The Ranger (2018) Movie Script

The gray wolf reigned on these woods.
Indigenous people would love it
like a god.
European settlers arrived,
they chased the wolves.
They pushed them to the North,
and massacred them.
We thought they were gone
from these regions.
But they come back.
They know they are at home.
They are fighters,
just like you.
You fought today ...
like a wolf.
The park needs this energy.
You are hungry ?
You want to eat a piece,
little she-wolf?
It's cro? Eh, huh?
I do not like it either.
And here, lunch is served.
For what happened.
We did our best.
Nobody will know it.
You are a wolf, Chelsea.
Hello ?
Never forget it.
Police !
And never forget me.
Have you ever taken Echo?
Never ?
You will love this evening.
I swear...
Garth, what's that?
It's Christmas, b b .
Goets, Chels.
Go for it, it's delicious.
And I have a package left.
Dude, that's my bag.
- And? - I have some personal stuff in it.
- He's risking nothing ...
- Dude, serious! We should rather talk ...
of our new business.
From my new business.
How did you get so much?
I have presented the offender
Rod and his guys.
Who is at fault?
It's him, faulty.
Did you give a nickname to your blade?
Where will you go next?
I dunno. And you ?
I'm coming back from Cali,
I was with bikers.
Hells Angels' sons,
4th generation.
They ride since b b .
They grew up on a motorcycle,
they knew how to roll before walking.
Have you ever done a motorcycle?
Meuf, I dream of having one.
I just have the rotten van
in which I dive.
- Chelsea, the cops!
- We're off !
Take the cam!
Let's move !
Hands up.
It's not a place
to celebrate.
Fucking cop.
- You planted it.
- I saved you.
Hurry up!
Request for reinforcements ...
44th and Main Street ...
I was attacked
by two little thugs.
Man, twenty,
woman, same age ... Pink hair ...
Chelsea, hurry!
It's serious to plant a cop.
- It was for my girlfriend.
- And your dope.
- Too romantic. - You have to throw it away.
We can hide it, in case.
Chelsea has a cottage.
- Perfect.
- What?
Your family cottage.
You talked about going there.
Reconnect with nature ...
Yeah, but not
because we are on the run.
Show them, seriously.
Chelsea show them, come on.
- I'm going to search your bag.
- No.
Dude, she carries this picture
absolutely everywhere.
- It was my uncle.
- It's you ?
Wow, mate this cut.
- A real little jeannette.
- Perfect.
It's just perfect.
We go and leave the case
settle down.
That's all.
The perfect plan.
My uncle is dead.
So what ?
- Chelsea, it's empty.
- It's not a squat.
This will be our refuge.
- OK, put me the handcuffs directly.
- Dude, shut up.
You really want to come
with us ?
Yeah, we are a family.
You fall, we fall with you. And it's the perfect place
to prepare our business.
What do you say, Garth?
We make four parts?
- No need to see the details ...
- Huh?
Yeah, whatever, Go for four parts, man.
Guys, it's not good
to leave the city.
The cop reported the attack.
I do not know if ...
Shit, shit.
It's promised, your uncle
will never know we came, OK?
Scout promise.
T'fa on, we had to shoot each other.
They would accuse you of what?
It depends man,
if I touched an art ...
Was the cop captain,
Brigadier ...
That's the thing.
Look who is standing!
- Hi guys.
- You're fucking pionc .
We will also be accused
Sacr e night.
Desolate, we've stung your van.
Egg, I'm fishing. The cops.
I wanted to see that.
Thank you for taking me with you.
My parents would have been
super v n res.
We do not talk too much.
But I imagine that
if I had ended up in jail,
I should have called them
for the deposit. Shit, that would have been bad ...
I'm really hungry
Yeah me too.
Do you have money?
Because I have...
all expenses for ...
buy ... a.
Thank God.
You want some ?
It's better than coffee.
No, that'll be fine. Come on Jerk, let's go!
Come on.
Must tell you how many times.
Close your garbage cans, Parker.
We had enough attacks,
do not invite bears.
Yeah, I'll do that right away ...
It's going to be a big day.
Many plates not from the region.
You look lost.
It is from above,
but the mountain is closed.
Where are you from, young people?
Uh, from the city.
Are you going camping?
No one else stayed.
We should get away with it.
We know where we are going?
The mountain is closed.
You can not close it,
she is not you.
She is on Earth.
It belongs to the government.
It's a national park.
If it is judged dangerous,
I can close it.
She's Chelsea, she has a house up there.
It's a cottage, towards Stone Road.
Old Benson's?
That of the new Chelsea,
it's her.
It's been years
no one went there.
Then ...
Mr. Ranger,
thanks for all you've done.
But Chelsea has a good
on this mountain, OK?
And if I'm not mistaken, there is nothing that prevents a property owner
to go home ...
Your packaging, son.
You are going to do what,
Mr. Ranger?
The deposit of junk, or waste,
in a national park is illegal.
Code 2.14-82.
He is fined
$ 250.
Make me pay, asshole.
Serious guys,
it's just a package.
This young woman has beautiful
to have a good,
do not get me wrong.
This is my mountain.
And by letting you stay there,
I'm waiting for you to comply with the law.
The laws of Mother Nature.
Ben, thank you.
The Smokey Bear.
Be careful.
There are poachers.
The hunt is on.
Wear colors. It's colorful enough?
- Fascist whore.
- Nique the police.
Whore of totalitarianism.
What's the matter,
Mr. Bear?
We're off.
Shut up.
Shut up !
... are looking for a young couple,
in connection with knife aggression
a police officer.
Bonnie and Clyde!
You're famous, your parents are going to be
super proud.
It's a crazy thing !
Garth, it's the next left.
- Finally at home? - Yeah.
I had forgotten the size of the forest,
we can get lost.
OK it's forest.
Where is the cottage?
Must leave the van,
we finish feet.
I look like a mountaineer?
Dude, it's 2 km.
- 2 km?
- Yes, come on.
Damn guys ...
I have asthma!
- Come on.
- Seriously?
- It's not far !
- barely 2 km.
- barely 2 km ...
- I do not have boots.
Guys, guys!
We can make a song.
Take only pictures,
leave only fingerprints!
Take only pictures,
leave only fingerprints! Maggots!
We are the deer!
- You are jealous ?
- Jealous?
With your huge eyes?
No, with my beautiful eyes!
What do you think of Panic Oral?
Oral Panic Party?
No, I do not know ...
Dystopic Surgical Hour?
Societe des Crasses?
Dude, I thought we were
The D nu s?
It looks like any group.
Need something that dough.
It's a bit sci-fi ...
Dnus ...
The veil.
- It exists.
- I'm not wearing anything anymore.
Tired of tricking these things.
Sant !
Guys, I drink to life. Someone there ? There are flowers.
No, it's perennials,
It grows all alone.
You florist or what?
Guys, Chelsea is a botanist.
Guys, we're coming in.
- After you.
- I help you.
Garth! Come and help me !
- I'm here.
- Ready.
Go ahead, go ahead. You have it !
It's dashing.
It smells orange inside.
It's lemon.
It's dashing.
Do you have blankets?
Why does not anyone come?
Nobody wanted after the assassination of my uncle.
- Murder ?
- A wolf attack.
He put it in pieces.
Gnant ...
You never talked about wolves.
There are lots of weird animals
in the corner.
Like wolves, bears,
sometimes we even see ...
Lions, tigers!
And they are attracted to the wastes,
so we should put away.
And by the blood, you should heal
your old face, Jerk.
OK, Michael Myers.
There is a room.
Yeah man, it's a house ...
What was he doing alone
your uncle ?
He was a writer.
He wanted to be alone.
I spent my summer here,
just him and me. Only one here and I'm shooting.
We sat in these armchairs
and he was reading me his stories
before going to sleep.
one day, he is ...
he went hunting
and he did not come back.
We found it in the woods,
the face torn off.
Dude, you can not smoke here.
How is it? Why ?
It's just that my uncle was smoking
under the porch, so ...
- It is not serious. - Stop.
Chelsea, here are neither parents,
neither uncle nor cops.
Do you want to smoke in the living room?
Do you want to scream?
Go ahead, scream, scream.
Hurles, Chelsea!
No, that'll be fine.
Cries because this world
it's shit.
Hurles because your asshole guy
stabbed a cop
and we had to flee!
You did not have to come.
In short, if you want to scream ...
whore screams.
Someone can prevent it
to start again?
Listen to this.
I am going for a walk.
Watch out for the wolves!
You made me flipper!
It's too easy.
So am I easy?
I react to what you expose. What, I'm showing too much?
I mean ...
This is your work?
- My work?
- Yes !
Why would I do that?
Glory to God,
we are in a peninsula.
Come on, come on. Do not force me
To walk out of here.
What do you think of...
Diplomatic profanation?
We are not the D nu s?
It's too basic.
I like it.
It's not totally empty.
B b Chelsea!
No. No picture of her?
I do not feel like ...
I did not recognize you.
Pink hair troubled me.
You came back.
After all these years ...
You came back.
You remember me ?
It's pretty confusing.
I can understand.
It was a long time ago.
My hair is different too.
They became gray.
I should test the rose.
How did you end up with these people?
It was not the kind
of the girl I remember.
I have to go.
Meet your friends
I left a moment ago.
They come from the city.
They are not used to nature.
They should not be doing everything.
No. No, indeed.
Well, if you ...
If you need something.
If I can do anything. Or if you just want ...
Go on a hike, talk.
I can show you
nice places.
Short. My cottage is at the top
of the mountain.
Next to the watchtower.
We can see it from here.
You remember it ?
Yes thanks. All, for the niece of Pete Benson.
What do you think about a,
now ?
- What are you doing ?
- I like bubbles better.
Guys, what's that?
What are you doing?
The D nu s.
You can not tag
trees !
- Do you tag them?
- It's pretty !
- I'll put your name.
- No ! Dude, stop, serious.
- It's pretty !
- It kills the trees.
Go ahead, burns b b , burns.
- Yeah, a bonfire, ch?
- It's great.
No, no, take a rest.
You can not light a fire
- Relax.
- Do you lie down?
Kiss my ass.
I'm leaving an hour
and that's the brothel?
But you are all
super responsible.
- It's the same every time. Take it easy !
- Sorry.
Come here, come on.
It's not your ashtray.
I am not your good.
- Relax.
- Go make yourself.
Dsole ...
Wait, is not it good? Shit.
That's me? I zapped, I fucked.
- It's too easy.
- A a,
- not two, one.
- Go ahead.
Where is he? You feel better ?
Who searched my bag?
Chels, what are you talking about?
Who was it?
You really do not look good.
- A little Echo and it will be better.
- True.
Give him a.
- No, that's okay. Thank you.
- Come on.
Control tower for Major Garth.
You are nuts in this game.
Earth for Garth.
Where did you find it?
a? In your closet.
Finally, in a closet of the cottage.
It's crazy that batteries
walk again!
Super chelou.
We also found a.
They come to get you, Chelsea!
Earth for Garth.
Worms have blown your brain!
Well received, here is General Garth.
Go ahead and shut up. OKAY ?
Guys, we have to decide
from the continuation of the plan.
How is it?
Are we going to stay here forever?
Create our wood community?
Sooner or later we will be short of,
I do not know, b uf s ch .
- We kill things with his knife.
- I said it, At fault is that the cons.
We will have to assume
what we did.
WHERE we continue to flee. Gender, in Canada.
What's the matter ?
Why are you freaking out?
If we took advantage of the holidays?
B b , what is it?
Tell me, what is it?
"Listen, sorry for the fire.
It's super cool
that you welcome us.
We will try not to
to fuck again, b b .
- It's just...
- Relax, relax.
I just realized
we're going to be in shit.
We ? No, it's me who will take
OKAY ? Not you.
B b , come on.
I think we should leave.
We must continue to move forward.
- It's okay to go.
- We should not have come here.
Why ?
Go! Stop talking,
lovers !
She is unbelievable.
That's crazy.
It's going to go, it's going to go!
Show me, show me.
Dude, it's his cr?
We must shut up.
What is it?
Amber, take a.
You will feel better.
The hunt is on.
- What?
- The hunt is on.
That's what the guard said.
- Take it to the hosto.
- We take her back to the van.
But the van is 2 km! Someone there ?
We need help. - All? Someone there ? All ?
- Help !
All ? All , is there anyone?
All ? We need help!
All ? Someone ?
- Help !
- Someone there ?
- We really need help!
- Please!
- What?
- Whore, where's our van?
- I have to ask it.
- Where is the van?
Guys, feared.
We need a plan.
I wish, I'll go.
It's going to go.
In this one.
What are you doing, she can kill her.
Or make her pawn,
while we're fixing this mess.
OKAY. Abe, Jerk.
You stay here. Find a car,
take her to the hosto.
Garth and I go up there,
look for a phone.
Yes, we do like that.
Take a. Tell us
if a car passes, channel one.
- Channel one, OK.
- Abe. Take good care of her.
Are you sure there is a phone?
There was none at your uncle's.
There is a radio.
I remember a radio.
- Have you ever been there?
- Yes, little.
The guard was already working
when I came on vacation. He helped me, after the story
with my uncle.
It comes from there.
What? What are you talking about ?
Your thing with the authority.
Excuse me ?
Your reflex to go see a guy
in uniform, as soon as it turns out badly.
- Go ahead.
- No problem, the scout will save us.
How many dressings will be needed
to sew up his skull?
You want to leave it
to empty oneself of one's blood?
And if we found the cowboy,
to save us?
She does not look good.
Maybe a little more?
I think that's help.
It's going to go.
Relax, breathe.
Oh shit !
Shit, shit, shit!
- She's overdosing.
- You gave him too much!
I will seek help.
Do not leave me alone ...
I'm going down the mountain,
the rest area.
- It's 3 km!
- What do you want to do ?
B b , please, do not leave me.
Please, do not leave me.
I'll go, I'll go.
I will find help.
- Keep her awake.
- How?
You're a kid.
And you think you're better than us.
Confess. To confess what?
You do not care about us.
From me, from Jerk, from Abe.
It's a joke.
- You did not want us to come. - I know how you are.
You were going to go
the good memories that I have here.
- How are we?
- Yeah.
We are like a family.
- It's not 7 at home, but ...
- Advance.
You're so weird
since we took the road.
We kept our distance,
I do not know what to do anymore.
We understand, you blame us.
We are tasks on your ideal life.
We are the bad guys,
you're the tourist. Where are you going?
Chels, you make the tourist
for years.
Sooner or later
you'll have to accept that,
maybe it's your life.
She is not ideal,
but it's yours.
And that would be great if you could
stop making the victim,
and assume for once.
What is it ?
It's human ?
He is dead.
You could see that from here.
What did a do?
A wolf ? A bear ?
what is happening
in those fucking woods. Let's try to find a phone.
Take only pictures ...
Leave only fingerprints ...
It's as if...
all groups were called
The D nu s.
There are Les Dmunis,
The destroyed ...
I think sometimes, we think too much, and then
everything mixes and we know more
which sounds good.
I miss my mom ...
Thanks my God !
Help !
Help, please!
Please, stop!
Hello, our friend took a bullet,
she's overdosing ...
She is hurt.
You have to take him to the hosto.
Oh no...
I help you to wear it.
You have to be careful.
I'll go, you'll see.
She left.
What have you done ?
We gave it to him.
For the pain.
Young people...
There is nothing like it
in nature.
- That's why it's bad.
- Save me the lesson.
Where are the others?
Left seeking help.
Jerk the air of rest,
Chelsea and Garth
the watchtower.
They are looking for a radio.
Well. We do not take him to the hospital.
How is it?
He is too far,
we will not be there soon.
But ... we have to try.
No. It would be better
to shorten his suffering.
Shit ! Oh fuck.
Alcohol consumption,
or possession of a container
open alcoholic beverage
in a national park,
is strictly prohibited.
Section 3.25-81. The transgressors will be punished.
Guys !
Guys, I need help!
Please! There is someone ?
Hunting, catching, feeding,
teasing, or provocation
animal distress,
are strictly prohibited.
I see the problem.
Rust blocks the spring.
Help me...
Do you have a license for this trap?
You think you can get away
alone ?
Go fuck yourself!
Go ahead.
I am a supporter
If you come to liberate yourself,
you can go.
Go to work !
A !
Good job, my friend. And just time.
A good must not be left
more than 24 hours.
All well found,
will be brought to the nearest guard.
Have a good evening.
Caution. You should move
before the wolves come out.
Exit zones are planned
for disabled people.
Have you ever seen ...
the most beautiful girl in the world?
Go Go go...
All , help me!
My friend took a bullet.
I do not know, we are about 24 km
above Blackwood Point. Yes ! Yes.
All ?
All ?
Shit !
What a pity.
Sometimes we go to the woods ...
and we do not come out of it.
What are you doing here, son?
Do you plan to visit the store?
No no. My friend is hurt.
They are up there.
I was looking for help.
We had to start with a.
We'll go get her.
The ?
Sorry ?
I did not say who was ...
- What's your problem?
- My problem?
It is to keep these woods clean.
President Truman engaged me
to protect wildlife, landscape and heritage
from this mountain.
We will stay away!
We will leave !
Vandalism of park property
will not be tolerated.
Tol re a, asshole!
You want some ? You want some ?
Have you ever seen,
the most beautiful girl...
Desolate the young,
keep the forest clean.
Chelsea ...
Sectionn s.
We can call ourselves
Sectionn s.
Very cool !
Hello ?
The ranger's house?
I do not see the radio.
Bb ...
He's the one who made you that?
Why ?
What is it?
He has a fucking ton
photos of you. Chelsea, what did he do to you
this guy?
Shit. Come come.
Must have an exit.
You should have warned me
of your coming.
I will have rank.
Back, man.
I'm serious.
I watched you well.
You're braying and you're horny
like a big, stupid bear.
Fuck, backs dude!
No need to swear.
Hunters are told
not to come.
They are told that the mountain
is not sure, but they insist ...
- Who are you fucking? - Garth ... No.
This guy gets off, he shoots us.
He has corpses full of his cellar.
Who do you think you are fucking?
I think your friend
is very stress .
He is in an unknown environment.
It is typical of the animals pi g s.
They are used to large spaces,
but once stuck.
They become violent.
You're taking me out of animals?
Stop pointing my guy.
Chelsea, you should know that.
Federal law forbidden
the carrying of weapons in this park.
I see that you are
always able.
We have work to do,
but I will save you,
I promise you.
Do not be afraid, little wolf. I will heal you.
We waited for you ...
Welcome, little wolf.
Welcome home, my love.
Go slowly.
Not too fast.
I gave you a lot
from what you sniff.
Do not inject it.
It's too strong. I know but...
If you brought back here,
it's to take it. So...
You are served.
Maybe a high dose, will help you wean you off for good.
You see, Chelsea.
What we are trying to do here,
it is to withdraw the city from your body.
We're going to take off all the layers
of your soiled existence.
And that includes getting rid of
the pink of your hair.
Have you ever seen that in nature?
I do not think so, no.
I will take care of you.
Better than your friends.
Better than your family.
They do not understand you.
Not like me.
Not like us.
We are all here to ...
to heal our wounds.
And you...
you are not made for the city.
Nor for the suburbs.
You are a creature of nature.
A wild beast.
You know the taste of blood
and you are thirsty.
Your friends would never have understood. Your family tried to hide it from you.
They tried to evade you
To your nature.
Protect yourself, who you really are.
But not anymore...
We are at home.
And again together.
Nobody will stop us.
Because we are free.
We are wild.
And we are one. And if we had a taste for freedom?
small dose, of course.
I think it's better to come back
a few years back.
Delete recent years
of our lives.
To finally come back,
our last moment together.
No crunch, huh?
I remember our meeting.
I could not believe it.
Such a young girl ...
You came so naturally,
so instinctive.
You have not hesitated.
I need you to recognize
what happened.
I want you to admit
remember what you did.
No need to cry
for overturned milk.
It can be remedied.
The Amerindians,
prepared a unique decoction.
She helped them contact
their spiritual ancestors.
It was a way
to link their true natures.
An introspection.
A return to the sources.
Let's see how much
of your decocation you must,
to remind you who you are.
Wait, I want to do it.
- Do it ?
- Please, please.
After all that happened, I deserve it.
Do you want to punish yourself?
Just a little shoot.
I'll give myself ...
I should not have let you go.
Fucking tar .
This one is still charged, asshole.
You run away?
You run away?
The winter was long.
The wolves are hungry.
You know where are the others?
There are pieces of one
at the South West.
And pieces of another,
lower down at the foot of the mountain.
They died because of you.
You should not have brought them.
This is not a place
to celebrate.
Why did you come back?
To kill me, like your uncle Pete?
Target shooting.
He was teaching you to shoot.
You turned the weapon against him.
Your own uncle.
Your flesh and your blood.
I kept your secret.
I protected you.
Show me
fucking fucking.
I saw something in you.
That no one else has seen.
We are the same.
Say it.
Say it !
We are the same. Say it !
Yeah, you're right.
We are the same.
Take only pictures. Leave only fingerprints.
Only kill time.