The Quest: The Longest Drive (1976) Movie Script

The legend
of the Baudine brothers
Has etched itself
into frontier history
In the last quarter
of the 19th century.
Morgan "two persons" Baudine,
Captured by the Cheyenne and
freed 8 years later by the army.
Quentin Baudine, a young
doctor, from San Francisco.
Across thousands of miles
From the Missouri breaks
to the Canadian river,
From the Rockies
to the high plains,
Both join together in a search
for their sister, Patricia,
Still a captive
of the Cheyenne.
The legend
of the Baudine brothers.
This is their story.
This is the quest.
What's the matter, Santos?
Never seen a little mare
give you that much fuss!
What is it?
I know that brand.
The lazy h. A man i
used to know lives here.
Who is it?
A ranchman named hatcher.
Morgan, i wanted to get into
red bluffs by this evening.
We can still make it. Come on.
How do you
know this man hatcher?
Well, it is a long story,
But i will never forget
that brand.
6 horses, $5 a head.
I don't want no $5 a head
from you, Mr. Hatcher.
That's what i charge
the other ranchers.
You take it.
You fixing' to be so independent
and all. Don't do me no favors.
I don't suppose you changed
your mind about quitting.
I ain't changed my mind.
Then the devil take you!
What do you young men today
know about loyalty?
Spend years with a man
And then spit it out the
window like a wad of tobacco.
All you got right now
Is 2 wranglers and me,
Mr. Hatcher.
And i figure maybe if i go,
It'll stop you
from killing' yourself!
Running' out on me for my
own good, huh? Is that it?
You and that crazy route.
No one takes a herd
through the badlands.
And you've had too many
bad years to pull it off.
You're jinxed.
You ain't the end
of the world here!
I'll get me another ramrod
and other men!
With what?
You can't afford to pay like
the other ranches anymore.
And it is too late
in the season to move cattle!
Look, why don't you sell out
and sit down a few years?
You could use a rest.
I'll rest
when Im in my grave.
Mr. Hatcher,
I hope it is later,
rather than sooner.
Matthew Hatcher?
Two persons.
Two persons?
From chief ho Nehe's band.
Not that skinny little
towheaded kid with the freckles
And an Adams apple that looked
like he was eating' something'?
I never thought of
myself in those ways, but, yes.
I'll be.
You sure changed some
since i last seen you.
Tell me,
how long has it been?
I was 10 years old then.
How's Ho Nehe?
You know i was thinking' on him
just 2, 3 days ago.
He is dead, Mr. Hatcher.
Horse soldiers.
Seemed to be reaching the age
When news of old friends dying'
comes too often.
Mr. Hatcher,
this is my brother,
Quentin Baudine.
Seemed to recall
mention of him.
But everyone thought
you was dead.
Well, it took a few years,
But i finally caught up with
him, and proved otherwise.
Well, Im sure glad you did.
Glad to meet you, Quentin.
Hey, wasn't there a sister,
two persons?
She is still
with the Cheyenne.
Iron hawk's band.
Iron hawk?
Tough as his name.
Are you two planning
on bringing her back?
Because if you are, he'll
put up a hell of a fight.
We'll fight
if we have to.
Uh, we think we know
where they've made camp.
We're headed that way now.
Well, uh, look, look,
hold on a moment.
I got a herd going out
in a few days up to pueblo.
I could use
some good men.
Most others have signed on with
other outfits and gone north.
Look, i can pay $20
and the share.
That could work out
pretty good at the other end.
Any other time,
Mr. Hatcher, thank you.
Well, uh,
i sure could use you.
We-We plan to spend
the night in red bluffs
And then leave first thing
in the morning.
It is important.
We just stopped to say hello.
Ah. Ah.
You're sure?
Yes, thank you.
But if you should happen
to be in town tonight,
We could have food together.
Uh, thanks just the same.
Hey, mister,
I curried
and fed them horses
And gave 'em
brand new shoes.
You owe me 50 cents
apiece more.
Here's 2 bits.
Go buy yourself 5 beers.
I'm a peaceable man,
But you ain't making' it easy.
Thank you.
I do not believe
what i just saw.
Would you mind
doing' that again?
For a price,
I might do anything.
How much to board 'em
2 bits in advance.
So i don't have to do to
you what i did to them.
And that's each.
That's a little bit high,
isn't it?
They'll get grooming
and a measure of grain.
I'd say they need it.
No more than i do, friend.
Oh, he threw
his right front shoe.
Come on.
You know, Im so hungry i
don't know whether to eat first
And then take a bath
or vice versa.
Here it is.
This is the one
i did today.
Oh, tom.
Tom, it-It's so lifelike,
There's a whole story here.
And that man,
You can just feel him hurting,
Wanting to be free.
Do you really see
all that in there?
Oh, Bess.
Bess, you're so beautiful.
Hold it.
I wouldn't go no further
if i was you, Wakely.
I've heard
that speech before,
And i know
what you're leading' up to.
Now Bess might think it fine to
marry you, but i see it different.
Pretty pictures never put
no food on the table.
He can't even take care of
himself, much less a wife or a baby.
Oh, wait a minute, Bess.
You take your paper and your
pencils and you find yourself a job.
Oh, you guys still here?
You know, there ain't
no doctor in this town
In case you catch pneumonia.
Well, I happen
to be a doctor
And you don't ketch pneumonia
from taking' a bath.
My arms ache so bad
From fetching' and hauling'.
It ain't no Sunday picnic
hauling' this boiling' water.
Hey, now, look son. There is
no need for you to do that-
Well, you sure made
a mess, didn't you?
Suppose i have to clean up
after your little
Target practice.
Well, nothing like a man
who's grateful.
I heard tell
any buster worth his salt
Can break a green horse
While calmly Rollin'
a cigarette.
Well, that's right,
my friend.
But when he's finished, he
lights up and has a smoke.
Can an Irishman
get a drink around here?
Come on, don,
give me a whiskey.
For those of you
who don't know me,
The name's hatcher.
I got 1500 head needing'
to move up to pueblo.
I can pay $20 and a share.
That's short up front,
Long in the end.
Any takers?
How do like working'
for that four-Flusher Aames?
I'm sorry,
Mr. Hatcher,
But we're offered a better job
working' for him.
I always give you
fair treatment.
We know that.
Mr. Aames offered
more pay.
Well, you tell Mr. Aames
next time you see him
To keep out of my way,
you see.
I suppose you're
going' over to Aames, too, huh?
Because you push everyone
too hard.
I don't push anyone any harder
than i push myself.
And that is too hard.
No one will work
for you anymore, old man.
Anybody else talks to me
that way, Id kill 'em.
I think the bath
first was a good idea.
I'm not so sure.
Let's eat.
Mr. Hatcher.
Two persons.
Ah, you came
after all.
Well, Im not what you call fit
company tonight, two persons.
But, uh, you're welcome
if you want to sit down.
Would you have something
to eat with us?
I've had something.
Thanks, Doug.
What will you have?
Uh, Ill have a beer,
and supper for both of us.
Eats are over there.
And Ill fetch you the beers.
I'll get it.
Uh, i just lost my ramrod
to another rancher.
Oh, Mr. Aames.
I figured you would show up
sooner or later.
You drunk or just looking'
for trouble, like always?
I've drunk enough
to stand for all of my men
Being' hired away
by you.
You're dead, hatcher,
only you don't know it yet.
Why don't you go and find
yourself a hole and lay in it.
Mr. Hatcher.
Oh, no.
Get out of here.
I was only protecting myself.
Everybody here will testify to that.
Looks like he's finished. No, he's not.
I'm a doctor, get everybody
outta here. Get back.
Uh, clear the bar. Vamos.
Give me my gun!
I'll give this to the
sheriff. Now get outta here.
Come on, come on, come on.
Give me a couple of tables
under that light.
That's deep enough. Give me some
pressure here. It's bleeding too much.
Easy, easy.
Now give me the bistoury.
The bistoury.
Which one is it?
I'm sorry, it's the flat
one. The thin flat one.
How did it happen?
He and Aames
got into it.
I'll kill Aames for this.
The sheriff
is taking care of it.
You know Mr. Hatcher?
For many years.
Well, you can stay around. If you're
going to be useful, hold him down.
I can't risk him waking' up
and moving'.
Give me the probe.
Will he live?
I don't know that.
The bullet
entered his left side,
And it's right next
to his spine.
Now if i can get it out,
If i don't paralyze him
doing' it.
You gotta
- Don't talk to me right now.
I don't think i would like
to be a doctor.
You should live with one.
Bartender, give me
a tablecloth that's clean,
Something we can use for rags.
Uh, make sure it's clean.
Tear it into strips,
2 inches wide.
Well, your
ticker sounds all right.
I think you're going to make it.
Thought you two boys was all
fired set to getting north.
We were,
Until you got yourself
into trouble.
Guess i was out of order.
One of these days my
temper's going to get me buried.
Sorry sight i must seem
to you this way, two persons.
Not like the man
you met when,
When you was 10.
The man i met when i was 10
Would never have
felt sorry for himself.
But who's got a better right?
What you seen today
is all that's left of me
And my life.
A shot-Up, battered,
Ruin of a man.
And the ranch ain't no better.
The laudanum's taking effect,
just let yourself go to sleep.
10 years,
15 years ago, we was
The best in the territory.
Had me my missus then,
and my boy,
And the whole world
outside my doorstop.
Where are they now,
Mr. Hatcher?
Outside my doorstop.
Lost Ethel
The winter of '68,
November the 11th, 6:40 p. M.
Son carl was next.
Was teaching' him
to brand a steer.
Got his head stomped in
By a no-Good-For-Nothing'.
He was only 9.
Shot that steer 6 times,
Crying' all the time.
How did things get so bad,
Mr. Hatcher?
After my family died,
i just sort of went to seed.
By the time i come out of it,
i was too far gone.
Drove too hard,
was too scared.
No way to make up for it.
The bank's gone with me
as far as it'll go.
If i don't make this drive,
And i lose everything,
The ranch,
that's the end of me.
You can bury me out there
with my wife and son.
My life would have gone
for nothing'.
Mr. Hatcher,
I do not know much
about cattle,
But maybe we could
find others who do.
And we could help you
on this drive.
Only thing is you know how far
i got by trying' to hire men.
Well, there must be men who
need work. I will find them.
Could i talk to you
for a second?
What are you
thinking' about?
That's 2 months' work
at least.
Quentin, when i was 10
we had a very bad winter.
I don't want to hear
your past history.
There was no game finally, even for
the wolves. I'm not going to like this.
Everyone went to sleep
hungry and cold.
And some of the old people
and children began to die off,
I think i began
to die with them.
And one day this man
came in on a horse,
And 12 steers,
And he-He warmed his hands by
our fire and then he rode away.
He never even asked
for a payment, or thanks.
All he said was,
"I near froze to the saddle
getting' 'em up here.
Do not aim
to take 'em back down. "
You don't figure
i evened that score
By patching' him up?
I will only offer myself.
Quentin, i have to do
what i can to help him.
Would you even like me
if i did otherwise?
We'll try.
Mr. Hatcher,
You cannot think of anyone
that will work for you?
Not since Santos left me.
Unless we're forced to
Scrape the bottom
of the barrel.
I think we are.
Well, there's-There's plenty
at the stables. Tucker.
He's older now, but maybe...
he had it once, anyway.
I hear Walter Lucas
is back in town.
And there's the janitor
of the bathhouse,
i don't want to think anymore,
Im getting' depressed.
I can see that you
know and care about horses.
But do you know anything
about cattle?
I'm probably
the best black cowboy
That ever rubbed
his legs raw on a drive.
Believe it or not,
It's all up to you.
Where did you
do all this 'cowboying'?
Ranch in Texas.
I was born there.
After that great wonderful
war that they talked about,
I took my freedom and went
Where i wasn't a black man.
That was on a trail drive.
And i worked hard.
But i become
the best there is.
Now i don't
Pay much attention to this
black and white business,
But it's always nice
to have the best.
How would you like
to come along?
Now, the pay's not much
up front, it's only $20.
But with a share,
By the end of the drive you
could do real good for yourself.
Maybe $50.
Are you running' stolen cattle
or what?
No, no.
It's hatcher's drive.
You mean old man hatcher?
Yeah, they say-Say he's jinxed or
something. Now if that worries you...
All you gotta do
is step out on the trail.
Luck and god
kiss you goodbye.
A man can get stampeded,
Drowned, dragged,
gouged, stomped,
Frozen and fried
all in one day.
Jinx. Every day's a jinx.
Hey, he's having' trouble
finding' men, ain't he?
W- What makes you think that?
You're asking' me, ain't you?
You figuring' Im too old?
I'm asking' you, ain't i?
I'll go.
I'll show these people
around here
I ain't no stable boy.
Mr. Lucas.
That's right.
Can we talk?
I got more important things
to do, boy.
This is important.
I usually only say things
one time.
It is about Matthew Hatcher.
He going to live?
I think maybe so, yes.
Come on up, boy.
I wasn't planning'
on no spectators.
Yeah, i don't pay you to
talk, Fran. Get up there.
Oh, want a drink, boy?
I ain't refusing'.
Mr. Hatcher says that
12 years ago,
You were the best wrangler
on his ranch.
I was.
Then i left hatcher and i,
I signed on with one of
them outfits in a range war.
Killed a couple people
In the line of duty
i guess you would say.
Now it never seems to stop.
The last kid trying'
to prove himself
Was 17, 18 years old,
i guess.
Well, there's nothing more,
I got me
a close personal relationship
Needs developing'.
Mr. Hatcher needs help.
Boy, i can't even
help myself.
He's taking 1500 steers
on a drive.
And no one will help him.
Yeah, well.
I heard he's had
a bad run of luck.
A long run.
Mr. Lucas,
He needs you bad.
Say, uh, did Matthew
ever tell you
How he helped me?
He wouldn't.
He's not the type.
He's the one man in the world
i owe something' to.
Where's this drive end up,
Pueblo, that's on the way
to Chicago.
Let's go.
Oh, uh...
sorry, Fran,
guess Im outta the mood.
Well, i ain't.
Here you go, girl.
Take care of yourself.
Well, uh,
I guess it's time
i quit playing' the bad guy
And went on back
to see my family, huh?
Mr. Hatcher said that you
used to ride chuck wagon.
I use to do a lot of things.
Would you be interested in
going on another cattle drive?
I've rode with some
of the best outfits of my time
And i was paid
real proper, too.
Of course, i had a lot
of dignity back then.
Before the bottle got to me,
And old age.
But drunk or sober,
I could feed a man
and keep him happy.
We need a cook,
But he'd have
to stay sober.
I'll give it a try.
Hi, sweetheart.
Are you ready?
Hurry up.
But i,
Ive never eloped before.
Well, neither have i.
Neither have i.
I got just a few things.
Oh, Bess, we don't have
time for all of this stuff.
Give me your hand.
You're taking everything
you own?
You don't expect me to elope
with what i have on, do you?
Yes, i do.
Open up.
What's going on here?
Nothing, father.
Is this what i think it is? No.
Wakely? Is that you out there,
you no-Good-For-Nothing' squirrel!
Where's my gun?
Father, don't shoot him!
I love him!
Oh, father, don't!
Mr. Hatcher.
I have your drones.
Bring 'em over.
Come on in, fellows.
Here they are.
Hello there, tucker.
Mr. Hatcher.
Lucas, it's been a long time.
Yeah, longer, longer for
me than you, i reckon.
This is all
you got?
Well, there are 2 more,
But they will join us
on the trail.
So, you're all going to
do me a big favor
By going on the drive,
are you?
Let me tell you something'.
You ain't doing' me no favor,
I sure ain't doing' you one.
All of you been
on drives before,
But you've most likely forget
what they was like.
A thousand miles of nothing',
Except dirt and grit
and heat
And sore bottoms
And aches in places
you wished you didn't have.
I said we wasn't going to
do one another no favors.
Maybe i was wrong about that.
Because yesterday at this time
I wouldn't have given myself a chance
in hell of ever getting' this drive going'.
But now,
Looking' at you,
I figure we're all going to
make it.
Because we've gotta make it.
Because we got nothing'
to look forward to
Except the end of the drive.
'Cause there ain't
nothing' here for any of us.
Sign 'em up!
Whoa. Whoa.
Uh, Mr. Hatcher.
I'm Wakely.
Remember me?
I was sketching over at
the corral the other day.
Yeah, i remember you.
Thomas r. Wakely, Jr.
I'd sure appreciate it if you'd
take me along with you on your drive.
Uh, the sooner the better.
Mr. Thomas R. Wakely, Jr.
Judging' by your dress,
You wouldn't know the hind
end of a cow from the Drother.
What makes you think
you're a cowboy?
Well, Im-I'm
a real hard worker.
There's no reason
why i can't dress differently.
I learn real fast. After all, i
- I'm a Yale man.
Well, Mr. Yale
man, whatever that is,
Put your signature on the book
and let's see if it's legible.
Yes, sir.
What's that,
cooler? What have you go here?
I thought we had a deal.
You saw me driving.
I'm doing my job.
You broke your promise.
I haven't been sober in
20 years. Or clean either.
Hey, now wait a minute!
Now wait.
Hey, now wait a minute!
Wait a minute!
Wait a minute!
Wait a minute!
I'll take care of this myself.
I'll go to the bathhouse.
Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
My boots!
I'll get your boots.
You take care
of that hat now.
You understand?
Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
Oh, we don't have time
for this.
It's worse
than i remembered.
You're getting better.
A saddle
on two persons' pony.
I never thought
Id see the day.
This world will take some
getting used to, this cowboy.
Nice pair of chaps,
Who's in charge here?
We are.
We heard in town that you're taking'
out a drive and can use hands.
You heard what the pay is?
Yeah, we heard.
Have you had
any experience?
As much as anyone
around here has.
You wanted for anything?
Well, uh,
In these parts, it's usual
not to ask questions like that,
But Ill answer you.
We ain't wanted,
and we're not running',
And we'll cause you
no trouble.
What we want
is work.
That's right.
We need the pay.
You sign up
with Mr. Hatcher.
He's in the house.
Come on. Whoa.
I know.
But we do need them.
You all right?
Fancy pants
don't make a cowboy, Arbuckle.
I'd rather brand Billy don's
hind end than the steer's.
You want to try again?
I'm going to have some words with
him. He had no cause to do that.
I think Wakely
can take care of it himself.
He just does not
know that yet.
Well, now maybe you don't
want to try again.
All right.
All right, McKinnon, let's
get this straight right now.
You want me to take
you apart in front of all these men?
Ok, now, you-You're new
at this, Arbuckle.
But i want to tell you,
it hurts when Billy don hits.
I think
you're all mouth, McKinnon.
Now you stay out of this.
This is between him and me.
Yeah, he's right.
He's right.
Let's go.
He ain't nothing
but a city slicker.
Come on, let it go now.
Come on, Billy don.
That's it, Wakely.
Come on, Wakely.
Come on, Billy don, don't
just look at him. Hit him.
Just do it.
Come on, come on!
Go get him, boy.
Never seen anybody fight
like that?
That's what you call boxing.
Get him off!
Come on, do it.
Get him on his feet, Wakely.
That's it. Come on!
Come on, Wakely.
Come on.
Come on, Wakely,
come on. Keep him on his feet.
Use your left.
Come on, jab him, Wakely.
Come on, Billy don,
hit him!
Wakely, use your left.
Come on. That's it.
That's it.
Get up, Billy don.
Don't just lay there.
Get up. Get up.
Is that enough?
Is the fighting over now?
Good. We have work
to get back to.
Ow! It hurts.
Hey, McKinnon.
Let me ask you something.
What's that?
What does it mean?
It's what i ain't going to
call you no more.
All right, come on,
give it to me.
Put these back here now.
Will you wait a minute?
I've only got 2 hands.
Hatcher wants to have 'em to
brand any mavericks on our trail.
Come on down, cooler. I'll...
look at it this way.
You could have been bitten
by that snake my brother shot.
Either way
the snake would've died.
You all right?
I've got a rash.
Oh, it'll take a few days
to get over that.
Meanwhile, Quentin
has some salve.
Oh, sounds wonderful.
How you feeling?
Let's get one thing straight.
I don't want you around
nurse maiding'.
You're here to push cows
and not to push me.
Just do what i tell you
to do, i won't push it.
I got you an extra supply
of laudanum
And some bullets for you
to bite on.
I don't need no bullets
as long as i got this.
We're going to head northeast
And join the goodnight-Loving'
trail until the Colorado badland.
Then straight up to pueblo.
Do we have to cross 'em?
Yeah, Ive been up
to them badlands.
I swore Id never go back.
I've heard they can kill you.
They can, but
we are not going to let 'em.
There've been
Indian uprisings.
But we go around the extra 300
miles, we'll miss the market.
Then none of us
will get any shares.
I ain't a quitter.
I don't want to hear no talk
of quitting' from you neither.
You'll learn fast out there.
You'll prove up.
You'll show 'em!
Well, what're you waiting' for?
Get these things moving!
Mr. Hatcher. Mr. Hatcher.
Mr. Hatcher.
Hold up, cooler.
Stop, go, stop, go!
What do you want?
What're you doing' here?
I have an amulet.
What's that?
The jinx cannot harm me.
An amulet.
I suppose you got drunk
And spent all of that 30 bursting'
dollars on some stove-Up woman.
You coming'?
Someone has to be there
to bury you.
Well, we'll see
who buries who.
What're you doing' standing'
there? Get to work.
Hoo. Hoo, cattle.
Oh, let's go.
Ho, cattle. Ho, cattle.
Go. Go up there.
Hey, Mr. Cooler,
it smells real good.
Will you open some of those
air-Tight cans.
Get corn and tomatoes.
Just give me
a little more-
It will be here when you come
back. Will you do what i tell you?
Yes, sir.
All right, come on, come
on, come on. Who's here?
Pointed out to you exactly.
Will you get your thumb
out of your food?
Say, tucker,
Ever been on a drive before?
Yeah. How many drives
have you been on?
2 or 3.
That was before.
Yeah, before i started
using' my gun.
I had my wife then.
And i dragged her and the kid
from place to place,
No roots nowhere.
My wife was getting'
near the end of the line
When i got slapped in jail
for 2 years.
Got out,
I heard
that she'd been working'.
Being' friendly to men.
Supporting' the kid, you know.
Was hatcher
had found out
And he-He paid their fares
back to Chicago.
And i-
I never been able
to catch up since.
Is that why you took this job?
You might say
it's a new start.
Say, you know, tucker,
i been thinking',
This here drive
ends up in pueblo,
There ain't no reason why i
can't make a go of it in Chicago.
I'd get to my wife
and daughter back.
And Id never leave again. I'll
tell you that. I'd never leave again.
She wouldn't be lonesome
like she was before.
I'd get me a house,
Be with civilized folks
and have friends over.
Don't you think
that'd make her happy?
I don't see how it wouldn't
make anyone happy.
Yeah, nothing' fancy,
mind you.
But just a nice house
in town.
Now me, i got my eyes on a
piece of land in New Mexico.
I can get it real cheap.
Worst piece of land in the
country. Nobody wants it.
That way everybody will leave
this old boy all alone.
Amen, brother. Amen.
Lay it down.
Time it just right,
little brother.
When the hair grows back,
we can put on our own brand.
We done about a dozen, jess.
Now, ain't that enough?
Quit looking' so scared.
I know lots of big ranchers
started out this way.
Yeah, pappy got himself killed
starting' out this way.
Men like hatcher steal a
few cows from each other
And it's ok.
They call it enterprising,
'cause it's amongst friends.
Pappy wasn't their friend,
So they hung him,
Without a trial or nothing'.
We going to cold-Brand
a couple dozen more,
Pull out quiet one night,
Put our own brand
on them beeves,
And they ain't never
going to prove rustling' on us.
Come on, let's go.
We just got
to be a little smarter'
Than everybody else,
Billy don. That's all.
Hey, bunch-Quitter,
Ill get you back.
Moving forward.
Rider down!
He's dead.
His neck's broken!
Bury him!
I don't believe in jinxes,
But this is an awful way
to start off.
This is just the beginning,
When we get to pueblo,
I'll send Lucas wife
and daughter his share.
Not much consolation,
though, is it?
It's strange to think that
he'll never enjoy anything again.
A cup of hot coffee,
A woman,
The sunrise.
I have the feeling
That Lucas would rather
have had it like this
Than to be shot down
in an alley somewhere.
Hey, two persons.
Got another double 'a'.
Put it in with the others.
I'll tell hatcher.
All right.
You didn't have
nothing' to eat, eh?
Got any complaints?
I always got complaints.
Jess, my brother's
still on watch out there?
He's out on it now.
You figure on going back
out yourself?
I'm thinking' about it.
Mr. Hatcher,
We brought in another
double 'a' stray today.
Remember Dalton Aames,
the man who shot me
And hired all my hands away?
That's his outfit, double 'a'.
His boys brought a herd
through here about 2 months ago,
Early in the season.
Keep 'em with ours.
I'll sell 'em in pueblo.
Want to see his face
when i give him the money.
Settle for my commission
and aggravation.
After what he did to you,
you will do him this favor.
Two persons,
just 'cause i hate his guts
Don't mean
i don't have no honor.
Where were you,
McKinnon? It's your watch.
Making sure you have
a good time.
Well, why don't you go
and join the fun?
Saved some pie for you.
Hey, look at this.
You know, Wakely,
If i had your talent, i sure wouldn't
be out here nurse maiding' cattle.
You say that.
I tell you, there's something
about this kind of life
Which Ive never experienced
anything like it.
What i hope to do
with these drawings
Is show the city people what
it's really like out here.
I mean, it's-It's hard.
The grimness of death.
But also,
All this open space.
Feeling of freedom.
Anyway, that's what Im trying
to get in these pictures.
I don't know.
I've seen a lot of photographs
of dead men before.
But they all look
like they were asleep.
But that picture
shows you death.
You can feel it.
Thanks, tucker.
You know, son, you're right.
There ain't a cowboy
worth his spurs
That would want to end up
in a boot hill or a cemetery.
He'd want the open spaces.
The sky for a blanket.
Old man hatcher's
taking' it pretty hard.
He always has.
I was with hatcher
on his last drive.
At the fording place on the
Salado, we lost most of the herd.
The water was bad.
The cattle drank and died.
And on the way home, 2 men
were struck by lightning.
You were still riding
with him?
Yes, why do you suppose that is?
Why are you here?
I have my reasons.
I owe him a lot.
So do i.
I promised myself Id never
ride with hatcher again,
But here i am.
He pushes too hard,
he yells at you,
He tells you,
you aren't worth anything,
And you can hate him
but you go along.
Maybe it's because
he wants so badly to make it,
Or maybe it's because
he needs you
But doesn't know
how to say it.
Faster, faster. Come on!
Come on!
All right now.
Come on.
Come on here!
Didn't i tell you.
I know.
They've been following us
for days.
Well, why ain't you
up there talking' to 'em?
Because it is not yet time
for talk.
I know them.
And for now, we wait.
Just let the herd
move on ahead.
I ain't just going to sit
and let 'em pick us off.
Hey, we can take 'em easy.
I say we wipe 'em out!
Make one move for that rifle
and i will shoot you myself.
Keep still.
This is their way of testing.
A display of strength.
You're sure they're not trying
to spook the cattle.
It's us
they're trying to scare.
I think it's working.
Look, McKinnon,
my brother warned you now.
Hey, now put it away!
If he says wait. We wait.
"To all outfits,
"This man is a good Indian.
"Treat him right
and you will have no trouble
Driving through his land. '
Dalton Aames!
Two persons, cut out them cows
with a double 'a' brand.
Hey, cooler,
imagine Aames' face
When he finds out he's feeding' the
whole tribe of Arapahoe this winter. Huh?
Well, what are you waiting' to
run for, cooler? Get moving'!
Giddy up! Giddy up!
What's happening, cooler?
What the hell are you doing?
I'm doing' the best i can!
Hey, up from here!
Look what's behind us!
Wagon in trouble!
Tucker, come here!
Tucker, the horses!
Push it, tucker!
Hurry up, to the wagon!
Hurry up!
Keep it steady, cooler.
Tie it off now, Morgan.
That's it. Now, come on,
cooler. Keep it steady.
Ready yet!
We're good! Pull them!
Come on, pull now!
Hurry. Tucker!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
You all right, tucker?
No, stay down.
Stay down.
Get him some water.
It's his back.
Tucker, your back is hurt
now lay down.
Let me rest
I'll be all-All right.
I'm all right.
Is that too hot?
No, it feels fine.
What does it do?
He never knows,
but it always works.
Might even grow some hair
on your head.
When we started out
I didn't give a hoot an
a holler about any of you.
But you've proved up.
You're all good men and i think
you're beginning' to know it now.
You help me
get my herd through,
Your shares are doubled.
Thank you, sir.
Well, thanks, Mr. Hatcher.
Mr. Tucker.
I just want to thank you for
what you done for me today.
You're welcome.
Mr. Cooler,
where's my coffee, huh?
Are we waiting'
for the snow to fly?
Give me the coffee.
Could use some doctoring'.
Stay and have a dollop
How many years
we known each other?
Too many.
Just a minute, i ain't
through with you yet.
I remember
the first time i seen you.
You was hanging' on
to your mama's skirts,
And bawling' your eyes out
like i was going to eat you alive.
If Id been smart,
i would have run away then.
About 5 or 6 years
or whatever,
All kids look the same to me.
Is this going' somewhere
or can i get back to work?
Your mama worked for me
15, 20 years.
I brought you up
with my boy.
I always treated you
like a son, didn't i?
Yes. You treated us both
the same.
But i forgave you.
Damn it!
Why are you so smart-Alecky?
It's only
out of self-Defense.
Well, what i am trying
to get at
Is my ranch is the only home
you've ever known.
And what i am also trying
to get at,
Is i ain't going to live forever.
What Im saying' is,
when this drive is over,
Will you come back with me
And be part of my house?
I didn't hear that.
When Im dead
the ranch will be yours!
This is the first time Ive ever
seen you with your mouth shut. Huh?
I would like that.
I didn't hear you.
I said yes.
Now go on
and get outta here.
Now don't go telling everybody
what we talking' about.
I wouldn't want to know
i had a half-Breed for a son.
We gotta pull out
soon, jess.
Don't worry or you'll
get old before your time.
Come on, giddy up.
There is a waterhole ahead.
And 3 men camped by it.
Uh, squatters.
Happens every drive i take.
Some no-Good worthless scum
Stakes out a waterhole and
tries to charge you for it.
I ain't never paid 'em
and i ain't going to now.
What do you want to do
about it?
You better go back to the herd
and hold 'em there.
They mustn't get
a smell of that water
Or they'll trample themselves
trying to get to it.
Bring 'em up
100 at a time.
Cooler and i will go ahead
and take care of the squatters.
I'll send Quentin
to help you.
I'll ride ahead
of the first 100
To make sure
there's no trouble.
Leave me alone, cooler.
All right.
They're only kids.
Don't let that fool you.
We can shoot better
than most growed men.
This is free land.
Not no more it ain't.
Cost you $20 to water here.
Well, if that ain't
the bull's behind!
I don't want to talk to you
no more. Get me your father?
We ain't got none. And if you don't
talk to me, you don't talk to no one.
I ought to blow all of you
young ones clean apart.
You won't.
Man like you ain't got the
heart to shoot children.
We might shoot you.
You're bluffing'.
You're squatting'
on this land.
Show 'em we mean business.
Now those men there, might
not shoot you, little man.
But i will.
Go on, drop 'em.
You was right.
We was just coming' along and
found this here old waterhole.
We needed money
so we squatted.
You got no family.
You've no place to go?
We had our pa
till a month ago.
He went to bring supplies
and never come back.
Either he ran off on us
or got himself killed.
That don't make no never mind.
We can always get by.
That's what worries me.
You can't lock us up in jail,
we're too young.
You're right about that.
I sure hate to turn you loose
on the world.
Don't see that
you have much choice, do you?
Since being
we ain't got no choice,
You'll take my advice, you'll
stick to the legalities from now on.
Now, i thank you
for your advice, sir.
You know, it seems to me
Like y-You might give us
some money for our travelling',
Seeing' as
how we are poor orphans.
They're just
wolf pups now,
I can imagine them
in 5 or 10 years.
We shouldn't
have left the herd, jess.
They're going to miss us.
Will you shut up
with your bellyaching'?
Now that herd's awful jumpy.
What with them wolves.
By the time anyone comes to take
over watch, we'll be long gone.
Hatcher's shorthanded
as it is.
He won't trail out after us
for the sake of a few head.
I just don't like
what we're doing'.
I mean, hatcher and them,
they've all been real good to us.
Put that iron down,
Now, Quentin.
Uh, Quentin-
You heard him, jess.
Put it down.
Now, two persons, look.
Now, look, i ain't going to make
no excuses for what we done here.
Just let us go.
No. I cannot do that.
. You signed on with hatcher.
You're going to talk to hatcher.
I don't aim to be the guest
of honor at no hanging'.
Jess, wait. Jess, no!
Don't fire that gun!
Here they go.
They've shot gunned
6 ways to Sunday.
It's going to take us at
least a day to round them up
I know. There are at least
100 scattered to the east.
Let's keep moving.
Giddy up.
There's another one,
Mr. Hatcher.
Oh, jess.
I- I-I found my brother.
There wasn't much-Much left
To-To bury.
Let's take these in.
Feeling' better?
It's getting' better.
That axle grease
seems to work.
Looks like we got 2
doctors in the family.
Sure do.
Hey, Santos.
How is it?
8 horses still missing.
And mine's worn out.
Never seen the like.
Going' from bad to worse,
right on down the line.
Ain't you got one of them
patron saints
That take care of things
at times like this?
I been thinking'.
Maybe we're all being tested,
you know?
The saints,
They don't like to interfere
in these things.
Well, either
Im a great doctor
Or you're
a piece of leather.
Mr. Hatcher?
Jess McKinnon is dead.
The fact is, Mr. Hatcher,
Quentin and two persons caught
me and jess cold branding'.
Jess wouldn't have it any
other way but to shoot it out.
That's what
started the stampede.
I'd do anything i can
to pay you back.
I'll-I'll finish the drive
with no pay.
No, no.
Never in my life worked
a man without paying' him.
Sorry about your brother.
But it wasn't you Mr. Hatcher.
The rustling'.
He just had all-
All this hate eating' in him
Ever since they hung pappy.
Go get yourself some food
or cooler will get insulted.
Yes, sir.
I'll come with you.
Well, he's still riding herd.
Hadn't seen him around,
afraid we'd lost him, too,
And nobody knew it yet.
It's not time yet.
Go on in.
The food is still warm.
I'm all right.
Not from where i sit.
You didn't sleep.
Yes, i did. A few minutes.
Go on in.
I know what you're thinking',
You can't go
another step today.
And maybe you're wondering'
about tomorrow as well.
Well, Im saying'
you can go another step
And another
and another after that.
You can go as far
as you have to
Because Im saying' it.
And it's gospel.
I don't want to hear
no bellyaching'.
I just want to hear grunts
from you trying'.
Is that clear?
We've gone more than halfway.
So it don't make no sense to
try and turn around and go back.
There's one thing
i will do for you.
I'll stick
to the regular trail.
Doesn't that put
an extra month on it?
I thought you said it would
make us late for the market.
Well, maybe that was
a little bit of greed talking'.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
And what happens if we just follow
your route right through the badlands?
Well, we gotta push,
And push and push until we get
to the other side and water.
For 40 hours of hard driving'.
We all got a stake in this.
The quicker we get
that the herd to pueblo,
Better we get paid.
That's right.
You know,
my granddaddy used to say,
"Trust in the lord. "
But i don't trust in nobody
but us.
All right, somebody come on
and help me up on that horse.
All right,
then let's git, huh?
All right, let's go.
Mr. Hatcher, you, uh, you
just might have a chance.
Of what?
Of outlasting your jinx.
We're near outta water.
We better keep moving'.
You know, cattle is unruly
when they're thirsty.
Sometimes they go blind.
No more water to cook with,
No one hungry,
Couldn't even work up enough
spit to chew a biscuit.
Well, this is the end of it.
You know,
i knew a horse once,
Old Jake.
Texas pony.
That smartest horse
Id ever seen.
He wouldn't work a watch
more than 2 hours.
You had to stay out
a little longer,
You had to ride back to camp,
Fool around a couple minutes,
Mount up again.
See, that way old Jake figured
he was taking' on a new turn.
Wasn't working' overtime
on the old one.
Darnedest thing i ever seen.
Can't keep my eyes open.
Well, here.
Try rubbing' 'em with some, uh,
tobacco juice.
It's going to burn like hellfire,
But you'll stay awake.
It should be here.
Quentin, we could be lost
Or maybe
The landmarks have changed.
Wind, rain.
I have known just one storm to
change the look of hundreds of miles.
Ah, we will let the men
rest soon,
And then i will look
for the water again.
Come on, get. Come on, move on.
Go now.
Go, get up there.
Don't quit know.
Go, cattle.
Who says it
would be bad to die?
Right now
it would feel nice
And cool.
God, i loved football.
I went to Yale
To study art.
I hated the classes.
Only thing i was good at
was football.
Played halfback.
The last game i played,
it was against Princeton.
6 inches of mud.
A scoreless tie.
Oh, god.
You should've been there.
You could play that game,
you know.
Someday i will.
Cooler. Cooler.
Do you hear it?
This way.
The herd.
They smell water.
Yeah. Uh-Huh. Uh-Huh.
Got to move the cattle,
there's water.
They'll drown themselves
going for the water.
I found that water.
You found that water.
The animals found the water.
You like it, boys.
It's great.
Well, that smells good.
Mr. Hatcher, i don't know
what you're made of.
According to every
medical book Ive read,
You should be buried
out there somewhere.
I think we should
hole up here for a few days.
Let you all get a rest,
Let the cows get
some meat on their bones.
And cooler, here.
Why don't you-
I ain't going' in!
Next stop, pueblo.
Push 'em to the left.
Ho, cattle, ho, ho!
Hold 'em up there. Ho.
Come on, now, ho.
I just don't drink.
I can't wait to get
back to tell the folks at home
I got me a son now.
You weren't so happy about having
it known when we were on the trail.
A couple of these in me
Makes me liberal.
Hey, maybe with
a couple of drinks in me,
I would rather
not have it known
That i have you
for a father.
Ladies and gentlemen,
On behalf of the cattlemen's
association of pueblo,
I'd like to welcome you.
We figured we'd seen the last
of these drives 2 months ago.
So in appreciation,
As soon as you've drunk
all that you can,
We're turning' the whole hotel
over to you.
Wakely, there's
a telegraph come for you.
Thank you, tucker.
Hey, tucker.
You're still
the prince of wales.
You're going to stay on
in town for the winter?
Nah, i know some outfits
that need hands.
You know, winter work's a whole
lot different than trail drive.
You knew
how to play this game.
Where did you learn
how to play this game?
I'm going to read my telegram.
You want to ride up with me?
Don't make no sense for me
to be sitting' around town
When i could be making' me
some dollars.
Hold up there, tucker.
You're getting' too old
to be working' so hard.
I want you to come back
to my ranch with me.
As what? Stable boy?
I deserve more than that.
That's what i was saying'.
I accept.
Hey, wait a minute everybody.
I got myself another job.
Oh, very good.
Yeah, that's great.
There this a magazine in the
east called harper's weekly.
I sent them a whole slew of
my pictures a long time ago.
And now Bess writes me and
tells me that they bought one.
You did some really
good work on the drive,
You could sell
some of those.
Well, that's just it, they
want to see more of my work.
It's just like i told you.
All the people in the east
Are starting to be curious
about what it's like out west.
They should see it
the way we've seen it.
Anyway i was talking' to some
of these army boys in here,
And they said that they're
sending out a detachment next week,
And i thought maybe
i could go along with them
And make some army paintings.
You know,
have-Have another set ready.
Wait a minute,
the whole drive
All i heard about was, "Bess,
Bess. I love Bess. " What about Bess?
That's right, what about Bess?
I- I still-
I still love Bess, of course.
But i think
her father was right.
I- I still have
a lot more to learn
Before Im ready to go home
and settle down.
I'm going to write to her
and tell her that i love her.
Ah, who am i kidding?
I'm going to marry her
and bring her along with me.
You're right.
Who are you kidding.
Quentin, Im out.
Let me buy you
another beer.
I- I never realized
What those 12 steers hatcher left
us in the village would mean to me.
I don't know about you,
Morgan, but i feel real good.
I did not think we will feel so
good about it tomorrow morning.
Come on, all of you.
Come over here,
gather around.
Well, y'all got your $20
And another $30
share besides.
That's pretty good money
in my book.
Remember, boys,
way back in red bluffs
I said we was going to make it
Because we didn't have
anywhere to go.
Well, now we got
everywhere to go.
Now just don't
hold it up to me
If you come looking' for
a job again next year.
Because i don't want the folks
back home to know i gone soft.
It's been a pleasure.
And from now till you fall
flat on your ugly faces,
The drinks is on me!