The Rains Came (1939) Movie Script

Good morning, miss macdaid.
Good morning.
Good morning, Rama.
Good morning.
What's this,
Target practice?
If I didn't, they wouldn't
Leave me any flowers.
What about stopping for a drink
Or perhaps a cup of tea?
Oh, it's a temptation,
Mr. Ransome,
But they're expecting me
Back at the hospital.
In other words,
One of my patients has simply
Made up his mind to die...
If miss macdaid isn't there
Every hour she can spare...
Out of the 24
She already works.
Very well, but next time
I won't take no
For an answer.
I'll hold you to that.
Try and persuade major Safti
To take some rest.
There goes a great
And good woman.
Yes, there's no one
Quite like her.
Now, there's one
Of the mysteries of India...
I'll never be able
To understand.
What's that?
That stringless quartet
Over there.
They never
Seem to listen
Or to say anything.
But I know perfectly well
That by Tomorrow morning...
My innermost secrets
Will be the common talk
Of Ranchipur.
But of course,
You have nothing
To hide.
Brandy and soda?
Yes, thanks.
No, I don't think
I'd better.
I may have to operate
This afternoon.
Oh, just a drop.
Steadies the hand, see?
Well, kind of.
Then there's a conference
With the maharajah
At the palace.
In this heat?
Major, your energy appalls me.
Why, it isn't hot.
It's only 109 in the shade.
Aren't you ever
Going to finish it?
Is there any hurry?
But you haven't
Done a stroke since
The last time I was here.
Oh, stop.
You're making me perspire.
If the rains
Would only come.
They were praying at the temple
As I drove by this morning.
I had half a mind to join them.
In prayer?
I didn't know
You had faith
In anything, Tom.
Oh, that's where you're wrong.
I've got faith
In a lot of things.
For instance, uh--
For instance?
Well, for instance,
Queen victoria.
That old statue?
Oh, to you
She's only a statue,
But to me she's an old friend--
A living reminder of the fine,
Brave days before the world
Went to seed.
When london bridge did
Its falling to a dance step,
Not to the threat
Of Tomorrow's bombs.
When every american
Was a millionaire--
Or about to be one--
And people sang in vienna.
There she stands
In her cast-iron petticoat,
Unconcerned about wars,
Dictators and appeasement,
As serene as ever.
God bless her.
The world is not as bad
As you think, Tom.
No? Only trying
To commit suicide
As fast as it knows how.
I don't agree with you.
Here in Ranchipur,
We're trying to make it
A little better.
The whole world?
Our world--
India in general,
Ranchipur in particular.
I rather like the old place
Just as it is.
You see it as an artist.
I see it as an Indian.
My people are crying for help,
After centuries of disease...
And poverty and superstition.
The american girl
And her mother
From the mission.
They're not stopping here,
Are they?
Mother, please don't.
I'll die if you do.
Oh, don't be silly.
If he wanted to know us,
He'd have called before this.
Hold the reins.
Is the honorable
Mr. Ransome in?
I'll find out, memsahib.
Oh! Mr. Ransome.
Do forgive me
For intruding.
I'm so anxious to have you come
To a little garden party...
I'm giving this afternoon
For lily hoggett-egburry...
And some of the nicer
English people.
Well, the major and I
Had planned some tennis
For this afternoon, and--
Well, I'm sure that major Safti
Won't mind giving up his tennis
Just this once.
Well, I'm afraid
That's for Mr. Ransome
To decide.
There, you see?
It's all settled.
5:00 for tea.
We'll be looking
For you.
Now, why did I say I'd go?
You didn't.
She did.
So nice to see you, lily.
Thank you, my dear.
Oh, you know major craddock
And mrs. Palmer, of course.
How do you do?
Mrs. Hoggett-egburry.
How do you do?
How do you do?
Lily, Tom Ransome
Is dropping in later.
Tom Ransome!
Oh, my dear!
What a catch for you.
I mean, my dear,
A realpukka sahib,
And one of the very best
County families
In all england.
But, being an american,
Of course that means
Nothing to me.
No, of course not.
Oh! How do you do?
Why, how are you?
I'm so glad to see you.
This is a surprise.
- and how do you do?
How nice seeing you.
- fine, thank you.
I wish you'd do something
About that dreadful
Smiley woman.
Yes, dear.
Look at her.
She just does it to annoy me.
Does what, dear?
Sits there
And looks so--
Oh, so middle west
In front of my guests.
I wish you'd do
Something about it.
What can I do, dear?
Well, you're head
Of this mission, aren't you?
Yes, but it's her verandah,
My dear.
Here comes Mr. Ransome.
Hello, Tom!
Oh, hello, aunt phoebe.
How do you keep so cool
In this infernal heat?
No hotter than iowa
In good corn weather.
Mmm! All dressed up,
Fit to kill.
Where you going?
Across the way.
Are you going over?
No, sirree.
We've got
A gentleman's agreement.
She keeps her nose
Out of the mission school,
And I don't have to go
To her parties.
You might call it
An armed truce.
How are you, homer?
Hello, Tom.
Hello, darling.
What do you think you are,
A two-year-old?
Working after hours
In this heat.
My husband's a fool.
Now, now, ma.
You know what
It says in scripture
About calling people fools.
I had to keep
One of my pupils
After school.
He'd been throwing
You'll be staying
To tea, of course?
Oh, he can't.
He's going to the party.
Better hurry up, Tom.
Mrs. Simon will be
Climbing that hedge
After you.
Here I go.
So glad you could come.
It's my last tea this season.
We'll be leaving for simla
Before the rains.
You'll be going too,
Of course?
No one stays in Ranchipur
During the monsoon.
No? Only about
Five million people.
Oh, you know what I mean.
Proper people--
The kind of people one knows.
It's so seldom out here
One meets anyone...
From one of the real
County families.
Of course, you've heard
The Eskeths have just arrived?
The Eskeths?
Lord Esketh.
Thelord Esketh.
Oh, fern! Fern!
I'm coming.
Oh, there you are.
Fern, Mr. Ransome's here.
Put some powder
On your nose.
It keeps melting off.
If you think he'd marry me,
You're on the wrong track.
Why, how dare you
Insinuate that I--
All right, all right.
Let's not argue.
Okeydoke. I'm ready.
I don't know where you pick up
All this american slang.
Mr. Ransome.
Mr. Ransome, this is
Our little girl.
Our little daughter,
How do you do?
I've wanted so much
For you two to know
Each other.
May I get you a drink?
Oh, you're very kind.
I'll send one of the boys.
You know what mother
Means by a drink,
Don't you?
I beg your pardon?
Wouldn't you like something,
Uh, a little stronger?
I see that my reputation
Has preceded me.
Father keeps a little brandy
In case of snake bites
And things.
Mmm. The snakes
Have been a bit trying
This afternoon.
I'll get some for you.
You think your mother
Would mind very much
If we--
Mother? She wouldn't mind.
A little water, please.
Thank you.
Oh, I hope I'm not
Keeping you from your guests.
Oh, they're not my guests.
That's mother's idea
Of high society.
They're all excited
Because you're here.
Should I be flattered?
They say dreadful things
About you.
What sort of things?
That you're a drunkard
And a bounder
And a remittance man.
They'll hang around you
Just the same...
Because your father
Was an earl.
I suppose I shouldn't
Be talking like this.
Why not?
I don't mind.
I don't care
What they say about you,
Because I know
What you're really like.
I've watched you from my window
Every time you've come
To the smileys'.
Sometimes I think
You're the only person
In Ranchipur I don't hate.
You see, Mr. Ransome,
I've wanted to know you
For a long time,
But not this way.
Not with mother throwing me
At your head.
Oh, my dear child--
Oh, I'm not a child.
I'm over 18.
I'm a woman.
I need your help.
I'm-- I'm in trouble.
Yes, I--
Oh, it's so hard
To tell you.
Well, it needn't be.
I understand.
That's why
I had to come to you.
You see, I--
Perhaps I can help you.
- is there a man mixed up in it?
- no.
Except you.
Oh, Mr. Ransome,
I've got to get away
From here.
I can't stand it
Any longer.
What's the matter?
Well, they want to run
My life for me.
They want me to go on
Living this phony life
They think is so wonderful.
And mother pretending
We're not just missionaries.
You will help me, won't you?
Well, what could I do?
Well, you know
All about the world...
And women
And things like that.
Oh, well, if it's advice
You want--
Oh, no, I--
I need more than advice.
I haven't any money.
Well, I couldn't do that.
Well, I only need
A little--
Just enough to get me
To where I want to go.
I'll pay you back,
Honestly, every cent.
Oh, it isn't the money,
My child.
I told you,
I'm not a child.
Look here, I can't be
Directly responsible
For what might happen to you.
Don't you realize
The awkward position
You might put me in?
I didn't think you cared
About respectability.
Well, I don't.
Neither do I. I just
Want everything there is
To be had out of life.
That's all very well,
But it's not that easy.
I'm not looking
For things to be easy.
I just can't
Stand it here any longer.
I've got to get away.
- where would you go?
- on the stage.
- on the stage?
- well, why not?
I'm not bad-looking.
And I have
Very nice legs.
Oh, yes. Very nice.
Uh, miss Simon and I,
We were just, uh, talking
About the theater.
Oh, yes, of course.
I'm sorry to disturb you,
But there's a messenger here
From the palace.
Oh, yes?
From her highness
To Ransome sahib.
I'm afraid I'll have to
Leave your delightful party
If I'm going to be on time.
Oh, my dear boy,
That's quite all right.
I understand perfectly.
When the palace calls,
We must drop everything
And obey.
Oh, well,
You're very kind.
Charming, isn't he?
I think it was a mistake
Inviting him.
Everyone knows
His reputation with...
Women... And rum.
Don't be provincial.
Do you ever get us
Invited to the palace?
Do you? Huh!
Good evening,
Your highness.
Good evening.
Good evening, Ransome.
I am glad you could come.
To see you again is one
Of the few thrills left
In life, your highness.
You said that
As if you meant it.
I do mean it.
Come along.
I'll introduce to you
Our guests of honor.
Lady Esketh.
- hello, Edwina.
- why, Tom.
We heard of a person
Named Ransome
Living in Ranchipur,
But I never dreamed it was you.
How nice
That you know each other.
Oh, yes. We're old friends.
This is Tom Ransome.
You've heard me speak of him.
My husband.
Oh, yes, yes, yes.
Ransome, of course.
How do you do?
Your highness, I've just
Been telling Mr. "bannager"--
Yes, yes.
When I first visited India,
I was amazed to find...
That you people had so many
Of the modern conveniences.
Yes, and the blessings
Of civilization.
Oh, thank you.
We flatter ourselves
To be jolly well abreast
Of the times.
Your highness,
Dinner is served.
Shall we go?
Now that you've met
One of your own kind,
I suppose you'll be
Grand for days.
Why do you always make a point
Of criticizing men
Like Tom Ransome?
Because he happens
To be a gentleman?
If he's a gentleman,
Why is he living here
In India?
He's got plenty
Of money.
I don't imagine Tom's
Ever thought of money,
One way or another,
In all his life.
Oh, one of those
Radicals, eh?
How do you like the maharani?
Tough egg, isn't she?
I call her the "last queen."
You know, nowadays when queens
Do everything in their power
To look like housewives,
She still dresses the queen
And acts it.
Here goes one of
The most expensive figures
In the british empire.
General, for years
I have been telling you...
Never to draw
To an inside straight.
Your highness, would you mind
If I showed lady Esketh
The palace?
Of course not.
Need a guide?
No, thanks.
I know my way about.
Good luck.
Your highness,
My apologies
For being late.
You received my message?
Was it cholera?
No, just old-fashioned
Good. Get in the game.
I need some competition.
Now, look here,
Your highness.
Your highness, I'm willing
To pay 5,000-10,000-
For that chestnut stallion
And two mares.
It is a generous offer,
But asoka is not for sale.
Oh, come now.
Anything's for sale
If the offer's high enough.
I am afraid
You don't understand.
Your highness
Drives a hard bargain.
I mean to have that stallion.
Name your price
And I'll meet it,
Whatever it is.
It is not a question
Of price, lord Esketh.
You have seen other
Horses in my stables
Almost as perfect as asoka.
Now, please let me make you
A gift of a stallion
And two mares.
A gift?
Well, if your highness
Really means it, you're--
You're very kind.
You understand, of course,
I cannot ship them
During the heat.
Of course.
Thank you.
That's a rembrandt.
And that's a buddhist
Prayer wheel.
And that, I suspect,
Was bought...
From a street peddler
In naples.
And this--
This was bagged
By the old lady herself,
And on foot, too,
If that means anything
To you.
Frankly, it doesn't.
I'd like some air.
Well, it's beginning
To look like rain
At last.
You haven't told me
What you're doing here.
I came out here seven years ago
To paint the maharajah's
Been here ever since.
Not a very exciting life,
Is it?
No. Is yours?
Now and then.
Hmm. What brought you
All the way up here
To Ranchipur?
The maharajah's horses.
Albert's very fond of horses.
The only thing he is fond of,
Except money.
- have you become fond
Of money too?
- passionately.
It used to be
Just excitement.
You can't live
On excitement alone.
We found that out,
Didn't we?
I didn't mind.
I did.
I minded washing
My own stockings,
Going without breakfast
And only being able to afford
The hairdresser once a week.
Well, perhaps I was selfish.
There was a time, mind you--
And I hope you won't blush--
When I seriously thought
Of marrying you.
Why, Tom, how touching.
I never suspected.
Well, we've come
A long way since then.
- a long way apart.
- what do you mean?
You'd know if you'd
Lived here a while.
In Ranchipur,
The important things in life
Are the elemental things,
Such as crops,
Starvation and weather.
In europe,
When someone says,
"it looks like rain,"
In all probability
He's trying to make
Polite conversation.
But here, where people die
As easily as they're born,
They're speaking in terms
Of life and death.
You'll see what I mean
If you're still here
When the rains come.
You'll see them overnight...
Turn the fields, the gardens
And the jungles...
From a parched
And burning desert
Into a mass of green...
That seems to live,
To writhe...
And to devour the walls,
The trees and the houses.
Well, I hope I'm not
Keeping you up.
Tom, you've changed.
You didn't used to be
Such a windbag.
You haven't changed.
Haven't I?
You're still a lovely creature.
Am I?
It's exciting seeing you again.
May I have a cigarette?
So you've forgotten.
Well, I was right.
Here it comes.
Has your highness any idea
Where they've gone?
I'm afraid
It's a big palace,
That they might
Be anywhere.
Excuse me.
Your husband's been looking
For you, lady Esketh.
I think he wants
To go home.
Thank you, your highness.
No, thank you.
Who's the pale-copper
Major Safti.
Not bad.
Not bad at all.
Well, don't waste your time.
He's a surgeon
And a scientist.
Any interest he might have
In romance is purely biological.
You make him sound
Even more exciting.
There you are.
I've been looking
For you everywhere.
Are you ready to go?
Whenever you are.
I'm ready now.
I think I'm going
To be ill.
It's this confounded
I'm sorry, albert.
Mr. Ransome tells me
There's a doctor
In Ranchipur...
Who's not at all bad.
If you're no better
In the morning,
We'll send for him.
Oh, that's very
Kind of you.
Well. What are you doing here?
I've run away from home.
I'm never going back.
You can't do that.
Why not?
Because I told you--
I can't take
The responsibility.
I know,
But since we talked
This afternoon,
I figured out
Another way
That you can help me.
Yes? What way?
- well?
- I want you to let me
Stay here tonight.
Have you any idea
What you're saying?
Of course I have.
Don't you see?
Then everyone
Would think that--
Well, anyway, there'd be
Such a scandal, I'd have
To leave Ranchipur.
They'd send me away.
That's all very well,
But why, in the name
Of the million gods of India,
Do you have to choose me?
Well, it shouldn't
Matter a bit to you.
Your reputation
Is already so--
So tarnished.
Don't you dare laugh at me.
Oh, listen to me, child.
What's this?
You're soaking wet.
What of it?
And I'm not a child.
Well, anyway,
You're going straight home.
I'm not going home.
I'm never going home again.
- you want me to put you out
By force?
- you won't.
I'd make a scene,
And you're the kind of a man
Who hates scenes.
Well, at least I can get you
Some dry clothes.
Come with me.
Don't be afraid.
I'm not afraid.
I'm just cold.
Now, change into these.
You'll find plenty of towels
In the bathroom.
Give yourself
A good rubdown.
Oh, I'll be
In the other room.
That's very becoming.
I don't believe
My old school tie ever
Appeared to better advantage.
Well-- I'm so sorry.
It looked so old and frayed,
And I couldn't find a belt.
That's quite all right.
It would be easier
If I could call you Tom.
There's nothing
I'd like better, fern.
Don't you feel anything
At all about me?
I'd be a fool if I didn't.
You're lovely, fern--
Not nearly so much
Of a child as I thought.
There's somebody there,
Behind the blind.
John! John!
I suppose you heard
Everything that went on.
If you breathe one word of this,
I'll feed you
To the crocodiles.
Yes, sahib.
As long as you're up,
You can drive miss Simon home.
Get the car.
Yes, sahib.
Yes, sahib.
Who was it?
Have they gone?
He's gone, all right,
And you're going too.
All right, I'll go now--
May I come and see you
Once in a while?
Why, of course.
You see, that's important,
Because I guess I love you.
If I didn't,
I wouldn't be going home now.
Has the doctor come yet?
He's with his lordship now,
I want to see him
Before he goes.
Yes, milady.
Don't take that.
Bring another cup.
Yes, milady.
Good morning.
Oh. Good morning.
I'm Edwina Esketh.
I hope I did right
Asking especially for you.
Maybe I'm imposing on you.
On the contrary,
Lady Esketh.
It's my duty.
There's nothing seriously
Wrong with your husband,
Just a bad congestion.
But his blood pressure
Is much too high.
No unpleasant asiatic microbes?
No, just simple
European overindulgence.
I prescribed
Some tablets for him,
And he should
Be kept very quiet.
Won't you stay for some tea?
I'll have to get this filled
At the hospital.
Bates can take it.
Do sit down, major.
You're very kind.
Frankly, it's rather
A treat for me to have
Someone to talk to.
I expect it will be
Deadly dull...
Now that albert's
Going to be ill.
I think this tea is cold.
I'll send for some more.
No, don't bother.
I like it that way.
No, thank you.
What would you prescribe
For a patient about to die
Of galloping boredom?
I imagine the maharani
Will see to it that you're
Properly entertained.
- how?
- well, the usual routine
With guests, I believe,
Is to, uh, show them first
The waterworks,
Then, in order,
The narrow-gauge railway,
The hospital, the zoo
And the asylum for the insane.
- how exciting.
- yes, isn't it?
And the maharajah
Has promised me
My choice of horses.
I wonder if he'd mind
If I also chose my escort.
Ranchipur is famous
For its horsemen.
I'm sure you'll have no trouble
In finding a suitable escort.
Do you ride, major?
Whenever I have the time,
Which isn't very often.
Don't you ever take a day off?
I'm willing to make
An exception.
That's very gallant
Of you, major.
If you don't mind...
Waiting until
After working hours.
Besides, it's cooler then.
I wouldn't dream of
Interfering with your work.
What's this?
The insane asylum?
No. No, this is
The maharani's music school.
Major sahib, memsahib.
How are you, I hope?
Would you care
To look around?
I'd love to.
Lady Esketh would like
To see the school.
Oh, yes. Yes.
This way.
Mr. Das, the director
Of the school.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Do you like music?
Oh, I have a box
At covent garden
As a matter of course.
Frankly, I like
This sort better.
Mr. Das, is jemnaz singh
Here today?
Oh, yes. Yes.
This way, please.
Jemnaz singh,
The rajput singer.
What kind of song
Is it?
Oh, a love song.
Oh, yes.
Do you know the song?
Yes. The words
Are traditional,
But the music
Is improvised--
Free variations.
How do the words go?
Well, it's in
The ancient language--
The ceremonial language.
I'm afraid I don't know it
As well as I should.
Well, it's a bit florid.
"that my lyre...
"were of purest jade,
"with strings...
"of fine spun gold.
"that I...
"might sing...
"with merit...
"of your beauty.
"your hands...
"hold my life,
"my being.
"drop it,
"and I perish.
"but in your heart,
"my love...
"has found a home.
"and it...
Can never die."
"but in your heart,
"my love has found a home,
And it can never die."
It is a lot
Of sentimental nonsense,
Isn't it?
- hello, miss macdaid.
- oh, hello.
Where's Rama?
He's busy.
Didn't turn up yesterday.
What sort of a woman
Is lady Esketh?
Lady Esketh? Why?
The major brought
Her here yesterday
To show her the hospital.
He's out with her
Again today.
Well, you met her.
What did you think
Of her?
I know her type.
Many like her in europe
These days.
Too many for its own good.
Oh. Well, I would say
She's the one woman
In Ranchipur...
That Rama shouldn't know.
Is lady Esketh
Dining out tonight?
Yes, milord.
Her ladyship is dining
At the Bannerjees'.
Mr. Ransome
Is calling for her.
Why should I care
Who's calling for her?
Go on, answer it.
Yes, milord.
What's this?
Major Safti's orders.
I hope that blasted native
Knows what he's doing.
Major Safti is the head
Of the state medical department.
Her ladyship
Will be ready directly.
May I offer you
A drink, sir?
Yes. Brandy and soda--
And make it strong.
Yes, sir.
How's the patient
This evening?
Much better, sir, thank you.
Hello, Tom.
Oh, hello.
Good of you to come for me.
Are we late?
Oh, no, no. There's--
There's plenty of time.
No, Mr. Bannerjee's
Dinners always begin...
At the fashionable
Half-past 8:00.
Hear you've been
Having adventures.
I am a victim
Of circumstances.
If you didn't drink so much,
You wouldn't always be
Getting into trouble.
Well, at least my weakness
Is wine.
- what do you mean by that?
- you know what I mean.
Listen to who's moralizing.
I suppose that comes
From philandering
Around missions.
I never philander
Around missions,
And I don't philander
Around hospitals either.
Don't be catty, Tom.
I do believe you're jealous.
You know perfectly well
I'm not jealous.
If there ever was
Anything between us,
We both know it's finished now--
Dead and gone.
Then why do you come here
And act drunk
And dictatorial?
Because I see
Something happening
I don't like.
Stop talking
Like a copy book.
It's not becoming.
When are you leaving?
We planned to go Tomorrow,
But with albert ill--
Is he too ill to travel?
Then why don't you go?
You are a beast, aren't you?
Tom, we've double-crossed
Almost everyone in the world.
Let's not start
On each other.
I don't want
To interfere really.
But Rama's my friend,
And I don't like it.
If you only knew
How wrong you are.
He's the one man I've ever met
I haven't been able to make
An impression on.
Are you sober enough
To take me
To the party?
Have they gone yet?
Yes, milord.
They've just left.
Well, get me
My dispatch case.
Yes, milord.
Go on, get it.
Don't just stand there.
And the pen.
Why are you standing there
Looking like a fool?
Your lordship
Didn't dismiss me.
Dismiss you?
You're lucky I didn't
Dismiss you ages ago.
I've put up with your
Infernal impertinence
For 15 years.
Don't stand there looking at me.
If I want you again, I'll ring.
Now, get out.
Yes, milord.
Come here.
Close those.
I suppose you'd like me
To die of malaria.
No, milord.
Well, get out!
Yes, milord.
Just stand still.
They won't attack
If they're not provoked.
Welcome, lady Esketh.
Good evening, Mr. Ransome.
Some night, you're going
To fall flat on your face,
And people will begin
To suspect that you drink.
Good evening.
It's awfully kind of you
To come, lady Esketh.
Of course, we are terribly
Upset about lord Esketh--
That he can't
Be with us tonight.
Hello, Ransome.
I believe you know almost
Everyone from the palace.
You know raschid ali khan.
Of course.
And may I present miss macdaid?
Lady Esketh.
- yes, we've met.
- yes, indeed.
I hope you're enjoying
Your stay, lady Esketh.
- very much.
- how soon do you expect
To be leaving?
Oh. I'm in no particular hurry.
I find it very pleasant
Here in Ranchipur.
There's major Safti.
Excuse me.
Good evening, major.
Good evening. You know
Major remmington? Lady Esketh.
Could I have
A word with you?
Forgive us.
Poor lady Esketh.
She's so frightfully upset
About her husband.
Better have this cocktail.
It isn't as bad as it looks.
Do you know that your friends
Have been warning me
To leave town?
Leave town? Why?
Why do you think?
They feel
I'm a bad influence on you.
That's ridiculous.
Isn't it?
You're not afraid of me,
Are you, major?
Why, of course not.
You wouldn't feel relieved
If I left?
No. As a matter of fact,
I'd miss you.
I've enjoyed your company
Very much.
- I was afraid
You'd take that attitude.
- what attitude?
Lying to me.
But I--
I just told you that--
Don't bother to explain.
You know perfectly well
What I'm thinking,
And I know
What you're thinking.
I've done everything
But fall at your feet,
And you haven't even blinked.
So I think I will
Leave Tomorrow morning.
Please don't leave
On my account.
Not because of what might
Happen to you if I stayed,
But because
Of what might happen to me.
It's an earthquake!
Well, it's all over.
Nothing to worry about,
Not a thing.
Just a slight tremor.
Where is his highness?
He was in there.
What's the matter with you,
Standing there like dummies?
Clear this away.
Get through to that room!
Wire's down, of course.
I'm going to the palace
For orders.
Come along with us,
Miss macdaid.
They'll need us
At the hospital.
Fifteen years, it's been
"yes, milord. No, milord.
Yes, milord."
Well, it's too late now.
We're both for it.
You're afraid.
Come on with me.
Good morning,
Good morning.
Water's still rising.
Look at queen victoria.
What's that frightful row?
He says I'm an impious
But not in english,
You'll notice.
That's India for you.
They've been praying
For the rains all spring.
Now that they're here,
They're praying for them
To go away.
Might be just as well
If we joined in.
Look. It's a boat.
Well, I'm glad someone
Besides ourselves is alive.
What on earth?
Why, it's the little
Simon girl.
Your juvenile light of love?
Come to snatch you
From a watery grave--
How sweet.
Come on. Give me a hand.
Easy now.
Thank heaven you're safe.
I didn't close my eyes
All night.
I was afraid
You'd be drowned.
Edwina, this is miss Simon.
Lady Esketh.
How do you do?
We are glad to see you.
If you hadn't come,
We might have died
Of starvation.
Or boredom.
Where did you find
Thequeen mary?
Down the road while we were
Looking for my-- my father.
I'm sorry, fern.
I thought, if you were
All right, I'd take you
Back to the mission.
It's safer there.
Yes. It ought to hold
About two--
One to paddle
And one to bail.
You two think
You can manage it?
There's time
For several trips.
I'll take you first.
I'm-- I'm all right.
No more paddling
For you, young lady,
Until you've had some rest.
Now, come on.
I don't need
Any rest.
You come over here now
And lie down.
Now, we'll fix this
For you. There.
Now, don't you worry
About a thing.
I'm gonna take lady Esketh,
And then I'm coming back
For you.
In the meantime,
You be a good girl.
I'm not in your way
Being here, am I?
You're not going to apologize
For saving our lives, are you?
Well, that's only one
Of the reasons I came.
I wanted you to know
That you were in no danger.
Well, that's reassuring.
I mean from me.
I didn't mean to put you
On the spot,
But when they found out
I'd been to your house,
They wouldn't believe the truth.
Well, don't you
Worry about that.
Mother pretended to be sore,
But I don't think
She was really sore.
Because, you see,
If we got married,
She could spend the rest
Of her life hobnobbing
With high society in england.
Well, anyway, I thought
You'd like to know that...
You won't have to marry me.
Unless you decide
To change your mind.
That's a bit of luck.
The rain's stopping.
Hey, Bannerjee.
Don't get impatient.
I'll come back for you later.
Says he'd rather die
On this roof...
Than suffer
My unclean presence
In the same boat.
I suppose so.
I'd like to go by the city.
You mean by way
Of the hospital.
Don't you care enough
To find out what's become
Of your friends?
Don't be a fool.
I'm sick of being british
And pretending I'm not
Frightened and worried.
But we haven't time.
I've got to bring
The boat back for fern.
I think it's
Absolutely nauseating the way
You're leading that girl on.
I've never seen such
An obvious case of calf-love
In all my life.
Her face
Lights up like fireworks
Every time she looks at you.
That's what you like,
Isn't it?
That's why
We didn't get on.
Get in.
You always want the woman
To treat you like a god.
I treated you as if you
Were just as bad as myself.
Oh, so it's you.
Well, where's fern?
At the Bannerjees'.
I'm going right back
For her.
The lady with the artillery
Is aunt phoebe.
How do you do?
Mrs. Smiley,
Lady Esketh.
Pleased to meet ya.
Why don't you go
Right on up the house.
Thank you.
Have you seen homer?
We couldn't get through
To the city.
Oh. I suppose you'll be
Wantin' something to eat.
No, thanks. I've gotta
Get back for fern.
Don't be a fool.
Ain't she safe where she is?
Not if that water rises again.
Don't worry.
I'll be all right.
Come on in.
I'll get you
Some coffee.
Thank you.
Steady, old girl.
You've come back.
I'm sorry. I lost your boat.
I've done all I can.
I know I can count on you...
To help your queen...
Rebuild... Our state.
Close the door.
My good and loyal friends,
Ranchipur has been struck
A cruel blow.
The weakness in our
National character has been...
That we are inclined to blame
Catastrophe on the gods...
And fail in our duty.
I don't propose
To let that happen here.
We must call up
All our strength,
All our resolution,
All our courage...
If we are to bring
Our people to safety.
Each of you
Must do his part.
I have chosen you because
I know you will not fail me.
I proclaim
A state of emergency...
To exist in Ranchipur.
Your police will work
With t
What is it, major?
It has come sooner
Than I expected.
Several cases of the plague
In the sweepers' quarters.
On top of that, half
The water in Ranchipur
Must be polluted.
Do what you can to keep
The plague from spreading.
Burn down the whole quarter
If you must.
The rest of you
Know your duty.
I want you to stay.
Give me a cigarette.
Thank you.
I said I could depend
On this little group.
I meant you too.
I don't know why,
Your highness.
Because you are one of us.
I need a personal
Someone I can depend on
To carry out my orders...
And use his own head
Whenever necessary.
Do you think you can do it?
If you think I can.
Would you mind
Sitting down...
Or... Doing anything
But just standing there?
I'm sorry.
Don't mind me.
It's just my foul disposition.
Come on and play me
A hand of russian bank.
I don't know how.
What's the matter?
Nothing really.
It's because
I'm so glad.
Last night,
He came back for me.
Not because he had to,
But-- but because
He wanted to.
His face was so tired
And so kind.
He was glad too.
I could tell.
And he tried to smile,
But he was too worn out.
He just fell asleep in my arms
Like a little boy.
I felt he belonged to me.
I never wanted
The night to end.
You have got it badly,
Haven't you?
I suppose so.
What's that?
They're dynamiting
Part of the city.
You know what you've picked out
For yourself, don't you?
Then there's no use
Warning you.
Look here. You don't
Expect him to marry you?
Well, not unless
He wants to.
Of course, if he would--
But I'll do
Whatever he wants.
Tom's been a selfish brute
All his life.
What would you do
If you were in my place?
I wouldn't be in your place.
I'd never let any man
Mean that much to me.
Look here.
You're a nice child.
I'll do anything I can
To help you.
If I only had a black eight.
Hey! Come on there.
Hey! Hey!
Come on there.
Hey! Hey!
Well, what's this--
Barnum & bailey's
Come to town?
Well! Oh, my!
You're all right, eh?
What's this, an invasion?
I'm afraid we'll have
To turn our place
Into a barracks.
So many of the children
Were left homeless.
Well, there's always room
For a few more.
Come on in, kids. Come on.
Come on, children.
Right this way.
Come on in.
Hurry up now.
My goodness.
Come in, come in.
Well, say--
You'll have to do
Some foragin' for me.
I didn't expect to have
To feed an army.
Miss Simon, take 'em out
And show 'em where
To clean up.
Out. Out.
Hurry up now.
Go on out there.
That's it.
I bet you got
Your feet wet.
Ma, don't worry.
I'm all right.
Let me see.
Just as I thought. You sit
Right down in that chair
And change your socks.
Eh, all right.
Oh. Wait a minute.
I have a message for fern.
You're to come back
With me, eh?
I'll get my coat.
Worst mess
I've ever heard of.
Are you ready? Every bed
In the hospital's filled...
And not half enough
Doctors and nurses
To go around.
Ah. The maharani's
Sent out a call
For volunteers.
Good-bye, Edwina.
Good-bye, fern.
Did you ever
Ride an elephant?
Next, please.
Your name?
High school training
In hospital work.
Report to miss ghose,
Second floor.
Next, please.
Your name?
Edwina Esketh.
No experience.
Assigned to probational duty.
Wait over there, please.
Next, please.
Your name?
All right.
Take him away.
Thank you, captain.
What is she doing here?
She volunteered.
Why is she doing
That kind of work?
She's had no experience.
Lady Esketh is a very
Intelligent woman.
She's not stupid.
It might be worth your time
To give her some
Quick training.
She ought to be capable
Of ward duty.
Yes, major.
I'll do that for you.
Thank you.
It is heavy.
Get your tray,
And we'll make the rounds.
Laying a hand on their head
Doesn't really help much,
Except that
It gives them courage.
You see, they know
I'm of high caste.
For centuries, they've been
Made to step aside...
So their shadows
Won't fall on us
And pollute us.
Call the porters.
They look at you so,
As if they trusted you.
They have no one else
To trust.
You've done a wonderful thing
Coming here like this.
And it isn't easy,
Especially if you've
Never done it before.
It's funny how you
Get used to things.
I don't even
Get sick anymore...
As I did 20 times
The first day.
And yet you stayed.
Yes. I stayed.
You don't have to answer.
Just remember that you're
In constant danger.
Don't forget to use
Plenty of disinfectant.
We mustn't let anything
Happen to you.
You're too valuable.
Mr. Durga.
We've had a call from
The hospital for more linen
And 250 pairs of sheets.
This will give you authority
To take what you want from
The rajputana textile company.
If Mr. Motilal, the manager,
Objects, send him to me.
Yes, sahib.
And I shall introduce him
To my pet lions, who will
Feed on his liver.
- yes, sahib.
I bring the brandy, sahib.
Aha. The brandy.
No, no. Take it over
To the hospital.
All of it?
Yes, all of it.
Yes, sahib.
But don't think
I'm reforming.
When this is over, I'm going
On the biggest, longest,
Most magnificent bat
In the history of civilization.
Make a note of that.
Yes, Mr. Ransome.
It's good to see you,
I came as soon as the weather
Was clear enough for flying.
Your highness, the viceroy
Has asked me to convey to you
His deepest sympathy,
Not only in his official
Capacity, but as an old
And sorrowing friend.
May I add my own.
I am grateful
To the viceroy.
But more than sympathy,
I need cooperation.
His excellency also asked me
To assure you...
That the british government
Stands ready to help
In any way it can.
Thank you, general.
I knew I could count
On the viceroy
And yourself.
I take off in the morning
To make a personal report
To his excellency.
Oh, by the way,
I have room
For one passenger,
If there's anyone
You care to send.
Yes, I think there is.
Ransome, I'd like
To speak to you.
Yes, your highness.
Thank you, general.
I'll let you know.
Thank you.
What is lady Esketh
Doing at the hospital?
Every conceivable filthy
And drudging task.
Yes. I suppose miss macdaid
Would have seen to that.
But why is she there?
She told me
She wanted to help.
But that isn't
The real reason.
The english
Are an odd people.
I admire them,
But I don't pretend
To understand them.
The english
Are a sentimental people
And very much ashamed of it.
We had plans
For major Safti,
He and I.
I won't be here long.
I have no children,
Though I always wanted them.
Before he died,
He named his successor--
A man whose blood,
Sympathies and training...
Fitted him
For the responsibility...
Of guiding the state
Of Ranchipur.
Did you know that?
No alien influence
Must enter his life.
He must remain dedicated
To his cause.
Would it hurt him so much
To give her up?
For a while, yes.
But he's young.
He'll get over it,
I'm sure.
I want to do
The right thing.
I'd trample her
Without mercy.
But then, of course,
I was brought up
In the hills...
Where charity
Is a sign of weakness.
I only learned tolerance
And humanity...
After I married.
I want to do
As he would have done.
She is a bad woman,
Isn't she?
Mm, not so much bad
As unhappy.
Once, long ago, Edwina
Took a wrong path.
Ever since, she's either
Been too proud...
Or too stubborn
To turn back.
- in many respects,
She's like your highness.
- what do you mean by that?
Well, that she's outspoken,
Has no particular use
For any other women--
Uh, unless they're over 70.
But your highness
Is the younger of the two.
Her kind of civilization
Is on its way out.
That's exactly
What makes it impossible.
Tell her I'm sending her
On the plane Tomorrow.
How long since you've
Been to bed?
Oh, perhaps a day or two.
I don't remember.
After you've seen lady Esketh,
Get some sleep.
You've been a real help.
Believe me.
Come in.
Hello, Tom.
Ever try to curl your hair
Without a curling iron?
Alcohol's a precious
Commodity these days,
Not to be used
For purposes
Of mere vanity.
Sit down--
On sataya's bed.
She's my roommate--
A nautch dancer.
I've been hearing
Dreadful things about you.
It seems you've become
A shockingly useful
Can't help myself.
It's a conspiracy.
Why so glum?
Why so cheerful?
Mm, I'm young again.
That's why.
I feel exactly as I did
The day of my first
Real dancing party,
When I was 12.
I remember I had
A pink taffeta dress.
Hideous thing really,
But I thought
It was a love.
And that little beast
Of a joe cumberland--
The one that's in
The cabinet now--
Spilled strawberry jam
On it.
I tried
To scratch his eyes out.
The authorities
I'm afraid
I've come to spill jam
On your party dress.
What do you mean?
The maharani is sending you
Away in the morning.
No. I won't go.
You'd better.
She means it.
No, Tom.
I've thought it all out,
And this time I know
I'm right.
I must be right.
Believe me, Tom.
I'm in love for the first
Time in my life--
Honestly in love.
I believe you.
So you can tell
The maharani I won't go.
Yeah. She'll probably
Have you shot.
She can, you know.
I'll risk it.
And will you risk
Destroying him?
I won't destroy him.
He loves me.
I'm sure of it.
That's why you must go.
Let's try to look
At this thing realistically.
The maharani's
Giving Rama his choice.
He can have Ranchipur or you.
He can't have both.
You're asking me to give up
The only real chance
For happiness I've ever had.
Don't get me started.
I hate scenes.
Ah. 6:00.
I'm on duty.
Cheerio, Tom.
You've done your duty
Like a good little soldier.
Coolie. Coolie.
The glass.
Good morning.
I couldn't sleep.
I had to come
And talk to you.
Ah, that's a good sign.
It means that life
Is going on again.
It means we're going to win.
Last night, for the first time,
There were fewer new cases
Instead of more.
You look tired.
I'm not really.
This is the only chance we have
To talk to each other.
It wasn't true what I said
About not being able to sleep.
I set the alarm clock.
You shouldn't.
You get little enough rest.
There are all kinds of rest.
This is better than sleeping.
Tom tells me
That you're leaving today.
Yes. By request.
It's probably just as well.
I go through torture
Every moment...
Because you're in danger here.
Nothing must happen
To you now.
What's the matter?
It just makes me so happy
To hear you say that.
I never thought,
When I first met you--
It seems so long ago--
That you'd ever say
Anything like that to me.
I wouldn't have
Said it then,
Not to the woman
I knew then.
But now I--
I think
You're someone different.
Please don't think that I'm just
Being mystical and Indian,
I can't connect you
With her--
That woman I met
At the summer palace,
So shiny and glossy
And so crafty
For what she wanted.
Oh, yes, I--
I knew what you wanted.
And I was tempted.
That's why I stayed for a cup
Of lukewarm tea, which I hate.
And you were trying so hard
To make me believe...
You were respectable
And inexperienced.
Wait. I-- I don't think
Much of respectability.
I think a great deal more
Of truth.
Maybe that's why
I hesitated then.
And later, when I pretended
I didn't find you exciting.
Something held me back.
I must have seen
The other woman within you--
The one that came here,
Scrubbed floors
And emptied slop pails...
And fought nausea
And weariness and fear--
The real woman.
You see, it would have been
Like taking a counterfeit...
Instead of waiting
For the real coin.
I wanted you to know
What I felt because I--
I think so much of you
That I can risk making
A fool of myself.
Maybe, in your heart,
You're laughing at me.
No. No.
Well, now you know my secret.
We'll let the maharani
Send you away.
Then when the worst
Is over here,
No matter where you are,
I'll come after you.
You'd leave Ranchipur?
Yes. We'll go to some other city
Where I can set up a practice--
Calcutta, madras
Or the malay states--
Where we can live
Our own lives together.
You'd leave all this,
Knowing what it's meant
To you?
Knowing what you do of me?
Just hold me
A little while.
You're not well. You--
You have a fever.
I-- I'm just tired.
Take over in the ward.
How is she?
Rama's with her now.
She sent word
She wanted to see me.
Yes, I know.
I want to give her
Another injection
In about half an hour.
Yes, major.
Miss Simon,
You may go in now.
I don't know what to do, Tom.
I don't know what to do.
She won't fight.
She hasn't any will to live.
I don't know what to do.
I'm supposed
To be a doctor.
I'm supposed to help people
To fight for life.
And I want her to live
More than I want
To live myself.
I tried to tell her
That she must fight.
I-- I couldn't.
I couldn't speak.
I'm all gone inside.
Stay with me, Tom.
I need you.
Rama, this won't do.
You've got to get
A hold of yourself.
It's no use.
I-- I can't.
We're different--
Deep down where it matters.
I'm an Indian.
I-- I can't be
Calm and unemotional.
I want to tear my clothes
And wail like a--
Like Bannerjee.
You're not Bannerjee.
You're a man.
You're a doctor.
No. No.
I've failed.
I can't save her.
Rama. Rama.
Rama! Listen to me.
If you lose your way now,
You'll never find it again.
Think of the maharani
And your duty,
Of the maharajah
And all he planned for you.
Think of the people
Who worship and respect you.
To them, you're a symbol--
Something clean and courageous,
That's been born in the darkness
And filth that was India.
You are India--
The new India.
Don't betray all of us
Who have faith in you.
I'm sorry, Tom.
I'm all right now.
It won't happen again.
Thank you.
But I can't take them.
Don't be an idiot.
If you and Tom
Have children,
Your son might be
The earl of nolham.
He'd have a wife,
And she could wear them
To boring dinner parties,
Tell how they'd been
Left to her by...
A shameless wench
Called lady Esketh...
Who died in Ranchipur
During the great disaster
Of 1938.
We're such snobs at home.
We like stories like that.
I suppose this is the way
It feels to repent
And get religion--
Giving away
My worldly goods.
It's a nice feeling.
Hello, Tom.
Don't look so unhappy.
I'm not.
Rama says if you'd only fight.
What's there to fight about?
Has anything changed since
The last time we talked?
Would you mind, my dear?
Have you got a ring
For fern?
Does she like sapphires?
There's a condition
You'll have to marry her.
You said
You'd do anything.
Yes, but I'd be
No good for her.
Stop bragging.
She's mad about you.
She thinks you're a god.
That's what
You've always wanted.
We have had such foul luck,
You and I.
You've picked a winner
At last.
Ask him to come in.
As soon as you're well,
We'll get away from all this.
Of course.
I've thought it all out.
We won't be running away
From anything,
Because there won't be
Anybody else in the world
But ourselves.
We'll have each other.
Just you and I.
Up to kashmir,
Down the ganges to bengal.
And then perhaps
In a little boat
From calcutta...
Through all the islands
Of the east.
The spice islands,
The coral islands...
And all those places with names
Like magic spells.
Just you and I.
Nothing else will matter,
Will it?
Will it?
This time, it has been
Built to stand--
As long as you live...
And your children...
And your children's children.
The time is here, Rama.
Your people are waiting.
What is it, Rama?
What do you hear?
Nothing, your highness.
Only a song.
They're waiting, Rama.