The Puppetman (2023) Movie Script

Ooh, ooh, ooh
Puppet on a string
Puppet on a string
Call me a puppet on a string
I'll be his anything
Can't stop loving him
- If I tried
Call me a puppet on a string
You're home early.
His love is so good
And it keeps me satisfied
People try to tell me
That man is no good
All he'll bring me
is trouble and strife
What's wrong?
Oh, God.
It's not me!
So, the
Puppetman is back in the news
because he's on death row and
it looks like his time is up.
The Puppetman
killer. Super mysterious.
Have no freakin' clue what's
going on with this guy.
But the police,
when they found him,
he was covered in
his wife's blood,
completely drenched in
it, sitting at the table.
He had a knife on his lap.
He was there, with her body
just staring up at him,
kind of like he was waiting for
dinner to be served, which...
- Dinner was canceled.
- And it's crazy
because there
really was no motive
other than the fact this guy
might just be batshit insane.
When he was being questioned,
he just had one answer,
and all he said
was, "It wasn't me."
"It wasn't me."
"I didn't do it.
Somebody else used my body.
"It was someone
who was controlling my body."
If you're the jury,
you're sitting there like, Hmm.
Well, it seems like
you probably did it.
The worst part is
that he had kept his daughter
locked up in a closet.
And when they found her,
it was like in a giant,
constructed cage, and
she didn't make a peep.
The police found her after they
went through all of his shit.
They went through the whole
house, and they found her.
And I guess she hadn't seen
sunlight for years, which is...
I mean, you'd probably say
the same thing about me
if you saw me in
shorts right now,
because I have real goth legs.
Ah. So there
you have it, everyone.
Thank you so much for
listening to "Open Lines."
The Puppetman back
in the news again.
We'll see what happens.
All I know is his final image
is probably gonna be a series
of IVs going into his veins
as the...
I don't...
I don't even remember it.
But... Christ.
How old were you?
Young enough to
pretend it wasn't me.
Here these assholes have
to go and remind you.
Damn. Girl, your arm.
Told you to stop
scratching that.
You gonna tell Danny about this?
It was
hard enough telling you.
Well, I guess I've
got that going for me.
Annoy you enough to get
under your skin, and boom!
I just want it behind me.
Well, maybe this
is a good thing.
I mean, they're giving
the guy the needle,
so maybe you just need
some closure yourself.
Bookend it.
You ever think about seeing him?
I used to.
Think about it. I'd
even come with you.
And for the love of God,
can you please stop
scratching this thing?
This is ridiculous.
Okay. Hear me out.
I did some digging. You
know the shit I can find.
The Net is a rabbit hole.
But they said they
found Satanic books
when they arrested your dad.
Oh, my God.
You're not still
on this, are you?
Have we met? Look.
The world is chock full of
Satanic pedophiles, right?
I mean, top down, the elites
are a bunch of kiddie diddlers.
Well, your dad is all over
Reddit and cases just like his.
- Just leave it alone.
- What?
This shit doesn't fascinate you?
Not really.
Ladies, breakfast at The Spot?
I'm skipping sociology to
earn the breakfast and egger.
I'm down.
I've got bio chem and
lab, and if I miss,
my participation points
crater, so... I need an A.
It's the only reason
I told my parents
I'm sticking around
during reading week.
Right. And to drink.
You better hope the doc
who shills you his steroids
doesn't have your work ethic.
hormones, Jo. Big diff.
See you guys at brekkie.
Who says
"brekkie" anymore?
He have to get a
shot in his ass?
Yeah. Would make sense
why he's such an asshole.
Oh! I like that one.
I'm gonna use it.
All right. I'll text
you when I'm done.
Okay. Let's get the fuck
out of here. It's cold.
One might
say that they fared better
than Nicolae
Ceausescu in Romania,
who was assassinated.
Hey. Earth to Michal.
Come on. Hurry up, dude.
I'm trying to see Glenn before
he puts his shirt back on. Ee!
You think the 'roids have
done anything to his dick?
He was sitting down last
time I saw him piss.
Hey, guys. Give me
like five minutes.
Charlie wants to
know about your dick.
What about it?
Cool. I'll meet
you at The Spot.
- You are such a jerk.
- Aah! What?
At least you'll find out
for yourself this week.
Okay. So I scored
keys from Will.
He knows the R.A.
pretty, uh, intimately.
But he made a copy of her keys,
so we've got a rooftop access.
All we need is the booze, so
we have to pool our funds.
Got my incidentals.
Do you have anything?
I pay for the coffee.
It's fine.
I know Jo's folks, Dr. Dipshits,
keep a line of credit going.
We have to make this send-off
to reading week epic.
I ain't going home
without a hangover.
You okay?
Y-Yeah. I'll be right back.
Is, um, is Michal okay?
Is she too slow for you? She's
not the sleep-around type.
You know I don't give a
shit about that, Charlie.
I'm not Glenn.
She just seems...
off today.
Jesus, Danny. Is
that what you want?
Are you looking for
a damsel in distress?
Just forget it.
Michal's just going
through some stuff, okay?
It's not really
my place to tell.
What's up, guys?
You guys still
talking about my dick?
Such an idiot.
Shit! Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Is this about what I said?
No. No, no, no.
All right. Well, your
food's on the table.
Listen, girl.
If you're looking to nab Danny,
it's probably best you don't
hang out in here too long.
You don't want him
to know you shit.
You know girls don't do that.
You sure you're okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
We shouldn't have listened
to that stupid podcast.
It's my fault.
I wanted to.
Yeah, but you've been in the
dumps all day, and that's on me.
You know, Danny is,
like, really into you.
He has great taste.
He doesn't give a shit
about any of your baggage.
Neither do I. We
all have baggage.
That's why we're even
here... to cut the strings.
We're on our own now.
This is... our world,
in our control.
You're a survivor, man.
But you need some normal, and
we're gonna get that for you.
You sound like a self-help nut.
You kind of need it.
Yeah. That's fair.
Is anyone there?
You okay?
What happened?
You got out the room.
You were sleepwalking.
- I was?
- Come on.
Let's get you back to bed.
Your arm is bleeding again.
So, I think you ought to
start wearing sleeves.
I'm gonna grab you a towel.
Did you see me leave the room?
You've never gone
that far before.
I've done this before?
I thought you were
going to piss.
You looked right at me.
Charlie, you have to stop.
Leave that shit alone.
I don't want to
bring it back up.
It's not fair, what
he's done to you.
Yeah, but I'm here now,
right? That's what you said.
We've got to cut our strings.
We're in control.
- Right?
- Yeah, you're right.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
up. I need a smoke.
Yeah. You say
that now. You say that now.
You know that shit
will kill you, right?
- I thought you were a pre-med.
- I'm sorry.
I just couldn't hear you over
the sound of your steroids.
What are you laughing at, Danny?
- Your arms could get me HBO.
- Yeah. Nice. Nice. Right.
Okay, children. What
is the plan here?
Find the rest of your idea?
I've got this.
It's pretty good, right?
That's never
going to work.
Your brother's his own brand.
That guy's gonna know
you're not a quarterback.
It says 6'3" on the card.
I'm not a quarterback yet.
The bench knows your ass
better than your underwear does.
Listen, unless
either of you guys are 21,
which I know you're not,
this is the only way
we're gonna make our
little soiree worth a damn.
So, Jo Jo, come on.
Help me make this
asshole in here believe
that I'm Ricky "QB" Bellweather.
Worst case, you look
old enough to be my mom.
All right. All right. All right.
I'll join you just
to watch you fumble.
Oh, ye of little faith.
Hey. You okay?
Yeah. Yeah. Let's
get our booze on.
There she is.
ID, please.
ID? That's it?
No "How are you today"?
No "Welcome, sir"?
Yeah. I'm s... I'm sorry.
You seriously didn't
recognize him?
I mean, this is
alumni royalty, sir.
Number-one ace in the pocket
Ricky Bellweather himself.
Come on.
That's Mr. Bellweather.
This is child on juice.
Holy shit. He
actually bought it.
Uh, not exactly. I, um...
I told him she was my mom.
That's such a dick move.
She's got study
eyes. Red and tired.
Your doctor shit's
aging you, Jo Jo.
At this pace,
you might be able to get
that AARP discount next time.
As if you
know what that is.
Got middle.
Hey, uh, you guys
go on without me.
Sweet. More room for me.
- What?
- Why? What's up?
I have an appointment.
- You can take you. We're free.
- Yeah.
No. It's cool.
I'll... I'll walk.
It's close by.
You take good care of Michal.
Escort her to her
room like a gentleman.
Just go, dipshit.
This fucking snow.
Hey, guys, I'm gonna grab a bag
and sneak this
shit up to my room.
Jo, you, uh, willing to
make the round trip with me?
I'll cheer you on from here.
Of course. Such a sweetheart.
- See you, guys.
- Later, buddy.
Well... I'm not one
to defy Charlie.
She sort of scared
the shit out of me.
She has that effect.
It's really cool
you and Glenn are sticking
around for reading week.
Well, Glenn hates his
family, and mine hate me.
So, um, foster care.
Yeah. Yeah.
I, uh, met some nice
people... and some shitty.
It's a system to be gamed.
What do you mean?
Uh, well, I guess people
don't really think of
us kids as... kids.
They think of us
as commodities...
tax credits, benefits.
I don't know.
When it's not about love,
you really start thinking
you're a product.
It wasn't till I finally
aged out and came here
that I finally felt free.
Well, that makes you a success.
Uh, I don't know about that.
More like a hot
Not that I'm... I don't
think I'm hot or anything.
Just, like, definitely a mess.
Uh, do... do you
want to come in?
Um... I'll just see
you on the roof.
Oh. Okay. Yeah.
Michal, are you awake?
It's November 18th, 3:22 a.m.,
and she's doing it again.
Hey, weirdo. Wake up.
Wake up.
Oh, shit.
Where is she going?
Where's she going?
Okay. All right. Fuck.
Jesus, Michal.
Wake up.
What are you doing?
- You recorded me?
- What?
No moral high ground here,
girl. You're on mycomputer.
Fuck you, Charlie.
Hey. Hey.
How many times have I done this?
You were my kooky
roomie, Michal.
Shit, I'd be stupid not to
chronicle your night habits.
Then I learned your father
is a goddamn monster,
and this makes a lot more sense.
Does it matter how many times?
What matters is I was
there for every one of them
to make sure that you were okay.
It's not like I told
anyone about it.
It's our little secret.
Now... tell me why I
found you here all alone
when I know damn well I
told Danny to join you.
I don't know. I
invited him in.
He didn't want to come.
Said he'd see me
on the roof later.
Oh. Maybe he's saving
himself for marriage.
All right. Let's grab some food
before our festivities begin.
Yeah. I could use some food.
Ugh! Geez.
You got that?
Yeah. No.
It's fine. Thank you.
I always wondered why you don't
just vape like a civilized lady.
Your first mistake was
assuming I'm civilized.
And, uh, those
things freak me out.
I don't... I don't want
them exploding in my face.
Be about time something
exploded in your face, Jo.
Be about time.
Have I ever drawn
anything like that before?
Those three lines on the wall.
God. It's your dad, girl.
Always in your head,
just haunting you.
Maybe it's like prison
bars or your cage.
Jo would call that what?
- Sublimation?
- I heard my name.
Trying to use some dumb
smart words you would use.
What are you guys doing
up here? It's freezing.
Come get your drinks
or I'm drinking them.
Why, thank you.
That's to you.
Thank you.
To us.
We're young. We're free.
We've got a whole week
where these assholes
can't tell us what to do.
- Yeah.
- Hear, hear.
Mm. Ooh.
To the best year of our lives.
Mm. To not opening a
single damn book all week.
Uh... to having no regrets.
Cheers to that.
To, uh, starting
new relationships.
To shitting on the critics.
I'm gonna work out twice a
day, 10 grams of creatine,
work on my fast-twitch muscles,
prove to Coach I'm
fast off the line.
Coach won't even remember
Ricky's fucking name.
Ricky, if you can hear me in
your penthouse, you asshole,
not a single goddamn
prick in this town
is gonna remember your name
when someone says Bellweather.
I got this.
Come here, you.
All right. It's your turn.
Enough of this "Will they,
won't they?" bullshit.
Yeah. I'll drink to that.
- Come on, Charlie.
- No. You come on.
"No regrets." You
said it yourself.
Seriously, Danny.
Be the fucking hero.
This one's got
major daddy issues.
Haven't you heard what her
daddy has done to her mom?
I mean, shit.
What the Puppetman made
her daddy do to her mom.
Glenn, shut up.
What? We're gonna act like
we don't know what happened?
And the sleepwalking,
Danny. Fuck.
If you're not careful,
she's gonna walk
right off your damn roof.
You told him?
Michal, I'm sorry! I
just wanted to help!
I don't need your help, Charlie.
I thought that was between us.
Michal, I-I'm s...
Yo. That's
a $20 bottle.
I... can't... move.
She could
never hold her drink.
I... can't... move.
- She's faking it.
- Glenn, shut up.
I... can't...
Help me!
Help! Help!
- Charlie! No!
- No!
Oh, my God.
Hello, Michal.
I'm Detective Al Rosen.
Are you thirsty? Can
I get you anything?
No, thank you.
I want you to know how sorry
I am about your friend.
I can only imagine what you're
going through right now.
Your friends told me that
you two were roommates.
I'm trying to get an idea
of what happened here.
I was just... so
angry with Charlie.
It was the last time I'll
ever get to speak to her,
and I was so mad.
I didn't want to be.
I really didn't.
I don't understand.
It's my fault.
I beg your pardon.
Before she fell, I
saw it in her eyes.
The blame.
It was the same thing...
the exact same thing
I saw in his eyes.
Whose eyes?
They were the same as Charlie's.
Like... Like...
Like he was afraid.
Afraid? Afraid of what?
Of me.
- Michal.
- No.
Michal, it
was an accident.
Don't let them
convince you otherwise.
Stop it.
Stop it!
Hey. It's Michal.
I can't come to the
phone right now,
but if you leave me
your name and number...
She's... She's not answering.
Who gives a fuck about
her right now, Danny?
No. I-I can't do
this right now.
- Jo.
- No.
Fuck this. I'm going home.
Go check on her, man.
Just go.
I just wanted to make
sure you're okay.
I'm here if you need me.
Let it lie.
- Let it lie. Let it lie.
- Michal. Michal.
Michal! You're okay.
Look at me. You're
okay. You're okay.
November 25th, 1:20 a.m.,
and... well...
Michal, wake up.
Jesus, Michal.
She'd seen me draw it before.
Yeah, but... what does it mean?
I don't know.
The doctors told me
that the sleepwalking
was a trauma response
from that stuff
my dad did to me.
I don't remember it.
I don't remember any of
it, and I don't want to.
But sometimes... I see
this light in the door.
That's where the
police found me.
I never told Charlie that.
"'Puppetman Killer'
to receive lethal injection."
Close it.
- What?
- Close it, Danny.
Was that him?
You must be Michal.
I'm so sorry.
Oh. I-I can come back.
No. No, no. I was, uh,
I was just leaving.
No. You stay.
Charlie always had such nice
things to say about you.
We were gonna take her
to Europe this summer.
She always wanted to see
Gaud, La Sagrada Famlia.
She was gonna write
her thesis on it.
I don't know when it is yet...
but I would love to
see you at the wake.
Would you come?
Of course.
And her friends...
Would they come and
maybe say something?
When she turned 16, it
was always her friends.
And I was always working, and...
I barely... I barely
knew her anymore.
I'm sorry.
I'll be out of your
hair in a minute.
It's just so hard to
look at all these pho...
It's for you.
Is this Michal?
We need to talk.
Jo. Wait, wait, wait.
I can't... I can't
do this right now.
I know, I know, but
I need your help.
I-I'm going home. I'm
waiting for a ride.
Cancel it.
It's important.
What is this horseshit?
Charlie just died, and Danny's
got us seeing a fucking psychic.
He said Charlie wanted us to.
A psychic?
I thought you were a
scientist or whatever.
I still can be curious.
Hey. I know
this is pretty weird.
He's got us seeing
a goddamn psychic.
What are we even doing this for?
'Cause Charlie wanted us to.
I'm so glad you could come.
Hello, Michal.
Please come in.
I am so sorry about Charlie.
I can't imagine what
you all must be feeling.
There were terrible
vibrations yesterday.
The universe plays its
melancholy like a song.
Lady, why are we here?
There's a darkness
in your friend.
Charlie could see it.
Charlie knew Michal's
dad was a killer.
Charlie felt bad for her,
so we just put up with her.
Glenn... shut up.
Come on, Jo. Back me up.
If Michal wasn't
rooming with Char,
none of us would know
who the fuck she is.
You are such a prick.
I'm sorry. Um...
It's natural. You're grieving.
I mean, she's
definitely acted...
weird since we first met.
But that's just her baggage.
That's okay. We all have that.
Glenn's right, though.
Charlie just died.
Why are we here
talking to a psychic?
I'm a counselor if I'm anything.
A spiritual adviser.
And you're here because
Charlie was afraid.
Afraid of what?
Of Michal.
We're ready for you.
I've spoken to your friends
about your sleepwalking...
your guilt.
It was always Charlie's
intent that we should meet.
Because you're special.
You just can't see it with
the shadows behind you.
The past can have teeth, but
you shouldn't forget it...
forget where you come from.
It isn't your fault, what
happened to your mom.
What happened to Charlie,
that is not your fault.
We're all here for some closure.
Yes. Why shouldn't we be?
There are some bad, bad
memories in this room.
This will sound a little hokey.
It always does, no matter
how many times I say it.
But we are going to reach
together, all of us.
Because you're
closure isn't here.
That energy is outside.
You are carrying
what your father did.
And it will take your
mom... hell, even Charlie...
to help you focus your sights
on what you could never control.
What was your mother's name?
Let's take each other's hands.
You can just put your hand
right there on that chair.
That's Charlie's place.
Yes. Energy is
never really gone.
Not yours, not
mine, not Charlie's.
We are all just notes in
the universe's harmony.
And, Michal, I am going
to strum those strings,
and those vibrations are
going to open the veil.
Patricia Hinton...
I have your little girl
here, and she is in pain.
And we hurt because she hurts.
She is carrying your
death inside her,
and we are seeking a new memory
in the light outside
of your husband's sin.
Will you lead us
outside the dark?
Will you lead your baby girl
like a beacon on the
shore during a storm?
Well... what does it say?
I don't...
What did you write?
I am so sorry I asked you
here. This was a mistake.
What did it say?
Is this a fucking joke?
I... I didn't write that.
The fuck you didn't.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
You weren't talking
to my mother.
Please. I just want you to go.
You wanted me
here. You got me.
So finish it.
Who killed Charlie?
I can't reach into
that darkness.
Who are you talking to?!
What the fuck was that?
It was a hustler surprised
by her own hustle.
I stayed
with her last night.
I didn't understand what
Charlie was on about...
not till I saw it for myself.
She almost walked off the
edge of the roof in her sleep.
Whatever Charlie discovered,
whatever she talked
about with Ruby...
we didn't get the full picture.
You really believe this shit?
Charlie did.
Will you stay with me tonight?
Yeah. We all will.
Yeah, but will you?
Of course I will.
Come here.
If it happens again...
don't wake me up.
What'd you find?
Crime-scene photos
of Michal's mom...
of Michal.
It's fucked up, man.
This wasn't just
some... psychotic burst.
This shit was biblical.
They kept her in a cage.
I think this...
is what led Charlie to Ruby.
What is she doing?
it lie. Let it die.
Char lie. Char die.
- Let it lie. Let it die.
- Wake her up.
Char lie. Char die.
- Let it lie.
- Wake her up!
No. Fuck this.
I'm done with this
psycho bullshit.
I saw Charlie.
You were dreaming,
okay? You were dreaming.
No. I saw her. I saw
her before she fell.
I told her to do it.
Thank you.
I had a foster mom
when I was a kid
who refused to tell
me bedtime stories.
I'd hear her tell my foster
brothers stories all the time,
some she'd even make up.
But... she'd never
tell them to me.
Because I wasn't normal.
I used to think I was defective.
Maybe I still am.
I really thought that coming
here would change things for me,
I see their faces all the time.
My mom's.
Death follows me, Danny.
I had a foster dad
four years ago.
He preferred the older girls
before they aged out...
because they were
the most vulnerable.
I mean, how can you say no
when you don't respect
yourself, right?
I found him hanging from a tree.
I thought he was a fucking
Halloween decoration.
His final act was
an apology to me
for what he did to me
and all the other girls.
You know, I wanted him
to die for what he did.
What if my anger can
make those choices?
I was so mad at Charlie.
I mean, she promised me
what I did and what I told
her would be between us.
Then she goes and
tells Glenn and Jo.
What if I made her jump?
And what if I'm
just like my dad?
Where's Michal?
I-I don't know. She's scared.
She can't know
that you have this.
Is this all real?
Call me once you've looked.
You'll know.
Psycho bitch.
I've avoided him for so long,
and he's dying for what he did.
I've tried to forget him, but...
I swear it's like he's
reaching out to me.
It's like he's haunting me.
Who's that?
Just a friend from econ.
Charlie wanted me to see him.
Do you want to see him?
I think I have to.
If I'd done it sooner,
Charlie would still be alive.
"The ritual
marries light and dark.
Sin and innocence.
He wants to be back
in this world."
"Those who conspire against
him shall bend to his will..."
"Bend to his will."
Hey. It's me.
- Did you see it?
- Yeah.
Are we in danger?
Not if we act fast.
I don't like
this. I feel like...
Hello? Joanna?
- Ruby?
- Joanna, are you there?
Joanna, are you there?
What the fuck?
No. N... Let...
You okay?
We're here.
Stop the car.
- Huh?
- Stop the car.
Hey. You need a minute?
No. I c... I can't do it.
I can't do it, Danny.
He kept me in a fucking cage.
What would I even say to him?
It's really you.
Look how old you are.
The years have
been kinder to you.
You here 'cause I'm dying?
Of course you are.
This what you wanted to see?
I want to know why.
I waited for you to come.
And I never said a
goddamn word either.
Why did you kill her?
I didn't kill her.
You did.
It's what you are.
It's what you were made for.
What wewere made for.
You were the pure
soul, untouched.
We three... unity
from disorder.
Your innocence and our
chaos... light and dark.
It was born in you, Michala.
We brought him into this world.
Our control in a world that's
made us... fucking powerless.
No. You killed my mother.
It was your voice in my head.
Your will. He uses
your pain as his own.
You're home early.
The knife.
Make her bleed.
He took your malice as his own
and made you think
you're in control.
What did you put inside me?
It's your privilege.
He chose you.
Your mother wanted to
carry him as a child,
but he didn't choose her.
He's a trickster.
He tricked us.
And you took his power
for your own, didn't you?
You're a monster.
You're a fucking demon.
I wanted to cut my throat
when I looked down at
your mother's body.
I wanted to, but
you wouldn't let me.
No, no, no.
This was far worse.
A prison for me, like the
prison we kept you in.
I was meant to suffer
like you did, wasn't I?
Wasn't I?!
He used us! He's using you!
When everything you love is
fucking dead, he will move on!
You fucking devil!
Fuck off of me!
Get off!
You okay?
I shouldn't have come here.
Oh, my God.
Yeah. Yeah. we'll
be right there.
What happened?
Joanna tried
calling you several times
before the accident.
Surveillance at Comiskey Dorm
has all of you together entering
the residence at 8:00 p.m.,
then again leaving at 11:00.
Where did you go if
you weren't with her?
We were at Ironside
to see her father.
There must be some record
of your visitation.
You have to fill out documents
that have to be
approved, I imagine.
What are you saying?
That we had something
to do with this?
I don't like coincidences.
Three people... three friends...
don't just die, not by accident.
This is fucking ridiculous.
Michal, by your own account,
you stated that the death
of Carter Henderson,
your foster father for
four months in 2016,
was because of you.
He killed himself.
Now, this image was
taken three hours ago
of Joanna Blaine's body as it
was found at the university.
Did you write this, Ms. Hinton?
They were accidents.
That's an accident?
Oh, Jesus. Fuck.
You're in danger if
you keep me here.
What do you think you're doing?
We've done
nothing wrong.
We're free to go.
Michal, what are you doing?
You're safe here.
Safe from me.
Why aren't you doing anything?!
S-She told me not to.
Michal. Michal!
I'm sorry, Charlie.
It won't let me die.
It won't let me die.
What happened to her?
It's real.
Whatever Charlie came to see
you for, it's fucking real.
She tried to jump
off the bridge,
and then somebody
pulled her back.
In the car, I tried
to grab onto her,
and then she told
me not to touch her,
but she wasn't talking.
- Her lips weren't moving.
- I know.
We have to keep her under.
If she knows, it knows.
Hello, dear.
Oh, Danny tells me that you
haven't been quite yourself.
Ruby, it's mad at me.
It knows that I know,
and it doesn't like it.
It doesn't like that I know.
I don't know what you're saying.
The thing. The thing my
parents put inside of me.
- I don't understand.
- It killed Charlie.
It killed all of them
because they knew.
Every time I close my eyes,
I see my friends dying.
It just wants to be left alone.
I am so sorry.
It was never supposed
to go this far.
Look. I lied to Charlie,
okay? It was a put-on.
And these... these ideas,
these fanciful
ideas... are bullshit.
I put the idea out there
when Charlie came to see me.
And then, once she believed,
she made you believe.
So there is nothing in you,
nothing wrong with you.
- But my dad, he told me...
- No. That was a hoax.
I am a charlatan, and you aren't
responsible for a goddamn thing.
I... I'm so sorry that I
made you think you were.
- I'm sorry to both of you.
- So what are you saying?
I took advantage of you kids.
Give me a moment. I'd
like to make it right.
Make it right? You
can't make this right.
Our friends are dead!
This is everything
that Charlie gave me
and everything that you gave me.
I can't help you. Anything
I say would be a lie.
I am so sorry.
Why won't she help me?
She's just a con artist.
I never should have
brought you here.
Yeah. It's Al Rosen.
Where are we going?
I don't know.
Stop the car.
Stop the car.
I don't know what to do.
She was supposed
to have answers.
what did Ruby give you?
She didn't give me
anything. She's a crook.
What did she give you?
Nothing, Michal. What are...
This isn't you.
Michal... no.
Michal, no.
Michal, what's...
What... did...
she... give... you?
gave us back our money.
You saw... You saw her.
She's a clever witch.
Stop lying.
Read it to me.
"Read when alone.
Take her away from people.
I will contact you soon.
She can't know... you know."
I didn't know.
Make it stop.
Please just let us be together.
Just give me that much.
I got a 10-66.
Are you okay?
I just killed my
boyfriend and my friends.
You have to stop me.
Uh, o-okay.
I-I'd be happy to help.
You just need to walk...
You have to shoot me
before it won't let you.
- I can't do my job...
- Do it now.
Unless I ask you
the right questions.
- Please.
- You have to shoot me.
- So from the beginning...
- Kill me!
Please. Let's just
calm down, okay?
Just step back and we
can talk this out, okay?
Wait, wait, wait. Wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
No, no, no, no,
no, no. Okay. Okay.
All right. All right. Relax.
Please don't. Please don't.
I have a family,
okay? I got a family!
Please! We can talk
it out! Okay! No!
Get your hands up.
- Stop!
- Shoot me.
Please shoot me.
Get down on your knees!
Please just shoot me.
I've killed people.
Please... just do it.
Just do it.
I just want to die.
I just want to die.
I just want to die. Do it!
Code 999. Officers down.
Request immediate assistance.
Suspect fled.
Officer in pursuit.
We can't let the
tranquilizer wear off.
We need to keep her under.
She murdered five officers
and killed her boyfriend.
Tell me right now why I
shouldn't put a bullet
- in her head.
- Because if you try,
you'll be dead before
you pull the trigger.
She is a doorway, Detective.
She's a vessel, and there
is a presence inside of her
that's aware that
we know about it,
and it will do whatever
it can to protect itself.
I believe that Michal was part
of a ritual some time ago,
and I believe that her
parents worshiped an entity
called Dolos.
We are looking at
his work right now.
Michal is a substitute.
She's wandering the world
looking like the girl she was,
but she is a copy... a trick.
You believe this?
It's nonsense.
Do not let
rationality blind you.
We accommodate the extraordinary
in this world with stories.
The... The Pied Piper,
the dancing plague
of the Middle Ages,
the... the Puppetman.
Mind control has always
been an aspiration.
Mind control.
These stories are
proof of nothing.
Belief and disbelief balance on
the head of a pin, Detective.
Proof can push one either way.
I would think you would
know that, especially now.
What's this even mean?
We need to find a new host.
In 1954, an adviser like myself
successfully contained an entity
in a woman who had been
in a coma for two years.
She passed without waking.
I've been looking for
similar candidates,
but I haven't been
quite as lucky.
So... what do wedo?
We ask Michal.
The part of her that's
still in there...
the real Michal, who...
who wants to live,
to live herlife.
Uncover her.
No goddamn way.
It is the only way that
this ritual will work.
Thank you.
Michal, dear... I
know you're there.
I know you're scared.
I know you want out.
You be a strong
girl and push back.
You're stronger,
and you're smarter.
Help us, dear.
Finally be free.
Jesus Christ.
What'd she say?
"It is sleeping.
My father wants it.
My blood, his blood.
Trick the trickster."
They're on their way.
I made the arrangements.
You actually think
this is going to work?
It doesn't matter what
I think, Detective.
I've chosen which way I
would fall off the pin.
I chose that a long time ago.
It has to work.
Charlie shined a light
where she shouldn't have,
and it woke a monster.
This thing has been
moving from host to host
for God knows how long.
It didn't start with Michal,
and it certainly
won't end with her.
Jesus Christ.
Michal says
it's sleeping now,
creating an opportunity that
will allow her to escape.
"My blood, his blood.
Trick the trickster."
We won't get another
chance at this.
I know you may doubt
me, but if I'm wrong,
then none of this matters
and we're already dead.
Let's get you free, hon.
There she is.
It's time.
He only wants to
see his daughter.
I'll be okay.
Come to watch me die like
you watched your mother die?
Every damn one of them knows
you could kill us all right now.
I came to say goodbye, Dad.
As myself.
As yourself?
I'm finally free from
that cage you put me in.
asleep right now.
Did you know he could sleep?
He doesn't like that I know.
What are you saying, girl?
Why did you put this
monster inside of me?
He chose you.
What if I choose you?
My blood, your blood?
From disorder... comes unity?
Would he want me?
Make him want you.
Why show me mercy?
It's not for you.
It's for me.
Come on, Dad.
Is it happening?
I don't know.
It's awake.
Hey. You all right?
Kill him.
Kill him.
Hey, c... can I get
a hand over here?
See me as your mother did.
See me as your mother did.
It's over.
You did great.
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Puppet on a string
Puppet on a string
Call me a puppet on a string
I'll be his anything
Can't stop loving him
- If I tried
- If I tried
Call me a puppet on a string
- Call me
- Puppet on a string
- A puppet on a string
- Puppet on a string
- Call me
- Puppet on a string
- A puppet on a string
- Puppet on a string
- Whoo
- Puppet on a string
- Ooh, ooh
- Puppet on a string
- Whoo, ooh, ooh
- Puppet on a string
- On a string
- Puppet on a string