The Rake (2018) Movie Script

Ben, that's too heavy for you.
Just wait for your dad.
CASSIE: Okay, just put it
by the table.
ASHLEY: I wanna see it.
- Or just drop it right there.
- Ashley!
It's okay, sweetie. We just have
to put it back in
because if Santa steps on one
of these ornaments he might just
- drop off your gifts next door.
- I'm kidding.
I'm kidding. Want to spin? Yeah.
- CASSIE: Yay!
- ASHLEY: Yay.
BEN: Dad!
MAN ON TV: There's decay
feeding on fear, hate, death.
Death is everywhere.
No one is immune.
I see the pain you've given me
as a gift.
Once you give in...
things become much easier.
has it told you?
Look at me, Jacob.
What else has it told you?
Pray for you doctor.
Last night, the rake
spoke your name.
What is the rake, Jacob?
hard to describe, doctor.
Murphy's entity draws
inspiration from that
of the Native American Wendigo
and the ancient Celtic Arrach.
This disease attaches itself
to willing or unwilling hosts
and grows inside effectively,
leeching off of his or her life.
Jacob believes he must appease
this entity by bringing harm
to himself and infecting those
around him.
- Benny, what are you doing out here?
Oh, hey, Dad. Mom needs you.
How long have
you been listening?
I, uh...
Listen, buddy, you don't need
to hear this.
It's grown-up stuff, okay?
Okay, Dad. It's cool though.
I'm not scared of monsters
Oh, I forgot you're ten now,
you can't be scared.
- Nope.
- Okay, go tell Mom I'll be down
- in a minute, okay?
- Okay, Dad.
All right.
is everywhere. No one is immun.
It will infect us all.
- DAVID: Oh, nice!
All right, Benny, dude,
you're up.
- Oh, this is gonna be tough.
- Okay. Yeah.
You know, I'm gonna help
you focus here.
- Oh, yeah, that's helping me?
- Mm-hmm.
- [ALL] Oh!
Okay, guys, game over.
You know what that means, right?
But I'm not even tired!
- Goodnight, dude.
- Goodnight.
- You okay, buddy?
- Yeah.
What you saw earlier...
forget about it, okay?
Part of my job is to help people
with the things they make up.
- You understand?
- I get it, Dad.
It's like your comic books.
It's all make-believe.
Got it.
- DAVID: Love you, buddy.
- Love you too.
You let him in your office?
No, he just, um, peeked in
for a second, that's all.
A second is all it takes, David.
You're right. I'm sorry.
It's okay, just keep the door
locked from now on, okay?
I will. I...
I've just been pounding my brain
over this one.
Oh, sweetie, uh, I know, I...
I can tell.
You'll figure it out.
You always do and that's why
I love you...
Dr. Warren.
I got to go clean up.
[MOANS] Okay.
Don't keep me waiting, okay.
BEN: What are you doing?
I heard scary noises in my room.
- What are you looking at?
- Nothing.
- You can't look at this.
- Come on, I wanna see.
Nobody knows where it comes from
but it's always there...
watching over while you sleep.
Waiting for you to open
your eyes for the last time.
It stalks its prey.
It hides and watches you
without you even knowing.
It waits for the perfect moment
when you're least expecting.
It's got one hooked claw
and the other hand has nails
so big
- they look like butcher knives!
- Stop!
You're such a baby.
Do you want me to stop?
You're scaring me.
I don't like this story.
Okay fine, I'll stop.
I told you were too young
for this stuff.
Oh. Ben?
You gotta be kidding me.
it's always here.
- [CRIES] David!
- What was that?
CASSIE: Stay back! [CRIES]
Go to your room!
a disease that needs no motive,
once you give in...
- BEN: What's going on?
- Listen to me. Listen to me.
- ASHLEY: Mommy.
You have to stay here, okay?
Be very quiet.
- I'm going to get help.
- ASHLEY: Mommy.
Just be quiet, okay? Okay? Okay?
Stay quiet, okay?
- I love you.
- BEN: Mom?
David! David!
CASSIE: David!
...traumatizing but...
- ...what came out of her...
In conclusion, Jacob's obsession
with the Rake could be seen
as a supernatural hallucination.
DAVID: Cassie!
Beyond compare...
it convinced me to come
to the despair.
I see the pain you've given me
as a gift. Once you give in...
death, rebirth...
giving and taking.
It will infect us all.
are testament
to my transformation.
- Honey.
- NICOLE: What?
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah. I'm fine.
- Our new chapter, right?
- Right.
- Ready?
- Mm-hmm.
Nah, hold on.
- Let's do this the right way.
There's something to be said
about tradition.
Looks like everything got here
in one piece.
- Where do you want to start?
- I don't know. Tell me,
- where do you want to start?
- Oh, okay, I'm sorry, what were
you just saying to me
about tradition?
Is this for real
Or is this a dream?
I find it hard
Hard to believe
Don't wake me up
Because it feels
Because it feels
There is so much shit
in that barn.
Like, literal shit?
Yeah, like, literal shit.
Come here.
- So, what do you think?
- Mm...
I definitely think
it's a fixer-upper.
But that's okay.
- I'm used to those.
- Oh!
- Is that so?
- Mm-hmm.
Was I really that bad?
No. Otherwise,
I never would've said "I do."
- Point taken. Ouch.
- I'm glad you did.
- Me too.
Stop distracting me.
We got work to do. We got people
- coming over tomorrow.
- Okay, okay, boss.
What time are they coming?
Ben and Michelle said six
and then Ashley...
I don't know.
Don't worry, it's going
to work out, all right.
There's my woman.
How are you doing?
- Good.
- Good?
Swear to God that better be
fucking God.
- Hey.
- Hey! We weren't expecting you
so early. Did you have a friend
drop you off?
- Uh, I took a cab.
- Great, come in.
Sorry about the mess, we were
gonna have everything
all cleared up by the time
everyone got here tomorrow.
It's so good to see you!
Thank you.
That's very thoughtful of you.
- What is it?
- It's a spider plant.
Native, is it?
I don't know.
I just know they're, like,
impossible to kill.
Low maintenance. Come in,
I'll show you around.
- We can put this away.
Come on!
I'm down to 14 today, I think.
Half are for my anxiety, mixed
with a few anti-depressants,
and the rest are basically
horse tranquilizers...
but still nothing holds a torch
to the shit they were feeding me
in the hospital.
Well, that's progress then,
Yeah, no voices.
- Well, that's good.
- ASHLEY: Yeah...
I think so.
I'm starting to sort
my shit out.
Signed up for school again.
Well, online courses,
and I've been working part time
as a florist.
A florist, really?
I always thought
you hated gardening.
I did. I still do. I'm like
the human version of herbicide.
Probably should've consulted
with Ms. Authority here first.
But can't be choosy, I guess.
It's, kind of, hard to get a job
when you have
no real work experience.
ANDREW: Why is that?
Well, after inpatient therapy
I was a bit of a nomad.
Can't really handle people.
They can't really handle me,
thus the plants.
Well, I guess it's kind of hard
to plant your roots
when you're constantly ripping
them out.
Did you really just make
a plant metaphor?
- Yes, I did.
- It was bad.
- Yes, it was.
But, you know, he's not wrong.
NICOLE: It is, it's hard
to start over
when you're a drifter...
to find friends, to find love.
- Marriage and kids?
- NICOLE: Uh-huh.
- Yeah. Let's not go there.
- Not the maternal type?
Like you? No, not really.
Well, I'm just beat, all right?
I'll give you guys
some alone time.
Honey, I love you.
Ashley, it's...
it's always good seeing you.
- NICOLE: Thanks.
- Hey, um...
thank you for reaching out,
you know.
Thanks for giving a shit.
It wasn't the same without you.
I mean, California was great
for Andrew's career
and everything but...
I didn't like that it kept me
from you.
I'm really happy
that you're here.
Me too.
NICOLE: Ow! Damn it.
Oh, fuck. That sucks, hold on.
ASHLEY: Ah, goodnight.
ANDREW: [SIGHS] Honey...
we know it's the same story over
and over again.
It's just that I need you to be
as relaxed as possible,
and Ashley isn't exactly Zen,
if you know what I mean.
Do you know, what I was thinking
about in the car ride?
Tell me.
I want to know my family again.
I still remember when Dad
brought Ben and Ashley home.
Ashley screamed more
than she spoke and...
Ben didn't talk at all.
It took me a really long time
to gain their trust.
Hey, you...
you helped them through
a difficult transition.
We helped each other.
We were isolated in California
for so long...
I just worry I'm not gonna be
able to make up for that.
Especially with Ashley.
I am... I want them around.
Come here. Come here.
No one can break you.
- It's in you too.
- It's in you too.
- Ashley, where are you?
Okay, hold on, hold on, hold on.
Ashley, are you down here?
- Ash!
Ashley, oh, my God!
Are you okay? What's wrong?
- Ashley! Are you okay?
Tell me what's wrong. Ashley?
Ashley, is someone in the house?
Back off. It's okay,
you're home. You're okay.
You're okay. You're okay,
Ashley, Look at me. Ashley!
- Ash. Ash. Ashley.
BEN: I thought Californians
were early risers.
Yeah, we figured, we'd take
notes from your Hawks
- and sleep in this season.
- Oh, shit.
I come bearing gifts,
and this is how you treat me?
- Yeah. Good to see you.
- Nice to see you.
- Did she see me pull up?
- No, I don't think so.
- Man, the chair looks great.
- Thanks.
Ben? Oh, my God,
what are you doing here?
- ANDREW: Ah, fuck!
- BEN: Surprise.
NICOLE: Ouch! Honey,
are you all right?
Yeah, I think I caught it
on a staple or something.
- You all right?
- Yeah, I'll live.
It is so great to have
you back home, Nicki.
It's really great to be home.
- Dad's old chair.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, come on. Keep it together.
I was just trying to do
something nice.
No, Ben, it's really,
really sweet.
I was just looking at pictures
of us on this thing,
when we were younger and...
I can't believe you hung onto it
for me. Thank you.
Every child should have
an heirloom, I guess.
[LAUGHS] Yeah.
What'd you keep?
The adoption record.
Framed it and hung it
in my office.
That's really nice.
BEN: Uh, Where would you
like this?
NICOLE: Oh, um...
- Oh, wow! Look at that view.
Yeah, sure beats looking
at your neighbors' building.
Which is what we did a lot
of in California.
- This is nice.
- I like it.
You can just set that here.
Right there.
BEN: [EXHALES] The house
is coming together nicely.
Yeah. Slowly but surely.
First night in the new place?
No, it's not that. Um...
Ashley came in last night.
That's great! Where's she at?
She's still sleeping. She, um,
sort of had an episode.
Yeah, she was screaming
bloody murder in the basement.
She had a night terror.
NICOLE: It was bad, Ben.
I haven't seen her like that
even as a kid.
It was different like more...
more real.
I thought you said
she was improving.
Yeah, she was.
Uh, I'm going to head out.
I'll talk to you guys later
NICOLE: Ben, Ben, come on.
Just stay for a little bit.
- ANDREW: Come on, dude, stay.
- No, I can't.
We'll talk more tonight.
That was weird.
- Hope he's okay.
- NICOLE: Yeah.
It's 3 p.m.
ASHLEY: Where's Nicole?
ANDREW: Making up
for lost sleep.
She didn't need to stay up
with me.
Didn't you and Ben coin
the phrase Mama-Sis?
Touch. She always
hated it, though.
Said it sounded like incest.
It was a panic attack.
- What?
- In the basement.
I'll bet your friends
in the psych ward loved that.
Sorry, I didn't mean to upset
Then I guess
you're not responsible, then.
I mean, look you know
what she's been through.
Just be present for Nicole...
or leave before you cause
any more damage.
Not a problem.
Do you need something?
Um, no. I just... I wanted
to know if you were okay.
I'm fine, thanks.
Ashley, wait!
NICOLE: Where are you going?
Ashley, just talk to me
for a minute, please!
ASHLEY: I made a mistake.
NICOLE: What are you talking
- I'm not ready for this.
- Who is really
ready for anything
in their life?
I'm trying to create something
something that we haven't had
since Dad died.
Please, I'm doing everybody
a favor, trust me.
No, you trust me.
You are a part of this.
- I used to be.
- Just stay the night.
We'll start fresh
in the morning.
Andrew and I really...
Ashley, Ashley,
just stay until the end
of dinner, that okay?
Ben is going to be crushed
if he doesn't see you.
And then afterwards, if you still
feel like you want to leave,
I'll take you anywhere you want
to go.
MICHELLE: G... Graham.
Yes. Okay, okay. Gr... Yeah,
I know. I know, Graham!
Will you just stop interrupting
me for like a second?
When I say that I need
to decompress, thank me
in advance for sparing
your life.
Oh, okay. Yeah, sure try
your little power play,
see what happens. Huh? Let me
tell you something, Graham.
I've got two Masters,
a loaded 9mil,
and perfect 34B's, any of which
that could turn you
and your prick inside out.
So, let's just say it together,
huh? Competence!
Jesus Christ.
Did you just threaten
to smoke your partner?
No, just a memo between friends.
- I'm glad we're not friends.
- Oh, no, I like you,
just Graham,
on the other hand...
- Maybe, it's time to leave.
- Leave?
No, leaving solves nothing,
honey, tenacity wins.
We don't need tenacity
right now, we need a break.
A break? Okay, you know,
I don't think he's going to be
calling anytime soon.
- I think, he got the point.
- Good.
Because it'd just be really nice
if you weren't glued
to your phone all weekend.
Monday through Friday
is bad enough.
- Take a chill pill.
You know, I didn't mean it
like that.
It's fine. Just drop it.
You know what, no.
Just because Ashley
is struggling with some shit,
doesn't mean you have to too.
- [SIGHS] Yeah, you're right.
- Damn straight, I'm right.
It took a little bit of time
but you turned out okay.
I'm proud of you.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Can you just turn off
this emo attitude?
You're a lot stronger
than you realize.
You know, just help her through
this shit
and show her how it's done.
- This look okay?
- Yeah, you look great, hun.
You're not her guardian angel,
you know.
She's a grown woman now,
she should be able to take care
of herself.
But she can't take care
of herself.
- Why can't you accept that?
- I did...
years ago.
They should've never released
her from the hospital.
She obviously needs a lot
of supervision and help.
How can you be so cold to her?
Honestly, what has she
ever done to you, really?
Nothing, it's just
that she's bringing you down
and it's pissing me off.
Well, you have
a really shitty way
of showing your concern
for my well-being.
I just... I don't know why
you didn't let her go
when she wanted to leave.
Because she's my sister.
- She's not your sister.
- BEN: Hello?
- Where is everyone?
- MICHELLE: Hello?
- Andrew?
- ANDREW: Hey.
- You look good, Ash.
- [SCOFFS] Whatever.
You look happy.
I'm trying. One day at a time,
you know?
Andy, get your ass out here!
Ah, there he is!
- [GRUNTS] Here I come.
- ANDREW: All right!
[GRUNTS] Here I come. Howl
with me!
Brother, I will make you howl.
Jesus, it's been years, man!
How the hell have you been?
I'm good. I've been good.
Hey, I thought you said,
you were going to bring someone.
Oh, yeah, yeah, Kim. She'll be
around, her shift ends at eight.
Ah, come on! Who cares?
Great, great. Come inside, man.
I got food on the way. It's...
Food? Jeremy need drink.
A drink! A pint!
A pint for brother Jeremy!
A pint for brother Andrew!
I don't know who this man
is anymore.
Andrew, the guy who once drank
an entire bottle of tequila
and tried to fight
a rugby team...
now wears Mr. Rogers sweaters
and drinks grape juice. Huh!
I'm sorry that my taste is
too sophisticated for even you.
Tell me, did Nicole pluck
your berries...
or did they just shrivel up
and fall off the vine?
Okay, you know, my berries
are just fine, okay?
says the guy
who built his fucking wine rack
before his love shack.
Oh, you know what, fuck off!
- You uncivilized savage.
I knew California would make
you soft.
Of course it would. All it is
a bunch
of fucking famous people
and kale.
And the ocean, and fresh fruit,
the sun.
And you traded all that
for the winters of Siberia?
Family is worth freezing for.
Sure is.
This one's nice.
NICOLE: Oh, yeah.
This was taken the day that Dad
brought you and Ben home.
Do you remember that?
Just like yesterday.
Welcome back, Nicole and Andrew.
Bring on the bubbly!
Please. Thank you.
Oh, uh...
I shouldn't.
Come on, Mama-Sis,
one's not going to kill you.
No fucking way!
Wait, I don't get it.
- I'm pregnant.
- Yes! Oh, my God!
BEN: Oh!
JEREMY: Looks like the berries
are hanging just fine
- after all, huh?
- Congratulations.
- Hey, now it's a celebration.
- Congrats to you two.
Aren't you excited?
- Ashley?
You're going to be an aunt,
aren't you excited?
Yeah, sure.
You just...
- can't be happy for her?
- Just let it go, okay?
- Andy...
- No! I'm interested.
I'm interested.
Is there any particular reason
why you deem it
necessary to, yet again,
suck the fucking happiness
out of the fucking room?
I guess we opened that bottle
of champagne a little too early.
- BEN: Hey, Andrew, relax, man.
- No, no, she's done nothing
but scare my wife, my wife,
ever since she got here.
You know what, Andrew,
I am perfectly capable
of speaking for myself,
and that being said,
you're acting like an asshole.
I guess, I don't know what
the fuck I'm talking about then,
ASHLEY: She came out in pieces.
Eighteen months ago...
I was so weak that my doctors
urged me to terminate her.
They said she'd most likely come
all fucked up...
with holes in her brain
or something worse.
I was in a constant state
of insomnia and paranoia so...
I trusted them.
I can still feel the cold steel
as they pried me open...
And smell the stench that filled
the room as...
they blended her up inside me...
and vacuumed her out...
like trash.
Still want me to plan
the baby shower?
You're fucking pathetic.
NICOLE: Why would she say
something like that?
Do you think that's the truth?
Do you think it was too much
too soon?
- She's not used to crowds.
- Or frat boys.
I know.
This whole night. God, I wish
I could drink.
Un momento.
I think, I saw something in...
Uh, aha! Baby safe.
You guys, this is still
a celebration, right?
Babe, babe, you're going to be
an uncle. Yup.
The three of us can still
salvage the night, right?
Can you please take a moment
and celebrate with your sister?
You two start without me.
I just need to clear my head
for a bit.
All right, you're not leaving
until you have this toast
with us.
So, beautiful. Thought
of any names yet?
You know, it's...
it's still early.
We don't want to get ahead
of ourselves.
Okay. Bitch, you're glowing,
all right? Just relax.
MICHELLE: You're going
to be fine.
- Come on, what do you've got?
- Okay, um...
if it's a boy, Andrew wants
to name him Oliver,
after his father,
and if it's a girl...
- I've chosen Savannah.
- Savannah?
Oh, my God, that's so hot.
Guaranteed to be a pretty one.
- To family!
- BEN AND NICOLE: To family.
I'm sorry. I need
to get some air.
she'll be okay, right?
I would've been there, Ash.
ASHLEY: I highly doubt that.
BEN: I went
to the psych evaluations
with you. The late night
emergency room visits?
ASHLEY: And thought I was crazy.
You were hurting yourself.
Does this look familiar...
to you?
- Mom and Dad? Jacob Murphy?
- Stop this, Ash. Please.
You know what this is.
- You saw it that night.
- I saw Mom and Dad.
I saw that maniac slit
his own throat.
There was something else
in the house.
Jacob Murphy has been dead
for 20 years.
It didn't end with Murphy.
Okay, he was just a body.
He... he was just a vessel.
One of many.
Do you hear what you are saying?
I wanted to keep my baby, Ben.
But I had to save her from him.
Not a man who died 20 years ago.
You have to deal with your shit.
You decided that child's life.
It threatened to cut her out
of me every time I slept.
Have you been taking your pills?
They make everything cloudy.
I can't function!
How long?
I need to hear
that you're stable.
That you're trying
to get better.
What happened
to all the progress you made?
After I did...
what I did...
it left me alone.
I could sleep and eat again.
No more whispers.
It's getting stronger.
In the family room just now,
I heard it whispering to her.
Why do you still take
your pills, Ben? Hm?
- Are you afraid to dream?
- It's not the pills, Ash.
I grew up and I moved on.
I'm living here now
with Michelle and Nicole.
Reality has no room
for your rake.
Neither does your family.
Go fuck yourself.
What do you want?
Feeding on fear, hate, death...
Death is everywhere.
No one is immune.
Beyond compare...
it convinced me...
to come to the despair.
I see the pain you've given me
as a gift, once you give in,
things become much easier...
death, rebirth...
giving and taking...
- NICOLE: Andrew! Jeremy!
- MICHELLE: Oh, my God!
Just give in to it.
You can trust me.
It will infect us all.
Where's Ashley?
Babe, look just try to lay down,
okay, and relax.
You fell down the stairs
and you may have a concussion,
we're taking you
to the hospital.
- Ashley. Where is she?
- She's back at the house, Ben.
Probably chain smoking out back.
Did anyone see her?
I'm sure she's still
pretty upset
from what happened earlier.
I said, did anyone see her?
MICHELLE: Why are you
freaking out?
Something's happening to her...
- she's not herself.
- Yeah, big surprise.
- What are you talking about?
- Turn the car around.
Ben, you're really freaking
me out.
Just turn
the fucking car around!
Uncle Jeremy.
I kind of like the ring to that.
Does that mean your kid is going
to bring me beers and shit?
I'm having a child,
not a fucking servant.
You want one so badly, go make
your own.
Woah! No, no, no.
No, thank you.
Kids are not my thing, man.
Let's just say, my sofa bed
isn't the only thing
that pulls out.
You know, you were always
so meticulous
- with your words, Jeremy.
- Oh, come on!
Worse things have
definitely been said tonight.
What was I supposed to say, huh?
"Ashley, my dear, are you
in need of re-admittance?
Please, take my tax dollars
and find Jesus."
Really? I'm an asshole?
Because I told the crazy bitch
she's acting like a crazy bitch?
Even little Benny boy blue was
in denial.
- Shouldn't be your problem, man.
- Nicki needs to realize...
you can't help someone
if they don't want to be helped.
- Fuck 'em!
- Amen to that!
I'm sorry, I'm not sorry...
- But I'm sorry.
- Amigo...
it is me who is sorry.
Yes! Bitch gets the booze!
- Ha-ha!
- Fuck it.
I'm going to go take a piss.
And I'm going to go
out for a smoke. Mm.
Try not to piss
in your slippers, Grandpa.
Where are you?
Ah, there you are!
Come to Daddy.
Kimmy! Babe...
we're all inside.
What are you doing?
Fogging up the windows
without me? [LAUGHS]
- Babe!
What are you doing?
Squatting in the bushes?
JEREMY: Come out, come out,
wherever you are.
You horny little bitch.
Daddy is going to spank you.
Getting warmer, baby,
I can hear you!
Oh, my God. Ki...
Kim? Kim? Babe...
Yo... Oh, my God. Babe!
- Where the hell are they?
- BEN: Try Jeremy's number.
- I don't have it.
- Fuck!
Ben, we are not in your head,
okay, so you're going to have
to tell us,
why you're freaking out?
Remember the nightmares Ashley
and I used to have as kids?
Of course...
about the night your parents
were murdered.
Those nightmares
never went away.
- You told me they stopped.
- I lied.
I don't understand.
Our nightmares suggested
something else was
in the house that night.
Something that has stayed
with us.
How does that have anything
to do with Ashley?
She believes she is becoming
its conduit.
To do what?
To infect us all.
Okay, are we seriously
considering this
as a possibility, right now?
She killed her baby to save it
from this thing.
Ben, Ashley was unfit to be
a mother, she was just confused.
Did you ever mention
the name Savannah to her?
- No.
- She knew.
Why would it whisper
to an unborn child?
It speaks to what it wants.
Crazy bitch can check
on herself.
- Ashley? Is that you?
What the fuck are you doing
down here?
No, no, no, no! Fuck!
[PANTING] Ashley?
Hey, Andrew!
- Andrew!
- Stop yelling!
Oh, my God, will you go grab
him some ice.
What are you doing?
Hey, calm down!
Look, I mean it, you're really
starting to freak her out.
All right, let's just get this
off of you. All right?
Okay. Hey, babe. Babe, look,
stay with me, okay? All right?
Just get this off.
All right, just lean back.
- Just lean back.
Relax, okay, I'm going
to find her.
I'm going to check outside.
Graham, your nuts
better be falling off.
How is that important?
Huh. Really? Okay.
Graham, are you deliberately
trying to piss me off?
- Shut up, Graham.
Hey! Jesus Christ,
just give me a second!
Okay, I'm sorry what?
You know, I don't understand
why I hired you
when I can't delegate
a God damn thing to you.
You think what?
HR? Are you fucking kidding me?
Just do your God damn job!
Do you believe her?
Yeah. Do you trust her?
How else would she know
what she knows?
Ben, I love Ashley to pieces,
but what if Andrew is right?
She's not wrong, Nicole...
something is off.
BEN: I've seen...
I felt something here too.
I lost my baby boy at nearly
19 weeks.
I will do everything in my power
to make sure this baby comes
into this world safely.
Even if that means losing
a sister.
- Nicole!
- NICOLE: Ben! Ben!
- Nicole!
- BEN: Oh, my God!
Come on, leave him, leave him,
we have to find Michelle.
Michelle! Come on, come on.
Let's go. Let's go.
Come on, get off, Ben.
Do you have your keys?
We could drive out of here
right now!
Ben! Ben! We have to leave.
We have to go!
- What should we do?
Ben! Ben! We have to go now!
What are you doing?
No, no, please stay with me
and please don't leave me.
Keep the door closed
and stay quiet.
BEN: Ashley!
I will not let you have her!
It's in you too.
- Ashley! Ashley!
- No!
- Ashley! Ashley! Ashley!
- No!
- What are you doing?
Ben? Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
No! No! Ben, no!
Ben, oh, my God...
Oh, God! Oh, God!
[SCREAMS] No! No, no! Stop!
Stop! Stop! [SCREAMS]
Oh, God! [CRIES]
Oh, God!
Oh, God! Oh, God!
Close your eyes
Night is here
I'll be close to guard you
In the distance
They appear
You're all alone
It's us too
Lay your head
Take repose
Lucid mind
I'll be here
No one knows
Gazing through
The lunet's glare
Feel the breath
Lights do
Don't be frightened
By my stare
I'm here
To watch you
Dream, dream
Sweet dreams
Patiently, quietly