The Queen of Sin (2018) Movie Script

My heart.
I was looking for your Tom,
except he wasn't there.
They did an EKG and another
E-something, an image thing.
- An echocardiogram.
- Yeah, that's it.
- And what's the matter?
What did they find?
Whoa, and why are we running
if there's something
wrong with your heart?
- He told me...
- He told you what?
Laura, what's the matter?
- Heart like an ox!
I could pull a damn
plow if I wanted.
- I hate you, Laura Pinkerton!
- No, you don't, Posy!
I'm your best pal!
Nobody better, even if
Tom thinks I'm a witch!
- He doesn't!
- He does!
- Wait up!
- Whoo!
I win!
I'm gonna demolish
you on the sprint!
I'm going ahead.
- OK.
- Whoo!
- Ooh!
It's, uh, one, two, three.
One, two, three.
One, two... Crap!
One, two, three.
One... OK.
One, two, three.
One, two...
Sorry, I'm practicing a dance.
Nice tattoo!
- I thought you were
bringing her back.
Oh, there she is again,
the little dancer.
She's sweet.
- Did you catch the girls?
- Charlie lost one, but
we just saw a girl.
She's early 20s.
She might be good.
- Bring me some pictures.
- Let's find the blonde.
- Um...
One, two...
- No.
- OK.
One, two, three...
- Um, no. OK, all right.
Once more.
One, two...
- Tom, can you just
try a little harder?
- Why do we have to waltz?
- Because that's what people do.
- OK.
One, two, three.
- And back.
- I've got soccer
practice this morning.
I've gotta go home
and get my cleats.
- Here. It's yours.
- Thanks, babe.
- Hey, Billie!
- Hey!
- Cardiology says you
have a heart for me.
- Mm-hmm. Over there.
How's the wedding plans coming?
It's, what, another
month now, yes?
- 29 days.
- Hmm! Getting cold feet yet?
- No! Two left ones, though.
- There are lessons, Posy.
That'll solve the problem.
- Tom has no time, as usual.
- It's up to you, then.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawdon.
Mr. Lawdon was the owner
of that heart over there.
Terence Whittaker Lawdon,
82 years.
Heart shows atrial
septal defects.
Mr. Lawdon's death occurred
3 hours subsequent to his
wife's surgery and death.
Cause is stress cardiomyopathy.
- They died of grief.
They were together for 63 years.
- So?
How was it for you?
- Stupid.
Made me hungry.
How was it for you?
Fireworks fantastic?
- It was your idea.
- It's not supposed
to be like that.
- You know that drawing of the
open heart you did last week?
Dr. Stang used it in the
surgical post-mortem.
She said it was so
exact and so clear,
she could almost
feel it beating...
which brings me to my point.
The job is temporary.
To make it permanent, you
have to talk to Dr. Stang.
- Yeah, the last time I saw Dr.
Stang in the hallway,
I got tongue-tied.
I could hardly even nod at her.
- You should do a presentation!
- I'm not ready!
- That couple, the Lawdons...
- Yeah?
- I was the one who told Mr.
Lawdon his wife passed away.
I can't imagine losing you.
I hope we're together
for 100 years.
- So...
I'll have to borrow
rent from my mom...
but it is so worth it!
The trouble they'll get me in!
- Not for me.
Tom wants me to do
this presentation
for our chief of cardiology,
and I can't.
And I can't do
this stupid dance.
I just can't get it.
And I have to get up
in front of all of those
people at the wedding.
- Yeah, well, try being
stood up at the altar.
- I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to bring that up.
- I know you didn't.
I'm just glad I didn't
have to wait 15 years
to discover my
beloved was a jerk.
You need to be sure
Tom's the one.
Are you?
- Of course I am.
- Good morning.
- There's a needle fragment
in the side of her chest.
It's still there? That's good.
- Young lady.
They figure she was attacked.
Ambulance brought her in,
but she died a couple of
hours later in emerg.
- I know that girl.
- Yeah, I have a witness.
She saw the victim in the park,
close to where the
body was found.
We're gonna need video
surveillance from 2 days ago.
- Yeah.
- It was here.
- Yeah.
- I was on my morning run.
Um, I told her I
liked her tattoo.
- What did she say?
- She didn't speak at all.
- So, she went that way?
- Yeah, up there.
- And was there anybody else?
Did you see anybody else?
- There was a blonde girl.
Um, she had purple
streaks in her hair.
She was running over here.
- There was a 2nd girl?
Were they together?
- Maybe. I'm not sure.
- Did you see any vehicles?
- Yeah, there was
a van over there.
- Did the 2nd girl
get in the van?
- No, she, um,
she just ran off into the woods.
And I didn't stick around. I
continued my run. I'm sorry.
- No, it's all right!
Where did you go?
- I ran around the circle.
I had to catch up
with my cousin Laura.
We run together every morning.
And, actually, the
route we take,
she probably could've
seen them too.
- Then I'm gonna have to
talk to your cousin too.
Can you give me her
contact information?
Thank you, Ms. Pinkerton.
I... I can get you
back to the hospital.
- OK.
I have no idea how
they're gonna figure out
who this dead girl is.
- Maybe the tattoo parlours.
- Yeah, maybe.
The detective is gonna come
talk to you today, by the way.
- I didn't see tattoo girl.
It would be nice, though,
with this dress,
the bird-and-branch tattoo.
Like that nymph who
turned into a tree
'cause she wanted
to stay a virgin.
- No, that would be too weird.
- Like saying marriage is death.
Just saying!
You have to get the underthings.
The store's over
on Grant Avenue.
- How's Tom with lingerie?
- I think I need a new dress,
something for... cocktails.
- Cocktails?
- Stop second-guessing me!
There's this one and this one.
Your choice.
- Ms. Pinkerton, uh...
- Thank you.
Detective, this is
my cousin Laura.
- Uh, Laura!
Det. Dagliesh.
Uh, I need to ask, uh, your
cousin some questions.
- Yeah, no problem.
- Uh, the victim,
uh, the girl with the tattoos,
did you see her?
- No, I didn't.
But I saw the blonde girl.
She was very young,
with long hair and
purple streaks.
- And where was this?
- On the Lower Circle Road.
- Was she with anyone?
- No, but she was talking
to herself, drugged up.
Tweaking, maybe.
- Hmm...
Here, uh, take my card.
Um, it's actually my last one.
And, uh, you call me.
I mean, in case, uh, you
remember anything else.
- Sure.
- All the best, Ms. Pinkerton!
Thank you.
- So?
- Both.
- Great!
Can I help you find something?
- Yeah!
A shirt.
Something like that.
- For an occasion or for work?
- Uh, it's for my brother's
little girl's christening.
Big family thing.
You think?
- Yeah.
It's perfect for you.
- I'll... I'll take it!
- Why don't you try it on?
- Those shoes are exceptional.
- Thanks!
- Mm-hmm!
- Can I help you?
- Probably not.
I'm getting married, so...
maybe something in white.
- Or pink or blue.
You would look good in anything.
And for your wedding night...
- I don't think so.
- Pink looks very
good with black.
- White does suit you.
- What?
- Are you getting married?
- No, I... I was just shopping.
- Hmm...
I'm here on business.
Do you live here?
- No, I'm just visiting too.
- Family?
- I'm an orphan.
- Thank you.
It's for you.
Uh, I saw you when I came in,
and I was charmed.
You're so very pretty.
May I?
You are charming.
Are you an artist?
- Yeah, I... I draw for
the medical profession.
- I would love to see
your drawings sometime.
- She looks scared.
He'll like that.
- It's just me!
Um, what are you doing?
Oh my God!
- It's called "therapeutic
I draw myself the
way I want to be:
Confident, proactive.
- Slutty.
- We traced the van to a rental
agency, and they used fake ID.
- Mm-hmm?
- Yeah, patrols
have been notified.
Keep me posted.
- Yes, ma'am!
OK, guys, have a look.
That's our witness, Ms.
And this is the 2nd girl.
Now, we're gonna look
through these woods
because we might
have a 2nd body.
- I'm amazed that you
just came up with her.
- I was inspired.
- By who?
Tom? Not Tom.
- Laura, don't be mean!
- I'm not. Tom's great!
- I love Tom.
- Uh-huh. I believe you.
You wanna do a
professional presentation
to jumpstart your career,
so you buy a bunch of really,
really great lingerie.
What's the logic there, Pose?
- This woman here, she
is my inner self.
And she struggled for
years to come out.
And now here she is, born.
- Just in the nick of time!
You've had too much wine.
- Yep!
- And I don't believe you.
- Yeah, I'm just getting back
from the park, and nothing.
And I talked to
patrol about the van.
There was nothing there either.
But the tox report just
came in from the lab.
And Forensics called
and said they pulled
a needle fragment
from the girl's chest.
I think that might be a lead.
So I wanna take a look at that,
and then I'm gonna
call you back, OK?
- She's here every morning
around the same time.
The friend's a problem.
- Or not.
You're good at this, Jack.
We make a good team.
- I can't do lunch
this afternoon.
I'm sorry. I'm already
a lousy husband.
- You said it!
- It's not true. I swear.
I promise I'm gonna
make it up to you!
- Tonight! You're gonna
make it up to me tonight.
- I am?
- You are.
- OK!
Oh my God
The tide is high
Can you feel the moon?
Say goodbye
They'll be here soon
They're coming for you
- A Chardonnay, please.
You cannot hide
There's nothing left to do
You cannot fight
He's pushing through
He's coming for
me and you...
- There you are!
- Sorry I'm late.
Why here? It's not really
our kind of place.
- Because you're leaving
tomorrow for a week.
I thought we'd stay the night,
order room service?
- A month from now, we'll
be living together.
- Tom, don't be cheap.
- No, I'm not!
It's just an odd place to be.
- It's...
It's new.
It's different, sexy.
Have a drink.
- Water. I'm on call.
And I haven't packed yet.
Dr. Stang, our revered
chief of cardiology,
stopped me in the hall today,
told me the department wants to
create a teaching animation.
- What is the phrase, Tom?
"Be here now."
We get a room, order
room service.
We lie down. We make out.
- Right. OK!
- OK!
- You look so different.
- Martini, please. Vodka, dirty.
- So?
- So, a... a room.
- No, the animation thing. Be
a great opportunity for you.
- I told you, Tom, I am not
ready to talk to Dr. Stang.
I've been working
on my confidence.
In fact...
I'm working on it right now.
- What's this?
- We lie down...
naked or not...
and we make love.
- A problem with a patient.
I have to go. Sorry.
I'll call you.
- Who is that foolish young
man running away from you?
I think you scared him.
- You think?
He's a doctor.
- So he says.
Do you come here often?
- What a tired, old line!
Besides, I was invited by a...
Mr. Jack Wickley.
- That would be me, Jack.
- Oh, Jack!
- May I?
Yes. I'm married.
My wife is here for another day
or two, and then she's gone.
It would be a pity not to meet.
- Because I'm charming.
- Yes, and very beautiful.
Don't take this the wrong way,
but you are in very good shape.
Are you a runner or a cyclist?
- Yeah, a runner.
Morning, 6:00 a.m. sharp
on Mountain Road.
My cousin Laura
entered a marathon,
so I'm keeping her company.
- Hmm!
Excuse me.
Uh, a client who is impatient.
I'll have to take this
upstairs, Miss...
I don't even know your name!
- Pinkerton. Posy Pinkerton.
- That's a lovely name.
- It's kind of a silly
name, actually.
- I suppose I should go.
It's Wednesday my wife leaves.
It would be a pity not to meet.
A pity.
Licence 8V0C2P3.
- OK, check with the hotel,
see if it's registered
to any of the guests.
And if it's not, we do
24-hour surveillance.
We wait for somebody to get in it.
Got that?
- Roger that.
- Heat it up!
- Careless idiot!
You left the van on the
street in front of the hotel?
Just leave it there.
Do you understand?
Don't go near it.
Alex? Jack's here,
our talent scout.
- I'm shutting down your party.
- Jack...
- This is the 2nd casualty.
This is not the way I work!
- Mr. Gorser would
like another girl.
- No. Party's over.
- I want a good girl,
one who'll give me a...
a feeling...
- No more girls.
- Bring me the photos as usual.
I will know her when I see her.
- Of course.
- I told you I'm
shutting it down.
- Mostly, I'm bored.
So when I see someone who
might excite me, I want her.
It's what I pay you for.
You're trying to block me.
- Mr. Gorser will
dismiss you, Jack.
- So dismiss me.
- Yes, I... I will.
In a way that's as hurtful to you
as it is entertaining to me.
- What is wrong with you?
- I'm not here to clean
up after that guy.
- That's exactly what
you're here to do, Jack!
You're a hire, a minion.
You're here to do his business.
Go on.
- How long have you
worked for him?
How many bodies have there been?
- Oh, for God's sake!
You came recommended.
You know what can happen.
It's more money, Jack,
because of the bodies.
You just need to relax, hmm?
There, there, sweet,
handsome Jack.
- Thanks anyway, Stella.
You're a pal.
Back of the car, get
that roll of plastic.
- Hey!
- The van's not registered
to any of the hotel guests.
We checked the hotel tapes,
and a couple of days
ago, this guy showed up,
parked the van,
and then he left.
- He left it?
- Yeah. He never came back.
- Did you ID him?
- No, we couldn't make him out.
- The same guy?
- It could be the same
guy, but it's hard to say.
But there's something else.
Uh, that needle fragment,
there's this guy, Gorser,
that's his M.O.
And I've requested intel
on his whereabouts.
- You sure it's him?
- No, I can't be sure
until we get some DNA or
we find another body.
- Mm-hmm, yeah.
- Yeah, I got a missing
girl who's a probable.
- Well, keep me posted.
- Yeah, if I find her,
of course, yeah,
I'll let you know.
- OK.
- You feeling better, Jack?
Charlie said you had a date
with the little virgin.
Is she as nice as
we think she is?
- What does he have
on you, Gorser?
- These are the girls
that he's interested in.
And she's the one he wants next.
- No, not her.
- Why?
- Because it will
be too complicated.
- The thing you don't
understand, Jack,
is that you don't have a choice.
You bring her here as soon
as you're able to take her.
What if I don't?
- You will.
- Hey! I thought you were
leaving this morning.
- I'm on my way.
I made an appointment for
you to see Dr. Stang
about the heart animation.
Thursday, 4:00 sharp.
You're dragging your feet.
You'll miss your chance.
- That was not your
decision to make.
- So, this will force you!
- I don't like being forced!
I'm gonna cancel it.
- Maybe you should
cancel the wedding too.
- You're being controlling.
You're acting like a child.
Maybe I will cancel it.
- What?
6:00 a.m., and here you are,
just like you said you'd be.
- What are you doing here?
- Inviting you to dinner at
the hotel, Wednesday night.
Can't say no.
- Well, what if I say, "I
don't know, we'll see"?
- Should I have done that?
So, Wednesday.
- Maybe, maybe not.
- Let me give you a ride back.
We can talk a little.
- Uh, I was told by my mother
to never ride in cars
with strangers, so...
What's funny?
- You.
Sorry I'm late.
I'm Laura.
- I'm Jack.
It's good to meet you.
- You too.
- Posy and I are old friends.
- How come I've
never heard of you?
- We just met, actually,
last night at the bar of
the hotel I'm staying at.
- We should get going, Lo.
- Bye!
- Bye!
- It's not what you think.
- What, you in a hotel bar
with a man you've never met,
who then tracks you down at 6:00 a.m.
the next morning?
- No, I told him we run
here every morning.
It's all above board.
- Is it?
Look at you! You're giddy!
- I'm not!
- "Till death do us part," Pose.
There goes your last chance!
- Come on. Let's run.
- That was quite the kiss.
You're good, Jack!
You just sweep them
off their feet.
- Yeah.
- She wouldn't come to the car?
- Nope!
- Too bad.
Did you make a date?
- Yes. Wednesday.
- Good. We'll take her then.
- I can't believe
Tom would do that
without even telling me!
- Sometimes you
need a little push.
- Laura!
- Like you and that
very handsome Jack man.
You're thinking about
it, aren't you?
- No!
- Liar!
Hey, if you don't want
him, Pose, I'll have him.
You are! You're
thinking about it!
- She's here.
- Reservation for
two, Jack Wickley.
- You look lovely.
- I hardly know you, Jack.
- Have a seat.
Let's get to know each other.
- Medical illustration.
It is a long haul
through school.
It's a lot of science.
But I love, I love the drawing.
- It's like Leonardo's
anatomy drawings.
- Yeah, they're beautiful!
- And Andreas Vesalius.
- You know about Vesalius?
- Uh-huh. I held one of the
surviving copies of his books.
500 years old.
- How is that possible?
- I bought the book for one
of my clients years ago.
It was bound with the skin from
one of the bodies he dissected.
They were convicts, didn't
deserve a Christian burial.
- I'm speechless. That
is so interesting!
You know the technology has
changed since then, right?
- It's mostly animation
and 3D rendering now.
That's what I do.
- That's really interesting.
- Yeah! Yeah, it is.
And how did you end
up doing what you do?
- A very advanced
degree in art history,
passion for the
early Renaissance.
There's not much work in
that field, I'm afraid.
- Mm-hmm, but you're OK.
You're buying 500-year-old
books for people.
- Yeah. I'm OK.
What would you do if
you could do anything?
I don't mean work.
Something else.
- Hmm, let's see. I
would learn to dance.
I'm not a very good dancer.
And you? What would you do?
- I'd change my life completely.
- No, no. No, thanks.
You must have met some
extraordinary people.
- No, not so many.
- It's not too late, you know.
- For what?
- To change your life.
- Excuse me, I
have to take this.
- Why the hell is this
taking so damn long?
- I'm enjoying myself, Stella.
- Mr Gorser is waiting, Jack.
He hates waiting.
- Well, maybe you
can help him relax.
- Jack. Jack!
Don't you ever hang up on me!
- You ready?
- My car is just in
the parking lot.
- Oh, I can't let
you go just yet!
- I really should get home.
- You know what? It's
a lovely evening.
There's a park
around the corner.
Let's go for a walk.
- Get the damn car, Charlie.
If he won't do his job,
I'll do it for him.
- You're not at all
what I expected.
- No?
- No, you're so nice.
I thought you'd be a snob.
I thought you'd just want
a quick fling and then...
- Sometimes, you know,
you meet someone and they
sweep you off your feet.
It's the 3rd move
you're missing.
- What's going on?
- Come on!
Here, here, here, here!
- What was that?
That was so scary!
- It's OK. Come here.
- Mmm...
- I got you this.
- I can't take that.
I'm sorry.
I wanna go back now.
- We had a plan.
You got a thing for this girl.
Some kind of fantasy.
I had a hell of a time calming Mr.
- That's your job.
- My job is to ensure delivery.
- I'm not handing
her over to Gorser.
- You really are an
arrogant bastard.
You used to sell yourself, Jack.
Pretty boy. The highest bidder.
Whatever she or he
wanted, you'd oblige.
And from what I understand,
you were well worth your price.
- I said no.
- You have no power.
- We'll see.
- Alex knows you're
partial to this girl,
and he likes that
it's a love story.
- Shut up, Stella.
- You bring her, or
he'll have her killed.
- He doesn't know who she
is, how to find her.
- Posy Pinkerton,
4248 Harrow Lane.
The girl she runs with is her
cousin, Laura Pinkerton.
She's a designer, owns a
store called Can-Can.
You see, Jack? I know
all I need to know.
You bring the girl.
It's too late for redemption.
- We need an ID on the girl.
Thank you for coming.
- No problem!
- It's just, uh, right up there.
How's your cousin Laura?
- Fine.
- No, I mean, I could
have, uh, called her,
but I just figured that
you'd seen more bodies.
- Right.
- You ready?
You gonna be OK?
- It's her.
That's the girl I saw.
- I'm gonna take you home.
Do you want me to call
your cousin Laura?
- Yes, please.
- OK.
Oh, wait a minute.
I gotta take this, OK?
Yes, ma'am!
- You have an update for me?
- Yep, we have an ID.
- You're positive on this?
- Yes, and it's our guy.
- Blood work?
- Blood work from the first body
shows it was a massive
dose of adrenaline
and a needle fragment
in her chest.
- Uh-huh.
- Progressively higher
doses of adrenaline
injected directly into the
heart during sexual assault.
- A pattern.
- Yeah, yeah.
In this case, the cause of
death was bodily trauma.
She was hit by the van, but
this is Gorser's work.
Interpol's got a
Green Notice on him.
I got a file on it right here.
- Well, the new body
proves he's still here.
Unless he left in
the last 24 hours,
which I guess is possible.
OK, ma'am. Yeah.
OK. Thank you.
- Is this the man
who murdered them?
- Yes, and several others.
Mail-order fentanyl
from his basement.
Silk Road trade. Made
him a millionaire.
And then he just disappeared,
and now he just jets
around the world
indulging in some very
strange and specific tastes.
Some partners survive to tell
the tale, but some don't.
Sex and experimental
- The adrenaline?
- It's a veterinary compound
developed by one of the pharmas.
It's for bulls.
- Oh!
- He's responsible
for the murders,
but he's got people helping him.
He's way too rich to be
doing it all himself.
- What's his name?
- Alexander Gorser.
- Thank you for telling me.
- If you need anything...
I gave my last card to Laura.
- It's OK. What's your number?
- 412-555-9396.
You get that into a cell,
and you call me if you
need anything, OK?
Let's get you home.
- I see bodies every day.
- Yeah, but that's a
terrible thing to see.
- It was how violent it was.
He assaulted her
as she was dying.
- Here.
Best thing is to
forget about it.
Pretend it didn't happen.
- You're right.
- How are things with Tom?
- I told him he was controlling.
- Three weeks to the wedding.
Better resolve it.
- I did.
I had dinner last night
with that man, Jack.
- Posy Pinkerton!
- I pretended I was her.
Confident, alluring, in charge.
And it worked.
Because I talked to Dr.
Stang this morning.
- That appointment
Tom made for you?
- I changed the date.
I'm gonna do my
presentation next week
when I feel more ready.
- I'm impressed.
- And talking to Jack helped.
- So, are you gonna
sleep with him?
- He's married.
- But you want to.
He gave you that?
- Laura, will you give
it back to him for me?
I'm scared to do it myself.
- Hi!
- Hi! Um, you are?
- Laura, Posy's cousin.
We met on the mountain.
- Yeah!
Yeah, we did. How is Posy?
- Uh, she wanted me
to give you this.
- Hi, I'm Stella.
- Laura.
- Hi, I'm... I'm Jack's boss.
- Ah! Um, I really
should get going.
- No, you know what? I was
just about to make drinks.
- Oh no, that's OK.
- Oh, come on!
Come on, have a drink with me.
Come on, it'll be fun.
Jack, I'm making drinks.
Sit down. Make
yourself comfortable.
Do you like gin or vodka?
- Sure!
- What is it you do, Laura?
- Um, I'm a clothing designer.
- Ooh, a clothing designer.
That sounds exciting.
Very glamorous.
Do you work locally
or internationally?
- Um, mostly local.
- Oh, that's cool.
Maybe I should come
check out what you do.
Oh, you might as well finish it.
- I don't know. That's
some strong vodka.
- Restroom?
- Through that door.
Yeah, Charlie.
Posy's here?
- Well, that saves us a trip.
Tell him to come get the trunk.
- Stella says come
get the trunk.
He's coming.
- You keep your pretty
Posy here, Jack.
I mean it.
Charlie will take this
one to the house.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Uh, please, come in.
- You're leaving!
- Yes.
Uh, sorry, we're just finishing
up with the packing.
- I don't know why I'm here.
I think I came to say goodbye.
- You look beautiful.
I was afraid I'd never
get to see you again.
Come lie down with me.
- Jack, I can't!
- Just for a minute,
then I'll let you go.
- Hey...
Kiss me back.
You know, I wanna marry you.
- Don't say that.
- I do.
I wanna run away with you
to that desert island
they always talk about
where nobody can find us.
I wanna run away with you.
- I can't. Really, I can't.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't
have come here.
- Hey, it's not that you
don't want to. You do.
- Yes, Jack, I do,
but you're married.
And I'm getting
married in 3 weeks.
I shouldn't have come here.
- Hey, hey, hey!
I love you.
Isn't that strange?
- Yes.
Where's Laura?
- Go ahead, Jack. Do your job.
- What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Let go of me!
- Posy!
Do not scream. Stella
will shoot you.
Do you understand?
- Here.
Charlie's taken Cousin
Laura over to the house.
He'll come around with a trunk.
She's all yours till
he gets back, Jack.
- Laura?
- Yes.
We have to be careful, OK?
Stella's got the gun.
She will kill you.
- Glad to see you're
back in form, Jack.
We're on our way.
- Other virgin?
- They're cousins, Alex.
I forgot to tell you. Family.
- Wow! Thank you, Stella.
- Wait a while till
she's clearer.
He wants her to know
what's happening.
I'll go see how he's
doing with the cousin.
- Posy, Posy, Posy, Posy!
Posy, stop!
You look upstairs.
I'll look down here.
House is huge.
- Then get a flashlight!
- Jack, what's the noise?
What's going on?
- She got loose.
- Loose! Right!
- We're looking.
She's gone?
- Yes, but she won't escape
like the other girls.
We've sealed the
doors and windows.
- Good girl.
- You've reached Det. Dagliesh.
Please leave a message.
In case of emergency, please
call 911 immediately.
- It's Posy Pinkerton. Laura
and I have been kidnapped.
The man was a guest at the
Hotel Ollivere, Jack Wickley.
Track this phone.
We're in a mansion, a
big house of some kind.
Please hurry. We need help!
- 911. What's your emergency?
- Let go of me!
- Hide-and-seek's over.
It was fun.
Stella tells me
you have a crush.
Give her a kiss, Jack.
Say goodbye!
Give her a real kiss,
like you'll never see her again.
Thank you, Charlie.
- Charlie will be waiting
outside if you need him, Alex.
- Stella...
get rid of that man.
Time to play my game.
Leave us, Charlie.
Love hurts.
Love hurts.
Go on.
Turn around.
On the bed.
I told you to lie on
the bed with Cousin.
- No.
- Lie down.
- No.
- You need another dose.
We'll shoot it this time.
- You know, you're too
handsome for your own good.
So, you all settled with
this, with that girl?
- He's going to kill them.
- Yes.
We leave tomorrow. Can't
have any loose ends.
The jet's ready.
Arrangements have been made.
What are you gonna do?
You gonna rescue her?
She's gonna die, Jack,
a terrible death.
There's nothing you
can do about it.
She's gonna die, Jack,
and so are you.
My bag.
My phone. Call my phone!
- Get the car!
- What?
- You heard me. Get the car.
We're leaving.
- What about Gorser?
- What about him?
- Heading Northeast
on Taylor Road.
I need an address.
Hello, address! Come on!
- Ah, ah, ah, ah!
- Laura! Are you OK?
Are you OK?
Wait here. Wait here.
- Police! Everybody down!
- Jack!
- Hi.
You'll be OK now.
You'll be OK.
- Jack!
- This is yours.
We picked it up when we
swept the hotel suite.
- Congratulations! I love you!
- Love you!
So you can't hold
A star in your hand
Though at least you can
Hold on to another plan
Rusted wheel Planted still
I can tell
It's summer