The Redeeming (2018) Movie Script

(film projector whirring)
(siren wailing)
(bell ringing)
(heavy breathing)
(boat horn wailing)
(suspenseful music)
[Radio Announcer] It's
also extremely grim out there
so please do take care on
the roads this evening.
Gale force winds are forecast
throughout the rest of the night
and severe weather
warnings remain in place
across The Southwest
and surrounding areas.
It's really not very
pleasant at all.
Stay with us for updates
on the weather situation
every 15 minutes.
And the headlines once
again for The Southwest.
The search continues
for a missing patient
who escaped from the Seaview
secure unit earlier today.
The resident, who
should not be approached
is described as being -
(electrical buzz)
(radio off)
(wind howling)
(wind howling)
(eerie music)
(footsteps approaching)
(suspenseful music)
(door knocks)
[Man] Hello,
can you let me in?
No, go away!
[Man] Please, I need help!
Well, who are you?
[Man] I'm hurt, please!
Can I just use your phone or
anything, just for a minute.
(bolt opens)
What do you want?
Do you know what time
it is, for God sake,
what are you doing here?
[Man] Please, let me in.
I fell, I think
I've busted my arm.
Okay, well hurry before
we both freeze to death.
(door clacking shut)
Here, put that down.
Sit down there.
You're freezing, you poor thing.
I'm sorry there's no electric.
The lights went out
with the storm earlier.
And they've been flickering
on and off for ages
but I think they finally
given up the ghost.
Oh, I don't mind.
It's better than
being out there.
What the devil are you doing
out in a night like this?
You're lucky you didn't
catch your death.
Thanks for opening the door.
It's fucking freezing out there.
Yeah, precisely.
I'll find you another blanket.
It's fine, it's
all fine, I'm fine.
Found a towel, this
will do won't it?
(eerie music)
Do I know you?
What have you done to yourself?
Let me see.
Don't be a baby, I
used to be a nurse.
Well, I wanted to be.
I helped the nurses.
Anyway, let me see.
Well, do you think it's broken?
When you fell did you feel
it break or hear it snap?
Fuck knows.
I heard something but
it could have been
the bits of wood
or twigs I fell on.
I really need to.
Hmm, can you move it
at all, your fingers?
I don't think you'd be
able to move your fingers
if it was broken.
I remember when my
little boy broke his arm.
And I think you'd be
in a lot more pain.
More pain?
It hurts like a bastard already.
How did you fall?
I was running
and, I don't know,
I tripped over a
fucking tree stump
and bam down I fucking went.
Look, I know you're in pain
but I really would appreciate it
if you wouldn't
swear quite so much.
My husband always
swore and I hated it.
I'm sure it's not
that necessary.
But it hurts like...
A lot.
There, that's better.
Let's start again.
So we're looking at
just about the elbow.
I think you need to take the
weight off it for a start.
There's a scarf I saw somewhere,
can use it as a sling.
Sorry, can't see
a flaming thing.
(eerie piano music)
[Man] Hello?
Why are you shouting?
I'm just here.
Found a scarf.
Now, let's pop this off.
Right, just lift your
arm up a little bit.
Pop this through there.
That's it.
Put on our clothes
Put on our clothes
So early in the morning
There, how's that, better?
Yeah, much better, thanks.
Told you I used to be a nurse.
I would phone for a doctor but
I'm afraid the phone is dead.
What's silver and doesn't work?
This telephone.
Not that it would
make much difference.
The lane is bad
enough in the daytime.
Far too dangerous at night.
I doubt you'd be able to
get a signal either my love,
middle of nowhere,
hadn't you noticed?
I've got no
battery left anyway.
It's okay, just let
me warm up a bit
and rest and I'll
get out of your way.
You wanna go back
out there again?
In this?
You wanna break
your neck as well?
(light zaps)
And then there was light.
Oh thank goodness.
(creepy echoes)
You okay?
(electrical buzz)
Oh, what a bugger.
Or as you might want to
say, what a fucking bugger.
Oh well, looks like you're
stuck here for the night.
And if that's the case I for one
would like to know your name.
I'm Joyce.
I'm John.
That's a lovely name.
Always liked it.
It's nice to meet you John.
I'd also prefer more
candles if I can find any.
(eerie chime)
[John] So how far
from town are we?
(comic country accent)
Ooh, many many miles, John.
Many many miles.
'Tis a very lonely
house you found here.
Very lonely and very dark.
(normal accent) I'd
say it was about 10, 11
miles to the village.
Although, it's easy to go
round and round in circles
at night in the dark so you
could end up walking 20.
I've been lost loads of times
walking out there in
the middle of the night.
Why were you out walking
in the middle of the night?
Well, you know.
Well it's nice to
go walking at night.
It's peaceful.
There's lots of reasons
to go walking at night.
Walking the dog?
They always need walking.
That's enough reasons to go
walking at night, isn't it?
Have you got a dog?
No, of course I
haven't got a dog.
Do you see a dog?
I'm just saying that
if you had a dog
it would need walking at night.
Besides I can walk
anywhere anytime.
I don't need permission,
I am allowed.
Young John with
the 20 questions.
Huh, who's in charge here?
I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to upset you.
I just think I may need a
doctor for my arm, that's all.
Yes I know, your
arm, your arm.
You poor thing.
I'm sorry.
It's so late and
I've hardly slept with
this blooming weather and
what with the lights
flickering on and off it's,
it's enough to drive anyone
up, up the wall, isn't it?
You must be tired.
Yes, I am very.
Just have to make
the best of it.
Sit it out 'til morning.
(wind howling)
It looks freezing out there.
Not much better in here.
(John chuckles)
Used to love watching storms,
as a child, from the window.
How old are you?
When I was 11 there
was a storm, huge.
I'm 19.
No one would let me watch
it though, I was too little.
Stay away from the window
girl, it's dangerous.
They were all at the
bloody window though,
both my parents and
my older brother.
(creepy piano music)
There was a massive
bolt of lightning
and the window was struck.
My father was killed instantly
and my mother lost an eye.
My brother was cut
badly but nothing more.
Hey, it's fine.
My mother, she wears a pretty
diamante eye patch now.
And my brother, well, he recovered
with only a few scars so.
Oh, my father,
didn't like him much anyway.
So it's all good.
Now I can do what I like.
I can watch any storm
I want from the window.
Though frankly there's
not much to see, is there?
Just a lot of leaves
blowing about.
Don't know what
all the fuzz was.
Certainly not worth
losing an eye over.
(wind howling)
So, what am I gonna do with you?
I mean, what can we do
to while away the hours
on this long dark night?
Any ideas?
What do you mean?
Look, I'm only 19.
You're okay looking, you're
really pretty for your age
but you're just so
much older than me.
What are you
blithering on about?
I just think you're
a bit too old for me.
And my arm really hurts.
I'm not interested in you!
Goodness, that's hilarious!
I'm not Mrs. Robinson.
Oh, you've not idea who
I'm talking about, do you?
She's what you might
call the ultimate cougar.
Which I am not.
The very idea.
Besides, you need to have
two fully workable arms
to have any chance with me.
Oh gosh.
You've made me all coy now.
You're so naughty.
He's young enough to be...
Oh, look what I found.
Monopoly, Scrabble,
even a jigsaw.
Although, I hate jigsaws, don't
know why I brought that out.
Keep us occupied for days.
I'm pretty thawed out.
Bit warmer at least, might
be able to get going soon.
What do you think?
Perhaps you could
give me directions.
For goodness sake.
What's the rush John?
I'm not going to jump on you.
I thought we'd established that.
Ugh, there's no dog.
I'm always the dog.
Okay okay, your arm, I know.
I'll drive you to the
village once it gets light.
As soon as my husband
gets back in the...
in the...
[Man] How you feeling?
[Joyce] Good, I'm
feeling really good.
When is he back?
Morning is it?
Yes the morning, of
course, silly woman.
Maybe it's the
afternoon he's back?
I'm sure he wasn't
going to go for long.
I mean, he didn't pack very
much, hardly anything at all.
He should have told me though.
Let me know, you know.
He'll be back, don't you worry.
Anyway, whenever he's
back I'll take the car
and you'll be returned to
civilization, how's that?
Nice that you have a husband.
The man in the photo.
Yes he's my husband,
we're married,
we're very happily married.
I'm sure.
Oh you're sure, are you?
(mocking) Nice that
you have a husband.
Just glad you're
not out here alone.
Alone, out here?
How silly.
And besides I'm not
the one running around
in the middle of a forest
with a bloody broken arm.
Am I John?
I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to upset you.
Have you got any pain killers?
Well, as you're in such pain,
I'll see if I can find anything
in my cupboards for it.
(muttering) I don't want to.
I'll just look in there.
I'm not going to talk about it.
(pills rattling)
(ghostly whispers)
Yes I know, I know, I do.
That's right, I
do have a husband.
He's just trying to
make me feel stupid
I wouldn't be out here alone.
(floor boards creaking)
(floor boards creaking)
Here's your pain killers.
Oh, thanks.
Uh, can we light the fire?
Uh, stupid, there's no power.
But it's a real fire.
(ghostly whispers)
Need a light?
[Joyce] Thank you.
[John] You okay?
Yeah I'm fine, thanks.
Oh, the flame's
getting quite big.
Think that looks all right?
Not gonna set the house on fire?
I don't think, don't
think poking is gonna...
I'm not poking it!
Don't poke it!
I'm not going to poke it!
See, told you I'm not poking it.
There, what do you think?
That looks all
right, doesn't it?
Yeah yeah, it looks fine.
That's gonna take
a while, isn't it?
Oh, I am sorry.
I'll see if I can't find you
a hot water bottle, shall I?
Or an electric blanket perhaps?
But then there's no power
so that won't work, will it?
Obviously missed the telegram.
I mean, if I'd
know you were coming
I'd have had the west wing aired
and I wouldn't have given
the staff the night off!
(table rattling)
Miserable little fucker!
Fucking warn him!
(ghostly whispers)
One, two, three, four, five.
Be nice, I've got to be nice.
I'm sick of being nice!
Six, seven, eight, nine.
(rattling drawers)
I'm really sorry for
being a misery guts.
It's just the electric being
out is really getting to me.
Anyway, let me
make it up to you.
Look what I've got.
Oops, my fault.
I hate board games, don't you?
I couldn't find any
glasses so mugs it is.
But it all goes
down the same way.
Just the ticket.
This will warm us up.
Who needs a bloody fire?
How cosy is this?
Where are you from John?
Do you live with your parents?
Don't you think they'll
be worried about you?
A long way away.
What's your mother like John?
Actually she's,
she's a lot like you.
I've not seen her
in a very long time.
Must be seven or nearly
eight, eight years now.
She sent me away.
Had you been bad?
You can tell me, I
can keep a secret.
Here, maybe this will
help you to remember.
What could have made
her send you away?
What did you do to
make her do that?
(eerie music)
Look at us.
Open fire, brandy, blankets,
cabin in the woods.
Miles from nowhere.
Almost like family.
All right, like friends then.
It's a bit like that film.
What's it called?
Uh, flippin' heck.
You know it, you do, that
classic film, the horror.
All those kids getting
murdered one after the other.
Cabin in the Woods.
Cabin in the Woods?
That's not even a film.
Yes it is.
Well I've never heard of it.
No, there was a black lake.
Michael, Michael Myers was it?
Justin, Jas...?
Friday the 13th!
Told you I knew it!
Blooming Cottage in the Woods.
Friday the 13th.
That was about a mother.
Drink up mystery man.
What do you mean?
Well, you've come
here out of nowhere
and I don't even
know your surname.
Um, I assume you have a surname.
Are you hungry?
I'm gonna see what's
in the fridge.
(ghostly whispers)
Calm down, it's not him.
Six, seven, eight, nine.
(ghostly whispers)
Everything will be fine.
(ghostly whispers)
(ghostly whispers)
I know. I'm in control.
(ghostly whispers)
[Ghostly Voiceover]
I'm in control.
(eerie music)
Found a block of cheese
and some mayo in the fridge.
Think it's brown bread but it's
hard to tell in this light.
All fresh though and chilled.
So the electric can't have
been off for very long.
Funny the... fridge light.
(ghostly whispers)
[John] Don't you know how
long the power's been off?
You said you didn't know
how long the power's been off.
Didn't you notice
when it went off?
No, didn't notice.
Well, I've been out haven't I?
What, in the cold?
You said I was mad
being out in this.
Yes, I've been out.
Perhaps I was walking the dog.
Hmm, nice cheese sandwich.
Drink up before it evaporates.
I think I've had enough.
Listen, you look like I feel.
And you need to sleep.
It'll help you sleep so
don't waste it, drink it.
I'm going to bed now anyway.
Squinting at you through the
dark is giving me a headache.
And I wouldn't sleep
there if I were you.
Not with your arm as it is.
Sleep in the spare bed
and get your strength back
ready to leave first
thing in the morning.
How's that sound?
Great, thanks.
The bedrooms are through
there and up the stairs.
My one is the first
one on the left
and you're right next door.
All good?
Okay, well, then I'll
bid you goodnight John.
What name should I put on
the bill for your room?
Um, Simons.
Night night, John Simons.
(door latch rattling)
(eerie music)
You see, I knew it
is, I was right.
Oh no no no.
Oh, don't let it disappear.
I knew who he was.
Now it's gone.
I remembered something.
(eerie music)
That's mean, that's mean
taking it away like that.
(wind howling)
[Joyce] What's your
mother like John?
[John] I've not seen
her in a very long time.
[Joyce] Do I know you?
[John] John.
[Joyce] Lovely name.
(eerie music)
He's a test, isn't he?
(eerie music)
(footsteps approaching)
(eerie music)
(floorboards creaking)
[Joyce] How sad.
(dramatic piano music)
(suspenseful music)
(soft breathing)
(soft groaning)
(birds chirping)
[Ghostly Voiceover]
Now, do you see?
(rapid breathing)
(eerie music)
[Joyce Voiceover]
Please, I will get better,
I'll take my pills I promise.
(gun shot)
Can't he stay?
(door locks rattling)
No, no!
(ghost laughing)
(ghostly whispers)
Stretching your legs?
I just needed some fresh air.
Can I?
I was just keeping
us warm, by the way.
Last night when I
got into bed with you
I was just keeping us warm.
It was nothing dirty.
Okay Joyce.
Okay Joyce?
See anything
interesting, in the shed?
Why do children always sneak
around poking their noses?
I'm not a child anymore Joyce.
Is that so?
I just wanted to see...
To see, if I had
a car, a bicycle
four elephants and a drum kit?
Tell me, what were
you wanting to see?
Please, Joyce.
Mrs. Hadley, I think I'd
like to be called from now on.
Thank you
Joyce is too familiar
and you don't know me.
Please Mrs. Hadley, try it.
Please Mrs. Hadley.
Thank you.
Now, what is it that
you'd like to ask me?
I'd like to ask...
No, John, I think you'd
like to tell me something.
Tell you?
Yes John, tell me.
Let's start with the
backpack, shall we?
For instance, why it
never leaves your side
not even for a moment.
Although, that's not
strictly true is it?
You didn't notice it
disappear for 10 minutes
while you asleep, did you?
You've been through my things?
No John, I haven't
been through your things
because none of what
is in that backpack
belongs to you, does it?
Unless you've lost a few
pound, gained a small child
and look incredibly
young for 43.
I didn't steal it if
that's what you think.
Whose is it John?
Who does it belong to
and how did you get it?
You can stop this Joyce, you
need to open your eyes now.
Look at the picture.
(ghostlike whispering)
[Joyce] Having trouble?
Let me go Joyce,
you don't wanna go
through all this again.
Where d'you wanna go John?
Let me leave Joyce.
Open this door
for your own sake.
Now, what sort of
person would I be
if I simply let a
lying little thief
loose into the community?
[John] What?
I mean, I'd feel so guilty
just letting you walk out.
Don't do this Joyce!
[Joyce] What if you run off?
Or steal someone's passport?
Or savings?
[John] Joyce, remember!
It's Mrs. Fucking Hadley!
[Ghostlike Voiceover] Get him!
(door rattling)
Open this door!
Open this fucking door!
(ghostly whispers)
I'm done being calm.
He wants to leave.
Why does everyone wanna leave?
[Ghostly Voiceover] Because
nobody could love you.
(tree felling)
(birds chirping)
(ghostlike grunting)
(doorknob rattling)
(door squeaking)
(heavy breathing)
Remember the gun Joyce.
Remember what it did.
Oh my God, don't
shoot me please John.
You need to let me go.
Please don't kill
me, I don't wanna die.
I'm so sorry, please.
(bullets rattling)
Unless you're gonna club me
to death with the handle.
But then, you're forgetting,
I'm still holding the poker.
(door rattling)
There's nowhere to go John.
Everywhere is locked, you
should know that by now.
[Ghostly Voiceover] That's
it, show him who's boss.
(electrical buzzing)
That's better.
[Ghostly Voiceover] See,
you're in control. You are.
[John] You don't need
to do this to me Joyce.
Think about what's
happening, change things.
[Ghostly Voiceover]
Don't listen to him.
[John] Joyce!
Mrs. Hadley!
[John] Mrs. Hadley.
(electrical buzzing)
[Joyce Voiceover] You're
mommy's little darling
aren't you?
[John] I'm sorry, okay.
Whatever it is I've
done, I'm sorry, please.
Whatever it is you've done?
Whatever it is that you've done?
You steal my husband's bag,
his money, his passport,
then you break into my house.
[John] I didn't.
The last couple of times I
was too young to make you see.
But this time,
remember who I am!
You took him from me.
That's it Joyce.
You're remembering.
And now you want
to shoot me too!
[John] No, that's
not what's happened.
Well I'm going
to defend myself.
And no one is going
to blame me for it.
No one will blame me at all!
(electrical buzzing)
[Joyce Voiceover] Get
that out of my face!
Please, I need
you to understand.
(electrical buzzing)
[Joyce Voiceover]
That's enough!
Get out of my sight,
stupid little shit!
(gun bang)
(heavy breathing)
[Ghostly Voiceover]
Don't believe his lies.
I'm going to punish you John.
You know I have to.
(footsteps receding)
(suspenseful music)
Where the hell is he?
(doorknob rattling)
You better not be
trying to leave.
I know what you're doing.
(hurried footsteps)
(suspenseful music)
Better watch that drop John,
you might break the other arm.
(suspenseful music)
[Ghostly Voiceover]
Christ sake's, calm down.
I am calm!
Joyce, I don't
think I can stop this.
(suspenseful music)
You don't have to do this Joyce.
There's still time to stop.
Stop what?
Who am I, say my name.
You're John.
I'm your John.
- [Ghostly Voice] He's lying.
- No!
My John was 10 years old.
My John was a
conniving little boy.
He made my husband hate
me, took him away from me.
My John was a naughty,
spoiled little shit!
[Joyce Voiceover]
Go to your room!
No, I was just a little boy.
A normal little boy,
me nine years ago.
(electrical buzzing)
You can make this right,
please, let me leave.
I can't, don't you understand?
It's the only thing
that stops the pain!
Let the pain in,
go through the pain.
We can go through it together.
It's hurts too
much, I'm too scared.
You have to be punished!
It's the way it is.
It's the way it has to be.
[Ghostly Voiceover]
Time's up Joyce.
Do it.
I'm sorry.
[Ghostly Voiceover] Do it.
Yes, I can scrub up, can't I?
What do you think?
Too much?
It's the lipstick isn't it?
Or is it the hair?
You prefer it down, don't you?
Hey, I'm talking to you.
I need to look my best.
Your best?
Yes, I want to
look just right.
Why am I still here?
My husband is on his way
back, I want you to meet him.
But he's dead.
No, he's not, he's
coming home to me.
Your husband is
dead, dad is dead.
No, no, no, no, no.
He's coming here, he
always comes here.
You've just never seen him.
You're not listening to me!
You didn't hit me as hard
as you could have did you?
You held back.
Why Joyce?
Stop, I don't
want you to talk.
Tell me Joyce, why
did you hold back?
Stop talking!
I still have a choice,
it's still up to me
so just shut up.
You said your
husband is coming.
What time is he arriving?
Oh, what time is he arriving,
why don't you ever shut up?
What time is he arriving?
What time is he arriving?
[John] What time?
Is he arriving.
I know, I heard you.
Why do you want to
know, what's it to you?
Oh I just wanna
know who's coming.
You're right.
I do prefer your hair down.
You've got nice hair.
It looks nice down.
Yes, you always
did like it down.
You always played with it
with your chubby little hands.
I did wonder.
Oh, don't move.
[Ghostly Voiceover]
Just a mild voltage Joyce.
[Ghostly Voiceover] This'll
help. Like re-tuning a radio.
[Ghostly Voiceover]
Clearing the static.
(electrical buzzing)
(soft creepy laughter)
(suspenseful music)
[Ghostly Voiceover] Have you
worked out what's happening?
Still a head full
of nothingness.
(phone rings)
Yes of course she's one of mine.
Well since when?
Well, she's never supposed
to be unsupervised.
I don't care how calm she was.
Jesus Christ!
What about the tag?
I'll do it.
I know where that is.
(car engine revving)
You like my hair?
[John] You look very lovely.
Your hair is lovely.
(ghostly mumbling)
What? What did you say?
Focus, Joyce.
(ghostly mumbling)
Just listen to me.
[Ghostly Voiceover]
Joyce do it.
There, you heard that.
Stop it please, stop the pain!
Ignore them Joyce.
Just listen to me,
just your John.
(ghostly mumbling)
Stay with me Joyce please.
No, you're supposed
to stay here.
You boys wanted to leave me.
(tyres screeching)
[Ghostly Voiceover]
You must do it.
I don't want to.
Fight it, Joyce.
(car screeching)
It's making me!
[Ghostly Voiceover]
Time's up Joyce.
Stop the pain
please, it hurts me!
It's not fair.
[Ghostly Voiceover]
Time's up Joyce.
(suspenseful music)
[Ghostly Voiceover]
Time's up Joyce.
Time's up Joyce.
Time's up Joyce.
Time's up.
[Man] Hello? Joyce.
One second darling.
My husband's here.
Oh darling.
Oh thank goodness you're home.
You'll never believe
what I've been through.
I didn't kill him.
I didn't want to.
They tried to make
me but I didn't, see?
I'm fighting them.
That's good,
you made a choice,
a choice that you never
gave yourself before.
I don't understand.
Yes you do.
Your family, you remember?
Your husband, your son?
Look, I know you've come
here to try to work through
the pain of what happened,
but I need to take
you back to the unit.
But it's different this time.
I made a choice.
I did hit him, I'm sorry.
I hit him.
It's okay, mum.
You came back to me.
(birds chirping)
You're mommy's little
darling, aren't you?
(child's laughter)
(dramatic music)
You're not my husband, are you?
No, I'm your doctor.
I'm Dr. Hadley.
How are you feeling?
Good, I'm feeling really good.
I knew this was a good idea.
Bit of fresh air.
This is my house, my retreat.
I come here to unwind,
get away from all the stress.
It's beautiful.
(birds singing)
If you ever need a bit
of air, a bit of space...
I'm not Mrs. Hadley.
You're Mrs. Simons,
Joyce Simons.
[Joyce] No darling, please!
I will get better, I will
take my pills I promise!
My husband, he
wanted to leave me.
Please, please don't do this.
I will get better I promise.
But he couldn't leave.
I will take my pills
every single day.
I will, I will, please!
Couldn't stay either.
(gun fires)
Maybe he thought that
leaving John behind
was some kind of consolation.
That's enough, get out of
my sight stupid little shit!
(child's laughter)
(gun fires)
(birds chirping)
I blamed my son for my
husband shooting himself.
(dramatic music)
My child.
My son.
You were so frightened
and I hurt you.
I miss you.
I miss you too.
I'll be okay.
I'm sorry, John.
I love you mum.
I love you too my son.
Is it over now?
It's up to you.
Maybe this is the last
time you need to come here.
(soft piano music)
(wind blowing)
(door knocks)
[John] Can you let me in?
No, go away?
[John] Can I just use
your phone or anything
just for a minute, please?
What do you want?
Do you know what time
it is for God's sake?
[John] Please let me in.
I think I busted my arm.
Well hurry before we
both freeze to death.
[John] I don't think
poking is gonna...
I'm not going to poke it!
I'm sorry.
(distant birds chirping)
(dramatic music)
I want to talk about
what I did to my son.
I'm ready now.
[John] You don't
need me anymore.
(dramatic music)