The Real Estate (2018) Movie Script

Might feel a bit hot initially.
Here we go.
But the market in general
is just out of control.
All these poor schmucks
buying apartments
at crazy prices. It's just nuts.
And the banks are just approving
more and more mortgages.
So... yeah.
It's wild. One-bedroom apartments
selling for almost 400.000 euros.
It's insane.
It is insane.
It really is.
Price levels are just crazy right now.
Lean back a little.
There we go. Perfect.
What shampoo do you use?
Not sure. Don't even know if they
sell it in Sweden. Glizz or something.
You've heard about the market,
now that you're back in Stockholm?
Market is going up, UP, UP-
The market goes up in fits.
First it goes up.
Then down, but not as much
as it went up, then up again.
Interest rates go up,
mortgage payments...
They're forced to sell.
And all these first-time buyers.
Without wealthy parents,
you're pretty much screwed.
He had a hard life,
but he made it to 97 years of age.
This will hang over the entrance
of his bridge club...
He was a very good friend.
A client... and a father.
A real estate owner
with a social conscience.
Nojet, now it's up to you.
Now you take over.
As your dad's lawyer, I want to tell you
I'm grateful you came to me.
And that you want to continue
on your father's path.
That makes me very happy.
And I've said on numerous occasions
that this won't be easy...
What did you say?
His dad.
What did you say?
Your dad?
He wasn't exactly your dad.
What's that?
Are we still the managers
of the building or what?
Nothing's set in stone.
I know nothing right now.
I just want to play this game of bridge,
then we'll see.
I don't know.
We'll see what happens.
I want to thank him my own way.
Friendship through actions,
forever keep him in grateful memory.
Thank you.
What about the other unit?
You just shoot.
Okay. Don't know what that is.
It's a game. Packed every day.
I just wanted to introduce myself.
I own the building.
I inherited it.
It's nice to meet some tenants.
Put a face to them.
I understand if I'm bothering you.
Did you ever meet my dad?
Yes. It's my building.
Put a face to the tenants...
That would be nice.
There's a problem with the contracts.
I understand there are some problems
with the leases.
Yes, that's the way it is.
It's all fucking shit.
Hello. Sorry to bother you.
I'm your landlord, and I've got
a few questions for you.
I'm the owner of the building.
May I come in?
Yeah, sure.
I'd like to have a
look at your contract.
I'm renting this place.
You don't have a contract?
This is a sublet? Or are you renting
from the person it's sublet to?
How did you get this place?
I saw an ad.
I didn't have a place to live,
so I looked around...
Oh, that's too bad.
Something wrong?
No, but...
Your daughter?
Any idea how she got this contract?
Yeah, through a friend... of hers.
Don't really know who, but...
They tipped her off. Yeah...
Great tip!
Yes, it was.
Good friend.
It's a nice place.
Yes, it is.
Do you know if she had
to pay for the contract?
Yes, because I lent her some cash.
That's a nice Mommy!
As you should be.
If you have the possibility...
There are two names on the door.
One of them is definitely not Swedish.
Where's your husband from?
How long has he been in Stockholm?
Or in Sweden?
He's been here for nine years.
Nine years...
Who lives there?
I see there's a bed there.
My son.
How old is he?
He's nine.
Okay. So you had him right after
the guy came here from Estonia?
Or maybe that's why he came here?
I don't understand why that's relevant.
Maybe it's a digression,
but maybe I'm trying to get to know you.
You live in my building, after all.
Did you ever meet Chris?
I need to come inside.
Let me in.
Sit down. I'm just going
to get something to drink.
Want a Bloody Mary?
No thanks.
I'm good.
No worries, I'll go solo, as usual.
I was out looking,
ringing every damn doorbell.
To see if I could talk to someone.
A few of them opened, but of course
they didn't have any contracts.
Shifty eyes, excuses,
"my husband knows where it is."
"It's probably in the safe-deposit box."
But you must have all the leases.
Where are they?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Who signed those leases?
I did.
You haven't made money off those
leases? What about your dad?
Because those contracts
are worth a lot of money.
I'm not stupid.
I've been abroad,
but I know these illegal sublets
generate a lot of cash.
Yeah, we haven't...
We've done everything by the book.
We've been going by the waiting list.
So the 7th floor is all waiting list?
Chris, these people got their leases
under the table from someone.
A middle-man made money off them.
It's insane. The building is
being so poorly managed.
It's so poorly managed,
it's so run down by now.
And it was supposed to be your job.
But the thing is, you...
The truth is...
you only think about yourself.
You have to respect the work I do.
That's all there is to it. Right?
You have to understand what it's like
to live for these people,
I mean the tenants and stuff.
They don't have a ton of money in their
bank accounts, they are struggling...
Forget that for a second.
Single mothers...
Can you just drop...
Forget all that for one second...
I can't. It's about ideals.
Want a drink?
No, thanks.
Maybe chill a little?
Chill out!
You're not going to your hotel.
You're homeless.
I need to talk to you.
Can you hear me?
Lex, I need to talk to you.
Lex, I just need two seconds!
Don't interrupt me
in the middle of rehearsal.
What do you want?
Lex, what do you think?
Is it working?
Good. Very good.
Raise your arms toward the sky.
That's important.
Gold raining from the sky.
Seize the opportunity.
Raise your arms!
That's it...
Get your arms up.
That's it, that's great!
You're receiving.
Here comes the money. It's falling.
Good! Collecting it with one hand.
Spread your legs in the sack
and find a synchronized rhythm.
Know what I'm saying?
Right, your options.
You have two right now.
Either you keep the building,
and keep on receiving a monthly payment.
Right. Or I put it on the market.
You'd have to turn it around quickly.
And you wouldn't have a buyer in mind?
Why do I have to turn it around quickly?
I want to, but why do I have to?
Otherwise the tenants will have time
to form a co-op.
And if they're successful,
any buyer is irrelevant -
they've got right of first refusal.
If they turn the building into a co-op,
you'd be unable to sell
for the next couple of years.
This building is a hard sell,
no doubt. It's run down,
heavily mortgaged, and badly managed.
And I don't suppose
you've got a buyer lined up?
Right. I might have one.
I'll put you in touch with him.
We'll see what he says.
See if we can get an offer.
You trust him?
Yeah, I...
Doesn't matter. If he puts down
the money and buys it, then he does.
So... it's not about trust.
You need a quick turnaround.
That's it.
One, two, three, four, five, six...
One, two, three, four, five, six.
Times twelve, that's 72.
How many in the annex?
I don't know.
We'll see when we get there.
But that's a good number...
So total number of units...?
A bit unclear. But 72 sounds like
a great number, right?
Great. Yes.
Well, then.
These are questions I can't answer.
This was the last building Dad bought.
I wasn't even in Sweden at the time.
Were you and your dad close?
Very, but we didn't see each other much.
You never talked business?
He didn't think I needed to occupy
my little girl's head with it.
The idea is for me to take over.
But let's just say I'm
not super excited.
Did I hear a sales pitch?
You bet.
Right, I figured.
These are totally unnecessary.
Just get rid of them.
It's all just junk anyway.
What does this say?
"Unit belonging to..."
A lot of storage.
So much storage.
Do they pay extra rent for these?
It's included, I think.
That's even worse.
Hey, I didn't get a list of tenants.
No, but that can be obtained, obviously.
Right, but it's pretty crucial.
Are there a lot of "immies" here?
Yeah, I mean... immigrants.
How many Swedes
versus foreigners live here?
Haven't got the faintest idea.
No idea, but what does it matter
as long as they pay the rent?
Maybe it makes no difference to you,
but there's a huge difference.
One square meter...
That's not a lot.
It's not a lot, no.
Is there some sort of sewage leak?
Nice, right?
Hey? Are you here?
Just looking around a little.
He's asking why you're here.
This is my brother.
He manages the building.
Run along now.
Shall we continue?
Hello? Come in.
This is breaking and entering.
You need permission.
For what? It's my building.
You can't just walk in.
I own it. You wanted to see.
Yes, that's the main thing.
Are they all to this same standard?
I don't actually know.
Not exactly a smorgasbord...
This is great.
Tear it out, raise the rent.
It's actually much better
than I thought.
Better than I thought.
This was my father's dream.
There was always talk about
what he would do with it.
Are there any others?
What do you mean?
You're the sole heir?
Mom brought one son into the nest.
That's how you say it, right?
She was previously married.
He's my bonus brother.
He's a stepchild.
I'm constantly about to sneeze.
One stepchild.
Any other buildings?
If I own any other ones?
Your father, the family or...
First off, my father's dead.
That's why we're here.
Is that so?
It's not that easy to...
You know, these things...
In Korea they use these as dildos.
Use a knife and fork.
No. I like using chopsticks.
You look so good and efficient doing it.
How about you shut up now?
You're so unromantic and boring.
Too formal for you?
What's your life like?
I live fairly close to the water.
I don't own a house.
But I've got a totally
fabulous apartment.
And so I get up...
...whenever I feel like it, go out.
I sit down with a newspaper, which
of course is in Spanish, unfortunately.
And my Spanish is pretty limited, still.
I can read, I can understand
roughly what it's about.
And I tell myself,
if I read it each and every morning
my Spanish will eventually improve.
I've told myself that for 20 years.
Got any kids?
Thank God.
And unfortunately not.
When did you leave Sweden?
Some 25 years ago.
I wasn't supposed to leave,
but I fell in love, obviously.
Madly in love.
With some... Toreador?
Pretty much.
And so... I ended up staying there.
Then I came home for a bit.
And I realized it was pretty scary,
coming home.
People were judging you.
"So, what have you been up to?"
"Does being away
make you special in some way?"
I was so young, so I...
That's so Swedish.
Ridiculed for coming back.
Pretty much.
So I just left again, and went back.
Then I lived with a guy for...
seven years, I think.
And it was great.
Super cute.
Is there a man in your life now?
And what's sad is that
we never had any kids.
You regret it?
Now I kind of do, yes.
But I also like that
I'm only responsible for myself.
Of course it's still sad, somehow.
I'm home free.
I'm home free. Home free!
Home free. In Swedish,
that means "without a home."
How did you find me here?
The hotel told you I was here?
Okay. I see...
Want to talk about the building? Okay.
I'm selling.
I can... Seriously,
I'm not going to fix it up.
No. I can't be bothered.
I've seen it.
I don't care about it.
Chris can get another job.
Yes, he can!
People get new jobs all the time.
I get that this is hard for you.
But this is what's going to happen.
I'm sorry, but I can't hold on to it.
I have to sell.
Cut it out.
I won't fall for it.
But you know what you should do?
I don't feel good about it,
but I'm going to sell.
Shoot me an email with all your
questions, queries, thoughts, whatever.
Unfortunately, that's the way it is.
I think we should handle this via email.
Please, Michael!
Can you leave?
This is a soft-boiled egg.
But this is a hard-boiled egg.
How can they be different?
You got it from the seven-minute basket.
Sure you got it from the right basket?
We have two baskets next to each other.
They're from the same one.
Could just be tension.
Must be in your head.
Take a deep breath.
The back.
Breathe, breathe.
Hey. I want to talk to you.
You know...
It's not okay.
Very angry.
Not okay.
The third time!
You're the one taking them down.
But Why?
We're just trying to make things work.
It's not all about money.
It'll never happen. Cool it.
You know what?
None of your business.
See you soon. Take it easy, baby.
Yeah, right.
Bunch of bullshit...
We don't know who's who.
Keys to the entrance...
Having a good time, are we?
Drinking coffee...
Do you live here?
No, I don't live in the building.
You're having a meeting?
How nice.
Why are you here? Who are you?
I'm the owner of the building.
Oh, right...
So, Chris is your son?
God, no. He's my nephew.
Right. Okay.
Do you deal with him a lot?
I'm afraid we're a bit disappointed
with him at the moment.
He's undermining us pretty actively.
Sorry, what kind of meeting is this?
To tell you the truth,
we're interested in forming a co-op.
Possibly interested, we should say.
We're trying to figure
out who wants what.
But hang on.
Then you need to buy the building.
But I have no intention of selling it.
No, no... okay.
But" Well...
But... don't let me disturb you.
I won't embarrass you anymore.
No worries. Thanks anyway.
Let's continue.
There's so much at stake.
I'm so impressed myself. I try to come
down here as often as possible.
One, because when the cat's away,
the mice will play.
You need to show your face.
Not that I'm 100 percent involved.
But I still represent the investors.
Stockholm is "the Venice of the North."
I know.
We're just taking that idea
to its logical conclusion.
Surrounded by Swedish rain forest.
All of this is definitely super
interesting and totally fantastic.
But shouldn't we finish this?
What we discussed earlier.
The building.
Your building?
That was then. Not now.
What do you mean, then?
You wanted to buy the building, right?
Yes, but business is business.
Is it because of what happened
between us the other night?
No, definitely not.
But you don't want to buy it?
That has nothing to
do with the building.
But maybe with your head.
You don't want to buy it?
My head is here.
I need to focus on this.
I'm just not interested.
I don't know, it's just...
Call it karma... a hunch...
I just don't feel like it anymore.
Seriously, that building is trouble.
Too many illegal sublets.
You can't turn a profit.
Say no more.
There's nothing wrong with the building.
But I just don't...
...want to buy it. That's the problem.
You should've played it straight.
Serum, over.
Words, words, words, words.
What the hell should I do?
Can you do the chorus
and just say "homeless life"?
What was his reason, you feel?
Excuse me, Lex.
Can you turn it down a little?
It's a disaster.
It's an absolute...
Some tenants want to form a co-op.
But it will never happen.
Too many illegal sublets.
They need a majority to bid.
And Chris definitely doesn't want it
turned into a co-op.
And why is that?
He got the whole 7th floor moved in.
Can you evict tenants?
I think you should negotiate
with them and get them to...
Forget about negotiating with them.
Listen to me.
You come here and interrupt me when
I'm working on the music. Homeless.
What happens if I do that?
If they find out you did it,
you'll probably do four to six years.
But, I do think
you'll lose your tenants...
I wouldn't torch it myself.
No, but the police can quickly get to
the bottom of who's done it and why.
Where the orders have come from.
So don't assume you'd get away with it.
You rarely do.
If I... were to lose the tenants...
...will they lose their leases, too?
So they can't come back?
Yes, that's a possibility.
If there's a fire.
Excuse me.
I need to talk to you now.
I need to talk to you now.
It won't take very long.
Hang on. It won't necessarily
take very long.
I mean, of course I know.
Jesus Christ... I know about it.
I know all about it.
I've spoken to them.
You're selling the leases illegally.
Chris is obviously doing that.
Yes! That's exactly what you're doing.
And it can't be turned into a co-op
because of all the illegal sublets.
You're hopeless.
Hey. What are you doing here?
Having a chat with your father.
Yeah. He's great.
Yeah. Want to leave us alone
for a second?
Absolutely not. I've got a piece
of paper I need you to sign.
I've got all the documents right here.
And all your bullshit about
illegal leases and stuff.
The main thing is that
you sign... this piece of paper.
So that we may continue
to manage the building.
You think I'm stupid? You know
I won't sign a thing without Lex.
You'll sign that piece of paper!
To make sure that all
the things we've
fought for collectively
continue to work.
I know what you're doing! You're trying
to shut me out of my own building.
It's nuts!
Right now, I can neither
form a co-op nor sell.
You think I'm stupid?
Forget floor 7. It's about survival.
Then you should've run it properly!
You're fine, on your fucking island.
But we struggle every day.
Struggle? You don't do shit!
When was the last time
you fixed a fucking pipe?
Sign, and we'll go away.
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand!
Don't you get that...
Doing the right thing hurts.
Sign so we can do our fucking jobs!
Get it?!
Sign it!
Don't come so close!
Sign it! Sign it!
Cut it out.
Sign it! Now!
Stop it...
Are you fucking stupid?!
What have you done to our lives?
Do you realize what it means
to do this shit? Do you?
Get a grip! Get a fucking grip!
And you, shut the fuck up!
Don't you get how it fucking feels?
What are you doing?
Fuck off, I'm telling you.
Do you hear me?
You are not thinking,
for one second,
about how much we've helped the family.
Do you get that? I love you.
How can you not understand...
what you've done?
What are you doing?
Take it easy.
Shut up, you fucking cunt!
Fuck you!
Get a grip! Get a grip!
Honey, what are we going to do?
We'll manage.
We've got a bit of everything here.
There... just let me get this off...
Ow, ow, ow!
That's better.
You've got a cut there, too.
Oh, Lord.
Does this hurt? Oh, dear...
Yeah, I don't know about that...
Oh, dear...
You just take it nice and easy.
We're out in the country.
Peace and quiet.
On a lovely farm.
Where we'll spend a few days
to help you recover.
How do you feel?
Does your head hurt?
You bet your damn ass.
I get that.
There's a lid on top of that.
There you go. That's enough
for what we're doing.
There you go!
Well done! Well done...
Very well done, Nojet.
Thank you so much. I'll connect this.
How do you want it?
Looks good.
I hope so. Hope so.
I'm trying to cheer you up.
But it probably won't happen until
you sink your teeth into this bad boy.
It's huge, I'm telling you.
Beautiful eggs.
This right here, Nojet...
This is good stuff.
Eggs from the farm...
...pork from the farm...
Only thing foreign is the HP sauce.
You want that, right?
We'll get you some of that.
Italian ravioli.
For tonight's festivities.
I think it's actually quite nice,
to just heat up...
Would you like some ravioli?
Would you like some ravioli, Nojet?
What are you doing, Nojet?
You're doing your thing.
But... it wasn't really what
I had in mind for this evening.
I thought we'd be able to socialize
a little, in a different way...
We will, eventually.
Like, when?
You've been on that goddamn machine
around the clock.
Just let me do my thing.
Come again?
This dongle is just total garbage.
There we go...
Let's go!
Wonderful! In a minute...
I'm giving up any fucking second now.
But I'll keep insisting.
Are you ready?
Cheers. But God you're annoying.
That's because you don't listen.
You've got that machine...
I have to listen!
...ruling your life.
And it's scary!
Where will this end?
Cut it out!
Close that shit. Remove it.
Wait a second.
Almost done.
This dongle is running
out of data anyway.
Reminds me of a story about how
my last dog was attacked by a wild boar.
I went totally berserk.
I had to get the wild boar off
my beloved Labrador.
So I attacked the wild boar with
this machete, which I've had for years.
And that's a little bit how I feel now.
I bashed... this goddamn...
wild boar... to death.
And I did everything
I could to save my dog.
I hit it, stabbed it -
beat the living shit out of it.
All the way. And that's
a little bit how I feel right now.
I've made an effort
so you'll have a pleasant evening.
But you just keep pushing the buttons
on your damn computer.
I could cut that thing in half.
With this machete.
Do you realize that?
Wait a second. I'm almost done.
I won't wait a second...
I can't wait a second.
I'm not waiting no goddamn second.
I'm fucking done.
Goddamn it.
Fucking bullshit.
How are you?
What do you think?
Ever, never give up, as they say.
We'll have to keep going
and try to find a solution.
I think you realize...
I could just leave things be.
But the thought of my wonderful
relatives looking after the building,
and making big bucks, makes me sick.
I get that.
I need to go home.
This is a small arsenal.
Fromanno Dazumal, in many ways.
You've probably seen this
in many American movies.
Like this... They sit on their horses
and fire their guns.
This is Sweden's big, famous weapon.
I like that one.
It's a submachine gun.
Carl Gustaf. Swedish-made.
Here's a magazine.
Can I hold it?
It's a masterpiece.
Many of them are masterpieces.
Especially around the trigger.
They tend to be beautiful.
That's why it's become so popular... squeeze the trigger and mow down
most things in your way, I'm afraid.
It's terrible, but true.
War is war.
Super cool.
You'll make a good soldier.
You think?
I wonder how long I'd last.
But I won't surrender, they must die!
Yeah, they'll go down.
That's wonderful, darling.
You are so fucking strong.
Good, darling.
You look lethal shooting that thing.
You should've had
one of those through life.
And blasted it around.
Now it's your turn.
Let's see what you've got.
Give it to the boss.
That's nothing to worry about.
How about that?
Come on! Come on!
Stop! Stop!
We need to talk!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Come on!
Fucking hell!
We can talk about it!
Hey. Quick question.
If I clear the entire 7th floor,
will you buy the building then?
You're saying you will clean out
the 7th floor?
I'll clean out the 7th floor.
Evacuating an entire floor is not easy.
Don't you worry about it!
Our guys say it's impossible.
It's why the deal fell through.
If I succeed, will you buy it?
Simple question.