The Red Maple Leaf (2016) Movie Script

I loved my wife.
I loved her with all my heart.
She was everything to me.
She was the reason I existed.
And my daughter too.
We're late!
Come on! Ladies..
Honey, can't we just have one time?
Look.. A girl has
to look her best
on a big night like this.
You look spectacular.
It's her big night.
Aw, this makes me so happy..
The three of us being together as a family.
This is like my winning the lottery.
I love you ladies, it's gonna be special.
Love you too, dad.
Let's go.
I can't believe it, our baby's all grown up.
Eighteen, graduated.
I'm so proud of you.
She's still a baby.
She's a baby but she's also a grown woman.
Look at her, look how beautiful she is.
Hey, if you ask real nice I bet you can
get your dad to dance with you.
Tough guys don't dance, sweetie.
You're not so tough..
Your mother got you something
special for your graduation.
This is not just a big day for you.
We're very proud of you.
Listen, honey.
We got this for you because we want you to
know how much we love
you, how proud we are of
you but we also want you
to remember this night...
hopefully for the rest of
your life... to remember
this moment how much we love you.
And, for us, our love for
you is timeless, honey.
Oh, my god!
It's gorgeous.
Thank her.
She picked it,
I just gave her the credit card.
Oh.. What a
beautiful night, honey.
It was awesome and the food was great.
You know how to pick stuff for us.
No, but what made it special was the night,
was the daughter,
was the husband...
the family, come on.
I mean, there's nothing
better than this, huh?
It was amazing. Thank
you, guys, so much.
We need to do this more often.
I mean, I don't think we get out enough.
I'm serious. That
was a lot of fun.
Okay. That's music
to our ears, right?
We would love to do more of this with you.
Your job really takes you away from us,
but that's great, that's fantastic.
And I'm really proud..
Really, really proud of the university
you got into and we're still gonna be close.
Yeah! I know,
I'm so happy.
We'll only visit you once every other day.
I'll come in, I'll do your laundry.
Okay, sounds good to me.
The fuck is that?
What's happening?
Al? Al?
Al.. Al.. Al?
Thank god.
The fuck, is this a bad dream?
I'm sorry.
I fell asleep for like three seconds.
You're sorry?
I'm gonna fucking kill you.
I'm gonna fucking rip your face off!
You're sorry?
I'm gonna destroy you!
Gonna break
your fuckin' n-
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
I miss my wife and I miss my daughter.
I wish I would have died with them.
The only thing that keeps
me breathing is my job.
Whoa, wake up.
What are you doing here?
It's my day off.
Get out of here.
I know it's your day off, I'm sorry.
Why don't you sleep in the bed?
Two and a half years,
you're always on the couch.
Would you stop touching my thigh, you pig?
Al, we gotta go.
I'm not going nowhere.
The director called, it's urgent.
I worked 15 fucking hours a day,
seven days straight.
I'm off today, send somebody else.
Al, listen.
I'm sorry but we gotta go.
Don't step on my fucking shoes.
Nobody's stepping on your shoes,
we gotta go.
I've been fucking calling you for the
last two hours.
We gotta go!
Where are we going?
What are we doing?
The director
wants us there.. Now.
Like, now.
Do I got time for a shower?
I'm sorry, you don't.
How about an Italian shower?
What's that?
I throw my balls in the sink and
give 'em a little freshening up.
Jesus Christ.
Come on, al.
You okay?
Fuck, you're lucky you didn't get towed.
Who's gonna tow me?
Okay, we'll go in my car.
We'll go in my car,
I'm not gonna drive in a minivan.
Jesus Christ, you okay?
You okay?
Will you stop it?
You're like an old lady.
Look how you parked, let's take my car.
Can you please fill me
in on what's going on?
Who called you?
I already told you, the director.
Of course himself.
Wow. You
didn't say to him
"palermo's been
working 17-18 hour days.
This is the first fucking day off
in 18 fucking
straight days?"
He knows that, he knows that.
Ah, come on in, fellas.
These are my two top investigators here.
Introduce yourselves.
Robert Santos.
Nice to meet you.
Margaret Adams.
Sorry to meet under these circumstances.
Agent Derek Sampson.
Robert Santos.
How are you?
Nice to see you again.
Sit down.. Pull up
a chair, will you?
I'm good here if you don't mind.
Okay. Relax,
everybody have a seat.
Let's proceed.
Proceed, please.
At approximately
7:45 this morning
I arrived at the Adams' home
to take young miss Adams to school.
Alright, sir, you have
a meeting from 9:00 to
10:00 am with the
Canadian minister of
finance for, I would say maybe two hours.
Is that about enough time for that?
So then after that you'll have a meeting
with the department of water and power.
We told her we were taking her
after school today.
Did you forget?
No, I did not forget.
I tell you
what. Marie?
Clear my slate for the day.
I'm gonna spend it with my family.
Mom, can I have some money?
Um, do you have cash?
Um.. Yes,
I do.
Here, sweetie.
Is this okay to wear today?
Should I wear it?
Yes, of course you should wear it.
You look absolutely gorgeous, as always.
At about 7:50 she came
outside and informed me
she would prefer to walk.
It's exactly a 12 minute walk,
we've done it before.
Around 8:00 am we
were waiting to cross
rideau street..
I looked at my phone and, um..
That point she crossed
and we became separated.
I yelled her name but she
had her headphones in,
she did not hear me.
When traffic allowed me
to pass she had rounded
the corner in the alley,
at which point I-
may I interrupt you for a second, please?
You took your eyes off her?
That's correct.
I should've never taken my eyes off her.
But I did for one second.
I then tried to cross,
there was a truck
in my way, and so-
you took your eyes off her.
Okay, my daughter is missing.
Mrs. Adams?
Do something.
We're taking care of it.
Mrs. Adams,
they're our top two
lead investigators on this case.
Continue, please.
Hang on!
When she rounded the corner,
at that point is when I...
..Saw her headphones
on the ground.
I cased the immediate area and
when I did not find her I called it in.
This is special agent Derek Sampson.
We have a situation.
Dispatch Ottawa police immediately.
With all due respect, sir,
this is an American citizen.
I think that we should
lead the investigation.
How can you lead the investigation?
You're in Canada.
Whether it's an abduction or a kidnapping..
It's Canadian.
We got jurisdiction.
Do we not?
Excuse me.
I'm here, sir, at the personal request
of the president of the United States.
Now, if you will allow us, as observers
just as observers... I
think we might be able
to provide the leverage you might need.
That's acceptable.
What do you mean it's acceptable?
I mean, with all due respect, director,
you are the director.
I don't want FBI and secret service
to get in our
way. I mean-
you are the lead investigators, both of you.
I'll leave it to my partner.
Robert? You
okay with that?
I think it's a great idea.
We have a common goal:
To find the ambassador's daughter.
Fine.. Fine.
Alfonse, can you get to the crime scene?
If you don't mind, I would like to speak to
the ambassador first, and his wife
to get a bit of intel.
I don't think at this
stage of the game we're
gonna add anything to what's going on
at the crime scene.
Sir, I'm gonna have to disagree.
I think we need to get to the crime scene.
It's not protocol for
you to disagree or-
it's protocol to go to a crime scene
when a crime happens.
Please, I'm speaking to
my director here, okay?
I don't want to get in a pissing match here.
Before I start my investigation, if I may..
If I am the lead investigator with my
partner, Robert, I would like to speak to
the ambassador first, and his wife.
I think that's a wonderful idea.
Okay, let's do this.
Excuse me,
Mr. Santos?
If you need anything, please don't hesitate
to call me but please don't call me at night
because I'm packing.
See, I'm moving-
and who are you?
I'm the personal
assistant of Mr. Adams.
we'll let you know if we need anything.
Thank you.
That was disrespectful.
It's their investigation.
We should wait our turn.
This won't take long.
Thank you, I appreciate it,
ambassador, madam ambassador.
I'm just trying to understand..
You had breakfast this morning
with your daughter?
Was she in a bad mood?
Did you guys have an argument?
No, I never argue with my daughter.
Please don't get defensive.
I need to understand her mindset.
If it's a game, kids that age sometimes
if they get pissed off at their parents..
No, no, my daughter and I had a wonderful
relationship. We
were really more
friends than anything else.
One child?
So, you had breakfast..
Did you guys discuss anything at breakfast?
It was a normal breakfast
just like any other day.
Please indulge me.
What was the discussion?
Did she ask for money?
Are you planning the day?
I'm just trying to get some insight.
Yes, she asked for $35.
What was that for?
I don't know, um, I didn't ask.
You just gave her $35?
You didn't ask what the money was for?
She's a good
kid, so I-i just..
I just figured, I don't
know, maybe she wanted to
buy something, or lunch.
It really wasn't anything
out of the ordinary.
What about you?
Did you have an argument with your daughter?
Not at all. I cleared
my slate so I could
spend the day with my family, actually.
Is that a problem, you don't get a chance to
spend time with your family?
I'm the ambassador to Canada
from the United States.
I'm asking you a question.
I work, I have a busy day.
But I decided
to clear my-
business comes first?
Over your family?
On a normal day I go to work,
my daughter goes to school.
And do you have dinner every night at home?
Most nights.
My initial feeling on
this is that somebody's
trying to get back at you.
And I'm not trying to embarrass you
in front of your wife,
but I've read up on you
and you've had some indiscretions.
It was all over the tabloids and the
newspapers in Los Angeles.
Yes, there have been some indiscretions,
unfortunately, but..
Yes, I have been
weak. But we have-
my wife has made me stronger.
So everything's good now?
We're working on things.
Agent Sampson.
Took my eyes off her, sir.
Yes, sir.
No, sir.
Sir, I think that
I would be valu-
yes, sir.
Who was that, Washington?
They're calling you back?
Fraser here.
Good morning, Brian.
Mr. president.
You know I'm gonna take a
lot of heat for allowing
the Canadians to do their investigation.
Yes, I understand.
The ambassador is American, so the
Americans believe that we should handle it.
Yes, and we will accommodate your people
as observers,
sir. Yes, sir.
You know, Brian, the grandmother of this
little girl is a pain in the ass.
Understood, sir, yes.
Any minute now she's gonna be calling you.
Yes, yes, sir.
You know, Brian, we've
been friends a long time.
Yes, sir.
I've got 100% faith in you.
I got my best guys on it, yes, sir.
Brian, best of luck.
Thank you, sir.
Very good, sir.
If you need anything, please call me.
Okay, god bless.
Thank you.
Have I done something to offend you,
I'm just asking.
Did you not have any indiscretions?
Has your name not been in the paper?
I'm not picking on you,
I'm trying to get some background.
The next 24 hours are going to be extremely
vital to her existence,
and we want to find her,
so I need to understand
if somebody's paying you back.
To the best of my knowledge
there is no payback involved.
Well, it's too early to tell.
Did you take care of that tap?
So your phones are tapped.
Your cell phones are both
tapped and we did this
for the protection of the little girl
in case somebody calls or
somebody makes some sort of demand.
Excuse me.
Do you mind if we interview your assistant?
I have no problem with that at all.
Why do you want to do that?
How is it relevant?
I just want to interview her.
Is that okay?
Okay, interview her.
Anyways, thank you.
Thank you so much for your time.
I appreciate it.
If we hear anything you'll hear from us.
Thank you.
Thank you.
How long you known that girl?
Over three years now.
You with her every day?
Every day.
You were the babysitter.
You're not going anywhere.
I'm gonna take care of it.
I need you here..
And you need this.
Alright, you bring her in.
I gotta make a few phone calls.
I want to... for
both our benefit...
let's get a report on
what phone calls come in.
And you know what I want to know?
I want to know the phone calls that
they got yesterday and the day before.
Now that he knows they're tapped,
which phone calls stopped?
Got it.
That's important to me, please, Robert?
Thank you for being here.
My pleasure.
How long have you worked for the ambassador?
Oh, ever since the start
of his political career.
About 15 years.
Where are you from?
New York.
I went to Columbia university.
Wonderful school.
Mm hm.
During the time you've worked for him
has he had any other assistant?
No, never.
That wouldn't be necessary.
I do everything
for him. I mean,
I'm his official assistant
since the beginning.
Did that strike you as a weird question?
No, I'm here to help you.
There's been no one else.
No one else.
What was your relationship
with the little girl?
Were you a nanny to her?
No. I didn't deal
with her much.
Mostly with the ambassador.
Who dealt with her?
Her mother.
Mostly her mother.
Good mother?
Very good mother.
So you had no relationship
with the little girl?
Well, I see her now and then but
my relationship was a
professional relationship
with the ambassador.
Thank you.
Any time. If you
need anything,
please don't hesitate to call me.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Problem with our business,
when you make a mistake, when you fuck up,
no matter how big or
how little that mistake,
everyone wants to reprimand you.
Just kick you when you're down.
How come you haven't?
I didn't need to. You
reprimanded yourself.
How are you doing, guys?
I found the headphones
that belong to the girl.
And something here, I don't know
if it's important or not important,
but it's a piece of plastic,
heavy Gauge, it could be industrial.
Thought I'd check it out at the lab.
- That's it?
- That's it.
Anything on the security cameras?
We got one camera, we pulled some stuff.
Take a look.
There's not much there.
How many cameras were there?
So whoever did this..
Fucking cold..
Whoever did this knew this inside out.
Can't see the face, the
make or model of the car.
See if we can zoom right
in and see the paint,
'cause usually specific
paints are specific to
years and maybe we can
get something like that.
You're still doing that?
I gotta put something in my mouth.
It's better than sucking on a cock.
Captain.. I don't
think we're gonna
get anything else here
in this scene, alright?
It's an abduction.
Break it down.
It's up to you, it's your call.
So, uh, it's an abduction.
We don't know if it's a kidnapping,
if it's for money, or..
You know, right away we
tapped the ambassador's
phones in case somebody calls.
Good thinking.
Can we have our people get some ears
on that too, have a listen in?
Can we also maybe get a
copy of the surveillance
footage? It'd be
nice to analyze that.
Maybe we can get some teamwork and try to
expedite this 'cause
we have a young gir-
where's he going?
For what, a drink?
10:45 in the morning
he's going to drink?
Yeah... yeah.
We're trying to find a young girl
and he's going to a bar?!
The lead investigator's an alcoholic.
You know what?
He's better than all of you put together.
Crack team..
Crack team.
We're closed!
We're closed!
Thanks, I appreciate it.
So.. What's up?
We're, uh, investigating over there
and I just saw the bar.
I'm sorry.
Is that Johnny Walker blue?
Yeah, it is.
Put it on the table, please.
Uh, look, I can't do that.
Number one, it's illegal to drink
before 11:00 in a bar.
I can't serve you.
Number two, it's my boss's.
Tell your boss if he's got a problem with it
to contact me, okay?
Bring the bottle here, please.
On the rocks?
Yeah, give me a glass of ice, please.
It's $40.
That's for you.
Put the glass here, I'll pour it myself.
So you get busy here?
Only Thursdays when the
welfare checks come in.
You've worked here a long time?
Too long.
Let me ask you something.
This table here..
Do people sit at that table?
It's a regular table, right?
That's right.
When's the last time somebody sat there?
I had a customer sit there yesterday.
Nobody's been here yet today,
I'm just opening now.
What'd they look like?
I don't know, I didn't really look.
Couldn't see him.
He was wearing a baseball cap, a hood..
He was wearing a baseball cap?
Was it a black baseball cap?
I can't say for sure.
Did it have an insignia?
Did you see a red maple leaf on it?
Yeah, it had a maple leaf.
It had a maple leaf.
What did he order?
A beer.
A beer and actually it was kind of strange
because he asked for a
Canadian beer and usually
people just say "beer" or
they'll say the name of a
brand but they don't
ask for a Canadian beer.
Did he have gloves on?
Did he have the gloves on
when he was drinking the beer?
Yeah, he drank the beer with gloves.
How many beers did he have?
Just one.
Where's that bottle?
It'd be with the empties.
Is it still here?
Yeah, they don't pick up 'til Friday.
Fuck, pick up your fucking phone.
Rob, it's al. I'm
across the street.
He was here.
Get everybody.
Shut it down, lock it down,
get everybody
here now. Please.
Listen, you're gonna take
the rest of the day off
'cause this is a crime scene.
You're a good lady.
You did something really good today.
Probably saved the life of a little girl
or at least gave her a chance.
You ever been to the blind swine?
It's always packed.
I'll get you a job there,
I know the manager.
You go to the manager, you say
you're a good friend of
alfonse palermo, okay?
That's my card. You
can put that away.
Thank you.
You need to leave
now. This place
is gonna be crawling with CSI and cops.
Is that your coat?
Yeah, it's my coat.
Uh, good luck with the investigation.
I hope you find the girl.
Hey, listen, if you need to ask me further
questions I can give you my phone number.
That won't be necessary.
If I need to get a hold of you
I'll see you at the blind swine.
Okay? Thanks
for everything.
You did a good thing today.
Al, what do you got?
He was here.
He was here.
How do you know that?
How do I know that?
For the last week,
maybe two weeks, maybe even longer,
he sat there and watched you pick her up
every single night from school.
Great view of the alley and great view of
where you come around the corner
from the ambassador's house.
He watched you.
He was here.
She described him, the
bar manager, exactly like
the images we saw from the security camera.
Sir, could I ask you a question?
Call me al.
Do you know if he had a drink?
He did have a drink.
He babied a beer every time he was here.
No glass. Drank it
out of the bottle,
and he kept his gloves on.
So we have DNA.
Do you have the beer bottle?
They're all here.
We're gonna take everything
out of this place.
What do you need, al?
Take a look.
What do you see there?
Come here. Please.
Looks exactly like the
piece of plastic we found
in the alleyway.
And that ain't no coincidence.
That's impressive work.
A little unorthodox.
Excuse me.
Hang on, bud.
Sir! Sir?
Sir.. Sir!
You son of a
fucking bitch! Sir!
Hang on, hang on, hang on.
Come here.
Why are you running?
Why are you chasing me?
'Cause we're the police, buddy.
If we tell you to stop you gotta stop.
Sorry we scared you.
Let him go.
Cut him loose.
What? You're
letting him go?
I don't know..
His call.
Director, he's not here.
He would not-
yeah? Okay.
Alright, got it.
Just got a call-
did you get anything?
Hold on, I got something more important.
The director just called,
he's got a flight for you
booked from Pearson to la.
You gotta go now.
You gotta leave.
I'm not going to la.
Al, do me a
favor. Just go.
We just started the investigation.
Director wants you to go there.
The director can go piss in the wind.
Al, come on. Don't
start that shit.
What are you gonna be doing?
I'm gonna hold the fort, buddy.
Okay, do me a favor, I'll get out of here.
You gotta keep me in the loop.
Of course, just go.
Gotta put a tail on that guy.
Done. It's all
done, buddy. Go.
Miss Stewart?
Miss Stewart?
I'm inspector alfonse palermo.
I'm really sorry I startled you.
The state department's
given me permission to
interview you about the disappearance of
ambassador Adams' daughter.
Um.. I'm here
to discuss, um..
You know ambassador Adams?
I mean, it's no secret here in Los Angeles
you had an affair with him.
So you know him.
When's the last time you saw the ambassador?
Been a while.
I don't want to insult your intelligence,
but we can pull all the
video feeds from all the
cameras that are in the elevators
and all along the hall.
We know that the ambassador landed an hour
before me last night here in Los Angeles.
So I'm gonna ask you again.
If we're gonna get along
we gotta be honest with
each other and I'm gonna
be straight with you.
You gotta be straight with me, so...
When's the last time you saw the ambassador?
Did you see him last night?
It's me.
Baby, what are you doing here?
You didn't call.
You want me to leave?
No, of course not.
No, I don't want you to-
make love to me this time.
That ship has already sailed.
Baby, how about spending the night tonight?
Just this one time?
You know I can't do that.
I got a lot of stuff to take care of.
I gotta see my mother
and I gotta get back to Canada.
I'll give you this..
I love you.
..More than
my hand.
Did he stay over night?
But he came to see you.
Do you still have a relationship
going on with him?
So why did he come and see you last night?
Just to say hello?
Yeah, I guess you could say that.
Thank you for seeing me.
Again, I apologize for barging in like this.
Thank you.
My name is, uh,
inspector alfonse palermo from Canada.
I have permission granted
from the state department
to interview
Mrs. Adams on the
disappearance of her
granddaughter in Canada.
Mm hm. I'll
be right back.
Okay, you can keep this,
come on in and stay close to me.
Mr. Adams, an
honor and a pleasure
to meet you, sir.
I want to thank you so much for allowing me
in your home.
I'll let you know the dates that are
open for me.
Sit down.
Sit down.
No, I won't, I promise.
No, I'll just tell you
the dates that I do have
and then see if it works for you
and then we'll work a plan.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
Mrs. Adams, I know this
is a difficult situation
but I want to thank you so much to you
and your husband and the state department
for allowing me to interview you here.
I didn't allow you to interview me here.
I was talked into it.
Mrs. Adams, I'm sorry
you feel like that,
but my partner and our CSI group
are in Canada right now
working around the clock.
I'm here just to try to
see if there's anybody
you would think that would have a motive.
No one would have a motive.
Everybody loves my son.
Nobody would hurt
him. Nobody!
I don't have time for this.
I really don't.
Who are you calling, ma'am?
I'm calling the president, that's who.
My granddaughter is missing.
I've been briefed.
And you send me Canadian
bacon who couldn't find
his ass if he had magnifying glasses.
I understand.
We got you elected, John, and we can
get you out of that seat easy.
The Canadians have jurisdiction.
In fact, Mrs. Adams,
the commissioner is
a personal friend of mine.
I need to have the FBI look for my
granddaughter, not guys
parading in red outfits.
You can hear me but you're not listening.
We will support the Canadians
and do everything possible to get
your granddaughter back home and safe.
Yes, Mr. president.
Ask your questions.
Thank you.
Thank you, ma'am.
Um, this girl that claimed that she was
abused and manipulated by your son
and it was in all the papers..
Does she still live in Los Angeles?
Is there any truth that your family's paying
for all her expenses?
Who told you that?
Mrs. Adams, you
need to humor me.
Your son has some enemies.
Listen, if you speak about my son one more
time I'm gonna ask you to leave my house.
Everybody loves him.
Nobody would be mean to him.
Ma'am, we're not trying to say anything bad
about your son.
We're just trying to find
out who his enemies are,
who would have
motive to try-
he has no enemies!
You understand what I'm saying?
Stop talking about my son.
It means the same thing in Canada
as it does in the us.
You're out of here,
pal. Let's go.
Let's go..
There ya go.
Not moving fast enough.
Have a good day, sir.
Ryan. It's
George down here.
How ya doing, buddy?
No, I don't want any bacon.
I need a little help.
What I've gotten so far
is that there's a guy up there
that's got expertise with, as you know,
what's going on with my granddaughter.
You did?
Who put him
on a plane? Me?
You? Well, I'm
not paying then.
Hey, buddy, I love you, okay?
I'll let you know when I meet him.
How are you doing?
The senator's expecting you.
I'm sorry.
I know I should have called first.
You don't have to call, honey.
Just come home.
Um, sit, please.
Mom, I'm under a lot
of pressure. They're
trying to depict me as some sort of monster.
I'm doing everything I can
to find my daughter, Jenny.
I'm doing everything I can, mom.
I know, darling.
You're a great father and a great son.
Has anybody been here?
a whole bunch of people came from Canada
and came to see me.
Mother, I'm gonna need your support in this.
My own wife, Margaret,
has turned against me.
She thinks I had something to do with..
With Jenny's abduction.
I don't know what I'm gonna do, mom.
The world is turning on me here!
You egotistical..
lying prick.
You disgust me.
Don't you dare give a flying fuck
what your father says.
How you doing?
What's up, buddy?
He's capable.
Good. But..?
No but.
He's just, uh, damaged goods.
He lost his wife and daughter
couple of years
ago. An accident.
Got problems.
What kind of
problems? Drugs?
No, drinks.
Well, we all drink, right?
I think..
His job is what's keeping him alive.
To me that's a..
He's an asset.
I know nothing about Canada, you know?
I know they made hockey a law.
Let me stop you here for a sec.
You, I'm interested in what you think.
What do you think about him?
I think we're gonna go with him.
You think?
That's good enough for me.
Which one of you two is palermo?
You. Your name?
Robert Santos.
Robert, would you mind, um..
Leaving us alone?
No disrespect.
Thank you, my friend.
How are you?
I'm just thinking.
Just thinking.
See, the nice thing about thinking is
you don't have to talk.
So now I've thought about it..
Um, why don't you have a seat.
Thank you, sir.
So how do we start this?
What qualifies you above
everyone else as someone
who can help me find my granddaughter?
I don't know if my qualifications are up and
above everyone else, but I'm good at my job.
I've been doing it for 27 years
and my dad did it for 55 years.
And I know my city, I know my province,
and I know my
country inside-out.
And I work 15 hour days
'cause that's all I have.
You want a scotch?
Sure. If you
don't mind.
I don't mind.
Help yourself.
- Chen don.
- Chen don.
How much do you drink while you work?
Excuse me. I
asked a question.
It depends, sir.
Depends on what?
Depends on which day it is.
Which day-so
there's specific days
where you drink more or less?
Whether you're on a case or not?
Whether I'm on a case or not, sir.
Sir, the only thing I
have right now is my job
'cause my family's not here.
I want you to listen to me now carefully.
I have nothing but deep
sorrow for what happened
to you and your family
and.. It hurts.
Oh, yeah.
But you have to understand
that I'm now in..
I'm now in a spot that you unfortunately
have been in, okay?
So I hope you understand that
I'm not insulting you when I ask you..
If you drink beyond your capabilities
to do the job?
Sir.. Straight up?
If I can't do my job I will stay home.
But I do my job every day, and right now
I only have one file on my desk
and that's your granddaughter, sir.
That's my mandate.
I like you, son.
Thank you, sir.
You know, senator..
I want to thank you
for inviting me here to your lovely house
and speaking to me.
And actually..
Actually, sir, I have to be honest with you.
I find it refreshing that
you have confidence in me
and I will do my best.
I will do my best, sir.
I gotta get back,
and thank you for sending a plane for us.
You do your best.
I will, sir.
Thank you, sir.
I don't want to go in there
and do this time, man.
You know, they do..
They do really terrible
things to people like me
and I'm scared...
I'm really scared.
Isn't there some other place
they could take me to maybe
and not put me in the general population?
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry, I didn't mean it!
Can you help me?
I know they were young, but..
I can't help it. I can't help it.
I'm sorry!
You know what?
You know what? Fuck
yourselves, you guys.
Fuck yourselves
'cause I'll go in and-
I'll go in. I'll go
in and.. Fuck you!
Why am I here? This
is a retro disco bar
and I don't want to be here.
There's a gift for you here that comes
gift wrapped, do you understand?
What kind of gift is that?
The biggest... I
said the biggest...
pedophile in the entire
fuckin' world is in this
fuckin' room right now, you understand me?
And what do you think he likes?
Little girls in kilts?
When do you think he was released?
You tell me. You
know everything.
Friday. That tell
you something?
Where is he?
He's right here at the bar.
Which one is he?
This is fuckin' desperado night.
Right there, the guy
with the fuckin' earring.
Oh, fuck. I
love this song.
I love this fuckin' song.
You're a dancer?
A dancer? Did you
say I'm a dancer?
I make Fred Astaire look like he's in a
fuckin' wheelchair, you understand me?
What are you doing?
What's the matter with you?
Man, do I know you?
No, but I know you.
You're-you're a cop.
You're a cop, man.
Say it.
Special agent,
and I look for little assholes like you.
Isn't she a little too old for you, buddy?
I'm just here with my girlfriend
having some fun.
Alright, guy?
Okay, cop?
I did my time.
Three years.. Three
years I served my time,
cleaned my slate, alright?
So why don't you just back off?
Enjoy your
scotch. Okay?
Back off.
You know that it's
a criminal offense-
ah! Alright,
man, alright.
Alright, alright, alright.
You understand?
I got it, I got it. You
don't like being pushed.
Too bad, jerk.
You know what, you son of a bitch?
You got yourself a first
class ticket to jail.
You can't hit an officer of the law,
you pedophile
bastard. Cocksucker.
Where's my..
Where is it?
There it is.
Right there.
Grab me that, will you?
What the fuck is that?
I'm a popper, man.
What do you mean, a popper?
I'm a popper!
Um.. A little girl
was abducted
this morning on her way to school.
You, uh, got out on Friday
and your m.O.'S
very clear.
You like little girls with kilts.
You went to prison because of a
So two things are gonna happen.
Either we're gonna hold you tonight for
hitting a police officer and put you in jail
which is a breach of your probation,
you understand what I'm saying to you?
So you're gonna fuckin' listen to me.
I don't need to hear your shit.
What is this?
Well, see...
What is this?
Let me show you.
Just let me show you.
You're my friend, I thought.
I'm not your friend.
Alright. I'm a
popper, see?
Pop, pop, pop.
What's a popper?
Well, it's just like a thing you do,
it's a nervous thing I do.
Sometimes I order big packages to my house
'cause I know it'll be wrapped with
so much popper material.
Can anybody vouch for you,
where you were on Monday?
Well, yeah.
Monday morning?
Yeah, Monday morning I
was, uh, I was popping.
Okay, stop.
Seriously, my Patience is this thin.
I'll just lock you up and leave.
If you want even a minute chance of
getting your ass back home instead of
having your ass back there in jail..
Shut the fuck up and listen to me.
Can somebody vouch for where you were
Monday morning, yes or no?
Yes, my sister and my
brother in law can vouch.
I live in my sister's garage.
This is what we're gonna do.
I'm gonna let you
go. You're gonna go.
I'm gonna give you my card..
And I want to hear from you in two days
because I know you guys..
Guys like you..
You sick fucks, you share shit.
You all know each other.
If I don't hear back from you in two days
I'm gonna come get you
and I'm gonna make sure
the assault charges and the
breach of probation are gonna stick.
'Cause I got maybe 100 fuckin' witnesses
that saw a sick little fuck like you
assaulting a police officer.
You understand me?
Yeah, I got you.
Just say "yes", do you understand me?
You make me fuckin' sick.
If it were up to me I'd fuckin' fix you.
Two fuckin' days.
Three fuckin' days
we don't hear from you, I'm gonna fuckin'
come and get you.
You hear me?
Yeah, I got it.
Okay, listen. Stay
here, sit tight.
We're gonna get somebody to process you
and then you can go home.
Hey, thanks for the water.
Go fuck yourself.
It's nice water.
Good evening, sir.
Welcome to big red's.
How may I help you?
I'm meeting
Mrs. Adams here..
For a meeting.
Sorry, I can't let you in there without
a dinner jacket, sir, and shirt and tie.
I can take my jacket off if you want.
Uh, no. You can
leave your jacket on.
Bradley, what's going on here?
This gentleman says he
has a meeting with you.
Well, he's a dear friend of mine.
You have to let him in.
Thank you, Bradley.
Come with me.
Sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you.
Oh, no. Please.
Your son in law is here.
Send him in.
Dad, you wanted to see me?
Take a seat.
Please have a seat.
Thank you.
Thank you for joining
me on such short notice,
special agent.
Should I call you special agent?
Just call me alfonse.
Or maybe Alfie?
Alfonse is fine, please.
Do you drink wine?
Yes, I do, actually.
I have a wonderful brunello
I've ordered for us.
Hopefully everything works out for you.
Thank you.
So what did you want to talk about?
Let's order something first.
You know what?
To be honest with you,
um, I'm not that hungry.
So what did you want to
talk about, Mrs. Adams?
I saw something in your eyes..
Something familiar.
Probably, uh,
in a way can kind of relate to.
I just want to know if my daughter's
going to be okay.
We're doing our best.
I guess I just sometimes
get lonely, you know.
I know how you feel.
My husband's always traveling and, you know,
he's always.. He's
just busy working.
I just saw something in your eyes.
Mrs. Adams, I came here
because I thought you
wanted to talk about the situation..
Yes, of course, of course.
..With your daughter.
But I really don't understand your, um..
Line of questioning.
I guess I just wanted company.
That's great.
We don't have to do this if you don't..
Feel comfortable.
I'm really not comfortable.
I mean.. I'm
not comfortable.
I came here to talk about the case.
Are there any further details,
or is there any more information?
Any more leads?
Actually, um.. Today
was a good day.
We had surveillance
video on-
actually, I don't think
I want to talk about it.
I don't know what I want.
I'm just really confused right now.
Well, if you really want
to help us, and I'm sure
you do.. Anything
that you can think of.
Right now it's really
strange that we haven't
received any
ransom- or any calls.
No, nothing.
So.. Does your husband
have any enemies?
My husband
yeah, I think maybe there's people out there
that don't like him.
Do you think there's anybody out there
that wouldn't like him enough
to hurt him by hurting his family?
I hope not.
You okay?
Well.. You know
what's going on, right?
Who are you talking to?
Let me tell you something.
If, god forbid..
God forbid.. I find
out you have anything
whatsoever to do with this whole thing..
Listen to me and look at me.
I will beat you like a
red-headed stepchild.
I will rip your tongue out, okay,
and I'll mail it to your mother.
You understand what I'm saying?
She's my daughter!
Act like a father.
Not some pumped up little pimp that you are.
Am I stupid?
You're married to my daughter.
If I wasn't a senator, okay,
I'd break every bone in your face.
Are we clear?
You behave like a gentleman.
You behave like a father.
You behave like a man..
Or I'll make you a girl.
Get him out.
Look, my husband can be a
real asshole sometimes.
Yeah, how can he be an asshole?
He's in total control of
himself when he speaks.
Well, that's what he does, doesn't he?
I don't know your husband.
You know your husband.
He has a job to do and a facade to put up
and, you know..
People buy into it.
Mrs. Adams, I don't
mean to be disrespectful.
You seem like a very nice
lady and very Sincere,
but why are we here?
I'll tell you straight up.
I came here as an investigator..
Because I just felt like there was
nobody else I could talk to.
So if there's anything, um, that you hear,
if you get a
phone call-
and I'm just gonna let you know,
uh, out of respect for you..
Your phones are tapped.
And we didn't tap them
because of anything that
you did, we tapped them
in case somebody calls.
That's fine, I have nothing to hide.
My husband, on the other hand..
Thank you. Thank
you for the wine.
I'm gonna have to get going.
Take care.
Thank you.
If you need anything let me know, okay?
Of course.
Thank you.
How could you do this to me?
I'm so glad you're finally in here.
I can't believe you came
in through the back door.
We never use that door.
But I'm glad.
It's two and a half years.
You have to sleep in your own bed now.
You can't sleep on the couch anymore.
I love you.
Why did you leave me?
Everybody dies, honey.
I was just pushed to the front of the line.
I'm sorry, honey.
I'm always with you.
I'm always here with you.
You're not.
I'm here with you.
It's not real.
Dad, I can't. I
can't go right now.
I need to be
here. Okay?
No, I know, I know, I know.
But I just really need to be here
in case somebody calls, okay?
I know everything's gonna be fine.
I do. Okay?
I don't know where he is, I don't know.
I know, that's what the police said.
They did, they said that in the interview.
They took all the
information. They have-
yeah, we gave them a picture of her.
Okay. Alright,
thank you.
I know, I love you too.
Okay. Alright.
Okay, bye.
Margaret. What's
the matter?
What's the matter?
What's the matter?!
Are you fucking kidding me?!
Are you fucking kidding me?
Our fucking daughter is gone!
That's what's the matter, you stupid prick!
You! This is all
because of you!
You think I'm stupid, don't you?
You think I'm fucking stupid!
Find our fucking daughter, you asshole!
Mr. ambassador.. With
all your connections
and all your people and
all your fucking women.
Get out of my fucking sight now!
Get out of my fucking sight!
I hate you.
Sonny and Cher..
Join me for lunch.
Who is it?!
Secret service Canada.
Aw, shit.
The door's open, for Christ's sake!
Thank you for coming in
on such short notice.
We're dealing with a
case of a missing person.
We have the abduction of a little girl.
This is secret service agent Sampson.
He's the last person who was with her,
as far as we know.
I'm stuck. I'm just stuck.
If you could provide any
kind of initial insight..
I'm gonna let agent Sampson provide you
with some details.
I'm special agent al palermo.
Sorry to disturb your lunch.
Special agent Robert Santos.
I thought the FBI was
handling this investigation.
The abduction occurred in Canada.
Shut up! I'm
talking to him.
Uh, we're in Canada, it happened in Canada
so it's Canadian jurisdiction.
The alleged abduction.
We have no clue
if it is an abduction or a kidnapping,
but we came to ask you some questions.
But I want to ask you something.
Well, I'm gonna tell you something.
I'm about to have my dinner and this is the
high point of my fuckin'
life these days, so..
I apologize.
A child's life is at stake.
I want to tell you,
I only have enough for one person, okay?
Crystal clear.
Let me ask you something..
Why do you leave the door unlocked upstairs?
That's unsafe, sir.
I don't give a shit.
The worst that can happen is I get killed.
Ha ha!
You were the driver for the family?
How long, sir?
Over 40 years.
Probably close to
50 years. Fuck 'em.
And how come you're not employed
by them anymore, sir?
Because they fired me.
I was late one fuckin'
time in 40 fuckin' years
and they fired me!
Good afternoon, ambassador.
Hello Florence.
I'm terribly sorry I was late.
I was only a little late.
I was feeling
ill... sick.
No problem.
Thank you.
What are you doing, Florence?
I'm going to drive the car.
How can you drive the car
if you don't work for me?
I don't understand.
You're fired!
You fucking idiot!
You left me standing
on the sidewalk for four minutes!
I'm not trying to upset you, I swear to you.
I came here to get some
background and understand
your relationship with ambassador Adams.
Okay. Wonderful
family, nice people.
Great guy.
They're the, um,
apple pie of the United States of America.
Ha ha ha!
You want to hear my version?
He's a cocksucker.
That's what he is.
Can you expand on that, sir?
Cocksucker could be a lot of things, sir.
They're a lousy family.
The truth of the matter is they're lousy.
Why would you stay for 40 plus,
or 50 years with this family?
Because I love their
daughter. That's why.
The ambassador's wife?
No, the kid.
The kid who's missing?
What was your relationship with her?
I loved her. I was like a grandpa.
Hey, I'd never hurt that kid.
I'd never hurt that
kid. I loved that girl.
I'd.. I'd
kill him!
But I wouldn't shoot him.
That would be too simple.
I'd crack his fuckin'
neck like a nutcracker.
When did this animosity
between the two of you start, sir?
I never liked the son of a bitch.
Even when he was a child?
He was a shitty kid.
Turn that fuckin' shit off!
Don't you dare turn around!
Am I a suspect?
Answer me, for Christ's sake.
Well, sir. I'm not
gonna bullshit you.
You've been straight with us,
I'm gonna be straight with you.
Everybody's a suspect.
But, you know-
ha ha ha! I'm a
suspect! Ha ha ha ha!
That's good news to me.
I'll drink to that even.
Hey, hey!
That's great.
Then by the time I got around the alley..
She was gone.
Her headphones were on the ground.
This is really strange, but I'm getting
breathing, which means she's still alive.
I'm really getting that strong.
She's very frightened.
She's very frightened, she's shaking..
A little bit, and, you know,
holding on for dear life pretty well.
Somehow I think that you're gonna find her.
I feel like she's alive still.
Can you give me an indication
or a sense of a location?
Could she-could she
be in the vicinity
of where we are right now?
She's in a very dark place,
I can't see through her eyes.
What do you mean "dark"?
It's scary, I can't see any more.
It's so scary and, you know,
I can't see 'cause it's dark around her.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
I hope you find her.
I want you to get back to your lovely lunch.
It smells absolutely spectacular.
And get back to your beautiful music.
What was that, "la forza del destino"
by verdi I heard?
Yes, it was. Boy,
you like music.
I love music.
Music is the companion of the soul.
My favorite piece is madame butterfly
with jan peerce and albanese.
Beautiful tenor, beautiful soprano.
That recording.. I mean,
it's all scratched up
I played it so many fucking times.
Yeah, I love music too.
if you can think of anything to help the
little girl, which, I know you want to..
Here's my card.
My number's there and I would greatly
appreciate it if you think of anything.
You mind if I call you "Alfonso"?
Not at all, sir. My
dad called me Alfonso.
Pleasure's mine, sir.
I really appreciate the time you gave us
and we apologize for
barging in on your lunch.
I don't dislike you that much either.
Ha ha!
Thank you, sir.
We'll see ourselves out.
And do me a favor..
Lock that door.
Lock the door, sir.
Too late for that.
Nice to meet
you, Mr. Florence.
Nice meeting you.
Some friends of mine are
friends with the sheriff
in niagara falls, New York.
Apparently he told my friend that the
ambassador is a scumbag
and the ambassador got
arrested at the casino for making some
inappropriate remarks and
inappropriate advances.
And then they dropped the charges
because something happened.
What do you mean,
"they dropped the charges,
something happened"?
They dropped the
charges. Mysteriously
everything went, so that means our friend,
Mr. ambassador,
has got some very
serious, serious friends,
you know what I'm saying?
Excuse me.
Yeah, can I help you gentlemen?
My name is detective alfonse palermo
from secret service Canada.
This is my partner.
Robert Santos.
We have a meeting with sheriff Williams.
Sheriff Williams,
there's a couple of guys here to see you.
Okay, thanks.
He'll be right out.
Thank you for seeing us, sheriff Williams.
My name is special agent alfonse palermo,
this is my partner.
Robert Santos.
Samuel told me you guys wanted to ask me
some questions or something?
For the ambassador of the
United States to Canada.
Okay, come on in.
Thank you, appreciate it.
Come on, have a seat, guys.
Thank you, sir.
Sheriff Williams, thank you for seeing us.
Samuel is a very, very dear friend of mine.
In fact, he helped me
through a very tough time
and he says nothing but
great things about you.
He's a good friend of yours, right?
Yes, he is.
In Canada right now we're investigating
the abduction or the disappearance
we really have no
clue which one it is...
of the very young daughter
of ambassador Adams
and Samuel said there's
some connection with you.
I got a call from the
casino that there was a
guy down there that was
drunk, loud, obnoxious,
sexually harassing a young girl
at the Blackjack table.
And then what happened, sir?
Well, I went down there myself.
You went there personally?
Yes, sir, and we arrested him.
Took him back here and
put him in a holding cell.
No sooner did I put him in the cell
I got a phone call asking me to release him.
Who told you to release him?
I'd rather not say.
But I told him to fuck off,
I wasn't gonna do it.
Good for you.
And 30 seconds later..
Maybe a minute at the
most, I got another phone
call from someone at the top of the mountain
telling me to release
him and I released him.
Because I didn't want to be under
the fucking mountain, that's why.
Sheriff Williams, may I ask you a question?
You really hate ambassador Adams,
don't you?
Fuckin' right I do.
I think he's a piece of shit.
I hate that motherfucker.
He deserves to be put away.
Hey, wait a minute.
Are you thinking I'm a suspect here?
Are you serious, you two?
You know what?
Get the fuck out of my office, you guys.
Come on, get the fuck out now!
Sheriff, thank you for your time.
Fuck you, get out!
What do you got?
You have to go change,
this is a sterile environment.
I'm not gonna change.
You look like a fucking ant.
Tell me what you got, hurry up.
This is from the alley.
This is from the bar.
Alley.. Bar.
They did a DNA of plastic,
these are exactly
the same. Identical.
That can only
belong to that? How?
Okay, same Gauge.
Okay, so?
Same resin, the cure is exactly the same.
These come from exactly the same roll.
100% guaranteed?
Yeah, from the same roll.
So the person that was
in the bar was stalking
the laneway and that
was stuck in their foot.
If there's grooves on the bottom,
like tread,
this would stick to it
from wherever they were walking.
It's unbelievable.
What a day.
I'll be back in a minute.
Gonna get al, see if he wants to join us.
Where were you? We've
been waiting here all night.
Look, these bordoons are here.
I'm with my wife, Janet.
Come sit down, come say hello.
Who's that?
Al, she's a friend.
I'm married, okay?
Al, it's been two
years. Sit down.
I'm married.
Al, two years.
Who are you...
I'm married.
Right here, still.
See that?
Mind your own fuckin' business.
How are you doing, al?
I'm doing good.
Calm down, hm?
Calm down? What are
you, a psychiatrist?
Why don't you mind your own business.
Go back with your, uh, bordoonies there
and finish your drink.
Come on, cool it, al.
Jesus Christ.
Good evening.
Stop playing this shit.
This bar, ladies and gentlemen,
is very special to me 'cause my wife..
My wife loved coming here.
That was the
last time.. Um..
She lied to me.
She said she was gonna stay with me..
That she was gonna be with me forever..
Hm.. Forever.
She betrayed me.
She went and died.
The last time I saw her alive was here,
celebrating my, uh..
My daughter's graduation.
She's still here, my wife.
She's looking at me.
I know you can't see her
but maybe I'm going crazy.
You ruined my life.
You used to say "don't live with
somebody you can live with.
Live with somebody you can't live without".
Al, buddy.
You ruined my life!
Fuck off!
I'll just put this down for you here.
Listen, I want to thank you.
I've made more money here than I did
in a year at that old place.
No problem.
Just keep 'em coming tonight.
Listen, al, that's your fourth shot.
Maggie, I like you.
Let's keep it that way.
Just keep 'em coming.
I'll just keep 'em coming.
That girl wants to bang you.
Why do you have to be disrespectful?
If you don't want to bang her,
I'll bang her.
You want to bang everybody.
You alright, al?
Sorry. Sorry
about before.
I'm just a little stressed out.
I know the feeling.
Where's the senator?
Oh, he stepped in.
Maggie? I want to
buy another round
for my friends over here, okay?
Celebrating bullshit.
Celebrating stress.
Celebrating dysfunctionality.
Your scotch is coming up.
Hey, baby. Let me
buy you a drink.
Can I have a sparkling water?
Come on, what's wrong?
I'm here alone, you're here alone..
I'm not here alone.
What do you mean, you're not here alone?
I'm not, okay?
Come on.
Just one drink.
She's your friend.
We're eating
peanuts. Go.
Come on, Hercules.
Amy, you okay?
Go see Janet. She
wants to talk to you.
What are you doing?
What do you mean, what am I doing?
Why are you bothering her?
Who said I'm bothering her?
I saw you bothering her.
Why are you bothering her?
Shut up, little
man, before I-
wait a minute.
I'm not a little man.
Secret service Canada.
Ha! Fuck the secret
service can-ahh!
It's okay, it's
okay. Relax.
Glass of water.
It's okay.
Now drink the glass of water
and get the fuck outta here.
You're taking all the oxygen
from the rest of us, you understand me?
Yes, sir.
Alright, get the fuck outta here.
Thank you.
Did you need our help?
I'm surprised he's still walking.
I'm gonna get another round for everybody.
No, no.
Aw, guys,
guys.. Relax.
Okay, you fucking wimps.
I want a drink.
Give me a double, a double scotch.
I can't, you've had enough.
I got you this job here,
you're gonna betray me like that?
If I get you another drink
I'm gonna get fired.
And because I don't want to betray you
is why I'm not getting you a drink.
Al.. I've known you
for a long time.
I can't serve you anymore.
Fuck you.
Thanks, al.
I'm out.
Fuck you.
Put him out.
Been coming here for 25 fucking years
and they cut me off?
Prick bastards.
I want my keys, man.
I'm not leaving my car here.
Give me my fucking keys.
And you're not driving it.
You're a shitty driver.
I don't have your keys.
You got my keys.
I saw you-
no, no.
Come on.
I am not drunk.
If I was drunk-i
know myself, okay?
And I didn't even drink that fuckin' much.
He had a good time is all.
I'm not gonna give you
your keys, you know that.
Don't make me beat the shit out of you.
Just give me my fuckin' keys.
If after 25 years you want to beat the
fuckin' shit out of me, go ahead.
I'm not giving you your keys, understand?
You called my dad?
Hey, listen to me, okay?
You're not the only person
who lost something, alright?
I lost your mother too.
I just want my keys, dad.
You got no fuckin'
keys. No keys.
You're gonna go home
with me. Understand?
You're gonna grow up.
Grow up!
We all lose people.
You understand me?
Let's go home.
Come on.
Let's get the hell outta here.
Oh, al..
You're breaking my heart.
Why are you doing this to yourself?
Why are you doing this to me?
You're dead.
You're dead. Can't
you stay dead?
If I stay dead, you won't live.
As soon as you start living I'll leave.
But you have to choose to live, al.
You can't kill yourself.
You killed me the day you died.
I love you.
Why am I here?
I've been a fan of yours for a long time.
That's nice.
Hear me out.
I got this position 'cause of you.
I don't have all fucking night, come on.
Look, with all due respect, I need to
tell you some things about your son.
About my son?
What about my son?
Joseph, he's a special agent.
He comes in
drunk.. Disheveled.
He doesn't shave.
He doesn't care.
He's a renegade.
He doesn't listen to anything that I say.
Do you hear me?
Let me tell you something, okay?
I put you here.
I worked for four prime ministers!
I was trudeau's man.
My son.. Drunk, sober,
or whatever the fuck,
is the best you've ever had!
Don't give me any bullshit about my son!
Don't tell me anything about upstairs!
You just take care of it
and take care of my son!
You understand me?
Yes, I do.
I don't want to come here again!
I'm sorry...
Sorry, Joseph.
Where is he?
Where is he?!
He's in there.
Six frickin' hours.
You got a key? Give
me the fucking key!
Open the door.
I'll wait out here.
You.. You
piece of shit!
Listen, you fuckin' piece of shit!
What are you doing, you prick?
You're supposed to be looking for my
granddaughter, you dirty,
lowlife, scumbag, you!
My granddaughter I trusted you with!
I bet on you.
I bet everything I had on you.
I'm gonna kill you,
I swear to god I'm gonna kill you.
Do it. Do me a
fuckin' favor,
put me out of my fuckin' misery.
Do it. I'm tired of
this, do it. Please.
Alright, alright.
Okay, shh.
I'm so fucking tired.
Okay, we'll fix it, okay?
We'll fix it.
You and my granddaughter.
Come in,
Mr. palermo.
Sit down over there if you would, please?
Odd way to meet you, Alfonso.
You're not gonna make this easy, are you?
Please. I promised
I would come here.
Tell me what you gotta tell me, please.
First of all, what do
you want me to call you?
Alfonso? Al?
Al's fine.
Al's fine, okay.
Well, my name is
Dr. Amanda Walker
and I'd like you to
call me Dr. Walker.
How's that?
That's fine.
Okay, good.
Now before we continue,
I want you to...
boy, you have a complicated history here.
Let me just start with this notion that
you could let go of, or have closure with
the fact you've been through this trauma,
that you have lost your
wife and your whole family
in one shot, is nonsense.
Why do we have to talk about that right now?
I have a case.
The senator wants me to
find his granddaughter.
I shouldn't be here talking to you
trying to be psychoanalyzed.
I can see pain coming out of
every single one of your pores.
Every cell in your being is screaming pain,
and if you don't look at it..
You can't be helped.
It won't go away.
I know you have a job
now where you're needed.
I understand you're very complicated.
I understand you're really, really good
at what you do..
But I can't help you
if you don't want to be helped.
I really can't.
So ask me your questions.
Let's get this dance going.
Do what you gotta do.
It's not quite that simple.
First of all, I have to
ask you a very awkward
question and I'm going to
tell you ahead of time,
if you answer "yes" I have to call
the authorities and tell them.
So let's cover that ground right now.
If in fact you want to die,
you have to know that if you tell me that
I want you to
really hear me...
I have to call the police.
I walk around with a loaded 9 mm beretta
every day. If
I wanted to
put it in my fuckin' mouth and end it
I would do it.
So can you stop trying to psychoanalyze me?
I'm not trying to psychoanalyze you.
I'm trying to help you.
I'm trying to get you to
take all that pain and
not "get over it", that's just nonsensical.
Who could get over losing your daughter
and your wife?
How do I get over that?
You don't get over that,
but what you can do is
you can learn to take
all that pain and put it
in some part of yourself that separates it
from the other things
you're feeling so you can
function without that bottle of scotch a day
without cutting it off,
that you can function.
We're trying to get you
better so you don't hurt
as much. And it's
possible because..
I've been there. I
have been there.
You lost your family in one night?
In one second, in one flash?
In one moment your whole destiny
goes down the fucking drain,
all your aspirations,
all you ever lived for?
Everything you hoped for are gone?
You've done that?
I've lost a lot, let's leave it at that.
We're not here to talk about me,
but the pain you must be feeling
is something that a few
of us have been through
and it is enormous and it never leaves.
But you have to learn to cope with it
better than you're doing.
I mean, look at you.
Just look at you.
You could use a shower. No?
Oh, Alfonso.
I think for today we've
covered enough ground.
I'll tell you what.
I'll tell you what...
can we make a deal?
Here's the deal.
Can you try coming back
one more time and, before
you come, instead of seeing me as the enemy,
open up your heart a little bit and go
"she's a fellow human being,
she's been through a lot.
Maybe we can help each other".
Can you do that?
I can't promise you, but I'll do my best.
It's nice meeting
you, Dr. Walker.
Thank you for your time.
Hello, who is this?
Hello, it's Bernard.
Bernard Florence.
Mr. Florence,
how are you?
Call me Bernie, uh?
I'm okay.
I came across your card
and I've been thinking
a lot and I have a confession to make.
You've got a confession to make?
Yeah, something's been bothering me.
I haven't been totally
honest with you and it's
been driving me a little
crazy, I gotta tell you.
I came across your card just now and..
Anyway, do you mind if I tell you something?
Go ahead.
I'm all ears.
I've been driving that son of a bitch
for a lot of years and one thing happened
that drove me a little crazy.
The more I think about it
the more I feel it can be
of help to you, if you know what I'm saying.
I mean, I was in the front seat many times
when he had different
people in the back seat,
you know, and I played like
I didn't hear what was going on
but I knew what was going on all the time.
And there was one time, one particular time
when his assistant, Marie,
she was like his private colluder.
So, ambassador, I rearranged your schedule.
I've now got the ministry of transportation
meeting for you at
3:00 instead of 4:00.
Would that work for you, sir?
You know, I can't hear you.
So as I was saying..
The minister of transportation,
he can meet
you at-
can you do me a favor?
Don't be silly.
I got a meeting.
Honey, I love you so much.
You know I want to be with you.
I would do anything for you.
Don't be foolish.
I've got a daughter.
I have a family.
If I didn't have a daughter
maybe things would be different.
She talked about leaving his wife
and marrying her.
So the reason he couldn't marry her
was because he had a daughter?
What I heard her say basically was "well,
what if you didn't
have a daughter?"
Bernie, indulge
me. Listen to me.
I'm trying to understand
what you're telling me.
You're telling me that he basically said
if he didn't have a daughter, if he did not
have a daughter getting in the way,
he would leave his wife
and marry this bitch?
Is that what you're telling me?
That's what he inferred, yeah.
And it disturbed the hell outta me
when I realized his daughter disappeared.
If I suspected anybody..
Uh, it might be her.
You know, Bernie.
You made my day,
and if I was there I'd give you a kiss.
You're a good man.
Hey, I'm not saying she did it!
Bernie, leave that to us.
I want to give you this advice.
Anytime you need me, you call me
and maybe we'll go break some bread.
Okay, Bernie?
You're a good guy,
alfonse. Believe me.
I don't like many cops but I like you.
Bernie, god bless and you have a good day.
Thank you.
You too.
Meet me at Marie MacDonald's place now.
I just got a call from the driver.
And I knew I liked that man right away.
It's her...
It's her.
I never liked the assistant.
I don't like the ambassador, but it's her.
What are you doing?
I'm liking your Cologne.
What do you mean by that?
It's better than the old one.
What's the old one?
Johnny Walker.
You be fucking serious for now,
and I'm gonna handle this.
You lead, I'll follow, man.
I've had enough of this shit.
This is it.
Ms MacDonald.
Sorry to come here at such an early hour
but I need to talk
to you. It's urgent.
You mind if we come in?
Sure, come on in.
Ask you a few questions.
Come on in.
Is the ambassador alright?
Can you please
sit down? Please.
Sorry to intrude on you
like this, ms MacDonald,
but.. Where are
you moving to?
Oh, I'm moving to the ambassador's house.
It's just to save costs.
I'm sorry, why are you moving there?
It's going to save us
money and I'll be closer
because there's so much stuff going on
during the day.
Uh huh.
We have a very busy schedule so it's better
if I'm closer to him.
Uh huh.
I want to ask you..
On the morning of the abduction,
where were you?
By the way, forgive me for the mess here.
I was packing,
so that's why there's all the boxes.
You told us before that you were moving.
Where were you on the
morning of the abduction?
I was packing.
By yourself?
Did you have movers here?
No. You know what?
I do have an agenda
and I do have the
name of the moving-
I'm asking you a simple question, please.
I'm tired.. Please.
I'm not patient right now.
We're running out of time, so I'm gonna ask
you questions and I want straight answers.
- You understand?
- Of course.
I don't want to be manipulated
or jerked off. I
don't have time.
So I'm not gonna use any decorum with you,
I'm gonna be black and white.
I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Can anybody vouch for you on the morning,
Monday morning?
Can somebody
physically fucking tell
me that they saw you?
You have my word.
Your word means shit
to me. You understand?
Where were you... I'm
not gonna ask you again...
where were you
between 7:00 and 8:30?
Ah, I was in my living room and I was
packing up... I remember
this very vividly...
I was packing up this
couch with plastic-
and who was here with you?
So the short answer is..
Nobody can vouch that they were with you
during that timeline.
Let me ask you another question.
What's your relationship
with the ambassador?
Oh, I'm his personal assistant.
I do everything for him.
You ever fuck him?
I don't have to answer that question.
No, you don't.
Have you given him
blow jobs ever in the limousine?
Ever blow him in the back seat of the limo?
I don't have to answer that question.
I'll tell you which question
you have to answer.
I want to know where the little girl is.
Because right now I'm smelling kidnapping.
After that it's kidnapping and murder.
I don't know where she is.
You don't know where she is?
No, I don't.
You don't know where she is, eh?
Listen, I've never hit a woman
in my entire life, ever.
I don't like that shit, but..
Look at me. You cunt.
I'm gonna ask you once.
Where is that little girl?
She's at the Johnson brothers warehouse.
The old storage place.
I know where it is.
I know exactly where it is.
Take this bitch and put
her in a fucking cage
and get everybody down there.
You disgust me.
Come on, get up.
Come on.
Jesus fucking Christ.
I'm just pulling in right now,
my dad's waiting for me.
Brothers Johnson public
storage... you got it?
Send in everybody.
Is she alive?
Come on..
Come on!
Stay in the fucking car!
Those were the instructions.
Stay in the fucking car!
Motion detectors.
It's a rat.
Listen, son. We're
gonna need help here.
Do you understand?
Too many boxes, too many barrels.
We can't go through them all alone.
I think I know where she is.
You do?
I do.
Follow your instinct.
Oh, my god.
Touch her neck and see if she's alive, dad.
Yeah, she has a pulse.
Come here, honey.
Come here, sweetie.
Come on, come on, honey.
Come on...
Come on.
Put your arms here.
I'm embarrassed.
I soiled myself.
Don't be embarrassed, honey.
You made our day.
She's alive!
Yes, sir.
It's the president of the United States.
He asked to speak to you.
Mrs. Adams?
Hello, John.
I got two pieces of news for you.
We found your granddaughter..
..And she's alive.
Oh.. She's alive.
She's alive!
Of course she's alive.
She's an Adams.
Jenny.. Jenny,
open your eyes.
Open your eyes,
baby. Look at me.
This is never gonna happen again, okay?
I'm taking you to school
every day from now on.
Are you okay?
I promise this will never happen again.
Come on, sweetie.
It's her daddy.
Whatever you need and whenever you need it.
Thank you.