The Rain (2009) Movie Script

[Thunder crashes]
It's raining
It's pouring
The old man is snoring
He went to bed
and bumped his head
He couldn't get up
in the morning
CARI: They say that those
who fail to learn from their past
are destined to repeat it.
This story begins
well before my time,
in a place called Perseverance.
In all, three generations
would come to tell the tale.
Three generations
would come to fear the rain.
[Thunder crashes]
[Woman vocalizing]
Please, whoever you are...
Please, just let me go.
What do you want?
[Indistinct chanting]
[Indistinct chanting]
[Inhales deeply]
One more week without rain...
and we'll all be dead.
Ain't that Simon Wheeler?
Daniel, no! Daniel!
Help me, please.
Don't let it get me.
The hat.
You mind when I'm talking to you!
Now, you go home
and look after your sister!
Go on!
I want my pa.
I know your father, boy.
[Leaves rustling]
[Girl screams]
[Wood creaking]
[Coughing continues]
[Knock on door]
[Knock on door]
DELL: Open up, ladies!
...take the money.
DELL: You got to pay to stay, ladies!
[Hinges creak]
You got the rent?
I want that.
[Gun cocks]
You let my child go.
Brenda, give him the water.
But it's all we have.
Give him the water.
Here, boy. Take this.
He was talking crazy things.
I didn't have no choice.
I had to think of the kids.
You understand?
He knows you're here, Jean.
If I was you, I'd pack my things
and get back home
before he sends the sheriff.
You'll never make it out of town.
Mama, why are all
the grown-ups sick?
[Telephone ringing]
No, mama, please!
[Ringing continues]
JENNY: Daddy?
[Man breathing heavily]
D-daddy, is that you?
Daddy misses you, baby.
Are you better now?
Yes. I am.
Please come home.
Just tell your mother
to bring you all home.
Did you get rid of it?
So there'll be no more crazy talk?
Come home.
Come home, Jean.
I want to, baby.
I miss you, but...
[Receiver clicks, dial tone]
[Bell tolling]
Had no warning
Give me just a little more time
I know I hit
the fuckin' rock bottom
About a week
from the hurt and the pain
That you must admit
Rock bottom
[Thumping continues]
About a week from now
[Books hit floor]
Geez, Cari!
Don't you knock?!
Damn it.
[Music shuts off]
You said you were studying
at the library today.
I was, but there were
too many people there,
and I just didn't feel like it.
And, well, when the hell am I
supposed to have my time, Cari?
You're here
every fucking minute, studying.
You never go out.
You never go home.
I get no time to myself.
[Cellphone ringing]
You gonna answer that?
[Ringing continues]
Oh, they'll call back.
It must be her parents.
Well, lookee here.
What did I tell you?
- Good old M and D calling again.
- Give me that.
What, are you afraid
I'm gonna answer it?
You have no right.
They'll just call back.
And call and call.
Just like they keep sending you
these letters you never open.
Come on.
Let's go to your place.
Do me a favor, Cari,
and answer your phone.
Better yet, just go home.
MAN: Philosopher and poet
George Santayana
was quoted as saying that
those who fail to learn from history
are doomed to repeat it.
These words imply
that society is destined
to travel down
the same self-destructive road
until it is willing to accept
the wrongs of its past.
And quite often,
this burden of acceptance
gets passed down to our children.
It's the children who pay the price
for our indiscretions.
[Dog barking]
...the creation
of the atomic bomb...
[Inhales sharply]
...enough is enough.
Otherwise, the vicious cycle
will continue.
And tragically, we,
the adults of this generation...
[Voice trails off]
...the price tag will be human life.
...society, in all its complacency,
is willing to accept the notion
that its children
are tomorrow's martyrs.
[Chair slides]
[Water running]
[Thunder rumbles]
MAN: Campus operator.
Hi, this is Cari Lumis.
Could you give me the number
to the campus clinic, please?
I have an emergency.
Please hold.
[Cellphone ringing]
KARL: No, honey.
This is your father.
Aw, Dad.
Dad, there's something wrong.
Cari, you're sick.
No, Dad.
Dad, it's more than that.
My skin, it...
It's drying up,
and you have unexplained sores.
How did you know?
Sweetie, you have...
You have a family-related illness.
It's hereditary.
Dad, you never said anything
about this.
Dad, it's bad.
I think I need a doctor.
We have the remedy here.
So you must come home, and
you must come home immediately.
Okay. Okay. It hurts.
Cari, we have the cure.
You just come home now.
But make it quick.
It's gonna be all right, Maggie.
Gonna be all right.
MAGGIE: Daniel...
I'm thirsty.
You can have my rations.
No. I need water.
There's little left.
I'll check with Pa.
Pa, can Maggie have
my water rations?
that boy in the field...
he was Ben Wheeler's son, Simon.
[Inhales deeply]
That boy was crazy.
Lack of food and water, no doubt.
What happened to him, Pa?
[Thunder rumbles]
My God.
Pa, it looks like our prayers
came through.
Looks like it.
[Thunder crashes]
Can this day get any worse?
Well, well, well.
If it isn't Cari Lumis.
What's going on, Sheriff?
Well, we've got some flooding.
We're re-routing traffic.
Oh, okay.
Well, does that mean
I have to turn around, then?
We don't turn away our own kind.
Okay, well, I better get going.
My parents are probably
waiting for me.
Well, you let me move those first.
[Power window hums]
[Thunder rumbles]
[Thunder crashes]
[Insects buzzing]
[Crow caws]
[Truck door closes]
[Crow cawing]
[Door opens]
[Gasps softly]
Welcome home, everybody.
Let's all get in out of the heat.
CLARENCE: Come on.
Come on, baby. It's still daddy.
[Rain falling]
[Cari coughing]
ELEANOR: Drink this.
What is it?
KARL: Just...
Just drink it, dear.
Just drink it.
I can breathe! What was that?
It's a remedy.
Now take the bandages off.
It's working.
I need more.
I'll give you more.
But you got to do exactly
what I say, without question.
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
- You understand?
- Yes!
Now, that's a promise.
'Cause if you don't...
I can't help you.
Listen to me.
You listen to me.
Your illness is hereditary.
You could say it's a...
it's a curse.
It occurs when you reach adulthood...
and it can kill you.
- [Gasps]
- Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh.
But there is a cure.
Shh. Shh.
No, no, no.
I want you...
I want you to let go of your pain...
...and walk into the healing rain.
[Fire crackling]
MAGGIE: Daniel, you awake?
I'm thirsty. You think you can
just sneak a little water?
Pa said we could have
some rations in the morning.
I can't sleep. Please.
All right.
What's the matter?
Thinking about what the boy said?
Well, don't be afraid.
All he saw was the hat, right?
Yeah, but even monsters
can wear hats.
There's no such thing as monsters.
[Footsteps approach]
Getting water, huh?
It's for Maggie.
[Water splashes]
Go on in the house.
What's going on?
Heh, heh, heh, heh.
The shaman delivered
on his promise.
Skeptics are worried.
We need to choose another one.
Now. Before they change
their minds.
Maybe they're right
to be worried, Horace.
We already had
this conversation, Clive.
You turning yellow on us?
The shaman promised us rain.
And we need this.
And what's next?
What happens next here, Horace?
We'll worry about that later.
Right now we need
to see this through,
or we're all dead
and there is no next year.
Come on, Clive!
What's it gonna take?
All the crops are gone,
our livestock.
We lost, what, 30 to the drought?
Right. Whatever.
It's gonna be 33.
Two more, Clive...
and we all live.
We're all in this equal.
Ain't that right, Ben?
All right!
You made your point.
I'll go.
Good man, Clive.
Good man.
Where you going?
Into town.
I'll be back before long.
You watch over your sister.
[Door opens]
[Door closes]
But how can rainwater be a cure?
It can't be that simple, can it?
Yes, it can.
From now on you have to bathe
in the vernal rain.
The vernal rain?
Yes, the vernal rain. It's a...
It's a rain that comes once a year.
It has special properties.
You have to shower in it...
or your affliction will return...
and you'll die.
Well, what about
Kyle, Max, and Jack?
Your brothers...
Your brothers...
me, your mother...
we were all born with this curse.
Well, what if it doesn't rain
next time? Then, what?
We have a way of ensuring...
that it will rain.
Well, you can't just make it rain.
Yes, we can.
I think it's time you come with me.
I've got to show you something.
[Man on radio speaking indistinctly]
[Jean coughing]
[Clarence groans]
[Water splashing]
[Jean coughing]
JEAN: Mandy...
your dinner's getting cold.
Let's all say grace, please.
Dear Lord, we thank You
that we can all be together
around this table again.
Thank You for...
letting us remember...
that as long as we're together,
we can get through
all your trials and tribulations.
CLARENCE: Hope you like it.
Clarence, I don't feel so good.
MAGGIE: Where are you going?
Going to get Pa from town.
He said to wait here.
Something's wrong.
He's been gone too long.
You think he's in trouble?
I don't know. Maybe.
It didn't look like he wanted
to go with them.
Daniel, why is this happening to us?
I'm afraid, Daniel.
Don't leave me.
I don't want to be alone.
Listen, the town's not that far away.
I can make it in an hour
and be back before too long.
I'll be careful.
I'm scared to be here by myself.
Don't be. There's no such thing
as monsters, remember?
Tell you what... why don't you
bar the door behind me,
and I'll knock like this... let me back in, okay?
Now, get back to bed.
People can be monsters, too,
[Door opens]
[Thunder rumbles, rain falling]
Now, listen to me, Cari.
I want you to listen to me.
I need you to do something.
It's gonna be hard at first,
but I want you
to understand that it's...
it's for the survival of this family.
Do you understand?
That's a promise?
Yes, Daddy.
Why is he tied up?!
So he doesn't get away.
"Get away"?
He needs a doctor.
Cari. Cari.
Listen to me.
We can talk about this later.
We can discuss it later.
What I need you to do...
listen very carefully now...
is I need you to take your hands...
take your hands...
place them on his chest.
And submerge him
until his lungs fill with water.
Look at this!
Look at it!
It's not gonna get any better.
You understand?
Stop! You're insane!
Listen to me.
If you don't do this...
me, you, your mother...
all of us...
we're gonna die
a horrific and agonizing death.
- Stop!
- Cari!
- Stop! You're hurting me!
- Cari!
You don't understand.
In order to bring the rain...
[Thunder crashes]
...we as a family
must make a sacrifice.
We must make a sacrifice.
It's been going on
for over a generation.
I'm gonna call the sheriff.
Doesn't matter.
He knows.
He already knows.
The whole community knows.
We all suffer
from the same curse, Cari.
Our lives... our health...
our crops...
[Thunder rumbles]
And the only way to fix it
is that you have to sacrifice
your brother Kyle.
This is a hoax.
Please stop. Stop it now.
You're lying.
Stop being so dramatic
and do as you're told!
You made a promise.
Now keep it!
How do you think...
Perseverance has prospered
all these years?
Have you looked around?
Have you looked
at all the towns around you?
Huh? They're all dried up.
Because we made a promise.
And that promise has to be fulfilled.
Now, I want you...
to make it rain.
You make it rain.
Do you hear me?
But it's already raining.
Where's Max?
Where's Jack?
[Thunder rumbles]
Oh, God. No. No.
[Thunder crashes]
You'll learn, Cari.
You'll learn
like all of us had to learn...
the whole town...
that one day,
when you have your children,
your turn will come.
I just pray that you'll have
the determination
to do exactly
what my father did with me...
...and that I have to do
with you now.
May you have the strength...
to pull the trigger.
[Coin falls]
No. No!
It wasn't supposed to go like that!
And what way was that, Clive?!
BO Y: The selection has been made.
The shaman now demands
a sacrifice.
If you go back on your word,
he will curse your land and people.
Stop it, Ben.
Stop it!
BEN: No more children!
Let it go, Ben!
Ben. Ben.
We got rain.
There's no going back now.
How can you just let
your babies go?!
Why the children?!
Why don't you take one of us?!
The shaman was a father.
The white man like you
killed his children.
His heart is now dark.
The same darkness is now on you.
Mr. Wheeler.
I saw Simon this morning.
My boy?
Outside the forest, by our property.
He came running out of the woods.
He was hurt real bad, screaming
that he was being chased.
Where is he now?
I don't know, Mr. Wheeler.
My pa...
my pa took him
back into the woods.
Listen to me, Daniel Jonis.
Don't go home.
Stay away till dawn.
So you don't end up like my boy.
[Breathing heavily]
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's cool.
What's that?
You said you got rid of it!
You promised, Clarence!
Yes, I did, Jean. I promised.
I promised the whole town...
that I would put an end
to this drought, which I started...
that I'd put an end
to this suffering.
And I intend on keeping
that promise.
I'm gonna let it fuckin' kill you, Cari,
if you don't do exactly what I say.
Please. Please take it
away from me. I can't breathe!
I promise. I promise.
But you have to do
exactly what I say.
Do you understand?
Is that a yes?
Is that a yes?
You promise what?
I want you to say it.
I promise to drown Kyle.
I heard a promise, Cari.
Yeah, that's it.
That's it.
[Thunder crashes]
- [Kyle gasping]
- Kyle!
Enough with you!
I'll deal with you later!
I'll show you how to do it.
I'll show you how to do it.
[Kyle grunting]
[Water splashing]
KYLE: Stop!
[Thunder rumbles]
[Knock on door]
Shh. Shh. Shh.
Can you breathe?
They... they killed Max and Jack.
- I tried to stop 'em.
- Shh.
Don't talk.
We need to get out of here now.
ELEANOR: Cari, open the door.
Through the window.
You're putting us all in danger.
Don't listen to her. Go. Now.
Oh, my God.
He wasn't lying.
[Rain stops]
What's wrong?
Nothing. Go towards
the front of the house.
What about Max and Jack?
It's too late for them, Kyle.
It's not safe here.
[Knife falls]
No one said you could
come down here, Mandy.
Go upstairs
and play with your sister.
Mama? Oh, God!
[Both grunting]
KYLE: Owwww!
[Thunder crashes]
Uh, it's only a small cut.
It doesn't hurt much.
Just a little more blood, Kyle.
No! What are you doing?!
- [Grunts]
- [Thunder crashes]
No! What's wrong with you?
I'm sick.
Not you, too!
You all want to hurt me!
It's the rain.
[Fire crackling]
[Indistinct whispering]
[Three knocks on door]
Daniel? Pa?
[Indistinct chanting]
The drought has plagued us
for far too long now, Brenda.
Ever since Daddy found the hat...
our farm... all of the farms,
they're all dead.
Dead because there is no rain!
[Thunder crashes]
But that will all change.
Once I give...
Dad, you're sick.
You're sick, and you need help.
You've been sick ever since
you found that thing.
Daddy needs to give first.
- Then all will be well.
- No!
[Whispering indistinctly]
[Door closes]
[People coughing]
Where are they?
I'm so sorry.
You've failed.
But we have someone
who has never failed.
Mr. Saul.
Not him.
I'll slaughter whatever's left
of my family.
You have nothing to say
about this anymore.
The lottery is in jeopardy
because of you.
You must ensure,
as you have before,
that things are set right.
Hand it over.
You had your chance...
and you failed.
It's all in Mr. Saul's hands now.
ELEANOR: Only the boy.
H-he was the chosen one.
[Dog panting]
[Dog barking]
Where are you taking me?
[Dog whines]
I am so sorry.
I want to go back home.
I know. I do, too. But we can't.
But Dad's hurt. Maybe we should
go back and help him.
Kyle, Dad tried to hurt us.
Mom did, too.
They murdered Max and Jack.
They have an illness
that made them do this.
They're not themselves.
But can't we get them to a doctor?
Kyle, we can't go back.
We can't call a doctor.
The whole town is in on it.
We're gonna be okay.
What's gonna happen to us?
Listen, I promise you...
from now on,
I will take care of you.
Okay? I promise.
No! You don't care!
Mom and Dad said
you didn't care about us.
That's why you left
and ran away to college.
Of course I care about you!
All I've ever known
is Perseverance.
I had to go and see
what is out there.
Mom and Dad were always
trying to hold me back.
And now I know why.
We've got to get out of this town.
I mean, maybe we can
go back to my school.
Maybe we can find help there.
What are you looking for?
Keys. Maybe we can drive
this truck out of here.
And what? Just steal it?
I don't know.
That house is abandoned.
Nobody will notice.
[Engine sputtering]
Oh, damn! It's on empty!
Maybe there's some fuel
in the barn.
Kyle, what are you doing?
We've got to find fuel.
We don't have time for that.
But I'm starving.
No. We've got to go now.
Just find the fuel.
- Behind you.
- [Gasps]
Please. Please don't shoot.
Don't move.
Either of you!
[Indistinct chanting]
[Brenda gasps]
[Water splashing]
[Thunder crashes]
[Footsteps approach]
I'm sorry. We were lost.
And we were just trying
to find shelter.
Trying to steal my pickup?
That's "looking for shelter"?
W-we didn't take anything.
Look, if you'll just let us go,
I promise you
we'll never bother you again.
[Groaning continues]
Cari. It's okay.
What's happening to me?
It's raining
It's pouring
The old man is snoring
He went to bed
and bumped his head
It's the hat.
The hat?
Go on, now, both of you.
Just get out of here.
No. Please. Please tell me
what's going on.
Your family must have been chosen
for the sacrifice.
What do you mean chosen?
Honey, you're too young to know.
It happened well before
your parents' time.
[Lighter clicks]
Some 50 or so years ago...
local farmer dug up an old hat
on his property,
and, with it, a native curse.
The land and the wells dried up...
livestock all dying.
There wasn't any food.
Killed off half the town,
threatened to destroy everyone
and everything in it.
So to deal with the curse...
the town developed a lottery.
Choose a family
to give up three of its own,
three children of every generation.
Guess your family drew the lot.
[Cigarette butt falls]
[Foot stomps]
I'm sorry. I can't cure you.
Only the rain can.
CARI: Oh, my God.
KYLE: Cari, come on.
CARI: Hurry. Hurry.
Please, please, please work.
- [Engine turns over]
- KYLE: Ohh! Yes!
Get your seat belt on.
Shit! Shit!
[Groaning and coughing]
Who the hell is that?
[Indistinct chanting]
Look at that!
[Chanting continues]
Cari, what's wrong?
Go! Go!
Cari, come on!
KYLE: Open up!
WOMAN: Come on. Come on.
Get in there. Get in there.
Ah, that ain't gonna hold.
Here. Help me.
[Pounding stops]
I am so tired, Kyle.
WOMAN: Get behind me.
[Gun cocks]
I've dealt with his kind before.
We got to help her!
[Water splashing]
She's getting sicker and sicker!
Do something!
Go and get me the hat.
But that man's out there.
Kyle, I don't care. You run fast.
But, Cari...
It helped him.
Maybe it will help me.
If you don't do this, I'm gonna die.
[Water dripping]
[Man breathing heavily]
[Weapon falls]
- What are you doing?
- I need this, Kyle.
Ah. Let me go!
Just a little cut.
Just a little more rain.
Oh. No. Please! No!
[Thunder crashes]
WOMAN: Stop!
Not another child!
[Owl hoots]
Don't worry. I'll get you down.
[Thunder crashes]
[Both whimpering]
[Screaming stops]
[Thunder rumbles]
[Chanting continues]
[Chanting stops]
The shaman...
shall have wrath upon you all.
If you kill him...
the curse is just
gonna go on forever.
My father was the one
who dug up the hat,
unleashing the curse.
[Thunder rumbles]
He murdered...
my two sisters.
And he was coming after me.
[Thunder crashes]
[Indistinct chanting]
And I was strong like you.
And I got away.
And when he told the town
that I got away,
they just chose another child
from a different family,
and that's what they're gonna do
when your brother ain't found.
Let him live, Cari.
Just suffer a little while longer.
'Cause the rain's gonna come.
[Dog snarling]
[Breathing sharply]
You got to make a choice, Cari.
If you really want to end this,
you got to deny it
the thing it desires...
a third soul.
The children...
they're at the schoolhouse.
Go free them
before another one is taken.
You ain't got much time.
And, you...
You must bury the hat.
Put it back in the earth.
Put it back where it belongs...
once this has all passed.
I'm so sorry.
We're too late.
Nah, we got what we came for.
The shaman's power over the rain
resides with this hat...
his oracle to his god.
And now it's ours.
Just like your land.
I'm sorry about your little sister...
but sacrifices had to be made.
Ain't that right, Clive?
The needs of the many
outweighs the few.
The many are now the few.
- [Gun cocks]
- It stops here.
Brothers and sisters, I'm afraid
we must continue with the ritual.
Mr. Saul has failed us.
Thank you, Sister.
Thank you, Brother.
Thank you.
[Bell tolls]
[Bell tolls]
[Whispers indistinctly]
Go get the child
from the schoolyard, Sheriff.
[Clock ticking]
You all have to come with me.
Your lives are in danger.
[Bell tolls]
[Door closes]
Cari Lumis.
Where's your brother, child?
Cari. Honey.
Where's Kyle?
We need him to cure us.
We're not bad people, baby.
We're just doing
what needs to be done.
You understand that.
Don't you?
[Thunder rumbles]
Please! Cari!
Cari, please!
Forgive us.
[Thunder rumbles]
[Thunder crashes]
[Heart beating]
[Thunder crashes]
CARI: "I kept my promise, Kyle.
Now it's up to you
to lead the children
away from this place.
You must never, ever return
to Perseverance.
Promise me."
You can't breathe
a word of this to anyone.
This place is cursed.
[Birds chirping]
[Thunder rumbles]
Long before
we had lost our souls
From secrets born long ago
Long ago
Can't look back,
we've come too far
With the bottom falling down
Falling down
Here comes the rain
The rain
Here comes the rain
The rain
Rain, rain, please go away
Take me back
to some other day
If I die before I wake
I fear my soul the rain may take
Lying land, hallowed ground
Show the path we travel down
Travel down
Don't hold back
Driving past the lightning cloud
Lightning cloud
Here comes the rain
The rain
Here comes the rain
The rain
Rain, rain, please go away
Take me back
to some other day
If I die before I wake
I fear my soul the rain may take
Rain, rain, please go away
Take me back
to some other day
And if I die before I wake
Fear my soul the rain may take
Rain, rain, please go away
Take me back
to some other day
And if I die before I wake
Fear my soul the rain may take
Here comes the rain
The rain
Here comes the rain
The rain
Rain, rain, please go away
Take me back
to some other day
If I die before I wake
I fear my soul the rain may take
Rain, rain, please go away
Take me back
to some other day
And if I die before I wake
I fear my soul the rain may take
Rain, rain, go away
Come again some other day
Rain, rain, go away
Come again some other day
Rain, rain, go away
Come again some other day