The Red Tide Massacre (2022) Movie Script

The red tide is here
with an evil vengeance,
polluting and infecting
Florida waterways.
Some call it a punishment
from an angry god,
while others fear it may be
the work of the devil.
The beaches are deserted,
the stench is toxic,
and the water
has been contaminated,
as if it's been cursed.
No one knows the long-term
effects this will have
on humans,
but we do know it has wreaked
death and destruction
to all maritime creatures.
Now, the plague of the red tide
has aided in the escape
of convicted cop killer
Al David.
Keep your eyes peeled.
He's got to be
in these woods somewhere.
Guys, fan out.
He's got to be here somewhere.
As police
continue to hunt him down
before he kills
any more innocent people,
the red tide continues
to complicate their progress.
This is Rio Lee
with Channel 5 News
watching the coast for you.
So much
for the element of surprise.
You gotta be kidding me.
Mom, I told you not to call me
while I'm working.
Yeah, I'll call you
as soon as my shift's done.
On your knees!
You don't have to do this.
Yes, I do.
But I want to.
Officer Hobin? Where are you?
This is your lucky day.
Thanks, asshole.
Damn convict.
Drop it, Al.
Where the hell did you go?
Gator bait, I guess.
Officials have closed down
the beaches
and cut off public water access
all across our area.
Many locals fear
what the future may hold
if something isn't done
to combat this disaster.
With the increase
in water levels
from the recent discharge
and a rise in our temperatures,
the algae problem has become
an environmental emergency.
- Now in the lead development...
- -Oh, I'm dying out here.
...about the prison escapee
Al Louie David,
who was sentenced last
year to life without parole
for the murder
of a Miami police officer,
was shot by our own sheriff,
Tom Fuller.
We will keep you up to date
with the latest developments
on our local law enforcement
as they hunt down the fugitive.
This is Rio Lee
with Channel 5 News,
covering the coast for you.
I can barely breathe out here.
I know.
This red tide's already killed
all the fish and waterfowl
in the area.
My dad wants to make sure
no people are hurt.
So we've got to make sure
people stay off these beaches
-and out of the water,
you got it?
-Yeah. No problem.
You planning on becoming sheriff
when your dad retires?
No. Not in a million years.
And, Nate,
have those other lazy-ass
lifeguards help you, okay?
It's not like
they're doing anything anyways.
Get to work.
Tell them Sheriff Fuller
said so.
You got it, Tommy.
Smitty, you call over
to the prison.
Tell them until we find a body,
we have to assume
this fugitive is still at large.
Yes, sir.
I wanna bring
this son of a bitch in
dead or alive.
Tom, you know
we always get our guy.
I just don't want
another one of my men
getting hurt.
We'll get him for you.
Forgot my damn cigars.
There you go.
Thanks, Smitty.
Yes, please.
-You got it.
-Thank you.
Hey, Tommy.
What brings you around?
I was just helping my dad
close down the beaches.
How's it going here?
Some random customers,
but mainly locals.
It's so unnerving,
thinking about that convict
on the loose.
You know, it's easy to forget
just how dangerous
this job can be.
You know,
with all the craziness going on,
the convict, the red tide,
closing the beaches,
my dad has kept his focus
through all of it.
I don't know what I would do
if I was sheriff.
I'm super on edge.
Have you seen the pics
Nate sent the group?
No. Let me see.
God. Yeah, these are awful.
Kara said this is the worst
red tide she's ever seen.
Speaking of Kara,
what's going on between you two?
Things didn't work out.
Ah, so that's why
I haven't seen you
-in her most recent posts.
-Hey, you know how it is.
-I know you'll bounce back.
Tommy, the beach is swarmed
with tourists.
Yeah, copy that.
I'm on my way.
Have some tourists
down at the beach,
so I gotta run.
Mai Tais.
Here you go. One for you.
-Thank you.
-Happy anniversary.
You're so welcome.
You done with those signs?
Yes, sir, just like you asked.
Good job.
So, when are you gonna join
the department full time?
You know, me and your mother,
God rest her soul,
we always kind of thought
that you'd take my place
one day.
Dad, I'm happy to work
for the department part time,
but the dive shop
is my main focus.
Son, I'll be proud of you
no matter what you do,
but I was always hoping
that you'd work alongside me
until I retire.
You know, I feel sorry
for the merchants in this town.
Damn red tide just about put
most of them out of business.
-I'm back.
How's it going?
-Oh, the usual.
So, how are you adjusting
to life
on the dead coast of Florida?
Dead coast?
Why would you say that?
-'Cause it's boring
and full of old people.
And the only place
we can hang out
is this sports bar
called Buffalo Chix.
- Buffalo Chix?
- Yeah.
Huh. Okay.
It is a good time though.
About all we got.
All right. I'll think about it.
Newsroom, this is Jenna.
One moment, please.
It's for you.
Rio Lee.
Hi, Joe.
-I'll be right there.
It's Joe, he says the cop killer
might still be alive.
So, I need to go.
-I'll see you.
-Keep me updated.
-I will.
All right, Tom.
What we're gonna do is we need a couple of boys down here,
- we're gonna drag the bottom.
- -Why don't we have the dive team take a look?
That stuff in the water
is killing everything
that goes in there.
So, I'm not putting
any of my men in the water.
Don't go getting
any ideas, okay?
Yes, sir. Come on, Smitty.
Sheriff Fuller?
Sheriff Fuller?
Any information
on the whereabouts
of the escapee?
Officially, Ms. Lee,
he was shot earlier today
and he fell in the water.
-Was he killed?
-Ms. Lee, Ms. Lee.
The public needs to know
if there's a killer
on the loose.
No comment.
-Did you get that?
Listen, can I give you
some advice?
-Yeah, sure.
-You're new around here.
Things are done a little bit
differently than in LA.
I can tell you one thing.
I personally
wouldn't be pissing off
Sheriff Fuller if I were you.
He kind of runs this town.
- Ms. Lee.
- Hi.
-Oh, you can call me Rio.
-Sorry to bother you.
-Um, I'm Summer.
-Hi, Summer.
My Uncle Charlie thinks
you should know
what's really happening.
Something's going on?
Yeah, well...
my uncle,
he's the local skunk ape expert,
and he has a warning.
About what?
He thinks
there's more trouble coming.
-Uh, and he told you this?
Could you ask him to call me
at the station
if he wants to chat?
-Uh, I can, but...
-But? Uncle Charlie,
just know he means well.
-Let's set up a shot.
Are you ready?
Um, yeah.
- You okay?
- Yeah. Yeah.
-Let's go.
Three, two.
I'm out here
on the waterfront, where just
last night convicted cop killer
and prison escapee
Al Louie David was shot
by our own sheriff, Tom Fuller.
Unfortunately, the body
has yet to be recovered,
and officials are getting ready
to search the waters.
The sheriff's department
will be on high alert
until the body has been found.
Frickin' Christ.
Trash can frickin' right there.
God, what kind of bull...
Better job than working
at the library
and sitting on my ass all day.
Frickin' pick their own crap.
Hate it.
This job's frickin' killin' me.
What's the description
What do you think, Tom?
I don't even know
what could do that, Sheriff.
Ladies, come here.
-You found the body?
-Yes, sir.
-Yes. Yes, sir.
-What are your names?
-I'm Shelby Fan.
-I'm Amber.
And did you recognize this man?
-No, sir. Uh...
We thought he was just
homeless and sleeping,
and then we saw
the blood and then I just--
And we realized
he was not sleeping,
-and we just started screaming.
-Okay, all right.
Hobin, get their information,
take a statement, will you?
You got it, Sheriff. Ladies.
-Oh, Jesus.
-Rio Lee, Channel 5.
-Ms. Lee, not now.
Are you not ready
to make a statement?
I'm not ready for your bullshit.
I'm in the middle
of a homicide investigation.
Sheriff, the people deserve
to know what's going on.
It is the skunk ape.
Sir, who are you?
I'm Charlie.
And what is the skunk ape?
Well, you-- you Northerners,
you call it Bigfoot.
Down here near the 'Glades,
we call 'em skunk apes.
'Cause they stink.
Do you have proof?
-Of what?
-The skunk ape, sir.
Tommy, get him
the hell out of here.
-What did I do?
-You're gonna end up in detox.
Hey, man,
I didn't do nothing.
Sure, Charlie,
get out of here, okay?
There's no skunk ape.
It's hot as hell out here,
What do you think, man?
-Smells out here.
-Hell, yeah, it does.
Well, I heard a skunk ape
killed a guy over at the beach.
- Who told you that?
- My sister.
She was over there at the beach,
heard a bunch of deputies
Hell, I hope not.
They don't exist,
you goofy bastard.
Now, let me get this sample
so we can get out of here.
I am burning up.
That ought to do it.
Bobby, stop playing.
Bobby, come on now.
This ain't the time, son.
We got work to do.
The hell?
Are you okay, man?
You-- you-- you need some help?
The hell?
The hell, man?
We need some answers, Tommy.
I don't want state
stepping on my toes.
Yes, sir. Understood.
- Here you go, Sheriff.
- All right.
Tommy, you take this sample
over to the bio lab
at the university.
-See if Kara
can tell us anything.
-On my way.
But you be careful
with Kara now.
You know she's trying
to set her hooks in you, boy.
Yes, sir.
Probably a good idea
that boy got married.
I don't know, Sheriff.
Still just a kid.
- These are
also major traces.
Hey, Tommy.
Bring me
my heart transplant, honey?
Why, do you need one?
Hmm. No.
I don't get any beauty sleep
these days
thanks to this red tide crap.
Alex and I have been busting
our butts
trying to figure it out.
Well, I don't mean
to drop this off on you,
but the sheriff really needs
some answers
with this new sample.
Well, actually I can't wait
to examine it.
The stuff I've seen
under the microscope
is so weird, so hyperactive.
It reminds me of sperm
or some other kind of
invading organism that--
it wants to inhabit
some other kind of organism.
Damn, Alex.
Are-- are you saying
this could invade a human being?
I wouldn't hastily
disregard that theory.
We don't know enough
about it yet.
It seems to me
that maybe its thrust
is to populate the land and sea
with its own kind.
A mutant form of human being
that has
some of the characteristics
of marine life.
Okay, come off it, Alex.
We're here to talk facts
in this laboratory,
not some wild
pseudo-scientific conjecture.
Lots of ideas that used to
belong in the realm of sci-fi
are now part of our reality.
And we even take them
for granted.
Well, we don't get paid
- to indulge in flights of fancy.
- -Hmm.
So, let's get busy
in the real world, Alex.
Thank you.
Okay, yeah.
Why do you always refer
to your dad as the sheriff?
'Cause he is.
No, it's just, like,
you have to be so official?
That didn't always
seem to bother you.
- Sometimes.
- Hey. Careful now.
I could have you arrested
for assaulting a deputy.
Oh, so your dad did get you
to sign on full time?
Seeing anyone?
Well, if you're not doing
some of us are headed
to the sports bar tonight.
Oh, I don't know,
I'm gonna have to pull
another shift
for the sheriff, hmm--
-My dad.
-A lot of people don't realize
that human blood
has the same chemistry
as seawater.
We don't have gills,
but we carry the ocean
inside of us.
Alex is a fountain
of obscure info.
I'm just saying,
all creatures
came from the ocean.
Maybe we're trying
to return to it.
Let me know
if you guys find anything.
You gotcha.
Back to it.
What are you?
As you can see behind me,
Sheriff Fuller has set up
all across the area
in an attempt to apprehend
whoever is responsible
for the recent attacks.
The sheriff's department
that the prison escapee,
Al Louie David,
has yet to be connected
to the recent murders
of several men in our area.
Hey there.
- Tommy.
- Yeah. You remember.
Yeah. Yeah, I remember.
-How-- how are you?
-I'm-- I'm doing well.
-How are you?
-I'm good.
I-- this is my first time here,
-so I'm just--
This is my favorite bar.
- I'm in the right place then.
- Yes.
I am. Yeah. Wow.
Uh, did you come here
with someone?
Uh, no. I'm here by myself.
My production assistant
told me I should come here
and meet people
instead of stay at home
all the time.
- So...
- Want to grab a table?
-Let's do it.
-Yeah. Sure.
-Here, after you.
-Thank you.
I'm glad that you're getting out
to experience
some of the local flavor.
Yes, I am.
It's popping, isn't it?
Yeah. This is a fun place.
-Nice little energy? Yeah.
You know what?
When I was younger,
I actually used to sneak in here
-before I was 21.
-I bet you did.
- I did.
But your secret is safe with me.
-I got you.
-Thank you.
-Hey, guys.
-I'm Terri. Nice to meet you.
-Hi, Terri.
Would any of you care
for our world famous
tiki tiki rum punch?
Yeah, sure, we'll do the punch.
I'll grab you guys two of those.
By the way, we are doing
a special on gator tail
this evening.
It's cooked in our secret sauce.
-Give us a second.
-Yeah, okay.
-I'll be back
with your drinks in a flash.
-Gator tail.
-Have you ever had gator tail?
No, and I don't think I will
anytime soon.
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
-Fair enough.
...yeah, I'll think about it.
I'm actually surprised
to see you here.
-Really? Why?
I figured you'd be on patrol
or something.
Oh, well,
if it were up to my dad,
then I would be.
-Oh, I didn't know
your dad is Sheriff Fuller.
-Oh, yeah. Yeah.
My dad is the current sheriff,
and my grandfather,
Thomas Fuller Sr.,
-was actually the sheriff
when I was born.
If it were up to my dad,
then I would take over for him
You don't sound too excited
about that.
Well, I run a dive shop.
A dive shop.
I typically teach diving
on the side,
but since
nobody can get in the water,
-I had to close up the shop.
Well, how did you get into
all of that?
It's goofy, but my grandfather
would force me to watch
those old Bond movies with him,
and there's this one
called Thunderball
where there's this cool
underwater sequence
with all these divers,
and they've got spear guns
-Oh, okay.
This is gonna sound
really random,
but I've always wanted to learn
how to spearfish.
-Yes. I know.
But they don't have
much of that where I'm from,
-Where's that?
-Yeah. Orange County.
So, why'd you become a reporter
and end up out here?
Um, well,
I wanted to become a reporter
since I can remember.
My mom wanted
to become a reporter,
uh, but her plans changed
a little bit
when she immigrated here
to the States,
but, um, yeah,
she always wanted me
to go for my dreams,
you know, do what I want.
And so, when I got
an offer out here,
I figured it's sunny
and it's by the water,
so why not?
-And, um, now I'm here.
-That's great.
-It's good to have you here.
-Hey, Tommy.
-Hey there.
You know, I'm actually
so glad to be running into you.
I just got back from the lab.
Alex and I have been working
on that sample
that you brought us
and hopefully we'll get you
some results tomorrow.
Oh, well, thank you.
I appreciate it.
Okay. Catch you later.
Anything you can tell me,
or is it hush-hush?
Anything I tell you,
I'd have to get approved
by my dad.
No headline for me.
-Sorry. Yeah.
-Okay. No problem.
-Here are your drinks.
-Oh. Perfect.
Thank you.
But, uh, drinks are on me.
- Ah.
- And dinner, if you would like.
-I'd love it.
And maybe some shots later?
Bring it on.
Well, thank you for the drinks.
Of course.
Hey, we should really
do this again sometime.
Yeah, um, you have my number,
so you can make that happen.
I will give you a call.
-Sounds good.
-I will talk to you later, then.
-All right.
Drive safe. Bye.
-Sh-- holy shit, Kara.
- Scared the shit out of me.
- Sorry.
Um, sorry I interrupted
your date.
Oh, it wasn't a date-date.
Uh, well, a few of us
are headed to the diner.
Do you want to come?
Uh, you know what?
I'm good. Thanks, though.
You sure? Just grab a coffee?
Yeah, uh, I'm good.
Well, I guess
I'll see you around.
All right. See you.
Korfman told me
you're running out
of refrigerator space.
What does that mean?
Well, what does that mean?
Sheriff Fuller.
Are you ready to connect
these killings to Al David?
No, I'm not gonna comment
on an open investigation, ma'am.
Sir, there are two men missing
and already several dead.
And we are following
up on every lead.
Are you implying there may be
more than one killer?
I'll leave speculation
to the press.
Lawmen only deal in facts.
Just facts. Excuse me.
Sir, are there
any more suspects?
-Oh, hi.
-Summer, right?
-Yes. Yeah.
-Please have a seat.
-Thank you.
-Did you want water or coffee
or anything?
-No, thank you.
-Are you good?
-Yeah, I'm good.
I'm actually surprised
to see you here.
Uh, what can I do for you?
Um, I thought I'd fill you in
about my Uncle Charlie.
Yeah. Um,
does he really know something
about these killings?
Um, the thing is,
he thinks he does.
He has a tendency
to blame everything bad
that happens around here
on the so-called skunk ape.
And do you believe him?
Do you think he's right?
there's this local legend
that says when the blood moon
meets the red tide,
the only thing that will satisfy
the land is blood.
And that-- that all ties
into this skunk ape mythology?
Yes, but in his mind,
it's certainly not a myth.
So, the skunk ape is like
Florida's version of Bigfoot.
I would just do some research.
Skunk ape.
Skunk ape.
It's known as a swamp ape.
"Lord of Bigfoot."
Red tide.
Blood moon.
Wings night at 7:00?
All right.
I'm in.
What was I doing? Okay.
Red tide curse.
Tammy, I gotta take a piss.
Buddy, don't forget
to take your boots off
before you get back in the tent.
Where are my alcoholics?
Are you all ready
for our annual
chicken wing eating contest?
Oh, no, no, no.
I didn't hear you.
I said, "Are you ready?"
the winner will win this here...
It's been in this bar
since we first opened,
and we ain't never cleaned it.
That trophy's been mine
for the past three years.
And these three ladies
ain't getting it.
Let's get this thing started.
Three, two, one.
Look, they're -- they're
doing it, they're eating 'em.
Monk, Monk, Monk!
Monk, Monk, Monk, Monk,
Monk, Monk, Monk, Monk.
See, he's the best.
He's the best in the town.
We'll see if he can keep it up.
-Gonna keep doing that?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Ooh! Monk's gonna do it.
He's gonna do it.
- Monk?
- Yeah.
He did it!
All right, the winner
and still champion, Monk Weaver.
Yeah, I'm the best, number one.
I'm the best.
I'm better than all of you.
Yeah! Yeah!
Hey, hey, Monk. Congratulations.
-Anything you want to say?
I love chicken,
but this here, this is a cock.
Get out of the way.
All right,
we've got to cut him off.
- Yeah, I win! Yeah. Yeah!
- Everybody give it up.
So now you've seen
a chicken-eating contest.
-I have.
-I can check that off my list.
You're competing next year,
-I am, in fact.
-Good. Good, yeah.
-I think you can take it.
-I can, yeah.
-I like chicken.
-Yeah, the trophy's yours.
Rio, I really like
spending time with you.
As do I.
Although your dad does think
I'm a really annoying reporter.
No, no.
He just has to put
on a show as the sheriff.
Trust me,
he actually really likes you.
-I don't know.
-Who couldn't like you?
-Come on.
I-- I promise you, he likes you.
Monk Weaver, you are one
of the last winners.
Get your ass back
to your mama's trailer
before you shit your pants.
Damn, you are one ugly son of--
you stand right there.
-Now, who told you about this?
-I told you.
Charlie, I have known you
my whole damn life,
and you've never stopped
talking this stupid nonsense.
-You really don't believe
in the skunk ape anymore?
-Not since Boy Scouts.
Now, listen to me,
if you don't stop playing around
with this skunk ape,
I'm gonna take you down,
they're gonna lock you up
for 72 hours so you can dry out.
Then we'll see what's coming out
of that crazy head of yours.
I'm telling you,
the skunk ape is real.
-It's a local legend, Charlie.
What legend did this?
Well, when did you get drunk
and do that?
Yes, we just met.
He literally
just dropped me off.
I don't know.
How am I sup-- I'm sure he does.
Uh, yeah, so, well,
he has a dive shop,
and he's
a part-time sheriff's deputy.
It's getting late.
Yes, it's almost 12:00.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Yes, I will call you tomorrow,
I promise.
Okay. I love you.
Yeah, Tommy.
Hey, Dad.
You still at the sports bar?
Well, I'm trying
to figure things out here.
Doing my job, right?
The guys still there with you?
-Hang on.
-Tommy, I-- I got to go.
Hello? You there?
Come on,
pick up your phone, Dad.
Pick up the phone.
- Please
leave a message after the tone.
Dad, if you get this,
I'm heading back to the bar.
Don't do anything stupid.
I'm on my way.
I'm taking you
back to prison, Al,
and you're gonna die
in the hole.
Just like the damn convict
you are.
Dad! Dad!
I'm going to call for help.
Send an ambulance
to Buffalo Chix.
The sheriff is down.
Hold on, Dad. Help is coming.
-It's okay.
-Tommy, Tommy, listen to me.
Listen to me.
I-- I put four--
four bullets in him,
and nothing.
I-- I don't know what it is.
I don't know what it is.
It's not human, son.
-Tommy, it's not--
you got to be strong now.
Be careful, son.
Save the town.
No, no. No, Dad, no.
Stay with me, Dad, it's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Help! Help!
Dad, stay with me, please.
Please, don't go.
I'm so sorry.
How are you?
I don't know.
I can't imagine what you
must be feeling right now.
Is there anything I can do
for you, or get you?
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna kill him.
I heard they tracked him
to the intercoastal highway.
-I'm gonna find him.
I need you to stay safe, okay?
You cannot go outside at night
till this is all over.
Take this.
I can't let
anything happen to you.
I'm gonna find him.
Alex, come here.
Come take a look at this.
-Is that the sample?
Look at that.
It's like the toxic algae spores
are slowly consuming
the human DNA.
Whatever or whoever that is,
is gonna be
completely consumed very soon.
Tommy? Tommy, yeah, it's me.
You're never going
to believe this.
Alex might have been right.
Hell, yeah, I am.
So, ma'am, you were saying
in your opinion,
you think
the skunk ape is real?
Um, in fact, my sister had a--
um, a
whatchamacallit. Um...
-an encounter with one.
-An encounter.
It almost sounds
like an encounter
with a space alien or
Well, maybe it did come
from outer space.
I mean, might-- it--
it has orange fur,
long, sharp teeth.
Um, it has claws.
I mean, my sister's seen it,
and it tore her dress up.
And then it stumbled
over a cooler full of beer
and she got away.
Thank goodness she got away.
Do you think with the increase
in the mean water temperature
and the higher levels
of fertilizer runoff
that the spores have the ability
to morph other organisms
into a plant-based life-form?
That is a problem
if it's happening.
We need to find out.
But h-- how?
We need random samples.
Get a better idea
of the levels of the red tide.
-Okay, you go
to the backwater areas.
I will collect samples
near the beach.
Oh, bring your camera.
It'll give me an excuse
to use my kayak.
You be careful.
I don't need you
getting poisoned,
much less become gator bait.
Don't worry about me.
I'm a fifth generation
Kayaking is in my bones, baby.
How would it have come
from outer space though?
I feel like it doesn't look
like your typical alien.
Um, well, I can assure you
of that real easy.
I mean, my sister said
that the skunk ape is derived
from a pet that was left behind
by the space aliens,
like, millions
and millions of years ago.
In fact, after it mated
with gorillas or something,
it turned mean and vicious.
So bring pepper spray.
-Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Let's all remember
our pepper spray.
Thank you so much
for your story today.
It's worse than we thought.
It's everywhere.
Well, well.
What brings you down here?
Charlie, why do you keep
blaming the skunk ape?
It's a killer.
Charlie, if it were real,
you would be dead.
What do you mean?
My dad told me
that you and Harley
made up getting attacked
by the skunk
ape to promote your business.
-It attacked me.
I don't give a shit.
Now, tell me what you think
really happened to my dad.
Hold on.
I'll be right there.
-That's it?
-This is all we got.
Okay. Get back out there.
Find Alex's body
before the state comes in
and shuts us down.
You got it, Tommy.
I really hope
we find something on this.
- Kara?
- Here it is.
I can barely think
and hold myself together.
This is what Alex and I found.
Human and algae DNA
have mutated together.
Have you ever seen this before?
Only in one
of those bad horror films.
Okay, let's keep this under
wraps until we know more.
And I'm sorry about Alex.
Thank you.
I got to go.
-Hold your freaking horses.
Hi. I'm Rio Lee.
-I'm with Channel 5.
-Oh, I know who you are.
-Oh, great.
-Where's the camera?
It's just me today.
All right, well,
what can I do you for,
little lady?
Your niece, Summer,
she said that you might be
willing to speak with me.
And with
the sheriff's murder last night,
I was hoping you might have
some useful information for me.
Well, then, Charles Roscoe Smith
at your service.
Mr. Smith.
Charlie, um, I just--
I really need to ask you
about the skunk ape
and why you really believe
it's real,
and if you believe
it killed all those people.
Oh, I know it's real.
'Cause I was attacked.
I mean, that-- that's
an incredible story, Charlie.
You don't believe me.
I would just need evidence
of when, where.
You reporters are all alike.
If the truth ain't what
you want it to be, it's a lie.
Well, you'll believe me
when the skunk ape
comes after you.
Found a body.
All right, good work.
Let's get a team,
let's pull it out.
Oh, cool,
we got the place to ourselves.
This will be fun.
It'll be good to get
some outdoor time
with all the beaches closed.
-Yeah, I know.
-Let's try over here.
-Thank you.
-My pleasure.
Oh, my gosh.
Mm. So the red tide, huh?
Do you think it's serious enough
to close down the beaches?
Well, just 'cause
they closed the beaches
-doesn't mean it's serious.
As long as we're together,
I'm happy.
-I love you, babe.
-I love you.
We have a string of missing men,
we have several perfect murders,
including our sheriff now.
And I'm sent to interview
the local skunk ape expert.
Please, what is next,
to the Tooth Fairy's dentist?
Oh, well, hey,
if it's Dwayne
"The Rock" Johnson,
I wouldn't be opposed.
Just saying.
I see what you did there.
-Oh, this is so stupid.
-It's gonna be okay.
Hey, who knows?
Maybe it's a good lead.
Well, we'll see about that.
Oh, thank you.
Take a look.
-Oh, wow.
I will get started
on these right away.
Thank you.
What would I do without you?
I know.
You ain't the skunk ape!
-Hey, Shelby, what's up?
-Have I got intel for you.
Can you see
that truck over there?
-You mean Harley's?
-Guess what's in the back seat?
A skunk ape costume.
Ah, the mythical
Florida Bigfoot.
Bingo. It was all a hoax.
Just to draw attention
to Charlie's museum.
-Of course it has.
-I want to wring his neck.
I'm gonna talk to Charlie.
And make sure he pays his tab.
Thank you.
Okay, we all know
what's at stake here.
And the brutal killing
of our beloved sheriff
has rocked
this entire community.
And we can't let it stand,
and we can't let it
deter us from our duty.
And that is
to take this monster out.
It's payback time.
That was great, Hobin.
This is a photo
from the last victim's camera.
I want this bastard caught.
Not next week, not tomorrow.
I want his head
on a platter today.
All you deputies,
you're from here,
just like me.
And now I sure as hell
don't want a team of outsiders
coming in to do our job.
The way I see it
is we've got about 24 hours...
until the governor sends in
some of his state boys.
let's go save our town.
Let's do it.
Oh, I think
I got something here.
Yeah, what is it?
Nothing. All right, Tommy.
Where are you going?
I'll be back.
Hurry back.
Honey, can you pass me
my towel, please?
-I know. Wait, really?
I thought you were
talking about--
Oh, my God.
You guys find
any oysters out there or what?
Oysters? No.
No oysters,
but it is a nice distraction.
I mean,
especially after, you know.
Well, we saw a dead body.
-Yeah, that must be crazy.
I mean, like,
are we even safe here?
Well, we're lifeguards.
Would you be any safer?
I don't know,
but, like, what about the signs?
Who do you think put 'em up?
Yeah, you're looking at it.
-You're all right.
I think
that I'm gonna go for a walk.
What, like, right now?
Yeah, like, right now.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, right now.
Yeah, really, really.
-Go, go, go.
-Wait up.
-Dude's, like, an idiot.
-Runs like a lifeguard.
I don't know
why he doesn't get it.
-Very Baywatch.
-Yeah. That's right.
We're gonna have so much fun.
-Aren't we?
-Aren't we?
Well, are we having fun
right now?
-I hope so.
-Well, that's a good sign.
-On a scale from one to ten.
- Keep up.
- Okay, okay, fine.
Come on, keep up. Come on.
-Okay, wait, wait.
-No, no, keep up.
- Okay, look--
- Keep up.
Hey, leave him alone!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Shelby, Shelby, Shelby, Shelby.
-What happened?
-Everyone's dead.
They tried to fight it,
and it killed them.
-Yeah. And Amber and Colby.
I'm so sorry.
This shit has got to stop.
You don't know
if it can be stopped.
It has to. Where did it go?
You go get in the car
and wait there.
Go, now!
Oh, God, Nate. Nate.
Damn it.
It's Tommy here.
I found Nate. He's dead.
I'm gonna to keep searching.
I can't believe
my dad and Nate are both dead.
We're gonna get him, Tommy.
I hope the crime scene boys
find something.
-Any answers from Kara yet?
The prison delivered this.
They found it in Al's cell.
What now?
He has her address.
-He knows where she lives.
Come on, Rio,
pick up, pick up, pick up.
Rio, answer your phone.
- Please leave a message after the tone.
-Damn it.
- Rio, he knows where you live.
He's coming for you.
If you hear this,
please get to safety, okay?
I love you.
Hey! Hey!
Get off of her!
Rio, run! Go!
Die, you bastard.
Are you okay?
As the water clears,
some sense of normalcy returns
to this pristine area.
We can only imagine the kind
of horrors the future will hold
if we continue to ignore
the warnings of Mother Nature.
The clock is ticking
on our window
to act on climate change.
This is Rio Lee,
watching the coast for you.
- We're done.
- Was that okay?
-Nice job.
Got to getting the word out.
Tom, not only did you
bring me on the force,
introduced me to the two loves
of my life,
my wife and cigars.
Rest in peace, buddy.
Sheriff Fuller
wasn't just our leader.
He was our friend.
We're gonna miss him.
First of all,
I want to thank every one of you
for your kind words and support.
My father loved this town.
Maybe even more
than he loved his cigars.
My mom,
she always hated the smell.
After she died...
he raised me
the best that he could.
He even supported my decision
to open up the dive shop
instead of following
in the family footsteps.
He did, however, convince me
to become
an auxiliary sheriff deputy.
Probably to keep his eyes on me.
But also to instill in me
the values of duty
and responsibility.
Sheriff Fuller was beloved
by every member
of this community.
Just like his dad,
Sheriff Tommy Fuller Sr.
My dad's last words to me were,
"Tommy, you gotta save our town.
Remember, it is our home."
I miss you, Dad.
And I'll always remember.
Ah, thanks, Smitty.
Good evening, everybody,
I'm Rio Lee
with tonight's top headlines.
Florida is bracing for an
influx of spring breakers,
as well as tourists.
Florida's economy
is bouncing back
after an especially long haul
of the red tide.
And we have Jenna
on the ground for you
with a special story
about a bakery
that has come back
after burning down.
We have Jenna
on the ground for you.
Thanks, Rio.
I'm standing in front of
Sweet Magnolia Bakery which,
after tragically
burning down last year,
has fully reopened
just in time
for the season's
wave of tourists.
Our town is slowly returning
to what some people say
is a new normal
in the wake of the Red Tide
Monster's reign of terror.
I'm Jenna, covering the latest
from the field.
Back to you, Rio.
Good morning.
...introduced me to my wife,
my loves of my life.
- Ah, fuck it.
- Okay, do it again.