The Quantum Devil (2023) Movie Script

(thunder booming)
(cave crumbling)
(wolf howling)
(ominous music)
(airplane swooshing)
(suitcase rattles)
- (sighs) Fuck.
(car swooshing)
(brakes squeak)
- Where to?
- Traveling, easy to lose stuff.
- You don't know where
you're going?
- Patience usually pays off.
(eerie music)
Is there a problem?
- No, no it's,
it's just a long ride.
I was just signing off.
(Luke sighs)
- Yeah, you're seeing the light.
- Okay, but when we get there
you get out.
You don't fuck around.
You get out.
(taxi rumbling)
(thunder booming)
(rain tapping)
(uneasy music)
(couple moaning and panting)
Hey. Hey, mister.
Your destination. We're here.
Come on!
- Alright, old man.
Keep the change.
- Out.
- I'm sure here in Bumfuck
it goes a long way, huh?
- Get out!
Out! Out! (indistinct)
- Alright! Fuck!
(thunder booming)
(taxi rumbling)
(rain tapping)
(thunder booming)
(footsteps splash)
(gate clanking)
(eerie music)
(lighter clicks)
What the fuck?
(lighter clicks)
(sinister music)
- A lovely pring you did.
- I don't understand.
- So, I guess you're the one.
- The one what?
(Klaatu laughs)
(sinister music)
- Oh, you've got to be
shitting me.
(uneasy music)
(ominous music)
(doors creaking)
(Klaatu speaks in foreign
- I don't understand you.
(uneasy music)
(Klaatu speaks in foreign
- He says you're like a lamb
to slaughter.
- Oh my God, let him
in. He is soaking wet!
Please get him a towel.
(Klaatu laughs)
I know, creepy right?
- Yeah.
- You are?
- Luke Matthews.
- Your towel.
Dinner will be served
promptly at eight.
Do not be late.
- Hey, wait.
Excuse me.
- So you too?
- What?
Sorry, yeah.
I received an unmarked envelope
and a one way plane ticket and-
- an impossible
quantum/bio-quantum equation
that could change life as
we know it?
- Well yes.
And you are?
- Ivanna Escalante.
Don't judge a book by
its cover, smart guy.
Beneath this exterior beats
the heart of a rationalist.
My graduate dissertation
is on quantum mechanics.
- And who was that?
The staff?
- I guess.
I don't really know.
The rest of us got in
earlier this afternoon.
- Hello.
(sighs) My name is
Sophia Sokolova,
but please call me Sophie.
- Luke Matthews.
- Yes, you are correct.
- It's nice to meet you.
So are you an aspiring
physicist as well?
- No, I'm not really aspiring
to anything.
I am-- well was a medical
Of sorts. Hard to explain.
- And?
Go on, tell him.
This is fucking cool.
- I suppose what you would
call me is an empath.
- An empath, you mean like
a psychic or medium?
- You might say that.
- Gloves?
- That's protection.
- So, uh, what so you
say we show you around,
introduce you to Brad and you
can freshen up before dinner?
- That sounds good.
I just need to find a bathroom.
- Of course.
Around the corner, on the left.
- Got it.
- Another scientist?
He seems nice.
- I hope so.
- What do you mean?
- I don't know;
something seems weird.
Sorry, Ivanna -- never mind.
- One of your premonitions?
- I sense --desperation.
Someone running away from
Someone with something to hide.
- And you're getting that
from the ether?
(thunder cracks)
- [Luke] This is something
else huh?
- We haven't had much time
to explore,
but yes,
I'd say "something else"
is an adequate description.
- Is "it" here?
Have you seen it?
- It's safe.
- [Brad] You sure?
- Yes, come and meet Luke.
- I never should have come.
- Brad, this is Luke.
- Luke Matthews.
It's nice to meet you
- That motherfucker is
not right.
I am telling you that
he isn't right and
- Yeah, well,
an associate professor
of physics and quantum mechanics
at Miskatonic University.
- Ah yes. Myself,
the pharmaceutical sciences.
So what did you make of
that invitation?
- I'm not sure really.
It's fascinating, it's
But of course it's improbable.
- I must say I disagree.
- Really?
'cause you always disa-
(glass shatters)
- What was that?
(ominous music)
- [Ivanna] Are you okay?
What is it?
- I don't know, I felt a
surge of psionic energy
just as I heard the crash.
I still feel it.
- Do you expect me to
believe in the impossible?
- Believe what you want,
but didn't you just fly
halfway around the world
to investigate something you
claim to be "impossible"?
- What is this?
- This? It was not us.
- (Klaatu speaks in foreign
- We can clean it if you want.
- NO! Dinner will be served
shortly and your honored host
does not tolerate tardiness.
- (together) Understand?
- Great effort, many were
expended to greet you
all here for this momentous
Now, if you please.
Chop, chop!
(glass clinking)
- Chop, chop.
(Klaatu laughs)
- This is me.
I just need a moment.
- And I am across the hall here.
I will meet you guys downstairs.
- I do prefer a little privacy
so I took a room
on the other end.
There's plenty to choose from.
Do you smoke?
- Cigarettes? No thanks.
- Not cigarettes. Cannabis?
- I don't mean just to get high.
I mean I use it as a tool
to help unfocus my
social anxiety.
- You know it's funny,
sometimes the herb mellows
out you fear
and then other times -
- she kicks your ass.
- Yeah,
I could use some of that.
(Luke coughs)
- This is a special
cush, really nice dreams.
- Muchos Gracias Senor.
- Ass kicked already.
- Cool.
Wow, strong shit.
(thunder cracks)
(door creaks)
(thunder cracks)
- Weird.
The fuck was I doing?
Fuck me.
(melancholy music)
(knocking on door)
- [Ivanna] Hey, Sophie.
You ready?
- (under her breath) Of
course, you dumb bitch.
(ominous music)
(gong resinates)
- Please be seated.
- Oh
- I say we eac-
Ladies, gentlemen,
distinguished guests.
I present Dr. Richard Cernovich.
(bangs gong)
- Call me Cerno.
Klaatu, attend me.
(Klaatu laughs)
- Ice cold.
(liquid pouring)
- Heaven Klaatu.
Well, I hope you have all
found the accommodations
to your liking?
- Cernovich? ...Cernovich?
- I know that name.
- [Cerno] The devil you do.
- A colleague of mine, turned
me on to some research papers
written by a
Professor Richard Cernovich.
The man was a genius.
A pioneer in neuropsychiatry,
theoretical physics
and an innovator in
the field of quantum biology.
- That same Cernovich was
banished from academia
and exiled from
the United States
for unethical human
experimentation in 1973.
All records from his
mind-mapping sub-project
were destroyed and it's very
existence classified Top Secret.
- The Cernovich Horrors?
- So you're the Manchurian
Candidate guy.
- Long time ago.
- A lot of dead people
because of you.
- Murder, mutilation,
genocides, slavery,
all have been perpetuated
under frameworks that said they
were lawful and legal,
as long as you abided
by the regulations.
- Trauma based mind control,
MK Ultra, Project Parrot,
Project Doll.
Experimenting on human
populations, LSD,
behavioral control of
entire cultures.
- That wasn't my program
but I did take it over, yes.
My son heads it up now,
or what's left of it.
All above board and legal.
As you said yourself,
Mr. Matthews,
I was an innovator, a scientist.
A respected member of
the academic community
until a moment of political
Literally overnight I became
a disgrace, a criminal,
but not without a code
of conduct.
Thank you Klaatu.
Well enough about me.
Let's go around
the horn shall we,
and really get acquainted.
Brad Richards, born in Zaria,
A pharmaceutical scientist,
mathematician and chemist
hailing from
Kings College London.
His main research
interests are in
the areas of breathable gases,
As well as the development of
designer recreational drugs
with particular emphasis
on ecstasy.
- No.
- [Cerno] The local tabloids
dubbed him
"The Pied Piper of Manchester."
His designer pills would
lure thousands of teenagers
to massive rave parties,
until one fateful night
last September.
When some 250 teenagers died.
Thanks to a young hot shot
city barrister
Brad was acquitted on a
Narrowly escaping an angry
mob of grieving parents,
Brad slipped out of the
country in the dead of night,
not to be seen again, until now.
- Not true.
- Oh, but it is.
Feeling a little anxious are we?
- It, first of all,
it wasn't my fault.
- Relax, Mr. Richards.
No need to explain.
You're among friends here.
We understand your
social phobias.
- So do you have a file on
each of us?
- The man always has a file.
- A first-generation US
citizen of Argentinian descent,
and the first in her
family to attend college.
Ivanna earned her Bachelor's
of Science in Physics
from the University of
California San Diego in 2015,
graduating at the top of
her class.
She was awarded
the Physical Sciences Dean's
Undergraduate Award for
In addition the Dean also
awarded her
with a scandalous affair.
- We would have broken all
the barriers.
You and me.
- Yes, you're very fond
of loyalty, aren't you.
You have nothing to
fear from me.
I am loyal to those who
deserve it.
Sophie Sokolov.
You have been obsessed with
NDE phenomena
ever since the tragic
loss of your twin sister
at the tender age of eleven.
However it was this
tragedy that awakened your
special "gift".
Sophie was recently
dismissed from her residency
at Novosibirsk State Medical
Seems she fell in with a
small group
of students conducting
clandestine experiments
to produce near-death
Unable to prove which one
of the suspects administered
the drug that stopped
the victim's heart,
the case was thrown out
and the charges dismissed.
- Kapstein knew the risk.
- If I'm not mistaken
poor Mr. Kapstein ran
into problems in Syracuse.
Apparently, he was worse
than you with volunteers.
(slight laugh)
You killed Hank Jones, who
gave the injection to Kapstein.
You are nothing if not
Jabbed that sucker right
into his neck.
Fired dose after dose into
him, popped the carotid artery.
And they say the blood is still
in the cracks of the floor
and under the cabinets.
- You're enjoying this.
- I have to hand it to you,
Sophie, you got away with it.
Simply disappeared to
the UK as a new resident,
outside the purview of our
mutual friend, Inspector Tanaka.
- You're a blackmailer in
the spirit.
- Nothing so harsh,
Sophie. An offer.
(bangs table)
- You don't need to say it.
I did it!
I killed my fianc.
I didn't mean to.
- [Cerno] Oh but you did.
- Yes.
- No worries Luke,
Honorem latrones.
- Latin.
"There is honor among thieves."
- I think what he
means to say is
that he thinks he can trust us.
- With what?
Why the security?
- Each one of you have been
searching for the same thing,
albeit for different reasons.
A way to breach
the Quantum Barrier.
- The key to the manipulation
of time is control of space.
Perhaps, the answer to
the mystery of the afterlife
is in death.
What happens when we die?
Is it like Buddha said,
a candle blowing out.
One cannot say where
the flame went.
- What do you think is
out there?
- Creation itself.
Obviously, it doesn't come from
what has already been created,
from the world we live in.
So it must be there.
Coming from what is darkness
to us now.
Sophie, you see beings
from there as they enter
into our space, yes.
- Yes.
- Now just imagine going there,
in the same way.
Except with all aspects
of control and purpose.
Not for a flash of an instant
with DMT or LSD or meditation,
but as a sentient being.
Capable of everything.
Let's get down to business
shall we?
(Klaatu bangs gong)
- Mein ibento o hikidasu.
- My friends, I give you
the greatest quantum
of the last 200 years,
- There is a risk.
- This is not from a
human source.
- So if I may ask,
Professor, where is it from?
- Fuck.
- It's very existence
defies the laws of nature.
- It comes from them. And
you don't fuck with them.
- As it should be with
a substance
that can rearrange every
molecule in and around your body
instantaneously upon contact.
- I believe that within
each one of you
lies a piece of the key to
breaching the quantum barrier.
We have known this was
possible on a quantum level
for some time now.
Theorem with protons,
magnetic fields, lasers,
sonic resonance.
What was missing was
the biomechanical component,
the quantamine and--
- The soul.
- The psychic component.
- The nexus, perhaps.
- Dangerous.
- Illegal.
- Now, I have a crude but
sufficient lab
set up here in the house.
Would any of you care
to join me?
(lightswitch flicks)
- This way please.
Mind your step!
The Quantum Chamber!
- What the--
- Yeah man! We all owe you a
thanks, in advance, friends.
- Slow down. The dead, huh?
- You worried, young man?
- Don't be troubled, Luke.
Your soul is beautiful.
- What about mine?
- I don't think--
- Quiet now!
- I see,
you are using tuning forks
to generate a frequency
- Very good.
- To synchronize the proton
waves within this chamber.
- How did you determine
the correct frequency?
- I haven't, yet. But
now that you are here.
- Did you actually achieve
a stable atomization
of the quantamine into vapor?
- We did indeed.
However the liquid form
of the quantamine seems
to dissolve the skin tissue
upon contact.
- Sophie, what is it?
- I sense darkness, a presence.
- Perhaps you are sensing
the recent loss of life
in this very room.
- Loss of life?
- Yes, Dr. Wallace
Keith, a dear old friend
and long time colleague
was rather careless during
our last attempt to breach
the barrier -- and it cost us.
- It cost him.
- For me, the use of my legs.
For Wallace, his life.
- A word
(Klaatu whispering)
- I am afraid I have an
urgent matter
requiring my immediate
I must leave for Geneva at once.
I shall not be more than a
day or two.
- What about us?
What do you want us to do then?
- Please, by all means proceed,
my dear.
Everything that happens
in this lab
is automatically documented
and recorded
on a secure server here
in the house.
I expect you lot can pick
up where we left off.
- What's in it for us Cerno?
- What is it that you want Mr.
Credit, Fame?
How about a a Nobel prize?
I know without a doubt,
each one of you would
complete this experiment.
If for no other reason then
to satisfy your own curiosity.
$500,000 each.
Enough to start over.
A fresh start, a new name.
Freedom from the past.
What say you?
- Done.
- Yes, I agree.
- Yes, yes of course.
- Excellent.
Fortune favors the bold
my friends.
Alea jacta est.
(thunder crashes)
(rain falls)
(ominous music)
(button buzzes)
- All right, how do we ingest
a drug that we can't touch
because it literally eats flesh?
- I don't believe it is
eating the flesh.
I believe the quantamine is
instantaneously breaching
the barrier between this
dimension and the next.
- You mean that the parts of
the body in direct contact
with the liquid are still
there, here?
You know what I mean,
but in another dimension?
- Basic, but yeah.
- Yes, basic, like you.
- You wish.
- Hey, can we not. Please?
- Okay. No one could survive
that state of dual separation.
What we have to do is balance
the quantum entanglement.
- Please, go on.
- Perhaps simultaneously
immersing the body in some type
of quantamine based
saline solution
at the same time of injection?
- No, we do not have
enough quantamine for that,
nor any type of float
tank big enough
to accommodate even one of us.
But, according to these notes,
Cerno and his colleague
they were almost there.
Here. Look at this.
- Ah! I see.
So, what if when I change
the state of the quantamine
from it's liquid form,
to the atmospheric gas.
We also generate a more
refined breathable gas?
Which I can dilute with a
solution to allow the body
enough time to achieve
- Yes!
A critical balance between
the internal
and external exposure to
the quantamine,
all at a controlled rate.
- OK, all right. With your help
I can rig these tuning forks
to generate a frequency,
a constant 432 Hz which
should synchronize the proton
within the chamber with
the atomization of
the quantamine gas.
- I'm your girl.
- And, according to
Cerno's notes,
this 'thing' will amplify my
psionic abilities and link us,
our consciousness.
This will allow me to
act as a 'mental anchor.'
- Guys, I think this is
going to work.
(ominous music)
(metal door creaks)
- Klaatu! Klaatu!
I expect everything is
proceeding according to my plan?
- Flawlessly, Sir.
- Good. Let us begin, shall we?
(air hissing)
(door creaking)
(ominous music)
(door creaks and closes)
- Are you ready sir?
- Age quod agis!
(air hissing)
(dramatic music)
(keys typing)
(machine whirring)
- Come, come, come.
Slow, slow.
(knobs click)
(beds creaking)
- All right. Anyone want out?
Last chance.
All right sound off as I
count us down.
- 1st position, go.
(air hissing)
- 2nd position, go.
(tuning forks ringing)
- Mind linking: 3, 2 -- 1.
- Command position in 3, 2, 1.
(electricity buzzing)
- (Sophie screams)
(ominous music)
(thunder crashes)
(water sloshes)
(dramatic music)
(Luke panting)
- What happened?
- I'm a little hazy me-self.
- I just woke up on
the bathroom floor?
I don't remember--
- What the hell happened?
- Shouldn't you know?
- What did you assholes
do to me?
- I could say the same.
- Hey, hey, we're all a
little concerned about
how exactly things what
went down last night.
We all need to calm down.
- What? Did you all lure me
into a trap or what something?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, you can
sod off with that rubbish!
- Who lured you into a trap?
What the fuck are you
talking about?
- I could ask you the same.
- Why can't I shine?
It's a blank since the lab.
- [Ivanna] When has that
ever happened?
- Something is heavy.
A block,
some sort of physic barrier.
- The Lab!
The cameras!
- FUCK!!!
The Quantamine is gone.
- [Brad] The fuck?
- [Sophie] What is it?
- Check the computer.
Do we have video?
(keys typing)
What'd you do?
- Did you try the back up?
- That is the back-up.
The gas system is fucked.
- What about the scanners?
The paper readouts?
- Uh,
it's, it's gone,
everything from the breach
point is gone.
Sophie, you're our meta link.
- I have nothing but a
splitting headache?
- Of course 'cause
fucking useless.
- (in Russian) Yob tvoyu mat!
- Hey! Hey, hey-- come on guys.
That is not going to help us.
- I'm sorry, I just--
- I don't know about the rest
of you but I am so thirsty.
We need a break.
Let's get some coffee,
catch our breath,
then we will sort this all out?
- Yeah, I need some smoke.
- Sorry.
(sad music)
- You can't really live
with what happened,
because you feel so deeply,
so much guilt.
It's delicious.
Watching you struggle.
- What the fuck.
- How can you live
with yourself?
With what you did?
- What the fuck is this?
- What the fuck is this?
(keys typing)
- [Sophie And Katia] GUYS!
Guys come back here and--
(dramatic music)
(television static)
- [Sophie And Katia] Ouch!
What the fucking fuck stop!
Now listen here you fucking stop
and I mean right fucking now you
Zacroy svoy peesavati
rot, sooka.
(Sophie screams)
- It's okay, can you hear me?
- Here let me help.
All right I got a pulse.
Let's get her downstairs.
(all grunting)
- Got her? Got her?
Here take her, take her, watch
her head, watch her head.
- No
- Let me help you.
- Don't.
- I'm trying to help you.
- Don't, don't touch me.
- Okay, fuck.
- [Brad] Take a hit.
(Sophie screams)
I'm so sorry.
I just have to work
through this.
I have not felt this
out of control since--
since my sister--
- Let me help you to your room,
maybe if you just lay
down a bit,
have some quiet time
to yourself.
- Yeah, but please do
not touch me.
I can sense you all now.
Even without a physical
When you touch me,
it's too much.
- Will these work?
- Yes, thank you.
And guys, I will be as
succinct as possible.
You ALL--
You need to go rub one out,
Play with yourself.
Do whatever it is you need to do
to ease some of this
sexual tension.
- Ah yes,
a side effect of the quantamine.
- Some of you have some
really kinky fetishes.
Definitely more than I
want to know about you.
- Come on hon,
let's get you upstairs.
- Yeah, thanks.
- Rub one out? Right.
- Maybe I'll take you up on
your offer.
- What?
- The smoke?
- Oh yeah.
You are more than welcome Luke.
- I can feel--
- No
- I can't help it.
- I don't think we are safe.
- From Brad?
- No, something else.
I'm going to take a shower.
(door closes)
(water splashes)
(rings clang on show rod)
(sad music)
(ominous sound)
(suitcase clicks)
- You are serious.
- Always.
When I was 11 years old I
scored 162 on the Mensa test.
Earning the label of
child genius
and considered to be
the smartest boy in London.
The social anxiety alone
was crippling.
- Gets you picked on a lot.
- Exactly.
Sativa-dominant hybrid,
(Brad sniffs)
White Fire!
- Wow.
- Initially you will
find it a very uplifting
and euphoric feeling.
Then it induces a calming,
somewhat sedentary effect
as you start to come down.
This is probably due to its
significant concentrations
of Beta-Caryophyllene,
Limonene, and Alpha Humulene.
It averages at about 22-25% THC;
and it's also known to
have CBD as high as 5%.
In either case, it should
put you right to sleep,
right after you "rub one out".
- On second thought, I
am going to take a pass.
- Suit yourself, mate.
- I appreciate the offer though.
- Anytime, Luke.
- [Kathy] Hey lover.
- Hello?
(ominous laughter)
(creepy music)
(door shuts)
(Kathy laughs ominously)
(keys clicking)
- Ouch! Shit!
- (Klaatu laughing) Bitch.
(water splashing)
- Biscuit.
(ominous music)
(Klaatu sniffing)
(creepy music)
(water splashing)
(pounding on door)
- Ivanna?
Hey, um, I didn't mean
to come off as bitch.
You know?
- [Ivanna] I'm sorry too.
I didn't believe you at first.
- Ivanna?
(water splashing)
(Sophie screams)
- What the hell are you doing?
(ominous music)
Ah okay.
What do you want?
You still mad at me?
(door rattles)
(mirror squeaks)
- Hello Sister,
it has been too long!
(mirror shatters)
(Sophie Chocking)
(blood squirting)
(Katia laughs)
My dear Sophie,
now you can finally have
the answers you have
searched for
all of your pathetic life!
So you want to know happened
after what you did to me?
When you murdered me?
Here, sister, see for yourself,
tell me.
What do you see?
Welcome to the eternal night!
Goodbye sister.
- No please!
Let me go!
Let me-- come back!
(ominous music)
(electronic music)
- Oh God No!
Spit the out.
It's poison.
No! Spit them out!
I made them.
Please listen to me.
Spit them out.
(electronic music)
(people growling)
(flesh ripping)
(Brad screaming)
- Please forgive me!
(clothes ripping)
(Brad screaming)
- God, please forgive me!
(Luke and Kathy moaning)
(Kathy laughing)
(fleshing squelching)
- Oh, fuck!
Oh God!
Oh Fuck!
- You cocksucker!
I was just about to cum
for a change.
- No! No, no, no, no, no!
You're dead.
I know you're dead!
- I'm alive.
Here I'm very much alive.
In this "Quantum Hell" you
have unleashed,
I'm every bit as real
as you are sweetheart.
- The experiment. It failed?
Oh God.
- Why would you think that?
- Crazy bitch.
(banging on door)
Brad! Brad! Wake up man.
Wake the fuck up.
Brad! Fuck!
(ominous music)
- What the fuck are you
yelling about?
- Fuck.
- Hey! Hey! Hey!
(slapping face)
(speaking other language)
(creature grunting)
(Luke screams)
(ominous music)
(thunder crashing)
- What the hell?
- Could be.
Or any one of an infinite
number of dimensions.
- Sophie, about earlier, I'm
sorry I was so aggressive.
- Do you like me?
- Yes. I do like you, Sophie.
- Do you love me?
- I think so.
- Do you want to finish what
you started?
(thunder crashes)
- Look out the window.
The experiment --
it must have worked.
- Of course it did,
with the help of Cerno
and my sister.
- Cerno?
- Stupid little Sophie.
Cerno used her and
fooled you all.
- Sophie?
What is wrong with you?
What are you talking about?
- For starters,
my name is not Sophie.
How pedestrian.
My name is Katia and now
for the finale.
I will be ending your
pathetic life.
It's faster if you go
with it, girl.
(Ivanna screams)
- Fuck you bitch!
(lamp shatters)
- Whooo
You go girl!
Give it to me baby.
Give it to me baby, come on.
Come one girl.
- How stupid of me to think
this is Hell.
- Hell?
- Fuck.
- I never believed in hell,
or heaven.
I may need to reevaluate
my beliefs.
- My God!
- Look man, can we move
past this skin thing?
- Does it hurt?
- Like a Mother Fucker!
Unless I am smoking this Kush.
It really seems to take
the edge off?
But is it really Kush?
Is any of this really real?
Are you?
Maybe I shouldn't think
about it that hard,
you know what I mean?
Here man.
- No thanks.
Look man, the experiment!
It worked.
Do you realize where we are?
- We've all been duped, Luke.
- We need to get down
to the lab.
- Already been down there.
Well, down there in regards
to this dimension down there,
back on the flip side they
are hauling off bodies.
- What?
- Well, I guess I should
get down to it.
- To what?
- Killing you,
the you here.
You, you?
You get it?
You're not very comfortable
with yourself are you?
Things are better when you die.
Trust me.
Let me see?
Oh yeah!
Fuck yeah!
(sword whooshes)
(Ivanna screams)
(Brad Scream)
(blood squelching)
- We're gonna get
the fuck out here.
Fuck. Ivanna.
(Brad panting)
(Brad screams)
- Sophie? Katia?
Whoever the fuck you are,
you are a fucking cunt!
- Oh? You think you are upset?
I wanna wipe that look
off your face, mate,
however you die here, you
are going to stay that way.
- Shit! Fuck!
(Luke grunting)
(Cerno clapping)
- Well done!
Well done indeed!
I like the power of death.
It's effective, efficiante
and most of all,
it's entertaining.
Honestly, I didn't
think you had it in you.
- You son of a bitch!
What did you do?
- Just fulfilling my end
of a clandestine contract.
No wheelchair needed here
in the Quantum Realm.
- Fuck?
I get it!
- What,
you thought you could win?
My dear boy, it's not
about winning or losing.
It's much too deep for you
to comprehend.
- No, NO!
You're not going to
fuck with me head Cerno.
I'm here.
I'm here.
And you're going to pay.
- Somehow I don't think so.
Here, my friend,
reality is fluid.
Whatever you think,
therefore you are.
Of course I have been doing
most of your thinking for you.
- Once you crossed into
this dimension,
I used Sophie's psychic link
to manifest this environment.
- You think I don't get
the simulacrum?
You think that makes you smart,
- Your combined memories and
perception of this building
manifested here in this
all from your own minds.
Incredible thing to see.
With a few tweaks of my own.
- That's right baby!
Now we'll be here,
together here forever.
(Kathy laughing)
- No! No, no, no!
- It is quite fascinating.
Each of you, even you,
clinging you minds to
the reality once accupied.
If you only knew what was
possible here?
I can make it permanent.
Something you can't possibly
Check and mate, Luke.
- Luke, you still have a
chance. Get to the lab.
- Yeah she's right.
If you can get back to our
dimension without dying here.
(Brad laughs)
- (Cerno laughs)
You're all feeble
earth dwellers.
Enjoy your fate.
(creepy music)
(all laughing)
- (gasping) This is impossible.
- Bullocks!
Didn't he see that one coming.
- I am afraid I can not
allow you to go back, Luke.
- What?
- I currently serve a master
with very a specific appetite.
You are a very sick
person, Luke.
Those pleasures,
those wicked delights,
they leave a stain on your soul.
One my master finds quite
- What in the fuck are you
talking about?
- There is power in the blood.
Blood, lust, sacrifice,
betrayal, murder--
each one of you sinners.
You gave it all up for
the flesh.
You have no protection.
So now, once you're dead,
are just like food for
the master of this realm.
Our Glorious One.
These Quantum Devils,
if you will.
I will leave you to
your devices.
I hope you find the house to
your liking,
because you are going to be
here for a very long time.
- No, I'm not dead!
Not yet!
Not if I kill you first!
- I see.
Are you challenging me
to a duel?
- I am going to fuck you up,
- Well,
I will take that as a yes!
Challenge accepted!
(snaps fingers)
- Gentlemen.
- My dear fellow, I insist.
- Gentlemen, to determine
who will have first fire,
I will toss a coin in the air.
As the offended party,
it is Mr. Matthews's
choice to call the toss.
Is that agreeable to
both of you?
What is your call, Mr. Matthews?
- Heads.
- It is heads.
Mr. Matthews will have
the first fire.
Gentlemen, take your ground.
(others clapping)
Lord Cerno, are you ready to
receive Mr. Matthews fire?
- Always!
- Mr. Matthews cock your pistol.
(pistols fizzes)
(all cheer and laugh)
- What a shame.
His pistol must be faulty.
- No! No! I need another one.
- I'm sorry, Mr. Matthews,
but you must first stand
your ground,
and allow Lord Cerno his
turn to fire.
Mr. Matthews, are you ready
to receive Lord Cerno's fire?
- No, you gave me a bad gun.
- You both had equal choice.
Is your pistol cocked,
Lord Cerno?
- Oh yes.
- Then prepare to fire.
(foreboding music)
(pistol fires)
(all clapping)
- Fuck. Oh, you fucking liar!
I can't believe this,
this is not possible!
- You keep saying that?
I can tell you one thing that
is certain, Mr. Matthews.
Here in the quantum realm,
reality is a lot like
your faith.
It is only as real as you
believe it is.
Unless of course I make it real.
And that is the key.
You lack conviction,
you're weak, Mr. Matthews.
(ground rumbling)
(thunder crashes)
(women scream)
- Barada! What an entrance!
Sic semper tyrannis!
- Enough of the useless
banter Huuuuummman!
- Let's get down to
it, shall we, old chap?
As you know I have fulfilled
my part of our contract.
- I'm afraid I must alter
our agreement.
- We have a deal, no?
- Not if you are dead.
(Cerno laughing)
- What is this?
(thunder crashes)
- You see,
I am a quick study, Barada.
- Knowledge does not make
you a god, talking monkey.
- No, being a god
makes me a god!
Now about our agreement.
- Enough parlor tricks,
- You should consider
the future Barada.
Once I rule this realm I will
restructure its hierarchy.
(Barada laughing)
- Do you think you are
the first?
- Of course not,
but I will be the last.
(Barada laughing)
- Very well, human!
I declare our contract is
- Now, my payment.
Tell me.
- (unintelligible)
- And nothing less. It must end.
- Done.
(Cerno sinister laughter)
(drink shaking)
- Yes!
- Heavenly Klaatu,
simply heavenly.
(glasses clink)
- Are we happy boss?
- Oh yes Klaatu, yes indeed.
(ominous music)
(zipper closing)
- Keep it close, Klaatu.
I have no idea how long
this will last.
Any word from our headquarters?
- (Klaatu speaks in foreign
- Sir, we have TEXAS on
the sat phone for you.
- I'll take it in the car,
thank you.
- Sir
- Hello?
Heinrich, take off
those ridiculous goggles
and look at me when I
talk to you.
- Yes, Father, sorry.
I'm fine.
How is it there?
- Unlike what I am hearing
from Texas,
this experiment was a
rousing success.
- And what of the inhabitants
of that dimension?
The old dead gods.
- They are of no concern.
As long as we use the Quantum
Tanks, they can not touch us.
- I'm not quite that far along.
There are variables.
They are trying to stop me.
- Mind your indulgences.
- Destination sir?
- The airport, Larry.
(window whirring)
- Chop, chop.
- [Larry] Yes sir.
(car rumbles)