The Quarry (2010) Movie Script

So... You're gonna see your girlfriend today?
She's not my girlfriend.
I forgot.
You know...
It is her last day.
You really should do something special for her.
Yeah, I know.
I'm working a double today, so be good.
I'm gonna try to be home between shifts.
Bye Charlie.
Bye mom.
Shit. I almost forgot.
Oh. That's right.
You don't like kisses anymore.
Well. Have a good day, kiddo.
That's not a turtle.
That's a dog.
What do you wanna be when you grow up?
I don't know.
Well you should.
I can't go out with someone who doesn't.
It's not like you know.
I want to be a teacher. A science teacher, I think.
Maybe I teach too.
You can't teach. You don't even like school.
Yeah. Maybe I'll be in a band or something.
That isn't even a real job, Charlie.
I guess so.
I don't know what I'll be.
I made you something.
What is it?
I have to go finish packing.
Wanna come over after lunch?
Look at this huge tits.
Where do you get that?
I found it in my garage.
So. What do you do here?
Thought you hang out tonight.
She had to finish packing.
Did you make out with her?
She's your girlfriend, isn't she?
She's not my girlfriend.
Sure she's not.
Did you bring any cigarettes?
I don't have a lighter.
Who brings cigarettes without a lighter?
I could not find one, okay?
Lucky I have one. I stole it from Shawn.
So. Are you gonna do anything with her?
I don't know.
I made her a mixed tape.
What? You said that like three weeks ago.
She's leaving.
You should take her to the quarry.
Making it out there.
Who do you want me to dish, Charlie?
I bet she likes it.
You think so?
My brother told me.
If you want to square the girl,
that's the place to go.
He makes out with girls there all the time.
But he's also older than us.
You're such a pussy.
So... You want to do it?
I don't know.
I'm kind of scared.
You won't get hurt.
Say it.
Fine. I promise.
What did you make me?
It's nothing really.
Just give it to me.
It's not really the best gift,
but I put that Supertramp song on it you like.
I love it. You really didn't have to.
Not that I forget you or something.
What you're babies doing here?
I think, they were about make out.
How many times we have to tell you retards.
This is our spot.
Come on Charlie, let's go.
Hey. Give it back!
Look at this. He made her a mixed tape.
Give it!
Oh, how cute.
I think I'll keep this.
Give her back the tape.
What are you gonna do about it, fag?
Leave him alone .
Stay out of it.
You really want it back?
If you jump I'll give it back.
Are you too chicken-shit?
Let him go.
Come on fagot.
Don't be a pussy.
Yeah, come on Charlie.
Don't you want to impress your girlfriend?
Just ignore them.
Come on. Be the hero. Jump!
Jump fagot.
Come on Charlie. Jump.
Just jump.
Don't be a pussy. Come on.
Jesus, shit.
We were just kidding.
Here you go.
I' m sorry.
It's not your fault.
They're just assholes.
Oh. If you look such an idiot for you taking you up there.
I should have just jumped.
I really liked it.
And it was pretty cool you fight Cuny.
Yeah. I can't believe you did it.
Yeah. Just sort of happened.
You know. You could always make me a new tape.
Maybe you could even give it to me this time.
Nathalie. Go.
I have to go.