The Queen's Corgi (2019) Movie Script

Come here.
Stay in line, Rex. - Sorry, Nelson.
I have to show His Majesty something very important.
Hey! - Be careful, Philip.
Rexy, what a belly.
Over there.
Little pus.
What a terrible villain.
Ever learn good manners?
What can I do about it? That happens if you are the top dog.
Rex, you are incorrigible.
In my time it was not enough to caress, to be the top dog.
Really, Nelson?
I already told you about when I discovered a fire at Windsor Castle
and I saved the royal family?
Only 300 times.
A selfless act of courage.
That is what being a top dog means.
We all know that you are a hero, Nelson,
but could you ever do this?
What an unheard of and irresistible dog.
I do what i can.
Today's dogs! You do not appreciate the happiness that you have.
I am so popular that Her Majesty had my photo put on a mug.
On front pages. - To key chains.
Cards. - Balls.
Flip flops. - Underwear.
Soap, hats, umbrellas.
Brushes in the bathroom.
And best of all, on the royal train.
Really remarkable.
Guys, get ready. We visit a state visit.
Have you had cognac again, Margaret?
No absolutely not.
See, it's the president of the United States.
Let's go.
Wait, we haven't been called yet.
If you are the top dog, you know you are needed.
Maybe we should all go.
Call for the royal corgis.
Let the royal corgis come.
The royal corgis ...
The last one that appears is a fool.
Can someone give me a hand.
You already have one!
I am coming!
Bite the dust, Rex!
Show some ways.
Out of the way! Ladies First.
Do not look at me. - Not my fault.
We are not. - They are.
Here we are.
What a pleasure to see you, Mr. President.
It really is a wonderful house, Liz.
Yes, it's so ... How do you say it? Discrete.
Man, that corgi is ... ugly.
I already saw nicer behind.
I feel sorry for the person who ends up with that creature.
You are not an oil painting yourself, Nelson.
It is an honor to meet you, ma'am. A royal selfie. Say "cheese."
And who is that beautiful doll?
She is the First Lady, ma'am. - No, I meant the ...
This is our beautiful little dog, Mitzy, Your Majesty.
He is from the great state of Texas.
She is delicious. - We're looking for a partner for her.
The only problem is finding the right dog. We only want the best.
Maybe she likes one of mine.
Linking can help strengthen our "special relationship".
What a great idea!
Come on, Mitzy. Grab a puppy!
Let's see how it goes.
And what do we have here?
He is very old. She is a girl.
Very annoying. - Excuse me?
Nice and cute.
Perfect. - I think she has an eye on this one.
Rexy, you are lucky. We found you a girlfriend.
A girlfriend? - Take me, my wild stallion.
Can't we do a re-evaluation? Charlie, help.
What can I say? It seems that you are the chosen one.
I do like a royal wedding.
I don't want to get saddled with her. She's so ...
Exactly, Charlie.
Ouch! Careful, that hurts.
# Here comes the bride Here she extends #
What if I say it doesn't interest me? - I don't think she wants to be rejected.
There must be a solution.
Now you're not that arrogant, are you?
Come on, Rex. Your lady is waiting.
The top dog.
Dad has a very important dinner with Her Elisabetheid,
so be a good girl, okay.
If this little dog makes you upset, come to Daddy. Okay, princess?
We have to go, Donald.
Let's leave the lovebirds alone to get acquainted.
Please, Your Majesty. Please!
Majesty! Please! - Hey!
Hey, little boy, don't complain.
Shall we take a walk?
I already did that today.
What are you waiting for? Come to me.
Maybe another time. We view the agenda.
Someone is helping me! Let me, I really have to go pee!
Mayday, mayday, we have a problem.
Calm down, little dog. - Leave me alone.
Mitzy will take care of you, honey.
I'm sorry, I had no other choice.
You want to play it hard, don't you? I like that.
What's wrong with you, don't you understand?
The "N" and the ...
Majesty! Let me out of here!
Cookie, you only live once.
Your Majesty, help!
It's time to grab you. - What?
Prepare your lips, cowboy!
Majesty! Please come back!
I agree, I will let my people talk to yours
and you let yours talk to mine
and my people will tell you to disappear.
I hope you are ready for the first kiss. I certainly do.
Oh my God.
What, don't you like me?
Why do you think ...
... something like that?
You choose the hard game, don't you? You can run, but you can't hide.
And well, let's play.
I'm coming, sweet cookie.
I didn't know the British love for gadgets.
View things from a different perspective: we will be the link of the century.
In short, we can bring two really very powerful brands together.
It will be something huge.
I like to play hide and seek. We are made for each other.
Rexy, puppy, where are you?
It's getting warmer here. I can feel it.
I would say in every respect.
And you must be the top dog?
You hide like a little kitty. Meow, meow.
Found it!
Royal selfie! Say "cheese"!
Let me out!
Do you want to play it that way?
Wild horses can do everything I come from.
Hold on. The dance begins!
You are not bad,
but let's see if you can fly, my lovebird.
What qualities did the president attract you to?
I would say his thick hair and big hands that are not bad at all.
Dinner is served.
I pass. I hate raw meat. - You call this British humor, don't you?
Sorry madam...
Foot play, huh? - Excuse me?
Tell me, Mr. President, what do you think about English food?
Really amazing.
Mr. President!
I'm afraid this is yours, Your Majesty.
This time you really got into trouble.
You were disobedient. Ripped in!
Are you all right, Rex?
I don't think I'm the top dog of Her Majesty.
Of course you still are. Nothing will ever change that.
I've ruined everything.
The president canceled his visit and returned to America.
I understand you don't like the situation, but what did you do to her?
Not her, him. - That creature is a he?
No, the president.
The president? What happened?
I bit the president in his lower parts. I am the shame of the royal family.
Well, in that case ...
Maybe I should leave.
Where can you go? - No idea.
What about the pope's house? - The pope?
I think he would like to have a puppy
walking around Vatican City. What do you think of it, Rex
Do you know what, Charly? I like it!
Really? - Sure.
It can be you and me on your way in an awesome adventure.
On to the papal palace. - When can we go?
No better time than the present!
Your Holiness, we are coming.
I'm so excited.
I can not help it.
Plague of a dog! Swiping my slipper.
What are you doing? - I have an idea.
But what ...
We have an emergency situation! - Be careful, this is priceless!
We have to get those bushes. - I'm starting to change my mind, Charlie.
It is quite fresh outside and there is royal jelly for breakfast.
Can't we go tomorrow?
Did you hear that? - What, Sergeant?
Must be a fox. I see nothing with this hat.
Take off your collar now.
But the queen gave it to me when she made me a top dog.
Exactly. Everyone will know who you are.
You don't get 5 meters away. - Good thinking.
The pope is going to love you, Charlie.
How are we going to get over that wall?
I know a way. They did work for the cable television.
Come on.
It's tight, but we can squeeze through it.
Have you done it yet? You never said you were outside.
Maybe once or twice. A little fun, you know.
You're a crazy horse, shoot the dog.
There are many things you don't know about me, Rex.
Rex, this way! Fast!
We're going to get caught. - Not if we keep running.
Quick, that way.
We made it! - It's amazing, we're still whole.
Where are we?
Is this Vatican City?
No, it's St. James's Park.
We are being watched. Are there ghosts here?
No, keep walking. You must have seen geese. They are everywhere.
Do you mind if I whistle? - Yes, keep quiet.
Quick, along here!
Charlie, I don't like being out of here.
It is frightening. - Ah, shut up, Rex.
Don't act like an immature puppy.
Charlie, I really want to go back home.
I know I behaved like a spoiled kid.
But we should never have left the palace.
I fear that going back is impossible.
The queen loves me. I know I ruined it, I know it
but she forgives me. I'm sure of it.
I'm her top dog. - Not anymore.
What are you talking about?
You had your chance, now it's my turn.
I was destined to be a top dog
until you showed up.
Charlie, have you gone insane?
I greet you, deceiver!
Charlie, I'm freezing!
I know!
Charlie, you betrayed me!
Goodbye, Mr. Top Dog.
Damn, this must be paradise.
Heaven. I do as well as you do.
Breathing is normal and there is no damage to the internal organs.
My stomach kittens! You spoil me, Your Majesty.
Frozen places there. It seems fine.
A suppository to strengthen the immune system and he will be fine.
Yes, give me the full treatment.
You have just exceeded the limit.
Well, you are in perfect condition. - You are not Her Majesty.
No collar, no chip. He will be a wanderer.
I am lucky to have found you.
Let's see if we can find a place for you. The kennel is full.
Good morning, Ginger, do you have room for a guest?
A corgi?
You don't see that often. - I wonder what happened to him.
Who knows?
There are many owners today who are irresponsible.
This is absolutely true.
Well, I have to go now.
See you later.
You look familiar. Have you been here before?
Maybe not.
We are looking for a good roommate. One that has been here a bit longer.
I don't know what you have in mind
but you must take me straight to the palace, my good man,
before my disappearance appears in the national newspapers.
I also have to settle a bill with that filthy Charlie.
Okay, come on.
Where are we going? The exit is the other way.
Who is that cute puppy?
Here we are, little one.
Take me back home, my good man, or you can say goodbye to knighthood.
Jack and the boss will take care of you.
I don't belong in a cage, I am the queen's corgi.
It is dognapping. When the queen finds out,
are you in dirty papers.
Can it be a little less loud, yes? It is Sunday and I want to sleep.
Excuse me? Do you know who I am?
Your head does not ring a bell. Boss?
He also has no idea. - For information,
I am Rex, the top dog of the queen.
Yes? And I am Napoleon, emperor of France.
And he's Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games.
Seriously, I'm from the palace. - Did you hear it?
We have a royal visit. - You don't believe me, do you?
You can call yourself Lady GaGa if you want, mate,
but not sing while i sleep. Thanks.
You really are a brutal street punk.
My name is Jack.
Someone has to teach you the rules of the kennel
and that person is me.
Rule one: do not wake sleeping dogs.
Rule two ... - Ouch!
Keep your snout away from eating other dogs.
Rule three: Fight Club does not exist.
What is Fight Club? - What?
The Fight Club. What is it?
It does not exist. - Then why did you call it?
Not me. - He said "Fight Club", right?
You see? - You are weird.
Rule four ... - Leave the education like that.
I'll be out of this hellhole in a day.
Rule four: newcomers sleep on the floor.
The breakfast, everyone.
The smoked herring in whiskey for you, Lady Margaret.
English breakfast for Nelson.
Charlie's cooked calves, of course.
And the classic pizza with a layer of royal jelly for you. Rex?
Rex? Rex!
God, where is he? Rex!
Where are you, Rex?
What is it?
I'm sorry I was a little grumpy earlier. Early in the morning too. How are you?
Terrible. Really bad.
Her Majesty should already be here.
I'm sure she forgave me. - Head up, mate.
Rule five: all dogs,
almost all dogs find a new home within a month.
A beautiful dog, like you, won't last long.
Today is open day for the public. Maybe you are lucky.
That said, many of us like it here.
We have nice bedrooms and three meals a day. You know, three!
No, I don't understand and I don't want a new home.
I want to go back to Buckingham Palace. - It doesn't help everyone.
But if you really are who you say you are, how did you end up here?
I ruined it and was betrayed by my best friend.
We've heard that already, haven't we, boss?
He has never spoken since I have been here.
Is it quiet waters have deep soils, or do silent soils have deep waters?
He was saved by animal protection.
His bosses made him starve. They took his soul out of him.
Disgusting. - Yes, it's the destiny of us all.
We were all rejected by someone.
Open to the public. Give the best of yourself!
Here we go, it's visitor time!
Choose me!
We are a family of trained dogs.
Gentle with children, good with cats, a parrot friend.
A rabbit can play with me!
I never pee on the couch, I promise.
Give us a chance!
It's your top dog, Rex!
Is she already there? Wow! What a luck!
Take me back to Buckingham Palace in the Bentley, my beloved and only queen.
That is not a queen. - I'm not so sure about that.
She's never gonna come.
Don't choose him. He does not know the difference between "apport" and "sitting".
And he won't go.
Get out of the way, Rex!
I think he likes me!
Yes Yes Yes!
He can't take his eyes off me. Maybe it's my lucky day.
Today I'm leaving here!
Don't go, young master!
This will not happen again, please. I'm a good dog.
I only have a bladder the size of a bean.
I can not believe it.
I was so close and I ruined it.
You know, friend, in the end you are just like us. They don't want us.
I'm the queen's top dog.
I'm not like you at all.
Rexy! Come on, boy!
Mama will give you a lot of royal jelly. - Rex!
Rex! - Rex!
For God's sake stop that nonsense. Show yourself.
Come here!
Come on, boy. - Rex!
Unfortunately nothing found, Majesty.
Keep searching. He can't be far away.
Here we go again.
That vagabond is probably after a rabbit somewhere in the park.
Forget Rex anyway. It is almost lunch time and I am hungry.
Rex, where are you? Where are you, Rex? Where are you?
Charlie, what did you find?
Rex his golden collar!
He was eaten ...
... foxes.
Damn vermin! I'm taking my gun!
It's too late, Philip.
He is dead.
Poor Charlie.
Rex was your best friend.
Who is that?
That big guy is Bernard, the Saint Bernard.
He was one of the most talented actors in the country.
His career went well, but then he had a stomach problem.
No, I meant him.
He is already.
He was the best drug dog at Heathrow Airport.
Then he exaggerated a bit.
Do you understand me, yes?
No, I was talking about him. What is happening?
Sit back and watch.
What's going on here?
Follow me. - He's fantastic.
But if going out is so easy, why don't you just walk away?
England in the winter? You freeze outside, mate.
I'm not afraid of a little cold.
Go ahead then. The exit is there.
I hope you know the way around the city, it's a big and dangerous place.
The queen will come, I am sure.
Where are you going, Jack?
To the Fight Club.
I thought there was no Fight Club.
Wait for me, Jack!
Welcome. It will be another night for the Fight Club,
the largest illegal theater for immigrants in the city of London,
where only the brave die young and the strong survive.
Get ready for the first round.
Tonight will be a great competition for you.
Who is that "muscle bundle"?
Tyson, a pit bull terrier.
It was a champion fighting dog until he was left behind.
Rule six: never step on Tyson's toes.
The program for tonight.
Boxer, the boxer, is in the red corner.
He will face a rebel,
the doberman cross.
Bidding on Boxer is two to one. I do not accept lower bets.
Here we do what Tyson says. He is the top dog here.
Hey, boss, when are you going out on the field to fight?
A big dog like you!
But first the supporting program.
Applause for the vain, wandering Wanda!
Hello, big boy.
Forget it, she's Tyson's girlfriend. - Just because she hasn't met me yet,
My dear boy.
Rex, you are drooling.
Calm down, doggies. The betting is closed.
Are you ready, Boxer? Rebel?
That the battle begins.
I can't watch.
It is terrible. # How to finish my dog? "
It is absolutely awful to imagine what the foxes did to him.
We have to give him a worthy burial.
I fear there is nothing left to be buried.
It doesn't matter, I would do the same for you, Philip.
Pretty reassuring.
I wonder how he ended up in that state. - I do not know.
Shared a cage with a Chihuahua.
You're up early, Rex. - I've been awake for hours.
I was thinking about last night. - You'll get used to it.
The fights aren't that bad. - I'm not talking about the fights.
I thought about Wanda. She is hot. - Do you want my advice?
Forget her.
I would like to, but she has me on the hook and brings me in.
You have no chance, mate.
On the contrary, my friend.
No woman can resist a fine breeding line.
The breakfast! Breakfast is served, boys.
Breakfast is ready.
Do not look at me like that. I tried to tell him.
I know, he's insane.
Miss Wanda, may I introduce myself.
My name is Rex and I am a corgi of the noblest origin.
Yes? - Forgive my inadequate ways,
but I must confess that I am seduced by your beautiful dog charm.
Why do I always get the crazy boilers?
Maybe we can get to know each other during breakfast.
I wouldn't touch that if I were you.
Certainly not worthy of a Michelin star,
but to get to know each other it is acceptable.
He is dead.
If Tyson sees you eating from his bowl, you die.
Come on, my dear. He will bend over
as soon as he knows that I am the top dog of the queen.
You're really crazy, aren't you? - It's all because of you, darling.
Sooner or later I will leave this house and take you.
Excuse me, I'm talking to a lady.
No, you are disturbed, curious!
Where was I? Of course!
I'm taking you to a life
with velvet cushions and footmen serving royal pudding.
Hang on, bully, or I'll give you a good lesson.
Tyson, don't hurt him. And a little dog, a little crazy.
This is not a dog, he is a kid.
I told you not to bother with stray dogs, Rex.
Especially if they go with Tyson.
You all saw what happened, Wanda took my defense.
More or less.
Listen, Rex, you must forget about her.
She is really hot, but you are only getting yourself into trouble.
Where did it go wrong? I gave her my best sentences.
Get it out of your head, dude.
If you ever plan to do it again, remember one thing.
We don't know you. - I understand.
Thank you very much, but I don't drink coffee.
Rex, top queen dog.
He certainly spoke the truth.
Hey you!
We're going better. Tyson is never far away.
Good luck, Rex. Put your best foot forward.
I'm already afraid of that. - Go away, losers!
Not you, Your Royal Highness.
Excuse me? - Sorry for earlier.
Tyson is very jealous. - He almost broke my back.
True? Here? - A little further down.
Here? - Yes.
And what about here? - You have the place!
You know, I find you very attractive, Rex.
You have a noble attitude,
strong teeth,
cuddly belly - I try to take care of myself.
A girl would love you.
Really? - Is not it clear?
I have loved you since the first moment I saw you.
At the Fight Club? - Right. You were on the right.
To the left. - All right.
Your left side.
I couldn't take my eyes off you.
You are the dog of my dreams, Rex.
You entered my life and you turned it upside down.
That's what you did with me, Wanda. Literally.
Is Buckingham Palace still valid?
For you, Wanda, everything.
You made me so happy.
I want to tell the whole world!
No, it's better not to do that. You know what Tyson is like. Rex?
Rex! - Go for it, boys.
What if Tyson sees us?
Do you want to dance, my lady?
I'd rather not do that.
Wanda, we are meant to be together.
Do you want to get married in St. Paul's Cathedral or Westminster Abbey?
I told you to stay away from my wife.
And I told you to screw up.
I'm not done here yet.
Help me, help!
With that you have just joined the Fight Club.
Dear Rexy ...
gone forever. - A bit happier, lady.
It was just an instigator ...
Shut up, Philip.
You're upset too. Don't you, Charlie?
Do you want to be my new top dog?
Where are you taking me?
In the laundry room so that Boxer cannot defeat you.
What does that mean? - That means you have to learn the basics.
You can use all help.
The Boxer record is 76 matches with 75 knockouts.
He can prepare himself well for the 76th.
He didn't knock out, he knocked them out.
He only had one defeat.
Okay, then I have a chance.
He lost to Tyson, Rex.
He's gonna kill me. - Maybe you will get away with a slight intoxication.
You have to take a sedative, man.
Try to relax.
Maybe I can help you.
I did my own stunts when I was younger.
You should learn to roll with the punches,
find an opening and hit it like a rolled-up cobra.
Do you remember the old movie "Rocky"? In the end the underdog won.
Rocky lost, Bernard.
"Rocky II"!
Consider yourself a lucky person. You have the best coach team there is.
I just want to survive.
Okay, let's start with a basic exercise.
Jump in. Show me that you can perform.
It will never work.
Shall I give some acting lessons on how to play dead?
We need a real plan B, Bernard. Follow me.
I carefully examined the layout of this place. Boxer is quite heavy.
Like Bernard said, you have to find an opening.
And ... - Run and hide.
It's Fight Club time.
Not yet. Do not move. As a royal corgi, I ask you not to open the door.
She's already open. What's wrong with you?
Leave him alone. I'm taking over.
He has a stage fever. Come on, Rex.
I can't bear the sight of blue blood.
Calm down, it will be over before you know it.
Be strong, Rex. I believe in you.
Thank you, Wanda.
Well, look who's coming in.
I started thinking you wouldn't show up.
Ladies and gentlemen, give a warm welcome to our royal prey.
Today I bet three to one that the corgi will last for less than a minute.
Go for it, Rex. We are there for you!
Courage, Rex.
Thank you, Boxer,
but you don't fight tonight.
My friends,
What would you say if we change the chance
in 60 against one?
For your pleasure
and mine.
I will destroy this pathetic dog myself.
That was not the deal.
Can we not solve this in a more civilized way?
You are dead.
Apparently we are going to lose another cellmate.
In the red corner, me!
In the blue corner, my dinner.
I'm too cute to die.
Remember the plan, Rex.
Leave your action radius quickly, otherwise it will end very badly.
Well well.
It looks like your friend can walk faster than talk.
Come on, Tyson. Leave him alone.
And now let's have some fun.
I will proceed slowly.
Go ahead, pull, pull.
Yes, no member of the royal family is going to hurt.
Well, isn't it! - Tyson is furious.
I can't watch.
It is now or never!
Yes Yes!
No! - But what in ...
You are going to pay for that, Wanda.
What is happening here?
Go back to your cages.
You are dead, Wanda!
And stay in your cages. Now the competition will be over.
Wanda, are you okay?
For the time being.
Thank you for saving my life. You were very brave.
And very stupid. - You better get out of here.
Your days are numbered, I tell you. - Easier said than done.
According to me, either you are chosen by a visitor, which will be difficult,
or you ask the chihuahua for help. - The chihuahua?
Don't think about it!
Are you listening again? - I heard it too.
You said it yourself, Jack: Never kick Tyson on tiptoe.
For you this is the rule five, for me it is number one.
I worry. Hopefully there will be a visitor you choose tomorrow.
I'm staying, Jack.
You should not pretend to be a tough one.
You just have to give up and run away from here as quickly as possible.
No, I don't.
You can't keep fleeing from bullies like Tyson.
How should we deal with him?
You have to face reality. Thanks to Wanda you are not a thing of the past.
This is exactly the point. I could never have done it alone.
United we are strong, divided we are weak.
Our real fight is not against Tyson,
but against fear.
If we overcome them, we are free.
Together we can overcome that tyrant.
Bravo! - So you're participating?
No, but it was a good speech.
Perfect performance.
I am emotional, I was moved. I have tears in my eyes.
You already cry when they open a can of dog food!
Anyway, that crazy dog will kill us all.
I told you not to get involved with street dogs, Rex.
What kind of friend are you?
Here they come! It's visiting time!
Along here, along here!
Look, a corgi!
No ... Jack!
Don't say anything. That's what Friends Are For.
I want this one, mom.
Are you sure, honey? Don't you want to look around first?
No, mother. Please!
You have chosen a good puppy.
No, wait. I don't want to leave.
Some dogs are lucky!
Rex? - Don't worry, Wanda.
I'm coming back to save you. I promise.
Shall I help you, honey? - No mom.
He's mine, I want to wear it.
Hey, no, no! Back here!
I want another one.
OK, guys.
On the terrace! You need some fresh air.
Wanda, come here and now!
We still have a bill to settle.
He is going to destroy her.
We have to do something.
Forget it. We can't handle this.
Jack is right, we'd better stay out of it.
You can't stop Tyson if he's angry.
Why did you betray me for that pathetic corgi?
I have a weakness for dogs with a high bloodline.
You will regret your expensive taste.
What are you doing here? Are you crazy?
He came back for his girlfriend. That's so cute!
No, I came back for you, Tyson.
You are not a leader, you are a bully.
You don't deserve respect, you just sow fear.
And you deserve the right to a good beating.
Yes Yes! - Is that all you have?
We are not in a hurry, are we?
I'll show you who's in charge here, you.
Do you really think someone would follow a loser like you?
Who can be so crazy? - Me for example.
I'll deal with you later. Anyone else?
I? Serious?
What do I have to do with this?
Damn, it's good!
The saying goes, united we are strong! - I support it and ...
He is right in theater jargon.
But take it easy, please.
You have problems with anger management.
Does anyone have anything else to say? I am ready to tackle you all.
It really is a great time.
The biggest thing we have! Take him out, Boxer.
You are on your own, Tyson.
Okay, I'll do it myself.
I'm going to enjoy this.
Whenever you want, Tyson.
Can he talk? Go ahead, big man, let's see what you can do.
Yes! - Bravo!
What is happening here? - We can go better.
Do you remember my speech about freedom?
Here we go again.
No, no speeches. I really found a way out.
Come on, guys!
You know, Rex, I don't want to be on the street again.
Boss? - It's not that bad here.
With Tyson out of the way it will be great here.
It is very cold outside. Believe it or not, I hate winter.
Wanda - I thought you'd never ask.
Thanks everyone.
Can you believe it, Charlie?
Rex has only just died
and they erase all traces of him, as if he were never here.
You better keep quiet, Nelson, or they'll put you away too.
You have now become an old relic, you know.
How dare you?
Here we are! East West home is best.
After you, my lady.
And these two, who are they? - Half-breed and a street dog.
Do they think they live here?
Sorry you two, you are not welcome here. Get out.
Hold on, good man, I'll explain everything.
I'm the queen's corgi and your ...
They didn't recognize you. What now?
We sneak back inside. I know a way.
There was a hole in the wall right here.
This is how we escaped.
But it's gone. What are we doing?
I know of no other way to get in. - I have an idea.
I can not follow. You run too fast for me.
All right, wait here for me. I'll be back.
But where do you go ...
# The funeral of Rex # - What? I kill?
Come on, Charlie, the queen is waiting for us.
It's your coronation, for God's sake!
You can't be late.
Shut up, old fool.
I am now the new top dog,
so I decided to change a few things here.
First, I charge a 50% tax on dinner.
Tell me, don't you think you're a bit strict?
Secondly, I want to be addressed at all times with "excellence",
except for informal occasions, where you can call me "sire".
Yes, Excellency, sire.
Third, when I step past, I want you to look down.
Not too much, more or less ... something like that.
Have I been clear enough?
Yes, Excellency.
I didn't hear that well. Repeat!
Yes, Excellency, sire. - Yes, sir, excellence.
Now, you can dispose of while I prepare for my coronation.
Charlie is completely crazy.
He makes me miss the good old Rex.
Rex! - Wanda.
I have a surprise for you.
Wait, I have good news for you. Apparently ...
... I'm dead.
But what are you saying? - Watch? My own funeral.
Is that the queen? "Yes, and on the cross below, I am.
That's why nobody came looking for you.
Exactly. Charlie had it all planned and now he is top dog.
No, not. - No?
No, not if it's up to us.
U.S? - Hello, kid!
Surprise! - Jack!
Rule seven: Wanda does not accept refusal.
United ... - ... are we ...
... strong!
It's great to see you.
Tell me how you got out of the kennel?
It's much better if you don't know. - Maybe. I love how you think.
Let's hurry up. Bernard has a good idea to get into the palace.
Where's that damn dog?
Let him get along, okay?
Come on!
What is happening? - Stop them!
Hey! - We get them!
Come, don't let them escape!
Stop them! - Let's split up!
So who is the queen's top dog?
I will actually be, Charlie.
It looks like I'm back just in time
to prevent the queen from making a mistake.
You're still alive!
How could you cheat on me? You were my best friend.
But of course we are still friends, Rex.
We are not, you pushed me off the bridge.
How absurd. You slipped and fell.
Charlie, this is Wanda.
It is my pleasure to meet you.
I will show you that it was not intentional.
The proof is in the cupboard.
What proof? I know what happened, Charlie.
I was there too, remember?
Open the door and you'll see. - I will do it.
No, Wanda, it can be a trap!
End of game, Rex!
You survived the ice, show me how to handle fire.
I'm sorry, but I'm waiting for a gold necklace. Bye.
There you are.
Please, come over here. They are waiting for you.
Wanda, come, I need help.
Wanda, where are you?
What is happening?
Rex! - Do not move. I'm taking you out of here.
And you? - It's too heavy for two.
I don't want to leave!
See you soon, Wanda!
After the death of my dearest, dearest Rexy ...
Maybe I should first take a nap.
The honor is entirely up to me to give you the golden collar
for the queen's best friend.
Where is the golden collar?
What a circus.
Wanda - I'm above!
Wow! I didn't know she could fly.
What are you doing up there? - I'm trying to save Rex.
What did she say?
We will catch you!
I got her.
Where is she n? - Hey!
She disappeared like snow in the sun.
That was good. - Enough time wasted.
If we don't go in immediately, Rex will be roasted.
Guys, we have to save Rex.
I once shot a scene in which I ran into a burning building.
Help me!
I'm doing this. Get out of the way.
I can not see anything.
Me neither. - Rex!
Wow! - Rex! Wanda!
Guys, we have to put out the fire immediately.
Jack and the boss, get the hose.
Okay, understood. - Al, Bernard, come with me.
Dear God.
How do we get the hose out? - I will do it.
Good job, boss.
Yes, as I thought. Perfect.
Hold on tight.
I'm above!
I'll get them!
Watch out!
I think I have mastered it.
Now let a woman show you how to do it.
What are you waiting for?
I am coming!
Has anyone seen Rex?
Take a look at that room.
It is not possible that he made it.
There is no trace of Rex. - Rex!
I heard something.
And what was it? - Up here.
It's Rex! Rex!
He's in the chimney.
Come down. What are you waiting for? - I'm stuck.
What are you doing?
That's sweet!
You have to solve this situation, I'll be right back.
I have to get something right.
And so, on this extraordinary day of coronation,
we open a new chapter, a new beginning.
Hey! - Goodness!
What is happening here?
Give me my golden necklace!
Come here! Stand still!
Come on, Bernard. Push, higher.
Oh, oh, that hurt!
But you are with us again. - I have your collar.
Well well.
Look what a mess.
I see that you have quite destroyed this room.
We? - Rex, you're back!
Guys, it's so great to see you again.
What exactly is going on here, Charlie?
He wanted so badly to be the top dog that he threatened to burn the whole palace flat.
Did you really do this, Charlie? - It's our house.
Keep you out of it, Nelson.
Now I am going to end this once and for all.
You are more stupid than you look, mate.
You hoped I drowned when you pushed that bridge over me.
That's true. - Or you hoped I ended up in the gutter.
Without home and without love.
No, I thought you drowned.
We can arrange that for you, you know?
Yes, I agree, boss.
In any case, I am about to become the new top dog,
and my word is like gold. To say so.
You won't be, Charlie.
I say, once top dog, always top dog.
Why does he have to be the Queen's top corgi?
I have served Her Majesty very well and I have seniority!
I have every right.
Stop crackling.
You tried and failed.
No, Wanda.
I thought this was what you wanted.
I do not get it. All you talked about was being a top dog.
Not anymore.
If Charlie wants it so badly, he can have it.
I just want to be your top dog.
You are at the top of my list.
I love the love scenes.
This is what I call a class display.
You don't mean it, do you?
Of course it is.
Dear God!
What the hell happened here?
So you are still alive.
It was just a terrible mistake.
We thought a fox ...
I've missed you so much.
Oh, dear! This room needs to be updated.
Now I know where you were looking for love.
You have a good taste, Rexy.
Love lets everyone act in mysterious ways.
Isn't that right, Philip?
What? Oh yeah!
Very mysterious, I would say.
Am I calling the guards to take all those dogs away?
No, it won't be necessary.
It's time to have some new blood in the palace.
You mean the whole gang?
Why not? This house is big.
I thought you only had eyes for the corgi.
You are never too old to change your mind.
If you say so ... But who will be the top dog?
It is clear that Rexy already made that decision.
And last but not least,
true love and royal obligations can make life difficult for loved ones.
We did very well, didn't we, honey?
Yes darling. We're from the old school.
Well, come with me.
Many of you need a freshening up.
Then we will enjoy a wonderful dinner.
Now, and then we will live in the palace.
What a sensation!
Well, a good ending, you like that, right, Bernard?
Do you want to leave Charlie unpunished?
He will not go unpunished.
He has no idea what to expect.
Believe me.
After you, my lady. - Rex.
Charlie, always keep in mind
that as a top dog you have a multitude of responsibilities.
No, it's a nightmare!
I want to resign. Yes, I give up.
I am not suitable to be a top dog. Please.
That is what happens if you are the top dog.