The Red Shoes: Next Step (2023) Movie Script

call, Sam. Five minutes.
Thanks, Marion.
Sam. No phones side stage.
- Sam-
- Annie.
Sam. You look so beautiful.
I'm about to go on.
What?! Oh, god.
I'm so nervous.
Are you crazy? You're gonna
kill it.
I'll try.
Just enjoy it. You've earned it.
It was yours though. Your role.
And it's yours now.
Hey, look what I bought.
Red shoes to celebrate.
Oh, yes. I love them.
And I love you.
Sam. 20 seconds.
Now, remember, when the
curtain drops
and you go on for your bow...
Your big sister is already
proud of you..
Annie, answer me!
What's going on? Annie!
Tell me you're okay! Please.
Please! I'm so sorry!
Talk to me! Are you there?!
Annie, please answer the phone!
I'm sorry!
Nah, think about it.
The universe is infinite, but
everything's tied together.
You know, like a, like a chain.
Yeah, like a chain.
You know, every link is
like this, never been broken.
So, if we're part of that
we're already connected.
And since we're already
well, your numbers should
already be in my cell.
- Hey.
- "Doctor Jackson's.
Principles of the Universe"?
You got that off YouTube?
It doesn't make it any less
- Wait, no, no, no.
- Where are you guys going?
All I said was good, yeah?
Wait, come back. I'm not done.
Was this close.
You know, maybe
you and I... Uh, okay.
In your dreams, Freddy.
All right.
What is going on?!
- Whoa.
- Eve!
Time to go.
Is your dad still mad?
Who cares? Not
like we talk anyway.
High Volume or Ultimate Potion?
Oh, darling. Definitely
the Ultimate Potion.
Oh. Try this.
How do you wear that stuff?
Well, when it's free...
Wait. Was that paper due today?
Yesterday. You skipped,
Aw, crap. Did you do it?
I just wrote about
consumerism's influence
on the female psyche.
How none of us are ever
really good enough
without the Diors or the
What? I'm so screwed.
Okay, way, way more
important than that.
Freddy won't stop talking
about you.
Uh, no thanks.
Oh, come on, he's cute.
In like a not all there type
of way.
Yeah, definitely a big no.
Thank you.
Oh. Yeah, not, not that way.
200 hours community service.
Not again.
What do you think she's in for?
Misdemeanour assault
with a curling iron.
I stabbed a barista with a
fork. You?
Let's go, Samantha.
- Mom, I can't just leave.
- No, it's fine, Sam.
I'm sure my dad will turn up
I'm fine, Sam.
Just make sure she doesn't
have a fork.
Catch up soon.
I would prefer you didn't.
Might have no choice, Mrs. C.
Looks like trash duty for
the next couple months.
"Doing our part for a
cleaner, brighter tomorrow."
Now, Samantha.
So, how big was the fork?
It's all arranged.
Sure this is a good idea?
Want her picking up trash
by the highway
the rest of her life with
that Eve girl?
I just don't want her to
hurt anymore.
Neither do I.
I think this is the
only choice we have left
if we don't want to lose her
Where are we going?
I'm not having you pick up
trash under some overpass.
- No-
- I'm not having you
- fall into that life.
- No, I'm not dancing.
Mom, stop the car.
- It's too late.
- It's decided.
No. I won't dance.
It's not gonna happen. I
can't, not without Annie.
You're not going there to dance.
You're going there to
finish your schoolwork.
And bring the Sam I know back.
When you're not doing your
schoolwork, you're cleaning.
That's your community service.
- Mom, I-
- This way,
you get it done faster in a
familiar environment
with upstanding people.
I don't want "familiar" or
- I-
- There's still an entire
future ahead for you,
Samantha, don't you get it?
I don't get a choice in it
I mean, did you even think about
how hard this would be for me?
You do have a choice, Samantha.
You either go in there,
clean mirrors, mop floors,
and be true to you, the
girl I know and raised,
or you wait till I'm gone,
pick up garbage with Eve,
rob stores, and get
yourself thrown in jail.
It's for the best, Sam.
It's so great to see you.
It's good to see you too,
Ms. Levison.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Hey, Paige.
Hey. It's so good to see you.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Oh, my gosh.
- It's been all too long.
We saw her yesterday.
Andrea. Instagram doesn't count.
No. TikTok.
It's so good to have you back.
Hasn't been the same without
Yes. You have far too
much talent not to be here.
Oh, where are your bags?
Oh, I'm not, um, staying.
Um, I'm just finishing out
the school year. Not boarding.
Not boarding? So, not dancing?
Not dancing.
We're gonna go.
That way. Okay.
Samantha is here as a favour.
But there are rules.
You will attend your
classes. All of your classes.
You will clean studios
and performance spaces during
your breaks.
And you will under no
circumstances distract my students
from reaching their full
Do I make myself clear?
Yes, Ms. Harlow.
Ms. Harlow, I'm...
Let's go sort you out.
Feel the line, the back arm.
And, one.
And four. Lift.
And dvelopp.
It's gluten and sugar-free.
I was just smelling it.
We thought you were...
Um, Sam, what are you doing?
Um, long story.
Short one, actually.
Everyone seems to be coming
Have you seen Ben?
Yeah, I heard he was kicked
out of the Australian Company.
- What?
- Wait. What?
Yeah, no one knows why
Harlow brought him back.
Oh, I have a guess.
He was always one of her
Anyway, we should get back
to rehearsal.
Come by later? We have
a tonne to catch up on.
- Bye!
- Bye.
Be careful.
You missed a bit.
Maybe we should be
rehearsing "Cinderella."
I like Prokofiev.
You're back.
You can leave, but
you're never really gone.
Uh, so I heard you got in
some trouble.
You and me both.
Missed a step?
I wish.
Stayed out late and missed
half the day.
Harlow pulled some
strings to get me back.
She thinks a company member
might attract
a more "esteemed audience."
Probably a good idea after,
- after last year.
- Hey.
No one blames you for that.
Well, Harlow, um, Gracie.
Well, I don't.
Not after what you've been
It was supposed to be
Annie's role, you know?
She was picked up for City.
She left, Sam, with Harlow's
And Harlow picked you to
replace her.
Everyone knows that it
should've been Gracie's.
Gracie's great.
But you and Annie? You're
on a different plane.
Gracie was the understudy.
She wasn't ready.
Harlow knew. And you were.
What does it matter now?
Theatre. Come on, we're up in
On my way.
Five! Harlow is waiting.
Look, Sam, sorry that I
never came back.
You were with The Aus Ballet.
Why would you?
Because I always admired Annie.
And you.
Ben! Hurry up!
It's good to see you, Sam.
You look good.
You too.
I mean...
Nice one, Sam.
All right. Thank you, Marcus.
That was lovely. Good, good,
All right, can we take it,
Marcus, to...
Just before the lift, I think.
Couple of bars before the lift.
Ben, I can see you lifting,
all right?
Just effortless. Effortless.
She's a twig. Come on.
You didn't tell me you were
so good.
How did you get in here?
Front door?
Ugh. Sweaty hug.
So, this is your community
It's not bad. And you're
dancing again?
No, that was nothing. Believe
I missed you.
Me too.
But, uh, you really
shouldn't be in here.
You're kicking me out
already? I just got here.
You want to see something?
Shut your mouth and come with
Okay, what are you implying?
That you're incapable of
keeping quiet.
This is "The Red Shoes."
It's called "The Dance of
The shoes are bewitched.
She's alone and cursed to
dance until the day she dies.
Whoa. Depressing much?
The price she pays for
giving in to temptation.
Right. Stop, please!
Gracie. What was that?
Sorry, Ms. Harlow. Just a
bit tired.
Well, so is Karen.
The red shoes want to
dance, but she doesn't.
But she does not have choice.
She can't just mark it through.
Everyone, on stage, please.
What's her problem?
This is perhaps the
most important lesson
I will ever teach you.
It is not enough to
merely dance the steps.
You must feel them with
every fibre of your being.
That is the essence of
Now, Gracie, think of Karen's
Her sadness. Her shame.
I want you to really dig deep.
Who is out there?!
Uh, it's just me, Ms. Harlow.
Um, I was headed backstage to
Right. Off you go, then.
So, Gracie, are you still tired?
No, Ms. Harlow.
Good. We'll leave the
solo there for today.
Let's go to the pas de deux,
Pas de deux, please, Marcus!
Places, please.
Thank you!
Feet, feet, feet, feet, feet,
feet, feet!
Sloppy, girls!
I'm so sorry.
- Stop, please!
- Dammit, Ben!
Clear the stage, girls.
Oh, no.
It's fine. I just need ice.
I don't think so.
Let me see.
I think we need to
take her to a hospital.
It's fine!
No thanks to you.
No, it's better to be safe,
All right, thank you, Hannah.
Let me know what they say.
No, not you, Ben. I
need you for rehearsal.
I can help.
- Don't.
- Okay.
All right. Paige, where are you?
Right. You're the understudy.
Do you know the steps?
Uh, no.
Well, a bit.
Well, which one is it?
Are you familiar with the pas
de deux?
Have you learnt it?!
Not perfected. Like, I know
the steps.
It's just remembering them is.
She has trouble with that.
We have been running this
for weeks.
What are you doing in my
I can take her through
the steps, Ms. Harlow,
if they're the same as last
- You should know this.
- You are the understudy.
But, Samantha, if you are
so confident, front and centre.
No, no, I...
Either you know it, or you
Look, just mark it through.
All right? For now?
- Wait-
- Please, please, please.
I think you'll be
brilliant. I can't handle it.
Fine. Fine.
Hey. You'll be fine.
Just a mark.
Thank you!
Woo-hoo! You go, girl!
Who is out there?!
Right. Well, that
was not without merit.
Be here at seven o'clock in the
morning with bags and shoes.
You dance, you live-in.
You know the rules.
Hey. That's my spot.
Annie stole it first.
And now it's mine.
You okay?
Harlow wants her star
back. But I'm not her.
I can't.
Nobody can be her.
Then don't be.
Just be Sam.
She's pretty great when she
wants to be.
But you saw what happened
in there, Ben.
You practically had to
drag me across the stage.
I don't even know if I can
still dance.
Well, do you even want to?
I don't know anymore.
One step at a time.
First, can you still dance?
You already know the answer
to that.
And then?
Then you have to decide if
this is really what you want.
I want you to be here with me,
how we planned, how it
was always supposed to be.
I'm not gonna be too far
away, Sam.
You're gonna be in New York.
And just don't let Eve get you
into too much trouble while
I'm gone.
You know, Harlow wants
me to fill in for you
as Karen in "The Red Shoes."
You don't need my
permission to dance, Sammy.
I don't know. I think maybe
I do.
Of course you don't.
You never did.
I just...
How am I gonna do this
without you?
Because you're you. And
this is your dream too.
This is your opportunity.
Harlow hates me.
She only puts up with me
because of you.
You're a star without
me, and you know it.
They should fit.
Won't you need these?
They'll give me more when I
get there.
Plus, it's something
you can remember me by.
It was meant to be you
and me going together.
It was always meant to be us
and now you're leaving and
I'm gonna miss you.
Trust yourself, Sam.
This role was meant for you.
And, hey, this is your moment
to be seen.
And you're gonna be
there with me next year.
Can I finish packing?
Thank you.
Morning, Marcus.
Thank you.
All right.
Thank you.
Now, with Gracie injured,
I need to ensure we
can open without issue.
So, Paige, I'd like you to
see me after class, please.
And we'll go through.
Samantha, you're late.
I had to pack.
Paige. Barre then
choreology charts.
We still need an understudy.
All right. Thank you, Marcus.
- Warm up.
- Where are those charts?
- I don't know.
- Under your bed?
Reaching one.
Long spine.
A five, six, seven, chapp.
And two.
A one, pli and there.
A one, and two.
And one pli and there.
Pos. And two.
And high on the relev and up.
And there.
And high on the relev. Hold.
Slide it. Gather.
That's it. Lengthen, lengthen.
Back of the neck.
All right.
Right, stop. Thank you.
Thank you, Marcus.
What was that?
Well, you may have been
doing the steps, my dear,
but that was not dancing.
Only the most dedicated
dancers get into this program me.
Let alone for a second time.
So, dance.
From the lift, please. Thank
I think I'm going to have to
have a word
with my junior teachers.
And the Australian
Company, for that matter.
If the two of you are incapable
of performing a simple lift,
we have clearly all failed at
our jobs.
Now, can I see it again,
please? Properly this time.
You'll find nothing's changed.
Yeah. I can see that.
No food in
the rooms, as you know.
Music to be played through
- headphones only, after nine.
- Headphones only, after nine.
Same old, same old.
- Hey Sam.
- Oh. Hey, guys.
No. No, not this one.
We thought it'd be nice for you
to have something familiar.
Here we are.
All you need is a little
And I think that's it.
- Hi.
- What?
Are you all right, dear?
Sorry, I'm...
Yeah, I'm fine.
Ms. Harlow kept this room empty.
I think, somehow, she knew
you'd be back.
Well, okay. Another big day
Get some rest.
Yes. I so needed this.
How do you like it?
Can barely tell it's vegan.
So, what's up?
You all good?
I just-
Screw this. Follow me.
Come on.
Not bad. Definitely quieter.
It's the only place
here I can get any peace.
Mm. Deep.
You're such a butt.
Your face is a butt.
How did I end up with
such a classy friend like you?
Just lucky, I guess.
It's weird though, not being
there with you at school.
Yeah. Like you noticed.
I seriously miss our crew.
Even Freddy.
And that is enough sugar
for you.
No, Freddy's all right.
He gets me.
What, and I don't?
You? Nah.
You have parents.
I have a dad who's always at
or off shooting animals
with his weird friends.
And, somehow, there's never
a dead deer in the refrigerator,
which, actually, doesn't work
right now
'cause, apparently, you have
to pay
for electricity and rent.
Every month.
Why didn't you tell me?
You're not exactly around much.
You could've come and
stayed with me.
Yeah, I bet your mom would
love that.
Sam, I don't blame you. I
mean, look at this life.
This was her idea. I didn't
want this.
Then you're an idiot.
Sam, this whole
opportunity, you're so lucky.
Everywhere I look, I see Annie.
Everything reminds me of her.
We can't stop living just
because we've lost something.
How am I supposed to fill
her shoes
when this was everything to her?
You gotta stop blaming yourself.
You're dancing now because
this is what you're meant to do.
Even I saw that.
More sugar?
I'll be up all night.
Want some of this sugar?
I missed you.
Hey, don't go all sooky on me.
I miss you too.
Oh, no.
Lift it, girls.
Lift the thighs.
Samantha, nice of you to
fit us into you busy schedule.
Sorry, Ms. Harlow.
And lift it.
Hold it.
Take your balance.
And a five, and a six,
and a seven, and eight.
Here we go.
Stop, please. Stop.
Alive in the eyes, girls. Ready?
And five, and a six,
and a seven, and eight.
Here we go.
First, you come in late.
And now, you're putting
another dancer at risk.
Is this a game to you?
She, she's just.
I know what you're capable
of, Samantha.
So, is it laziness,
or are you deliberately
trying to sabotage my ballet?
Which is it?
The only way to dance
this is by putting in the work.
I have been working.
Then show me.
The death scene. The
batterie, please.
Just Samantha.
No. See, it's weak and sloppy.
Can I see some fouett, please?
Ms. Harlow...
Quiet! I am not speaking to you.
Whip. More whip.
Second up.
There. Left side.
Second up.
I can't, I need to see the...
Oh, you need to see?
She needs to see. She
needs to see to dance.
Move! Quickly.
Come on.
More whip.
Dance is felt, not seen.
If you want to know what's
stopping you, it is right there.
From the second solo,
please. Quickly, girls.
Watch the canon.
Show me the circle. Delicate
Move, girls! Move!
All right. Enough.
Why does Karen cross the
stage there
and then raise her arms like
That's the choreography?
The mouse in the corner.
"It's the choreography."
No? Samantha?
Understanding why you're
doing what you're doing,
not just what you're doing,
that's what separates
the good from the great.
Annie Cavanaugh knew that.
Quickly, girls.
All right.
All right, stop, please. Stop.
Girls, away. Quickly.
By yourself. Come on.
No! Again!
I want you to take all that
every tear you have
ever shed, and show me.
No, stop. Again.
Stop hiding.
Stop. Again.
Stop. Again.
Nope. Again.
Stop. Again.
What do you want from me?!
I want to see more than just
feet moving down the stage.
Where's your pain, the
desperation, the loss?
You, of all people, should
what it's like to lose
Oh, this is familiar.
Running away. Avoiding the
difficult work.
I'm here! I have been working!
Not enough! Your sister
would've bared her soul!
And now she's gone! I'm not her!
Let me see me who you are.
Eve was right, there is
seriously wrong with her.
She's tough. But she's
gotten me to where I am.
If it wasn't for her.
You're defending her?
Gracie may not recover in time.
Well, then she'll have to
make do with Paige! Too bad!
It's not just about Harlow, Sam.
It's about me, and everyone
on that stage.
We're all relying on you.
So, do what she said. Find you.
What does that even mean?
Look, Annie was one of
the best I've ever partnered,
not just because of her
feet, or her line, but because
- she believed in herself.
- Well, I don't know if I do!
Well, you'd better find out.
Otherwise, what's the point?
These charts were written
by a spider.
A drunk spider.
Hey, Sam.
Just wanted to see if you're
I, um...
We came to your room
before, but you weren't there.
Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks.
You know, I've never
seen her like that before.
Do you need anything?
A voodoo doll?
I, um...
You're not okay.
I know a crying sesh when I
see one.
You don't even have to talk.
Yeah, Paige is good
enough with that on her own.
Oh, thanks.
Come on, Sam. How can you
say no to these faces?
Come on.
Okay. Okay, fine.
Okay, firstly, what are we
You know, blue's your colour.
So I can keep
the hat, you're saying.
Other side.
And one.
Saved you a seat, Sam.
Hey, so...
You okay?
And much better, Sam. Good.
Don't you ever stop?
Just needed to clear my head.
I know the feeling.
The way you've been working
looks like you're finding
your feet again.
One step at a time.
Why are you down here though?
Just needed some alone time.
Sorry, do you want me to go?
No. No.
No, it's fine.
When's the last time you
danced, Sam,
just because you could?
What do you mean?
Just put on some music and
I, I don't know.
Uh, sorry to interrupt your
Or whatever.
There's a girl outside
asking for you, Sam.
She wouldn't come in.
Yeah, seriously, I
think were dealing with
a real life vampire situation
Shut up.
Oh, there's my best
friend finally giving a crap!
What's happened? Are you okay?
Am I okay?
No! I'm not okay!
You ghost me?! Stop
answering my calls, my texts?!
We had burgers just the
other day.
Yeah, two weeks ago!
I'm sorry, I meant to call, but
I needed you!
Come on, Eve, we should just.
No. I had nowhere to go, Sam!
I'm sorry. You can come inside.
My dad got put in the
hospital with some liver thing;
We got kicked out of the house!
What? What's happened?
My parents won't let girls
I've been sneaking her in.
Hey, come inside.
- We can talk this through.
- No.
Do you know what? Freddy's
I'll take my chances alone.
I just...
I needed a friend. I thought
that was you.
I'm here! You can come inside!
No, you're not here! You're
in there!
Just like everyone else, Sam.
Never there when I need you.
- Come on.
- Eve?
- Eve!
- Just leave me alone.
Thank you, Marcus.
Breathing, then rise.
Grands battement, balanc,
and, retir
and there.
Benjamin, can you take
over for a moment, please?
Okay. Sure.
Keep that heel forward.
No, it's wonderful news.
Absolutely. I'm delighted too.
Yes, why not? Put her on.
Hello, you.
Back to it?
All right, I'll see you in
the morning.
Bells on.
She said wait in here.
Enchanting, isn't it?
I know this piece.
Annie. She used to dance this.
It's a simple story, really.
Until you've deeply loved,
you can't experience real loss.
Why are you here, Samantha?
My mom. I...
I think she knew I still
wanted to dance.
Needed to.
Well, it wasn't your
mother. It was me.
Why would you want me back
after I...
Last year was difficult,
I know, but I believe.
How could I come back after...
How could I perform again?
Samantha, you have been a
pupil at my school for how long?
I like to think that we teach
more than just ballet here.
And I wasn't disappointed
that you didn't go on stage
that night.
I understood.
But I was hurt that you
didn't come back to us,
to yourself, your dream,
that you didn't trust this
family to support you.
Losing Annie was difficult
for all of us.
I don't think I would've been
to process that either, by
That's you.
Shortly after I lost my fiance.
It was the most difficult thing
I have ever had to endure.
But it was dancing that
guided me through.
It was the people around me.
What happened to Annie
was not your fault, Sam.
And deep down, I think you
know that.
But now, I hope you're ready
to be
a true member of this cast
because you have a
difficult choice to make.
Gracie has been cleared to
Now, she's a member of this
family too
and she has fought hard to
get back.
I've worked hard too.
- I-
- Yes, I know.
But families support each other.
And Gracie needs our support
now too.
I'd really like you to work
with Paige
so she can really be a
true understudy for Gracie.
And you are so welcome in
the corps de ballet, Sam.
I think your presence
would really lift everyone up.
It is up to you though.
Not your mother. And not me.
Hey, kiddo.
You okay?
Yeah. I just wanted to see
you guys.
I know I've been terrible
I wanted to say sorry.
I spoke to Ms. Harlow.
Gracie's coming back.
Oh, sweetheart.
No, no. It's okay.
Maybe next year will be my year?
She offered me a place
in the corps though.
I don't know if you'd
want to come and watch
even if I'm just in the back.
Of course.
We wouldn't
miss it for the world.
I would love if Eve could
be there too.
Are you sure that's a good idea?
We had a huge fight recently.
I don't even know if she'd
show up.
She'll come around.
Well, I guess that's for her
to decide.
I just don't want to lose
anyone else.
We love you, Sam.
Yeah. Come on, sweetheart.
Oh. Mom, Dad.
I have a favour to ask.
The tempo around here
just starts to get a little bit...
Gracie. It's good to have you
Hey, can I take you through
the solo
after class, if you'd like?
Okay. Cool.
All right. Enough chatter.
Let's strip off and have
the pli, please.
First position.
Thank you, Marcus.
And five, and a six,
breathing, seven, and a eight.
You're thinking too much.
I just...
Every time...
Listen. You've got
the pas de deux nailed.
- So just-
- I know.
You've been great, Ben.
He cues me when I tie up.
But I can't
help you with the solo.
We just need to keep running it.
Can you just run it one
more time?
It's starting to sink in.
- Mark it in your head.
- I'll run through it.
Sorry, I just...
Ben, can you run her
through it a couple more times?
I have to go.
We'll pick it up tomorrow?
Yeah. Is everything okay?
Yeah, it's just...
The universe is calling,
we're all connected.
You're late.
So you started without me, huh?
If I waited for you, I'd starve.
Hardly. All you do is eat.
Mm. Yum.
So, remember you said if I
told Sam where you were,
you would kill me?
Well, it was her idea.
You're so dead, Freddy!
It wasn't his fault.
I told him he could take me
out sometime.
- I trusted you!
- Hey, Eve.
Eve, wait. Please!
No. I trusted you too.
- You and Freddy!
- I know.
And the first chance
you got, you bailed on me
- when I actually needed you.
- I just...
I needed some time to work
some stuff out.
We all do, Sam! That's the
When you needed me, I was there.
How many nights did we talk
about Annie?!
Sam, I.
I know.
No, I didn't mean.
No, it's okay.
I know it's taken awhile,
but I finally feel,
I don't know, okay.
Eve, I'm so sorry.
I know I let you down, but
I'm here now.
Well, thanks to you, I'm
now addicted
to those vegan burgers, so... No.
Not the hunter's daughter.
I missed you.
I know you have.
You butt.
Your face is a butt.
Come on.
So, Freddy...
How about I get you a
date with her instead?
She paying?
Come on. I have something
to show you.
Are you sure about this?
You need somewhere
proper to sleep, don't you?
There's clothes in the closet.
Thanks, Mrs C.
Sweats, Ts. A dress or two,
I can wash those jeans
for you, if you like.
What's left of them.
How did you persuade her?
I just told her how much
you mean to me.
Stay as long as you like.
Just try not to annoy her too
Oh, wait, you're not dumping
me here and going back there?
I'll stay in touch this
time, I promise.
So you're dancing again?
I'm in the concert.
Excited, actually.
Go. I'll be fine.
And thanks.
Spacing, quickly.
And there. And there.
Higher, Isabelle. There we go.
Follow the arm.
Two, three, four.
And one, and two.
And lift your spot.
Ruby there.
A one, and two.
Nice Sam. Good, yes.
Nice feet. Nice feet.
That's it.
All right.
Stretch allong, please.
Stretch your arms. Arms.
Your hands look like
socks on a line, David.
You okay?
Do you need something?
It's fine.
Good. Much better.
All right, let's move on.
You sure you don't want to come?
I don't want to be
a distraction for Sam.
She really cares about you, Eve.
And because of that, you'll
always have a place here. Okay?
You know what? Give me two.
All right, dancers, ready?
Just make sure your skirt...
So, feet, faces, feeling good.
All right.
Toi toi toi, everyone.
Ah, Samantha. Thank you
for your work with Paige.
It's been very helpful.
I learnt a lot as well.
And your parents are in
tonight, so that's good.
Yes. Won't be too
weird for them, I hope.
And your friend?
She's been going through a
lot lately.
Things have been hard for
her, so...
And you?
I'm getting there, I think.
Well, just be yourself,
and everything will
slowly fall into place.
We'll give him another two
Ah. Freddy.
Mr. and Mrs. C, Freddy.
Wow. This is all a little
We'd better find our seats.
Where were you?
Where were you?
Five minutes, Gracie.
Toi toi toi.
Not "break a leg"?
Enjoy it, Gracie. You've
earned this.
Stand by. FS 6 and follow
Spot 1.
There she is.
Gracie? What's going on?
Where's Sam? Get Sam!
Talk to me. What's going on?
I don't want to embarrass us.
Just get Sam!
Gracie, I can't.
Yes, you can.
Think it's yours anyway.
I think you'd better hurry.
What's happening?
I don't know. Something
must be wrong.
Sam? Why aren't you ready?
I just...
I shouldn't. I can't do this.
- Sammy.
- No.
No, I'm not ready for
this. Paige, get Paige.
I don't want it anymore,
this responsibility.
This was never meant to be me.
Samantha. Just breathe.
Greatest performers, artists,
they all share a deep
desire to tell a story.
And it will always be, in
some part, their own story.
And the ability to convey that,
to truly share their deepest
fears and pain and love,
that's what makes them great.
That's not me.
You have a story to tell,
You have suffered a great loss,
but that is not the only
story you have to tell.
Happiness would mean
nothing without sadness.
Your vision will become clear
only when you can look
into your own heart.
Who looks outside dreams,
who looks inside,
Mm-hmm. Annie's favourite.
It's time to tell your story,
Show me.
Show me.
Now.. I think we need a
better dress.
Here we go.
It's Samantha.
Woo! Yeah, you go, girl!
Hey, when did this happen?
Hey, oh, my god. It was so good.
Well done, Samantha.
Beautiful performance.
Benjamin said that your
parents are here.
Would you mind asking him
to show them through, Ms.
I just need a moment.
Cool show. Great job.
So does all that
on-your-toe-stuff hurt your feet?
Only when I stand up.
We're so grateful.
- You must be so proud.
- We are.
Did Samantha say where she was?
She would be so proud.
I know I am.
Come on.
You were incredible.
I can't believe you guys made
You were amazing.
- Thanks.
- So proud of you, kiddo.
Can't believe it. You were
the lead.
Yeah, it was quite a shock.
What happened?
Were you nervous?
- Yes, absolutely.
- Did you have fun?
Couldn't you tell?
- Yeah-
- Hey, Mr. and Mrs. C,
can I speak to Sam?
- Yeah.
- Sure.
- Sure.
- Thank you.
You were amazing.
Thank you...
I've been wanting to do that.
Hey, Sam...
I think we're gonna
go over... Over there.
Yeah. Yep.
Freddy! In your dreams!
The universe told me to do it.
Far out.
Come on!