The Rawhide Years (1956) Movie Script

What do you make of it?
Well, it could be anything.
Hard to tell.
A ship would be showing lights.
River pirates wouldn't.
I'm not taking any chances.
Alert the crew and break out the guns.
Pull out everything.
Yes, sir.
Gentlemen, please.
This is just a precaution.
Keep clear of the windows.
There may be shooting.
Stewards, secure the blinds.
What is this, a raid? River pirates.
Sure. This is the same
place they stopped us the last time.
I could use some men
with guns up on deck.
Come on, Jack.
Might be it.
Might be.
It's dark enough.
Uh, gentlemen, I suggest
we let the cards cool off.
Hold it! Hold it!
That's no boat. It's trees
and dead logs, Marshal.
The river's full of 'em.
And full of pirates too.
False alarm.
Well, good practice
for the crew anyhow.
They could use it.
Two boats raided this month
and nobody caught.
You know, Matt, there's
only one way to stop 'em.
Arrest everybody between St. Louis
and Fort Benton that isn't honest.
That should relieve you,
Mr. Porter.
Sorry thing if some
pirate took the pot.
Not so sure one didn't.
It's, uh, your deal,
I believe, sir.
You know, I think there's a setup
between that young man and the gambler.
Cards, please.
I'll have three, please.
Dealer takes three.
What's the opener say?
Well, I'll...
I'll raise you 300.
suppose we make it an even
thousand, Mr. Porter?
I fold.
Well, I'll-I'll... I'll call you
for the thousand and...
Three aces.
Sorry. Not quite good enough.
Full house.
I'm cleaned.
Well, you could arrange credit.
I don't have any credit.
Well, I've had enough.
Anyone care to fill in?
That was a pretty
rotten thing you did.
What was?
Cheating the old man.
Easy, Matt.
Porter was playing with
other people's money.
He's got to account for that
money to the man he works for.
That's usually the case
with four-flushers, isn't it?
That's not the point. I saw you
dealing from the bottom of the deck.
I think you owe me
an apology, sir.
Don't push your luck, boy.
If you were cheating... and
I have no doubt you were...
you'll slip up
one of these days.
When you do, the law will be on the
side of the man who kills you.
Now move along.
Simmer down, Matt. There's
nothing you can do about it.
Mister, you forgot something.
The apology, but that can wait.
I didn't know your friend was
playing with someone else's wad.
He was throwing it around
like he owned the bank.
I don't think that changes the
situation as far as you're concerned.
Tell me something, sir.
Do you ever gamble?
Not with strangers.
Or with other people's money.
That's right.
Well, why don't you try it?
That ought a get you in the game.
What does the opener say?
I fold.
I call.
I'd, uh, like to break
your luck, Mr. Comfort.
How about flavoring
it up, say, 500?
Let's make it a thousand.
Not sweet enough.
That's too tall for me.
Looks like all three of us
have something this hand.
Let's play for, uh, 2,000.
The last raise did it.
You lost me.
Well, you didn't lose me.
I call. What do you got?
Very little, I'm afraid.
Well, a pair of fives.
That makes my three nines
mighty powerful.
You seem to have lost
heavily, stranger.
Guess it's not my night. They've
been running bad for me too.
Isn't it customary to give a
man a chance to get even?
Why, I wouldn't know. I'm not familiar
with the niceties of the game.
I figured you for a man of high ideals.
Seems I was wrong.
You did. I figured you
for a bad loser.
I was right.
I trust you sleep well, sir.
I shall...
with this beside me.
Good evening.
Come in and shut the door.
If there's one thing
I can't stand, it's a cheat.
Especially if he's
working against me.
And that's what you were doing,
Ben, my lad, wasn't it?
Me that dredged you out
of a St. Louis sewer,
raised you like a father and even
taught you a gentleman's trade.
For this you sell me out
to a clumsy mark...
who wouldn't know
a flush from a fish.
What kind of a split did he give you?
He didn't give me anything.
How much?
Don't tell me you're going soft.
Maybe, but tonight I got so fed
up, I gave this sucker a break.
At my expense? You're even. You
took it from the other mark.
That's for selling me out,
you dirty little sneak.
I could've overlooked it
if you'd taken a cut,
but just to give a sucker a break,
to see his big, happy smile...
that's the most dishonest
thing I ever heard of.
I can never trust you again.
We're through, Ben.
I was gonna quit anyway.
Who is it?
That little jizzy with the
big brown eyes in Galena?
She's part of it.
What a criminal waste of talent.
Uh, some... someday, I'll pay
you back what I owe you.
Just leave me those clothes you're wearing.
I'll need 'em for another shill.
Good luck, Carrico.
What makes you think
I ever needed that, boy?
You're out of a job, aren't you?
What's the difference? Well,
I feel it's partly my fault.
I gave Porter back his money.
Here's yours.
Step in here a minute, will you?
I think we ought a have a little
look at that lip of yours.
Yeah, yeah. He's got a cut lip too.
A little paint fix that.
There you are.
Sit down.
You know, this lip will heal all right
by itself. You don't owe me anything.
Well, I owe you an apology, and I
thought I might make it over a drink.
I don't drink
unless it's business.
Oh. Well, cigar?
Uh, likewise.
What's on your mind?
Any plans?
Well, I'm through with gamblers,
if that's what you mean.
I've been getting around to offering
you a job, but I'd like to feel sure.
I'd like to know
I made the right move.
How can you be sure of any
move before you make it?
Well, you can't, but there's less
risk in buying proven merchandise,
which you are not.
What do you know about horses?
I like 'em.
They don't ask any questions.
Well, like that wooden
Indian friend of yours.
Say, what are you
doing with that thing anyway?
My brother, Brand, asked me
to pick one up for him.
It's a hobby of his,
collecting odd trophies.
Our real business is ranching.
If that idea appeals
to you, look me up.
Thanks. I'm going to have to
talk to someone about this.
Not the gambler.
Oh, no, no.
It's a girl.
She wants to get married.
Then you're
going to nee a job.
Say, you try pretty hard to
be fair, don't you, mister?
Well, I just find
it's the easiest way.
You've been doing things
the hard way, son.
Good night.
Good night.
Hey, son.
I saw you going into
Matt Comfort's cabin.
That's right. And now
I'm going into mine.
Let me give you a tip.
Keep away from Mr. Comfort.
Why should I?
He offered me a job.
What kind of a job?
You ask him.
Look, Mr. Comfort and I are all squared
away, Marshal. What are you worrying about?
I just wouldn't want
to see him clipped.
Neither would the folks
in Galena.
They think a lot of him.
Galena? I didn't know
his ranch was there.
It's a small town packed
full of Matt's friends.
Anyone who isn't is sort
of in the minority,
if you get the point.
I'll keep it in mind.
And I'll be keeping you in mind.
Oh, my...
Mr. Com...
There's been a murder on the Montana Queen.
Matt Comfort.
Matt Comfort?
Who did it?
Did they catch him?
Got one of 'em, all right. Some gambler.
I'd better get Graham back.
Did I hear you right
about my brother?
That's what it says,
Mr. Comfort.
Gambler's name is Carrico.
Still looking for his shill.
Some kid. Boat's due
in half an hour.
Don't worry, Mr. Comfort.
We'll take care of this.
Cast the line!
Hold it!
Where's Carrico?
Where's the gambler?
That's him! The
one with the marshal.
Bring him down, or we're
gonna come up and get him!
What are you trying to
do, get an innocent man
lynched? This mob will
tear me to pieces.
Not if I can get you
behind bars.
And who says you're innocent?
Bring him down!
We'll tear him apart.
Looks bad. Let's get him
inside his cabin. Hurry up.
Get 'em!
Take their guns!
That man's my prisoner. I
demand you turn him over to me.
Be glad to, Marshal. We only
want him for about five minutes.
See if you can find his shill.
He's gotta be on board someplace.
Hurry it up!
Somebody get a wagon!
Doesn't he get a trial or something?
That's the jury coming in now.
Come on!
- Yeah. Hey.
- Whoa!
Come on!
Hang him.
Let's string him up. Come on!
Put a rope
around his neck!
Bring him on, boys!
You'll see lots of hangings
if you stay around here.
Let me go, Mr. Boucher.
Much more stylish ones.
A hanging is like a good dinner.
It requires preparation.
They're in too much of a hurry tonight.
So are you.
You can't do this to me.
Oh, Ben. I was afraid
they'd found you.
They've caught Carrico,
and they're looking for you.
They mustn't see you, Ben.
They've gone wild.
Carrico didn't have anything to
do with this. Neither did I.
Oh, I believe you, Ben, but they won't.
They'll hang you.
No, they won't. Don't do it, Ben.
Don't try it.
Get up there!
Where's the kid?
We've got an extra rope.
Let's find that kid.
Will you go now, Ben?
Please. For my sake too.
They're coming.
All right, I'll go. But what
am I gonna do about you, Zoe?
I can't leave you here. I'll wait.
No matter how long it is, I'll wait.
You've waited long enough. I don't
want you to wait any longer.
Don't worry about me, Ben.
Just come back for me.
Put a rope around his neck!
They're waiting for you, Zoe.
But let them wait a little.
Yeah, killing work rounding up them steers.
My saddle's wore clean out.
So is mine.
Uh, any mail, Luke?
Well, let me see.
One for you, Ted.
Package for you, Johnny.
Hey, that's the ointment
I sent for.
Well, here's something
for Ben Martin.
Smells like a bill.
Nothing for you other boys.
It is...
from the blacksmith.
You ain't had one of those
perfume kind in months, Ben.
I know.
Wait a minute, Luke. I... I
think I'll be moving along.
Then you'll be wanting your pay.
That's right.
Going home? Well, you
might call it that.
Hate to lose you, Ben.
Don't know how we're ever
gonna get the West settled...
if you young bucks won't
sit still in one place.
I've got to settle something
more important first.
Thanks, Luke. I'll pick up
my stuff at the bunkhouse.
I'd like a ticket
on the stage for Galena.
No stage outta
here for a couple of days.
If you're in a rush, get back on that
train and take the steamer from Pierre.
You'll be in Galena
tomorrow night.
- All aboard.
- Same fare, and you get a boat ride.
I don't like boats.
Where's the nearest stable around here?
I wanna buy a horse.
Down the block.
Put that gun down.
I'm here to help you.
I don't need any help. Don't be ridiculous.
Everybody needs help
in this treacherous country.
When I saw you riding out of
town alone, I said to myself,
"There goes a poor devil
who needs a guide."
Are we camping here
for the night?
It's a nice spot. Easy to defend.
Put your hands up.
You're not serious.
My gun's in my saddle.
Put that thing away. Say, um,
we've got grub, haven't we?
Well, enough for myself. I
wasn't expecting to share it.
Well, we'll manage somehow. Now you get
some wood, and I'll rustle the chow.
But what... Don't worry about a thing.
Leave everything to me.
When you're safe in Galena,
you can pay me
whatever you like.
Wait a minute.
What are you doing?
Getting some grub.
Mmm. Bacon.
I'm mighty partial to it.
Give me my stuff.
I'll handle this.
I'm just trying to be helpful.
Then go get the wood.
All right.
How did you know
I was going to Galena?
My very dear friend, what
kind of a guide would I be...
if I didn't even know
where you were going?
You ought a turn in.
Yeah. I'm going to.
Just as soon as we clean up.
Oh, leave all that to me. You got a
hard ride ahead of you tomorrow.
Say, what's your name anyway?
How does "Rick Harper"
sound to you?
Sounds like you just made it up.
Uh, mine's Ben Martin.
I don't believe that either.
Names don't matter, my friend.
People don't
remember 'em anyway.
But faces...
they never forget.
Good night.
I had a hunch you'd try that. That's
the reason I tied your trigger down.
How could I stand guard
without my gun?
Don't give me that. You and I know
what you were after... my money belt.
That's the most attractive
thing about you, Ben.
Oh, except our friendship.
Well, our friendship's over.
Hey, you're not gonna maroon me.
Stay where you are.
You scared my horse off.
Then steal another.
Why, I may have to.
Ben, you're encouraging crime!
Hey, Ben!
Look, pal. No gun.
Hey, I took your advice.
How do you like him?
What do you want?
I think we'd make a great team.
I've got the charm.
You've got the know-how.
That trick with the pistol showed real
genius. Uh-huh. Any other reason?
I'm broke and you're not.
Uh, you'd better stay
on that horse you stole.
I don't team up with thieves.
That's a pretty choosy remark...
coming from someone
who's wanted for murder.
Hey, my letters. The gal who wrote
these seems to think you're innocent.
Are you?
So you're gonna
blackmail me too.
Oh, Ben. You're a poor
judge of character.
Would I be giving 'em back to you
if I wanted to blackmail you?
You ought a thank your stars they didn't
fall into completely dishonest hands.
You said you were a guide.
How far is Galena?
Twice as far
as the way you're going.
The shortcut's that way.
All right, you're on.
But only as far as Galena.
From then on,
you're on your own.
It's a deal. You see, it doesn't
take much to make me happy.
I'm so glad you feel like that
because you're not getting much.
Let's go.
On second thought, the other way's shorter.
Come on. They'll hang us both.
But I didn't steal anything.
- You wanna argue with 'em?
- Hyah!
Bad odds.
It's a miserable country.
Infested with decent citizens.
You got any ideas?
I don't think I'll need a guide anymore.
Not that, Ben.
You'll drown.
Be careful of the money!
I can't swim.
Well, hang on to me.
Hey, get
your hands off my money belt.
What are you trying to do? I just
wanted to see if it was still there.
Don't let me go, Ben!
Hard over.
We'll pick 'em up.
Half on engines.
Much obliged.
Resume speed.
Yes, sir. What was all
the shooting about?
They were road agents.
After his money.
Haven't I seen you someplace before?
Possibly aboard this boat?
No, no. Not me. I'm a
mountain man myself. Wyoming.
Big rancher. You've heard of
Martin's Lazy "M," haven't you?
Oh, sure, you have.
This is Mr. Martin.
How do you do?
I guess I was mistaken.
Any place I can dry off?
What he means is we'd like to
look at the deluxe staterooms.
Afterwards, he'll make
a donation to the crew.
Very well. Top deck
for these gentlemen.
Oh, I almost forgot, Captain.
This is Mr. Harper.
My groom.
Put him up with the crew.
Crew room's aft.
Behind the boiler room.
Who's there?
Your groom. Fresh from the
delights of the boiler room.
I thought there was
some regulation...
about riffraff mixing with
the first-class passengers.
Well, I can look, can't I?
Just wanted to see
how the swells live.
Not bad.
Not bad at all.
Isn't this a little steep
on our budget?
Thank you, Chang.
- Lunch is served.
- Lunch!
I reserve your table,
Mr. Martin.
Please do. On the shady side.
Yes, sir.
You don't miss a bet, do you?
That's a duty of a guide, Ben.
I have to keep my eyes on you.
Mm-hmm. Well, I can't get lost
between here and the dining room.
No, but I can.
Shall we dine?
Hey, didn't you forget something?
Where's the little old belt?
Oh, it's just a precaution.
I put it in the captain's safe.
In the captain's safe? Hey, you never
can tell about those captains.
I knew a captain once who was a crook.
On a bigger boat than this!
Have no fear, Harper, my lad.
You know, it's a good thing they
got a cargo boom on this boat.
They're gonna need one
to get you out of the chair.
Flag the waiter. I wanna take
a look at the pie department.
On second thought, I don't
think the boom do it.
Well, Colonel Swope.
Welcome aboard.
You got on at Pierre,
didn't you?
Yes. I went straight to bed.
Oh, uh, Captain,
may I present my nieces?
The Mrs. Dal-Marie Smith...
Mrs. Smith.
And, uh, Vanilla Bissell.
Miss Bissell.
I'll take Vanilla.
Mr. Gassowary,
and, uh, Mr. Brand Comfort.
What are ya trying to do... spit
on those lovely creatures?
Brand Comfort. I knew
your brother, Matt, well.
You raise horses, don't you?
Yes. I'm still running
the ranch.
Best horse
flesh in three states.
And here's to the man
that raises them,
my long-time friend,
Brand Comfort.
All right, back!
Back up!
Go back. Line up in the center.
Backs to the table.
Drop your hardware.
Ladies too.
Bring her over against the bank.
I suppose you know that explosion
was the safe blowing up.
I don't wanna talk about it.
If you'd let me rob you in the first
place, we wouldn't be in this fix.
I saw that.
Somebody stop 'em!
Stay where you are.
Wait for me.
Ben! Well, we got
one of 'em anyhow.
This'll be great news
for the marshal.
Hold on. He's no pirate. He lost as much
money as any of you. Ask the captain.
Mr. Martin's money was in the safe
along with the gold shipment.
He did everything he could to stop them.
You saw him, Van.
Oh, they were both wonderful.
What was the idea of the mask?
I was gonna trail 'em and see
if I could get our money back.
Oh. Wasn't such a
good idea, was it?
Well, I'd say it was
a good try anyhow.
We owe you a vote
of thanks, young man.
Well, I'm sorry it didn't work, sir, but
one of their buddies is over there.
If you wake him up, maybe
he'll give you their address.
Go get him!
You know, that gang
sure made a great haul.
The gold, a ton of jewels,
the cash.
What a fine precision team.
Well, they really clipped me
for everything I had.
Which reminds me, I don't know
what you're hanging around for.
I can't even pay
for this massage.
Nobody's rushing you.
Next best thing to money
is friendship anyhow.
Do you really mean that?
I don't know.
Sounded good.
But it didn't sound like me.
I've got a lot of enemies in Galena.
I'm liable to need a friend.
I'll bet Brand Comfort would have a fit
if he knew you chopped his brother.
Oh... Not that you did
it, you understand.
It was just a thought.
You'd better read
those letters Ag...
Passengers have been working on
pirate you catch, Mr. Martin.
Mm-hmm. Well,
what's happened?
He no talk. Captain, he wire
ahead to Marshal Sommers.
Uh, where?
Next stop...
Marshal, he make him talk.
Put it over there.
Yes, sir.
Man, you look
like all your rabbits died.
Is it the marshal
that's bothering you?
He'll investigate everybody.
He'll recognize me for sure.
I think maybe not.
No. You don't know that bird.
Remember what you said
about never forgetting a face?
He's the guy
that invented the idea.
Exactly my point. He doesn't
have to see your face.
Marshal, I've got all
the passengers in here,
and the crew is waiting
in their quarters.
Good. Where's the prisoner? Below
decks, well battened down.
I'll get to him next.
Oh, hello, Brand.
Rough passage?
Plenty rough.
On the pocketbook.
Now, folks,
just a few questions.
What do you got there?
Go ahead. Go ahead.
Oh, no, you don't. Hold it.
Just stay where you are.
Yes, Wade? They got somebody
under the blanket there.
Who is it? One of the heroes
of the raid, Marshal.
Well, let's take a look. No, no, no, no.
He's in a coma.
Is that Mr. Martin?
He's had a relapse.
I am taking him to the
hotel and call a doctor.
And you should. Mr. Martin
risked his life for us, Marshal.
If there's anything I can do for you and
your friend, be sure and call on me.
Thank you, sir.
Maybe we will.
See that the casualty gets to the hotel.
Yes, sir.
Not you. You may have some questions
to answer. Everybody inside.
Hey. We got away with it,
thanks to Comfort.
But that marshal's bound
to show up sooner or later.
Well, how much later? I came
a long way to see somebody.
I wish I could
talk you out of it.
But you're so dead set that I might
as well give you the good news.
Good news?
What kind of good news?
The marshal's taking the boat to Fort
Benton with the pirate you walloped.
For how long?
That's gonna give me enough
time to get this settled.
Let's go.
All bets in. All right, folks.
Here she goes.
Double "O," the winner.
Double "O."
All right, folks.
Pay the line. He's coming out.
Watch your hands, lady.
You see anything?
No. She's not here.
Well, gals are like cats, Ben.
If you leave one behind, it's liable
not to be there when you get back.
You ought a count your
blessings and go bareheaded.
I'd have a drink on that
except drinks cost money.
All right,
he's coming out.
Watch your hands, lady.
Order us a couple.
So you're a sneak.
Magic boots.
Well, happy days!
Send us a matched pair of
straight whiskeys, my friend.
Cheer up, Ben.
The next best thing
to finding a gal...
is a loyal buddy
to drown your sorrows with.
- Maybe you're right.
I'd like to make sure first.
Ay, ay, ay, ay
I once fell in love
with a gypsy It's her.
Star of the show.
Who danced with a flame
in his shoe
Made me believe
that he loved me
Made me sad,
made me happy too
That gypsy
with the fire in his shoe
I was a fool to believe him
Love makes a fool out of you
Don't give your heart
to a gypsy
If he dances so well
the stars can tell
That he has fire in his shoe
He must dance I know it well
But I love him so
Ay, why can't
he dance for me?
Oh, why must he go?
Oh, oh
So don't trust a fellow
named Chico
If he throws
a red rose to you
The one that
he gave me is faded
But those dark, flashing
eyes They burn so bright
Just like the fire
in his shoes
Ay, ay, ay, ay
Just like the fire
In his shoes
Hello, Zoe.
Have fun, honey.
I thought you'd forgotten me.
I thought you were one of the customers.
You've changed so.
Bigger, better, but the same Ben.
You've changed too.
If you'll excuse me, I'll
mosey around a little.
Why didn't you answer my letters?
You had me worried.
Come on, Zoe!
How about
I've got to go on again,
Ben. Wait for me.
Up we go.
There was
Long, lean Laramie Will
Took me walking
over the hill
When he asked was I faithful
Could I tell a lie?
Happy-go-lucky am I
There was
Big, bad Ben from Cheyenne
Tried to be my man among men
Bet he thinks I'm a birdie
The way I did fly
Happy-go-lucky am I
I'm like a bee
Among the flowers
So busy buzzing
as spring has sprung
I'll be a bee
And buzz for hours
I'll do the stinging
before I'm stung
A matrimonial eye
Starts my feet
a-wavin' bye-bye
There'll be no double harness
that I can't untie
Happy-go-lucky am I
Happy-go-lucky am I
Who cheated who?
Better put that away.
He won't pay off.
I don't know what all the fuss is about.
I gave him an I.O.U.
It's worthless. He hasn't a penny.
Is that true?
Of course. If I had any money,
I wouldn't have written it.
Sounds like a
reasonable explanation.
At any rate,
what you lack in ethics,
you more than make up
in marksmanship.
You should see me
when I'm not nervous.
There's nothing to be
nervous about, Mr. Harper.
I'll sit in for you. I hope
you know what you're doing.
Uh, of course,
if you gentlemen object...
Can I see the color
of your coin?
Try your other boot.
Watch your hands, lady.
He threw a six.
He likes the hard way.
This should cover his play.
- All right, coming out.
He threw a seven.
Seven is the winner.
One hand showdown for
everything in the pot,
including Mr. Harper's I.O.U.
Go ahead.
Place your bets, please.
Once more, please.
Slow start, fast finish.
Would you like to go again?
Uh, no, thank you, gentlemen.
I've got some business
to attend to.
Well, there's a bright new
star in the gambling sky.
Say, you ought to
do this more often.
I only did it to get you out of a mess.
Say, speaking of a mess,
I think you're walking
into one yourself.
How do you stand with her?
I still got to find out.
I wish you would settle down
to a life of crime...
and forget these distractions.
The world is ours.
Another town, another poker game,
a handy bank to be cracked.
Now, what do you say?
I'll tell you in a few moments.
But just to be
on the safe side, buy
us a couple of horses.
Now you're talking.
I'd like to see Miss Fontaine.
Come in, Mr. Martin.
Leave us, Vi.
I see you won.
Yes. I wanted to return this
to Miss Fontaine.
I'll save you a lot of bother.
I'll tell her
you brought it back.
Pretty, isn't it?
Expensive too.
I consider it
a rather good investment.
I suppose it is. Is she here?
I want to see her.
I'm afraid that's not possible.
Because she doesn't
wish to see you.
Is that her idea or yours?
Let's say we agreed
it would be best this way.
You see, Mr. Martin, she
told me a little about you.
I fully sympathize with your position.
It's not an enviable one...
being the old friend
who comes back...
to find things...
slightly changed.
You mean unwelcome. I didn't
want to put it that bluntly.
But as long as we
understand each other,
I have one further suggestion.
Don't come back.
I won't.
Tell her I said good-bye.
I already did.
Hey! That was quick! I can tell
by your face you got dry-gulched.
I didn't even see her. I hope this isn't
gonna interfere with our plans, Ben.
Are those our horses? That they are.
Pair of fast, loving animals.
One for you, one for me.
I hate to do this to you, Rick, but
I'm gonna have to take my share now.
Hey, you're not
pulling out on me?
I told you I had to get it
settled, and it's not settled.
How much time are you gonna waste on this
silly affair? A lot more time than you got.
Me? You're the one
that's running out of time.
You'll do a lot better
without me anyway.
Well, of all the
ungrateful... So long, Rick.
I hope they hang ya!
Mr. Harper, were you
thinking of leaving town?
You bet I am.
What's it to you?
I've noticed you have
some unusual characteristics,
one of them being an aversion to money
moving in any direction except towards you.
You're right there.
How would you like to
keep it moving that way?
Come up and have a drink.
What are we waiting for?
My key, please. Oh, there's a
message here for you, Mr. Martin.
Who brought this? I don't know.
It was here when I came in.
I won't need this.
Who is it? You
said you wanted to see me.
Well, you look surprised.
I know your note
said tomorrow night.
But being such old friends, I figured
you could squeeze me in tonight.
You didn't have
to say that, Ben.
What did you expect me to say?
Say, he does all
right for himself, doesn't he?
And so do you.
I don't blame you, Zoe.
I blame myself for thinking
it might have been different.
I kind of asked for it,
didn't I?
I was hoping your mind had
grown up with the rest of you.
I haven't had
the advantages you've had.
Anyway, let's
have a drink to it.
To all those dear, dead dreams.
All right, Ben. If that's
the way you want it.
That's the way it is.
I was gonna say this beats
that cheap little ranch...
we used to talk about.
But there's something
cheap about this too.
You're wrong, Ben.
You're so wrong.
Have fun, honey.
Hurry up. Get out.
That's not a nice way to say good-bye.
I didn't say good-bye. You did.
I could've said a lot more,
but I wasn't going to.
Say anything you want. Think anything
you want. Just get out of here.
Well, why don't you go?
'Cause I don't want to.
Not this way, I don't.
Oh, Ben.
I know it looks bad.
I can't help how it looks.
Forget it.
It's none of my business.
Ben, I don't love him.
I said I don't blame you.
It's a lot better than I can do.
Maybe that's what hurts.
He's got a price in his pocket,
and I've got it on my head.
You think that's
the difference, don't you?
Well, isn't it?
No. Everything's
just as it was, Ben,
unless you want
to make it different.
I was hoping you'd say that.
But it's not that easy.
They're still looking for Ben
Matthews, remember? Let them look.
You can't clear your name in this
town, Ben. They'll kill you first.
There's only one way...
run and don't look back.
This time, you won't go alone.
You know what you're giving up?
Nothing. Some furniture and a
man with too much ambition.
You don't know him, Ben. He's
beat everybody, even the law.
A caf owner? A caf owner that's
gone every time there's a boat raid.
Don't let him beat us, Ben.
Do it my way, please.
There doesn't seem to be any other way.
When can you go?
Tomorrow after the last show.
He's going upriver,
and I'll meet you here.
And be careful.
Please be careful.
Excuse me.
What are you doing here?
I decided to hang around,
try an honest job.
Mr. Boucher's compliments,
Miss Fontaine.
And shouldn't you be in bed?
I don't understand.
I do. He's working for Boucher.
I'll tell you how it is, Ben.
You had a mighty small welcome
when you came here, and it shrunk.
Now, Mr. Boucher has a special way
all his own of dealing with pests.
But I put in a good word
for you.
At the risk of my job, I told him
you'd leave peaceable. Now, will ya?
I thought he was your friend.
Not at the moment.
Come on, Ben.
This is for your own good.
They're gonna run you
out of town anyhow.
I just don't want to see you get hurt.
Now, let's go.
Good night, Zoe.
I didn't realize Miss Fontaine
was entertaining tonight.
The show is over, and I'm just leaving.
Just a minute.
Let him go, Andre. I told
him he wasn't welcome.
He was told that before. I
wanted to find out for myself.
What did you find out? Just like the
lady says. I'm not wanted here.
And you never were. And you
never should have come here.
You just caused me
to be embarrassed.
I wish you'd go before you
make any more trouble.
You heard.
You don't take hints
very well, do you?
Now get up and get out!
Clean up the yard.
Yes. Can I help you?
Mr. Martin's still here.
Yes. Uh,
is anything wrong?
No. Just overstayed
his welcome.
Tell him you want his room.
Well, I can't do that...
Just a minute.
Yes? Mr. Martin, I'm afraid I'm
gonna have to ask you to leave.
Well, why?
I'm paid up till tonight.
I'm sorry, but you gotta go.
I'll give you the money back on your room.
Keep the change.
I'll be out in a minute.
How's business?
Great. Turning 'em
away every day.
Mr. Comfort.
If it isn't my old shipmate from
the pirate raid... Mr. Martin.
You told me to look you up. Remember, sir?
Well, I'm glad you did.
Gif, you'd better take care
of Mr. Martin's horse.
Gif will fix him up. Out here we're
mighty gentle with horses, Mr. Martin.
You seem to have ridden yours pretty hard.
I've had to.
If you can spare me some time,
I'd like to tell you about it.
Why, of course.
Come on in.
You never got a line on
those pirates, did you?
Well, that's what I want to talk
to you about, sir. I think I have.
Have a look around, son.
I do a bit of collecting,
as you can see.
So I heard...
from your brother.
My brother? I didn't
know you knew him.
When was that? I was on the
boat the night he was killed.
Three years ago.
Thing I remember most about him
was he was a fair man.
You have a good memory.
I don't think I'll ever forget that night.
And I'm sure you haven't.
No. It's not a thing anybody
around here is liable to forget.
But I wish they would.
Sit down, son.
Thank you.
Matt was a big loss to me, and
a lot of me died with him.
Perhaps I'm being selfish,
but I've had my share
of painful memories.
And all the talk in the world isn't
gonna bring my brother back.
So why don't we talk about
pirates and forget the past?
I don't think we can,
Mr. Comfort.
Why is that, Ben? They're one in the same.
I better tell you who I am.
Unless you've already guessed.
They were looking for
some boy at the time.
An accomplice of the gambler.
That couldn't be you, could it?
It could. And you could go
to the marshal and tell him,
but I don't think you will.
You apparently think I'm
as fair as my brother.
If I didn't, I wouldn't
be telling you this.
Just what is it you're telling
me... that you're innocent?
I'll let you and the law
decide that,
but you got
to hear me through first.
This may come as a surprise
to you, Mr. Comfort,
but the same gang that's been raiding
the boats killed your brother.
And the man behind it all
is Andre Boucher.
That's right. But I know it's
hard for you to believe.
Yes. It is a little difficult to imagine.
I've known him for years.
But you don't know him
with a mask on, and the
man that killed your
brother wore a mask.
And he had another trademark...
a silver-studded belt.
I got it full in the face
that night on the boat,
and last night I got it again
from Boucher.
I think you're
off someplace, Ben.
Even granting the raids,
what possible motive would Boucher
have had for killing Matt?
There's no connection.
But there is a connection...
What's the matter?
That wooden Indian.
Where'd you get it?
Mmm, I don't recall.
Bought it someplace. Why?
There was a wooden Indian
in your brother's stateroom.
Well, I'm sure
it wasn't that one.
I hate to disagree with you, Mr.
Comfort, but I'm sure it was.
There was a chipped spot
on its lip, and it's still here.
Only somebody's been
trying to cover it up.
And, uh, I'm afraid
I don't follow you.
I don't think
you bought this Indian.
Well, you-you make this
sound like a crime.
Certainly, you're not asking me
to account for that Indian...
I think you'd better account
for the Indian, Mr. Comfort.
It doesn't belong
in an innocent man's house.
That's the same one Boucher
stole from your brother.
Next thing you'll be saying
Boucher and I are partners.
I'm disappointed in you, Ben.
You're not much of a sleuth.
Then suppose we get a better one.
We'll go see the marshal.
Don't be ridiculous.
Get up, Mr. Comfort.
I've got another idea.
I'm gonna prove you and Boucher
are working hand-in-hand.
We'll start with your safe.
What do you expect
to find in there?
Whatever it is
you're trying to hide.
Hurry up.
Let me see those papers.
Drop it.
Over by the fireplace.
This man's wanted
for murder, Gif.
How's the other one?
For the moment, out of business.
Alive or dead, Ben, you don't seem
to know who your friends are.
I do now. Thanks for
dropping in, Mr. Harper.
Don't mention it.
You know, you cost me a job.
Boucher don't keep men on who can't
hold their own. You held your own here.
I figured you needed a hand when I
saw those two hyenas trailing ya.
Wait a minute. I don't know how you
feel, but I got an itchy finger.
What do you think of the old geezer's safe?
I think we ought a air it out.
that's more like it.
There's something special
I want in there.
Ben, there's something special
about every safe... money.
I'm a little rusty at this,
but it'll come back to me.
Boucher and the law!
The chair!
This is no place for a choirboy!
Rick, you'll never make it!
Meet me in St. Louis!
And soon your heart
will heal
It would be heaven
To have and hold you
Give me your love
My dear
Give me your love
My dear
Vi, I'd like to rest a little.
Come back later.
I know what happened, Ben.
I should have listened to you,
Zoe, and left well enough alone.
It didn't prove anything,
did it?
And now someone else has got the proof,
and I've got the law after me again.
And they're hunting Rick.
Hunting him because he killed
a crook to save my life.
Oh, Ben, I told you how they
were... Boucher and all of them.
Let's do what we said we were
going to do before it's too late.
I'll get you some coffee.
I can use some.
Ben, see these valises?
They're going on the boat
tonight, and I'm going with them.
Where? Wherever you're
going to meet me.
All right. Wait for me
at the hotel in Pierre.
And we'll make it this time.
You'll see.
They're back.
Hurry, Ben.
Here comes Boucher.
No luck? He's in the neighborhood.
We'll get him yet.
I have a feeling that this town would be
much better off without you, Mr. Harper.
Well, why don't we give it a trial
separation and see? I'm willing.
What do you plan to do with him?
Lock him up.
The marshal's coming in on the boat.
He'll settle it.
I know a quicker way
to settle it.
Why not? He killed Brand
Comfort in cold blood!
We got the makings of a trial
just amongst us.
Keep your distance!
Why don't they
string him up? Yeah.
There seems to be a crying need for justice
around here.
We're rather short of time.
Perhaps if we lit a bonfire on the
dock, it would delay the boat.
The rest is up to you.
Come on. Let's
get that wharf burning.
Yeah. That'll keep
the marshal from landing.
Let's go get him.
Go get him.
This is it. Everything
from Brand Comfort's safe.
The other one got away.
That's too bad.
I know you sort of counted
on a double hanging.
He knows about these papers. He's just
fool enough to go to the marshal.
I don't think that will do him
any good if you burn them.
You don't know much
about the law, do you?
If they suspect you,
it's like a fire.
Once started,
it's difficult to put out.
I don't want him talking.
We're going out again.
This time, we'll get him.
Get the horses ready.
Get away from that fire.
Steer away and keep clear.
We'll put her in downstream.
Let's go.
Hold it down there!
Make 'em stop, or I'll shoot.
Hurry up.
How do you know I'm that persuasive?
For your sake, you better be.
- - Get
away from those horses!
Zoe, get a hold of 'em!
All right, Boucher, talk.
This man has a gun in my back.
I don't doubt that he knows how to use
it, because he's used it before...
three years ago to murder Matt Comfort.
Tell 'em the truth!
Today, he and the man you're about to
hang murdered Matt Comfort's brother.
I warned you!
He wants me
to stop this hanging.
He says if I don't,
he's gonna kill me.
That doesn't leave me
much choice, does it?
Tell us what
to do, Boucher.
I'll tell you what to do! Cut the rope,
or you'll all answer for this hanging!
There's not gonna be
any hanging!
Get that man down.
Who's your friend, Boucher?
A gunman wanted for murder.
It's the other way
around, Marshal.
You remember the incident the night
that Matt Comfort was murdered?
Yes. And I remember you too.
Ben something.
Ben Matthews.
And I've got the proof
that Boucher and Matt's
brother were partners
in the boat raids.
What do you say
to this, Boucher?
Nothing, except that he's lying.
Suppose we find out.
I suggest that both of you come
down here and we'll talk it over.
Any objections?
None whatever.
I'll be waiting right here.
Cover the back of the saloon.
If you don't mind.
I'll take your gun, Matthews.
Ah, well armed.
That's health insurance
in this town, Marshal.
And who do we have here?
The last of the Harpers.
Thanks to you, Mr. Matthews.
Both of you men
are under arrest.
We'll have a hearing
with Mr. Boucher present.
You wanted to speak
to me, Marshal?
I heard some odd stories about
you when I was upriver...
from a man who worked for you.
He was one of the pirates
on the last raid.
Yes. And a very good one too.
You don't deny it then?
Why should I?
The chips seem to be down, Marshal.
As you see,
I'm wounded.
Any discussion of my past...
will be as useless
as discussing my future.
Whatever you don't know
about my activities,
I'm sure you'll find
in those documents.
I'd like to buy you all a drink.
I'm sorry to cheat you
out of a hanging.
It would have been
a stylish one.
Just as I promised you, Zoe.
Better luck next...
You're a bad liar, Gif.
Yeah, I know it.
He's also a bad shot.
That ain't no crime.
In your case it is.
Yes, Marshal?
Jail him.
He turned out to be
a pretty good witness for you.
But your best witness was Matt Comfort.
He trusted you, son.
I know. Too bad
he trusted his brother.
If he hadn't, Matt might have
looked in that wooden Indian.
They couldn't have picked a better
place to hide the gold that night.
Or a more honest man
to smuggle for them.
Good-bye, Ben.
Thanks, Marshal.
Marshal, I want to
take my hat off to you.
You're a monument to justice.
Believe me.
You're quite a fancier of other
people's horses, aren't you?
Oh, Marshal, that's a terrible
thing to say about a man.
I'm gonna give you
about 15 seconds...
to get out of town
and never come back.
Well, Ben, I guess you don't
need a guide anymore.
He's got one.
Uh, pay us a visit... after we
get the locks on the doors.
I got a fast ride ahead of me.
Time's up.
So long, Rick.
So long, Ben!
Good-bye, Rick!
Say, he didn't have a horse.
He's got one now.
Yeah. Mine.
No charges, Marshal.