The Raking (2017) Movie Script

[eerie music ]
[woman screaming]
[crickets chirping]
You're seriously
not gonna say anything?
What do you want me to say?
I already said I was sorry.
Well, sorry isn't enough!
Then what would be enough, huh?
You know what?
Forget it.
Look, I don't wanna fight.
Can you just tell me
what you want me to do?
What? You honestly
don't know what to do?!
If I honestly knew,
I wouldn't have
just asked you right now!
[sighs with exasperation]
[Woman] I asked you 20 minutes
ago to stop for directions.
[Man] And I already told you
I know where I'm going.
I just wanna go home.
I know.
[exasperated sigh]
What did you do?
I didn't do anything.
Jesus, George,
you have to be kidding me
We are in the middle of nowhere.
Thank you, Carla. Thank you
for telling me the obvious.
This is so typical.
Look. It was a mistake, okay?
I forgot, you don't make those,
do you?
That is so unfair!
Look. I don't want to fight.
I don't want to fight either.
I just wanna go home.
What was that?!
- [George] I don't know.
- [Child] Mommy!
- George, wait.
- [Child] Mommy? Daddy?
- Wait. I'm scared.
Hey, every-everything's okay.
Did you have a good birthday?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
[Carla screams]
Okay, okay.
Just stay in the car.
Stay in the car.
Be careful!
[suspenseful music ]
[Carla, distraught]
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay, honey.
Don't worry.
[Carla whimpering]
What'd you see?
What is it?
Did you see anything?!
- [George] No!
[coyote noises]
[Carla gasps]
[rasping roar]
Oh, my God!
Give me the flashlight
outta the glovebox!
- Okay. Okay.
- Now! Come on!
Here! Here!
[ghastly roar]
[George cries out]
[Carla screaming]
Oh, my God!
[panicked breathing]
[child crying]
[tense music ]
[panicked breathing]
[low growl]
[ghastly roar]
[Carla screams]
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry!
Oh, God!
Come on! Come on!
[Carla cries out]
[Carla screams]
[crunching sounds]
[child cries]
[low growl]
[Child whimpers]
[Child crying out]
[Child gasps]
[ghastly roar]
[Child crying]
[crying continues]
[crying fades]
[eerie distorted noise]
[ghastly cry]
[intense spooky music ]
[music fades]
[up-tempo guitar music ]
[breathing deeply,
kissing loudly]
Maybe we shouldn't, you know...
[rock music ]
[woman moaning]
[cries of pleasure]
[contented sigh]
So now do I get an A?
That was clearly
a B performance.
Get dressed.
Oh, my God.
Thank you.
[music stops]
You could give it a chance.
I'll tell you what.
I'll give country music a chance
if you let me get out
of doing this year's
lame finals project.
You know I can't give you
special treatment.
[gentle music ]
I'm sorry. I know you
hate it when I touch it.
I don't hate it, just...
I dunno, I-I can't explain it.
It's okay. I get it.
What's this?
Happy birthday.
My birthday's not 'til tomorrow.
I know, I just...
I couldn't wait.
Thank you.
Wait, maybe you should
open it tomorrow.
Are you disappointed?
Oh, you never disappoint.
[handle rattles]
[loud pounding on the door]
- She's such a buzzkill!
[Girl outside]
Kennedy, open the door!
- Uh...
- [Girl outside] Come on!
I can hear you in there!
I'm a little busy!
Fuck you!
It's my room, too!
I need my charger!
Come on!
What the fuck?!
What the hell were you doing
in there?
None of your business.
Fuck me.
Check your email.
Like it's not bad enough that
we're stuck rooming together.
Noah Russell?!
I know.
He's so... aspy.
And we don't even have a fourth.
I'll take care of that.
[fast-paced rock music ]
Why am I here?
We need to talk
about the project.
And that required me
being seen...
I have an A in that class
because I've worked my ass off.
I'm not about to throw it away.
You need to step it up.
You're so dramatic.
Can't you, like,
do a little spell or something
and get us an A?
If I could do spells
don't you think I'd have
a different roommate?
Aw, that's really cute.
You're pretending
like you have friends.
I'm texting Noah.
Oh, my God. Ew.
Are you guys, like...
To see if he's coming.
Hey, buddy, how you doin'?
Can I see your ID, please?
All right. Good to go.
Thanks, man.
Sorry, hi.
I'm Noah.
I'm in your guys' group.
Yeah, I know who you are, Noah.
I just texted you.
Oh, hi.
[exhales audibly]
Oh, did you guys come together?
[both girls]
All right, look.
Since there's only three of us,
we're all gonna have to
step it up.
I already told you,
I took care of it.
Mr. Cooper!
Hey, Noah.
Our TA?
Hi, Mr. Cooper.
Well, uh, looks like
we have our group.
Now we just need a topic.
Hold that thought.
I need a drink.
[Bartender] ...making up
for your lack of knowledge
about worldly events.
Well, hello...
- Hello.
What can you recommend?
Well, I guess depends
on how bad it is.
It's pretty bad.
I might not make it.
What's serious?
Do you need help?
I see.
Something for the pain, then.
- Please.
- So, what are you drinking?
I'm not much of a drinker,
maybe we could each...
get something and then...
try 'em both.
From opposite sides
of the glass, of course.
I mean, of course.
Germs and...
Uh, why don't I just leave
you two to... figure it out?
Uh, you know what?
Noah, why don't you go and see
if Ethan and Kennedy
are prepared, and, um...
I'll just be there in a minute.
So, you were about to suggest
something to ease the pain?
Well... that was
before I realized
how serious it was.
I think you need something
a little stronger.
- Yeah.
- Maybe a gun.
[both laugh]
Yeah, maybe.
Jade wants us
to talk about the project.
Where is she?
Let's just focus on the project.
I don't even understand
what this project is.
No problem.
I made copies...
of the assignments.
Oh... thanks.
You're welcome, Mr. Cooper.
You should feel lucky.
I don't whip out this many
ingredients just for anybody.
That's good.
That's really good.
You gonna tell me what's in it?
Not tonight.
Why not?
Because you're being paged.
I really wish I didn't care
about my grades.
Yeah, but then the way you look
would make a lot more sense,
and what's interesting
about that?
So you like mystery?
More of an onion enthusiast,
Layer. I like layers.
So you like layers.
Yes, and pulling
them off slowly.
Real... slowly.
Well then, to be continued.
If I'm right.
Right about what?
Well, that you find
my cocktail irresistible.
That was disgusting.
People like you
should not be breeders.
All right, so like it says here,
the final requires us
to go into the field
and study a chosen
myth or legend.
Okay, so we just need to come up
with a good topic to explore.
I took the liberty
of researching
some urban legends around here.
Whoa, check out Wonder Boy
over here.
That's great, Noah.
Thank you.
So, here's one about
The Charred Man of Creek Road.
He hides under the bridge
and comes out...
and stares at you with his
hollow, burnt-out sockets.
[typing on phone]
Are you even paying attention?
Relax! I heard you.
[typing continues]
And that's a little gross.
Can't we do something
a little less creepy?
We're not gonna find a story
about flying pixies.
Oh, this one's in Joshua Tree.
Isn't that where you're from?
Locals dubbed it The Rake
because of its extraordinarily
long fingers
and nails like claws.
It says here it only happens
on the Equinox.
Oh, that's when the day and night
are exactly the same length.
Why does that matter?
'Cause it's tomorrow.
Oh, my God.
That's your birthday.
Well, I vote we do this one.
I agree.
You would.
What do you mean?
Never mind.
Uh... can I help you?
Who are you?
Cute bag.
I'm Kelly! Thanks!
Does Mom know you're here?
Mom? She's your sister?
- No.
- No.
Oh... I get it.
Jade, Kelly.
Your parents really like
the color green.
Noah, I-I don't think it has
anything to do with that.
No, actually, it's everything
to do with that.
It's our cross to bear.
They only eat the green M&Ms.
How did you find me?
You know there's an app
for that, right?
How did you get in the bar?
Mr. Cooper...
I trust you'll make
the right decision
for our project.
You... come with me.
So, you just took the bus?
You don't know
what they're like.
Kelly, I'm the only other person
who does know what they're like.
It's just so much harder
now that you're gone.
They treat me like I'm a baby.
Just let me stay.
I can't do that.
Mom and Dad'll be worried,
and we're leaving tomorrow.
Well, let me come!
It sounds fun!
No way.
What if I don't bother you?
I'll hang out with Kennedy.
Um... hell no.
Do you have any tampons?
I dunno, I guess I just forget
you're not eight anymore.
Does that mean I can come?
Did you know that saying
actually came from
back in stagecoach days
when an armed guard would
ride next to the driver?
Go home.
Talk to Mom and Dad.
When I get back we'll pick a
weekend for you to come down.
Be good.
Have fun.
Don't count on it.
Wait, I think
I forgot something.
Do you really
wanna take the bus?
[rock song playing ]
How long is the ride?
Oh, it's about two and-a-half,
three hours.
[volume turns up]
[music stops]
[music resumes ]
[volume turns down]
I really want...
the radio on.
Yeah, Kennedy.
I am serious,
and you should be, too.
All right, this final
is worth half your grade...
and I'm your TA.
So, what's the plan
when we get there?
It would be great if we could
talk to some of the locals.
I mean, get a sense
of what people have seen...
or think they've seen.
Yeah, that's a good idea, Noah.
Then maybe we can
scout the terrain ourselves
and come up with
some theories of our own.
My theory is it's all bullshit.
Everyone knows people
just go up there
to get stoned off their asses.
People probably end up just...
passing out and dehydrating
out there.
Have you ever been stoned?
Are you filming this?!
Does she show up on film?
Have you... been stoned?
What, because I look like this,
I automatically am a pothead?
I didn't say that.
Y-you just seem to me
to be more like an X girl.
But I say that
without any judgement.
You know what, Noah,
you're growing on me.
Oh, okay.
Are we almost there?
This drive is, like, brutal.
We're not far.
Yeah, I really have to pee.
Can we stop?
Me too.
Like, really, really bad.
Seriously? You can't hold it?
I mean, we're almost there.
Yeah, but my bladder's
about to explode.
Don't you think you're being
just a little overdramatic?
No, I think that this
is being overdramatic!
[tires screeching]
Jesus Christ, Kennedy!
[grunt from the back]
What the hell was that?!
[groaning in the back]
What the...
Kelly, what the hell
are you thinking?!
I made an executive decision,
Jade was being a witch.
Pun intended.
Am I supposed to be scared,
or something?
- [Kelly] Jade, stop!
Let me go!
- Jade, stop!
- Let me go!
Oh, my God, you bitch!
- Jade, stop!
I'm the bitch?!
I don't think you're a bitch.
Jade, please don't be mad.
I just... I'm not gonna
get in the way,
and she was just trying to help!
She doesn't wanna ever help
anyone but herself.
You guys okay here?
We're good, thanks.
You goin' campin'?
That's right.
Where abouts?
[whispering] Why? So you
can follow us and kill us?
Joshua Tree.
Tonight's not a good night
for campin'.
It just isn't.
It just isn't.
Well, that was weird.
[subtle ominous music ]
[music fades]
[upbeat rock music
on car stereo ]
I bet that's an awesome shot
of you.
[fire crackling]
You by the fire.
If only we had a cauldron.
Bit me.
- Kennedy.
- I'm just kidding, okay?
Everybody needs to relax.
Who wants one?
[crickets chirping]
- Really?
- Nice.
What the hell?
It's so peaceful here.
That's probably what
all those people said, too...
right before they disappeared.
If they disappeared.
Hey, someone should tell
a ghost story.
Yeah, I agree.
Does anyone know any good ones?
Mr. Cooper, you must have
some good ones.
Yeah, Mr. Cooper.
Tell us a story.
Well, I do know one.
[clears throat]
20 years ago,
a few girls on campus
went missing.
All right, but the only thing
they knew
was that the murder weapon
was a hatchet,
but they never caught the guy.
Oh, my God.
Two years later,
over Thanksgiving Break,
two girls decided to stay
on campus and go to a bar.
One of them met a guy, so naturally
the other one left. [rustle]
Did you hear that?
Um, should we stop?
No, I wanna hear
the rest of the story.
Did you hear something?
Probably just a rodent.
They all come out at night.
Do you want me to keep going?
[laughs uneasily]
Well, on her way home,
she heard footsteps behind her
and she began to panic,
so as soon as she got home,
she pushed a heavy dresser
in front of the door
and was finally able
to fall asleep.
Rule Number One,
never fall asleep.
Well, when she woke up,
she pushed the heavy dresser
out of the way,
opened the door,
took one step out,
and slid and completely fell.
She realized,
as she looked down,
she was completely
covered in blood,
with her friend's mutilated body
right next to her,
and a bloody hatchet
stuck in the wall.
I-if the roommate hadn't've put
the dresser in front of the door!
Yeah, but she didn't know.
All things are easier
in hindsight.
You okay?
Did you ever call Mom and Dad...
let them know where you were?
Oh, shit.
Yeah... shit.
[camera beeps]
How would you
describe Joshua Tree?
Describe it?
Yes. For our project.
The mood, the terrain...
How does Joshua Tree feel?
[crickets chirping]
[distant coyote call]
I think it feels...
[coyotes barking, howling]
[zipper zips]
Ghost stories make me horny.
What doesn't make you horny?
Are you complaining?
No, I'm definitely
not complaining.
You're a beer virgin!
Noah, how does
your first beer taste?
[Noah slurring indistinctly]
How did your first beer taste?
[Noah] Yeah! How'd...
your first beer taste?
It was good.
[slicing sound]
Ow! That hurt!
You just scratched my back!
I didn't touch your back.
- Then what was that?
- I have no idea.
[subtle ominous music ]
It felt like a hand.
Wait, what?
That doesn't make any sense.
Here, show me.
[distant coyote howl]
[coyotes barking, howling]
All right, we need to go.
Come on, go. Go!
- [Noah] No. Go away!
- [Kelly] Come on!
You know it's fun!
- Go away!
Kelly, come on!
[Kelly laughing]
We're having so much fun
right now.
Okay, what about you?
- Look at him!
- No!
- He's like invisible paint.
- What?
Ah! Don't look! Don't look!
Come on.
Come on, you know it's funny!
[overlapping slurring, laughing]
Guys, something just grabbed me!
What could possibly
have grabbed you?
I don't know.
Oh! I get it!
You get what?
That was good!
You actually almost had me!
Does it look like
I'm making this up?!
[ghastly roar]
- I'm scared.
- It's okay, it's okay.
[ominous music ]
- Do you see anything?!
- Nothing.
[loud roar]
[panicked breathing]
It's okay.
Holy shit!
[all panting]
Okay, okay...
- What the hell is that?
- I don't know. Let's get the hell outta here!
For once, I agree with you.
[loud roar]
[Kelly crying out]
[girls whimpering]
Oh, God, what was that?
Everyone, back to the truck!
Now! Let's go!
Go! Run! Go!
[Jade shouts indistinctly]
[car bleeping]
Why won't the car start?!
I don't know!
I think the battery's dead.
[ominous music ]
I can't see anything.
What do you think it is?
Guys, shh, shh, shh.
[soft growl]
[loud scraping on the car]
[girls scream]
[panicked breathing]
[crash on the car]
Oh, my God!
[Kelly stammering]
Oh, my God. No, no...
[breathing heavily]
Jade, no, no, no...
[panic dies down]
[loud roar]
[Kennedy screams]
Start the car!
Start the fucking car!
I'm trying!
Oh, my God!
[crying] It's all my fault!
I shouldn't have come!
This is not your fault, okay?
Look at me!
We're gonna make it
through this, I promise.
Guys, this car's dead,
all right?
We need to get some help.
Can anybody get a signal?
Wait, wait,
you guys notice that?
It stopped.
Maybe it left.
[ghastly roar]
[Kelly screaming]
Jade! Help me!
I'm trying!
Jade! Jade!
Jade, don't let me go!
I won't let go!
No! Kelly, no! No!
[intense dark music ]
Jade, close the door.
[creature slams into car]
[all cry out]
[truck engine approaching]
[truck idling]
What do you want?!
If you wanna get
outta here alive, follow me!
What did he say?
He wants us to go with him.
Our car won't start!
It's not safe here!
Get in my truck!
He wants us to go with him.
How do we know we can trust him?
We don't...
but right now we don't
have another choice.
No, no...
Stay in the light!
In the light!
What is wrong with all of you?!
Jade, we need to find
a safe place to go,
and then we can figure out
what to do.
- Jade, please!
- Come on!
No! I am not leaving her!
[strange howl]
We need to go now! Now!
No! I am not leaving my sister!
Kelly! Kelly!
- Go! Go!
- No!
[truck engine]
[engine stops]
[crickets chirping]
Where are we?
Somewhere safe.
Why so many lights?
Are you scared of the dark?
Hell, yeah,
I'm scared of the dark.
Tonight, you all should be too.
You comin' or not?
Who are you?
Name's James.
Is James your first name
or your last?
How'd you find us?
I saw you
on the side of the road.
I had a feeling
you wouldn't heed my advice...
so I kept an ear out.
Ear out? For what?
Its sound.
What? You know what this is?
You sure you wanna know
what it is?
Her, um, her sister
was attacked.
Well, she's dead.
You don't know that.
I do know that.
What else do you know?
[subtle dramatic music ]
Once every year,
when the day and night
are in perfect alignment...
it awakens to feed...
to harvest.
Harvest what?
Thought that'd be obvious
by now.
So, what is this thing?
Where does it come from?
No one knows for certain.
It's got as many names
as it has victims.
[ominous music ]
One thing we do know...
It is old.
Some believe it was here
before we were.
What does it harvest for?
Good question.
Never gotten close enough
to damn ask it.
So, all these people
that go missing every year,
they were just taken...
by this thing?
The urban legend...
it's true.
Who gives a shit
about the urban legend?!
I need to find my sister!
Except this thing
ain't no urban legend.
This thing is the origin.
It's what inspires
urban legends.
What about the police?
What about 'em?
Well, have you called them?
So, that's your plan?
I been dealing with this... thing
since before you were born.
All of yas.
Anything you think of,
I've already done it.
And what do you suggest we do?
You wait out the night.
That's all you can do.
Well, that's not good enough.
There must be something.
I can tell by the look
in your eyes...
you're all thinkin'...
and that is a bad idea.
Well, we can't just
sit here and wait.
We have to do something.
Yeah, well...
you're young.
Hormones still ragin', I bet.
You know, you remind me of me
when I was your age.
Bet you almost feel invincible.
Don't ya?
Let me impart some wisdom to you
that I wish someone
would've told me.
Boy, you don't fight
what you can't kill.
That's it.
How do you know
it can't be killed?
[knife slams on the table]
I know a thing or two...
about killin'.
I'm a hunter... by trade.
[gentle music ]
I know how to track...
I know you to trap...
and I know how to stop
a beatin' heart.
If this thing could be killed,
I woulda done it by now.
Who's that guy with you?
My brother.
You seem really close.
We were.
He's dead.
It was 36 years ago tonight.
Just comin' back from a hunt.
We had bagged a grizzly...
and were passing through
this God-forsaken town.
I decided that we should stop...
and grab a beer.
Goddamn beer.
That's when this gal,
she come runnin' into the bar,
screaming and hollerin'
about her friend had been...
attacked by this...
wild animal.
my brother and I, we...
We offered to help her
kill the damn thing...
because we two wet young...
I'm so sorry about your brother.
I'm sure you tried everything
you could do to save him.
I wish that were true.
[clears throat]
I got scared...
and I ran.
I ran.
Is that why you stayed?
Waiting for your chance
to kill it?
I told you, boy...
This thing can't be killed.
But I swore to myself that day,
I would never run again.
James, we need to get help.
We have to try...
for Kelly.
Do you have a phone that works?
It's in there.
Don't know what good
it's gonna do you, but...
knock yourself out.
What am I supposed to tell
my parents?
Why are you looking at me
like that?
This is all your fault...
you stupid, selfish bitch.
Jade, I never meant for Kelly
to get hurt!
She's not hurt, Kennedy...
She's dead!
Don't you get that?!
I know!
I'm really sorry!
Oh, you're sorry?
Don't you realize
your actions have consequences?
Jade, look,
I'm not gonna pretend
to know what you're going
through right now, all right?
But we can't turn on each other.
Thank you, Mr. Cooper...
for that sage advice.
It really means a lot
coming from you.
You have no idea
what I'm going through.
Let her go.
I don't think I will.
Make the call.
You all right?
What are we gonna do, Ethan?
What are we gonna do?
We're gonna get help.
[somber music ]
[crying continues]
[knocking on the door]
We should probably
all stick together.
- Don't.
[ringing on other end]
[911 Operator on phone]
911. What is your emergency?
Yes, I'd like to report a...
We were camping and one of
our friends, was, um...
She-she was...
She was ta... Look, we're
stranded and we need help.
What'd they say?
They're sending an officer.
Someone should be here
within the hour.
On hour?! What are we
supposed to do until then?
We wait.
What if the thing comes here?
It won't.
You know that for a fact?
As long as these light stay on,
we're safe.
It won't come into the light.
Have you ever seen it?
[ghostly breathing]
What did it look like?
[uneasy music ]
What did my sister see?
[Kelly whimpering]
Tell me.
Your sister saw evil...
A soulless creature...
that rips its victims apart.
[growling breath]
[Kelly whimpering]
No... no...
[panicked breath]
It's got these...
these long fingers...
with razor sharp teeth
and claws to match.
[deep growl]
It is...
It is an abomination.
[creature growling]
[Kelly whimpering]
It's got these...
these eyes that...
[Kelly panting, crying out]
These eyes...
[Kelly crying]
[creature growling]
Like this?
[Kelly shrieks]
[crunching sound]
[growling on video]
[crickets chirping]
What if they don't come?
They'll be here.
I hope it was quick.
I hope it was quick.
The last thing she felt
was my hand letting go.
You didn't let go.
You couldn't hold on.
Does it matter?
[gentle music ]
When I was nine...
my father...
drunk off his ass...
came to pick me up
from a friend's house.
My mother...
sober, sat in
the passenger seat as he...
drove up on the front lawn.
I was so embarrassed...
getting into the car.
I asked my mother to drive...
and she told me to be quiet.
On the way home,
we were in a terrible accident.
My dad...
he died.
My mother was hurt.
I was banged up, but... okay.
I forgave my dad...
Wasn't worth the energy
it took to hate him.
Couldn't forgive
my mom, though...
'cause she didn't even try.
I guess what I'm saying is...
it does matter.
I think in that final moment,
Kelly knew that.
Can I ask you something?
Would you have done it?
The razor...
What do you care?
I-I thought we were...
were friends.
I care.
Ethan, I'm scared.
Everything's gonna be okay.
All right, as soon
as the police get here
we're gonna
tell them everything.
But we don't even know
what happened, okay?
One minute we were just, like,
telling ghost stories,
and the next, Kelly's being
dragged out of the car
by what?
I don't know.
I wanna thank you.
For what?
For putting up with me.
I know I can be...
difficult sometimes.
Sorry, not-not the right time.
I'm not really a bitch,
you know.
I don't think you're a bitch.
Jade does.
I guess...
sometimes it's just easier
to be the person that...
people expect me to be
rather than...
let them see the real me.
It's just easier that way.
I see you.
You're smart,
you're funny...
you're kind.
I thought you weren't supposed to
give students special treatment.
Well, you do have
a really nice ass.
I see lights!
[car horn honks]
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let 'em pull all the way up.
[ominous music ]
What's he doing?
He's stopping.
Maybe we can signal him.
Do you have a flashlight?
Naw, that ain't the police.
Who is it?
Goddamn tourists.
Probably passion' through
and saw the lights.
What if they're in trouble?
We have to help!
That's damn near 500 feet away.
Guess you ain't noticed
them lights don't go that far.
He makes a good point.
All right, well...
this should give us enough
light to make it there and back.
Hell, I know you're just
trying to do the right thing.
You go out there now
it's just plain suicide.
We have to try.
I'd want someone
to do the same for me.
I'll go.
We'll be fine.
[crickets chirping]
Jade, I really am sorry
about Kelly.
I'm sorry about a lot of things.
You ready?
Not really.
Yeah. Me neither.
[suspenseful music ]
[coyote noises]
- Oh, my God.
- Oh no.
Let's go back.
Come on.
What are we doing?
Come on.
Come on.
- What the hell?
This is not good.
Let's go back.
Mr. Cooper.
Mr. Cooper, come on.
What are you doing?
[vicious roar]
Get in the headlights!
[creature roaring]
[both scream]
[both panting]
[panicked breathing]
Where's the flashlight?
I don't know. I'm sorry, Mr.
Cooper, I lost it.
How are we gonna make it
back to the house?
I'm working on it.
Do you have your cell phone?
All right.
Turn on your flashlight.
I'm almost out of battery.
Shit. All right.
Do you think it'll last
'til we get all the way there?
I think so.
I don't think this
is gonna be enough light.
All right.
Let's go back to back.
Come on.
Put your back against mine.
All right, you ready?
Yeah, let's do it.
How you doin'?
Mr. Cooper...
I think my phone's about to die.
Christ, that's not enough light!
It's dead.
It's not enough light!
Noah, we're gonna have to run.
Noah, run!
[intense music ]
[slice sound]
Come on!
[Noah crying out]
Help! Oh, help me!
- Hold on!
- You hold on!
[Noah crying]
[creature growling]
I'm slipping!
Oh, no!
[Noah crying]
Hold on!
[Noah crying]
Move your ass!
Come on.
Come on! Let's go! Move!
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, geez.
Thank you.
[breathing heavily]
I thought I was gonna lose you!
I'm okay.
It's gettin' bolder.
I want to thank you.
Don't thank me yet.
This thing ain't through.
[soft dramatic music ]
Are you all right?
That almost sounded
like you care.
Well, we're friends, aren't we?
That looks pretty bad.
I think I saw some bandages
in there medicine cabinet.
I'll-I'll be right back.
So, that was pretty, uh...
Fucked up?
- No.
Couldn't've said it
better myself.
You okay?
Better charge this...
in case we need the light again.
Don't expect
you'll be sleepin' much...
It gets colder than you
might think here at night.
Thank you.
You all right?
You're shaking.
I just wanna go home.
[gentle music ]
Me too.
This was just supposed to be
a stupid story.
What if the thing comes back?
What happened to Kelly...
[trembling breath]
I don't wanna die.
No, hey.
No... we're safe now.
I mean...
Everything's gonna be okay.
[electricity zapping]
Oh, that's not good.
[Jade gasps]
[ominous music ]
Jesus! What the hell happened?!
I think I blew a fuse
when I plugged in my phone.
God damn you, kid!
- I'm sorry, I didn't...
- You're sorry?!
You're goddamn sorry?!
Them lights were the only thing
keeping that thing
from comin'
through the damned door!
Once that happens,
sorry won't mean shit!
You just killed us all.
I need to get
some light in here.
- I didn't think. I'm sorry.
- Noah... relax.
Get over here.
Is this really
gonna be enough light?
I don't know.
Then please tell me
you have a plan.
If I can get to the box,
I can fix it.
Where's the box?
Where's Jade?
[breathing deeply]
She must still be
in the bathroom.
I'll go.
Nothing, just... be careful.
[Jade gasps]
Jade, it's just me. Okay?
We blew a fuse.
James is gonna fix it.
Okay? Come on.
[creature growling]
You listen up.
[noise outside the house]
Ah, Jesus.
Look, I need to get
to the side of the house
to the circuit box.
This should buy me ten minutes.
You all wait by that window.
You see me coming back,
you open the door.
I'm gonna throw this flare.
It should buy me time
to get back in.
You remember what I said.
[crickets chirping]
[creature screeches]
[coyotes howling]
[clattering loudly]
[howling continues]
God damnit.
[creature growls]
God damnit.
[suspenseful music ]
God damnit.
God damnit.
I will never give up.
I will not give in.
[soft dramatic music ]
[suspenseful music ]
Come on, you bitch!
Come on!
[gun clicks, jammed]
Oh, Jesus!
[creature yelps]
[claws slicing]
[James grunting]
[all gasping]
Oh, my God.
[Kennedy screams]
[slicing sounds, splattering]
[crunching, splattering]
[creature growling]
Oh, God!
[Kennedy screams]
What the hell are we gonna do?
Why is everybody lookin' at me?
Look, right now,
any idea is a good idea.
What if we try and sneak out?
Except that one.
All right, look.
How much light do we have?
I think I have
a little bit of battery left.
We have the candles, right?
Maybe we could light a fire.
That's plenty of light.
One problem,
we don't have any wood.
What if we-what if we just wait
until the sun comes up?
It can't be that late, right?
What time is it?
Four in the morning.
Okay, that's only two hours
'til the sun comes up.
[scraping, banging]
What are we gonna do?
All right, we know this thing
doesn't like light, right?
All right, there's gotta be
something in this house we can use.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- I'll look in there.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Go!
[ominous music ]
[crickets chirping]
I think I found something
that might work!
I don't think it wants
its picture taken.
No, I think the flash
might be bright enough.
And if it's not?
Guys, my phone died,
but I found a flashlight.
[door creaks]
What the hell was that?
Sounded like
there was a door opening.
I locked the door.
Yeah, me too.
How many doors
does this place have?
All right, if that was a door,
we need to lock it.
That thing works, right?
I haven't tried it yet.
It looks like
there's film in here.
All right.
[camera flash charging]
[low creak]
[flash charging]
[panicked breathing]
[claws slice]
[Noah cries out]
Shit! Shit!
[Noah screaming]
[claws slice]
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
What can I do?
I'm sorry.
[gentle music ]
[breathing furiously]
Jade! Where are you going?!
[suspenseful ambience]
[breathing heavily]
[bone crunches]
[creature growling]
[Jade, screaming]
No! No!
[Jade screaming]
[Kennedy shouting indistinctly]
[girls screaming]
[Kennedy shouting indistinctly]
Go get the flashlight!
[Jade screaming]
[bone crunching]
[screaming continues]
It's okay!
[Jude cries out]
I got you. I got you, Jade.
[crying out in pain]
I can't! I can't!
I got you. Come on.
- Jade, come on!
- Jade!
Just go!
[breathing deeply]
I don't think
she can move her leg.
No, we got this.
Just go.
- Jade!
- Just go!
We're not gonna leave
without you!
[all gasp]
[creature roars]
Just go!
Just go. Just go.
Jade, no.
No... Jade!
[claws slicing]
[Jade shrieking]
[creature roars]
[Jade goes silent]
Oh, Jade.
Okay... okay...
Come on!
Over here.
Outside?! There's nowhere
to hide out there!
The sun's coming up, okay?
All right, listen to me.
All we have to do
is go out this window.
By the time that thing figures
out that we're not here,
it'll all be over.
- Okay.
- All right? Come on.
- Okay.
I can't leave you!
All right,
I'm gonna go first, okay?
- Okay.
- All right.
I'll catch you
on the other side.
Okay, be careful.
Okay. Are you okay?
Come on!
Come on, I'll get you!
[growling breath]
[spooky voice]
I remember you.
[growling breath]
[child cries]
[Kennedy, weakly]
- Run.
- No.
Ethan... run.
- No.
- Run.
- I'm not leaving you.
- Run.
Let her go!
Come on!
Come finish what you started!
[claws slicing]
[growls, roars]
[roaring recedes]
[distant clatter,
glass breaking]
[distant roar]
[gentle music ]
[birds chirping]
[rock music ]