The Quiet Ones (2014) Movie Script

What is the supernatural?
Hmm? Anyone?
Like ghosts or spirits or devils?
Those are examples.
Actions or events which we
cannot explain through science.
Before the discovery of a
pathogenic theory of medicine,
people believed that sickness
was caused by evil spirits.
A show of hands, if you get sick,
who here would rather see
a priest before a doctor?
Who here believes in God?
Heaven? Hell?
The apocalypse?
Really? No one here believes
in ghosts. Interesting.
David Q., one of my first patients,
was a perfectly normal
12-year-old boy.
One day, that all changed.
Who are you drawing, David?
You know.
Tell me again, to the camera.
Mr. Gregor,
the man that makes things happen.
What if you could prove that
the supernatural was merely
a manifestation of what already
exists in the mind, the subconscious?
- What you're doing is immoral.
- Traitor.
That was disgusting.
How dare you do that?
- It's not disgusting!
- You left!
No, don't take it personally.
Don't take it personally.
The onus is on the scientist
to prove himself.
So, where to start?
With the individual.
You cure one patient,
you cure all mankind.
KRISSI: You have no idea.
You don't get to have an opinion.
- PHILLIP: You don't know how crazy...
- It's so bizarre.
Harry, will you take
that for me? And this?
Phillip, you're
welcome back anytime.
Let's have a chat. I'll see
you guys back at the house.
COUPLAND: There's not much of a budget,
everyone's working for science.
Your job would be to document
every step of the experiment.
I hope you don't scare easily.
Do you speak?
Of course.
Tell me about yourself, Brian.
There's not much to tell.
I like cameras, that's
my nature, I guess.
To be curious?
To film.
And what's your passion?
Yes, what story are you looking
for with that camera of yours?
I don't know, everything.
Are you a believer?
My mother's religious.
My father's a banker, a clerk.
My father works in town,
my mother is at home.
I wonder,
are you avoiding my question out of a
reluctance to talk about yourself,
or because you're
genuinely confused?
Uh, I suppose I don't know
what I believe in yet.
Well, that's fair enough.
Well, Brian,
welcome to the experiment.
You are our official chronicler.
I work with the A.V., the
audiovisual department.
But you are a student here, no?
No, I'd never get in here.
So how did you get involved
with the Experiment?
I volunteered as a subject.
Professor Coupland, or
Joseph if you like,
he thought I was all wrong.
Not tortured enough, apparently.
He already had someone
truly psychotic.
I see someone.
Good, Jane. Who do you see?
Do you recognize this person?
JANE: I don't know. I'm not sure.
A girl... I see a little girl.
maybe a doll.
Something's wrong.
It's okay, you're perfectly safe.
Her name is Evey. I don't like her.
The doll's name is Evey?
I just need to sleep.
Be quiet! Calm down! It's just
the pipes, it's just the pipes!
Crazy fun, no?
Go on up.
It's for her own protection.
And ours.
BRIAN: What's wrong with her?
Suicidal. She remembers
nothing from her past.
Foster child, abandoned.
Passed from house to house.
Families would keep
her for a bit, then,
you know, things would happen.
The furniture would move,
objects would catch on fire.
The authorities were
convinced she was possessed.
Luckily, Joseph discovered her.
He ruled out
schizophrenia, the usual.
Then he measured her brain waves.
Frequencies off the charts, look.
That's why he chose her.
He took her from the asylum.
Well, Brian, welcome
to the Experiment.
Don't look into her eyes, don't say
anything to her if you can help it.
I can't have the experiment
corrupted by outside influences.
I understand.
Did you think my head
was going to spin off?
Sorry if I disturbed you.
It comes and goes.
Excuse me?
What's inside.
Stop staring at my wrists.
I promised Joseph that
I wouldn't try again,
that I'd give him time.
Is there time?
Yeah, of course.
Can he cure me?
I'm sure he can.
I just want to get better.
Tell Joseph that I'm ready.
Ask him to let me sleep.
I'm begging you.
And, Brian,
thank you.
COUPLAND: Seen a ghost?
(STAMMERING) She knew my name.
She probably heard us talking
about you at some point.
She's no fool.
Um, she said to tell you
that she needs sleep
and that she's ready.
Excellent, that is a good sign.
I really don't know if
I can do this, sir.
If you think you're scared,
imagine how she feels, hmm?
Besides, aren't you just
a little bit intrigued?
Hey, you! You over there!
Is he in? Is he in that house?
I am going to go mad if
this sound does not stop!
What's the point, exactly?
Remember, "Cure one
patient, we cure mankind"?
Jane Harper is that patient.
If we can push our subject
to manifest negative energy
in the form of
telekinetic activity,
we can harvest that energy and
remove it, like extracting a tumor.
We cure mental illness for good.
Are you a skeptic, Brian?
Don't you think we can cure Harper?
We can't have non-believers
in this house, Brian.
It's a destructive energy
in a constructive space.
Not again.
Harry, will you turn the
music off upstairs?
COUPLAND: Well, thank you
and good luck. I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
BRIAN: You just clap.
COUPLAND: Hello, Jane. We've
brought something for you.
You can put all your bad thoughts
and negative energy
into the doll, Jane.
Get rid of them, get
rid of them for good.
Evey doesn't look like this.
She's all wrong.
Why don't you describe
her to me, hmm?
This doll's dead,
That's what my parents
used to say about my eyes.
They weren't my real parents.
With each new family,
they'd sit me down,
ever so nice,
but I knew soon enough
that they'd hate me too.
COUPLAND: That must have
been very painful for you.
I scared them, all of them.
COUPLAND: You're not possessed,
Jane. You're just unwell.
I just want to sleep,
BRIAN: Aren't you concerned that
Jane Harper will take her own life?
That's why we keep her under
surveillance and medicated.
So, why are you working on
this experiment, Harry?
Scientific pursuit.
The equipment we're using is
cutting edge, engineer's dream.
Help me!
It's 95 over 70.
So, how did you get into this?
Initially my field was
abnormal psychology,
which, despite the
frightening title,
merely indicates the study of
behavior outside the norm.
You run into a lot of charlatans, con
artists, and mental deficients, Brian,
and I disproved them all.
Then, there was David Q.
Harry, lights.
DAVID Q: Where are you, Mr. Gregor?
COUPLAND: I think David used
the character of Mr. Gregor
to explain the telekinetic
havoc his mind was wreaking.
KRISSI: The same way Jane
is mentally sculpting Evey?
COUPLAND: Exactly.
COUPLAND: Why is Mr. Gregor
doing these things, David?
I don't know. Mother
says he's evil.
COUPLAND: What do you think he is?
He's bad. So am I!
COUPLAND: Mr. Gregor is make-believe!
Your mind is creating him.
You can get rid of him.
I can help you!
Mr. Gregor was a character
from a bedtime story
David's father used to tell him.
His parents must feel so guilty.
What happened to David Q.?
He was improving with my
help, but his mother,
a religious woman,
terminated the sessions.
We lost touch.
I've heard he's living a
relatively normal life somewhere.
Hello, Joseph.
Why do I get the impression this
is about to become unpleasant?
We have to move Jane.
- What?
- Why?
They've pulled the funding
for the experiment.
Bloody cowards!
Ah, they're dead already anyway.
Krissi, Harry...
You can leave the experiment
or see this through.
Either way I'll understand.
No, we're with you, Joseph.
All the way.
Cameraman, I'm not well off.
I won't have much left for film.
I'll use cheaper stock.
After all, I'm starting
to be a bit intrigued.
Ah, it's for the best.
Come on, let's pack.
Do you like it?
If it makes me better.
Let's get...
Yeah, one of all of us.
Okay, should we go in? I got you.
Just be careful.
EMF scanner.
And there's one in each corner and
one on the table. Five in total.
Basically, they pick
up minute changes
in electromagnetic energy fields.
I borrowed them from the
Engineering Department.
So if we can connect
Harper's mental activity,
which is recorded
on the EEG machine,
to telekinetic events, then...
BRIAN: So if Evey's made
of negative energy,
then this should
help us identify...
Very good, Brian, very good.
- Are we ready?
- HARRY: Yeah.
Here we go.
COUPLAND: We just want to
ask Evey some questions.
HARRY: Come on, Evey. Come out.
KRISSI: Come play with us.
One knock for yes, two for no.
JANE: God, please, Evey.
Why won't she speak to us?
Damn it, Jane!
I'm trying, Joseph.
Try harder.
So, how do we assess our progress?
How do I assess our progress?
Patience and courage.
Evey will slowly come to life.
If we survive, we
win a Nobel Prize.
Wait, is there a chance we won't?
There's always a chance.
"Security is a superstition.
It does not exist in nature.
"Life's either a daring
adventure or nothing."
Helen Keller.
Mate, just put it in the bottom
corner. Have you got it?
To brighten things.
Thank you.
You feeling okay?
I'm a disappointment.
I'm taking too long.
I have to find Evey.
COUPLAND: Slowly...
Go down into the darkness.
Allow the total
relaxation you're feeling
to plunge you through
any mental chaos.
HARRY: Ready.
HARRY: She's in alpha wave state.
How are you feeling?
Lost, alone...
But you're not alone, are you?
Peer into the darkness.
There's something there with
you, isn't there? What is it?
Say it, "I'm not alone."
- I am alone.
- Say it!
I'm a failure. Everyone hates me.
I want to die.
Jane, if you're not going to try
you can go back to the chemical...
- BRIAN: Jesus.
- HARRY: What was that?
The EMF, sensor two.
BRIAN: Something knocked
the camera out of my hand!
I had a firm grip on it.
- COUPLAND: Shh, shh!
- HARRY: Oh, my God, it happened.
Evey was here? Why
didn't you tell us?
She was playing.
Bring her back.
Jane, bring her back.
We made progress tonight.
A toast. Brian, you make it.
(STAMMERING) I don't know...
Be quick with it now. No thinking.
HARRY: Come on.
To Jane.
ALL: To Jane!
I think he's falling in love.
KRISSI: My, my.
He'll be bringing her flowers next.
Brian, she's had her
sleep. Keep her up.
HARRY: I love you.
KRISSI: Now why would you need to ruin
the mood with that filthy, filthy word?
Good night, Brian. (GIGGLES)
Good night.
Bed broke.
Sorry about that.
I'm not.
Good night, Brian.
You look tired. Why
don't you go to bed.
I'll take over.
Come see this.
Can you see her?
(WHISPERING) Krissi. Krissi!
I need the lights.
HARRY: Is that enough?
BRIAN: Yeah, yeah, perfect.
Now you feel better, don't you?
May we see her, Jane?
She's pretty.
So, why are you doing this to her?
Is Evey losing her hair?
Is she sick?
HARRY: Is she someone you hated?
Did she hurt you when
you were little?
Jane, please try to remember.
Hey, stop it, stop it!
You must let us help you. Okay?
Help me? God, no.
No one can help me.
They act like I'm invisible.
Do you want to see me disappear?
Sure. Weak pulse.
HARRY: Brian, look at this.
You see that?
BRIAN: What is that?
Looks like she's been
scratching something.
Jane, Jane! Harry!
Jane, Jane!
HARRY: Come on, Krissi,
come on, get up. Come on!
- What is with you?
- Do you want to meet Evey?
- What?
- She's inside me right now.
- Jane.
- Take me.
- Jane!
- She's inside me.
- Feel Evey. You can even touch her.
- What are you doing?
Stop! Stop!
- COUPLAND: Let him go.
- Coward.
Take your hands out of his
trousers now, please.
Thank you.
I'm sorry. It wasn't
what it looked like.
I know.
I don't understand what's going on.
It's obvious. She's aware
of your feelings for her,
which could be very
dangerous for you.
Better go.
It's a job.
You can quit anytime. She's
not your responsibility.
Come on.
She's here.
EMF hit, sensors one through five.
COUPLAND: Like you to let us
talk to Evey. Will you do that?
One knock for yes, two for no.
HARRY: EMF sensor five.
- JANE: It's so hot.
- She's right there, guys.
There's a fire.
No, no, there's no fire.
You're perfectly safe.
Krissi, pass me a candle.
Here you are.
Is Evey afraid of fire?
KRISSI: Joseph...
BRIAN: Stop! Stop!
Cameraman, you've scared her off!
HARRY: We've lost it.
Do that again and you are gone.
It's open.
Jane? Jane?
What's that? What have you done?
Krissi! Hurry, Krissi!
I don't know. She's
lost three more pounds.
She's painting her body with blood.
She's mutilating herself. I'm
sorry, she must see a doctor.
Do you always do this?
Do what?
Retreat when you're on the
brink of something meaningful.
I don't know, I've never
thought about it like that...
There's so much you can accomplish.
Evey and I could be friends.
I think I must have always
been naked as a child,
my clothes always off.
Do I look like a woman to you?
Every time I look in the
mirror I see a little girl.
I want to see a woman.
Are you shy?
Don't you want to touch me?
Let me get you out of here.
And go where?
Another asylum? More doctors?
There must be something else we
can do for you other than this.
The Experiment.
You know I can't leave.
Why not?
Joseph would be upset.
You shouldn't worry about him.
He rescued me. He saved me.
From myself and the likes of you.
Camera operators?
Silly, frustrated, violent men,
who want to touch you, but can't
or won't, so they torment you.
Not your body, but your
heart and your feelings.
And they set you on
fire to watch you burn.
Is Joseph that kind of man?
Are you?
Double it. We're on the verge.
- Here you go, Jane.
- No.
Are you sure?
Krissi. Harry.
- BRIAN: You want me to...
- Yes.
BRIAN: Okay.
You said there was a fire.
There are flames,
The roof, the walls...
It's so hot.
So hot.
So hot.
Evey, it's burning!
What do you see, Jane?
Tell us.
We can't get out. We're locked in.
Who's locked in?
Burning, burning...
Burning! Burning! Burning, Evey!
Oh! Ice, Krissi, ice!
BRIAN: She needs a doctor.
No, no doctor.
BRIAN: Krissi, she needs...
No doctor.
KRISSI: I have ice!
- Jane!
- KRISSI: Oh, my God!
Did we get it on film?
I think I got it, whatever it is.
And what do we think it was?
Some friggin' exorcist shit.
It's what you always said.
She manifested her negative energy.
Whatever it was, it scared
the hell out of me.
You're scared because you can't
explain what you've seen.
So your mind falls back on the
stories that scared you as a child.
Evil spirits and such.
How do you explain it?
I'd call it "teleplasm."
- That was teleplasm? Bloody hell.
- Mm-hmm.
The next step is transference.
Once Jane's psychic energy
has found a new home,
we isolate it and get
rid of it for good.
What, now?
The psychic floodgates have opened
and we are driving through.
She's hurt, tired.
She needs rest and food.
Even God rested on the seventh day.
Well, obviously, I want
to go on, Joseph, but
maybe she's earned a rest.
Well, it's unanimous.
Let's give our subject
a well-deserved break.
Come and play.
You got to get him out first.
You ready?
- KRISSI: Yes, that's how it's really done.
- That was pathetic.
- Cut that. Cut that out.
We need to speak with Evey.
She can come and stay right here.
Right here inside this doll.
It can be hers and she can
stay there anytime she wants.
I can't find her.
Where are you hiding tonight, Evey?
She's not hiding. She's lost.
She doesn't sound lost.
Are you going to come down and
talk to us? We want to meet you.
- (GASPS) God.
- Stay down!
Tell her to come in, Jane.
We just want to talk to her.
Tell her to come in
and play with us.
HARRY: Play nice.
She's here.
How big you've grown, little girl.
Big enough to walk. If
you're big enough to walk
you're big enough
to talk. Speak to us!
Please, we just want to be friends.
She knows you're lying.
What can we do to calm you down?
Where's she gone?
JANE: I don't know.
- (BANG)
Come on. Come on.
Brian, get out of the way!
If you're her friend, you must
leave her be! Let Jane heal.
Tell her, Jane.
JANE: Leave, Evey, please.
Say it like you mean it!
Please, Evey!
- (BANG)
Have you got something to show us?
Joseph. Joseph.
It bit me!
- KRISSI: Evey's gone, she's gone!
- HARRY: Are you okay?
It bit me!
Burning! Burning! Burning, Evey!
HARRY: God, Jesus Christ!
She needs a doctor!
What happens to Jane now
that Evey refuses to leave?
Maybe we burn down the house.
Maybe that's what Harper's
been talking about. Kill Evey.
And it'll be a wrap. Good ending.
Yeah, very dramatic.
I'm sorry,
are you insinuating that we're
making this whole thing up?
That this is somehow staged?
Professor hires gullible local
cameraman to make himself famous.
Don't be absurd. What
about Jane's burns?
A bit of acid on the
doll, basic chemistry.
I did go to school.
What about the electromagnetic
field readings, the heartbeat?
It's simple enough to fake.
And the bite?
Self-inflicted when we weren't
looking. And the knocks...
Evey? Evey, are you there?
So you break up something under
the table, a metal supported leg.
"Telekinetic event."
So what you're saying is
that Joseph is a fraud,
and Harry and I are fools, idiots.
No, I'm saying this isn't gonna
hold up as scientific proof.
And in the process, we've
tortured a human being,
for no other reason than her
sick desire to please him.
HARRY: What are you doing?
Yes, the doll. We saw smoke.
They can say it's a fake, that
we hid something in here.
Oh, my God!
- KRISSI: Jane. Oh, God.
- HARRY: Jane. Oh, my God.
She faking this too?
I understand this
has been difficult.
It's human nature to
question and be skeptical.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to cause...
We're depending on you, Brian. Hmm?
We need every detail.
JANE: I'm okay now.
Here you go.
It's okay.
She will need your strength
for what lies ahead.
What's that?
Isolate Evey.
Turn her off.
Hold still, just a
few more seconds.
Please try not to move.
Focus your eyes at
the ceiling, okay?
Stay relaxed. Stay
still, that's important.
She's ready.
Find Evey.
Don't move. Two,
Photographs, Soviet technology.
Captures the bioelectric energy
fields around living organisms.
- Their aura?
- Their bioelectric energy fields.
These are Jane in a
neutral state of mind.
These, when she's
starting to manifest.
It's ghastly.
So is this proof?
Using technology that
exists, cameraman,
it's the best we can do.
See what you've made, Jane?
You made her. You
can get rid of her.
I don't want to get rid of her.
You can't possibly mean that.
You can't.
JANE: It's okay.
He cares about us.
He does.
Joseph, I'm scared.
It means you're alive.
You'll be safe with someone
else, another family.
And I'll be sane.
I'm not fond of feeling scared.
Usually, I scare people.
I want to feel good.
Not tonight, Krissi.
We have to conserve our energy.
Go back to bed.
Go on.
HARRY: What's wrong?
You've been distant all
week, something's up.
I just feel like we're
living on a spaceship.
There's no TV, the
phones don't work.
I've stopped going to lectures,
I haven't read a newspaper in...
It's a prison.
It's a prison and we
are her prisoners.
This has gone on long enough.
What, you mean you and me?
No, you idiot! The Experiment.
Are both of you blind?
Joseph is in love with Jane Harper.
He's wants to cure her
so he can have her.
Don't be a child!
Piss off.
I had nothing to do with this,
I swear. I was asleep.
You couldn't have been
asleep. That's impossible.
She heard you laugh.
I don't control Evey.
You made Evey.
KRISSI: This is where your grand
hypothesis meets reality, Joseph.
What's the bloody plan? Hmm?
Do you even have one?
The plan's what it's always
been. Cure Jane Harper.
She tried to kill me!
Your tart tried to kill me.
Jesus, Joseph. Are you
screwing both of them?
Is that part of the Experiment?
You can go to hell, all of you.
Harry, go help her.
So, why couldn't she
have been sleeping?
Because that would mean she could
manifest whilst unconscious.
And that is, well,
KRISSI: I'm sorry, Harry.
You're all in love
with her, you know?
You, Joseph and Brian...
Brian most of all.
Come on, Krissi. Get real.
You all think you can save her.
Power's out, just
checked the fuse box.
- COUPLAND: Brian! Brian!
- BRIAN: Sir?
Bring the light. Jane's missing.
- BRIAN: What?
- Come on!
BRIAN: Where's she gone?
She's missing. If I knew
the answer to that,
she wouldn't be missing, would she?
BRIAN: What's that?
- BRIAN: Jane!
BRIAN: Jane, where are you?
Open the door!
BRIAN: Be careful.
HARRY: Krissi, go on. Slowly.
BRIAN: We don't know
what's in here.
Sir, sir.
BRIAN: Jane?
COUPLAND: Shine the light,
goddamn it. I can't see.
- BRIAN: Jane?
- Jane!
BRIAN: Jane.
- KRISSI: Where is she?
- BRIAN: Jane.
Odd, there's a toy.
What? Who's is it?
KRISSI: It's like the painting,
on the wall in Jane's room.
HARRY: You okay?
COUPLAND: Goddamn it!
- KRISSI: Oh, God, Joseph.
- It's pitch black in here!
- HARRY: God, what is this?
- BRIAN: Jane? Jane?
HARRY: Oh, my God, she's not here.
Can we please get out of here?
BRIAN: Go on.
Jesus! It's okay,
it's okay, I'm sorry.
- COUPLAND: We need to stick together!
- I'm sorry.
BRIAN: Oh, God!
- KRISSI: Jane, please.
We understand this has been
difficult, but we're your family now!
BRIAN: What's that?
What are you doing?
Why are the lights off?
COUPLAND: Where's Evey?
- HARRY: What was that?
- COUPLAND: What's that?
BRIAN: It's coming from there.
What was that?
She's right in front of you.
What's wrong, darling?
Why are you upset?
COUPLAND: Get in close, go on.
You don't want to leave this house?
I understand.
Do you need me to hold you?
It's okay, love, I'm here.
Don't be afraid.
BRIAN: What's going on? Jane, Jane!
Put it out! Put it out quickly!
BRIAN: Oh, my God, what is that?
HARRY: What is that?
HARRY: What was that?
It's a sigil.
HARRY: A what?
A sigil.
A sign of devil worship.
Which one of you idiots
put this into her mind?
Will you please just
consider the possibility
that Jane didn't create Evey?
Okay, that maybe Evey came from...
Somewhere else?
What came from somewhere else,
is the idea of the fucking occult
to a patient who is
highly suggestible!
So, I ask you again,
which one of you was it?
What if it didn't
come from any of us?
What if she's just a
vessel or a conduit?
She needs to go to the hospital.
Try to control your hysteria,
Kristina, it's beneath you.
- She's just expressing what she thinks...
- No one's asking you, Harry!
Don't talk to us like we're
children. We are colleagues.
Then think before you
speak, colleague.
With each paranormal event, we learn
more about how to eradicate it!
To probe like scientists,
not school girls.
That is so incredibly sexist.
Perhaps it doesn't fit
our hypothesis exactly.
Well, not if she's
possessed, it doesn't!
JANE: I can't be.
We made her, didn't we, Joseph?
And we can purge her.
You believe that with all
your heart, don't you?
We can stop this experiment
right now if you wish to.
I don't want to hear another word
of this superstitious nonsense
uttered in this house again.
If any of you are too frightened,
well, you can leave.
I am too frightened.
We should go back to Oxford.
Salvage what's left of the term.
What about Jane?
I'm sorry.
We gave her a break,
now we need one.
Have you seen this sigil before?
Does it mean anything to you?
I can't remember.
Try, Jane, it's important.
Before I came here,
I was never comfortable
with who I was.
Have you ever felt like that?
You ever heard someone
call out your name,
but you couldn't recognize
it as your own?
Or looked at old
photographs of yourself,
but you couldn't
recognize your face?
I felt like that for as
long as I can remember.
Don't lose faith in Joseph,
or in Evey.
Or in me.
We need you.
For the first time in my life,
I think there's finally a
way for me to be happy.
Evey's making that happen.
- We can't.
- Why not?
Not yet.
Not until you're well.
Do you think Evey will ever
leave Jane Harper alone?
Whatever Evey is.
Screw Evey.
I need to leave.
I'll be back as soon
as I can. Alright?
- Do you understand?
- Does she understand what?
I have to go to the film
lab, get more stock.
It might take me a while.
Take your time.
You're the guy with the camera
working for Joseph Coupland.
Listen to you, nothing to say just like
everyone in Joseph's inner circle.
Tell me, have you already been
indoctrinated by the quiet ones?
You must have killed her by now.
You know, killing a young woman is
a wonderful way to create a ghost.
Harry! It's hot!
She needs to be locked
up in an asylum!
Sedated around the clock! Right?
When you leave a haunted house,
the spirit isn't
meant to follow you.
Keep it rational, Harry.
- Now Evey's...
- COUPLAND: Cameraman.
What took you so long?
They called themselves "Lilitu."
A cult, devoted to an ancient
demon worshipped by the Sumerians
5,000 years before Christianity.
Is this a joke?
Kristine nearly lost her life...
It's not a joke, it's Evey!
Evey Dwyer.
As a child she exhibited
a gift for clairvoyance.
Their leader Dr. Heinrich
Dwyer became convinced
that Evey could
reincarnate their idol.
On June 6th, 1954,
Dr. Dwyer claimed that Evey
had received a message that
the Lilitu should lock
themselves inside this building.
A massive fire destroyed the building
that night, killing everyone inside.
Everyone including Evey Dwyer,
who was born with a
birthmark, a sigil.
Evey Dwyer for some reason is
a force that possesses Jane Harper.
Oh, my God.
Evey's gonna do to us what
she did to the Lilitu.
- (CRYING) She's a...
- A demonic spirit? Hmm?
Evil begetting evil
for the sake of evil
until the end of all times, ah?
Maybe even old Beelzebub himself.
Do any of these
seriously work for you?
They all work.
Or what?
The rational explanation.
That Jane somehow found
out about this cult.
When she was four?
She heard it at the
breakfast table,
her parents read it in a newspaper.
You make anything fit
into your hypothesis.
This only strengthens my
hypothesis actually, Harry.
When we ask Jane to go
deep she plucked the name
Evey Dwyer out of the deepest
recesses of her mind.
That is what she is manifesting,
that is what you call
her "possession!"
God, you're the one who's possessed,
Coupland, by your own bullshit!
Who is Evey Dwyer?
You know about her, don't you?
You found out about her or
somebody told you about her.
But you knew about her
before I found you.
Answer me!
Hey, hey, hey!
Speak, damn you!
HARRY: Brian!
Don't you touch her again.
But you will, won't you? Hmm?
Maybe you can screw
the truth out of her.
Krissi, Harry, stay or
leave, your choice.
You, cameraman or Lancelot,
or whoever the hell
you think you are,
I want you and your
gear gone tonight.
The footage handed
over. Every frame.
What are we gonna do?
I'm leaving. I'm
taking Jane with me.
He'll never let you.
And even if he did, what then?
Find her help, professional help.
What kind of help? An exorcist?
She's not staying
here, not with him.
I need your help, I need
your car for starters.
Do you seriously believe that
Joseph still knows what he's doing?
It won't make a bit of difference.
DAVID Q: Get it out! Get it out!
Leave me alone!
Tell him to leave me alone, Daddy!
I'm trying to find him,
Daddy. I can't find him.
I don't want to do
this anymore, Daddy.
I'm sorry, David.
I'm trying to help you.
If only I had more time with him.
- If only she...
- HARRY: David Q. was your son.
You deceived me!
No, Jane, try and understand.
I've dedicated my
entire life to this.
I'm absolutely certain
that I am correct.
I can cure you. Please,
I'm begging you.
Believe in me.
We believed in you, Joseph.
You bastard!
- HARRY: You lied to us.
- KRISSI: You used me!
- I gave you everything!
- Don't you touch her!
BRIAN: Harry, stop! Harry,
Harry, Harry, stop it!
- KRISSI: Harry!
- HARRY: What the fuck?
BRIAN: Jesus!
- KRISSI: Get out of here!
- HARRY: Krissi, wait!
Krissi! Krissi!
Krissi, open up! Krissi!
Krissi, hold on, I'm coming!
It's got me!
No, no, no!
She was the only survivor.
They must have kept it
out of the newspapers
so she'd have a chance
at a normal life.
They changed her name.
A family took her in.
But the past became a bad dream
that lived in Evey like a virus.
It drove her mad, she
forgot everything.
You're Evey Dwyer.
No wonder it's never leaving me.
The truth was always there
right in front of me.
I was born this way.
And that's how I'll die.
No, don't do that, don't...
All my life I felt there's
something burning inside of me.
Just let me help you.
I don't deserve to live.
I killed all those people.
Come with me. I can help you.
I can't be saved!
Jane, Jane!
I'm not Jane!
COUPLAND: You okay?
Is she out?
I think so.
The patient we knew as Jane
Harper was born Evey Dwyer.
As a child she was indoctrinated
into an occult group
and made to believe she could
reincarnate their idol.
The damage that wrought
on her mind was severe.
The patient has expressed
on numerous occasions
a suicidal ideation, a death wish.
Joseph, you're gonna kill her!
Yes. But I'm going
to bring her back.
Ten cc's of adrenaline injected directly
into the heart should do the trick.
You're not gonna get
away with this.
Of course I'm not gonna get
away with it! Are you insane?
There are two dead
people in this house.
Untie, just untie...
You have a part to play in this.
You are the reason she's
going to want to come back.
- Jane, dear.
- Jane?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear my voice?
Yes, dear, it's me.
I want you to release
Evey one last time.
- Joseph, leave her alone!
- Be quiet!
I will take photograms of
your bioelectric activity
as Evey leaves your body forever.
We will have scientific evidence.
It'll all be documented on film.
All right, here we go.
Joseph, don't you dare.
Joseph! Joseph! Joseph!
- Jane! Joseph!
- Shh!
Just give her the shot,
Joseph! Get up!
Joseph, give her the adrenaline!
Aren't you just a little
bit curious? Hmm?
Please just give her
the adrenaline now.
Joseph, do it!
Not until Evey arrives.
Jane? Jane, just... What?
Jesus, Jane, come on!
Jane, Jane.
Jane, look at me. It's me.
Shh, shh.
I'm sorry.
Jane. Jane.
Jane, open the door.
Jane, open the door!
Open the door, Jane!
Jane, please don't!
Jane, talk to me!
Jane! Jane!
BRIAN: There was a fire.
DOCTOR: How did they die, Brian?
It's in here.
In here.
It's in here.
DOCTOR: It's not in there.
All the film's destroyed.
You killed them, didn't you?
Tell us what really happened.
ATTENDANT: What is that?