The Raging Tide (1951) Movie Script

Give me homicide.
This is a friend of Marty Prince's,
he's just been scratched.
You'd better drop around.
Did you record the time on that call?
- Yes, sir 9:01.
- Good.
I want two cars in about five minutes.
- Radio.
- Cars 49, 50, 51.
Van Ness to Embarcadero,
Market to Fisherman's Wharf.
Close both bridges and Highway 101.
Lock her up until you
hear from me, got it?
Got it, any description?
Not yet, stand by in half an hour.
Want me to stop?
No, no, finish the job,
this is in the bag anyway.
I'll never understand
why a guy commits a crime
in San Francisco.
With only three exits, the guy should know
he's a fly in a bottle.
- Who done what?
- Marty Prince,
somebody finally got him.
Without even trying, I can
think of three good prospects.
Somebody should get a medal
when he goes to the gas chamber.
- Goodnight.
- Thanks, goodnight.
Making with the phone was smart,
you had the guts to
report your own mistake,
it'll take the heat clean off you,
if you can just make Connie's
place in seven minutes.
You've got no car and they know it,
so how could you have given it to Marty
and be at Connie's seven minutes later?
Lookey here, there's a
fella bound and determined
to get somewheres in a hurry.
He oughta relax, spend
a little time with us.
For the love of might, Connie,
if you're not here the
whole idea cracks open,
you gotta be.
I made it in six and a half minutes,
but if you're not home,
Connie, it's no good.
Oh, great, too much running, oh Connie.
Oh, you're a genius all right.
Get yourself out of this town right now,
before they close it up.
And now they've closed the Bay Bridge
and the highway south will
be crawling with coppers.
Hey Barney.
Well, Hamill, when did you get in?
This afternoon just
before the fog by golly.
Tell me Hamill, how's
your son coming along huh?
Carl be like the long
line fisherman now,
be fishing the hard
way for a young fellow.
Bringing a son all alone like you done,
it's a tough job, Hamil but now's no time
to be discouraged.
All kids they get into
some kind of trouble
before they settle down.
Did you get him all straightened
out with the police yet?
Yeah, Barney, the judge have
long talk with Carl and me.
I think that judge very smart man
and Carl turn out all right.
Oh, sure he will.
I better go home quick
enough before it's too late.
What time you sail in the morning?
Four o'clock.
Good fishing and goodnight.
Take a long chance, fella,
you found San Francisco's fourth exit.
Wait outside, huh?
Bruno, hey!
Disappointed, Connie?
How do you know my name?
It's on the buzzer plate.
You get out of here
before I call my husband.
You haven't got a husband,
now sit down and relax.
Is that badge entitle you
to barge into an apartment
anytime you want?
Sit down and stop trying to be a lawyer.
My name is Kelsey and I
don't enjoy being up here
at this hour anymore than you do.
But we want words with your
friend, Felkin tonight.
He lives at the Pacific Hotel.
Oh we know that and we
know among other things,
he spends a lot of time around here.
Look it's 3 a.m. now and
Bruno's decided not to go
back to his hotel last
night, where'd he go?
I wouldn't know, Mr. Kelsey.
Lieutenant Kelsey please.
Now when were you last arrested?
I've never been arrested.
Oh, look, I'm just trying
to save us the trouble
of looking at the files.
Where you from and how old are you?
20, oh five I guess huh.
Lessing, Nebraska and I'm 23.
Hmm, you're an old-looking 23.
How would you like a slap in the face?
Now, come to think of
I guess you're right.
Things always just seemed to work out
that I had to be older than I should be.
- Ever married?
- No.
I hate to admit it but
nobody ever asked me.
If I knew what was wrong,
I'd do something about it.
- Parents alive?
- I've been an orphan
since I was 11.
What do you claim for an occupation?
I sell hats.
Oh, where's the shop?
Men give them their hats
and a little while later
I sell them back.
Pretty nice apartment
for a hat shake girl.
Where I work the customers are generous.
No doubt.
Look, Connie, lies I write down,
the truth I keep in my head.
Now how did you get mixed up with Felkin
and don't make me write
everything down, huh?
I like Bruno.
Can't you
find some better company?
He's been pretty wonderful to me.
Sure he has, did he ever tell
you he's a three time loser?
Yes, he did.
You must be in love with him.
- What's Bruno done?
- Killed a man.
- I don't believe you.
- Why not?
Well, he couldn't have,
he was with me all the time.
- All what time?
- All day yesterday
and today up until like
a couple hours ago.
I was lying when I said I
didn't know where he was,
he left just before you came.
You're a very poor liar, Connie.
After 12 years on the force,
I've seen a lot of apartments.
They all tell a story.
Yours is a good example,
the way a blind man
can see there was only one
person here last night.
Chances are that person was you.
Connie I hate to see you sent up for A&A.
What's that?
Aiding and abetting.
In this state it gets
you up to five years, so?
You're not scaring me.
Well, think it over just the same.
Look, I'm gonna stick around,
if you wanna go back to bed,
go ahead but if the phone rings,
we sort of answer it together, understand?
You talk and I listen.
I have to go to school today.
School, what's this school business?
It's Bruno's idea, he
thinks I got a lot to learn.
Well, we all do.
For instance, I just learned
you can never be sure
what a smart criminal like
Bruno is gonna think of next.
He's not a criminal!
If he ever was one, he's changed.
The ones like Bruno never change.
I've never seen or talked to your Bruno
but I'm willing to bet
he's really two people.
One, the side he shows you,
he's probably quite a nice guy.
All the smart ones are that way.
He might even wanna play things straight.
But something eats away
at a man like Bruno,
like acid in a battery.
The outside case looks fine
but inside the plates are rotten.
He knows he'll never
get what he really wants
but he'll try, oh he'll try.
And he won't let anybody stand in his way.
Connie why don't you get
some sleep for yourself.
I couldn't sleep now.
You want some breakfast?
Don't tell me you can cook.
It's the one thing
I learned to do right,
maybe because I like it.
Two then, sunny side up.
You look to me like a man
who would like them easy.
Right, Connie, easy.
I was hoping last night making it
to the beacon together, Carl.
Just because we have a good catch
is no reason to spend all your
share, get the big headache.
I'll work for it, I'll
spend it like I want.
Yeah, of course.
But if you spend only a little,
you get only a small headache.
And you can work much better next day.
Get wise to yourself, this is America
not the old country.
Work is for jerks.
You've been here for 27 years now,
what have you got to show for it
besides this stinking boat.
Fishing is good honest living, Carl.
We have never any cause to feel ashamed.
D for the W.
Just keep saying W's for another 27 years
and maybe you'll hit one right.
Now just stay out of my business,
be sure I'll stay out of yours forever.
I wish you could feel different, Carl.
Your mother would have like it that way.
Hey, we've got a passenger.
I'm sorry, mister, I guess
I had one too many last night,
I decided to take myself for a little walk
and I wind up on the wharf.
All of a sudden I'm so sleepy
I can hardly keep my eyes open.
I don't remember exactly but your boat
looks like a good place to lie down
and the next thing I know here I am.
Come inside, catch cold with no coat.
I'm sure sorry, mister.
You see I'm a salesman
and business has been bad
and I've had a lot of
personal worries lately
and I guess I was
feeling sorry for myself.
I don't like to put back now,
we miss the tide, we'll lose a day.
Well, I wouldn't wanna be taken back,
I got nothing to do, I have
no place to go, nothing,
you understand?
But we go to sea,
three, four days maybe.
That's fine, I'll pay
you for the food I eat.
When this bucket hits the open ocean,
you won't be eating anything.
I'm short of cash but I
could let you have this watch
as security and if I stayed I
could maybe do the dishes or.
Have you gone to sea before?
I'm not exactly an
admiral but I feel great.
Would you like a cup of coffee?
Yeah, yeah, if it's
not too much trouble.
What name do they call you?
Is that all?
I am Hamil Linder, my son, Carl.
Who's steering this boat
or is there a ghost town boy.
The old man finally
broke down and bought
the automatic pilot.
Steering's the only thing
he doesn't do the hard way.
I suppose by and by
they invent the machine
to make the fish jump onto it.
That'd be a fine day, so Carl?
Let the fish go their way, I'll go mine.
- Do you swim?
- First class.
When I was a kid it was free in the river,
it was one thing I could afford.
The only dangerous thing
about fishing maybe
is to fall overboard.
It's what I keep saying to
Carl because he never cared
to learn.
So, if you be careful I
think it be all right for you
to come along.
Next to farming, this be
probably the oldest business
in the world, Bruno.
This long lining be used
the same for 2,000 years
maybe more.
Did you know that four of
Christ's apostles were fisherman?
I'm not quite up on those things.
Each basket have 225 hooks on it's line.
You set them along the trough here
and be fastened into
one basket to the beginning of the next
and have one continuous line.
How long a line does that make?
About a mile.
The hooks are set one fathom apart.
Now, over goes the marker buoy so,
over goes the first anchor,
so it sinks down about 1800 feet.
And over go the ground
lines with the hooks,
very fast.
This I gotta see.
How do you know there's
any fish down there?
Ah, that's where you use your noodle.
By and by we take some soundings
and commence to think like a fish.
What's that?
That'd be the sun.
You never see the sun before?
I've never see the sun rise just like
that in my whole life.
Right now I did.
Then I think you see many things
in that little time you be to sea with us,
if you're heart take the
time to look for them.
Such things have always been
here and always will be.
That be not a bad set I think.
Now it takes 14 minutes
to sink to the bottom.
By and by the fish have breakfast.
Meanwhile, we have a little sleep.
Mind if I ask what's bothering you?
You can ask.
This kind of life just doesn't happen
to suit my talents.
Why take it out on your pop?
For my money, he's a pretty
good guy, you're lucky.
I wished my old man had been like him.
He's all right, we
just got different ideas,
he's old country, wants to
work his head off all day.
Yeah, I see what you mean.
There's no sense to it these days.
If a fellow can't
have a car, a few women
and time to enjoy themself, why bother?
Come September I'll have all of that.
Why wait?
The judge said I had to.
He gave me a choice of five years in jail
or a year on this boat.
No matter how you slice it,
he fixed me up on hard labor.
What do they have on you?
I borrowed a car without exactly
getting the owner's full permission.
You mind if I give you some good advice?
I've heard it before,
stealing isn't honest.
It's worse than that, it's dumb.
Stealing is for jerks who
don't know their way around.
What you oughta have is
something that works for you
while you sleep.
You've got some fancy
ideas for a salesman.
What makes you think
I swallowed your story
about drinking so much,
you just fell on this boat?
I happen to have a nice steady business
that might have an opening
for a nice fellow like you,
providing you can learn
to keep your mouth shut.
What makes you think I can't now?
You wouldn't have told me about the car,
if you'd had learned.
How would you like to make 200 a week?
How'd I like to be Rockefeller?
But selling is not for me.
Well, you go into port
pretty often, don't you?
Two or three times a week.
What I need you for wouldn't
take more than a few hours
every time.
I have a lot of expensive equipment
stashed here and there around town.
People give me their money,
at least I can do is collect it.
What's the catch?
Once in awhile there's
a slight disagreement
in regard to percentage and
insurance on a machinery.
People let their instincts
run away with their heads.
You've gotta reason with them
and twist their heads back
into shape.
Now a big man can always
get himself some respect
in such negotiations.
I see.
It so happens I could
use a little vacation
out in the open air like this.
It'd be good for me.
If your pop would let me stay on the boat,
I could sort of operate by remote control.
He'll think you're crazy,
why don't you ask him?
First I need a good
executive vice-president
with a strong arm, one who
don't ask or answer questions.
For 200 you found your man.
I'm gonna phone in.
Hello, Kelsey speaking.
I'm leaving the Thatcher place now.
Put on a 24 hour watch
but don't bother anybody
till you hear from, got that?
No, let her wander around all she wants.
She may meet some interesting people.
Bless your rotten old heart.
One of the nights, she's
gonna sink right out
from under us.
It's even odds, Virginia,
which happens first,
do we drown or do we starve?
Hey fella?
Well, we lose our happy home for sure.
Can we have a little talk?
Well, you'd better talk
fast or we'll all be swimming.
I can't pay even if she
does own my beloved,
marrying that woman would
be a fate worse than death.
What woman?
Johnnie Mae Swanson,
didn't she send you?
No, no, no, we don't
even know your lady friend.
We just have a few routine questions.
Ah, well, if you ain't from
Johnnie Mae, welcome aboard.
I'll tell when to put on life preservers.
Were you around the wharf last night?
Well, I always am, me
and cities don't mix.
Make me so doggone nervous
I can't stay sober in them.
Did you see anything unusual?
No, I had a bath up at the mason,
me and Virginia come to bed early.
What time did you go for your bath?
Well, it was eight or 8:30.
Walking home me and
Virginia took our time,
I don't know, it might have been nine,
why make any difference?
Well, it could.
There's a character
loose in the neighborhood
we'd like to talk to.
Did you ever see any of these men before?
I don't know, I, seems
like I've seen all of them
one time or another.
You know it's a funny doggone thing,
ever since I've been staying sober,
I'm awful unreliable in the head,
get that feeling about most everyone.
Mighty peculiar how last night-
- Corky, hello, ya-hoo!
Quick arrest me, throw me
in the doggone tank for life.
Hello, ya-hoo!
Can't you see I'm in
conference Johnnie Mae, dear.
And with such nice-looking men.
If you should see any of
the men on these pictures,
spend a nickel on a
phone call to homicide,
ask for Lieutenant Kelsey,
you'll get your nickel back.
So happens I don't
have one of those things.
What if I dial the wrong number?
Get it right the second time.
You're so handsome
in the morning, Corky.
If you come to repossess
the California State
you better higher yourself a diarer.
No, a voice came to me
in my dreams last night.
Yeah, how could he
got a word in edgewise?
The voice said I should
give you another month
and any man that has the strength
to forsake the bottle on his own
was worth waiting for.
For 165th time I ain't
about to marry you,
boat or no boat, voice or no voice.
You ain't getting any younger, Corky.
Well, then why don't
you let an old man be,
go look somewheres else.
30 days, Corky Mulder
and not one minute more.
30 days!
Well, Virginia, anyway
here's coffee for me
and a bone for you.
Watch your hands there,
Bruno, careful you don't
catch a hook.
Get this, Bruno, get a
look at two extra hours
of work tonight.
Pretty soon you'll know
what I mean about no fish
ever hearing of union hours.
Looks to me like we're
about through for the day.
How about that, are you
gonna tell him or should I?
Maybe you'd better, I
haven't got the heart.
Yeah, you're almost
finished with the baskets
but we still have to
make ready for tomorrow.
We're through for the
day when the last hook
and flagger aboard.
All we have left to then is to
clean about a ton and a half
of fish, stow them in the
hold and the liveries in cans.
Then we swab down the decks for exercise.
After supper, we remake these baskets,
then Bruno you can get some night's sleep.
Sure, you oughta be through by midnight.
But sleep fast because we
start all over again at 4 a.m.
Get some pliers and iodine.
So, that be too bad.
It's my fault.
I wasn't being careful like you told me.
Now we have to take it out.
It will hurt pretty much.
Do you wanna a drink
- to kind of?
- Not thanks.
Steady son.
There you have a lot
of nerve, Bruno Felkin,
most men yell pretty loud.
Now you best go lie down.
Would a regular fisherman lie down?
Sometimes but you don't have to fish.
Well, I want to if you'd let me.
That'd be crazy, why?
I don't know, I just got a
hunch that I like this kind
of life.
Maybe so, maybe so.
Is everything straight now?
As soon as you give me
the list of addresses,
I'm on my way.
You find a machinist
that monkeys with you,
have a serious talk with
whoever runs the joint
about his life insurance.
No matter how they squirm,
cash on the line, understand?
You tell me when to breathe too?
Just swing your weight
around and you'll find out.
Now when you're through
with the collections,
go to 399 Chestnut, ring a
bell marked Connie Thatcher.
If she isn't there, wait
until she does get there.
Make sure she's alone.
Give her $100 and tell her to
keep on getting good grades
no matter what.
Tell her not to worry about a thing.
I'll be in the front
row on graduation day.
And anybody leaves a dog
listen to me is an ostrich.
I say the fishermen got any
help from the government
like the farmers.
What is we need is no
government, no government at all.
I know what it's like to be a fisherman.
- Man and boy I-
- The farthest
you've been to see is a
fall off this here dock.
Say that again you runt.
- Now listen General.
- Ian started everything.
The next time I see
you pick on a little guy,
I'll cut you down to half
his size, go behave yourself.
Do I make myself clear?
Fine morning, Corky.
Yeah, fine day for suicide.
Fact of the matter is, I've
spent so much money on my boat
I ain't been feeding too well lately.
It's always tough when
you're trying to outfit, Corky.
All right, can't be just
exactly sure when I can pay
this much back.
You give me a five spot last week.
So what, one of these days
you're gonna sink your boat
with fish.
You're the best fisherman
in the harbor, Corky
I'm not worrying a minute.
If I was a little younger-
- You're the youngest guy
I know.
See you around, Corky.
But I can never.
No matter what anybody says,
Virginia, there goes a man.
- Who is it?
- I have a message for you
from Bruno. All right, flatfoot
bring your bags with you.
Oh wow, they're getting
younger and younger.
What are you a junior G-man?
I happen to be a fisherman temporarily.
Why's it all cops are so big,
aren't there ever any little cops?
- Might try hiring a few.
- What?
Little men are smarter,
there's not so much space
between their ears.
Do you want Bruno's message or not?
Oh come on in.
For the 50th time, I
don't know where Bruno is.
I do and I'm not a cop.
Like where?
At my old man's boat.
I like Bruno's slot machine business
and I like his taste in-
Make yourself right at home,
don't mind me.
Oh, Bruno said not
to worry about anything
and to take this.
I've never seen a cop
with hands like yours,
what do you do wash them with sandpaper?
I've been using my back
instead of my brains.
- How is he?
- He's okay.
He talked my old man into
teaching him fishing.
You don't look like a
fisherman or act like one.
- What's your name?
- Carl.
You know this is a nice place,
a very cozy little place.
I wouldn't be surprised
if we could find a lot to talk about.
That's what I like a
man with a new approach.
Now let's get something clear in your head
and we'll save a lot of energy.
I got a lot to spare.
If you don't understand
me the first time,
I'll gladly repeat for you.
Bruno Felkin may not be the
most respectable citizen
in San Francisco or big and handsome
but he cares what happens to me
and he needs me enough to
make me feel important.
That's quite a full bill.
Maybe someday I'll change my mind
but right now Bruno is enough for me.
I still think we oughta get
to know each other better.
Now how about putting on
your boots and coming out
for a steak?
I'm a vegetarian this year.
Run along, junior.
Your promise can take a vacation.
I'm warning-
Would you like to try another
round or have you had enough?
If you treat all your
boyfriends like this,
you'll wind up an old maid.
I've met enough fools in
my time to overrun Siberia,
I'm sick and tired.
I can see that.
Go on, get out of here,
before I lose my temper.
Connie, I might bleed to death.
Get a transfusion and
come back when you grow up.
You're quite a girl, Connie,
I'll have to tell Bruno.
He knows it, you just tell
him Connie will be waiting.
Come on.
Anybody home?
Well, where's Hamill?
He went off with an old friend,
Barney something or other.
Oh, well, I'll just have coffee.
Helps to fight the
yearning, having coffee.
That's why I drink it all the time.
You understand there was 20
years when I couldn't afford
to stay sober, wine two bits a bottle.
This kind of night, the
yearning gets doggone powerful.
Used to be just into the tank
and out of the tank for me,
till that one night I
woke up on a marble slab
down at the county hospital, no pulse,
you understand, mate, none at all.
They was overhasty with Corky Mulder.
I'm all signed DOA when I
pushed the sheet from my face
and I sat straight up.
The intern says either something's
wrong with his apparatus
or I'm a member of the cat family.
That did it, not a drop
has wet this hook since.
You're the new feller ain't you?
I heard Hamil signed on a new family,
and he's got dern lucky.
Hamil knows the names and
addresses of every fisherman
in the Pacific Ocean.
Yes sir, if I get enough
money to fix up my boat
so she won't sink, I'm gonna
tag right onto to Hamill
and fish what he fishes.
Well, I guess I talk too much don't I mate?
You seem to have a lot on your mind.
Ah, a fella gets that way
when he's alone too much.
Carl's the only one around
the wharf who'll pay
any attention to me.
He knows I'm gonna make out all right.
He knows so well that
he always comes through
if I'm a little short.
Wonderful fella.
Well, if he's so
wonderful, why don't he treat
his pop better?
You know I wondered that
same thing many a time myself.
It's a natural goddarn shame
they can't see eye to eye.
By golly mate I've seen
you somewhere before.
Let me think where that could have been.
I spent a lot of time on the East Coast,
you might have seen me in New York.
No, no, never been to New York.
Let me just see if I can't guess now.
Sure getting old when I
can't remember a face I seen
as plain as yours.
Well, the last four
years I spent up in Canada.
No, no, never been to Canada either.
Where in the almighty
tarnation could I had?
Mighty fine-looking dog,
must have a good pedigree.
Say, ain't you the fella I
seen running up Battery Street
the other night like you
was running from some woman?
You're really mixed up.
If you had seen a woman
running in front of a man,
that might have me chasing her.
But never running away from one.
Well, must have been your twin brother.
Sure rattles my brain when I
get to thinking I seen somebody
and it turns out I never did.
Too much saltwater and alcohol
in the old age I guess,
must have rusted my brain.
Yeah, it reminds of a
thing from the Bible,
it goes as follows.
Beware ye who rise up
each day with a yearning
for strong drink.
That was another thing we had to learn
before the missions give
us breakfast in them days.
Wine is a viper, strong drink is the devil
and whoever is deceived thereby a fool.
Pretty fancy words.
Well them words got us breakfast.
I'll never forget them
words as long as I live.
Well, I suppose as good at
faces as I have with words,
I'd be all dern sure where I seen you.
Don't worry, mate, one of
these days it'll come to me.
That'll be 19 skins, Corky.
A mere pittance.
Cash on the line Mullins they call me.
Wait a couple of minutes,
I'll get your change for you.
No, light's going out,
Mullen's waits for no man,
present it to the boys up there.
When Johnnie Mae comes looking
for me give her this letter.
If you can stay sober long
enough to remember it.
If you can't remember it,
it's all right anyway.
You ain't going to
sea in that old, Corky.
Hats off my lads.
Old she may be but their
ain't no finer vessel
in the whole Pacific.
Virginia and me could sail it to China
or to Fiddler's Green.
You might as well tell Johnnie Mae
that's where we're going.
What's the name of that last part?
Fiddler's Green where
there's plenty of credit,
where's there many a lass and many a glass
and never a stormy sea.
We're all through long
lining for the year,
now we make ready for the salmon.
A boat is a funny thing, Bruno.
It can receive the love
of a man and hold it,
just like a woman.
A boat lives.
Be natural to stand and admire her.
I think that's the way
men have stood on docks
all over the world, looking at the boats.
They become young again.
Yeah, I kinda feel that way myself.
I can't figure it a few weeks ago,
I didn't know one end of
a boat from the other.
Bruno, that was fine
thing you do for Corky,
lending him money enough to go to sea.
How about your business,
you've been along time away,
it'd be pleasant to have you aboard?
You'll get rid of me one of these days.
One thing I already know for
sure, I'm not gonna like it.
Thanks mates, the service
is improving around here.
Where are you going, we
have a lot of work to do?
So have I, I've got to
help a friend of a friend
with some homework.
Don't strain yourselves, I'll be back.
Just one minute of your valuable time.
Make it fast, I'm late.
This is your boss you're
talking to remember?
You know I don't think you
appreciate how lucky you are.
You've got your big fists
in a wonderful business
and what's more you got
a great guy for a pop.
I wanna see you treat him a little better.
What is this?
You're too pretty to muss
up, so don't get excited.
But keep this in mind, I like your pop,
you can make him happy and from now on
that's the way it's gonna be understand?
Just like you say, Bruno.
What do you want?
They're a little ahead of me.
Ah, Connie would you listen
to me with an open mind
for just one second.
If I wasn't such an amateur well I,
I wouldn't have started off so badly.
Look, if you'll just come
and have a Cappuccino with me
I'd like to prove I can behave myself.
And what would a Cappuccino be?
Oh, it's a mixture of hot
chocolate and live steam
with a little dash of
brandy, something like you.
And you call yourself an amateur.
Please, they make them
right up the street.
You've got too many people on your side.
So, this is a Cappuccino?
A very special mixture.
It's supposed to have magic powers.
Like what?
They say that people
who drink them together
are bound to become lifelong friends.
Well, well, I didn't
believe it was possible.
What are you looking at?
You, you can smile,
with a little practice
you might even learn how to laugh.
I guess I never had much to laugh about.
Oh, there's always
something to laugh about.
If you can't find anything
else handy you might laugh
at yourself.
By golly, you take life seriously.
You know, I'm not sure I want
you for a lifelong friend,
you might give me the willies.
I'm sorry.
This is a very charming place.
Bruno never brought me here.
I don't suppose it's
elegant enough for Bruno.
How is he?
Oh, he's all right.
Look why don't you forget about
that sour apple for
five minutes and unwind.
Look, just think of me as a professor,
a guy who's gonna teach you how to laugh.
Okay, professor.
Well, Carl, you don't do so good today.
Went all afternoon corking two seams.
You been daydreaming maybe?
Oh, what you do, that's
no way to treat a ship.
If you don't like the
way I cork your bucket,
get some other guy.
Carl, you've been loafing all day.
You'll hurt the boat that way.
Take your hands off me.
Stay out of this.
I've been putting this off too long.
Get some water.
You could have killed him.
You do not fight like
a man, Bruno Felkin,
you fight like a wild animal.
No fights are nice,
not if you're gonna win.
Why did you do it?
I don't know, I don't know why I did it.
Thanks, Bruno Felkin.
And when a farmer finishes his breakfast
he monkeys around in a field.
Is it drinking time yet?
Nope, it's only 10 minutes past eight.
You're a liar, you can't
tell the time that way.
You were never no Indian scout.
Hey you, come here.
I said come here.
Your name's Ball, isn't it?
Maybe you could do something for me.
Well, I was just leaving
in a hurry to get home.
You haven't got a home.
Well, I was just this minute
gonna see a friend of mine
that's holding a job for me.
Come back here.
How long since you've been locked up
on a vag charge, General?
- I never was-
- January wasn't it,
vagrancy, drunk, disorderly,
disturbing the peace.
You know my brother
looks exactly like me.
I understand you perfectly
but unless you wanna
spend a few more nights in the tank,
you've better give me some information.
Where's this fella Corky Mullins?
He's gone fishing and
that's natural ain't it?
When will he be back?
I ain't no swami.
In his boat, maybe never.
Have you seen his car?
He ain't got no car.
Oh no, what makes you so sure?
Corky couldn't have, he's always broke.
Even his boat's owned by a
woman that's sweet on him,
a regular siren.
Did she buy Corky a new car?
She couldn't have or I'd have known it.
You find out when Corky's
coming back General.
I'll look you up in a day or so.
Thank you very much chief.
Smoke slow, General, it'll last longer.
In such a hurry you can't
say hello to an old friend.
I'm in no hurry, just
tired, wanna get home.
How's the hat business?
So, so, there's always the
character that leaves a dime.
Connie, I'm trying
to figure something out
that's giving me plenty of trouble.
Offhand what would you
estimate as the minimum time
a woman can be loyal to a man?
Kelsey what are you trying
to do understand woman?
Questions like that will
get you in real trouble.
You know I was kidding myself
you might stick to your man.
Well, I guess this is why I came in.
Connie, why don't you come
over on our side for awhile?
The air's a lot better
and we need your help.
I told you until Bruno
himself changes my mind,
I believe in him.
About this new boyfriend.
What makes you think there is one?
Please, I've been in
this business a long time.
Ask me how you did on your
English test at school
and I'll tell you.
Why can't you meet an
honest man for a change?
- Who said he isn't?
- I did,
for one thing he's quite a liar.
Kelsey when you think these things up,
what do you do, hang by your knees?
Oh, maybe he's just
forgetful or been drinking
from the fountain of youth.
He bought a new car but he
took out the registration
of a name of a Corky Mullins
who disappeared on me.
That must have taken some doing.
It so happens Corky
Mullins is 64-years-old.
Well, why come to me about it?
Because if we ask your new boyfriend,
we might scare him away
and I've got a hunch
he can be useful.
See Connie, I'm still
betting you're on the level.
- Won't you help us?
- No.
Well, think it over anyway.
Maybe when you hear from
Bruno you'll let me know.
Sure I will, calls me
everyday long distance
from the moon.
- I'm sorry I'm late.
- Who's been chasing you?
Nobody, I made sure of it.
Kelsey knows about you, at
least that you have a car.
Everybody's got a car and who's Kelsey?
He's a policeman.
How come you know him?
Well, a friend of mine is in trouble
and Kelsey thought I might
know something about it.
Would your friend be Bruno?
This is hot and so good.
You know, I'm beginning to
like these more and more.
I asked you a question.
Yes, it's Bruno.
I was afraid it might be me.
I'm getting so I don't like
being Bruno's collection boy.
I'm going to quit everyday now.
That's what Bruno always said.
Carl, you told me that that car was yours.
You don't have to impress me that way.
It is mine.
I thought a new car
would make me feel big.
Because I made a mistake
once I can't get a license.
So, I asked my friend, Corky Mullins
if I could use his name
for registering a car.
Anyway I've done a lot of favors for him.
See I am still trying to impress you.
Kelsey won't stop till he finds out
why your car's registered
under a man's name.
They can't hang me for that.
But they could find out about Bruno.
I couldn't care less.
And then they'll find out about you.
Oh, I guess it doesn't
make much difference.
It does to me.
I like you, professor.
There'd be an unhappy bird, Bruno.
Nobody ever heard one sing.
It'd be a funny thing
nobody know where they go
when they die.
Nobody cared either.
I think the reason for that
is the seagull does nothing.
They spend their whole life
waiting for somebody else
to provide them with a free meal.
We're sure not providing any meals,
we haven't caught a fish in three days.
Hey Pop!
This one's for you anyway.
Fine fisherman you turned out to be.
I bet the other boats are getting plenty.
When you polished
the spools this morning
was any of them nicked?
No, I used the brand new ones.
And Bruno kept his
fingers off like you said.
We were both careful.
No feed in them.
Not so much as a shrimp or a sardine.
They should be hungry.
Yeah, I guess your pop be a bad fisherman
this day all right.
But by and by we make some kind of magic.
When this happen you have plenty of time
to think how you do wrong.
I've been doing some thinking too.
Now don't expect me to change my ideas
about this lousy business.
I've been waiting to say something.
I was wrong to push you that day, Pop.
I hope you can forgive me.
Just a minute.
Bruno, put on the autopilot
and come here quick.
So, you think the old man
forget how to fish, huh?
You think I don't know what
happens to salmons' brains.
You think I just been sitting
here waiting for the fish
to jump on board, asleep in my head so.
- So, so.
- So what?
So, I have two ignoramuses for a crew.
So, one day in the shipyard I tell them
to grease the propellor shaft bearings
and they are so busy knocking
each other's blockheads off,
they forget to do like I tell them.
So, the propellor turned and
the shaft goes squeak, squeak
and the fish runaway to
other parts of the ocean.
And they said Hamil Linder
be a fool and they be right.
Hello Hamill.
It's fine night but I still
got a hunch it's gonna blow.
Yeah, Carl thinks so too.
You may not believe
this but Carl have come
to be a fine fisherman.
Why shouldn't I believe it?
Well, people sometime
get the wrong idea.
How's about the other guy,
where did he come from anyway?
I don't ask him anymore than you would,
so long as he like the
sea, that'd be enough.
What's the matter with you?
You are more nervous than some old woman?
Well, well, I have to
think some things out
and I don't get anywhere at all.
You know I am not the Catholic Barney.
So, what, lots of
people ain't Catholics.
They ain't gonna get the religion on me.
No, be much too late for that I guess.
But there are some things to be said,
things I have to say that
would be much clearer
if I come right out and say them.
You not making no sense.
What are you talking about?
Well, Barney Schriona if you please,
I would like to use your
chapel for a little while.
Go right ahead, no charge.
Not being a Catholic
like I say, I'm not sure
how to begin.
I could take you to the
devotions step by step.
But I have a hunch some
other time would be better.
Go right in there and run your own show.
You sure this be all right?
Why not, us Catholics don't own God.
Thanks, Barney.
Sir, it has to be said
that I lost my son, Carl
a longtime ago.
And if there be some
chance to get him back,
I would like to do this.
Now this day it so happened
my son was close to me,
closer than he was since
he was a small boy.
So he was like he was the
time his mother lived.
Make a wonderful feeling for both of us.
Sir, I'd like to keep this feeling
and I'd be afraid every
minute I'd do something
to drive it away, 'cause I am the father
and I must teach him and I must love him
but I must never be weak, always strong.
So, because what reason
is there for my living
if I cannot do this one thing.
Sir, I think you will understand all this,
even if I don't say it just right,
because you were the father.
- Is this your car?
- Yeah.
Something's a matter?
No, just a couple of boards are stuck.
- Okay, then cast off now.
- With you in a minute.
Who's that guy on the dock?
I don't know some joker.
- What did he want?
- Want?
Yeah, what did he want?
I guess he was just trying
to sell me some insurance.
Yeah, what about it, what
are you so head up about it?
What kind of insurance?
For my car, anything wrong with that?
Oh I guess I forgot to
tell you I bought one.
I guess you did.
How did you manage to get a car?
I paid for it with money I
got from minding your racket.
How could you register a
car when you're on probation?
It's in Corky Mullin's
name no one has to know.
Then how come this guy
tried to sell you insurance?
He said he always keeps
his eyes open for drivers
of new cars, it's smart business.
Yeah, you bet it's smart.
So, this guy just walks up
to you a big shot prospect
with a flashy car, only you don't tell him
the car don't belong to you.
What difference does it make?
Have you heard from Connie?
What's Connie got to do with it?
I've been taking her out a little.
I like her and I think she likes me.
You've been taking her out in that car?
That's just great.
You ever look back and
see how many squad cars
are following you?
This salesman, did he
ask you many questions?
No, he just said he's
around the wharf quite a bit
- and he-
- What did he say
- his name was?
- He didn't say.
You think I'm gonna fall for that?
It so happens your
insurance friend is a cop.
What makes you think so?
I don't think so, I know so.
Now you listen to me,
the last guy who tried
to outsmart Felkin isn't around anymore.
I wouldn't wanna see that
happen to you, understand?
You think this fog is gonna hold us up?
No, I think maybe it get
clear as we get closer in.
Oh, good, I got business in port.
You never leave the boat before.
I think maybe you in some kind of trouble.
No, I've never been in any trouble,
except that I could
have used a pop like you
a long time ago.
Not so long ago.
It just you look older than you be.
Your mouth twists sometimes
like a man who be afraid
to say the wrong thing.
Be fighting all the time.
Who isn't?
If you don't fight the
world walks all over you.
Look at you, you fight the
fish by, as the weather,
so what difference does it make?
I can win, Bruno Felkin,
so I am not afraid.
That be how I tried to teach Carl.
He would not say inside himself
that it'd be a fine thing
to be a fisherman.
He think to work by his hands is something
to be ashamed about.
Maybe Carl be right except
that I do not feel ashamed,
I never do.
- Hey.
- Get the boat hook.
Why'd we slow down for, Pop?
Corky, where'd he get
the money to get to sea?
Bruno tried to help him.
Been in the water a long time.
He picked this place,
he said for you to wait.
I'll be up the road a
little if you need me.
Oh, what you do to me.
Oh, you're so thin.
I found out what it's
like to work for a living.
You look wonderful.
Your skin.
The moment Carl told
me I was gonna see you,
I had dizzy spells.
I'm still whirly.
I guess I was afraid.
- Why?
- I don't know.
I'm not sure of anything lately.
When are you coming back? Never.
Why Bruno?
Once you said we needed each other.
Since you left, I'm not sure
if you ever needed anyone.
The whole world isn't against you.
Yes, it is.
I'm not.
You and a guy named Hamil Linder.
Someday when we're traveling first class
on a boat going to South America
I'll tell you all about it.
Meantime what we have to
do isn't gonna be easy
for either one of us.
Because of Marty Prince.
What have they told you?
Oh Bruno, I begged
you not to carry a gun.
As long as I had to make
a mistake in business,
I'm glad it was him.
Now ['ll need your help.
Tomorrow's gonna be our busy day.
I'll do almost anything to help you.
Cut out the almost,
doesn't sound like you.
First thing tomorrow you go
to Marty Prince Enterprises,
get some of their letterheads.
I don't care what you
tell them but get them.
And bring them to me
tomorrow night at 10 o'clock.
I'll be at the north end of pier 43.
Oh, Bruno I don't like this.
- You better like it.
- But I don't think-
- Oh shut up.
Don't you think, let me
genius the brain huh.
I'm looking forward to the time
when we can do things right,
just now we haven't got it.
Make sure you're alone tomorrow.
You looking for somebody.
Right on time, I knew you would be.
You're doing a great job, baby.
Here are the papers you wanted.
Yeah, yeah, these will really spot me.
Now a few more details and we're all set.
Now, I'll be sailing tonight.
On Thursday call Sutta
12020, ask for homicide.
Say you're a friend of Marty Prince's,
say you know who gave it to Marty see.
And if they'll cover a new
Ford parked behind Union Hall,
wait till the driver shows up.
They'll have who they're looking for.
Bruno what are you doing?
Police hold their job
because they have good conviction records
and I'm gonna help them.
But you can find another
way, leave the country-
- Only tin horns try to run
faster than a teletype machine.
- Bruno-
- While
they wind up places like Alcatraz.
I won't do it.
Yes, you will.
Sure you will.
We can have a real life together.
I'm trusting you with my life.
Quick, beat it, these guys talk too much.
Bruno, Bruno!
So, what, 59 degrees.
Now that'd be very fine,
albacore like that.
You know albacore be the
fastest fish in the ocean.
They swim 30, 40 mile an
hour and when they hit
they hit hard.
By and by I think that something,
there you go.
Easy now, easy.
There they go set those barbs.
Any slack, you lose him.
Hard and even.
Put your back into it.
Easy now, easy now.
First one of the season.
You do a fine job son.
I got one, Pop, look I got two!
Another one, son.
We're in it, Pop, we're in it!
Now circle the spool, get them boys.
We find them by golly.
I try to call Barney and tell him.
It's those seventh waves that gets you.
Stand by or capsized.
What do you mean seventh wave?
Watch, every seven minutes
a whopper comes along.
It just turns out to be about every seven.
Don't ask me why.
One moved me on the
beach when I was a kid,
I never wanted any part of swimming since.
Hey Bruno, wanna buy a new car?
- Yours?
- Yeah.
I decided it's too fancy for a fisherman.
I thought you weren't gonna be one?
After knowing you I'm
considering a lot of changes.
For one thing, you're
getting off this boat
and I'm sticking with Pop for awhile.
Are you giving orders?
When we hit port, I'm giving
you two hours to disappear.
I'm only giving you on
account of Connie and Pop.
It won't do any good
to make her feel sick.
What's this with you and Connie?
I wanna marry her.
What would your pop think of that?
If I stay with him, he'll be happy.
Remember two hours after
he gets back to port.
Hey, you two gossiping old ladies,
slow down hauling in the
fish just because we get
a little wind.
Those fish won't wait around all day!
Gone after awhile.
Relax, we'll sink the boat for you!
How far do you think we're offshore?
Search me, too far,
we won't sleep tonight.
I guess nothing can happen, huh?
What's the matter, you afraid to die?
Hey Bruno, give me a hand here will you?
This hatch can cover fish
just like a.
That oughta hold, I hope.
How you like this Bruno?
I don't.
This be the travel
for the Pacific coast.
Not enough harbors.
Other way 12 hours from here.
San Francisco the same about.
Farallon Islands be no good in this wind.
New Year's Island be no good either.
So, we have to ride things out.
This place is jumping tonight, isn't it?
How about a brandy, Neil?
My favorite brandy.
I don't suppose you
could stick by the rules
and wait till after we close.
I need it now.
I've stood behind bars a long time.
You can get a free case of
champagne for telling me
something I haven't heard before.
Now when did he mistreat you?
He never did.
Then what's the other woman like?
There never was one.
If I do a little weeping,
Neil it's because I owe
one man a great deal for
showing me the kind of life
I didn't want.
Would you be surprised to
tell you what I really want
is a home and children?
On one half of one drink, yes.
In a lot of ways he was so wonderful.
He always used to say to
me, "Connie, you've gotta be"
the very tops, be all rich
inside and walk proud."
So, that's what I'm gonna do.
Even though I don't feel
proud, he would want me to.
- All alone?
- I hope not.
You sent for me?
What made you think
I'd know where Bruno was?
You're a patient man, lieutenant.
I have to be.
Remember how I hate to write things down.
You don't have to write this down.
I've decided to move over to your side.
I couldn't help that one, Pop.
They seem to be getting bigger.
Nevermind boy, you're doing a fine job.
You think the wind
is dropping away, Pop?
By and by maybe.
You must be tired, Carl, take some rest.
Nothing doing, Pop, if
I get a chance to take it,
I'll get scared.
It's easier to let you do the worrying.
I'm not worried.
Worried about the V
for the W, it's worried.
But you just relax and do
it with any accent you like.
We'll all feel better.
I have this to say, Bruno
and it maybe we go for a spin,
I think you should know it.
I have to say that you are a fine fella.
What all of a sudden gave you that idea?
You be gallant, Carl is with me again.
I had nothing to do with that.
So you say.
I would like to have you
for a son too, Bruno,
for as long as you care to be.
Oh, well Pop you
wouldn't want me for a son.
Bruno, outside quick!
We take a big one!
Boat's coming avail we
take on a ton of water!
We've got to get one in fast,
here's some nails.
Is the best hammer you can find?
Pop said to hurry.
We're really catching it now.
Looks like we've really had it!
Hurry the boat can catch
up if we get this canvas
down right!
You really think we can get out of this?
I've gotta think that way!
You were so right, this
is no way to make a living.
Watch out Bruno!
Carl, he never swim, my boy!
Steady, Bruno, I make it lean!
I'll throw you another line!
Oh, ho, hello, sit down.
Have some tea.
Why'd you ask me to come up here?
Oh, it eases my official conscience,
and this is a peaceful place.
I suppose that's what
we're all looking for.
Have you ever had a Chinese fortune cake?
I don't think so.
They always have a bit
of literature inside.
Try yours, it might be interesting.
The next moon will bring you love.
Could be.
I had a call from the
Coast Guard this morning.
A boat named the Taaga
lost a man overboard.
A fellow who was really two people.
It's funny how many different
kinds of wild animals
there are isn't it?
Thanks for telling me this way.
Thanks Lieutenant Kelsey.
Well, Barney, I see
you be loafing again.
You cut that hold with a
knife just so you could
stay in port.
You going to a wedding or something?
Maybe by and by.
Today be very important by golly.
Today I swallow the anchor.
You mean, you're gonna
quit for the season
with all them fish out there.
I quit forever.
I be like a boat, Barney, I make long sail
and finally come to port.
I be tired, Barney.
Everybody in this business is tired
but even you ain't so
crazy as to quit fishing.
What would you do with yourself?
Maybe I go to the mountains for awhile.
Ah, you oughta be ahead,
why the second day you'd
be down by some stream
trying to catch a trout.
Yeah, that's just what I'll do.
I'd sit by the stream all
day and think how lucky I am.
So what happens to the
Taaga while you're doping off?
- Oh, I sell it.
- You what?
Carl, he buy it.
Of course, he be short
of cash but he work hard,
make up by and by.
What given such a change of heart?
Bruno do a lot to change Carl's mind
and that girl, she has
lots of spirit by golly.
She order all the food for Carl
and help him with his fishing plans.
You know, Barney, I lose a man at sea.
I do not forgive myself for that
but it's wonderful to
think that because of him,
I find another man.
Take care of things on
shore for me, will you Pop?
Good fishing, Carl, I
wrapped a bread double for you,
it'll keep at least a week.
Thanks Connie.