The Refuge (2019) Movie Script

- [Man] You there?
You're fucking dead.
You hear me?
I said you're fucking dead.
(metal clattering)
(phone ringing)
(electronic beeping)
- [Markus] Yeah.
- [Zander] Markus, it's Zander.
You ready for this one?
This guy, he's
named Dixon Jones.
His picking up little over
one million cash
dollars near downtown.
He goes there two
hours from now.
This job is simple for you.
Get cash from him,
and bring to me at loading
dock near port right after.
I be there three hours.
Don't be late.
- [Markus] No.
- [Zander] Good.
In few minutes, I
text you address
and vehicle make and
model he will be in.
I also text you picture of him.
Don't lose these things,
and delete this number
and text after I hang up.
(gentle instrumental music)
(electronic beeping)
(metal thudding)
(electronic beeping)
(car engine running)
(train engine running)
(car engine running)
(electronic beeping)
(car engine running)
(gentle instrumental music)
(phone ringing)
(electronic beeping)
- What's up?
- [Zander] I double
checked the cash.
It's all here.
This is good.
Now I owe you.
You stay safe out there, Markus.
- Yeah.
(electronic beeping)
(gentle instrumental music)
(phone ringing)
(electronic beeping)
- [Frank] Markus, it's Frank.
You there?
- Yeah.
- [Frank] How you doing?
Life treating you well?
- I can't complain.
- [Frank] That's good to hear.
I got something for you,
something I think will
grab your interest.
You got a minute?
- Yeah, what do you need?
- [Frank] It's better
if we talk in person.
Can you come down to my place?
- What time?
- [Frank] Say in
about an hour or so?
- All right.
- Thanks, I'll see you soon.
(electronic beeping)
(gentle instrumental music)
Thank you for coming by, Markus.
It's been crazy busy
around here lately.
Now I know I asked
you earlier, man,
but how'd that job go with
Caesar you did a while back?
- [Markus] It was fine.
What do you want?
- Typical Markus, man.
I like your style, man,
your sense of business,
always straight to the chase.
Now I know you're
not gonna ask me
how things have been
on my end. (laughing)
All right, all right,
I'll cut straight to the chase.
I won't waste any more time.
There's a man by the
name of Vernon Boyd,
ex-convict, bank
robber, murderer,
served 10 years in
the state penitentiary
for beating down a
man with a metal bar.
He also never paid me in full
for a job we did down
in South America.
He owes me a lot
of cash (mumbling).
- [Markus] How much?
- Easy peavy, don't
worry about that.
Word is, him and his
guys hit a casino
and walked out with $12 million.
Could have been more, man,
but the cops showed up
earlier than expected.
This is a big
moneymaker, Markus.
It's something I know
you'd wanna be a part of.
(metal clicking)
(papers rustling)
- [Markus] What's this?
- Everything you need
to know about this guy,
his picture, address,
warehouse where he
does business from,
how many guys he's
got working for him,
what he drives, wife's
middle name, everything.
It's everything, if
you know what I mean.
- When do you need it?
- As soon as possible.
I told you I was
going out of town
in a couple weeks,
and only call me if
you have any questions.
Once you get what I need,
no evidence of this guy.
- Okay.
- Right on, Markus.
Always a pleasure to see you.
I thought I heard you
left town for good.
- Nah, I've been around.
- You know, you and I,
we're in a risky business.
Staying low key's not easy,
especially around here.
Do you remember what
happened to that guy
I hired to do that
job up in Oakland?
- Yeah, I do.
- He was good at
everything he did,
just like you,
maybe a better driver, though.
(laughing) I'm just
fucking with you, Markus.
Lighten up a little bit, man.
Now you've come a long way
from when you first started,
and I commend you for that.
Haven't seen too many
people do that around here,
but just don't get cocky, man,
and you'll continue to do well.
Don't you ever, ever mistake
my kindness for weakness.
We good?
- Yeah, we're good.
- [Frank] Well, then
that's all I got, man.
(gentle instrumental music)
- Who is it?
- Frank.
- [Staci] What type of job?
- Money till.
- What's he offering?
- His typical.
- [Staci] His typical?
- Yeah, his typical.
- Look, it's getting late,
and I gotta run to the
airport to pick up Tommy.
I don't really have time
to discuss any of this.
I'll call you later, okay?
- All right, sure.
(gentle instrumental music)
(car engine running)
(paper rustling)
(electronic beeping)
(camera shutter clicking)
(metal clicking)
(upbeat instrumental music)
(watch ticking)
(car engine running)
(gentle instrumental music)
(pencil scratching)
(metal clattering)
(paper rustling)
- All right, hit me.
I've never been any
good at this game, man.
I try.
I try pretty damn hard.
Yeah, I remember you
giving me a few pointers
back in the day,
but I don't think it's
paying any dividends.
Maybe one day though, huh?
So when do you leave town?
- Not till the end of the month.
- [Watts] Word.
Guess that's when business
slows down for you?
- Yeah.
- You know, I'm not
always that busy myself.
My wife and kids,
they keep me plenty busy,
and I like staying busy,
but with work, you
know what I mean?
Always a good thing.
Making a steady income
is a necessity for me,
and this business
is tough, Markus,
very tough business.
I think about it
from time to time,
get the fuck out,
maybe work in something
steady, something safe.
People can get hurt,
and I know you know.
I've been doing this
since I was age 17,
lost my youngest
brother when I was 20.
- Julian.
- Yeah, Julian.
You know he was shot by
some of Victor's boys
from south of the border,
a deal we had lined
up in Glendale?
It's his fault though.
I gave him his
instructions perfectly,
and he didn't listen.
- I know.
- I know you know,
but the reason I bring
this up right now
is because I want
us synchronized
for this job and any job
that we do in the future.
I tell this to anyone that
I do multiple jobs with.
I wanna go home at
the end of every job.
- We all do.
- Good, good, that's
rule number one,
always will be.
I want that to be crystal
clear from day one.
Okay, so Nigel called
me about this deal
with Reuben in Tijuana, right?
And supposedly
there's a warehouse
with a pot of cash in it
located Boyle Heights,
Arts District,
basically the east end of LA.
- Yes.
- [Watts] Okay, okay, and so
this is supposedly vacant,
this spot, right, where
they keep their goods,
their drugs, their money,
whole nine yards?
- That's correct.
- Listen, I know you got
a 40% split with Reuben,
and you're gonna take
his end of the cash down
and meet him in TJ?
Okay, yeah, okay,
I'm cool with it.
We can do what we agreed
to over the phone,
if that's all you can do,
the 35% for me and
the 65 for you.
I do got a wife and kids,
a family to support.
I'm just a single man.
All right.
However, we don't need to bring
anyone else in on
this deal at all,
just you and me, especially
if this place is vacant.
You know how fast I work.
(wood scraping)
This the place?
- [Markus] That's it.
- Doesn't look like
nothing special.
When do you wanna hit it?
- Within the next two days.
Reuben wants the
money early next week.
- [Watts] Okay, well, that
should be plenty of time
for us to prep,
and I assume you already
scouted the location,
the streets, in case
Five-0 shows up?
- Of course.
- You know, if you can
provide a floor plan,
that'd be very helpful,
but not necessary.
I mean, yeah, you know what?
Actually, yeah, I know
where the cash is located
based on what Reuben
told you over the phone.
Yeah, yeah,
yeah, we can make this happen.
This is all doable, absolutely.
Check it out.
If I'm not out of
here in a few minutes,
just take the fuck off, man.
I'll find my own way home,
and once we get that money,
more importantly, once
everyone gets their portion
of the cash, we'll
all be happy, right?
Do you want this?
(wood scraping)
Oof, you read my mind.
This is good beer.
You know I love light beer?
Always have, it's my favorite.
I don't really drink
dark beer, man.
I've been drinking that
shit for like 10 years.
It makes me sick.
My wife, she's got me on
that rum and whiskey though.
Hard alcohol, I think
that's probably number one.
It keeps you sexy,
keeps you thin,
don't get too full.
Beer's good though
every here and there,
after a few rum and whiskeys.
Yeah, on that note,
here's to a new endeavor.
(glass clinking)
(gentle instrumental music)
(car engine running)
(watch ticking)
(metal thudding)
(car engine running)
(paper rustling)
Thank you.
Thank you.
That's good.
This shit looks real good, man.
I think Reuben
should be pleased.
We didn't get hurt,
got what he wanted,
well, I mean, we got what
we all wanted, right?
No motherfucking cops
showed up either.
Yeah, this should hold me up
for the next little bit,
least till the next gig.
Got to thank you, man.
I really needed the money.
(gentle instrumental music)
Hey, you know, vice versa, man.
If I hear of any jobs that
require your specific services,
I'll be sure to hit you up,
good jobs too, man,
pay good rate.
There's some cheap ass
motherfuckers around here,
and I know you know
who I'm talking about,
try to rip you off,
pay you half price,
sometimes don't pay
nothing at all, man.
It's stupid though.
Reputation's everything
in this city.
I'm sure it'll spread
around like wildfire.
Hey, you think this
shit has changed
in the last 10 years?
People been coming around
from all over the country
trying to make a
name for themselves,
trying to live the dream.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I agree.
(bag zipping)
Me, myself, I try to learn
something new every day, man,
whether it's about
my job or this city.
I make a point of it.
Other motherfuckers keep
their head in the dirt, man,
and they'll stay there.
It's their choice,
cracks me up.
All right, I'm gonna dip.
I got shit to do at the crib,
a few more business deals
too down the pipeline.
Hopefully they work out,
and if they do, I'm
gonna bring you on,
but you know this city,
a lot of talk,
not a lot of walk.
People managing all
their bullshit, man,
trying to have fun,
trying to live under the sun.
Anyway, call me.
If I don't answer,
leave a voicemail, man.
My phone's always on me.
Thanks again.
(gentle instrumental music)
(phone chiming)
(electronic beeping)
- [Woman] Markus, it's me.
Call me when you get this.
(electronic beeping)
- His debt is done.
I have nothing to offer.
Look, I'll help you and
your brother with the debt,
no one else.
All right.
(electronic beeping)
(metal rattling)
(car engine running)
- Markus?
Oh my gosh, I haven't
seen you in forever.
I didn't even think
you lived here anymore.
Where have you been?
- I've been here in town.
- Doing?
- Just working.
- Oh, okay.
Well, don't be a stranger.
You should stop by the next
time I have people over.
I'm sorry.
I haven't seen you in so long.
I seriously thought
you had moved.
Listen, the next
time I have a party,
I'll give you a call,
or leave a little
note on your doorstep.
- Thanks.
Yeah, I've just had a lot on
my mind recently with work.
- Oh, well, that's
sort of going through
the same thing myself,
short staffed at the office.
Plus I'm taking care of my dad.
He's getting older and
not doing so well, so.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- Thank you.
It was really good to see you.
- It's good seeing you too.
- I hope to see you again soon.
- Absolutely, likewise.
- Take care.
- You too.
(electronic beeping)
(phone ringing)
- [Watts] Good to
hear from you, sir.
What's up?
Haven't heard from
you in some time.
- [Markus] Been busy.
- [Watts] That's
what I've been told.
Busy is good in this town, man.
- I know.
- [Watts] How can
I help you, man?
- I wanna run a proposal by
you if you have a second.
- [Watts] I got time.
What's up?
- Just meet me outside my place
in about half an hour.
- [Watts] All right,
I can do that.
Everything good with you?
- Yeah.
- Good.
See you soon.
(electronic beeping)
Damn, man, people be really
hitting you up left
and right, huh?
Kind of thought you was lying.
I mean, I heard you was busy,
but didn't know people
were hitting you up
every minute of every day.
- Same shit,
new set of people.
- Yeah, I feel that.
This is one of Frank's
jobs, though, huh?
- It is.
- [Watts] When do you
plan on doing this?
- In a few days.
- Look, I'm willing to
work with you, as always,
but I'm gonna need at least one
or two guys of my choice
to contract on the job.
- That's okay.
That's why I called
you for this.
- Yeah, I mean, if
there's supposed
to be a grip of dudes
in this warehouse,
we're gonna need at least
two or three guys total
to make entry, minimum.
(gentle instrumental music)
- All right.
Who do you have in mind?
- I got a few people, man.
Let me go through my
Rolodex and narrow it down.
How about I give you
a call after that?
I mean, most of these
people Nixon referred to me.
You probably know them.
- Okay.
- Every time that
we worked together,
it's always ended up going well,
and that means a lot to me,
and you, my friend, are
getting quite the reputation.
I'm proud of you,
and I wanna keep things
going in that same direction,
but I'm gonna need a higher cut,
60, 40.
- I can work with that.
- Good, that's good, Markus.
This is an expensive
fucking city.
Remember that, okay?
And I'm in debt, bad debt.
- How so?
- Hector and his cousin, man,
they helped pay off a few dudes
from the east side of the city
that helped me run
a job at the port.
I owe those motherfuckers
quite a few dollars,
but I ain't heard
Frank's name in a minute.
I heard that motherfucker
was laying low
since the surgery,
spending time with family.
He's a real fucking asshole.
I never really liked him.
- Yeah, me either.
- But his jobs do bring
in a lot of money.
At the end of the day,
I guess that's all that
really matters, right?
Yeah, fuck all that
bullshit, though, man.
How's Staci doing?
- She's good.
- Good.
I'm glad, man.
I'm really, really glad
to hear that about her.
My wife's been stressing me out
a little bit lately.
Ain't been doing too well
in the money department.
I'm trying to buy her a house,
but I can't afford it.
Only places you can afford
are the surrounding areas
outside of the city,
and who the fuck wants
to live in Santa Clarita,
right? (laughing)
Anyway, look,
I got to go.
It's late.
We can talk tomorrow.
Send me that picture.
Floor plan of the warehouse
and all that would be good.
Cool, I'll see you later.
(gentle instrumental music)
(electronic beeping)
(phone ringing)
- [Woman] Hey.
- Still need a ride?
I called back, no answer.
- No, I'm good.
I found one from my sister.
Thanks, though.
What's been going on?
- Just busy on more work stuff.
- [Woman] Tommy's still offering
you a job if you want it.
- We'll see.
How's Vince?
- [Woman] He's good.
Surgery went well.
Doctor said he will be fully
recovered in six weeks.
We're having his going
away party next week.
You should come.
- That's good.
I'll see.
Well, let's talk later.
I gotta run.
- [Woman] Okay,
talk soon, Markus.
(electronic beeping)
(phone ringing)
- [Frank] Markus,
what's going on?
I called you earlier
and no answer.
Thanks for calling me back.
What's the deal
with the money, man?
- I need more time.
- [Frank] How much
time we talking about?
- Two days.
- [Frank] Well, get on it.
I'm going out of town soon.
- Look, I'll have
your fucking money.
After I get the money,
that'll be the end of
our business together.
- [Frank] All right,
Markus, whatever you say.
Just call me when
you have my cash
so we can meet up.
(electronic beeping)
(gentle instrumental music)
(liquid spraying)
(glass squeaking)
(phone ringing)
(gentle instrumental music)
(electronic beeping)
(metal thudding)
(car engine running)
- So there are these guys.
They want to meet with
you near Chinatown.
They have two jobs.
I vouch for you.
They know your price.
They pay in full.
It's no problem,
but I wanted to speak with you
before I move forward with them
because I know we
didn't talk much
about cash you got
from Dixon Jones,
but from what you tell me,
everything went
pretty good, right?
So I counting on
you for this one.
- [Markus] Go on.
- Okay, so this
jobs, is two of them.
First is driving job,
is easy for you, no problem,
but second, little
bit more complicated.
There is this man.
They need you to track him down,
bring him to them.
This man, he had a job
for his father's business,
caused it to crash.
At the time, the cops,
they were all over it,
but now things little
bit more quiet.
He owes them explanation.
(gentle instrumental music)
- Okay, I'll hear
what they have to say.
- Good, good, this is good
opportunity for you, Markus.
Trust me.
There will be more work for you,
but these guys, I
want to help them
because of contacts they
have in New York City.
Oh, and thank you
for collecting me,
giving me ride,
is very nice night.
It's better that
we talk in person,
much safer than on telephone.
(gentle instrumental music)
(car engine running)
- You know, this place used
to belong to my grandfather.
He used to use this
place for his business,
repairing shoes
for big movie stars
and movie productions.
He had all the tools
he wanted in here.
All the big names in
Hollywood would come
and get their shoes G-ed up,
ready for their movie premiers.
Shit, they'd even come
and get shoes made,
custom made.
- Wow, I can see a lot of work
coming from that
industry just by itself.
- Yeah, the Hollywood industry
was one of his
biggest customers.
On Fridays, they would have a
huge line out the back door,
definitely their busiest day.
I remember me and my cousins
would come every once
and a while, help out.
Man, he made a shit
load of money, man.
- So what happened
to the business?
Did it get passed on
down the family, or what?
- Nah, he sold it.
He got too old to run it,
started having health
issues with his heart
and a bunch of other stuff.
Family didn't wanna
take over the business.
You have to have passion
and dedication to run this,
a lot of work, a
lot of hard labor,
but I'll tell you what.
This business made
him a lot of money,
gave him a good life,
and he bought his house
when he was young,
bought any car he wanted.
Me personally, I chose a
completely different career,
as you know.
- I can see.
You know, my old man
used to own a restaurant
in the town we once lived in.
- [Frank] Nice.
- Yeah.
He never had any
time to spend with me
and my brothers though.
He was always working
nonstop, seven days a week,
just so he can bring in
money to feed the family.
You know what I mean?
But he made ends meet.
He always paid
his bills on time.
I remember as a
kid just seeing him
going through a ton of stress,
the weight of the
world on his shoulders.
His whole thing was he wanted
to own his own restaurant
and run his own cards.
That was his dream.
At least, that's what
my auntie tells me.
- Yeah, nothing like
working for yourself.
That's for sure.
Chris mentioned
you wanted to talk
about the job you guys
did for me in Mexico.
- Yeah, Chris is
a straightforward
guy, as you know,
that thinks we both
deserve a second chance.
I agree with him.
I think we didn't
fulfill the obligations
on the previous job like
you really wanted, so.
- What are you talking about?
Of course you did.
- [Edwin] Really?
- Yeah, don't listen
to that bullshit.
You guys did a great job.
Everything came in
on time as expected.
Listen, Chris knows
how I work, man.
We've done many jobs together.
We go way back,
and I trust his loyalty.
He told you that, right?
- He did.
- Well, then he should know
it went well in Mexico.
Must have been a
misunderstanding on his part
'cause if there was
something wrong,
I would have definitely
let him know,
but I think you and I
can work together, man.
I think we could
work something out.
Got a few things
going on right now,
but I'm waiting on
a big money job.
Then I could expand my business,
invest, and run a
good operation here.
- I hear you.
Well, let's work something out.
- Oh, don't worry about it, man.
We will.
Speaking of Chris, man,
what's he doing these days?
- [Edwin] Chris is living
up in the Valley right now.
He's working with a couple guys
he met on a job in Philly.
- Is that right?
- Yeah, man,
he's doing really good though.
He's just spending a lot of time
on a few different
states, networking,
trying to bring
in the big bucks.
He's been putting
a lot of energy
and focus into
Chicago and Philly.
- That's good to hear.
Sounds like he's on a good path.
I worked in Chicago
for a few years
before coming to LA,
lot of work there if you network
and make a name for yourself,
kind of like here,
but this city's where
the hub is, man.
It's where all the work is at,
all the traffic, just
like Miami, right?
- Absolutely, it's the
reason why I'm here, man,
best place for taking scores.
Miami, been back
and forth there,
not my cup of tea, you know?
It's too fucking hot.
- Yeah, I don't
like it either, man,
but I'll take it over
the cold snow any day.
All right, man, I'll be
giving you a call, man.
I'll stay in touch.
As soon as these
jobs come through,
I'll be reaching out to you.
Sounds like a plan.
- [Frank] Right on, man.
(gentle instrumental music)
(metal clicking)
(phone ringing)
(bag zipping)
(car engine running)
(metal thudding)
- Man, what's up?
- Virgil, this is Markus.
Markus, this is Virgil.
- You know, I know your
face from somewhere, man.
I'm pretty sure we
worked together on a job,
maybe two years ago or--
- Anyway, anyway, he's
gonna be helping us out.
He knows Nixon,
so here's the deal.
If we're not out of here
in three minutes or less,
take the fuck off.
We'll find our own ride home.
Virgil and I have been
over this so many times.
- Yeah, we got this, man.
Should be pretty easy,
in and out.
I'm ready to go.
- Virgil, any further
questions for Markus?
- No explanation needed,
which seems pretty fortunate.
- All right, let's hit it.
(gentle instrumental music)
(car engine running)
(electronic beeping)
(metal thudding)
(watch ticking)
(gun firing)
(dramatic instrumental music)
Fucking drive, drive.
(car engine running)
We just fucking went in there,
and it was so fucking dark.
I swear to God, Markus.
It was fucking pitch black,
and out of nowhere,
fucking Vernon's guys
just jumped in and
fucking shanked Virgil
right in the fucking neck, man.
I fucking shot at them,
and they fucking shot back,
and I just took the fuck off.
I fucked up.
I'm sorry.
I really fucked this up, man.
Everything was where
you said it was,
the floor plan, the
cash, everything.
It was just too fucking dark.
It was so fucking dark.
You can tell Frank that
it was all my fault.
I swear to God, Markus.
Just tell him it was
all my fucking fault.
Just fucking take
care of my kids
if something happens to me, man.
I'm fucking sorry.
Markus, I'm fucking sorry, man.
(gentle instrumental music)
(metal creaking)
Look, yo, I don't
know what to say, man.
I'm sorry.
What are you gonna tell Frank?
- I'm not sure yet.
- Well, you can tell him that
I fucked it all up, okay,
'cause I did.
Your hands are clean on this.
I'm not gonna hold
you to anything.
I'll even help
you get the money.
We had a deal.
- I'm gonna get Frank his
damn money, all right?
That's between me and him,
but our business is done now.
Who'd you fucking hire?
Was it strange?
- Who, you mean Virgil?
Bro, I told you, man.
I don't even know
that motherfucker.
Nixon set me up with him.
Look, if you change
your mind, call me.
Look, you know where
to find me, man.
All right?
(metal thudding)
(metal scraping)
(gentle instrumental music)
(electronic beeping)
(phone ringing)
- [Frank] Markus, do you
have what I'm looking for?
Please say you do.
- No.
- [Frank] What?
What do you mean no?
- One of my guys got killed.
We didn't get the money.
- [Frank] What the
hell do you mean
you didn't get the money?
That's not what I
wanna hear, Markus.
I told you I was
going out of town.
I need that money now.
You fucking failed me, man.
All right, listen.
Don't go looking for the money.
I'm gonna call you back
and tell you what to do next.
Make sure you answer your phone.
- I got an idea who it is.
There's only one person
who could have
sent for the money.
He knows we've got
the money, Jimmy.
I got one of my guys
working on it right now.
He's gonna get me everything
I need to know about this.
I will.
I'll make a few
more phone calls,
and I'll get back to
you with more info.
(electronic beeping)
(phone ringing)
Hey, you got a second?
Someone knows about
our little secret
with the job we did in
Vegas at the casino.
Yeah, that's right.
Well, I'm gonna
need your assistance
in helping me find
some addresses
and phone numbers of someone.
(gentle instrumental music)
(car engine running)
- When do you have to pay Frank?
- Now.
- I think you're insane.
You know Frank is
gonna come down on you
for not getting the cash.
- He'll get his money.
- Frank cares nothing
about anyone else.
He will do whatever it
takes to get what he wants.
His reputation is
not the best here.
I don't know why you
continue to work with him.
Now I'm sure that these
other guys' people
will come looking for you.
Once they know he's dead
and find about Watts,
then Vernon's people
and the cops next.
None of this you care about.
- No.
(gentle instrumental music)
- Okay, Markus.
It seems like you need
some time to think.
I'm gonna get going and
give you some space.
(papers rustling)
(car engine running)
- Edwin, listen, I
got a job for you.
I just got off the
phone with Vernon.
He's supposed to give
me five of 12 mil.
Now I'm gonna send
you and Markus
to go pick it up.
Once you have the money,
I want you to dump his ass
and bury him where I told you.
Then you bring me my
money, understood?
All right.
Meet me here when you're done.
(gentle instrumental music)
This is real simple, Markus,
and I've been working on
this for quite some time,
so don't fuck it up.
You're gonna deliver this
bag at 11 o'clock sharp.
You're gonna meet up with
Clyde on Eighth and Alameda.
You'll have the money,
and I put a little incentive
in this briefcase for you.
You can check it if you want,
but I know you trust me.
Oh, and by the way,
Clyde's got some work coming up,
and I'm sure he's gonna
need a good driver like you.
I put in a good work,
but you don't have to thank me.
You can thank yourself.
After all, you're the
one doing all the work.
Do you have any
questions for me, Markus?
I didn't think so.
(watch ticking)
(gentle instrumental music)
(metal clicking)
(phone chiming)
(electronic beeping)
- [Zander] Markus, is Zander.
I just spoke to Nelson.
He has information.
He is going to kill you.
He's sending guy now
to take care of it
and use you for
getting his money.
Nelson told me everything.
- What do you mean?
- [Zander] Trust me.
Watch your back, Markus.
(electronic beeping)
(gentle instrumental music)
- Markus.
All right.
Let's go.
(metal thudding)
(electronic beeping)
(car engine running)
(upbeat instrumental music)
(metal thudding)
(car engine running)
(electronic beeping)
(metal scraping)
(grunting and coughing)
- [Frank] What the fuck
are you trying to tell me?
You have my money,
and you killed my guy?
Why would I get rid of you?
You're out of your fucking mind.
Just bring my fucking
money, Markus.
I'm done with you.
You better look over
your shoulder this time.
I know exactly where you live.
You're a dead man.
(upbeat instrumental music)
- [Watts] Yo, Markus, I just
listened to your message
and saw your text.
Jesus, Markus, fucking Frank?
Fuck, I had a
feeling he would try
to pull some bullshit.
Look, I'm sorry, man.
I'm sorry about all this.
You have his money,
you said though, right?
- [Markus] Yeah.
- [Watts] Well, what are
you gonna do with it?
You gonna hand it over to him
after he tried to do you dirty
with one of his guys?
- [Markus] I don't know.
- [Watts] Does he know we
were working on this together
when he gave the job originally?
- [Markus] No, he shouldn't.
- [Watts] Fucking Frank.
I think I gave you a
head's up about him
a long time ago, if I
can remember correctly.
- [Markus] Yeah.
- [Watts] What about
my portion of the cash?
[Markus] I got your money.
- [Watts] Good,
when can we meet?
- [Markus] Let's
say half an hour.
- [Watts] All right, real good.
I can do that.
Where do you want to meet at?
- [Markus] Sixth Street Bridge,
same place we met there before.
I'll drop your money.
Then I gotta go.
I don't want people tailing me.
All your money will be in there.
- [Watts] All
right, sounds good.
You let me know what you
want to do with Frank
later over the phone.
Maybe I can help you out
even though it's none
of my fucking business,
but let's meet there
in about half an hour.
Anything else?
- [Markus] No.
- [Watts] All right,
I'll see you there.
(electronic beeping)
(car engine running)
(gentle instrumental music)
(paper rustling)
(bag zipping)
(electronic beeping)
(phone ringing)
- [Woman] Markus?
- [Markus] Yeah, look,
I'm gonna be leaving
town for a while.
I can't talk a lot
about it right now.
I'll talk to you in a few days.
(upbeat instrumental music)
(metal thudding)
(car engine running)
(electronic beeping)
- [Frank] Hey, asshole,
answer your phone.
I think I have something
you might want,
your girl, Staci.
Oh, and I picked up some
of my money from your boy.
Oh, don't worry.
You won't find much left of him.
Give me a call as
soon as possible.
You have something of mine,
and I have something of yours.
Call me so we can negotiate.
(car engine running)
(phone ringing)
Thanks for calling me back.
Glad you listened to my message.
We need to meet up, Markus,
sort all this out.
Where's my money?
- A safe place.
- [Frank] Staci's
right here, man.
She's fine and in good health,
and I wanna keep it that way,
as long as you do what I say.
- [Staci] Markus, are you there?
- Things will be fine
as long as you cooperate.
I say we settle this
once and for all.
I don't want things
to get out of hand.
Meet me at Twins in
and hour and a half.
You be there with my money,
I release the girl.
See you then.
(dramatic instrumental music)
(car engine running)
(electronic beeping)
(metal thudding)
(gentle instrumental music)
(metal clattering)
(metal thudding)
I just delivered a message.
They're releasing Staci
on Anderson and Boyd
by the Fourth Street Bridge.
I never said she'd
be here with me.
Now hand over the money.
(bag thudding)
(metal scraping)
(metal thudding)
(gentle instrumental music)
(upbeat instrumental music)