The Purge: Election Year (2016) Movie Script

My Purge playlist.
I put a lot of thought into it,
especially this final tune
as it will be the last song
you'll ever hear.
Tough choice.
And then I thought, George Clinton!
The king of interplanetary funkmanship.
George's psychedelic rock
will leave you feeling funky, obviously.
And soulful, which is the least I can do.
Now, we played a lot of Purge games tonight,
and we have just one more.
It's simple, yet effective.
It's called "Mommy's Choice."
Mommy, which one of you
will survive this year's Purge?
No! No!
This is just one of a dozen
protests around our capital
after reports emerged claiming
that the New Founding Fathers
had been using the Purge
to help their own economic agenda.
Here's a recent statement
by incendiary Purge detractor Dante Bishop.
For the past 20 years,
the NFFA has taken to legalized murder
to decrease the poor population,
which in turn keeps
the government's spending down.
Less welfare, less healthcare, less housing.
Recent polling suggests that
the growing anti-Purge sentiment
may have a monumental effect
on the upcoming presidential election.
Establishment NFFA candidate
Minister Edwidge Owens
has been losing ground to wildcard
Independent candidate Senator Charlie Roan.
Eighteen years ago, Roan was forced to
watch the brutal execution
of her entire family on Purge Night
and entered the political arena soon
after with one goal in mind.
To put an end to the annual holiday.
I have no doubt that the soul
of our country is at stake.
The Purge has to come to an end.
Senator Roan is proving to be
the greatest threat to the NFFA regime
since they first took office 25 years ago...
Is the cunt that close?
All polls have her a point behind.
I'm sorry, Caleb, I've done...
No sorrys, Minister,
you're doing a great job.
Let us put you where you need to be.
We have our people out there
countering all this anti-NFFA bullshit.
What else can we do?
We do whatever it fucking takes!
I have had it with all these
idealistic pigs.
They want the impossible. Everyone to have.
Some cannot have.
Not enough to go around.
It's time to do something
about all these cocksuckers,
like that rat Bishop and the cunt Senator
trying to dismantle everything we've built.
We are going to use this year's Purge
to do some spring cleaning, gentlemen.
And where will you be spending
Purge Night, Minister?
I will once again be presiding over
my party's Midnight Purge Mass
because I still believe in it.
The Midnight Purge Mass,
where our great NFFA leaders gather
together and slaughter innocents.
Is murder our new religion?
Murder is our new religion. That's snappy.
No, the Midnight Purge Mass
where NFFA leaders gather to celebrate
the night that saved this country
from economic ruin.
We have other ways.
Now, America is built upon sacrifice.
From the Revolution all the way
to World War II.
Our Lord God sacrificed his only Son...
Everybody look alive.
Copy. We have eyes on her, boss.
That's why we must sacrifice every year
in order to rid ourselves of hatred.
Remember what I said. She moves, we move.
Now, the stats are undeniable.
There has been far less crime...
This is crap. Do I have to listen to this?
Send me to the Principal's office.
I can't listen to this anymore.
Okay, we'll send you to the Principal's
office 'cause you can't keep your mouth shut.
More low-income people are killed
during the Purge than anyone else.
The money generated from the Purge lines the
pockets of the NRA and insurance companies.
Don't listen to her!
Any government system
that relies on violence
to answer its problems must be rebooted.
She's doing good, Leo.
It is time to call upon
the better angels of our nature.
He is going to keep lying.
Jesus Christ. There she goes again.
- Secure the audience.
- I'm on it.
I'd like to talk to you guys.
Put a leash on her, Chief.
She's no good to anyone dead.
You got it, Leo.
- Okay. We're on the move.
- Copy, boss.
Thank you very much.
Thank you so much. Thank you.
Go sit down. I'm happy to stay here
for the rest of the night.
Stay close to her. Keep it tight.
Go out. Purge and purify. Purge and purify!
Hi. Thank you again.
As she's done many times before,
Senator Roan broke security protocol,
walking off the stage,
stepping into the audience.
Tell you this much,
she got 'em little titties,
but she got some big-ass balls.
She ain't got a snowball's chance
in a steam bath of winning this thing,
but she be taking on them ol' white-haired
George Washington wannabe mofos
all by herself.
And to that, I say bully for her.
Oh, horseshit. She's full of it too.
Nothing'll ever change.
Hey, Laney. Laney, Laney?
I think we've offended
Marcos with our anti-Senator talk.
The Senator's going to win.
She's gonna make real changes too.
You'll see.
All she needs is Florida.
She gets the 29 electoral votes from
Florida, that puts her over 270.
- She can do it.
- Smartass.
All that useless shit
and can't butter a damn bagel correctly.
I could butter your bagel, boss.
- Oh, you'd butter my bagel?
- Mmm...
Well, you got jokes over there.
Yeah, you just be careful, kid, with all
that hope, 'cause it can be a bad thing.
Hope can lead to a lot of letdown.
Tell him, Irish I.
Excuse me, what?
I'm not paying attention.
I'm thinking about waffles and pussy.
That's all I ever
really think about, actually.
- Mmm-mmm...
- Irish I, ladies and gentlemen.
The fuck you laughing at? I'm dead serious.
Ah, fuck!
The New Founding Fathers
believe in fairness.
And we hear what the people are saying.
That the Purge benefits
the rich and the powerful.
That was never the intention.
From this point on, no one is exempt.
The rules protecting level 10 government
officials have been revoked.
Yeah. Come in.
You seeing this?
Yeah, NFFA is revoking the Purge rule
that protects government officials
of ranking 10 on Purge Night.
Yeah, I'll secure a safe house
and full security detail on the night.
No. I'm staying home on Purge Night.
Senator, I don't think that's a good idea.
If the voters get wind that I'm hiding
in a fortress like some rich asshole,
I lose votes and the NFFA wins.
I stay home like 99% of the population.
Make it safe. Whatever it takes.
Half price on all masks.
Come on inside.
The Purge is Halloween for adults!
Hordes of young adults are arriving
from Spain, Denmark, South Africa.
They're being called Murder Tourists
as they are here for one reason.
To Purge.
We're here to experience the Purge.
To kill. Release all the anger and hate.
To be like Americans. We're very excited.
Foreigners coming to our capital to kill.
Murder tourism. It's the new booming
business in our country this year.
Murder tourism.
What's happened to our country, Joe?
Mrs. Sabian, I wish I knew.
But you take care of yourself, Mrs. S.
Next time you need something,
just give us a call.
I'll have Marcos
run it over and save you the trip, okay?
I come by to flirt with you, Joe!
No one's gonna take that from me.
Ah, you better get out of here.
Get on out of here.
Oh. Get out of here.
Now she nasty.
She... That's a nasty woman, right there.
Joe. Mira.
Son of a bitch!
Where's he going?
I never saw him move so damn fast.
All right, girls, give it up.
I won't have to call the police.
Get outta my face, old man!
Let's not do this the hard way, okay?
I'm giving you an out.
All right, give up the candy
or I'll have to take it away from you.
You touch me and I scream "rape,"
you cocksucking pig.
Now walk away.
Give it back.
Who are you, bitch?
Better get out of my way!
That's Laney Rucker, Kimmy.
Laney Rucker?
Holy shit.
OG Queen badass?
Yo! They called you Pequea Muerte.
Little Death.
Yo, you're my motherfucking hero.
That makes me proud.
Now give back whatever you stole.
And apologize.
Oh, my God.
Sorry, mister. I was just playin'.
So, Ms. Rucker, what happened to you?
You look all whitish now.
Later, Ms. Rucker.
Wish I met you back in the day.
Excuse me.
You were a lot more respectful
back when you were shoplifting here.
You know, I distinctly remember
one time, you called me "sir."
Oh, bullshit.
But listen, I just want to say thank you.
You're my family, Joe.
I appreciate that. Thank you, Laney.
I want men in there.
I want men in there.
I want a lot of men back there.
She's got some security,
but I'm revamping the entire thing.
We got new barricades on all the doors,
all the windows back and front.
Looks safe.
Chief, if you tell me it's safe one more
time, I'm gonna throw you down the steps.
Please don't do that.
Men here. Men here.
We got a security monitor system
in this room.
We got eyes and ears on everything.
This is her safe room.
She is not to leave her safe room.
No one is to go inside her safe room.
Do we understand each other?
This is a mess.
She's not gonna be happy about it.
I don't care if she's happy, Chief.
And I want to go on record
as saying this is a bad idea.
No matter what we do here, this house
and this Senator are at risk on Purge Night.
- You understand me?
- Duly noted.
Let's lock it down.
"Let's lock it down."
It's just me and you, pal.
Tell me what you want me to do. I'm there.
Go downstairs, make sure
they take care of the doors.
- Keep an eye on that guy.
- Done.
The NFFA has created predatory capitalism
where profit-making
is the essence of democracy.
We've come to D.C. to make some changes.
That was Dante Bishop.
Like his predecessor Carmelo Johns...
Joe's Deli.
...Dante is suspected of eliminating
wealthy NFFA supporters on Purge Nights.
Excuse me?
And many are wondering
why he has come to Washington this year.
Wait, wait. Hold it. Wait a minute.
Why are you raising my rates now? Today?
Do you know what today is?
Yeah, but look, I...
Yeah... I can't afford that.
What do you mean, you're sorry?
Yeah, I'm talking to you.
Let me speak to your... Your super...
Son of a... Son of a bitch!
What the hell's going on?
The damn insurance company.
They just raised the premium
on my Purge coverage. By thousands.
The day before the damn Purge.
If I don't pay it by tomorrow,
I have no Purge coverage for this store.
They can't do that.
Yeah, well, they just did it.
Just lock the place down, Joe.
Yeah, but that's not enough.
If I have no insurance, I am screwed.
I'll just have to protect this place myself.
- Are you crazy?
- That's not a good idea, boss.
Look, we love this place, too, Joe.
I've been coming here since I was born.
But it's just stuff. It can be replaced.
You can't be.
Yeah, but what about what you do
on Purge Night, Laney?
Is that not the pot calling
the kettle brown? No?
That's different, Joe, and you know that.
I'm protected, and you won't be.
This is all I got, guys.
This is my slice of the pie.
Man, I cannot, I can't lose this place.
I can't lose this place.
Hold on, Joe. Let's talk about this.
Everything is in place.
Team's in position.
Ten minutes to lockdown, boss.
Hey, Mama.
You ready?
Vaya con Dios.
Okay, let's go.
Okay. This is gonna be home
for the next 12 hours.
You need anything,
you contact me and me only.
- Clear?
- Clear.
Let's begin.
This is not a test.
This is your Emergency Broadcast System
announcing the commencement of the annual
Purge sanctioned by the U.S. government.
Commencing at the siren,
any and all crime, including murder,
will be legal for 12 continuous hours.
Here we go.
Police, fire and emergency medical services
will be unavailable until
tomorrow morning at 7 a.m.
And, for the first time since its inception,
no one has been granted
special immunity from the Purge.
No citizen or group will be exempt.
Blessed be our New Founding Fathers,
and America, a nation reborn.
May God be with you all.
I see you, Bobby.
- You know you can relax now, right?
- No, I'll relax in the morning.
Am I interrupting?
Senator, you should be in the den.
Eric, thank you for being here tonight.
My pleasure.
Leo, have a drink with me.
You don't have a choice.
Sounds serious.
Don't say a word.
Or I'll stick my foot up your ass.
It's water, Leo.
Are you scared?
I'm terrified.
What made you apply for this position?
I like your politics.
No. No bullshit. I want a real answer.
I lost my son some years ago.
He was killed.
I almost did something on Purge Night
that would've destroyed a lot of lives.
I want this night gone.
I know you do, too.
Especially after what you lost.
Yeah. Despite all of that,
you have a big problem with how I do things.
You take risks, Senator.
My job is to eliminate risks
and keep you alive.
You don't make that easy.
The soul of this country is at stake, Leo.
The only way that I can win is to risk
everything, and that includes my life.
Peace, not Purge!
You go, girls!
Have a drink on us!
Can't you see we're working?
Purge, motherfuckers!
Just gonna wait right here
and see what happens.
They probably won't bother us, okay?
Purge. Purge. Purge.
Go, go, go! Let's move!
Help! Help! Please!
Somebody help! Help! Help!
Please! Please!
Stop! Stop! Please, stop!
Please, help him!
Something's going down.
Hey, looks like someone needs our services.
Let's go. Let's do this. Stop.
I shot my husband! I shot him. Oh, God!
Okay. Calm down. Tell me what happened.
Oh, no! It was a mistake! I'm sorry!
Hey, boss! It's me! It's me.
Come on outta there, boy.
Good Lord, son.
It's Purge Night.
You don't sneak up on black people.
Good night, blue cheese.
Where the hell you going?
And why you carrying a chair?
I like sitting.
Yeah, well, you ain't gonna be staying.
Look, you know I appreciate you coming
out here to watch my back, but I'm good.
- I got this.
- No.
I'll stay. Nothing else to do.
Look, please don't be a pain in the ass.
I want you to go home and be safe.
I don't want you out here
on Purge Night, son. I got this!
Purge Night, bitch! It's Purge Night, bitch!
It's Purge Night, bitch!
Give me that shit. Let's go!
Fuck you!
Happy Purge, you old fuck!
You better find someplace else to go!
I got a wicked sweet tooth tonight.
And I want my candy bar.
And I'm gonna take it.
You don't got the balls to stop me.
I have the balls.
Now go.
I already took care
of my mom and dad tonight.
You're next.
I want my candy bar, cocksucker.
Come on!
So, what's up with that?
Every day in Jurez was like the Purge.
I know how to shoot, boss.
Son, I really wish you'd stayed home.
- I don't know.
- It's that time.
What are you still doing up here?
You're on first floor duty.
How was your chat?
Enlightening. Go.
Chief, find a bedroom. I got it from here.
All right, Leo.
Boys. Why don't you take a break?
Go watch some TV, huh?
It's gonna be a long night.
Yes, sir.
I'm coming outside, boys.
How ya doing out there, Bobby?
Sniper One, radio check.
Bobby, radio check.
Sniper Two, radio check.
Sniper Two.
Someone is coming for you.
- What?
- Put that on.
- Leo, the house is surrounded...
- Move, move!
I'm moving. What are you...
You said you had men on the roof.
You have snipers.
- Not anymore. Not anymore.
- What do you mean, not anymore?
- Someone betrayed us.
- What?
I can't trust anyone. Put on that vest.
Listen to me! This isn't a drill.
Someone's coming to kill you.
You understand me?
- What the...
- Go!
Okay, what the hell is that?
That's my little secret. Move.
One, two, three!
Boss! It's just me!
- Where the hell is she?
- Jesus Christ.
What the fuck is this?
I don't know what the fuck that is.
Our mark may be outside. Repeat.
Your mark may be outside.
Check your perimeters.
No payment unless we find her.
I see her!
Come here.
Move. Go! Go! Go! Go!
Hey, Joe, you up there?
Is that Laney?
My guys! How you all doing tonight?
We're good. You?
Ah... I just dropped
someone off at triage.
His wife shot him because she couldn't
stand looking at his face anymore.
She said Purging didn't make her feel
any better like they said it would.
Just stay safe, Lane.
Anything happens,
do not hesitate to call us.
Yeah, same goes for you.
- Okay?
- All right.
All right.
God, I hate that she's out there like that.
Help me! Help me!
Stop. Stop!
What was that?
Some kind of homegrown militia?
Those were skilled mercs
with a lot of money behind them.
Enough to get to someone on our staff.
I'm guessing it's the Minister.
The Minister, the NFFA,
the whole fucking lot of them.
I'm getting too close.
It's a lot of blood, Leo.
We should call someone.
I don't know who to trust.
We are on our own. You understand me?
Okay. Where do we go?
East. Out of the city.
There are a lot of threats.
There's a lot of death.
Purge Sanitation Services.
Death collection haul.
Purge victim removal and disposal.
Keep Washington clean.
It's okay.
Death collection haul.
This is how it's gonna go now.
Like you said, fate
of the country's at stake.
Okay? It's my show now.
Look, I'm not an idiot.
I know what you're capable of.
I'm the one who hired you.
But if I see something I don't like,
I'm not gonna be quiet about it.
It's not in my nature.
Senator, I need you to follow me.
Come on.
It's Tommy, sir.
He's in bad shape. He's unconscious.
Everyone else up there is dead.
Get him to the ground unit.
Get him stabilized.
Then start street surveillance.
I'll search from above.
We need her alive,
so let's find her before the crazies do.
They're tracking us.
Where? I'm not seeing them.
How are they seeing us?
No. That's a homemade drone. Purgers.
Now what?
Run. Fast.
Come, come, come!
It's behind you, Leo.
Thirty-five yards back, 15 yards up.
Reason I'm so hard on you, son, like I am is
someday I'd like to make you a partner.
Yep. Oh, boy. Coming here
from another country like you did.
Having your own business.
American dream is still alive.
We love you, America. America is
the greatest country in the world.
We are gonna kill you.
We will now Purge.
We will torture you and violate your flesh.
Remove your skin and share in your blood.
This is the American way.
Come with us.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...
- Stay.
- Yeah.
Well, this is my place.
You can stay all night if you want to.
Now, I got to ask you
'cause I'm just a nosey old dog.
What in the Mississippi fuck was you doing
outside on Purge Night, Senator?
Yeah. There was an assassination
attempt on me.
I can't thank you enough, Mr...
I'm sorry, I know you told me.
- Dixon. You can call me Joe, Senator.
- Yeah. Joe, I'm Charlie.
- Charlie.
- Yeah.
That's Marcos right there.
Marcos is... He's a fan of yours.
- Hi, Marcos.
- Hey, Senator.
- He actually think you can win this thing.
- Oh, yeah?
Shit! Tell her what she need
to do to win, Marcos.
No, it's not my place to say.
Well, you saved my life,
Marcos. I'd like to hear it, please.
Florida is the key.
You have to get the elders.
That's smart.
He's not wrong, Joe. What do you think?
I don't think you got a damn chance.
Well, have a little faith.
Well, I lost my faith in the system
a long time ago, Senator. Water?
Thank you.
Place is moderately secure.
Cameras. Maybe we stay here.
"Maybe we stay here"?
Where you going? You going back out there?
Joe, do you have a first aid kit?
Leo, my security, was shot.
- I'm fine.
- You're not fine.
- I'm fine.
- You're not. Sit.
You want me to take it off?
It's okay. It's nothing.
Yeah? Doesn't look like nothing.
Let me see. Let me see.
I know a little bit about first aid.
I could help you.
The bullet's deep.
- You need stitches.
- Yeah.
But we can't do that here.
Right. Clean it up.
Patch it up. Come on. Move.
Fast. Come on.
What about you guys? Who are you?
- Is this necessary?
- It's very necessary.
You, what's your name? Where you from?
Marcos Dali. Mexico City.
But I've been an American citizen
for two years.
You got a record?
Not here.
What did you do in Mexico?
I tried to survive.
What are you doing out on Purge Night?
Protecting the deli against looters because
my boss lost his Purge insurance yesterday.
Yeah, that's something
you can look into, Senator.
Insurance companies
screwing the working man.
What's your name, pal?
You know what, Mr. Secret Service Man?
You should be thanking my black ass for
helping you instead of interrogating me.
His name is Joe Dixon.
- Joe Dixon, have I offended you?
- Yeah.
Yeah, man, just a little bit.
Your feelings are not a concern of mine.
Little respect. That's all I need.
Everyone shut up, please!
- What?
- Look.
You stupid motherfucker!
You should have let us take the candy bar!
Now, you're gonna fuckin' pay for it,
you stupid son of a bitch!
It's a good night to Purge, isn't it?
Oh, hell!
Who the hell is that?
The looters I was telling you about.
Purge Night, Senator. What did you expect?
Hey, you old fuck! I'm back.
And I brought some friends.
And I'm gonna get that candy bar.
They have chainsaws
and they're coming inside.
All right. I got to get you outta here.
Yeah, but they're at both entrances.
Then I'm gonna Purge by killing you
and burning this bitch to the ground!
I gotta call her.
We have a friend out there in a triage van.
You trust this friend?
Hey, you still questioning my integrity.
Boy, you are a piece of work, man.
Come on, girl, pick up.
Those motherfuckers blindsided us, man.
- I gotta get back out there.
- No, no, no.
You're not going anywhere.
I told your mom I'd look after you.
Just hurry up. Hurry up and bandage me up
so I can get back out there.
Okay, you promised me
you were gonna stay home tonight.
Well, I want to Purge tonight.
- No.
- I want to Purge.
Laney, what? Laney!
- For real, Laney?
- Yeah. For real.
You heard me right. Senator Roan.
Call me back, Lane. We need you bad.
She'll call back.
We can't count on your friend.
These kids will be in here soon.
What do we do?
We're gonna work as a team
to protect this woman.
You gentlemen understand
what's at stake here, yes?
- Yes? All right.
- Yes.
We are gonna Purge today
Purge today, Purge today
We are gonna Purge today
Burn this bitch down
Okay, you take the back,
I'm gonna take the front.
I'll take the front with you.
No, you're not gonna be on the frontline.
Are you crazy, Leo? Give me a gun.
I will give you a gun, but you're not
on the frontline. Over my dead body.
Then you better drop dead.
I think he's right, Senator.
Thank you, Deli Man.
Deli Man? I agree with you,
you still throwing attitude?
Okay, enough! Executive decision.
I'm with Leo.
We need as many guns as we can get.
Go, go, go!
Move, move, move!
Just point and shoot. Do not shoot me.
If I want some candy,
I'll take some candy!
I'll take whatever the fuck I want!
My mom's not gonna like this!
This is what the Purge is all about.
Me getting mine.
You getting yours and
nobody stopping anybody!
Bye-bye, motherfucker!
Say goodnight, cocksucker.
Because here comes your candy girl!
Here they come.
Fucking asshole!
Hold on!
Wait here.
Pequea Muerte is back, bitches.
Hey, guys! I got your message.
- This is our girl.
- Go, go, go!
Holy shit, it really is you.
- Where do we go?
- The van.
Come on, Joe.
I'll be with you in a minute. I'll be there.
Joe, come on.
You get out of here, kid. I'm staying.
They'll kill you.
Go now!
If you stay, I stay.
Just leave.
Joe, listen to me.
For some reason, the Senator ended up
in our neighborhood, in your deli.
Maybe it's our duty to help protect her.
We'll rebuild the deli.
Whatever it takes, you and me. I promise.
Come on, guys. Now!
Where we headed?
Underground triage center service
in the community.
It's completely secure.
Expand our perimeter.
They're on foot. They can't be far.
Earl, spoke with the ground unit.
Tommy regained consciousness.
Says he got a shot off
at the Senator's security.
He thinks the bullet
is lodged in his shoulder.
How the hell did it get to this?
Who is he?
Why is he cuffed?
Rondo. Two bullet holes delivered
by a rival gang, but he's a good kid.
He's chained up because
I didn't want him Purging anymore.
So, Senator...
NFFA made a move on your ass.
Seems that way.
Goddamn conniving, duplicitous,
crooked, cocksucking politicians.
We're not all that bad.
My experience, Senator?
My people are on our own,
no matter what you all say or promise.
I'm kinda confused here.
Who the hell is this lady?
You big dope!
You give people
from the neighborhood a bad name.
Just some Purgers.
That's crossfire.
Not for us.
You seem really close.
How do you know each other?
Joe gave me a job seven years ago
when I first came here from Mexico.
I've been working for him ever since.
And you?
Joe's been looking out for me
since I was a kid.
And he helped me get out of the life.
Sounds like Joe is a saint.
Yeah, well, I ain't no saint.
I'm just doing my part.
Riding around in a van,
on Purge Night, helping people?
It's pretty dangerous.
Unwritten Purge rule is
leave the triage units alone.
It's true, for the most part.
Seriously, Laney,
who the hell are these people?
Do you read?
Down! Everybody down!
Anybody hit?
I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm okay.
- You sure?
- Yes.
- Laney!
- I'm okay.
Oh, Jesus Christ! Rondo is dead.
- What the fuck was that?
- They found us, Senator.
I want you to turn left!
Go under the freeway.
- Move! Move!
- Yes.
Tonight, the gates of hell
will open and invite me in.
It's survival of the fucking fittest.
Who's the fittest?
I'm the fittest of them all!
What the fuck?
We're gonna lose them under there.
Ground unit, get your asses moving
and get here now. We got them cornered.
Turn here and stop.
Do we just wait here?
No, they'll have units on the ground.
They're gonna be all over us.
We all better figure it out fast
'cause I don't like it here.
It doesn't make any sense.
There was no way they could've known
we'd be in this van.
Doesn't matter. They did.
You son of a bitch.
- Leo?
- Move.
Leo, what the hell are you doing?
Leo, what...
Trace bullet. That's how he found us.
Just leave it here and drive away.
They'll never know we left here.
Yeah, well, I wish it were that simple.
You all need to see this.
There's a whole bunch of negroes
coming right this way.
And we sitting up here like a bucket
of motherfucking chicken.
What's your ETA?
Two minutes, Earl.
Open the door, now!
What are we gonna do?
They'll start blasting if we move.
They'll start blasting if we don't.
Open the door! Open the door, now!
Open the goddamn doors!
What's the plan?
Yo, yo, yo! Quiet down! Quiet down!
- What the hell is that?
- Quiet down!
I know what I heard. I know what I heard.
I told you I ain't no saint.
Everybody's got a past.
That was a Crip whistle.
They just threw it back.
If this is the right set,
we should be good.
I know, I know what I heard. I know.
All right.
We're not gonna hurt you.
Just help my fuckin' boy. He's gonna die.
We help you, you do something for us.
They're still under the overpass,
but they're on the move.
Get your asses in there.
They stopped. Stop the truck.
We're going on foot.
Earl, we found the trace bullet,
but no sign of the target.
Yeah, we're heading back.
Ground unit, come in.
Ground unit, come in.
Come in, I need a fuckin' sitrep.
Fuck you, motherfucker!
No one following.
We're clear.
We're a few blocks away.
I'm gonna call in
and tell them we have a special guest.
Where are we?
You'll see.
What is this place?
We call this a Safe Zone.
- Senator, Dante Bishop.
- Mr. Bishop.
This is Angel.
Dawn called. Told me you guys
were coming through.
So the NFFA came at you tonight?
Can't say I'm surprised.
Let me show you around, get you settled in.
You set all this up, Mr. Bishop?
Yes, this is my organization.
We have doctors, and nurses,
EMTs, paramedics.
This is their way
of protesting this damn night.
How many people know about this place?
Just the volunteers,
and the homeless that we invite in.
Look, these are the real victims
of the Purge.
The people that the NFFA
are trying to eliminate
so that they don't have to
take care of them anymore.
These men that are armed, you'll have them
at all the entrances and the rooftop?
Yes. My men will keep you safe.
Or as safe as you can be on Purge Night.
Appreciate it.
- Mr. Bishop.
- Yeah.
Thank you, for all of this. I am impressed.
Well, don't thank me. Thank the volunteers.
Mr. Bishop, I've heard stories
of tactics that you employ on Purge Night.
I can't say that I agree with any of it.
I'll tell you what.
You get elected, you stop this night,
and I don't have to do what I do anymore.
Let's go, Angel.
Fair enough.
You hold down the fort here.
Keep an eye on her.
And keep her and her people quiet. Okay?
All right, let's go!
I want access to
every surveillance camera in the city.
We'll do a grid search
for that fucking triage van.
It's out there somewhere. Find it.
Your crew? Your guys? They feel like family?
We did the right thing.
But it's time to go.
Gotta get back to the deli.
What? No. Are you fucking crazy?
We're safe here.
Laney, you know I'll walk back if I have to.
Fine. I'll drive you.
But if we run into any problems,
we're coming right back here.
Really? Can you do that?
We'll see her again, Marcos.
And she's safe here.
Let's hit it.
I don't know,
but I bet it was really cool.
It is, it is.
- Hey, you okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
- I'm gonna go take a look around.
- Okay.
Stay here.
Okay, boss.
What are you doing here?
- Hand.
- Why are you here?
What the hell's going on here?
- He was snooping around!
- Hey, hey! Okay, okay, okay.
- Hey! Hey.
- It's all right. It's all right.
Red, back up. It's okay.
Just put the gun down, all right?
Everybody's okay.
Back up.
We're okay.
All right? All right?
We're good. It's all good, okay?
I'm just getting my weapon.
What's going on?
Just doing my job.
Senator, it's just a misunderstanding.
Why don't we go back outside?
Come on.
- Are you seeing this, Leo?
- Yes, Senator.
Senator, why don't we go outside...
Those are the Minister's
biggest financial supporters.
Our Lady of Sorrows.
Is that where the Minister
is going to be tonight for the Purge Mass?
- We believe so.
- You believe...
What is all this?
Why do you have all this?
You're gonna assassinate him.
You're gonna assassinate
the Minister tonight, aren't you?
You know, somebody's
got to say it out loud.
What in the fuck happened tonight?
Nobody's gonna believe it.
Irish Ike's gonna be like, "Bullshit.
- "Now where's my waffles and pussy?"
- "...and pussy?"
He got that one-track mind.
That boy done lost his mind.
I hope he's okay tonight.
Hold on, guys. Look.
Those are government trucks.
I saw them on YouTube
from last year's Purge.
And they're going
straight back towards the Safe Zone.
You cannot do this. I need to
win this thing fair and fucking square.
They are not playing fair and fucking square
and neither should we.
This church will be locked up
like Fort Knox.
You'll never get through.
You're gonna get slaughtered.
Four churches were built on that site.
The original by your boy
George Washington over 200 years ago.
The man liked to have escape tunnels
attached to all his structures.
They're all over D.C.
The tunnel under the original church
has been closed up since the '50s.
But we reopened it.
We're gonna walk right through there
and into that church
without anybody even knowing it.
The original Founding Fathers are about to
fuck over the New Founding Fathers.
Now how you like that for irony?
How do you know where
this mass is gonna be?
Because we do whatever it takes.
We did this for you, Senator.
No, it's not for me. Get your boss
on the phone. I need to talk to him.
- He's not here.
- Angel, listen to me.
You call him.
You tell him he does this
and the Minister becomes a martyr.
I cannot have my presidency
built on murder. You see that.
He will not leave this to the voters.
He does not believe in the American system.
Angel, believe in me.
I can make this happen.
We do. That's why we're trying
to pave a way for you
to the White House so you can make changes.
You're gonna cost me the White House.
It's Laney.
She says there's trucks approaching us.
Who is that?
Government soldiers.
That's the NFFA
eliminating all their enemies this year.
They're here for Bishop,
but they will kill you.
- You need to evacuate your people.
- We can't move the injured.
- I need to get her out of here now.
- There's a way out back.
Where does it come out?
The alleyway down to Third and Thompson.
Third and Thompson. Give me the phone.
Laney, I need you
at Third and Thompson now.
Yeah, we'll meet you there.
So, we're driving right back
into that war zone?
All these people.
We'll protect them.
Please, stop the assassination.
- It's too late. Now go. Stay safe.
- Go!
So what we supposed to be,
like some superheroes or something?
That ain't what I do.
I hate this night!
Ah, shit. Hell with it. Come on. Shit.
Let's do it. Let's go get 'em.
I can't believe we're outside again.
I'm gonna get you through this.
My God, it's so close!
At your own risk now!
Are you fucking kidding me?
- Ready?
- Yeah.
- One.
- Go for it!
- Two.
- Try your luck!
Good luck out there!
Let me hear you whisper
That you love me too
Keep the love-light glowing
in your eyes so true
Let's go, let's go!
Come on, I got you.
- You guys okay?
- Yeah.
Thank you. Again.
Where we headed?
Drive. Out of this city. Get us out of here.
You okay, Senator?
No, Marcos. I'm not.
This night corrupts everyone.
- Senator.
- I can't win like this.
It goes against everything that
I believe in.
We need to focus on one thing
right now and that's survival.
I need to make sure
you get through this night.
I have to stop them
from killing the Minister.
If they assassinate him,
he becomes a martyr. We lose.
Yeah. And how do we do that?
I don't know. We have to do something.
Do what? Do what? You're willing
to risk your life to save an assassin...
Everybody all right?
Joe, you okay?
I'll be okay.
I know where they're taking her.
I know why she's still alive.
You find a safe place to hide
and you stay there.
No. No way.
Whatever it is you plan on doing,
we're coming with you.
Let's go.
May the Purge protect us. Keep us pure.
Purge and purify.
May the Purge cleanse us. Keep us pure.
Purge and purify.
May the Purge cleanse us. Keep us pure.
Purge and purify.
Come on, guys, that's enough.
We're getting paid to deliver
the package, not gift-wrap it.
Come on, let's go find a place to wait out
the rest of this fucking night, huh.
As we always do.
Blessed be the New Founding Fathers
for letting us Purge and cleanse our souls.
Blessed be America, a nation reborn.
Well, it's been a long journey
to get away from the lies
and the self-deception
to this place of knowledge
and awareness of who we really are.
People of flesh, immensely flawed.
It's hard to see the ugly truth.
But change can only come from acceptance.
And change we must, as it is our godly duty
to get rid of the fury and the hatred
that poisons our souls, makes us sick.
Makes us ugly.
we, the leaders of this great country,
will sin, scour,
sanitize and sterilize our souls
until we are free again,
and this country will be better for it.
We are not hypocrites!
We practice what we preach.
Purge and purify! Say it with me.
Purge and purify! Purge and purify!
Purge and purify! Purge and purify!
Purge and purify!
Let us begin.
All right, look, it's after midnight.
We need to move.
I need a four-man team in there.
I need three with me. Got it? Go!
I'm unarmed.
How well do you know this Dante?
Not well. So keep your eye on him.
Our boy is gonna get himself killed.
I'm unarmed.
You know this lunatic, Dante?
Yeah. I do.
Guns down.
What the hell are you doing here?
Trying to get yourself killed?
Is that the tunnel for the cathedral?
How the fuck do you know about the tunnel?
I asked you a question.
This is no longer an assassination.
This is a rescue mission.
Jesus died for their sins.
And now, our modern-day martyrs
will die for our trespasses.
Our martyr's name is Lawrence.
A lifelong drug addict.
He wants to make amends.
He wants to serve his God
and his government.
Let's thank Lawrence for his gift.
Thank you, Lawrence.
- Thank you for your gift, Lawrence.
- Thank you very much, Lawrence.
We love you, Lawrence.
These weapons have been cleansed
with holy water,
and they are now instruments of destruction.
You all know the loyal Harmon James.
Worked with the NFFA tirelessly
for many years.
Harmon will be the first Purger
of the evening.
I'm sorry. No, no, no. Please,
please, please, please. No, no, no.
Please, no, no! I'm sorry! No, please!
No! I'm sorry! Please, no, no!
Please, no!
Please! No! Please, please!
- I'm sorry!
- Release, Harmon.
Release the violence
from your darkened heart!
Scour your soul. Let the light in.
You are blood-baptized.
And you are born again!
His light entered your heart, Harmon.
The power of Purging!
Purge and purify!
Purge and purify!
Purge and purify! Purge and purify!
Purge and purify!
Purge and purify!
No matter what happens, we stay together.
All right, this takes us
to the mechanical room.
From there, we can access the cathedral.
Stay there. Where do we go?
The church is above us.
So are 50 Secret Service agents.
You're gonna take the staircase
to the balcony.
Me and my guys, we're gonna enter
from behind the altar and this side here.
Okay, good. Let's go get our girl, yeah?
Before we get to our communal Purge,
the Holy Horde of Many Martyrs,
I'd like to introduce a guest
who's going to be the centerpiece of a very
special Purge ceremony tonight.
This person
has threatened to dismantle everything
that we, New Founding Fathers, have done.
We must rid ourselves
of the negative emotions
that she has stirred inside.
We must stop her
from poisoning our great country
by taking away our freedoms.
I would like all the Founding Fathers
to come to the altar.
Join me, brothers,
as we eliminate evil
and Purge as one.
There is a fountain filled with blood
Drawn from Immanuel's veins
And sinners, plunged beneath that flood
Lose all their guilty stains
Lord of Air, Lord of Earth,
we ask that you receive this child
into your loving arms.
We are sinners.
Let us release.
Caleb, our leader,
I invite you, sir,
to lead us in this Purging
as you have and as you will.
Blessed be our New Founding Fathers
for letting us Purge.
Blessed be America, a nation reborn.
She's alive.
Where you all at?
The hell are you all doing up there?
Bring your asses down here.
My negro.
Let's go.
- Thank you.
- I got you. I got you.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Thank you. Again.
What was that?
My men taking care of business. Go cover me.
We're headed out. Back exit. We have her.
And we have him.
- Listen to me.
- Get off of me.
- Mr. Bishop. Please.
- Watch our backs.
Just take a second and listen to me.
- It's on our way to the exit.
- I can win without this.
- Please!
- Cover our backs.
You will win.
I'm gonna make sure that happens.
- Open up!
- Stop.
This is murder. If you do this,
you will be no different than them.
Get her.
Nope! Don't.
Listen to her.
She knows what she's doing.
We don't need to do this.
Hang on, Dante.
Get the fuck out of my way.
Wait, please!
Don't do this.
If you do this,
you will be no different than them.
We can't be like them.
Look at me.
Purge, my son.
It's your right as an American.
Kill me. Kill me.
You're a son of God.
- God wants you to Purge.
- Shut the fuck up!
Do it! Do it! Yes! Yes!
Kill me!
Now, I'm gonna tell you right now,
I like black people,
but I ain't gonna let you all
shoot these white folks.
These are our white people.
So, let's put 'em down.
You better fucking win.
Go. Go.
Oh, my God.
You murderous pig.
I am gonna beat the shit out of you
on election day.
I'm not as politically correct
as the Senator.
Good night, blue cheese.
Well played, Leo.
Thanks, Joe.
Come on, man.
No, I'm not gonna hurt you.
We have to get you out of there.
- Stay here, we'll find a vehicle.
- What about these people?
Back, back, back! Get back!
- You got this.
- You know I got this.
- How bad is it?
- Not good.
Look, I got one more move in me.
Cover me. Go!
Shh! Be quiet!
Shut him up before he draws
the wrong kind of attention.
You motherfucker!
Get up.
- Okay. No, it's okay. You're safe.
- Thank you.
I gotta get the fuck outta here!
Let me out! Let me out!
Stop him!
You're gonna be okay, Joe. Come on.
We gotta get you somewhere, okay?
You're gonna be okay. I promise you.
There's nowhere to take me.
You're gonna be fine.
That's what's important.
She's gonna make sure of it. Right, Senator?
You got this.
I got this.
Joe, Joe, Joe.
Breathe, Joe, breathe.
Wake up, Joe. Wake up!
That was Senator Roan this morning,
casting the first vote of the day.
It's been a great day
for the senator so far,
having already won New York,
California, and...
Wait, hold on, I am getting word, right now,
that the Senator has also taken Florida,
which puts her well over
the 270 electoral votes for the win.
So that is it.
It is now official, the next President of
the United States will be Charlie Roan.
And President-elect Roan has already stated
that her first order of business
will be taking executive action
to put an end to the Purge.
It's a landslide.
All right, I'll come by tomorrow.
We can get started on the ceiling.
Sounds good.
This place is really coming along, Marcos.
Joe would be really happy.
I'll catch you later, kid.
We're just now hearing reports
about a few scattered incidents
around the country
where NFFA supporters
are reacting violently to this defeat.
They are burning cars, breaking windows,
looting, attacking police officers...