me finish.
He's gonna go over
to your house,
you're gonna call them,
your daughter, your wife,
whoever's home
and tell them to
calmly let him in
and open the safe for him.
That won't work, they
don't have the combination.
But you do.
That's why God created phones.
You can call them,
keep them calm.
Tell them that everything's
gonna be okay
if they follow our instructions.
I won't do it.
Well in that case,
my friend is gonna go
over to your house
and torture whoever's home
and he'll have his phone on
so you can hear
every agonizing scream.
Why are you doing this?
We want your money.
And maybe your daughter.
You see we have your address
so this is gonna happen
- one way or the other.
- No please, don't.
Okey-dokey then.
He'll call us when
he gets there.
Man, please.
I'm really hurt.
Don't shoot me, man.
I'm out of bullets.
I'm unarmed, don't kill me.
WOLFGANG: I promise
that I won't kill you.
I just need to know
where your friend is.
I'll tell you anything,
man, but just don't kill me.
Where is James Thompson?
You want Jimmy, that bastard?
I'd be happy to give it to you,
He stays with his girlfriend.
Her name's Shari,
she lives on 23rd street.
Look, I got her number
in my phone.
I have his number too, man.
Call an ambulance please.
WOLFGANG: Show me your phone.
Here take it.
Look, I can help you
set him up, man.
He owes me money. (GROANING)
What the hell is going on?
Who are you?
Oh thank God.
There's another one,
he's heading for my house.
The other one is dead.
Now this one has to die.
No, you said you
wouldn't kill me.
WOLFGANG: I won't, he will.
You want me to kill him?
Why, why, I got it all
on security cameras.
I'll just call the cops,
he'll go to jail.
WOLFGANG: And so will I,
for saving your life.
You're wearing a mask, I
won't say a word to anybody.
WOLFGANG: Not good enough.
You kill him
with the cameras rolling
that way I know you'll
erase the security footage.
I've never done violence,
not like this.
A small price to pay.
There's gotta be
another way around this.
WOLFGANG: Either you do it
or we'll kill both
witnesses in this room.
No, no, no please don't, no,
Back to his perfect little town,
his new paradise,
back to the lie
where he can pretend
to be a good man.
Hi, Wolfgang.
Hello, I'm back in Redding.
Oh I didn't even know
you were gone.
I had business,
but I'm here now.
Are you able to take
Maria and I out
on another tour through Redding?
Well I am actually in the
middle of nowhere right now
trying to accomplish what I'm
sure is an impossible task,
but I'm free tomorrow.
Impossible task?
I mean I'm exaggerating,
but I am out in the
middle of a field
looking for a necklace
that I lost
and I'll probably never find it.
Anyway, but I am free tomorrow
if you want to do that?
Send me your coordinates
via text now.
What's that?
This is a metal detector to
help you find your necklace.
You went out and
bought a metal detector?
Where should I start looking?
Well, I'm pretty sure
it was around here,
but it's been a few years.
Did you really come
out here just to help me?
It seems that way.
What is it that we are
looking for exactly?
Oh it's a silver cross.
It was my grandmother's and
she passed it down to my dad
and he passed it down to me.
And you lost it out here?
After my dad died I
was really rebellious
and I just came out
here one night
and threw it as far as I could.
I just wanted to be rid of it,
but God,
it was a family heirloom
I can't believe I
was such an idiot.
That's how teenagers are
Even before my dad died
we were really at odds.
He was really old fashioned
and everything he said to me
just sounded
so cheesy at the time.
What is cheesy?
That is what we Americans
say to make fun of something.
We call it cheesy.
Your dad was a cheesy man?
Well, like for example,
he would tell me
that I should be
a proper princess
and that princesses never lie
and princesses are virtuous
and princesses never give up.
I don't know, I just,
it just sounded condescending
to me when I was a teenager.
Never give up.
Your dad may have been right.
He was.
Thank you
for helping me remember.
Seems like you already
had it on your mind.
No, not only did I not have it
on my mind,
I had completely forgotten
what he was trying to tell me.
Which was?
Just to be selfless
and not selfish
and to remember my self worth.
Since he died I've
just given my virtue
to men who haven't earned
it and don't deserve me.
I just feel like I've
been a pathetic shell
waiting for the real me
to come back
and you've helped me remember.
You give me too much credit.
You might not think
it's a big deal
but your act of kindness
towards Maria
has started something wonderful.
Hello Hershel, how's my
trusted accountant this evening?
Yes I did take $80,000
out of that account.
I'm helping a sick friend.
It's really quite indiscreet
I'm afraid.
As a matter of fact I'm
gonna need to take a few more
large withdrawals
out of that account
before it's all over with.
This is a very private matter.
I'll appreciate it if
you'd keep it that way.
Good, thank you, yeah.
Mr. Hernandez.
Mr. Hernandez.
Mr. Hernandez, you've
been lying to the nurses.
You told them that you
were Maria's dad.
Her father, the real
Mr. Hernandez
died four years ago in Iraq.
That's too bad.
What you did
is illegal, you know?
That's also too bad.
- So why'd you do it?
- I have my reasons.
That's not good enough.
She needs someone.
I want to be that someone.
Wolfgang came back.
I said I would.
Well, can we go do
some more fun stuff?
- It's up to her.
- Can we?
As long as I come
along to supervise.
It's a date.
Hey Wolfgang, so I got
this car seat for you, no.
Hey Wolfgang, so you
know I noticed
you didn't have a seat
for Maria in your car
and oh,
I was at the thrift store
and I just happened to
see this and, you know,
thought for her safety
it'd be good to have it
and you know I know you
don't know about kids
so don't worry about it.
Oh, (LAUGHING) don't worry
about it, it's no problem.
No, it's a gift, it's a gift.
You're welcome.
Oh, you got her a car seat.
Oh, Wolfgang's just a big lug.
He didn't know anything
about child safety seats
so I bought it for her.
Welcome to Jones Valley
at Shasta Lake.
Can I go on with you?
Yeah, this is the Titan
and Wolfgang rented it
just for you. Come on.
I'm beautiful.
I'm smart.
I have a job.
I'm a princess.
I'm not intimidated by her.
She's probably
just a brainless bimbo.
Elise, this is Lauretta
the hospital administrator.
Oh, you're a hospital
Yeah, I'm also
a nurse practitioner.
I'm just here to monitor
Maria's condition.
Hey look at this slide.
Wow, that is a nice slide.
So do you like the house boat?
- It's perfect.
- Good.
Well I guess since your friend
is here
helping with Maria you
won't be needing me?
Do you want to leave?
No, it's not that,
I just figured
you want to have private
time with the nurse
so I don't want to be
in the way.
He wonders how long
he can keep this
masquerade going.
How long can he fool them?
What if they look
closely at him?
Will they see who he really is?
Wow, look what
Wolfgang got us.
- Do you want to try it?
- Yeah.
Well Maria's sure having fun.
- I'm glad she's here.
- Me too.
You know I've actually
been meaning to ask you
why is it that she needs
to be hospitalized?
You want to know
her condition?
Actually even children
have the privilege of
patient confidentiality.
Right, I understand.
Let's just say
she requires medication
that needs to be administered
by a nurse every day
and she needs to be checked
by a doctor every day,
but if you really want to
know you should just ask her.
I'm sure she'll tell you.
Somehow I think it's better
if we don't even
make her think about it.
Let's just let her
enjoy being happy.
No I don't want to
remember yesterday I only
Don't want to focus
on tomorrow
And I can see the
things you want from me
What is this really?
He's a murderer.
Are these girls even
safe with him?
Is he forgetting who he is?
And more importantly
does he want to?
Is it possible that a little
girl's smile can be so pure,
so powerful that it can change
the heart of a grown man,
the heart of a killer?
Will he be making
a change to his life
or simply an addition
to his life?
An addition to bring
balance, killer on one side,
altruist on the other.
Maybe somewhere in between
he could be normal.
And back to the hunt.
Back to the blood.
And there will be
blood this time.
Using the phone
from his last victim
he's finally found his quarry.
We had a real time with her.
All because you stole from us.
And we aint' done
with you either.
Watching your woman
burn to death.
Well that's payback.
But watching you
getting eaten alive,
that's just a treat.
You know why we brought
you out here, don't you?
This forest is crawling
with wolves
and mountain lions, and other
animals with sharp teeth,
and all they need to do
is smell you.
And I think this will do it.
Put the gun down
or I'll shoot him.
The ones who killed
your grandson, I got them.
Are they alive?
One is still alive.
He's chained up
and waiting for you.
Does anyone know you're here?
No, I followed your
instructions to the letter.
I hope so.
I do like you, Mrs. Mendelssohn.
I don't want to have to do
anything unfortunate to you.
You can trust me.
I just can't believe we're
really going through with this.
I'm afraid I've allowed
those criminals
to turn me into a monster.
Those who won't
fight against evil
are in league with evil.
I salute you.
High praise.
Are you ready to meet him?
It's really him.
You have the wrong man.
I don't even know
what this is about.
This is about you
shooting a machine gun off
in the middle of a neighborhood.
16 of your bullets entered my
little baby grandson's room.
One of those bullets killed him.
Now I'm here to kill you.
Ma'am, I don't know
anything about your grandson.
I'm willing to face the law.
Just call the police,
let them sort this out.
The police?
The police have
already arrested you
over a dozen times
for other crimes.
Every time they let
you go. The police
care more about
the rights of murderers
than protecting the public.
They never even caught you
for killing
my little baby grandson.
I'll bet they never
solve your murder either.
Look, your man killed
two of my friends
in cold blood here today.
Let's not let this get
out of control.
You don't even have
proof that I did this.
Somebody recorded you
doing it on their phone.
They gave the
footage to the police,
but the police did nothing.
There's no need to
converse with this creature.
I do not want you
to lose your nerve.
The only thing you
have to worry about
is whether or not
you have the stomach
to carry out my vengeance.
I like your style.
Ma'am, no, please.
Shooting him would be
too merciful, too quick.
The pain you caused
my daughter and me
will last the rest of our lives.
I think you'll suffer
the rest of yours
however short it may be.
That's perfect.
Mr. Wolfgang, that's the
worst thing I've ever heard.
This isn't right.
Do you really want to see this?
You don't want to see, no.
They'll tear me apart.
Come on.
I got a three year old too.
Oh God, don't do this.
Don't do this to me, don't.
Don't do this to me.
When the raccoons and the
mountain lions start biting you,
and they will, think of me.
You can't do this.
You can't do this to me.
Okay guys, thank you
again for coming out here.
So have as you guys may know
Redding is the second
sunniest city
in the whole United States.
It's the sunniest city
in California.
We also have the most
fun attractions right?
And so since we live in
such a vacation paradise
I was thinking that I would
like to take Wolfgang's lead.
To help people?
Yeah, that's what
I would like to do.
And Wolfgang, I don't want
you paying for anything.
Now that I'm not supporting
my boyfriend anymore
I can take the three of us out
and one person who's
in need once a week.
- Is that why we're here?
- Mm-hmm.
There's someone in that
house who needs our help.
It's a little boy who was
injured by a drunk driver.
He's disabled now
and he's lonely.
He lost both his
parents in a car accident
and his grandma's too elderly
to take him out
in his wheelchair.
So I was thinking that
we could go take him out
to do some fun activities and
show him that he's not alone.
- Are you guys with me?
- Yes.
You two go ahead,
I'll be right there.
You've given me closure,
Mr. Wolfgang.
You've also given me
new purpose.
How so?
It felt good,
making the world safer
by doing what we did.
I agree.
There's a lot of
bad guys out there.
So many children are falling
victim to violent criminals.
What do you want
to do about it?
Well, I've got the money
if you've got the bullets.
Come on
No I don't want to remember
I only want to
Don't want to focus
on tomorrow
I want out
And I can see the
things you want from me
I feel the weight of a
thousand fading
Dreams in my life
I know my lust and
my rage they fuel me
You cannot change me
This is my nature
I wonder if I finally
know the truth
When darkness comes to
'Cause I don't want truth
I only want joy in my time
I feel the weight of a
thousand fading
Dreams in my life
I know my lust and
my rage they fuel me
You cannot change me
This is my nature