The Rain People (1969) Movie Script

At his awakening,
will he discover that you left?
I left him a note.
And what does this word say?
That I like.
That's all ?
That he does not worry.
That he does not worry?
While his wife
leave it at dawn?
No, wait a minute, Mom.
I did not say
that I left him.
I never said that.
I just want
find my freedom
for 5 minutes, half a day,
1 hour, I do not know.
Hello, Nat.
Hello dad.
Is there a problem?
No, everything's fine, Lou.
I could not sleep,
I came to see mom.
Where is Vinny?
In the car,
he listens to the radio.
- I will go get him.
- Dad...
Vinny is not
in the car.
He is at home, he sleeps.
Lou, you should too
Wait, I do not understand.
Vinny is at home,
and you are here,
6 o'clock in the morning?
Sorry to have you awake.
It's fair to me, a.
Tell me what's wrong,
I am your father.
I can speak in my own house?
No a!
I want to know...
I would like to
a long distance call.
Long Island,
State of New York.
The number is 599-467.
The code?
- 516.
- Thank you.
Can I call
in P.C.V., please?
Call in P.C.V.
in area 516-599, thank you.
Name and number?
My name is Natalie Ravenna
and the number is 766-9963.
Thank you.
Call from Natalie Ravenna.
Do you accept the P.C.V. ?
- Nat, it's you?
- Yes it's me.
Do you accept the P.C.V. ?
But where are you?
- I accept the P.C.V.
- Thank you. Go ahead.
Nat, where are you?
In a service station.
On the Pennsylvania Highway.
I already called you,
but you were out.
I was at your mother's house.
She had a nervous breakdown.
Your father took his day.
I am sorry.
I should not have gone there.
It does not matter, Nat,
It's okay, but go home.
I can not.
Not yet.
Tomorrow, maybe.
I do not know.
What is it?
What is it?
I needed to leave a little.
The married woman,
she was late.
- Vinny?
- I do not understand.
Yes? I am here.
You think that...
before our wedding,
I was too independent
or too go ste?
- I want to say...
- What are you talking about?
Before, I woke up in the morning
and the day belonged to me.
And ... and now,
it belongs to you.
listen, my dear,
do not worry about it.
Where are you?
Really on the highway
from Pennsylvania?
Where exactly
on the Pennsylvania Highway?
I do not know.
- In a service station.
- Why did not you tell me anything?
I would have come with you.
You should have said, "I want
talk to you, let's go for a ride. "
Vinny, I did not want to
leave with you.
I wanted to get away from you.
Vinny? I'm here.
What did I do?
It's not you.
It's not your fault.
- It is...
- Tell me!
She is pregnant.
Your wife.
That's wonderful!
So, is that?
That's what scares you?
Natalie ... it's wonderful!
- I'm very happy!
- I know...
But then ...
Why ...?
That's because I knew
that you would be pleased
that I tell you by phone.
I do not feel ready
Be mother.
I'm not even sure
to be a good wife.
I am very happy
to not see your head.
But do not do anything,
do not do anything at all.
Do not let anyone touch you
neither touch our baby,
I beg you.
I will not do anything, Vinny.
Is it promised?
Nat, come back home.
We'll arrange everything here.
It's too hard.
It's hard for me too ...
I love you. I'll be back.
I will be back soon.
I love you.
We have few customers
in the day.
- Really ?
- Sometimes truckers.
No luggage?
Thank you.
You take me?
You are called ?
Call me Killer.
- Killer?
- Yes.
My name is Killer Gannon
because my name is Kilgannon.
Very good.
Your name ?
Sorry ?
Your name,
you did not tell me.
- My name is Sara.
- Sara?
Where are you nicknamed
Killer Gannon?
Are you a footballer?
- Yes.
- Where's that?
What's this ?
A college.
We passed by.
That's where I come from.
Are you a student?
Not anymore.
Dipl m ?
I stopped before.
Sara ...
I would like to play football
in front of you.
I would very much like.
The second half
was annoying well.
We put on our sneakers.
The ground was soaked and frozen.
We scored the 1st try and after,
we have been leading the whole game.
His father was packed.
He wanted to talk football all evening.
He told me
that he would have a summer job
To propose to me in Virginia.
But I forgot to buy a card.
It's late.
We could stop. I have...
full of money.
It's time to stop.
It's time to dinner.
Good night.
Killer ...
I thought about your name.
Killer Gannon ...
You dance ?
I can dance.
Do you want to dance?
Not now.
Maybe after.
Come in.
Close the door.
Take off your shirt.
Why ?
She just wants to see what looks like
a footballer without his shirt.
- Awesome.
- Me ?
No, your way
to obey orders.
You always do everything
what are you told to do?
Almost always.
Why ?
For nothing. It's easy.
Come dance with me.
It would be fun to play
"Jacques said" with you.
What is "Jacques said"?
You do not know
"Jacques said" ?
You do not have a child?
Jacques said :
"Take me."
Jacques said to carry you? Jacques said...
"Make me turn."
To make you turn.
Faster !
Faster ! Faster !
- Do not stop.
- You told me.
You stop if I say
"James said: Stop."
You understand ?
Good. Put me down.
- I'm serious, rest me.
- No.
Put me down.
Put me down.
It must be said "Jacques said:
Put me down. "
Jacques said...
James said, "Rest me."
You are the most obnoxious man
I have never met.
Look at me.
Is not it ?
Is not it ?
- Yes.
- Is not it ?
Very good.
How far is your docility?
Why ?
Get on your knees.
Get on your knees!
Very good.
Prostrate in front of me.
Jacques said...
Forget "Jacques said"
and prostrate before me.
What is it ?
I am sorry. Get up.
I had fun with you ...
that's all.
Get up!
What do you have on your head?
A scar.
I walked with my mother
on the campus all this winter-l .
Everyone was saying hello
when leaving class.
I am still a hero
the university. Really.
Even if I can not anymore
play soccer.
I received a lot of money.
Store a.
- You will lose it.
- I will not lose it.
Someone will steal it.
Why were you given
This money ?
I was a hero.
Everyone remembered it.
We gave you the money
and you were told to leave?
I could not play anymore
And I did not have
follow the courses.
I had only to rake
So, I was given that and ...
And you were asked to leave.
What are you going to do ?
To find a job.
I have an address.
That of his father.
Very good.
- We'll see tomorrow.
- I kept it.
Go to your room.
Go to sleep.
I'm not tired.
Jacques said, "Go to sleep."
"People of the Rain
"are made of rain.
"When they cry,
they disappear
"because they are melting." Who spoke to you
of these Rain People?
I do not know anymore.
Its a story
what have you been told?
No it is true.
Have you seen them ?
What do they look like?
They look...
of ordinary people.
Except she's ...
very, very beautiful,
him, very handsome
and they are ... made of rain.
Hello, Artie.
I am Killer Gannon.
Who ?
I am a friend of fac
your daughter Ellen.
Ah yes, the footballer!
I remember you, Killer.
It was a good match!
- Thanksgiving match.
- Unforgettable !
Especially the 4th quarter.
You had 3 tries in advance.
You pretended,
you left with the ball
and you scored.
You remember ?
Come to us,
Ellen will be happy to see you.
She is at home.
You could stay dinner
and take him to see a movie.
Hi, Ellen.
What are you doing here ?
I came to see you.
They come from New York.
He's a college friend, mom.
- Killer ...
- Enchanted. I already met you
during a match.
- Ah yes ? I forgot.
- Hello.
And if we went back all
At home?
Thank you very much,
but I really have to leave.
You can not leave it.
Ellen, you are different.
You do not want a coffee?
How is that different?
I do not know,
but you are not the same.
You must be exhausted
after this journey.
Why did you come here?
You are pretty, but why
your hair is so short?
Because I cut them.
Do not leave it here,
return it.
Ellen, come on!
- He does not understand anything.
- Do not be rude.
Are you a friend?
No, I am an unknown.
A perfect unknown.
Okay, but it's you
who brought it here,
so it's up to you to bring him back
where you found it.
Wait. I am an unknown.
It's your friend.
I just brought it.
He will work for your father.
I would be amazed.
- Artie said ...
- Shut up, Killer.
Be gentle. Mom, he does not care what we can
tell him, do not you, Killer?
I do not care.
We do not talk like that
to people.
You do not know
Killer Gannon.
You went out with him.
Yes, but it was before.
Killer? the college,
we know you're gone?
Yes, they know it.
They gave me $ 1,000.
$ 1,000 and I was told
that I could leave.
Put away that money.
Store it.
- Sara?
- He talks to you.
I'm a little hungry.
I would invite you,
but my husband is coming home late.
He invited us and said
that he would be there in 30 minutes.
Mom ?
In that case...
why are not we going
all at home?
You pretend not to
to suffer people's remarks.
That's good?
Why ?
You can tell me.
You will never see me again.
You're pretending ...
not true ?
Let's go !
Catch a!
Come on, send the ball, go!
In place, go!
Nice pass, huh?
I went there a little hard.
Too bad it's late. We could have played outside.
Ellen, look who's here.
Surprise to see the Killer?
He would like the job
that you offered him.
What work ?
Ah, in the cinema. Of course.
You will settle
Dad !
You do not go anyway
hire him.
Why not ?
Because he can not do anything else
than sweep the leaves.
Not true, Killer?
- I can sweep the leaves.
- I'm sure. Come.
And that's all !
- Dad !
- What?
We proposed you to go pro?
For football?
- Yes.
- I knew it.
You refused?
Happy to see you again.
I thought you and Ellen ...
Dad !
Dad !
You know, Killer ...
can you shut up?
You and Ellen, I thought ...
Please, shut up a little.
- What is it ?
- He's an idiot, a lover
and I think that
It becomes annoying force.
What do you mean ?
He was injured in the head
during a match.
Since then, he's like that.
Come, Killer ... You will not stay here.
Goodbye, Ellen!
What am I going to do
from you ?
Why ?
I do not feel the strength
to take care of you.
- I have my own problems.
- Which ?
I'm having a baby.
A b b , a b b ,
a b b , stupid!
I might do better
to tell the police.
What a chic place to choose
your girlfriends ...
I have the impression
to speak alone.
Why ? I am here.
You understand me ?
Very good.
Get down.
Open the door.
Get down.
Take your bag.
- Why are you fooled?
- I'm not fooled.
I can not take care anymore
from you. Dbrouillez you.
With your money,
do you pay for the hotel
- and you will leave tomorrow.
- Where are you going?
What do I know?
Return to college.
- Go back to your mother.
- I can not.
Return here.
It's your mother.
I can not.
Why ?
She is dead.
I'm equal!
You are an idiot,
a laggard, a fool, a monster, a vegetable,
a complete idiot,
a total imbecile!
A fucking idiot!
At the beginning,
I took you hitchhiking
because I wanted to make love
and I come across a monster.
You do not see...
I already had trouble
To take care of me?
Come see this!
I can not.
You see, before, I blamed you
always to be the man
who wants to make me a woman
at home with a bunch of kids.
I do not think so anymore.
It comes from me.
It's my fault. It's me
which has misled you.
I am incapable.
You have pous an incompetent.
Ask my mother,
she will tell you.
I am irresponsible and ...
I am cruel
and discovered.
If I were not cruel,
I would not have done that to you.
I do not even prepare you
your breakfast.
I am a bad wife.
I do not even get up for you.
I hate cooking,
I'm neglecting
and I'm lying.
I lie to you all the time.
If you really knew me,
you would hate me.
Listen, I have to have an abortion.
You realize
what are you saying?
Do you realize that?
- That's what I feel.
- So what?
That's what I feel.
You think you excuse your mistakes
telling me that you feel guilty?
Your damn sinc rit
do not impress me.
While climbing in your break,
you were free.
You made your choice.
Vinny ...
Listen, Natalie,
you are delivered to yourself
and you do not like that.
I really believed that by being
with you, I could help you.
But I was wrong.
Because it's up to you to act.
You just said
that you are irresponsible.
But now,
whether you like it or not,
you are responsible for yourself
and the child you are carrying.
Do not call me anymore to talk to me
of your soul states.
I want you to act.
Enough spoken.
I want you to act.
And damn it, call me back!
Hi, Killer. Still there, Sara?
My name is not Sara,
but Natalie.
You said it was Sara.
I lied. I did not want
tell you my real name.
But it's Natalie.
What are you doing ?
I wait.
Which bus?
No bus ...
I wait,
like everyone here.
Why leave, Natalie?
I have not left.
Where are you here?
Yes, it's pretty.
I found you a job.
You can stay here.
Where will you go?
Where I was going
before meeting you.
Where is it?
I will miss you.
Here's the address.
You will find everything alone?
I will take you there.
It's here.
What should I do ?
Sweep and wear things.
Ask Mr. Alfred.
You're waiting ?
Okay, I wait.
Mr. Alfred?
Yes ?
I come for the place.
You're tough.
Yes, I played football.
It changes lean guys
of habit.
The job is hard.
You have to unload the truck
and move the cages.
$ 60 a week. How are you?
Yes, I'm okay.
- I'm not married.
- Still, it looks like.
This is my friend.
We agree.
- Good. It suits you?
- Yes I think.
You need a room not far.
The truck arrives early.
I'll give you an address,
if you want.
It's perfect.
It's for two?
No. I just took it hitchhiking.
Need an advance?
No, I have plenty of money.
I have $ 1,000.
costs ...
Do not keep everything
on you.
He will drop him off at the bank.
Put away that money.
Madam, can I speak to you?
Who is this guy?
I do not know him well.
I just took it hitchhiking.
- A hitchhiker?
- Yes.
Girls alone should not
take hitchhikers.
Yes I know.
But it's someone
very special.
Sometimes, it looks like a child,
you see ?
If we do not make him put
this money to the bank,
he will keep it in his pocket.
Are you a relative?
- No, I told you ... - You want to give me a tar?
It's not like you say.
He will work very hard.
We just have to watch over him.
That's his money?
Yes, it's his.
It's nothing for you?
I have a feather in the shed,
if you want.
- Okay.
- Listen, son,
I have a chest here,
put your money in waiting
to go to the bank.
I'll take you there on Thursday.
The director of the bank
is a friend of mine.
I can take him to the bank
right now.
I take care of him or not?
Every week, I'm 5 dollars
your pay for the hangar.
- Abruti, you listen to me?
- Yes.
Will you have your meals here?
Yes !
It will make $ 1.5 a day.
And I'm out of my pocket.
Let's say 10 dollars a week
I will pay with your pay.
Let's see ... did it
60 dollars minus 15 dollars,
less taxes,
social security,
the unemployment allowance
and disability insurance.
You'll have $ 25 a week,
we will put in the trunk as long as you do not need it.
Start here.
It needs to be cleaned.
Business is working well
P ques.
I provide
beautiful little animals
600 km the round.
They seem hungry.
You want to call the S.P.A.
I give you the number
and I pay the communication.
Forget what I said.
Jet wash.
There is a channel in the ground.
Can I take them out first?
And where do you want to put them, stupid?
Listen, all these animals
are lame.
Without me, they would be crushed
by tourists on the highway
or would end up in the pan.
The ladies' toilet?
That's where it's written
Give me your money,
I'll put it in my chest.
She agrees ?
Why ? Is it your mother?
No, she's my friend.
My best friend.
Now it's me,
your best friend.
And your money will not be safe
only in my chest.
In a chest,
the money is in safe place.
I am the only one know the combination.
- I have a question, Mr. Alfred.
- Yes go on.
And if Killer wants to leave?
Well, he's leaving.
what would hold him back?
His money in your chest.
Let's forget about it and bring it back.
I can not.
How fast did you roll?
Too fast ?
You were driving at 117 km / h
in a zone limited to 100 km / h.
I am sorry.
Your license, please?
Take out the license
of your wallet.
Gray card?
New York !
Your husband is traveling?
This is part of
routine questions?
If I decide.
No, my husband
is not this trip.
Are you divorced?
- No, she is not divorced.
- Who ?
She. Me.
Your husband is in New York?
License number: 5788.
You control me?
Not you. The car.
It's incredible !
I was nauseous
a few minutes ago
and there, I feel better.
All the better.
What are you doing so far from home
without your husband?
I take a P.V.
Mrs... You did not put your
flashing, I go over it,
but I'm afraid of having to
verbalize for excess speed.
Can I pay you?
You offer me a bribe?
I swear, the lady does not offer you
a bribe.
She does not offer you ...
Nothing at all.
She just wants to know
what she has to pay and where.
She has to pay the fine
at the judge.
Where is it?
At Alfred's Ranch.
You're kidding!
Where are the curiosities.
- I ... I can not go.
- You must, ma'am.
I can not go back!
Are not we going to Alfred's house?
I offer you a coffee?
Are you traveling?
In the west.
Where's the west?
In California ?
Why California?
There is nothing further west.
You do not join your husband?
Say, Gordon ...
I really have to go to Alfred's house?
If I give you the money, you can
to pay the P.V. for me, right?
- There is a problem.
- Why ?
I have already written the P.V., you must go there.
I will go with you and after,
I emmnerai
the New York lady at cinemas,
to repay it.
It's not money.
There, there is someone
that I do not want to see.
- Your husband ?
- No, not my husband.
Someone else.
We will go faster
than a radar flash.
Why are you laughing ?
We will go faster
only a flash ... Gordon!
Alfred is there?
He is behind.
He is very busy.
Catch the biggest ones!
Get him out of there!
- Where?
- I buckled it in the shed.
Gordon, stop him!
It costs me a fortune.
Get him out!
Are you crazy too?
Why are you laughing ?
Do you know what he costs me?
Go Gordon, stop him!
No, wait.
No. Listen, I'll take care of it.
I can stop him.
Arrtez. You went to
in beautiful sheets.
It's fair to me.
Killer ...
You must think of yourself.
Nobody will do it for you.
If you.
Not me. I can not.
But you came back.
Against my grace. He brought me back.
I wanted so much to run away
that I made an excess of speed.
Very good.
Do something !
No, leave it.
Killer, stop that.
You have finished ?
Gordon ...
Do you have to stop it?
Of course he must stop it!
- And the money?
- What money ?
The money that is in your chest!
$ 1,000.
$ 1,000 in my safe?
I do not have a safe.
- Gordon, I have a chest?
- Not that I know.
You told him
that you had a chest.
costs. Where a dwarf like him
would have found $ 1,000?
This is his invalidity pension.
If you keep that $ 1,000,
in this chest that you do not have,
you sign his death sentence.
It's not
what I meant.
I am going to tell you
what I want to do...
I keep the $ 1,000
and I withdraw my complaint.
He needs money.
That's all he has.
- He has nothing else.
- I give him 100 dollars.
- How will he live with $ 100?
- That's not my problem. Neither mine.
Okay ! $ 200
and we do not talk about it anymore.
Come on, take them.
Gordon ...
Thank him.
- Thank you, Mr Alfred.
- Take him from here!
H ! Wait!
You have a fine
40 dollars to pay.
Go in the car.
What is your name ?
Tell me, Killer,
tell me about this lady.
She flees her husband.
Here then. Why a?
She does not know.
He's likely to come here?
And for tonight, we should not
go to cin ma?
We talked about it, yes.
Where will you stay?
I do not know.
And him ?
It's nothing to me, I told you.
Get rid-in
and come to my place.
I thought we had to
go to the cinema ...
Of course
I'll take you to see a movie ...
Killer ...
Yes ?
I like you very much.
That is true ?
A lot.
It's love ?
I do not know.
Maybe yes.
I love you.
- You do not know what you're saying.
- I always know what I'm saying.
I believe you.
- Do you believe me? - I believe you.
- You believe me ...
- I believe you !
But you love me?
A little bit.
I can not stay with you?
Because there is a man over there
dressed in black leather
which I find very interesting.
You know what I'm talking about,
it looks like.
- I know what you're talking about.
- You're not honest.
When will you be frank
with me ?
I am honest with you.
Damn you !
We'll take care of you there.
Listen, Killer,
I have two, three things to do
before 6 pm
I'm getting old.
I have bags under the eyes.
Will you follow me everywhere?
I have to find an excuse
to put on a beautiful dress.
You are going to sit there
while I'm going out?
Is it ok?
Hello. I have a call in P.C.V.
from Mrs Ravenna
Ogalalla in Nebraska.
Do you accept the P.C.V. ?
- Yes.
- Go ahead.
- Vinny?
- What are you doing there?
The same as in Tennessee.
I'm going crazy here. You had to call me.
I have no way
to join you, Nat.
- Why did not you call me?
- Sorry.
Vinny, I'm sorry.
You were so fooled that ...
How not to be fooled, Nat?
I'm sitting right here
fucking phone
since 3 days.
I did not move from home!
How can I know
if you are alive or dead?
I have no way
to join you.
Esp ce of bitch!
Please, get on a plane
- and go home.
- I can not.
So, I'm going to come.
You will not find me.
I'll do whatever you want.
All, I swear to you. But come back.
I'll change.
I'll do anything.
I will leave my job.
if you want to abort, abort.
That's okay.
I inquired. We can
to go to a hospital in Tokyo.
It does not matter ... If you do not want a child,
you do not have to have any.
Only come home.
Tell me when we see each other.
I'll do what you want.
Come back, Nat ...
Why did you do that?
I want you to talk to me.
But you...
you did not have the right
to make him a.
Why did you do that to him?
I'm fed up with you.
I do not want to see you anymore.
You hurt me.
Leave me alone!
You hurt me!
Go to sleep, Rosalie.
My daughter.
- What time is it ?
- Go back to sleep.
I am awake, name of God.
Stop saying "name of God".
You say it, you!
If you do not go back to sleep,
I slap you a slap!
I'm cold.
Put on your pajama top,
Remove that ridiculous bra.
- He's not stupid.
- Take him out!
This is Natalie.
Say good night and go back to bed.
Good evening. I am not tired.
I want a coke.
No. In bed,
or you know what's waiting for you
I know.
I can look ? Little bitch!
I'm going to kick your ass!
Oh yes, dad?
Get out of there!
- To kick my ass?
- How many times
I told you not to speak
like a tra n e?
Can I put on my bra, daddy?
No, it's ridiculous!
If you say yes, I'm going out.
And then, I'll go outside
few hours.
I put my bra?
And you will not slap me?
And your promise?
She did not have
lock yourself in the toilet.
I must be sure,
I lift him alone.
Did you hear her speak?
It's hard to raise a girl
without a mother.
She should not stay outside.
She passes the moti of her time
outside. A real cat.
Sure she sees in the dark.
She is only in her head.
She will be back in 1 hour. Forget it.
I will not stay.
Why ?
I do not want it anymore.
- I'm going to make coffee.
- I do not like that.
I have bourbon. Dtendez you.
Forget it.
I hope that
you'll get drunk on the ass Little bitch ungrateful!
I let him put on his bra.
I take care of the current.
No, it does not matter,
leave it cut.
Turn off your torch.
It's better.
Good evening, Gordon.
I like that.
It's like talking on the phone.
Gordon ...
Yes ?
Do you have records?
I have old people.
Gordon ...
Where is your wife?
I lost my wife
and a little boy
during the fire of my house,
4 years ago.
I am sorry.
It's not worth it.
I regret that she died like that,
but it was not a happy marriage.
She spent her time crying
and I was looking for
pretexts for going out.
a moment,
I thought I was going to leave.
I turn on the power.
I often go around here at night.
Whenever my father
bring a whore.
I'm almost
every night here.
Do you know what I'm doing?
What, Mr. Je-sais-tout?
You look at people.
How do you know ?
You're pretty clever.
You must be the smartest man that I met.
She says everywhere
that she adores her husband.
So why is she screaming at him
All night long ?
I saw a woman and her husband
do this.
But they were not
husband and wife.
10 minutes later, I saw her husband
in someone else's home.
It's very complicated.
Do not make me wait.
Come on ...
- What do you want from me ?
- Do not say anything.
Talk to me.
What do you think?
- What?
- what do you think?
If, you think something.
you. I think you.
Its good...
I was wrong about you.
How is it?
I was wrong about myself.
- Gordon ...
- What?
Listen to.
- Listen.
- What?
What do you mean?
- What do you mean?
- Nothing.
I like your hair,
They are magnificent.
And your smile,
your smile girl.
Never cut your hair.
It's not me
that you speak.
But she.
she. your wife.
I hated it.
I felt sorry for being married to her.
I was going to shoot myself, leave her. I spayed him
because she was pregnant.
2 years later,
I could not look at her anymore.
Sometimes I left so early
and I was coming back so late
that I did not see her
of the week.
She was nothing to me.
Absolutely nothing.
I do not want to stay.
- I want to go.
- Why ?
It does not matter.
New York bitch!
I waited all night!
I am sorry.
Listen, I'm so sorry,
- I have to go.
- I will not let you go.
- You do not want me.
- Do not tell me what I want.
- You want your wife.
- I do not have any !
Lick me, damn it!
My wife is dead.
You will go to the pan!
Piti ...
Piti ...
Do not hurt me,
I am pregnant.
I'm having a baby.
You're welcome,
let me go home.
Dad !
Gordon, it's your little girl.
Open the door.
Do not wear it a.
Stop! Killer, stop!
You can stop.
Killer ...
You did not have to leave. You can stay with me.
Everything will be fine, you will see.
I will take care of you.
I will protect you.
Vinny ...
Vinny will take care of you.
I will call him.
He will take us both.
And you will come to live with us.
We will be a family.
You, me and Vinny.
I promise you.
Killer, I promise you.
Vinny will love you ...
and you will never have
To be alone.