The Rain Bride (2022) Movie Script

Once again dark clouds
have covered our country
Once upon a time soldiers came to
the doorstep-of 17-year-old Mem
who had just gotten married.
They tied his hands and took him away.
Stop, Stop, Stop!
Your movement needs to have...
the pounding of your steps with it.
Those in the back. You can't be
standing. You have your hands up.
You must sit down so
I can't see you.
If we sit, we will not be seen the role
of the women dies in this case.
No. Your act will remain the same.
I think we should be in the front.
I don't see them.
Men fight for women,
not the other way around.
Why can't we change that?
We can talk about that later.
/ Any other comments?
/ No, thanks.
Rehearsal is finished.
Be here on Wednesday at 11 am.
Good job. Go change.
Reber, it does not make
sense that men fight
while the women just
stay behind and cry.
What can I do? Soldiers come
and try to take the women.
The only thing they can do is cry;
they're powerless.
Why are they powerless?
You have to give them a bigger role.
They do have an important role,
my love.
They have a good role?
What is that role, to make babies?
No, they are created for two things:
to make babies and cook.
Clap for me Memo!
Who dances better, me or your mom?
Lower your voice!
/ What did you say?
/ I said lower your voice.
The neighbors will come
and ask whose wedding it is.
Let them come and ask.
I will tell them it's my wedding
for the second time.
I dare you.
Do you believe
I would ever marry again?
Yes commander!
I'm well, thanks.
Will you eat by yourself,
or should I feed you?
Yes sir.
Do you see this point?
This is the key to control
the city of Mosul.
We lost many comrades there,
mostly due to mines.
If we don't make a move,
they will come all the way
to our doorsteps.
Have you ever been over to frontlines?
No, sir.
During the old days
you were a fine deminer.
We need you again now.
Yes but I have been away
from the military a long time.
As you might know, I'm a choreographer
directing a dance group.
We are getting ready
to put on a show for Newroz.
Our enemy is getting
closer and closer.
If we don't stop them, neither you nor
I or anyone else will have Newroz.
And those female dancers
of yours will be sold
in Mosul and Raqqa for
a hundred American dollars.
Are you upset about that thing?
/ What thing?
/ Me defending woman's role.
You made perfect sense.
Plus I can't get mad at you.
Now I've got it.
Let's talk about that later.
That's the best price I can offer you.
Do you want to sell it ?
/ You got it.
/ Let us go sign the contract.
Reber, don't be in a hurry!
Why did you sell your car?
If you needed money,
I would've come up with some for you.
Get yourself some money
and get married.
Look at yourself,
you've become an old man.
What are you doing here?
Why don't you come in?
I will come in now.
Are you okay?
Where is our car ?
I sold it.
Why ?
I paid off some debts
and I will give you
the rest of the money
in case you need anything.
I don't understand.
Lori, I have decided to rejoin
the Peshmerga and go to war.
Yes Dad.
Tomorrow at noon?
Why has dad asked us
to go over his house?
Is it because of your issue again?
Did you tell them
that I am going to war?
No, I didn't tell them anything.
We try to find him a wife,
he doesn't agree.
We try to understand,
what's the issue.
If you have a problem let us know,
maybe we can find a solution.
Tell me what is your problem?
I don't have a problem.
I told you already,
I don't want to get married.
You think it's okay to be out
and about day and night?
Does my word mean nothing to you?
Is this how you show me your respect?
Dilo, dad is right.
If you don't get married now,
when will you?
Why didn't you tell them
you're going to war.
He was in a bad mood.
I didn't want to make it worse.
I'll call and tell him later.
Our meeting today
is not about rehearsal.
As you all know,
I used to be a Peshmerga.
Now I've been asked to rejoin,
as a volunteer.
I believe this
is the right thing for me to do.
I would like for you all
to continue practicing...
to put the show on for Newroz.
I believe in all of you and know
you will give a great performance.
Renas and Lori
will manage the group now.
Although the war against ISIS
has not yet reached the center of Mosul,
there are already concerns
about post-ISIS stage.
Many observers think
that once ISIS war is
over the next war will
be against the Kurds.
What happened?
How did you cut your finger?
Go inside, son.
You don't need to get depressed.
I never thought one
day you would leave me.
I'm not going away forever.
I will come back.
How do you know you will come back?
You want to be a hero,
and what shall we do?
Lower your voice,
you will wake up Memo.
You care about Memo,
is that why you are leaving?
Don't go!
You didn't sing me a song today.
Good morning!
Good morning!
How are you Lori?
Make sure you go to the kindergarten.
Who will take me there?
I will take you there and back every day.
Listen to your mom...
and give me a kiss.
Baiky Reber.
Be safe yourself!
When I come back from the war,
be ready! We will do your wedding.
Okay? That's enough!
Look after yourself and Memo, okay?
Take this with you.
Funeral notices
for martyred peshmergas.
My father wants you
to bring Memo for a visit.
What is Memo doing?
Your father is singing
and dancing with him.
And how is the dance troupe?
It's good, but you should be there.
I have to go.
I miss you.
I want to talk to you.
I miss you too.
Memo is crying.
I have to go.
Bye for now.
Hello Ms. Xeme.
Mem can you see if the electricity is on?
Yes, it is on now.
Where is red?
The number you have
dialed cannot be reached.
Look, I drew dad.
This is what we captured today.
These are ISIS TNT's, they
use all the pots they can find.
Long live volunteers.
Explode it now, Heci!
I've been calling you,
I couldn't reach you all day.
The signal is bad.
Where is Memo?
Here. He's sleeping.
You want to see him?
Yes. I miss him so much.
Hello. Reber!
Listen ladies, as agreed before, do not
stand tall when Sirwan and Lori enter,
keep low and seated, okay?
Stay down behind the men please.
Lori, ready when you are.
Go back to your seats everyone.
Shirwan starts.
Once again a black
cloud has covered our land.
The Ottomons tortured the Kurds.
One day their soldiers came
to take 17-years-old Mem.
What is it?
What's happening?
What's happening?
Is Reber OK?
Nothing. We must to go.
I've been trying to reach him,
but his phone is off.
/ Let's go to the hospital.
/ What?
/ He's been wounded.
/ He's been wounded?
You're not telling me the truth.
/ Is he dead?
/ No.
Dilo, let me go.
/ Did he get killed?
/ No, he's not dead.
Dilo let me go! Let me go!
There was a car bomb near them.
We went right away
to see what happened.
There were a few dead peshmergas,
but we couldn't identify any of them.
Where is Reber?
Where is Reber?
Where is Reber?
Tell me! Where is he?
They brought the martyrs' bodies.
Dilo, I want to see him.
I will give you his bag later.
The commander asked
me to give this to you.
We're leaving now, darling.
If you need anything, let me know.
Don't worry, we're all going to be
here for you, my daughter.
Tomorrow we will go to
the Directorate of Martyrs
to apply for Reber's pension.
Take care for now.
Come on in dear.
Thank you. You didn't
have to bring all this food.
Darling, try not to grieve too much.
The dead do not come back.
At least you have Memo.
Look at me, I have no one.
Is Mem fine with Xeme ?
Yes he enjoys her company.
But Mem has changed a lot.
Please, sir.
/ Lori Qadir Obeid?
/ Yes
Your application is fine,
it is being processed.
Come on in.
You've changed a lot bro.
You don't visit me
anymore if I don't call you.
I don't enjoy anything anymore.
I am overwhelmed.
It's a lot of work to
take care of two families.
I know but
remember no problem is
ever solved by agonizing over it.
I think it's best that we don't give up.
I never said that we should.
I also want to put the show
on at its scheduled time
but the problem is Lori.
Open your mouth.
Please eat.
Open your mouth and eat!
Open your mouth!
You haven't eaten in days.
Mrs. Lori, Reber meant a lot to us all.
He wasn't only your
loss, we all lost him.
He wanted us to continue with the show,
and you know the show
can't go on without you.
Martyr Rber Lezgin.
Born in 1975. Died in 2015.
Guys, we went to see Lori
but she didn't give us a clear answer.
Even if she had agreed to come back,
she wouldn't be able to perform
with her situation being the way it is.
Yes, her situation is bad.
But remember, we have
to finish the project on time.
That's why we can't wait for her.
She must be replaced.
I don't think anyone can replace her.
You mean in the whole city of Duhok
there is no one that can play her role?
Lori, here is your cell phone.
Hello! Ms. Xeme.
What happened Ms. Xeme?
He fainted in my arms.
/ Lori should I come with you?
/ No.
Ok, don't be afraid.
He just seems to be depressed.
Try to make him feel
better, he needs to eat.
His weakness is due to malnutrition.
Oh God,
what happened to you my dearest?
I hope he gets well soon.
Will he be hospitalized doctor?
No sir. You can take him home
once infusion is finished.
I hope he gets well soon.
How did this happen?
I was at rehearsal,
and I left him with Xeme.
She called me and said
he wasn't feeling well.
There's my boy.
How is he feeling today?
I would like for you
to stay here a few days.
We are high up in the sky.
Are you enjoying this Memo?
Look how beautiful the sky is.
Memo do you know how rainbows
are formed?
When it rains and the sun is out at the
same time, that is how rainbow occurs.
Do you know that if
a boy jumps over a rainbow
he turns into a girl and vice versa?
Do you want to jump
over it and become a girl?
Do you want?
Sorry I'm late.
Are you hungry?
Lori, listen I asked Dilo to move
your stuff here so you can live with us.
I want you close to me.
Now you have Reber's
place in this family.
We are moving.
Good luck my dear.
Please forgive me.
You are forgiven.
I will make you a swing.
Would you like a high one or a low one?
The big one.
Give me that ladder!
Where should I put this?
Here is good.
Guys, there is no way we can
have the show ready on time
She attends one day and
skips tenthen misses ten.
And she's the lead role.
But we all know her situation.
What about us here?
Let's be a bit more patient with her.
Come on man, we're losing it.
Sorry, I'm late.
How are you Nazdar?
What is going on?
What's the problem?
You are the problem.
We are here every day
waiting for you to show up.
we can only volunteer for so long.
I know it is difficult but
you're aware of my situation.
Mrs. Lori, our situation
is worse than yours.
I don't understand what you mean.
I'm done with this.
Whoever wants to stay can stay.
This isn't working out for me anymore.
Renas, wait a second.
I need to find myself a job and help out.
I need you to help me find a job.
You studied English literature
in college?
What was your last job?
I was a dancer.
Dance, nice,
I also dance with foreigners.
Ok, we will start you off with $400
and you will get a raise if you are good.
Ok sir.
Happy birthday my son.
You're six years old today
and time to start school.
I want to arrange a marriage
between Lori and Dilo.
It's too early.
It isn't early. If not now, then when?
I don't want Lori to leave this family.
And how do you know that Dilo
will agree?
I will force him to agree.
Think about it.
You are still young.
You can't stay like this forever.
There is no forever mother.
You know that your
cousin was in love with you,
he still wants to marry you.
He would be thrilled if you would agree.
Mom, even if I move back home,
don't ever mention marriage to me again.
Memo is the only man
I want in my life.
Listen to me, your cousin is rich,
you will have a good life.
Don't listen to what people say.
I don't care about what people say.
We will get by.
Go to sleep Memo, it's late.
/ What's up mom?
/ How are you my dear?
Dilo, I want to tell you something,
but don't get mad.
Your father would like to arrange
a marriage between you and Lori.
What's wrong my son?
She is a good girl and beautiful too.
We don't want her to leave this family.
Listen to me mom,
don't you ever mention
this again or you will
never see me again.
And make sure you tell that my father.
come let's change your clothes.
/ How many?
/ Twenty boxes.
/ Those?
/ Yes
/ Received today?
/ Yes.
I keep telling you, sell that taxi
and buy yourself some sheep.
You would've had a herd of sheep
by now.
Be careful,
the way is covered with mines!
We will, sir.
Where is Beyar?
Where the hell have you been?
We've been waiting for you.
What's wrong with you today?
Take another group of Peshmerga
with you in the hummer.
No, we don't need anyone else.
Why not? Let them come!
I said no! And if you don't
want to come, then don't.
Ok, when you get there send me
the code!
Where are you going Lori?
I'm going home.
Did you need something?
Well, I've invited the whole
staff to my summer house
and I would really like you to join us.
Sorry, I have work to do.
/ Let me drive you home then.
/ No need.
Is it the end of the world
if you marry her?
It is not possible dad.
Why can't you understand that?
Are you my son or am I yours?
Why are you so stubborn?
Why can't you hear to me?
Is it okay if she marries someone else?
Is this how you protect
our honour and dignity?
Is this what you call honor and dignity?
She dances all day,
this is not how we want her to be.
That's her career.
Career? Get out of here!
After Leyla, it's impossible
for me to love again.
That's why I can't get married.
Do you still love her?
Do you still talk to her?
Bro, it's your father's right
to try and find you a wife.
If there's no one special in your life,
what are you waiting for?
Just not Lori, Nashwan.
Why didn't uncle Dilo come?
He had work to do.
Last time he told me if I jump over
a rainbow I would turn into a girl.
What are you want, please?
Lori, how are you?
I'm well thanks.
I've noticed you're
doing a very good job.
I want to give you this bonus personally.
No need,
my salary is good enough for me.
My friend, I hope what I
said earlier didn't upset you
but Lori is my soul and I
don't want to see her suffer.
What are you talking about?!
I would sell the shirt off my back to
make sure Lori and her son are happy.
I know that very well.
What is the problem then?
Our daughter is young
and we don't want
her to be alone forever.
People are asking to marry her.
She is also the mother
of our grandchild, remember that.
Is it okay with you if my
daughter is left alone?
Your daughter can decide
what she wants to do
but Memo is not leaving this house.
Don't be angry, we are a family.
If we were a family, you wouldn't come
here and try to take Lori away from us.
What am I?
A bargaining chip?
I can take care of my son.
Enough is enough,
all of you, calm down!
Come in!
You don't have to knock on the door.
You've been here long enough.
Don't act like a stranger.
Sit down please,
are you okay?
I just found out you lost your husband.
I mean...
What do you know about me?
I've been thinking about you a long time.
I want us to be friends.
And if there's anything
you need just let me know.
Look around, I have it all.
Anything you want; an
apartment, a car, money?
Whatever you need.
Just you be satisfy
You will be my dear...
What are you talking about?
Wait a minute!
Let me explain!
Let go of me.
I've brought you a hot soup.
I can't eat.
It is very good for you.
Just a little bit.
Are you feeling better?
I'm better.
/ Is Dilo home?
/ No, not yet.
/ Did you speak with her?
/ No, not yet.
Speak with her.
Lori, maybe you don't realise it
but you are very special to this family.
That's why I want you to stay with us.
I want you to marry Dilo.
I think it will be good.
After all, don't forget he is
your son's uncle, not a stranger.
This is drum.
This is scarf.
I already told you.
Don't call me again if you want
to speak about making a marriage.
I don't want to ever re-married.
You know,
Memo is everything to me
and I know you also
don't want to get married.
Still, we have to find a solution.
They exploded Nebi Younis Mosque!
It's the end of them.
Inshallah, they don't
have religion nor beliefs!
How are you Nazdar?
I would like to see you guys.
I miss you.
/ Good night!
/ Good night!
Memo, come eat.
My Memo has become a grown man.
Get off your grandfather's shoulders.
When can you buy me a bicycle?
What color would you like, red or black?
Ok, when I go to the bazaar
I will buy you a red one.
Where is Dilo?
I have no idea.
I think he had to take
some customers somewhere.
How are you mother-in-law?
Where are you going?
I'm going to go get Reber's pension,
then I'm going to my practice.
When are you going to stop this
dancing thing and stay home?
It isn't only dancing.
Lori Qadir Obeid!
The martyrs' name, please?
Reber Lazgeen.
Sign here please.
Thank you.
Yes, Mrs. Lori.
I know the troupe's
financial situation isn't good.
Please take this money
and add it to the budget.
We're actually in desperate
need of money, thank you.
Guys, are you ready to start?
Is there a problem between you
and Dilo?
No, we have any problems.
Then why does Dilo
sleep alone in his old room?
You aren't getting any younger
and Memo needs a
little brother or sister.
Memo has me and that's all he needs.
Think about it well,
this can't go on like this.
/ Hello neighbor, how are you?
/ I'm well, thank you.
/ May I try to do it ?
/ Of course, here.
Raise your hand and spin it, grab it.
Okay, one more spin and grab it again
and spin it.
Great job,
you're a quick learner.
What are you doing all alone?
Come on in and have some fun.
We've been searching all
day this is all we could find.
Take a look and see if it's good.
It looks good, but lets try
it once and then decide.
Okay, should I take
it to the dressing room?
Yes please.
Hurry up girls,
we aren't going to a wedding party,
we are going to practice.
Hurry up!
Like always we will begin with
our back turned to the audience
then we will slowly turn to face them.
Once we are up front, we will spread
our left hands
and for the next movement.
With a single step, we will spread our
wings like birds who are ready to fly.
Then raise your left
hand, and don't forget
to move your fingers at the same time.
Take your positions!
Congrats Lori!
This is what you wanted,
you didn't respect us but you could
have at least respected Reber.
Don't talk to me about respect
when you are the person
who dismantled this troupe's.
I had this conversation
with Reber before too,
but you chose not to listen.
No, I don't understand,
you have turned this
into an all females group.
Don't talk about women,
you don't understand women.
Good morning, ladies.
Oh look, Renas is here.
Sorry bro, I didn't get you food.
It's ok, you eat, I am full.
Come Ladies!
Roughly fifty thousand troops
have now been deployed
to fight against ISIS in Mosul.
Mem, what happened to you?
It's fine, he tripped.
Mem, come and eat, it's not play time.
I'm not hungry.
Tie them up well,
make sure they don't fall.
Let's get it started brothers.
Mrs. Lori, are you
satisfied with the lighting?
It's good, thanks.
I want see that with decor too.
Put the lights up.
A party will be held for this year's
Newroz by female dance group!
It is a party for the freedom of women.
What a bunch of idiots!
Our people are dying
from this war every day
while these guys are busy dancing.
Where would you
like to get out, please?
Further down a bit.
Yes Mr. Serbest.
Do you want me to bring Memo?
Of course I will. Thanks.
What grade are you in?
First grade.
Are you a good student?
What do you want to be
when you grow up?
/ A doctor.
/ What a good boy!
Since you want to become a doctor,
I have this gift for you.
Do you like it?
/ Yes.
/ Give me a kiss!
Go back to your mother.
We called you over here today
because our brigade has decided
to give this amount of money
to the families of the martyrs
on the occasion of Newroz.
Here is your gift.
How are you Reber?
Have you thought about
what you want to do?
I wish I had been
martyred with my comrades
instead of being captured by the enemy.
Then I wouldn't have had to see this day.