The Queen of My Dreams (2023) Movie Script

I used to worship
my mother.
I wanted to be like her.
I thought she was perfect.
Just like a Bollywood heroine.
Just like Sharmila Tagore.
I tried to be like
my mother, but...
I wasn't.
- Okay! Are you ready?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Disclaimer, the plot
is a little insane,
it's three hours long,
and the old-age makeup
is not great,
but it's the best.
First watched it
with my mom when I was 12.
- I wish I knew you
when you were 12.
I was not cool when I was 12.
- No one's cool
when they're 12.
- Oh, I bet you were.
- Yes, maybe.
My mom used this movie
to explain love to me
or sex.
- That explains it.
- Okay, this is
my favourite song.
- Wait... Isn't that
the same actor playing her son,
who was her boyfriend,
husband who died before?
- Yeah, we're not subtle.
We like to whack you
over the head with symbolism.
- Yeah, but isn't...
isn't that weird for her?
- The actress?
- Yeah?
She goes from post
rain, sexy scene around a fire
to now she has to be his mom.
- Shh! Don't ruin it for me!
- I mean, it's weird.
I got the Cheerios.
- Good, now we have
a healthy heart breakfast.
- Beanie Babies.
- You think Bijli wants this?
Yes, he does.
It's a collector's item.
- Hello.
- So, what's the damage, Abu?
- So far.
- What could I possibly want?
- A mirrored pillow case,
wooden paan box?
Mmm? Marble chessboard.
- Just bring you back, Abu.
- I didn't say that, Abu.
- Well, you should have.
- Hello?
- Hey, Mom.
- Where's your salaam?
- Here we go.
- I just showed
my roommate that movie.
The one with
your favourite actress.
- I don't have
a favourite actress.
- Yes, you do.
Sharmila Tagore?
What are you talking
about, Mom?
You introduced me to her.
- It's an M-F-A, Mom.
It's an acronym,
nobody says it like a word.
- I'm not nobody.
And you're thousands of miles
away in a smoky city.
What are you learning
in your M-F-A?
- Shakespeare.
- Your mother studied
- Then you know about
It isn't just for exposition.
Characters feel too much
to contain,
they need release.
- Shakespeare won't teach you
how to be a good Muslim.
They couldn't be contained.
- Can I perform
their monologues?
- I told you, Mom,
I want to be an actor.
- But you won't understand
because you didn't
go to university.
Damn it...
- You okay?
- She's so annoying.
- Useless.
Do you know how hard
I've tried to make her
into a good Muslim?
- Well, the boys
at my school used to say,
"If you want to know what your
daughter will be like..."
- Who said I was joking?
- Stop...
- We're not answering that.
- This is Azra...
- And Rachel!
- Leave a message.
- We're in transit in London.
We said hello
to the Queen for you.
- This is Azra...
- And Rachel!
- Leave a message.
- This is Azra...
- And Rachel!
- Leave a message.
He's gone!
- Abu!
- Hey, you okay?
- Mmm. I can't believe
you made it.
Thought med students
weren't allowed out.
- We're not.
Death is the exception.
- Is Mom coming to get us?
- No, Sadia's picking us up.
- Who?
- Sadia.
Dad's cousin, Rani Khala?
You don't remember?
Her daughter, Sadia.
- Is she single?
- What the...
- I'm not talking
about for me.
- Oh, for me?
- Mmm.
- Why would you be asking
if she's single for me?
- Because you're into
our cousins.
- I'm... Shut up.
- I should shut up?
- You need to shut up.
- I'm taller than you,
I can beat your ass.
- Yeah, sure.
Alcohol, vodka, whisky?
- We don't serve alcohol,
Right, of course.
It's just, um...
I'm going to Pakistan
because my dad died.
- I'm sorry.
We used to serve champagne
to celebrities.
When I worked here in 1969.
She never talked
about any of that.
- Azra! Azra, right?
Okay, come with me.
- You do look just like
your mother did.
I'm your Rani Khala.
I'm so sorry.
- Mom?
- Thank you for taking us.
- Of course.
- Is Amira Nani okay?
How long has she
been like that?
- It's pretty recent.
The doctor said dementia.
- Whoa.
- Yeah, they've been around
here ever since I can remember.
Probably since your mom
lived here.
- Damn. Brown don't frown.
- Hold your balance...
Not with your teeth.
- And...
- Like a brown horse.
- Focus!
- Ha!
- Oh, thank you.
- Wow!
- Oh, Rani?
- I'm looking for
a pretty woman to be my wife.
Must fulfill three rules.
One, must be
from a good family.
- Hmm.
- Two, must have strong
Islamic values, and three,
must have at minimum
a wheatish complexion.
He plans on moving
to America.
What are the rules?
- The red piece is the queen.
You cannot win
without her.
- See?
- Rani!
You won't believe
who's getting married.
- Who?
- What?
- I know.
Oh, my God!
You have to tell me everything!
- Wait, so do I get a say?
Yeah, okay. Come.
- I'm sorry, excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Sorry. Sorry.
This is my cousin, Hassan.
Hassan, meet my best friend,
- Hi.
- He's unmarried.
Just saying.
- Medicine.
I want to be a trauma surgeon.
- Wow.
I want to help
put us back together again.
- Like Humpty-Dumpty.
- Yeah, like Humpty-Dumpty.
- Brains run in the family,
you know?
- Cool. Have you ever been
on a plane before?
I really have no idea
what I'm saying.
- That's the one I take
to the U.K.
You know,
I was in the terminal
when the Beatles were here.
- You were the mob.
- I'm not the walrus,
but I was most definitely
the mob.
- First class.
Get the hell out.
- Perfect.
- Oh, stop it, Mom.
- Well, you won't know
if I wash you or not
because you'll be dead.
- "What fire is in mine ears?
Can this be true?
I will requite thee,
taming my wild heart
to thy loving hand.
If thou dost love,
my kindness shall incite thee
to bind our loves up
in a holy band.
For others say thou dost
and I believe it better
than reportingly."
- Hassan.
- Um...
- It's hot.
It is hot.
- Mm-hmm.
- Well, Paris is on the list.
London, of course. And...
I've always wanted
to go to California.
- Really?
I'm going to the West.
- I'm doing my residency
in the Wild Wild West.
- Are you joking?
- No.
- Why Canada?
- So, you're going
to marry a Canadian girl?
- Mm-hmm.
And once she marries me,
she'll become a Canadian too.
- Hot.
- Really low standards, huh?
- Thank you.
Did I tell you my parents
want me to get married?
- No, but I mean now.
I'm meeting potentials
in my living room.
- Anyone good?
- Ah... One wanted a maid.
And the other, an Imam, so...
- Do you want to get married?
- I'm not the one
you need to impress.
- I can be quite impressive.
- Nice tie.
- Oh, yeah.
I was inspired by The Beatles.
I do hope Mariam made it.
- I hear you're a doctor.
- You're in Edinburgh?
I've heard Edinburgh Castle
is quite a sight.
- Absolutely, Uncle.
It's built on top
of a dormant volcano.
- I'd love to visit.
Although, we have plenty
of volcanoes around here.
- Um, kindly remind me,
you two met through...?
- Rani.
- My cousin, Rani.
- Rani?
- Actually--
- Oh, nice, good.
- Hello?
- Ammi?
- "Aradhana."
I love Sharmila Tagore.
- Mm-hmm.
- Ammi...
- Hmm?
- Auntie, Mariam.
- New York?!
- Mariam...
- Why can't I just
do what I want?
They up and left their homes.
- Well, that was different.
- Yes, it is different.
We're in 1969, yeah?
I should be able
to do whatever I want.
- I'm not the one
you have to convince.
- Three, two, one...
- I'm sorry...
- Why did I even come here
if I can't be with him?
- You are here with him.
It's just the way
things are done.
- Here...
- Maybe...
Maybe things are a little
fucked up everywhere.
How was it?
- I don't know.
- No, no, no. Tell me about it.
What did you guys do?
How did it feel like?
- Azra, shut the fuck up.
What's wrong with you?
- I want to go.
- These are the rules.
- The rules are meant
to be broken.
- I don't care
what people think.
Wouldn't you want to go?
- Leave it.
- What the hell?
This is archaic.
- Azra, Azr--
- When do I start?
Oh, now?
- Thank you very much.
That was my daughter,
Azra Malik,
performing a traditional
Pakistani rhyme
in the Urdu language.
"Choo Choo."
Thank you for watching,
"Visions of Pakistan."
- Ow.
- Dr. Malik!
- Sir.
- This is the new Indian
doctor in town
that I've told you about.
- You must come over for chai.
- We'd love to.
Our daughters are about
the same age.
They can play together.
- Bye, Mom.
- Be good.
Don't talk to strangers.
- Hey, good morning.
Must be the new student
in my class.
Yeah, Azra-fan-tazra.
Um, was that a stranger
who dropped you off or...?
- Uh, no, that was my mom.
- Your mom, yeah.
I know, I...
Fairly obvious, actually,
I was kidding.
'Cause you guys are...
Anyway. Have a good
day at school.
Okay, gang.
Eyes up on me.
Close up your books.
It's time for Bible studies.
Thank you, Alicia.
You know the drill.
Scoot, scoot, scoot.
Uh, Azra?
- Oh, I leave now?
Yes, sir.
- Alright.
Lift, don't drag.
So, folks, yesterday,
we talked a little bit
about Matthew, 21:18.
In which Jesus
curses a fig tree.
- I'm Alicia.
- Are you Muslim, too?
- Jehovah's Witness.
- What's that?
- We're like Christians,
but different.
- Cool. Us too.
- Cool, how?
- We don't eat pork.
And we don't celebrate
- Well, we don't
celebrate birthdays
and we can't
get blood transfusions.
- Oh.
We think everyone's
born a Muslim.
- We don't think that.
- Hello?
- Nova Scotia!
- Huh?
- Blueberry.
Blue... Berry, Ma. Blue...
- Mmm!
- Tupperware parties
are becoming so popular.
And you know how much
I love parties.
- Storage containers like,
for modern households
are really chic now.
- Will this be
your first job, Mom?
- Yes. But you know,
I shouldn't have
to do one, but...
- Trying out for basketball.
- Azra?
- Fine.
- What is "fine?"
- Um... we've been
reading a lot.
- Oh good. Great.
You know.
It takes some time
to find your groove.
- You're so lucky
to be good at sports.
- Yeah, you should feel lucky.
- You shut up.
- Hey!
- It gives you a community.
And then, you're not alone.
- Okay, what,
she's not alone, Mom.
She has that caterpillar
on her upper lip
to keep her company.
- Zahid.
- Yeah, yeah.
- "Tupperware freshness,
that's our promise."
This is a script.
- What's a script?
- It's like a set of rules
you have to follow.
Words you have to memorize
to put on a show,
or a play, or a movie.
Imagine you're an actress.
You have to channel
your inner Sharmila Tagore.
Now, spin it around...
in your hands.
Now, open the lid.
What's inside?
What a satisfying snap.
Now, laugh.
With your mouth closed.
Like a brown horse.
- I love this container.
- Tupperware.
Um, I don't think
we can eat that.
It's bologna, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- It's pork. Pig.
It's haram. Forbidden.
- What a sin.
- Okay.
Just cheese, then?
- Perfect. Cheese is perfect.
- Just cheese.
And bologna.
- Want a bite?
- No.
- Oh,
I just had a big
birthday party last weekend.
- Cool.
- When is your birthday?
- In a month.
- Are you going to have
a birthday party?
- Why is he singing to her?
- Because he loves her.
- But he just met her?
- You mother fell in love
with me when we first met.
- No,
your father fell
in love with me first.
Did you really
fall in love with Abu
the moment you saw him?
- I did.
It happened for me
and it'll happen for you.
Some day, you'll be the queen
of some man's dreams
and he'll love you
at first sight.
And he'll sing for you.
And you'll get married
just like I did.
- Mom, can I have
a birthday party?
- Let's talk tomorrow.
The airtight lid system
is unlike any other.
Because of the burp feature.
- Bless her heart. She's still
in that awkward phase.
- Hope she outgrows it soon
before she burns
the house down.
- Some girls never
grow out of it.
You just hope
their husbands don't notice.
- You know, the other day,
she dropped one that
was filled with Pakistani food
and it didn't even fall out
because of the burp feature.
- Oh, is that where
you're from?
- I love Indian food.
- Do you make those curries?
- They're not "curries."
Curry's actually
just a generic name
for saucy, stewy things.
- I make many curries.
And for every Tupperware
set that you buy,
I'll send you home
with a free curry.
- Well, I love curry.
- That's a curry in a hurry.
- A flurry of curries!
- This is dumb.
Want to play outside?
- Yeah.
- Look, a rock.
- Whoa, so cool.
- You know, I've made
so many curries
and put them
in these containers.
Never having to worry
about a leak.
I wish we had these back home.
In fact, I've just sent
a whole set of these
to my mother in Pakistan.
- Mariam, you're fantastic.
And Azra, you're a natural!
- You two make
such a great team.
- A dynamic duo.
- Could we have
some more chai?
- You've earned yourself
a birthday party.
You're too slow.
Get your arms into it.
It's good for you.
The ladies said power-walking
is the latest thing.
This family needs
to get physical.
- Abu!
- Be careful.
- Please don't take him away.
Please don't take him away.
Please don't take him away.
I submit.
I submit.
I submit.
I submit.
- Hello?
- Uh...
- Hello?
- Hi. It's me.
- Hi, are you okay?
- Yeah, it's been, uh...
I don't know.
Well, I bought
this calling card so...
- I've been thinking
about you non-stop.
You must be so exhausted.
- I didn't do anything.
- What do you mean?
You flew there.
You're halfway
around the world.
- Yeah.
My, um...
brother got to do
all the rituals, like,
washing him
and wrapping his body, and...
I was sitting with the women,
reading the Quran in a room.
- Wait, you read the Quran?
- Yeah.
And then, the men got to
take him to the graveyard.
- Just the men...
the men go, we stay.
- That... That's really hard,
that really sucks.
- I know.
I know.
So, what's happening there?
- I told our professors
about you.
They were asking.
They gave us our audition
slots for next week.
Is your mom okay?
- She's fine.
- Azra...
- She's fine.
- Talk to me.
- Yeah, I can't.
It's okay, I got to go.
- Azra?
- When you become
a famous actress...
- I wish Ammi was
as supportive as you.
- She is supportive.
- She hates that I'm an actor.
- Hmm. She doesn't hate it.
maybe just a little.
The Mariam I knew,
she would have loved it.
- Azra?
- It's too hard.
- It's not hard,
you just have to memorize it.
I wish my mother
had taught me.
We can do it together.
- What do we do with it?
- You keep him.
It's an early present. Listen,
if you're going to have
a birthday party,
you have to have
a party sub.
I had a party sub.
- Can I keep it in my room?
- What is it?
- A toad.
- They are?
- Look, I didn't make
the rules.
Frogs are dirty, okay?
- They can't be.
There's going to be a lot
of times in your life
where you're going
to like things
that other people don't like.
Even your Ammi might
not like them, but...
you're going to have
to accept the fact
that you're the kind of girl
that likes frogs.
Mmm? It's okay.
Still perfect.
- Wayne wants to know if you
want to dance the next song?
- What's the next song?
- It doesn't matter, Azra.
Do you think he's cute?
Have you gotten
your period yet?
Just remember, you can
get pregnant if you have.
- Do you want to dance?
- My mom said she's calling
your mom to come get you.
- You danced with Wayne.
- You danced with someone too.
- Yes...
Did you like it?
- Azra?!
What are you doing?
- D-Drinking pop.
- Your mother is outside.
- Just use a different
- I need the lid
for this container!
- I-I'm sure it's here.
We just need to keep looking.
I'm sorry,
it was an accident.
- "Accident?"
It's all that girl's fault.
She's a witch!
- She's not a witch!
It's not her fault!
- Mom...
- Azra.
a woman is like jewelry.
There are two kinds
of jewelry.
One that is out in the open,
and one that is under
the glass.
The one that is out in the open
can be touched,
tried on, and thrown away.
Not the most desirable.
But the one that's
under the glass
can't be touched
by just anybody.
It's the most precious,
the most beautiful.
You are supposed to be
the jewelry under the glass.
- Isn't it Tupperware
- You're not needed today.
- But...
I thought we were a team.
- You're not on my team.
- Your mom dropped this
off for you.
- How was your birthday party?
I've never read that before.
- Do you want to?
I'll trade you.
The book for a bite.
- But it's bologna...
- Hotels have bars, right?
- How do they know?
- Your name.
- This hat is ridiculous.
- Okay, let's go.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa...
We're not going anywhere,
he comes to us.
- You don't specify what
or look at his selection?
There's no menu?
- No, he's a specialist.
He has one thing only.
- Are you serious?
- Oh, yeah... Cool.
- You're such an asshole!
What is this?
Vodka, whisky?
- It's kind of like
I mean, it might make
you blind,
but it's going to help
you sleep tonight.
- I could use
some sleep tonight.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, the moon!
- Right, wow.
- Ooh!
- That's my song!
- Oh, yeah?
- That's my song!
She knows it!
- Hey, hey!
- Nani...
- Nova Scotia?
- "Nova Kosha", "Kosha Nova."
- Mom? Mom?
- Hi, Abu.
If heaven is at
the mother's feet,
what's at the father's?
- Stinky socks.
- Mom,
Naani told me something
I have to tell you.