The Reliant (2019) Movie Script

You're gonna
be all right, Faith.
We're here, baby.
Wake up, now.
Wake up, Faith.
Hang on!
I'm comin'.
Here we go!
Okay, baby, I'll get you out.
I'll get you out, Faith.
Faith, stay with me.
Somebody help me, help me!
Somebody help me, please!
Help me!
You, stop!
Okay, sir, set her down.
Help me! Her name is Faith.
Sir, you have to move.
I told her to buckle!
Doctor, have you
seen Dr. Raleigh?
Dr. Raleigh's in a
code. I'll take care of it.
Kids, you wait for
Daddy right there, okay?
But your wife's having a baby!
You shouldn't be here.
No, no, just one floor
up, I've got plenty of time.
Tell me what happened, sir.
We got cut off.
Went off the road, hit a ditch.
- BP is 90 over 60, pulse 135.
- I don't really remember.
I don't really
know what happened!
Get her to radiology right now.
I want a head and
a neck CT, stat.
Go, go, go!
What? No, wait, I got to go.
I got to be with her!
Sir, how much alcohol
have you had today?
- Hmm?
- Wait, what?
Security, keep him here.
Please, keep him here.
I got to go with
her, that's my daughter!
Your daughter's safe in my hand.
I will take care
of her, all right?
That's my Faith, I
have to go with them!
I have to go with them!
- No!
- I have to go with her!
Did you leave
the scene of an accident?
My daughter's hurt back
there and I need to be there.
No, hey, if you don't calm down,
I will put these on you.
Look, I don't
have time for this!
- Back off!
- Hey!
- Back off!
- Hey, hey, hey!
You pull that trigger
and you will never see
your daughter again.
You won't see tomorrow
unless I see my Faith.
Give me the gun now!
Waiting room, code silver.
Look around you.
Look how you're
freaking out the kids.
Think of your little
girl, Faith, right?
What would Faith want you to do?
She's all I got.
I can't lose her.
I can't lose my Faith.
That's my Faith.
You can't take her.
You can't take her!
Ooh, that one.
Did you find your dress yet?
No way, mister.
The first time
you're gonna see me
in my wedding dress is when
I'm walking down the aisle.
Oh, okay.
It's really not fair, though.
Why do you get to
see my tux but...
- Hey.
- Are you gonna cry?
Remember when we were like that?
Hey, we still are.
Now the student should
never dishonor his teacher.
Mm, ah, yeah,
that's a great move.
Oh, even better.
It's getting worse.
Cities, all due to the collapse
of the dollar, and
the panic, looting,
and governmental
chaos that followed.
The National Guard
and local responders
are overwhelmed in the
bigger metropolitan areas.
Smaller towns and rural
I can't concentrate.
Is Eli spanking
you at chess again?
No, Eli is not spanking
me at chess again.
Mom said it's party
time, Birthday Boy.
I'm coming.
Perfect storm, the mass layoffs
at the Zanesville plant which
sparked riots over the weekend
escalated sharply this morning.
Police are advising people to
stay in for their own health.
Oh, I wanted that.
Okay, what's it gonna
be, cake or presents?
- Presents!
- Presents!
- Presents!
- Presents!
- Presents.
- Presents, it is.
I'm starting first.
Here ya go.
Ooh! Whoa!
Happy birthday, son.
- Whoa!
- Whoa!
How could you get him that?
You knew about this?
I'm sorry, I didn't get a
chance to talk to her about it.
Well, how could, ah.
Sophie, please don't
ruin this for Jimmy.
Look, we are gonna be
safe, Sophie, all right?
Safety lessons first. Yeah?
You know I'm a better shot
than you anyways, Dad.
On their birthday, no less.
What do you say
we go to the range
and shoot this thing, huh?
I wanna come.
No, no, no, it's just Jimmy
and Adam today, okay, buddy?
All right, well,
we'll go into town
and pick up some
ammo on the way.
Come on, let's go.
It'll be fun.
Love you.
Have fun.
More cake for us.
Oh yeah.
On his 21st birthday?
Sophie, you humiliated him.
I'm sorry I didn't warn you.
You know how your
father can be sometimes.
Sometimes he can't see
outside his own two rules.
Be prepared.
Mmhmm, and?
That'll be fun.
It'll never be boring being
hitched to men like ours.
That's for sure.
Sometimes I prefer boring.
How in the world did
you get through this, Mom?
We all miss Becca.
But no one as much as Jimmy.
Why can't I let things go?
You just want to
protect the ones you love.
Come on.
Buttercream frosting
is calling our names.
- Okay?
- Okay.
So, what was that about?
I'm sorry that happened, Adam.
Let's just say that
forgiving and forgetting
isn't one of Sophie's
strong points.
You can say that again.
- Jimmy?
- What?
It's true.
Marriage isn't
always gonna be easy.
There are gonna be
moments that you wonder
why you chose Sophie, and, well,
she's gonna wonder
why she chose you.
When you reach that point,
just remember your vows.
Yes sir, for
better or for worse.
Love is a, it's a sacrifice.
It's laying down
your life for her.
Oh, and I'm really
sorry that she decided
to postpone the wedding
for a year.
Well, wait, what?
She didn't tell you?
I'm just kidding.
Oh, man, oh, oh!
You were in on it too.
Okay, okay, I see how it is.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
So much for chaos staying
in the big cities.
Well, they look peaceful.
Let's hope they stay that way.
There you go.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Keep 'em out, Chuck.
Our credit card machine's down.
It's been down all day.
Let us in!
I'm sorry, we're
closing early today.
Last sale, get the
weapons in the safe now.
Please leave peacefully and
quietly out the back doors.
Stay safe.
We can't hold 'em!
Cash to my office now.
Look out!
No, hey, let go!
Protect the people,
not the property, Tim.
Come on, let's go!
Go, go, go!
Leave us alone!
Back off!
You help Jimmy.
I said back off!
- I got him.
- Hey!
Come on, come on!
Who are you kidding?
You can't shoot us all!
You really want
to take that chance?
You ain't goin' anywhere!
You're mine!
Give it to me,
come on, give it to me!
Hold on!
All right, come
on, Liz, pick up.
Pick up!
What's happening?
Downtown's under attack,
people are getting killed.
Are you hurt?
No, I'm fine, I'm fine,
but we have to get outta here.
Dad, what happened?
He got knocked out.
Look, we'll talk about it later.
Right now, we need to leave.
The whole town's on fire.
The police are retreating.
Go get him an ice pack
and some Ibuprofen, now.
Okay, okay.
Whose blood is in the back seat?
It's someone we tried to help.
Now listen to me very carefully.
We have prepared for this.
We will survive, but right now,
we have to pack
and get outta here.
How long are we gonna be gone?
I'm supposed to be getting
married in 39 days, Dad.
Sophie, have you
heard a word I've said?
People are dying
just two miles away.
My priority is to
keep you all safe.
- Safe?
- Yes, safe.
Adam, do you want
to stay with us
until your family
gets back in town?
All right, all right,
guys, we've prepared.
Let's go, let's do this,
let's pack it up, let's go!
Hey, Honey, have you seen
the key to the gun safe?
It should be in your drawer.
No, it's not there.
Get everyone in the car!
Can I go back
inside and get my box?
No, bugout gear only.
- Dad, but it's my...
- I said no!
Do you know where the bronze
key to the gun safe is?
Honey, can we just stay here?
Maybe we're overreacting just a-
That was in our neighborhood.
Get everyone in the car.
Eli, move it, time to leave.
Where's Jimmy?
Go, go, go!
Adam, grab that rifle.
Shells are in the trailer.
We will defend ourselves!
Sophie, take the kids
and get outta here!
You guys, go, go, go, go!
Stay low!
Eli, stay low.
Get off my property, now!
All right, Doc.
Time for you to feel my pain.
There are kids here.
Where are ya?
Show yourself.
What, what?
That can't be.
No dead kids, Clint,
just the doctor.
Sophie, go, go, get outta here!
Sophie, get to the woods.
- Jimmy, go!
- Okay.
We'll meet you there!
Girls, grab a bag.
Adam, I have to find that key.
Come on, Sophie!
Not without Adam.
Why, I just told you...
It wasn't me!
I said, it wasn't me!
Don't be going all tender on us.
This was your idea.
She's gonna die anyway.
Come on.
Take care of 'em, Soph.
Hey Jack, found me a wife.
Get off of me!
Oh, no, no, no.
Sit down.
Why are you doing this to us?
It's vengeance.
Easy, easy.
But it's over now.
The world is falling apart.
Believe me, I need
to save those kids,
though I'm only gonna
offer this once.
Help me save her.
You can't have her.
Fine, we're done.
You can't have her!
You hear me?
You can't have her!
So, you can help-
or you could hurt.
He's your problem now.
Oh, one more thing.
If I don't find her
alive, I'm gonna find you.
How's that for tender?
Eli, come on, get up.
You don't have
to hide it from me.
You've stared at that
thing every spare second
for the past month, whenever
you think no one's looking.
Has it really been a month?
You can talk to
me, you know that?
It's your turn.
Mommy, no!
Look, you have got
keep Faith more quiet.
Look, she's been
whining all night long.
Have a heart, Jimmy.
Her wound is infected
and she misses Mom.
You shouldn't have
gone back into the house
to get your stupid ole' sword.
We could have got out in time.
I told you that Dad
said that I could go back.
Please keep your voice down.
No, you went back inside
to get your dumb toy sword
and your little trinkets
when his last words were
for everybody to get
in the car and leave.
You think you miss
him more than me?
I'll take the lookout.
But you did it last night.
How are you gonna stay awake?
Let it go, Soph.
We are still a family.
Good morning, sleepyhead.
That's what Mom
used to say to me
when I'd sleep in.
Six berries and one piece
of jerky for each of us.
Here, bud.
These berries are sour.
Eli, you're always
wanting what we don't have.
Be thankful and try it.
It's not that bad.
Don't spit that out.
Eli, when God made the first
deer, He said, "It is good."
That was before
Adam and Eve sinned.
Now it's disgusting.
I hate it.
In everything, give thanks,
for this is the will of God.
Think so, huh?
You think God wants us to
give thanks for everything?
What about stinging nettles?
I'll get you some jewel weed.
It's not for
everything give thanks,
"In everything, give thanks."
God, thank you so much
for thinkin' of us
and for thinkin' of
Faith, whom You could cure
with a snap of Your
fingers like that.
Grows right next
to stingin' nettles.
Ain't that just like God?
I saw two flashlights
on that hill last night.
There's been no
gunfire for two days.
Maybe the looters couldn't
break into the gun safe.
Well, how can we get
in without the key?
No way, we are not
going back there.
Did you hear what I said?
No gunfire for two
days, we're fine.
Her fever's back.
We really need an
antibiotic for her.
Dad kept some in
the house, right?
We could use a bigger
pan to boil water.
Clothes, towels, anything
for a bandage for Faith.
We need to bury Mom and Dad.
Stay here.
Maybe the horses got out.
Yeah, right.
Let's go.
Okay, here we go.
Ugh, what is that smell?
Shh, stay close.
Did you hear that?
It's a skunk.
You about
gave me a heart attack.
Come on.
Okay, you go check
the basement first.
I need to go upstairs
and look for something.
Sophie, we need
to stay together.
You hid the key to the gun safe?
How dare you.
I am so sorry.
Watch your step.
No, you watch your step.
It's not Adam.
Calm down, Soph.
What is that?
Shoo, go on.
Here, hold the light.
Oh, I can't believe it.
Look, why don't
we just stay here?
We'll clean the place up.
We'll bury the dead guy.
They'll be back.
We can defend
ourselves now, Sophie.
We don't have water, Jimmy.
They will starve us
out or burn us down.
It's our home!
Dad died fighting for it.
We should be willing to.
Dad didn't die
fighting for our home.
He died fighting for us.
Handicapped, thanks to you.
I am sick of hiding and
eating berries and bugs, Sophie.
Don't you wanna fight?
If we die, who's gonna
take care of Eli and Faith?
Mom and Adam aren't here.
Well, they could still be alive.
Well, I wouldn't
be too happy about that.
Don't you dare talk
like that around Faith.
You know, some things
are worse than death.
People are coming.
It's Robby.
Wait, we don't
know who he's with.
It's Robby, Sophie.
Man, I can't believe
you guys made it.
Hey, this is my
buddy, Chris, okay?
Well, come in and
keep your voices down.
Looters have been living here
and they may be returning.
Sophie! Adam!
Oh, thank God!
You're all right.
So are you.
You're alive.
Sophie, I'm so
sorry about your dad.
Who's he?
Look, Jimmy,
just calm down, okay?
He's with me.
Is Mom all right?
I don't know what
happened to her.
I ran out of ammo
and they took us.
Who took her?
We'll find her.
Robby has an idea.
All right, take us to her.
Look, y'all don't
understand, okay?
You don't know what
it's like out there.
Try me.
Like that.
What is the government doing?
Are there any police?
Oh no, are you injured?
Adam, what happened?
What you got
down in the duffle bag?
Hey, get your hands off!
And no you can't have
any so don't even ask.
Whose blood is this?
Adam, what's going on?
Don't judge us.
Our parents were
killed just like yours.
Okay, we have to do what
we have to do to survive.
Are you hurting people?
You aiming that
weapon at me, boy?
- Yeah.
- Hey, Clint, look!
These are my friends, okay?
Look, everybody just
needs to calm down, okay?
Jimmy, calm down.
Is that Charlie?
Look, Adam, come on, let's go.
No, I'm not leaving.
Let me borrow your shotgun.
No way.
Here, I want it back.
Good luck.
Does that nasty hat look
familiar to you, Soph?
What caliber
is that rifle over there?
Fetch that rifle
on the island for me.
I got a
feeling you ain't meaning
to show it to me
in a friendly way.
Well, I got to
feeling this ain't
the first time you've
been to my house.
Adam, what's going on up there?
Come on, let me in!
No, you'll shoot Adam!
Adam! Robby!
He ain't gonna make it, Robby!
Robby, help!
I'm trying!
Adam, just open the door!
Time to die, boy.
Adam, hurry, come on!
Hey, get away from him!
Robby! I'll kill you!
Yep, whooped him.
Took you long enough.
Who was it?
Hey, can you doctor that?
Put pressure on it,
put pressure on it.
Lemme give 'em some food, Robby.
They're hungry.
We don't want your food,
not if it has
innocent blood on it.
So you'd rather starve to death?
Than murder and steal?
We only kill those who've
killed to steal from others.
Except that, uh, that
little boy you shot.
That boy wasn't so little,
and he was coming
at me with a knife.
It was self-defense.
When you're robbing
someone, you don't have
the right to shoot them
in self-defense, Adam.
Thanks, moron.
Look, Soph, your
little family dream
of three meals a day and
kids and bedtime prayers
and that rose-decorated
wedding at the country club?
Soph, it's over.
Welcome to our worst nightmare.
It's adapt or die.
You adapt by trusting in God,
not by theft and violence.
Did trusting God save your dad?
Is trusting in God
getting you fed?
We're not starving.
Jimmy, come eat with us.
You've changed, Robby.
I've grown up, Soph.
Maybe if you'd trade
that gavel for a fork,
you might live long
enough to grow up, too.
Grow up somewhere else.
Sophie's right, Robby.
We've got blood on our hands.
Shut up, ya little girl.
Adam's not going anywhere.
He's gonna have to stay
here 'til he gets better,
or at least 'til
he stops bleeding.
Is that all right?
No, that's not all right!
He got cut defending
you all, you know.
He didn't have to.
Let me leave food for them
in the mailbox in a week.
Pathetic, you're all pathetic.
We'll tend to him
until he's on his feet.
Then he's outta here.
Look, y'all are more
than welcome to join us.
You know where to find us.
Bring your guns
and your appetite.
Hey, you'd better
watch out for Clint.
I wish, I wish someone
would say something nice.
Dad's happy.
Rejoice with those
who rejoice, right?
Dad's not looking up at us.
He's looking down on us.
He wouldn't want
us sad for long.
When our old green go-kart
broke, were you sad?
Not really, no.
Because we knew Dad was
gonna buy us a new one.
With Dad, everything
is brand new now.
If he could tell us one thing,
he would tell us that
God is still good.
It's okay to cry.
Jesus told his disciples to buy
a sword just for selfdefense.
Two of 'em.
I just don't understand
your aversion to
defending yourself.
I am against killing
people, and guns kill people.
And that's why the bad guys
shouldn't be the only
ones to have 'em.
It is not murder to kill
someone in self-defense.
You're being stricter than God.
And it wasn't up to you anyway
because Dad was looking for
that key and you stole it.
I was gonna give it back.
Yeah, well, it's a little
late, don't you think?
Aren't you glad I'll be
in the lookout with this?
Or would you rather
us be defenseless
against the predators?
I'm sorry, all right?
Please, forgive me AnnaLee.
Of course I forgive you.
Now get some sleep.
Why am I shivering?
Because your fever's breaking,
or maybe it's withdrawals.
Can I have
some of the antibiotic?
That's for Faith, and we
barely have enough for her.
Sorry, that was selfish of me.
All right, give me the spear.
I want both of you
to drive any deer
you see up to the ravine, okay?
Why don't you just shoot 'em?
Well, we got to save our
ammo in case any bad guys
come around, and we're
too close to town.
So I'm gonna crawl
up on this log
and perch up, and like I said,
if you see anything,
drive 'em this way, okay?
Oh, oh my, yes!
Yeah, right?
Woo, we're eatin' tonight!
Thank you, Jimmy.
Thank you, Jimmy, so much.
Thank you.
It's really good, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
You know what?
I think this deserves
a toast, mm-hmm.
- Go on.
- Ready?
To luxury.
To luxury!
- Woo-hoo!
- Woo!
That was the
best meal we've had.
For once, the kids
won't go to bed hungry.
Thank God.
I see you're getting more
comfortable with guns.
Only because I have to.
And with me.
Sophie, I...
You know I still feel
the same way about you.
You're still wearing the
ring, which means you haven't
completely given up
on us, our dreams.
My dream, Adam, was to marry
a man who would be a good
husband, a good father.
I know, I know.
A man who would do good
when no one was looking,
not a murderer, not a thief.
Joining Robby was the
best chance I had of finding
your mom, the best
chance, Sophie.
And we were starving.
I'm not justifying what I did.
I'm sorry.
What else can I do?
You know what today
is, don't you?
It's the day
I would've seen you in this.
Just-give me another chance.
I don't know how to
let go, Daddy.
I miss you so much.
Tell Becca...
Tell Becca that I miss her, too.
Sophie, I found something.
Oh yeah, it's a pendant.
It's got the letter Y.
You because it's my gift to you.
Junk, Faith.
If anything, all these luxuries
are a waste of our time.
They're not keepin' us alive.
Like your box?
Don't hurt his feelings, Sophie.
Well, nice shootin', Tex.
We'd starve to death
on your lousy aim.
You didn't hit one.
Must be bad ammo.
Oh, bad ammo?
Listen to him.
I'm nearly out.
Well, those kids
out there got guns and ammo,
.308, 5.56, and I know he's got
a camouflage Venture
with a high-end scope.
- Yeah.
- Come on, man!
Easy prey!
Yeah, you're right.
If I tell you to go to Jimmy,
you run and you don't look back.
Do you understand me?
Let's go.
Hey, keep up.
All right, now what is this?
The safety?
Safety, right, so when
you click that down,
you're gonna see this red dot.
Now, what's this?
Um, it's the, um, the slide.
If the slide's back,
insert a fresh mag,
and you're back in the fight.
Frankie approached
the petting zoo.
He watched goats
petting the people.
He visited the chimps.
They weren't grooming in
the way he had expected.
They were giving manicures,
pedicures, and permanents.
Look at his hair.
I can't believe Robby
would turn on you like that.
I smelled the alcohol
on him from 20 feet away.
He had that guy
that was with you
when you came to the house,
the fellow with the cowboy hat.
Ah, he's a bad
dude, no conscience.
Did he attack us
on that first day?
Mm, after they
beat me senseless,
he still wanted to kill me,
hang me from the
tree over your dad.
Robby came along just
in time to save me.
No, I take that back.
Robby was just
killing me slower.
Glad you finally came
to grips with that.
All right, I want you to put
your finger on the trigger,
pull it back very
slowly while keeping
your sights fixed on the heart.
All right.
Can I just shoot his leg?
No, you shoot to kill
or you don't shoot.
You shoot to defend, but
shooting the leg of an armed man
isn't a very good way to defend.
Yeah, that's what
I was gonna say.
I'm gonna go for a walk.
Hey, at least
bring a gun with you.
Oh, you are armed and dangerous.
You ain't seen nothin' yet.
All right, take
it off safety first,
pull the trigger very slowly.
You keep your sights
fixed on the heart.
Now shoot him.
You got to take it off safety.
Eli, you can't forget.
Finger off the trigger,
hand it to me safely.
Eli, it's a BarrelBuddy,
once and done, kiddo.
Oh, okay.
Here you go.
All right.
You made that look easy.
Hmm, you did pretty good.
You know what, though?
That right there is the most
beautiful sound in the world.
No, the ding of a microwave
when the popcorn just finished.
Yeah, or a burp.
After a rootbeer
float, it's awesome.
"Amazing Grace" in
fourpart harmony,
that's the most beautiful
sound in the world.
Oh, you're so spiritual.
We could really
bust some bad guys
with that kinda grace, huh?
Enough foolishness, please.
You know, speaking
of foolishness,
I got a question for ya.
When the looters run out of
food and wood for their heat,
where do you think
they're gonna go?
What's your point?
It's a mathematical equation.
We can't stay here, we
don't have any food here.
We've got more wire.
We'll just set up more
traps further away.
Yeah, well, what if the
crooks see one of my traps
and decide to wait
me out and ambush me?
Or worse, follow me back here?
Fact is, we can't garden and
we can't raise livestock.
We've got to keep
moving, that's a fact.
Well, what do you
think we should do?
No-brainer, we got to
meet up with Robby
in the city to find food.
No way, Robby is bad news.
Those who live by the
sword will die by it.
Precisely, and that's why
it's better to die fighting
than it is to die
slowly starving
or getting nabbed by,
like, an armed gang.
Look, don't you want to catch
the people that did this to us?
Is that what this is about?
Punishing crimes is not our job.
It's the government's.
Look around you!
What government?
Look, we got to go.
Who's with me?
No, this is not a democracy.
We're not splitting up.
Adam said food from killing
and stealing was
worse than starving.
Yeah, that's easy to say
when you have a full stomach.
Mom told us we should stay here,
so that's what we should do.
Mom is probably dead, Faith!
- Jimmy!
- Jimmy!
And our best chance of
finding her is with Robby!
Oh, all of the evil things
that are done in
the name of good.
We are staying here.
We are staying together,
and we are trusting God.
Well, you can
trust God all you want.
Dad's the one who left
us supplies and weapons.
Not God.
Eli, let's go check the traps.
What's the matter with him?
Wish you would have been here.
He's hard to handle
when you're not around.
Nice to be wanted again.
I don't know how
much more I can take.
God promises not to give us
more than we can handle, Sophia.
I can't handle being around him.
I mean, can't you
see that he's changed?
You've got to forgive.
I can accept him as a brother.
But not a fiance.
But you're not
accepting him as a brother
when you're holding
his past against him.
There's a difference
between forgiving someone
and trusting them.
How can I ever trust him again?
As soon as he's walking
better, he's got to go.
AnnaLee, where'd
the bugout bags go?
Jimmy might have 'em.
Both of them in the lookout?
So where's Adam?
Jimmy, were you sleeping?
Did you take the bugout bags?
Where's he been?
Adam, where have you been?
Chris said he would leave
food for us, remember?
He didn't, but I think dawn
is the safest time to travel,
especially since I still
can't walk very well.
You seem to be
walking just fine to me.
Are you saying that
it's just a coincidence
that our bags disappear
at the same time you did?
The bugout bags are missing?
Don't play that game with me.
What did you do with our bags?
Oh, Sophie, it
must be exhausting
dragging around a dead
corpse for old time's sake.
Hey guys, come look at this.
Is this one of ours?
No way, that's like a size 15.
Somebody's been here.
No, no, no!
Are you okay?
What are you looking for?
No, no, no, no, no!
- What is it?
- My box!
Eli, AnnaLee, where is my box?
We lost half of our
ammo, most of our jerky,
a canteen, our wire
and our medical kit,
and you're whining about your
old coins and your trinkets.
It was on your watch
so you have no one to
blame but yourself.
There was no moon, Sophie!
I couldn't see!
Well, then the thief
had a flashlight.
How'd you miss that?
You all don't get it.
Right now, somebody
bad knows you're here.
You're going to have to move.
I don't wanna move!
Mom says to stay here.
Faith, we have
to move, all right?
Adam, do you mind
manning the lookout
while we pack everything up?
Of course.
And I forgive you for
falsely accusing me.
Hey, don't forget
that fake limp.
So do you think Dad
would have prevented this
if he could've?
Well, yeah, of course.
Well, what about Becca's death?
Oh, Jimmy.
Do you think he would have
saved her if he could've?
Why do you think he
would've saved her?
'Cause he loved her.
So tell me, Sophie, who's
more loving, Dad or God?
Jimmy, God is love, in spite
of our lack of understanding.
Saying it doesn't prove it.
I want to know how a loving God
could let that happen to Becca.
Jesus came to save.
The devil, he kills and
he steals and he destroys.
Do not blame God
for the devil's sin.
Well, is God in control or not?
Look, you blame the
devil for everything,
but isn't he still
under God's control?
Tell me, Soph.
Who's to blame, the stick or
the hand holding the stick?
The hand holding the stick!
You blame me for all of
our stuff getting stolen
and accusing me
of falling asleep.
Well, was God asleep?
Or how 'bout when Becca was...
Sorry, it was the gun's fault.
You guys should come sit.
Take a break.
I still believe
God is good, Jimmy.
In spite of evidence
to the contrary?
You know, Soph, havin'
to blindly accept
the lack of any meaningful
explanation for our suffering,
it just covers up incompetence.
How could you say that?
I have a hard time
praying prayers
that don't seem to come
to pass, but sometimes,
the only good answer for
the question why is believe.
It's a commandment,
it's not an answer.
The command to
believe is the answer.
It's a copout!
Trust in the Lord
with all of your heart
and lean not on your
own understanding.
They're just words, that's it.
God's words are not just words.
You can't eat 'em, you
can't load 'em into a gun
and shoot murderers with
'em, and you can't piece
a six-year-old's brains
back together with 'em.
Man shall not live by
bread alone, but what?
- I need more than that!
- Every word of God.
Sophie, I need more!
I need cold, hard facts
rooted in reality!
Not empty words,
do you understand?
Look at me, hey.
They're only empty words
if you don't believe them.
Faith is the substance
of things hoped for,
the evidence, the cold, hard
reality of things not seen.
You want evidence of God's love?
All because I ask the questions
everyone else is thinking
but they're afraid to ask.
No, it's because you
don't want the answers.
And because you're asking
all the wrong questions.
Fine, what's the right question?
It's not why are
Dad and Becca dead?
It's why are we
sinners still alive?
We're losin' him.
Jimmy, wait up.
Finally, here we are.
I have dreamed about
this day for so long.
Do you love me?
I know I've let
you down, Sophie.
I may never be any more worthy
of you than I am of grace.
Can you love a man like that?
We all know what's next.
Adam, you may shake
the hand of your bride.
Aw, just kiss her, will ya?
AnnaLee, someone's
shooting at Jimmy.
You got him!
- Don't move!
- Wait!
I said don't move!
Are you okay, Sophie?
I've got him.
Go check on Jimmy.
Look out!
Don't fight me, girl.
Hey you, behind the shelter!
Help AnnaLee!
Don't move!
Leave her alone!
Eli, you okay?
Oh, thank God.
Um, I remembered to take
it off the safety this time.
Adam! Good job.
Adam, are you all right?
You're gonna be okay, Adam.
You're gonna be okay.
Soph, let him rest.
It's all we can do.
Sophie, come look at this, now.
This was at our house.
You were there.
Let me tell you something.
I should kill you right now.
That belongs to my sister.
Just let me kill him!
No, Jimmy, we're not
just gonna kill somebody!
What are we gonna do, Sophie?
Are you gonna call the police?
'Cause if we let him go,
he's gonna come back
here and kill us.
It's not here.
Where's the lock of hair?
Where is the lock
of blonde hair?
I thought it was junk.
No, Jimmy, no, no, Jimmy!
Leave me alone, Sophie!
Leave me alone!
Jimmy, what He deserves to die!
What lock of hair?
It was Becca's, all right?
It was Becca's.
Don't tell, Jimmy.
Stop, let me.
I'll fix it.
It's better now.
I'll get you a hat and
put back the scissors.
No, Jimmy.
Oh God, oh God, no,
no, no, Jimmy, Jimmy!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
- Jimmy, what did you do?
- No, Becca!
We have to learn
to forgive ourselves.
You were an innocent little boy.
- Yes.
- It's not true, no.
- Not your fault.
- No.
Then who is responsible, Sophie?
Who is responsible for it?
Do you know whose fault this is?
It's God!
God is responsible!
It's God's fault!
That's who!
Jimmy, Becca never
belonged to us.
And God didn't cheat us by
taking her to Heaven early.
I'm killin' him.
Stop! I'm killin' him!
He can still change, Jimmy.
Remember the thief on the cross?
He probably killed
Dad, and he probably,
God knows what he
did to Mom, Eli!
He shot Faith!
I'm so sorry, baby.
It was an accident.
It wasn't your fault.
I don't blame you.
Whose food are you
gonna give him, huh?
Who's gonna watch
him when has to go?
No, you stay away from him!
We've got to take care of him.
No, we don't, Faith!
Why do you think
murdering an unarmed man
is the only option, Jimmy?
If man's blood is shed by man,
then his blood will
be shed by man, too.
I thought I was gonna
die when I got shot
on the day Daddy died.
I'm so sorry.
We can't just kill him.
Well, what do you suppose we do?
My name's Faith.
I don't know.
I know who you are.
I lost my Faith on
the day you were born.
I've been a bad man, baby.
Why don't you quit being bad?
I can't.
Ask God to help.
I don't know Him anymore.
I'll ask Him for you.
Don't go near him Faith!
Jimmy, wait!
This is stupid.
Dear Jesus, please.
Wait, wait!
I got to tell you
something about your dad.
Go, go, go!
Wait, I know that guy.
There's a knife under the seat.
Protect Jimmy!
Gun, gun, Jack!
Don't shoot, man, don't shoot.
Don't shoot.
Not gonna need that anymore.
Come on.
Dad shot somebody?
They were gonna kill me!
Come on, Liz, pick
up for me, pick up!
Here, put pressure on it.
Your cut, it's bleeding.
Check on Jimmy, see if
he's bleeding from his ear.
No, doesn't look like it.
Wait a minute.
I know you.
Yeah, we've met before.
You're that doctor.
Is this your kid?
That's one of 'em.
You know, I only had one.
Never got the chance to tell you
how sorry I am
about your daughter.
Sorry don't bring my Faith back
or the years I spent in prison.
Is there some place you
want me to drop you off?
Oh, my head.
You'll be all right, Jimmy.
You're gonna be fine.
You can drop me right here.
Hey, I need a ride.
I'm by the tracks.
Change of plans.
Bring the gear.
We're gonna make a house call.
All right, Doc.
Time for you to feel my pain.
Faith, go to the creek.
It's my fault.
It's my fault.
It's all my fault.
Hey, it's my fault.
It's my fault.
I'm sorry.
I love you so much.
Hey, you're my boy.
My boy.
Come on.
We'll catch up.
All right.
I don't know why we're wasting
our time going to the park.
We'll never be happy again.
You know, we're all sad,
but we will see her again.
How can I go play
with Jimmy pretending
that it never happened?
Um, okay.
When Becca died, it just was
as if all I could
feel was anger.
Baby, God is good.
He's what is good in this
broken world, and He is loving,
even when we're not
sure about it now.
But if we trust Him, everything,
everything will be fine.
More than fine,
it'll be beautiful.
Oh, Mommy, I just don't see it.
I know, baby, and that's why
we walk by faith, not by sight.
Just imagine all the good things
that God has given to us, hmm?
I love you.
I love you.
All the darkness
of this world is
just a tiny little
speck in the light.
We're not gonna lose faith
and make a decision
based on fear,
a fear of a godless future
that doesn't even exist.
Vengeance belongs
to God, not us.
Soph, Sophie.
- Sophie.
- Shh, don't talk.
Adam, you are a good man.
And I forgive you.
There's no greater love
than the one you've given me.
Will you
marry me?
With this ring,
I thee wed.
You should've let me kill him!
'Cause now he's out there
and he's comin' back.
You can be sure of that.
Jimmy, please
think this through.
Come with me, buddy.
Jimmy, don't go, please.
We're a family!
Jimmy, Jimmy, please!
Fire, the tepee's on fire!
Faith, go try and save
the bugout bag, go!
Grab those buckets!
Go fill it
up with water, come on!
Guys, guys, just stop.
It's hopeless.
It's over.
What do we do now?
There's nothing left.
Our bow and arrows are gone.
I want to go to Heaven
to be with Daddy and Mommy.
It's just a little
while longer, okay?
Just a little while longer.
Sophie, Eli!
- Mommy?
- Faith!
Mom, we missed you.
I'm so glad you're okay.
I saw the smoke.
It's gonna be fine,
it's gonna be fine.
I missed you so much.
Oh, Soph, I missed you.
I need a moment alone with her.
Yes, ma'am, take your time.
I wish you'd been here.
Man, your mom
missed you guys so much.
I couldn't save him.
She talked about you guys.
I missed her a lot, too.
Anybody hurt?
I'm so sorry, baby.
How'd you do it, Mom?
How do you let go?
I'm not sure I have.
Who did this?
Doesn't even matter.
We're gonna get
through this together.
Come on.
Mom, what now?
These men are deputies.
They're gonna take
us some place safe.
We're the good guys.
I'm Jase.
And I'm his big brother
Dave, and his hero,
his role model,
his father figure.
I don't mean to brag.
Don't forget to tell
'em about your humility.
Listen, I'm the better brother
because I have some
chocolate in my bag.
They're not gonna eat
that out of your grubby bag.
Yes, they will, and I
know what you're thinking.
Why would anybody walk
through these woods
with Christmas tree lights
draped across their
chest like that?
It's ridiculous.
Because I look so good in 'em.
No, you don't look good.
You look like an idiot.
You're screamin' for
someone to shoot us.
better than walkin' around
with a rifle that
weighs, like, 50 pounds.
Where's Jimmy?
Sophie, help!
Help, help!
Robby, Robby, I was on my
way to join you guys.
Well, somebody call 911.
I had my eye on this bad boy.
Ah, oh yeah, that's nice.
No, Clint, don't kill him!
You heard me.
Don't kill him, okay?
Jimmy and I, we go,
we go way back.
- Oh.
- It's true.
Okay. Yeah.
Jase, you and Liz, Sophie.
Just wait here for me.
Kneel down right here.
What'd you do that for?
'Cause it's my turn!
- No!
- Yeah, thank ya.
You guys just do what I
say, and you'll be fine.
Jimmy, what's
gonna happen to me?
I don't know.
Jimmy, it hurts.
Robby, stay with me, Robby!
Your sisters, now
they got food and guns.
Please, please
just leave 'em alone.
Stop acting like
you care about 'em.
You already told Robby you
were gonna leave 'em, right?
You wanted to join the gang.
Now what did you think that'd do
for their chances
of survival, huh?
God, God.
I'm sorry.
Oh, he's finding religion
with his neck in a noose.
So meaningful.
They're about to shoot him.
Take aim.
We've got to do this together.
There's too many of 'em.
I can't do it.
You will do it
or Jimmy will die.
Pick it up.
You take the guy with
the machete, on three.
One, two.
Ah, missed one.
Jimmy's aiming at Mom.
Watch for friendly fire
over there, Christmas Tree.
How in the world
was he born first?
Hey, shot your daddy,
shot your sister.
Now you.
But first your Mama.
Jimmy, baby, it's gonna be okay.
Okay, get ready to pull him.
We need to I'm so sorry.
Pull back! I'm sorry.
- I shouldn't have went inside.
- It's okay.
Pull him back, pull him back!
Pull him back!
Gimme that canteen.
You're okay, you're okay.
You were right, Sophie.
I should've watched
my step after all.
Here, baby, drink this.
You've lost a lot of blood.
It's over!
Sophie, Sophie, no, no, no!
He defended me!
He defended me, Soph!
You know this guy?
If it's over, then drop the bow.
- Drop the bow.
- He saved my life.
And the arrows.
You did this to us.
- Mom!
- Take it easy, Liz.
He's unarmed.
The gear, the ammo,
it's all there.
Jimmy, the lock of hair,
Becca's lock of hair,
it's there, too.
I'm so sorry.
It wasn't mine to take.
Mom, stop.
You did this to us.
You killed my husband!
Think about what
you're doin', Liz.
I'm sorry. Mom, please.
I deserve your hate.
He killed your father and Adam.
Stay back, Faith!
And now he's come for Faith?
I never wanted
to take your Faith.
I just needed to find mine.
I just needed to find mine.
Mom, we will see them again.
Mercy is the light, the light
that swallows up
all the darkness.
I forgive you, Jack.
Faith, Faith.
Sophie, you can forgive him
for the crime against you.
But for murder,
he's gonna stand trial.
Now don't try to run off.
Jase and I can take ya, but
once your fists start flying,
I'm afraid he may curl
up into a fetal position,
start sucking his thumb like
he did when we were kids.
I ain't going anywhere.
I've been fighting with Him
ever since my Faith died,
destroying everything in my way.
I'm done running.
I owe those kids
and their mother
more than I can ever repay.
How could they
forgive me like that?
I'm so ashamed.
Man, you can never repay it,
but there's one who's
already paid it for you.
It's Jesus.
I was so close to killing him.
If you had, you'd
be dead right now.
God can save anybody.
He might turn out to
be the best of us.
I'm askin'.
I'm askin'.
Lord, forgive me for all
the pain I've caused,
for all I've done wrong.
It's my turn.
I'll see you again, my love.
Jack may have got
baptized, but he needs
some deodorant right about now.
- Jack.
- Jack.
I thought that was you.
No, man.
Your hands gettin'
warm over there?
You guys are hoggin' the fire.
- Well.
- Feel good?
- Yeah.
- I'm not sharing.
- Oh.
- What's it like out there?
It's chaos, it's anarchy.
But here's the good
part, is that our city
is one of the few
islands of light
in a nation full of darkness.
And now our city is actually
one of the only places
successfully resisting
tyranny and disarmament.
Is there hope?
For our nation, I mean.
If God can fix me and
Jack, He can do anything.