The Queen of Crime (2016) Movie Script

When you beat the odds to succeed
they say it's like a 'Rags to Riches' story.
The bar exam is the most representative.
But, after 2 years, this test will be
abolished and replaced with law school.
This is causing quite a disturbance.
Over 50,000 students came to Silim-dong
to study, making it a mecca for them.
But now, this is disappearing.
Stop playing games.
You're annoying me.
Hey! You!
You in 403, quiet down.
I said stop it.
Just quiet down.
I said stop!
Did you go crazy after you failed the exam?
Article 17. All citizens have the right and
freedom to privacy.
Right to private communication.
All citizens
All citizens
You're going to ruin it.
Look in the mirror. It's fine now.
It's the same type of Botox rich women get.
Those wrinkles will clear right up.
How's your future son-in-law?
Then why did you approve of him?
Because my daughter's garbage.
Don't laugh.
One moment.
Gwang Soon looks just like you.
Don't talk nonsense
You are the one beat by husband.
Finish your food.
I guess I'm in no place to judge.
What's this?
I'm getting my eyebrows done for the wedding.
Are you the one getting married?
Are you?
How much is it?
Do you think $200 grows on trees?
Ah, that's hot.
You need a beating.
A real beating!
A drop of this can make an elephant faint.
Lower your hand.
If you don't mind your own business,
you could die.
Be careful.
Geez! See you later.
You drive me crazy. Okay?
Stop crying.
I'm embarrassed.
What's there to be embarrased about in life.
Stop living with him. Get a divorce.
As soon as Choon Sim goes to college I will.
What are children anyway?
Don't talk to her like that.
We're all going through a lot for our kids.
Mi Kyung, your children are doing well.
That's why you can say that.
He's smart, he's handsome, and now
all he needs to do is pass his exams.
He's going to be a judge.
Judge Lee.
I said not to call me that.
Send me some money.
You need more money?
No, I need about $1,200.
What's going on?
- I'll go to Seoul. - Forget it.
My water bill was $1,200.
How can that happen?
You're sure?
My second exam is in 5 days.
Just send me the money.
That's a lot of money
Are you trying to save money right now?
- No. - Send it now.
Hey, Judge Lee.
What? What happened?
His water bill was $1,200.
My restaurant only gets billed $200.
Maybe something happened.
I'm going to go to Seoul.
(Queen of Crime)
(Park Ji Young)
(Cho Bok Rae)
(Hur Jung Do)
(Kim Dae Hyun)
(Baek Soo Jang)
(E Som (Special Guest))
(Exit 5)
If you're late paying, you'll get kicked out.
Judge Lee, it's mom.
Judge Lee.
Judge Lee, it's mom.
Had a bad dream last night.
I feel like something's happened to you.
Something you can't talk about.
Tell me what happened.
Be quiet.
What are you doing?
(Dongil Mansion Management Fee Notice)
No matter how many times I wash my customers'
hair, my fees aren't over $50.
We can't just let this go.
Can't you just pay?
You know I see things through, right?
I'll figure this out in 2 days.
I only brought enough underwear for 2 days.
Don't worry and just study, Judge Lee.
Why aren't you eating?
I can't study when I'm full.
You need to think of your health, Judge Lee.
Stop calling me that.
I'm not going to be one.
Why not? I thought that's what you wanted.
I'm going to be a lawyer and join a firm.
That's how I'll make a lot of money.
Aren't judges the best?
Money is the best.
In a conspiracy, the other conspirator
I have no idea what this means.
This reminds me of high school.
I studied liberal arts then.
I'd cry when reading literature.
I used to be so sensitive
I used to be that kind of girl.
I was so popular then.
You don't believe me, right?
Are you sleeping?
Let's sleep
Alright, sorry.
Turn off the light.
Did you hear that?
Wake up, you idiot.
Kae Tae, I told you to be careful, right?
I'm sorry.
Come here.
(Close the door quietly if you want to live)
(5 days before the exam)
(4 days before the exam)
(Law Book)
Lawyer Lee.
One moment.
Look at me.
What now?
This is made from centipedes and beetles.
It's supposed to be great for your eyes.
Take 1 in the morning, 1 at night.
How can I eat that?
Hey, Lawyer Lee!
Wait a moment.
- Try it. - No.
What's your name?
Ah I'm Oh Duk Gu.
I'm Yang Mi Kyung, room 404's mother.
- Do you live here? - I live in 301.
Where's the management office?
Um, yeah, around the corner, there's
an older looking building.
It's right there.
I'm the mother of 404. This is strange?
Water fee? What's wrong with it?
It's over a grand.
It's probably because he spent that much.
Hey! Won't you get up?
So now what?
Do you want to fight?
Kae Tae.
Come here.
Hey. Hey.
I told you to come home early.
Didn't I? Didn't I tell you?
What are you doing?
I'm educating my employee, okay?
Don't take your anger out on him, okay?
Kae Tae, bring the bill.
(July 2015, $2,300)
2 grand?
This is split between 403 and 404.
You didn't know that, did you?
Maybe you should make sure before you come.
If 404 didn't use it, 403 used it.
If 403 didn't use it, 404 did.
I don't care.
I don't care about that.
It wasn't my son.
So go talk to 403 yourself.
Bring the guy in 404.
What are you doing? Go.
He's studying, alright?
I just can't get through to you, huh?
I told you we didn't use it, okay?
That's what you say.
Kae Tae, go get him, okay?
Fine. Fine.
Don't call my son, alright?
- Kae Tae. - Yes.
Give the lady 403's contact information.
(Management Office)
I don't see a problem.
If there's a leak, the counter keeps running.
But see, it's stopped.
Have you ever seen a water bill
this high from a home?
Once every 10 years or so.
You've been doing this a while, huh?
It's only been a month?
Did you ask the next door neighbor?
I can't get in touch with him.
Do we really need to pay this?
You can adjust it if there are more people.
By how much?
If 2 people live there, it'd be $760.
(How do all of you)
(pay for water?)
A hydrant is supposed to be here
(Let's all discuss this together)
This was built illegally.
Everyone's doing this these days.
How are hydrants billed?
If there's a hydrant in there,
it'd be billed to that room.
So by our meter, right?
Yeah, it'd be the closest.
The management office is hiding something.
(Let's talk at 7 PM on the first floor)
(404's mother)
(Hello, I'm 404's mother)
(You're busy studying, right?)
(How do all of you pay for water?)
(Let's all discuss this together)
(I'll provide dinner)
(Let's talk at 7 PM on the first floor)
(404's mother)
Is there anything you want to eat?
It's been a while since I ate meat.
Do you want more?
Where is everyone?
There's a saying in Silim-dong.
- Lose in 3s. - Lose in 3s?
Fail the exam, you'll lose money and friends.
They might fail. Do you think they'll eat?
It's 4 days before the exam.
They must all be going crazy.
Their eyes must all be rolling around.
They have to memorize entire books.
There are 6 subjects, so it's 15,000 pages.
It's complete hell.
Make one mistake, and it's over.
Mistakes happen if you don't concentrate.
If you fail, you don't pass the first round.
It was all for nothing.
So I came up with my own method.
What's that?
Bingo. Human bingo.
People act according to how I think they do.
I put it all together.
If I do that about 4 times, it's already night.
Then for 10 hours, I can fully concentrate.
I hope you pass this time.
Is your son studying well?
He seems a little off-putting.
No, he's so friendly.
The exam is coming up
He's just anxious.
Lawyer Lee.
Are you insane? Why are you here?
I wanted to give you dinner.
Are you trying to embarrass me?
You'll eat better when I'm here.
What about the water bill?
Aren't the guys in management weird?
Why? What did they say?
They wouldn't help me.
Can't you just pay them and go?
Hey, what's that? Everyone's drinking it.
It'll help me study.
It's really popular these days.
Is it effective?
Your heart races at first,
but then you can concentrate better.
- Thanks. - Sure.
Do you want to try it? It's effective.
Just pay the water bill.
Hey, your dinner
Hurry up.
Isn't this heavier? Huh?
Do you want to change?
The water's overflowing.
Go easy.
I saw everything.
What did you see?
You guys used our water.
Are you lying to me?
What are you saying? Are you crazy?
Don't move.
None of you move.
Did you report them?
(Acceptance Drink)
Acceptance Drink?
Do you guys make this?
It's just a small venture. It's nothing.
Then what's this?
It's raspberry wine from Jiri Mountain.
It's really good for you.
- What's this? - Vitamins.
You don't know vitamins?
Isn't this Viagra?
Viagra? This is Viagra?
You guys are terrible.
Why would you give Viagra to students?
Why are you doing this to the students?
What's your plan?
Sir, they're making bad drugs,
and used $1,000 worth of water.
I told you we didn't use it.
Then what's this water?
It's Gwanak mountain water.
We bring it in every night for the students.
We heard Seoul National students drink it.
This is getting complicated.
There's a faucet right here.
- Are you going to lie? - It doesn't work.
You're so frustrating.
You're causing a scene.
You just gave him something, didn't you?
Let's go down to the station.
Why should I go?
I saw you hit him on the head.
Hey, Kae Tae.
That was a misunderstanding.
- My son is in law, okay? - Are you okay?
- Let's go down to the station. - Why?
(Criminal Investigation Record)
You have quite a record. Health regulation
and medical equipment violations
Did you give illegal procedures?
We just wanted to look better, you know?
What does that have to do with this?
You're not a normal lady.
Did you really go there for the water bill?
How many times do I have to tell you?
- It was $1,150! - Forget it.
Don't make a scene.
Wait quietly until your guardian gets here.
If you don't, you'll be punished more.
Geez, I shouldn't even be here.
I'm Yang Mi Kyung's guardian.
One moment.
Huh? The lawyer's here.
It's a mistake. I didn't do anything wrong.
I'm studying. You're making me come down
to a police station. Isn't that wrong?
I saw them with my own eyes.
So you're saying you did good?
I shouldn't be here.
I know that.
Then why are you doing this?
I have so much to study.
The constitution, civil law, criminal law,
commercial, investigation 15,000 pages.
I think eating and going to the bathroom is
a waste of time. Do I need to be here now?
I'm sorry.
Just go home. Don't wait until tomorrow.
I'm going to figure this out after I meet
with the neighbor tomorrow.
I'm not asking for much.
Just don't bother me. Please.
(3 days before the exam)
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
I'm glad.
- What - Let's eat.
It's been a while since you had a meal right?
I made stew and side dishes. Eat.
Eat a lot.
Have the stew, okay?
Do you only have disposable plates?
Why do you use so many tissues?
What are you looking at?
Use Kleenex.
- But. - But what?
Is your name Kae Tae?
I made it myself. It means born as a dog.
Isn't it great?
You should use the name your parents gave you
and not Kae Tae. What is that anyway?
I don't have parents, okay?
Are you crying?
Why are you crying?
I hit an orphan
You're ridiculous.
Stop crying and start eating.
I'm pathetic.
I have no money so I can't help my son.
I hit orphans
Kae Tae.
You're not like a dog.
You're like a cow. Have you seen your eyes?
They're so innocent and pretty.
Change your name to So Tae.
Dogs and cows are both animals.
Do you want me to be your mom?
Get out of here. You're being ridiculous.
Have you met 403?
I have to meet him today,
but he's not answering my calls.
I'm irredeemable.
Kae Tae, I'm so sorry about yesterday.
Have it for lunch.
What are you going to do now?
If I can't get in touch with him
I'll go back to the management office.
I'll go to 403 with you.
You'll help me?
If you make a scene, I'm screwed.
Let's put a bandage on that.
It'll go away after a few days.
You can use tissue for other things.
403, open up.
I said open up.
3, 2, 1.
He's dead.
I don't think he's home.
He's just dodging us like the other guy.
- Who? - There is a guy like that.
403 is a student, right?
- Yeah. - What if he's at a study session?
This is why I hate dealing with students.
Do you know what school he goes to?
How would I know that?
Can you see doing that?
It's all over!
That crazy girl.
Hey, 402, I told you not to throw trash here.
Throw it away yourself.
Why are you yelling at me?
You need to throw it out yourself.
Do you want me to throw it in your room?
Why are we paying you?
Clean it up yourself, idiot.
Open the door. You're dead.
You're watching me now, right?
I'm watching you, okay?
Think you can see me? Idiot.
You're 404's mother, right?
Throw it away outside next time.
Can you get rid of him for me?
Stop scaring her. Let's go.
Does she sound scared to you?
That's how women are when they're scared.
You don't know her.
Don't talk about her like that. You'll end up
all alone if you think like that.
That's right, I know who we could ask.
- Who? - The exam expert.
She wore the same shoes 3 days in a row.
Why are you hitting a student?
Does he look like he's studying?
Why are you doing this?
I'm sorry Duk Gu, you were concentrating.
Do you know 403?
I know him.
You do?
I pretty much know everyone.
He failed the 2nd exam 10 times.
I need to meet 403 as soon as possible.
Where can I see him?
Lady, he's insane.
But they all go to the same places.
I'm sure you can find him around here.
He failed 10 times, so he'll be around.
Ten times?
Yes, he failed the 2nd exam 10 times.
He's a poor soul that we need to help.
I call him the 10 Failures.
What are you looking at?
You can find him in half a day.
If you're fast, 2 hours?
He's the relic of Silim-dong.
He's already lost his friends and money,
and probably lost ways to help himself.
People who failed 10 times have no
hope or expectations.
They just want this painful experience
to end as fast as possible.
They're either at study sessions or home.
First, check the study room.
Look for people who look dark.
Faces with no hope or expectations.
Gray skin, blank expressions.
His desk will be minimal.
Pencil, notebook, and law book.
Second, the cafeteria.
It's Tuesday today.
Oh! They'll have shaved ice with red beans.
Tuesday is a special day.
All of the students get together
to try that meal.
If you failed the exam 10 times,
your parents probably wouldn't support you.
They spent so much money in your studies.
His father probably hasn't called in 3 years.
So where the heck is he?
I don't know either.
Duk Gu, just talk to me, okay?
If he's not there, then I guess there's one
place. Tiger PC Room.
It's the cheapest place here, okay?
A place where the lonely and poor gather.
Hey, 403.
Did you give up on studying?
Why didn't you pay management this month?
I'll talk to him about the water bill.
- 403? - Yes.
I'm 404's mother.
Why didn't you answer my calls?
My exam is in a few days
Studying must be so hard.
I'm here to talk to you about the
- water bill. - Water bill?
Do you know it's over a $1,000?
You didn't know.
You should've picked up earlier.
$1,000 worth of water
- Wedding ring? - Yes, I'm married.
Do you live together?
No, I live alone
You're not lying, right?
what are you implying?
I just want to talk honestly.
Can I see your room?
Why would I let you see my room?
Then you have to pay more.
- Let's talk after the exam. - Hey.
I need to go back home tomorrow.
Can we look at it today?
- I promised my son. - Lady,
it's not just your son who's taking the exam.
403! 403!
What did he say?
Does he live alone?
How would I know?
What do you know?
Then just call the police like yesterday.
Tell them he used your water.
I really didn't call the police.
When I think about yesterday geez.
It must've been 402.
She never comes outside.
Why would she call the police?
She asked if I was 404's mother.
How would she know that?
I guess you're right.
She must've been watching through the hole.
So what? Go to 402 together?
No, forget it. I'll go.
Women are always the problem.
She's really insane
Hey, I need to ask you something.
Let go.
You called the police, didn't you?
Everyone's here now.
Ready when you are.
Are you ready?
I'm leaving.
We don't have any girls now.
Sit there.
Your room's cold.
I turned on the AC because it smelled.
What's your name?
I'm Yang Mi Kyung.
Kyung Jin Sook.
Jin Sook, you're studying too.
I stopped.
My father's the chief of police at Gwanak-gu.
He told me not to contact him until I pass.
It's a good thing.
I don't want to see him anyway.
Still, it must be nice.
I was at the station yesterday
The police lady had a pretty uniform?
Sorry, you got arrested because of me
Why did you call the police?
Because I thought you were going to 403.
What about 403?
You have to be careful of 403.
Why? What happened?
It was a month ago.
I was studying as always.
It was going great.
I usually don't study that hard.
Maybe once a month.
But it was a great day.
But then the electricity went out.
What the heck is all this?
Our bathroom must've short-circuited.
Can I see?
(Stop playing or I'll cut off your hands)
What was it?
I was sure of one thing.
What's that?
I didn't see 303 after that.
Even if it was just a little loud, he'd go
telling people to be quiet, you know?
But the fact that he's quiet now
Everyone here knows when that happened.
It's connected to 403.
I really saw it.
What should I do?
I'll look into it. Don't worry.
Lady! I told you not to come here.
Stay still. Give me the key.
I need to check 403's room.
Give you the key?
I heard everything from 402.
His bathroom overflowed and short-circuited.
How much water was he using?
You got screwed.
- What? - I don't know what 402 told you,
but she lies a lot.
What did she say then?
Chief of police at Gwanak-gu.
Yeah, she threatened us with her father.
She told you that lie, too, right?
She lies a lot.
If that's true, why is she here?
So don't believe her.
I need to check 403's room.
Do you think I'd open that door for you
just because the bathroom overflowed?
- Are you laughing at me? - Yes.
That lady Get me a towel!
She's got some attitude.
Duk Gu.
I saw 403 go up earlier?
I caught him now.
Why don't you open up? I know you're there.
Just make it easy and open up, okay?
I guess I have no choice.
I got the key from management.
I'll open the door myself.
What is your problem?
No short-circuiting these days?
What are you talking about?
I heard it happened before.
Why didn't you tell me that?
Did you investigate me?
Don't bother me. Just go.
I guess someone's here.
Huh? Who's here?
Someone's here, right?
- Hey! - Lady!
I said leave.
You live with someone, don't you?
If not, I'll pay for everything myself.
Someone's there, right? Hello?
Are you out of your mind?
If no one's there?
Are you going to take responsibility for it?
If not
Come on in.
What're you doing here?
The lady said she'd investigate herself.
I told you not to do this, okay?
- But - You're embarrassing me, okay?
I told you to just pay.
- He's lying. - Mom!
I'm sorry.
My mom's from the country so she's stupid.
Please understand. I'm sorry.
Follow me.
Hey! Let go.
403 doesn't live alone.
If we confirm that, we don't have to pay.
Do you think that's the issue?
Stop causing such a scene!
What if you go back to the station?
Do you want me to take responsibility?
Why would I go to the station?
I didn't do anything wrong.
Going into people's houses and not minding
your own business is all wrong.
Is that how you see me?
You're being a nuisance because of money.
You've never done anything for me.
Don't act like you know.
If you want to do something for me,
just get out of here. That's what I want.
You weren't always this way
Stop embarrassing me.
Go down tomorrow morning.
(3 days before the exam)
(2 days before the exam)
Duk Gu.
I'm leaving.
Did you handle everything with 403?
Nothing really happened.
That's too bad. It was fun for a while.
Why do you have so many books?
I'm going to sell them.
Dad told me to stop studying and come home.
Can I tell you a secret?
See that car? It's my car.
He bought it for me to ride when I pass.
But I failed.
He won't take it away, right?
I don't think so.
Duk Gu you're lucky to have nice parents.
All you need to do is try. Good job.
What's this?
Everything besides the water bill.
403 paid this morning?
How? What did you do?
Why did he pay?
He said he used it all?
- Why did he? - I don't know.
You got the money, right?
I guess.
- Just a moment. - Class has already started.
I just need to check one thing.
- You can't. - Please.
Please let me inside.
You can't go inside.
My son said he's here.
I said no. Stop asking.
I can't get in touch with him.
How can you just say you don't know?
We don't know everything.
- Are you okay?- Are you okay?
Please bring some cold water.
Are you okay?
I met you in front of the management office.
Where does he live?
(Close the door quietly if you want to live)
I'm sure of one thing.
303 disappeared that night.
He'd tell everyone to be quiet even if it got
a little loud.
But everyone in this building knows
when he started getting quiet.
Stop it.
I said stop making so much noise.
It's connected to 403.
Someone's there, right? Hello?
If not?
Are you going to take responsibility for it?
What are you doing there?
Kae Tae.
I know why 303 disappeared.
What if he was murdered?
He just went under the radar.
So many people stop paying and run away.
I don't think you understand.
402 knew that 303 disappeared.
I believe her.
Something feels off.
You're talking nonsense like 402.
There's something off about 403.
Lady, you're stranger.
What did your son say?
He has no time to believe me.
I'm going to just be quiet.
He's a real hero.
Kae Tae.
Someone could've died, okay?
Even if I'm wrong,
but if there's the slightest chance,
we can't act like we don't know?
Someone's life is on the line.
It's just one guy who stopped picking up.
Why are you making it into a big deal?
It's not 1. It's 2.
Yesterday I saw
someone else in 403.
Then call the police.
We need to be sure before we call.
Be sure of what?
Bring me 403's key so I can find evidence.
What evidence?
I don't know.
Now you're asking me to steal.
What's in it for me?
I'll be your mom.
That's great.
You can work at my store. It's better.
Why would I go there?
You need skills to survive.
- Forget it. Money. - How much?
Forget it.
$100 or forget it.
Fine! Let's shake on it.
Now let's scan and bump fists!
(Dongil Mansion)
(1 day before the exam)
Kae Tae.
How many?
You need to tell me.
The kids are addicted to this.
They want it 3 times a day.
What if this is actually effective?
I've had it a few times.
I really think it's effective.
Why are you eating it?
Let's go eat.
Kae Tae.
Let's go eat.
I Um
- I'm not feeling well. - What?
That's strange. You're always hungry.
- Let's go. - Yes.
What would you like to eat?
What should we eat?
See you soon.
(Management Office)
What? What do you want?
I I want to leave next month
Where are you going?
Tomorrow's the exam so I'm studying
Duk Gu.
Didn't you leave yesterday?
Did my son leave?
Yes, he left in the morning.
I cant let him know I'm here.
Why? What did you do wrong?
There's a lot going on.
Why did you come back?
There's a reason.
Duk Gu, did you see someone walk by
in apricot heels yesterday?
(Haggard Girl)
Haggard Girl.
I think it's her.
I'm sensitive about shoes.
Don't ever throw this away.
I saw 403.
- What did he say? - He's leaving.
What did I say? Have the key?
Of course, okay?
What are you saying?
Forget it.
When 403 comes, call me.
Can't you tell me what's going on?
- Can you? - I can
I'll call.
Give me your hand.
Scan and bump my fist.
Let's go.
It's dark.
Close the door.
What if he sees from the outside?
(You need to work harder than others)
It's me.
You're here?
You failed 10 times, right?
So what if he went to a good school?
No money, no honor,
you only have your pride.
I feel bad for his parents.
He's married. Poor wife.
Isn't he from a good school?
- Is that a husband? - I feel bad for her.
She must've taken care of him till now.
Doesn't he feel bad for his family?
Why are the lights off?
I can't concentrate when it's too bright.
Won't you come in?
I'm just stopping by.
What's wrong?
This month
the water bill was really high.
I see
You called me over for the water bill?
No I
I'm so sick of you.
I have something to tell you.
Let's get a divorce.
Why are you saying that?
I can't take care of you anymore.
You're so irresponsible. If you don't have
talent, you should have a conscience.
Take care of the water bill on your own.
Why do you think I've been living this way?
You wanted me to be a prosecutor.
Do you know how I lived for 10 years?
Do you think you made it on your own?
You think my life is over, don't you?
That's amazing.
Let's go. I'm hungry.
Be quiet.
There's nothing here.
Wait one moment.
You're taking the exam tomorrow, right?
I failed the first exam, so I can't take it.
I'm so jealous.
Good luck on the exam.
This is a huge deal.
We're screwed.
- Lady. - Yeah.
- We almost got caught. - He just
came out of nowhere.
Duk Gu, it's okay. Everything's fine.
Let's go.
Hold on to my waist.
Why are you here?
I couldn't tell you a lot of things.
I think someone died in 403.
That's why the water bill was so high.
Do you care about me at all?
Of course, I do.
You mean the world to me.
I came back here because it's dangerous.
If people know this, they'll laugh.
All you do is give illegal procedures.
What? Call the police?
Do you have to do that? Today?
I've been waiting 3 years for this.
I've been waiting for this day.
You said I'm your world.
Can't you just do this for me? Please?
Just on the day of the exam,
stay at home. I'm begging you.
I told her not to touch anything.
The door's open.
I said the door's open, okay?
What's this?
You came into my room, didn't you?
What are you talking about?
What's this?
Were you looking for something?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Do you have to go? I'm begging you.
I don't have time for this.
Do you think I have time for this?
Someone's life is on the line.
This test is my life.
Ik Soo.
I need to go save someone.
You're a law student. Don't you understand?
I won't call the police. Let go.
I'll handle this myself.
Kae Tae.
Kae Tae.
Wake up.
Kae Tae.
Don't come near me.
What is this?
Don't come here.
403, what's wrong with you?
Stop right there.
This is all because of you.
- Ik Soo. - Mom, are you okay?
I called the police.
- Why? - You said someone died.
Ik Soo, are you okay?
Lower the knife, okay?
How dare you threaten my son?
Kae Tae, are you okay?
Do you smoke?
Give me one.
You smoke too, Mom?
I'll share one with my son.
I'm sorry.
Forget it.
You came to save me.
The exam.
What time is it?
Oh no. Oh goodness.
Let's go take the exam.
I can't in this condition.
You must be out of your mind. Go.
One moment.
- Lee Ik Soo, you called, right? - Yes.
You need to come with us for investigation.
It's his exam day today.
We'll go right after the exam.
You need to come with us right away.
We'll go right after the exam, okay?
You really can't do that
Hey, Policeman Song,
- what are you doing? - I
His bar exam is today.
Lady, this is a serious situation.
We'll let him go as soon as possible.
We'll come right after the exam.
- Geez. - Inspector Oh Min Sung?
You know me, right?
You're the Chief's daughter, aren't you?
I'm the witness.
Can't I provide my statement first?
I know it from beginning to end.
You need to come right after the exam.
Lady, you really did it.
Duk Gu, let's use your car.
My car?
He needs to go take the exam.
We don't have a lot of time.
I don't have a license?
I do.
(10 minutes before the exam)
(9 minutes before the exam)
Wait one moment.
He's a student.
He's a student.
Good luck on your exam.
Is your hand okay?
This is nothing.
Why aren't you going inside? Go.
- I will. - See you.
Thank you.
People are getting tired of
My goodness.
You scared me.
I told you not to come here, right?
What are you doing?
Get out of the way.
Why? Going to stab me with a needle?
Who are you?
Why are you here?
My wife is here.
This is for women only.
Want me to cut it off and turn you into one?
You're a guy too.
I work here.
Want me to cut it off?
- Where are you going? - See you later.
That idiot.
- Did I do well? - It's starting.
The recent murder in Silim-dong's student
area is causing a social upheaval.
An average student murdered his own wife
and disposed of the body, sending shockwaves.
(Average student murder, disposed body)
(Ha Joon - Hur Jung Do)
He pulled a knife on me that little cheat.
He stabbed me in the thigh.
It makes me mad even thinking about it.
(Kae Tae - Cho Bok Rae)
Is this airing?
Ms. Kyung, Mr. Oh, and the management office
joined forces to investigate into Mr. Kang,
and contributed to this case.
Our hero reported this case.
(Jin Sook - E Som, Duk Gu - Baek Soo Jang)
My mom's a busybody.
She was going around everywhere
All I did was report what I found.
If it wasn't for her,
we wouldn't have found the criminal.
I guess you found him because I called.
I guess I did all the work.
(Ik Soo - Kim Dae Hyun)
Did you hear of Acceptance Drink?
It's really popular among students here.
It's sold secretly.
It's become a big issue in this area.
All I did was what he told me to do
I took it and it was really effective.
I think all citizens should drink it.
It would really help our country.
We're innocent.
(Sae Ju - Oh Chang Kyung)
(Tae Gil - Lee Sung Wook)
(Mi Kyung - Park Ji Young)