The Redhead from Wyoming (1953) Movie Script

When the territories
of the Great West
were thrown open,
men of all kinds rushed in.
Most came to settle peaceably,
lured by free land,
gold, cattle.
A man could begin
a herd with a maverick:
An unbranded stray
on the public range.
By putting his brand on it,
he owned it.
Cattle barons had started their
great herds with mavericks.
Now they fought each settler
who tried to do the same.
They fought to keep the
settlers off the public lands,
drive them from their homes...
(bullets ricocheting)
...destroy their towns.
Vast ranges
became the battlegrounds
of cattle wars.
When the Wyoming big ranchers
found guns were not enough,
they used the Maverick Law:
A law through which
they appointed
themselves commissioners,
With power to rule
in the ownership
of every maverick branded.
A commissioner's ruling could
declare the settler
a rustler...
outlaw his brand, make his
mavericks illegal to sell.
Of course, there was no
shortage of sharp-witted men,
who were quick to
take advantage of this law.
I know what I'm entitled to!
I'm willing to fight
for my rights!
And I'm willing to fight for
your rights,
but you've
got to stand behind me.
You've got to put me in
the Governor's mansion!
You've got to have someone to
represent you,
not just Reece Duncan.
Go ahead, Mr. Averell.
Don't let me stop you.
What brings you to town?
Your ears burning?
(crowd laughing)
What is this Maverick Law?
The Maverick Law was
designed to protect us all
against cattle rustling.
There is nothing in that
law that says new settlers,
can't pick up unbranded cattle
and call them their own.
When a Cattle Commission was
appointed to watch over brands
and cattle, that was for our
protection too!
I'd like to ask Mr. Duncan
one question.
I'd like to ask him
who paid bribe money,
to the Cattle Commissioners to
outlaw your brands?
To see to it that
every time you roped a maverick
it was confiscated?
Just hold it still everybody,
real quiet and still.
Put the gun away.
I only aimed to
drill his hat, Sheriff.
Just let out some hot air.
Keep it there.
I think Mr. Duncan
would like
a crack at
the governorship himself.
Do you reckon Wyoming will ever
have a governor
who'll take a shot at
a man who doesn't wear a gun?
or anyone who carries it
undercover either.
(hammer cocking)
This is a big deal, Sheriff.
You ought to step out of it.
Everybody oughta.
I'm warning you men,
this range is taken.
There's no room for squatters.
You started from scratch
yourself, Duncan.
That was a long time past.
For you!
But we're just beginning!
And we aim to start
with mavericks,
and we aim to stay.
You'll stay just so long as
you stay within the law.
Which means that if I find
any one of you rounding up
and branding cattle
on my range,
I have the right to
fill you full of lead.
Easy, boys, easy.
A couple of you boys have
asked me if I had any ideas.
Well, gentlemen...
Here's one of my biggest ideas
right now.
(horses clomping)
(crowd cheering)
Hello, Kate, how are you?
Same as always, Jim.
Measurements and... memory.
Keep the measurements,
forget the memory.
I'm gonna make it up to you.
Folks, the newest and latest
scintillating gem
to greet our fair town.
Is there anyone here so young
who doesn't recognize the name
of Kate Maxwell?
(crowd shouting and cheering)
Hello, boys.
Pleased to meet you.
(crowd shouting and cheering)
Boys, I never was any good at
keeping secrets from you,
but I sure kept this one.
That place of mine
I've been fixing up...
Well, it belongs to Kate
from here on in.
There'll be music,
high-kick dancing
and the straightest
card game in Wyoming.
(crowd cheering)
And you'll have
money for it too!
Kate's a cattle buyer now.
She aims to buy up
every maverick
you can lay a rope on,
so bring 'em on in.
Kate's got her own brand,
and not an outlaw brand.
She'll market your mavericks for
you, and there's nothing...
that Duncan and his
Cattlemen's Association
can do about it.
(crowd cheering)
What are you up to
this time, Jim?
I told you
I was gonna make you rich.
I don't suppose I've got to
ask my lawyer if this is legal?
It's legal, Mr. Duncan.
I've looked into it.
Miss Maxwell, you've looked
into it too?
It's liable to
get you in some hot water.
Why, I soak in hot water
every day, Mister.
It's good for the... complexion.
(crowd laughing)
I'm glad you're used to it,
just in case any of those
mavericks you take
in trade come from my range.
I'm just warning you.
No animal on my property,
branded or not, is a stray.
Whatever you pick up
on the open range is yours.
Anything you take from me has
lead coming after it.
Suppose you and me have
a little talk, Mr. Averell.
Wait'll you find out
what this is all about.
All right boys,
take the coach and the wagon
over to Kate's Place.
Hoy... hyah.
Boys, make room for the lady.
Oh, Kate, this is Stan Blaine,
Sweetwater's strong arm
of the law.
Pleased to meet you, Sheriff.
Why don't you show me
the town some night
before you show me the jail?
You talk like you dress,
but you don't feel that way.
Play along with him.
He's just a drifter.
Doesn't make any trouble,
doesn't want any.
The job was open, so he took it.
Now, I...
am a man with a purpose.
(crowd murmuring)
Thank you.
Mind if I give you a hand, Miss?
Why I'd be pleasured.
- I'll carry you!
- Oh-- no!
(crowd exclaiming and laughing)
This one's a lady.
Why, thanks.
Take a look, Kate.
It's all yours.
Not bad.
In fact, pretty good.
So why are you giving it away?
Well, honey, I've got
a sense of obligation.
I owe you something.
Oh, the world must
be coming to an end.
Not only is Jim Averell
giving things away,
but he's paying his debts.
Listen, Kate.
A lot of things have changed
since I last saw you.
Since I last saw you...
running out of Abilene
like a jackrabbit,
leaving me holding the sack.
Did anybody get rough with you?
Will you go back there
and gun them down?
Sorry, Jim,
there's no money in it,
just a poor, underpaid judge.
I guess somebody oughta give me
a necktie party for
what I've done to you.
Maybe somebody will.
But you came when I called you.
You didn't waste any time.
Birds of a feather.
But that doesn't mean I'll ever
feel the same way about you.
You will, honey.
You will.
Believe me, that last sour deal
is way behind me.
I'm going up...
up and up right into
the Governor's mansion.
To ask a pardon?
To be the governor.
I'm going to make the whole
territory of Wyoming
my own private range.
Think I can't do it?
These settlers would vote me
into the White House.
I'm the only one around here
who'll promise them anything.
And what's in your way?
Reece Duncan.
I got a big front,
but he is big.
Sounds crazy, but it's true.
If Duncan goes, I can be
Governor of Wyoming.
You will, of course,
drop in sometime for a drink.
And you'll be with me.
That's what I'm trying to
tell you, Kate.
I'm going to make up
to you for everything.
What's this other thing about?
Why am I a cattle buyer?
You don't have to
know anything about cattle.
Don't let that scare you.
I know plenty.
I was riding a cow pony
before I could walk.
What's the deal?
Duncan again, but you don't
have to know the details.
You just buy mavericks
and sell 'em.
Here's your brand,
registered and legal.
Kate Maxwell.
Honey, it won't be long before
people are calling you
"Cattle Kate."
(cattle mooing)
These three for you, Tex.
Let's go.
What'll it be, Tex?
Chips or cash?
Watch me double 'em.
That's Duncan's brand, Wally.
Let it go.
(cow mooing)
Here's a maverick
for you, Wally!
It's a clean one.
"For value received,
one maverick."
What'll it be?
Horses coming, Matt.
It's Duncan!
I'll head him off!
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
What's the matter with you,
that's a rustler!
Matt Jessup?
I'm missing branded steers.
The Jessup boys
are taking mavericks.
These weren't mavericks.
They carried
the bar-double-check.
I don't say you didn't lose
'em, Duncan.
There've been
reports of strange faces
in these hills.
Sheriff, there's gonna be
a range war here.
I suggest you make up
your mind whose side you're on.
I have.
I'm on the side of the first man
who gets killed.
I could knock him off right now.
Why wait?
Save us weeks of work and put
that loud-talking Duncan
where Averell wants him.
I said no.
Why not?
'Cause Averell said to let him
burn a while.
I told him to come
after midnight.
After midnight... he better.
He does what you say.
This afternoon he could've
finished Duncan off easy,
but he let him go because that's
what you wanted.
I don't get it, boss.
Abilene taught me something.
To wait.
We set one side
against the other.
Prod 'em a little; first Duncan,
then the settlers,
and wait till they kill each
other off.
That's the way to
get things done for you.
In fact, that's the way into
the Governor's chair.
How will that
help you to become Governor?
Look, when times are rough,
a man can make himself
a reputation overnight
that'll spread through the whole
territory like wildfire.
That's if he's on
the popular side.
And right now
I've got these settlers
eating out of my hand.
The way you've got it figured,
there won't be
any settlers left.
Now, that'd be too bad.
In that case, I'd have to take
the consolation prize
and all the cattle
and all the land in this valley.
I might become one of
the richest,
most important men
in the territory of Wyoming.
There's more than one way
to become Governor.
Does Kate know how you're
running the cattle set-up?
And nobody'll know if you and
the boys keep your mouths shut
and do as I tell you.
Yeah, boss.
(distant revelry, piano playing)
I don't stand on 19,
my mind ain't on the cards.
Friend of yours, Kate.
Take over.
I've got to talk to a customer.
Go ahead.
With Jim, I can at least keep my
eyes on the cards.
Good evening, Sheriff.
Got a nice, clean shave there.
I bet it was for me.
You're keeping the boys busy,
roping by day
and gambling at night.
This is a free country.
They work hard for their money
and they got a right to spend it
the way they want to.
None of my business.
Just wondering where some of 'em
find time to do any rustling.
Duncan's on the warpath.
Somebody's taking his
branded stock.
Oh, he's just talking.
He's got to say that
to stir up trouble.
No, there's rustling going on.
Got it from the other ranchers.
The cows I buy are clean,
unbranded mavericks.
You ever see a range war?
There isn't going to be
a range war here.
A few rustled cattle--
A few rustled cattle started
the bloodiest killings in Texas.
I was there.
So that's where you
hail from, Texas.
What brought you here?
Passing through.
You don't like that.
A m knows where he's going.
Take a look at Jim Averell.
There's a real man!
I heard him say so.
Kate, you've got a couple more
mavericks in your corral
than you had a while ago.
Thanks, Hal.
Let's have a look.
Is anything wrong with it?
Don't you ever forget that
badge you're wearing?
Feeling lucky, Hal?
No, I'd like it in cash.
I'm saving.
For any particular reason?
How'd you know?
He means it, Kate.
Oh, honey, they all mean it!
One free drink on the house
and then get out.
I need the space
for the free spenders.
Since you're
on duty tonight, Sheriff,
how 'bout coming out back...
and letting me
show you my stock?
It's a nice moon out tonight.
Bright enough to read a brand.
Well, there they are.
Any of them look stolen?
Nice lookin' stock.
And mavericks every one.
Lots of 'em too.
Is that suspicious, to be
doing business on a big scale?
Every one of those cows were
taken off the free range.
You don't have to
spit fire at me.
My word's good enough for
everybody else,
it ought to be
good enough for you.
It is.
Well, then don't
come with rumors
of rustling and range wars.
I'm just a businesswoman
giving the homesteaders
their first look at
some cash in two years.
And I don't want trouble.
There's trouble
out in the range, Ma'am.
You'll be in it along with
the rest of us.
Not if I'm playing straight
and minding my own business.
My pa minded his own business.
We had a small spread
down near Houston.
When the trouble came,
he said he'd stay out of it.
The range war you were
talking about?
I was up in the barn
when the shooting started.
By the time I got down and ran
for my rifle,
Pa was hanging on
the corral fence.
Ma was dead,
lying in the front yard.
They killed my three brothers.
Who killed them?
Folks, neighbors...
people who just got so mad they
started killing.
How old were you then?
Your whole family?
Is that when you
started drifting?
Drifting's not so bad.
A man sees a lot of country.
Not anything he
can call his own.
Why own something if you don't
need it?
What about marriage?
Have you ever thought about
getting married?
Need you inside.
We'll talk some more later, huh?
Someone's coming.
Put that away.
We'll take care of him.
It's the sheriff.
Go get Averell.
You were told not to
show up before midnight.
In this business, you show up
when you've got the goods.
How much did he see?
There's no tellin'.
Get rid of him.
For good?
Leave him alone.
Ever since that
Abilene business...
every time you get called out
of a room,
I get an urge to follow you.
Now, what's this about?
Nothing, honey.
This drifter was interfering in
something private.
As a drifter or as the sheriff?
And what jail did you
boys break out of?
Do we take him or not?
You leave him alone,
that's what you'll do.
And I hope you're thinking up
a good story, Jim,
because I'm getting awfully mad.
You'll only come
apologizing later.
He's nobody to
be skittish about.
Take him and dump him
someplace where he'll have
a nice long walk back.
How do I know
they won't kill him?
I wouldn't trust them as far as
I could throw a steer.
They do exactly as I tell them.
Get to it, men.
You like him?
There's no money in
that kind of maverick.
All right.
Who are those men?
Well, it seems they were
running some cattle
into your corral.
Whose cattle?
Anyway, your brand.
There weren't that many here
a few minutes ago.
That's what
I'm trying to tell you, Kate.
Look at this.
Here's Reece Duncan's brand.
Now watch.
This is clever.
Katie, somebody's apt to call
you a cattle rustler.
Why you dirty,
low-down, double-crossing--
It takes money to
run for office.
You'll never be governor.
You'll be crow bait
on the end of a rope.
I'm no rustler...
but you are.
This is your brand,
registered in your name.
I don't share the business
with you.
I gave it to you.
You're the one who's been
buying and selling cattle.
How do you get out of that?
Wait till I tell
Stan about this...
and Duncan!
What if they don't believe you?
Pretty big risk, isn't it?
Jim, what are you up to?
This isn't a big enough
operation for you.
I've told you, we're going to
the governor's mansion.
It's going to take
time and a lot of money.
And meanwhile, you'll keep
your pretty mouth shut.
When I'm playing for
high stakes,
I get awfully
upset if anyone talks.
Hi, Sheriff!
Hey, maybe you can teach
Knuckles how to ride.
I give up.
Come on, you stumblebum!
Where's Kate?
Went riding.
Oh, come on, Knuckles!
You're not going to throw in
the towel already, are you?
I'll get a decision
out of you yet!
Hold on tight, Knuckles!
Come on, ya bum.
Hi, everybody.
You look like you came off
second best.
Bet you brought him in,
though, whoever he was.
No, he's still kinda loose.
But you will.
I aim to.
You had a lot of stock in here
last night.
How many head when we looked
at them last night?
How many head this morning
before you
got them out in such a hurry?
Putting together that question
and that tin badge
you're wearing,
it looks like I'm accused of
being a rustler.
Two minutes
after you left here last night,
some cattle came up the creek
headin' for the corral.
Driven by my boys, of course!
Too dark to see that.
But you did see them put that
cattle into my corral!
No, I got busy.
So you've taken such
a personal dislike to me
that without seeing anything,
without any proof whatsoever,
you're willing to believe that
I'm a rustler!
I haven't taken
a dislike to you.
Sheriff, I go by actions,
not by words...
and what I feel
when you talk to me--
Why, I just feel as homely
as a mud fence!
You're just about the most--
What did he say?
Oh, I gave him a line.
He won't be any trouble.
That's why he has that job.
That's why I gave it to him.
I took one look at
him when he first came into town
and I said to myself,
"That's the kind of sheriff
I need: A drifter."
I've got to hand it to you.
This time you're playing it
smart, Jim.
It's nice to hear you say so...
except I know you'd like
to see me break my neck.
That would be nice.
Oh, Katie,
you're just ungrateful.
Makes me very unhappy.
It's just that I don't like
the way you operate.
You don't think
of anyone but yourself.
What about the homesteaders
in this thing?
How long will it
be before Duncan
starts taking it out on them?
What makes you think he'd
do a thing like that?
You're hoping he will.
Why, Kate!
You want trouble.
You want
a full-sized range war.
You want so much killing
that they'd have to send troops
in to keep the peace.
What an imagination!
Duncan killed or arrested, or
any way out of the running.
And the homesteaders
just about wiped out
and ready to listen to anybody.
And who steps up to lead them?
Jim Averell,
"the poor man's hope."
It's a good phrase.
Well, I don't want
any part of this.
I'm getting out of here.
You can't, Kate.
How far could you get?
It won't take Duncan long
to trace his cattle to
your corral
and the sheriff to wire ahead.
They don't just arrest you for
cattle rustling.
This act you're putting on
about not being interested in
the sheriff.
Now you're imagining things.
I hope so.
I'm jealous, honey.
Can't get angry
with me for that.
Sure, I want to be up there
where I know I belong,
but I want you with me.
I'm doing all of this
for you, Katie.
I'll prove that to you yet.
But these things need time.
Yes, that's
what we need... time.
(horse neighing)
(cattle mooing)
Get some of the boys and fix
that north line fence.
We gotta keep
the herds closer in.
Look what's coming.
Good morning, Mr. Duncan.
What brings you out
in broad daylight?
I wouldn't mind sitting in
the shade for a while.
I'd like to be polite,
but I have a lot of work to do.
My business won't take long.
Not much here to
interest a woman.
It's a man's place.
Oh, that would interest a woman.
Well, it hasn't.
No wife?
No womenfolk?
I'd have thought otherwise.
I live alone.
Maybe that's why
you're so successful.
Everything goes into
one big ambition.
So far.
Miss Maxwell, you said you had
something to talk to me about.
I have: You.
I think you're making
a big mistake.
No, Miss Maxwell.
It's your settler friends who
are making the mistake
with your encouragement.
Oh, now, Mr. Duncan.
You're a fair man.
Why don't you admit you started
the whole trouble by
blacklisting their brands?
If you came here
thinking that by
being sweet to me
and nice to look at,
I would become
a more reasonable man--
You are a reasonable man.
You've just never been
approached in the right way.
Miss Maxwell...
I came to this
territory as a boy,
a ragged trail hand
without a penny in my pocket
and my boots open at the toes.
In ten years I owned or
controlled most of this valley,
and if you think I'm going to
sit back now...
Don't holler
at me, Mr. Duncan.
If I made the mistake of
thinking that you knew
how to play for big stakes,
I apologize.
I was wrong.
What do you mean?
I said I was wrong.
I thought you wanted to control
more than just this valley.
Why don't you
read the cards, Mr. Duncan?
Before long, the settlers will
outnumber the cattlemen.
It has to be that way.
There's nothing
that can stop it.
Give them a chance to earn an
honest living
and you'll be the most popular
man in the whole territory.
They'll put you in
the Governor's mansion,
not Jim Averell.
What happened, Miss Maxwell?
You have an argument with him?
Let's just say that I want to
be on the winning side.
Suppose this turns out
to be the winning side?
What's in it for you?
The winning side will be
the one I tell the settlers to
throw their weight to.
And I think I'll let you
fix the reward.
You sound like
a natural-born politician.
It's all in knowing how to deal.
Mr. Duncan!
Mr. Duncan!
We caught the Jessup brothers
running off with some
of our stock.
We got 'em holed up
the other side of town...
in Pitchfork Canyon.
You expect me to throw in with
a bunch of outlaws?
I'll give you an example of
how a man gets rich.
See that section there?
If I buy that up,
I'll control
six others around it
because of the water on it.
It's all in knowing how.
You hear shooting?
It's over near Duncan's place.
Let's go!
(bullet ricocheting)
(bullet ricocheting)
I'm out of shells, Matt.
Looks like we're gonna lose
this one.
(gunfire continues)
Blast 'em outta there!
Hold your fire!
Better get down, Miss Maxwell.
You don't want one of your own
friends to shoot you.
Drop it.
I said drop it!
You'd better learn to take
orders once in a while,
Mr. Duncan.
Now start moving!
(gunfire continues)
Stop firing, men.
I keep underrating
you, Miss Maxwell.
I've got to stop that.
Come out reaching!
Looks interesting.
Keep me covered.
What's the story?
- They was rustling our cattle.
- That's a lie!
We found a couple of mavericks.
They're not mavericks when
they're on my land.
I warned you--
We didn't set foot on your land.
You were sure
comin' from that way.
Were those mavericks part of
Duncan's stock or weren't they?
Where's your proof?
I don't need proof.
Them Jaspers were
comin' from our herd,
and I know rustling
when I see it.
All you know is gunfighting.
But if that's what you want, you
can have it now.
But you'll have a dead boss.
Simmer down, Wade.
What do you want, Miss Maxwell?
Have you still got your horses?
All right, get on 'em
and hightail it.
Don't move, anyone.
What's this all about?
Why, it's Mr. Averell.
Glad to see you,
Mr. Averell.
Miss Maxwell and I were talking
about you just a while ago.
That's nice.
What did you say?
Miss Maxwell did most of
the talking, but I can see she
didn't mean a word of it,
saying she might
tell the settlers
to throw in with me against you.
Two birds stick together,
all the way.
I'll send this back to him.
You won't want to be
seeing him again.
Evenin', boys.
We're short-handed.
What am I?
A marriage bureau?
Every time I get
a dancer trained,
I lose her.
You're sure going to
lose this one.
You know
what you're doing, Myra?
I want to see a preacher
in this, Hal,
or I'm gonna get
after you with a .44.
We're getting married as soon
as I get some more
maverick money.
See that you hide it from him
when he celebrates.
Been here long?
Can I "set" with you?
What do you think?
Nice team.
Is there going to be
trouble hereabouts?
Can't tell.
There's something
queer going on.
Got another report of strange
faces in the hills.
Got another complaint from
Duncan about losing cows.
What'd you see him about today?
I was trying to make peace.
I wanted him to look
at this whole thing sensibly.
He thinks he's being
sensible right now.
I thought maybe
a woman's approach--
A woman's approach?
A gun in the back?
So you know the whole story?
I know you didn't do peace
any good today.
What did you expect me to do?
Let him shoot down the Jessup
boys or hang them?
Listen, Jim Averell
brought you out here
and set you up in business.
Everything you do is tied in
with him.
No you--
Duncan hates Averell.
When you held
that gun in his back,
it was being held by
Jim Averell,
who's lying to the settlers,
lying to the cattlemen,
and for all I know,
even lying to you.
That's what
I want to talk to you about.
Those men are
building for a fight,
and it won't take but one wrong
move to touch it off,
to maybe set the range on fire!
Will you listen to me?
I'm not Jim Averell's woman.
I choose my own man,
whoever he is or whatever he is,
kingpin or drifter.
(gun firing, woman screaming)
(gun firing)
(horse galloping)
(people murmuring)
It's a little early to tell
anything yet.
(door closing)
He's a bit low.
Any news?
We lost him in the dark.
Spent the whole night combing
the hills and canyons.
It's a waste of time,
I know where
to go for the bushwhacker.
Duncan or one of his boys
shot my brother.
Now it's my turn.
And then it's Duncan's turn,
and whose turn after that?
It's the way feuds
get started, Matt,
and there's no
telling where it will end.
I believe in law and order
myself, Sheriff, but there's
also a thing called justice.
And I'm dealing some out.
The law didn't appoint you to
do that, Matt.
Don't make me put you in jail.
Stan, you're
holding with Duncan.
The boys ain't gonna like it.
You just sit down and cool off.
Don't try to jump a gun.
It never works.
Matt can always
get another gun,
and Duncan always gives us
another reason.
There's a war ahead, Sheriff.
You figure to stop it
all by yourself?
Not if some folks want it.
I say wipe out Duncan and his
whole outfit.
It's the only thing
that makes sense.
You talk too much.
It seems to me that all men want
to do is fight,
even when they
talk about peace...
like you.
It's with a gun in their hands.
It's high time women took a hand
in running this world.
Duncan and his men
run the Cattle Association.
The homesteaders are mad because
he keeps them out in the cold.
Very well.
Let's form an association
of our own!
Sure, our own
outfit to do business for us.
That's for being the brainiest
woman I've ever met.
Boys, Kate just
had a great idea.
It's the answer to everything.
We'll form our own
stockmen's corporation.
We'll register our brands
with it,
we'll find buyers
who'll deal with us.
If the courts try to stop us,
we'll have an organization to
fight back with.
Now, Jim, please.
You're not a cattle raiser.
This has nothing to do with you.
Of course,
this will all take money.
And it'll need leadership.
I'm going to advance you
the money.
I want all you people in this
territory to know
that Jim Averell
is with you, all the way.
Get the boys together.
Better pick your side, Sheriff.
Smartest girl I ever knew.
You make good partners,
you and Averell.
What one thinks of
is good for the other.
I didn't want him
to be part of this.
He took it right
out of my hands.
Played right into Duncan's.
(crowd murmuring)
Hey Wade, can you
make it Thursday, alright?
(horses galloping)
Kramer, you and Tiny Peterson
start bringing 'em in
from the north range.
O'Conners, Stubbs,
handle the west range.
Andrews, Elliot, Lamont.
(women laughing)
Hello there, boys, hi.
(men shouting)
- Hey!
Hey, Matt, you wouldn't want
the men to ride out
in the blazing sun
without something to line their
throats, would you?
Where's Averell?
I don't know.
He left ahead of us.
Kinda slow for a man so
anxious to help.
All right, men, we got plenty
of work ahead.
Got it?
Couldn't you wait?
But not the boys.
They like to be paid
as they go along.
You know, it seems to me you go
to an awful lot of trouble
just to start a shooting war.
We could do the same thing by
nightfall by riding out
and throwing a little lead.
That's why it's a good idea for
you to do exactly as I say,
no more, no less.
(crowd murmuring)
Good coffee.
Makes the best coffee in
the whole dang world.
Learned it from Kate.
Now, there's someone
who can cook.
Tell him some more.
I guess I need all
the recommendations I can get.
Here comes Averell
with the tally book.
Where have you been,
we've been
waiting for the tally book.
The horse threw his shoe.
I had to stop
at the blacksmith's.
What's the matter, Sheriff?
Don't you believe me?
Just looking at the white stuff.
What about it?
You come by way
of Salt Lick Canyon.
Long way around, wasn't it?
I said, what about it?
Nothing about it.
Here comes the first bunch!
(cattle mooing, men whistling)
(men shouting)
Duncan showed up yet?
He'll be here.
Hey, Sandy, you just
standing around?
I need an extra man
to look for strays.
I work for Jim Averell.
You'll work in this
camp or you don't eat.
There's no grub to
spare for gunslingers.
I'll help you, Matt.
I said a man to look for strays!
Oh, I was cutting cattle long
before I cut cards!
Get me a horse, something alive.
Thank you.
I wouldn't get on that
critter, Kate.
It ain't safe!
(horse whinnying, snorting)
(cattle mooing)
Bet she'd be real handy
on a homestead.
(cattle mooing)
- Hyah, ow, ow, ow!
Ho, oh!
Hyah, ow, ow, ow!
- Hyah.
- Hyah.
Ho, oh!
(crowd murmuring)
Round-up could be finished
before Duncan shows up.
Not likely.
Trouble is, I hold
with the settlers
instead of him.
Makes it pretty hard
being sheriff.
It'll get harder all the time.
Duncan's not the kind
who gives up.
Maybe I am.
I didn't figure on
this kind of thing
when I took this job.
I didn't figure on being
Duncan's man,
running around
arresting homesteaders.
Seems to me the best thing
I can do is
turn in my badge and move on.
Where would you go?
Always yonder.
That's no life for a man.
Haven't you ever thought
about sending down roots?
Staying in one place
for a while?
Reckon so...
When I find what I want.
What do you want?
When Duncan hears how many
mavericks we rounded up...
...he's gonna get
a real bellyache.
(cattle mooing)
Bobby ranch, one calf.
Duncan's coming up Loma Pass!
Get your girls into that tent,
and get in with 'em.
Stay under cover.
But I want to be out here.
Get into the tent!
Off your horses, boys,
and into place.
You know what to do.
Get every horse outta camp!
If there's any trouble, they'll
only be in the way.
Step lively, everybody!
He's on the other side
of the hill.
Wade, hold the men up here.
I don't know how far you
thought you'd go
with this fool idea, Averell,
but it comes to
an end right now.
Where's that sheriff?
Here's a complaint signed by
Judge Crawford
to the effect that these men are
defying the Maverick Law.
Serve it.
Seems all regular and in order.
Well, Sheriff,
I just happen to have
a federal injunction
enjoining these men
from interfering
with this round-up
in any manner, shape or form.
Will you serve it, please?
Looks like a stand-off.
That Jim Averell.
Did anybody ever outsmart him?
If Duncan doesn't
win by brains,
he'll win another way.
Here it comes.
Keep back.
That's a pretty
clever trick, Mr. Averell.
I'm surprised at myself not
figuring on that.
I've had it in my pocket for
a couple of days, Mr. Duncan,
just waiting for you to show up.
Cancelling out my court order
doesn't cancel out
my rights as a rancher.
You don't know of any way to
stop me from staying here
and keeping an eye peeled for my
own stock?
I wouldn't wanna stop ya.
Get a little nervous, though,
lookin' at all that artillery.
That's why we brought it here.
You won't need it here.
Pick 'em up.
Duncan, tell your boys to drop
their guns off
over in Kate's wagon.
I've got an idea
they wouldn't do that.
I'm tellin' ya they will.
Never had so
many deputies before.
Look over there.
I've got more of 'em, but you
can't see 'em.
Gentlemen, peace is declared.
What about them?
All right, everybody!
Over at Kate's wagon, and drop
off your hardware.
You deputies too!
All right, men, drop your guns
in the wagon.
(crowd murmuring)
(men shouting, whistling)
Hey, Duncan?
Cut out a bunch of your
cows a while ago.
You want the calves branded?
I'll take that as a favor.
Ho, oh!
Where's its mother?
Got separated somehow.
How do you know this one
doesn't belong to me?
We don't, so we're dividing up
the doubtful ones:
Half for you and half for us.
Can you think of
anything better?
I reckon that's fair enough.
Acts just like you when you
won't listen to reason.
Seems to me if you'd settle down
and talk things over, you might
find there's room enough
around here for all of us.
Could be.
You're the prettiest
little maverick
I ever did see.
How 'bout lettin' me put my
brand on ya?
Thanks, I'm wearing one already.
You know, you gotta
get used to sudden changes.
(woman screaming)
(plates shattering)
Get outta here!
Stop it, stop it!
What's the idea?
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
(cattle mooing)
Stampede, stampede!
Mount up and head 'em off!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoah, whoah.
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
(pots clanking)
You'd better get your men
together and clear out.
We've had enough trouble here.
Nobody talks to me like that.
That's a federal court order
talking to you like that.
You better go.
Call the men in.
Tell them I've gone
back to the ranch.
Can you finish this round-up
in one more day?
There's a chance.
Well, then, get moving.
Well, there's the last one.
Round-up's over.
How's the round-up?
It's over, your men standing by?
Yeah, when do we move?
Averell will give us the word.
Oh where have you been
Billy boy, Billy boy?
Oh where have you been
Charmin' Billy?
I have been to seek a wife
She's the darling of my life
She's a young thing
And cannot leave her mother
Hi, Maverick.
How goes it with law and order?
Not much change.
There never is
any change with you.
Don't you ever sing or dance, or
feel like kickin' up your heels?
Come on.
Dance with me.
I wish I knew what to
think about you.
If I ride off,
it'll be too late.
Still talking about going away?
About ready to turn in my
badge and saddle up.
What's holding you back?
Nothing, I reckon.
I hope it turns out to be as
green as you think...
...the grass on the other side
of the fence.
(gun firing)
Hold still, everybody!
Just stay like that and there
won't be any trouble.
I'm taking you to
the marshal at Rawlins.
What for?
For rustling cattle...
...and murdering my foreman,
Wade Burrows.
That's ridiculous.
What are you trying to
start here?
You keep out of this, Averell.
I'm in this all the way,
and you better have
plenty of evidence.
There's enough evidence to
hang her six times over.
Come out to the corral.
Found him out on the range near
my north section stretched out
near a branding fire with two
holes in his back.
They never gave him a chance.
Wade Burrows was a troublemaker.
It just caught up with him.
What's the connection with Kate?
I'll show you
the connection right now.
Every time I complained to you
about losing branded cattle,
you'd talk about strange faces
in the hills,
and rustlers nobody ever sees.
I'll show you some rustlers.
That's my brand,
the bar-double-check.
When we picked up Wade, there
was a branding iron under him.
I reckon the killers
forgot that.
Here's the iron.
And here's what it does.
I'm taking you in on suspicion
of rustling and murder.
The sheriff's office is still
filled, Duncan.
Don't try to do my job.
This woman is going to jail!
But I'll do the taking.
I trust you, Duncan, but you got
a vigilante look in your eye.
He'd put a rope around her neck
as soon as they
got out of sight.
Don't worry, honey.
I'll get you the best
legal representation in
the territory of Wyoming.
By the time these charges are
heard, Mr. Duncan'll
have to eat a lot of words.
Am I right, boys?
That's right, nobody's
gonna be doing
any hanging around here.
Your deputies must be tired
after the round-up, Sheriff
so I know you'll be glad
if I post some of my
men at the jail
to see she doesn't get away.
There'll be more in jail
when I found out which of you
have been
taking orders from her.
You haven't said a word for
the last 15 minutes.
You used to find
it easy to talk.
Why not now?
Talking to you never
helped me before.
What's the truth, Kate?
Is Jim Averell playing you,
or are you both playing me?
Things were bad enough in this
town before you came here,
they're twice as bad now.
You think I'm a murderer
and a rustler?
I don't know what to think.
What's between you and Averell?
Too much.
(lock clicking)
Keep your eyes peeled
for trouble.
Want these gents
barbecued or slow-fried?
Don't get the idea
you're deputies, boys.
Anything happens to her,
you'll pay for it.
You might as
well catch 40 winks.
Tomorrow could be a big day.
I'll stay here.
You can't help her any.
She's locked up.
I'll stay here.
(horse galloping)
Kinda wondered why
he wasn't around.
I wouldn't put it
past Reece Duncan
to kill one of his own men
and pin it on us.
What his second move
will be, I can only guess.
I-- I'm too busy thinking about
Kate sitting over in that jail.
Seems to me
we got nothing to go on
but her own word that
she's innocent.
We brought in clean
unbranded mavericks...
How did it work?
She was so surprised she
couldn't say a word.
Go back and tell 'em to get set.
You'll see the signal
as soon as it's
light enough to see smoke.
There isn't much hay over there.
You'd better drag over
another bale.
I say that Kate
had nothin' to do with it.
She's innocent as
a newborn babe!
All right.
If nobody'll back me up to bust
her outta that jail,
I'll do it myself.
I don't think you'll have time.
Boys, I just got some
pretty bad news.
Sandy tells me
Duncan's calling in
every man he's got.
He's getting set for a fight
and I guess he'll find
a good reason to start one.
I'm going out there and try
and talk him out of it.
I never heard of Duncan being
talked out of anything.
Maybe so.
At least it'll
give you men a chance
to get organized for a battle.
(crowd exclaiming)
See that nothing happens to her.
As miserable
a collection of faces
as ever I seen off
a reward poster.
What kind of records did you
gents have
before you
went to work for Duncan?
Smart aleck.
Don't pay him no heed.
All right, men, come and get it!
That's real cordial,
but kinda sudden.
See who's outside.
How do you like that?
They got suspicions.
I've got a good mind to spill
this stuff on the floor.
Quiet outside,
but I'm kinda dry inside.
Gimme some of that.
Just a minute.
I kinda changed my mind about
you fellas.
Gimme some of that beer, sonny.
I'm gonna like this!
Nice work, Knuckles.
Pick him up.
You got me covered.
Hey, ain't this somethin'?
A jailbreak, we're bustin' ya
outta here.
- Who organized it?
- We did.
The sheriff's outta town
and Jim's ridin' up
to Duncan's ranch.
Jim found out Duncan's gettin'
ready for a fight.
He's gonna try and stop him.
Don't you believe it!
In ya go!
He doesn't want to stop a war.
He wants to start one.
Boys, I think it's about time
you knew the truth.
I've been covering up
for Jim Averell
in one of the slickest rustling
schemes Wyoming ever saw.
And the idea back of
the whole thing is to start you
and the big cattle raisers to
killing each other off.
I told you she
mightn't be innocent.
You didn't finish.
We're still listening.
Jim's got a bunch of
gunslingers up in the hills.
And one of them, or Sandy,
killed Wade Burrows to pin
the whole thing on me
and start this big range war
that he wants.
He sure did pin it on ya.
How many times that
brandin' iron been used?
I don't know,
but the important thing is he
wants to start a range war.
Boys, I know Jim Averell
and you don't.
He wants to be governor.
He doesn't care how many people
he walks over
to get to the governor's chair
or how many he kills to
stay there.
I don't believe anything
she says, good or bad.
Shut up!
Boys, you've got to believe me.
I tell you, he's got this
whole thing worked out!
What's he doing at Duncan's?
Oh, Duncan's as big a sucker
as any of us.
Jim made him want to fight,
and he's gone up there to push
him into it.
I wish somebody would get over
to that case of rifles
and start protecting
me from what's coming.
(indistinct murmuring)
(cattle mooing)
What do you want?
I'll talk to you inside.
If you came here to talk for
Kate Maxwell,
you're wasting your time.
Kate doesn't
need anybody to talk for her.
She's probably
out of jail by now.
I don't think so.
I left five of my men there.
Hope they're alive.
Duncan, the settlers
are talking fight.
They're gonna end
this by wiping you out.
Wantin' to won't make it easy.
I'd hate to be around when
she sends them out here.
They'll smoke you
and your men out,
and knock you over like rabbits.
Unless I crack down
on them first
with a few ideas of my own.
Call the men in.
I suppose your story's pretty
straight, Mr. Averell.
Now I'd like to know
how straight you are.
Duncan, use your head.
Why are we fighting each other?
Neither of us really have
anything in common
with these settlers.
We live in a different world.
We live a different life.
When the chips are down, whose
side do you think I'll be on?
Theirs or ours?
You're a real
high-minded citizen
to be looking for
the governorship.
I'm for Jim Averell.
I see that.
So after all your big talk,
you're double-crossin' 'em.
That's not a nice word.
How do I know you're not
double-crossin' me?
You don't.
It's a big chance, isn't it?
Which reminds me, while we're
here talking,
we're giving them
more time to get organized.
That time's about up.
They want a fight,
I'll bring it to them.
You're comin' along,
Mr. Averell.
If anything goes wrong,
I'll have you
right under my guns.
Ned, get all the hands in
from the range.
Saddle up.
We're ridin'.
All set.
All right, come on.
Get on the horses,
boys, let's go.
If you try to stop me now,
I'm not gonna stop you.
I'm gonna join you,
like Averell's done.
How have you managed to keep
your outlaw friends
under cover so long?
What outlaws?
Wanna tell him?
I don't know what you're
talking about.
The outlaws working for him.
The ones that killed your
foreman and stole your cattle.
That's a lie!
If it isn't Averell--
No use arguing now.
We'll find out.
If there's going to be a fight
with Duncan's men,
we know we're
going into it with clean hands.
But let's keep it clean
all the way.
The first shot
must come from him.
And if it does, well, you boys
know how to fight back.
Here they come!
Now, remember:
Duncan's boys must be
the first to start.
Duncan, you've got about
a minute to make up your mind.
Throw in with the settlers,
and I think we can
prove our friend here
has been double-crossing
every one of us.
Start battling and the outlaws
will wipe out the town.
Seems to me
a man of your position,
with all you have at stake
isn't going to let your thinking
be done for you
by a $50-a-month sheriff,
a saddle bum who rode in here
from nowhere.
What's your play, Sheriff?
You didn't spend
much time in jail.
Couldn't afford it, Sheriff.
Too many chores.
(crowd laughing)
Glad everybody's in good humor.
What's it going to be, Stan?
We're gonna have a little party.
A mite different from
the one Mr. Averell
planned on,
but he's gonna be the host.
Get off.
What for?
The man spoke to you.
Some odd characters in the hills
are waiting for him to tell them
we're killing each other.
All right, tell them.
I don't know what you mean.
The smoke signal,
Mr. Averell.
You're supposed to light that
stack of hay as soon as we start
throwin' lead at each other.
Then they come riding in to take
over the town.
Light it.
The wind'll sweep the fire
into every building in town.
Hal, get over in the hotel
and keep a bead on him.
If he tries to move anywhere,
let him have it.
Now light it.
Light it, Jim!
(glass shattering)
(match striking)
Let's draw 'em in close, boys.
Let 'em think
we're in a free-for-all,
and make it good!
(gunfire in distance)
What are we waitin' for?
All right, come on!
(horses clomping)
(gunfire continues)
(bullets ricocheting)
Rise and shine, Governor!
(gunfire continues)
(horses galloping)
Listen to that battle.
This is where we split up.
Let's ride!
I left five men guardin' you.
Nobody hurt them.
Their pride maybe,
but that's all.
You think
I'm crooked and no-account.
You'd put more trust
in a lead dollar.
Who killed Wade Burrows?
Do you think if
I had anything to do with that
I'd have left that branding iron
there under him like
a signed confession?
Now you're saying that Averell
tried to frame you.
Why should he?
You're working together.
If I talk from now 'til
Christmas, you'd still only
believe what you want to.
All right, Mr. Duncan, go ahead.
Believe what you want.
But make up your mind quickly,
there's a fight comin' on.
You ain't playin' fair, Jim.
You left us no chance for fun.
They're partners, all right!
I kept trying not to believe it.
I've been with you
since we rode into town.
You boys better
put up your guns.
Well, I, uh...
Well, look here!
Captured ourselves a sheriff!
You boys had
a nice little scheme.
Don't talk, don't shoot!
It's a trap.
Not the kind of scheme
that'd give anybody a chance,
but I'm giving you one:
A fair trial if
you drop your guns.
(guns cocking)
We're covered.
That's it, boys.
There's a bead
on every one of you...
Let's go!
(bullets ricocheting)
(bullets ricocheting)
Get that guy in
the hotel window.
He's got me pinned down.
(bullets ricocheting)
(gun clicking)
(gunfire continues)
(glass shattering)
(bullet ricocheting)
(bullet ricocheting)
(gunfire continues)
You stay inside!
Jim, grab on!
(horse whinnying)
(bullets ricocheting)
(bullets ricocheting)
(bullet ricocheting)
(horse whinnying)
(gun firing)
(shuffling, rattling)
Pointing a gun
at me again, Kate?
I ought to kill you, but I'd
rather see you hang.
Now, Kate...
You lying, sneaking, murdering
They'll be piling in here
in a minute, Kate.
You gotta let me go.
For what you've done to me?
For what I used to mean to you.
That was an idea I had.
But you were never
like the idea.
Well, uh, the good times we had.
We had good times.
Think about them, Kate.
What are you gonna
gain if I die?
You'll never see me again!
You got Stan Blaine, and...
Did I kill him, Kate,
when I had a chance?
When you asked me not to, Kate,
did I kill him?
There's another reason
you gotta let me go.
Look, Kate.
Look at this.
(hammer cocking)
How can I believe anything
you've said?
The last time--
(gun firing)
Let's listen to him, boys.
Thank you.
I think we can give credit for
this to Cattle Kate.
I've come to realize that I've
got to consider your interests
as well as mine.
If you want to
make a friend of me,
think of my interests
as well as yours.
The West is
getting smaller, friends,
and I reckon we've gotta learn
to live together.
Now, I'm not the kind of man
that'll throw away the things
that I worked hard for...
Who gave you that?
He did.
Where is he?
Saddling up.
Where to, Maverick?
Could be California,
maybe Oregon Territory.
Do you still think
I was Jim Averell's woman?
That's how it looked.
Because I cried?
Sure, I cried,
but not because I love Jim.
I cried because when I found you
I realized I was all the things
I never wanted to be,
and because...
Oh, what do you know about women
or the way they feel?
There's a piece of bottom land
a few miles down.
Good for homesteading.
Let's have a look at it.