The Punisher: Dirty Laundry (2012) Movie Script

There. I'll talk to that bitch.
- Why you running?
- Why you do not take care of your life?
Why do you flee?
You can not escape me.
I do not leak!
Tell me!
- Go.
- No! No!
Take all this fucking money.
- I warned you.
- No!
My God... no...
Look what we have here.
Get him, boys!
This time you're alone.
What are you doing here, huh?
Let me go!
Or is your big brother now?
What is this shit?
You crossed my street?
You have to pay too.
Look, there are two
ways out of this street:
work for me...
either way.
I will not sell
the drug for you.
I love this kid.
I hoped that
you would not say that.
- Go!
- No!
- No!
- Take sneakers!
What are you doing here?
I wash my clothes.
Do you like breathing?
Normally, yes.
Then fucks the hell out of here, old man.
If you want something special,
look in the section of Bourbon.
- I meant to say "vodka. "
- I've been sober for six months.
Fucking animals.
They make you want to
do something, right?
There a few years rear,
I was where you are now...
when I came out of the gate.
The only difference is that
was a little girl there.
What did you do?
I went there...
For one who has served three times
the Middle East, it was nothing more.
And I'm back
in this shit.
There is always
a war somewhere.
"Why in procuper?"
my mother said.
There is more to education
these savages, as of today.
These are just five more
to replace other tomorrow.
Nothing made a difference.
The world is on fire,
my friend.
All that remains is
a good place to look.
Add $ 1.50 for Yoohoo.
A bottle of Jack.
- Come on, talk fucking asshole!
- Come on, kid, said "yes".
All you have to do is say "yes".
You have the choice.
Our way...
or that way.
Come on, kid, now!
You say "yes"?
It should just say "yes. "
Looks like we
fucking problem there!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
You know the difference
between justice and punishment?
Help! Help!
Fuck you!
What bitch?
Hey, sir.
You dropped this.
Anyway, it has a hole.