The Remains (2016) Movie Script

Good evening.
Please join me here
at the table.
Don't mind Joseph.
The poor thing is a mute.
I'm irwin tolwood,
this is my wife maybell.
Pleased to meet you.
My name is Anna. I am madame
Addison's assistant.
What is that for?
The madame documents
all of her sessions.
Joseph there will be taking
And the phonograph will
record sound.
Now why does she do that?
Curious things may happen
here tonight.
Good evening.
Thank you... for seeing us.
I will do my very best
to help you.
Ahh... yes, a skeptic.
I beg your pardon?
I must ask that you put
your full faith in me...
During the session.
Negativity and doubt can easily
taint the connection.
I'll have faith if you
help us find our daughter.
Irwin, please.
Please, take your seats.
Did you bring what I asked for?
Yes... we just didn't
understand why.
I need something that was
personal and dear to her.
It simply helps me
to make contact.
Personal items strengthen
the spiritual bond.
Well, I hope this will suffice.
It's her favorite.
And your personal items?
That will do just fine.
She has her father's eyes.
Why did you ask us to come
here so late tonight?
Three o' clock is the witching
hour, my dear.
The time of night when the
Between the living
and the dead is thinnest.
Are you trying to tell me that
my daughter is already dead?
If we make direct contact
with her...
There is a good chance
she has passed.
How long ago did she vanish?
Three weeks.
Throughout this session...
It is imperative that we
do not break the circle.
If we do indeed make contact
with her...
Only one of us shall speak
at a time.
You must ask questions with
a yes or no for an answer.
One tap for no...
And two taps for yes,
Let us join hands.
Foul spirits be warned.
Thou shall be banished if ye
approach this circle.
We only wish to contact
whom we ask.
You have been warned by all
that is good and pure.
Please open your eyes and place
your fingertips on the table.
Elena tolwood.
Dearest Elena...
We call out to you.
Are you present with us?
Elena, we only wish to ask
you a few questions.
Would you like to join us?
Elena, sweetie...
Don't be afraid!
This is ridiculous.
Elena, was that you, dear?
Elena, it's mommy!
Was that you on the piano?
Good job, Elena!
This is a safe place.
Please join us at this table.
Elena, are you okay?
Elena. Did someone hurt you?
Who hurt my baby?
Elena, did someone kill you?
This is an utter outrage!
Do not break this sacred circle!
Irwin, stop it!
She's a fraud, a complete fraud!
The piano and the table
are rigged!
Madame? Madame?
Oh, my god! Oh, no!
Help me, daddy. It hurts.
I'll kill you!
Irwin! Oh, god!
Your little girl is ours!
You evil bitch!
Tainted by the devil!
What have we done?
What in god's name--
she warned you not to break
the circle, fool!
Victoria, pick one.
Not happening.
C'mon, pick one.
I said no.
In 1000 feet...
Turn right onto barrow Avenue.
Will you shut up if I pick one?
Guys, please be quiet.
I'm trying to hear the GPS.
Victoria, pick a card.
Good, now place it back
in the deck.
Your card has magically
risen to the top.
Is this your card?
You are approaching
your destination.
You're lying.
No, I'm not.
Yes, you are.
Hey! What the hell! Stop it!
Damn it, guys!
I said knock it off!
Thank you.
Your destination
is on the right.
This is it.
Can we just pick a house
This is beautiful.
It looks like a giant
doll house.
Cannot believe you're making
us move.
So, this is actually gonna
I like it already,
let's take it!
Well, we haven't seen
the inside yet!
Who knows? It could be filled
with 1000 cats.
How many more do we
have to look at?
As many as it takes
until we find one.
Do you really think there
are 1000 cats in there?
No, Aiden, he was joking.
Huh, the ad did say
3:00 o'clock.
I don't think you could even
have picked...
An older house to look at, dad.
Look, it's like collapsing
right there.
Well, with age comes character.
The sign does say open house.
It smells like cookies in here!
This is nice!
It's actually not that bad.
The green carpet's gotta go.
Guys, wait up!
Oh! Hey, not your fault,
little guy.
I'm so sorry! Aiden apologize
to the lady.
I'm sorry, ma'am!
I didn't see you there.
Please, call me Claire.
Really, it's quite all right.
I should have been waiting
for you near the front door.
But I was watching the cookies
in the oven.
He can be a handful sometimes.
No worries! Please, continue
looking at the house.
I'll clean this up in no time.
Really, it's okay.
Aiden, go find your sister.
Thank you.
Let me get this.
Got ya!
You idiot!
I call this room!
No! I was here first!
The house is a bit old,
but it was built to last.
Well, it's a bit more house
than I was expecting.
I think it fits right
into your price range.
How do you know my price range?
Well, I assume you read the ad.
Yeah, what's the catch?
The door bell needs repair.
Seriously, a house this size
for that price?
No, I'm trying to drop some.
Quite honestly, the city
wants the house to sell...
Before it wears.
May I ask about your wife?
Will she be joining us?
Um, she recently passed.
It still doesn't seem very real.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
When did she--
three months ago.
It seems like just yesterday she
was here and now she's gone so--
well, god tests us in the
toughest ways sometimes...
Doesn't he?
That explains the move then?
Yeah, I figured a fresh
Would be good for the kids.
Well, you made the
right decision.
The schools in this
neighborhood, fantastic!
I think this house will
do well for your family!
I'm get that room!
You wish!
Hey, right on time.
Just one, guys!
- Maybe two.
- What do you say?
You're welcome.
Hey! Easy with the stuff,
guys! Jesus!
What the hell?
I told you I don't want
to see you smoking.
I'm not a baby anymore, dad,
i can do whatever I want.
Honey, I only want
what's best for you.
Then maybe moving me away from
all of my friends...
Right after my mom died,
wasn't such a good idea, huh?
Sweetheart, we're all in this
I'm gonna need your support.
I'm gonna need you to be a
little bit more cooperative.
Just-- please just...
Leave me alone.
Does this look like the kitchen?
I was just taking a break!
Isn't this great?
I love it!
I still don't understand why we
had to leave the old house.
Well, we talked about this, hun.
I think this move is gonna be
the best thing for all of us.
You'll get used to it.
It's kind of creepy.
Scaredy cat!
I'm not scared!
I think all it needs is a good
cleaning and some fixing up.
I'm gonna have this place
looking tip-top in no time.
How do you feel about Chinese
food for dinner?
Sure, I don't care.
Can we set my room up next?
One step at a time,
little man.
Tell you what, why don't
you get up and help?
Nah, I'm fine.
Aiden, get up and help.
No, that's okay.
I mean, at this rate...
Who knows how long it's gonna
take to get to his room, huh?
Mr. non-helper?
No, I'll help! I'll help!
Give me the cards,
I'll show you a trick.
Can we hang this up?
I think that's a good idea.
Where should we put it?
Somewhere we can all
see it everyday.
How about...
Above the couch?
That's perfect.
Hold it for me, buddy,
Thank you.
Come here.
It's perfect.
What do you think?
Foods here!
Better be the food,
I'm starving like a Marvin!
You don't look like
you're starving.
Izzy, food's here!
Hey, how much?
I think your doorbell is busted.
$32.50... please.
Okay, there's $40.
Keep the change.
When did you guys move in?
Today, actually.
Didn't think anyone would
ever buy this house.
What do you mean by that?
Have a good night.
This smells pretty good.
Can we eat it in here
and watch TV? Please! Please!
Okay, but only tonight!
Where are you going?
Plates and forks.
I think they are in a box
on the kitchen table.
Can't wait to see how terrible
the food is here.
We got chopsticks!
I'm sorry, hun! I was starving!
The light in the kitchen
just blew out.
And now it begins.
Izzy! Where are you going?
Stay here and eat with us.
I'm good.
Yes, have an eggroll,
they're amazing.
Those were mom's favorite.
Dad! Dad!
Dad! Dad! Dad!
What's the matter?
What's the matter, buddy?
Did you have a nightmare again?
I heard something, dad.
There's nothing in here, hun.
I think you're just not used
to this new room yet.
I saw someone!
There's someone in here!
Well, I don't see anybody.
I think you're just tired from
the move. I know we all are.
Tell you what,
I'm gonna leave that light on.
And I'm gonna leave that
door open.
And if you need me, you just
call for me, okay?
No! Please!
Aiden, there's nothing
in here, okay?
Now let's tuck you back in.
There you go, legs out,
let's get the blanket on.
Let's tuck you in, there you go,
tight like a burrito.
I love you, buddy.
Make sure you count to 50!
I will.
In Mississippi's!
One Mississippi, two
Mississippi, three...
Mississippi, four Mississippi,
five Mississippi.
13 Mississippi, 14 Mississippi,
15 Mississippi...
16 Mississippi, 17 Mississippi,
18 Mississippi.
You scared the crap out of me!
Good! Now I got you back
for the other day.
This stuff is awesome!
It must have belonged to the
people who used to live here.
Everything looks weird
through this thing.
I saw some--
if you keep trying to scare me,
then I'm going to smack you.
I don't like it up here. I'm
gonna take this stuff to dad.
Hey, dad, look.
What ya got there?
I found some cool stuff
in the attic.
This whole entire house and you
end up in the dusty, old attic.
This entire house is dusty.
Wow... ain't that something?
I knew you'd like the
pocket watch!
I'm just playing, daddy.
Can I have that back, please?
Let me speak to Claire
about some of this stuff.
But we bought the house,
it's ours now.
I haven't seen you play with
your dolls in a long time.
Well, mommy bought them
for me and I miss them.
Okay, sweetie.
Let me just check some
of this stuff out, okay?
Who knows, it could be worth
a whole bunch of money.
hi, you've reached Claire...
At primetime realty. Please
leave your name, number...
And a brief message and I will
be happy to return your call.
Hey, Claire, this is John
on Willow road.
When you get a chance, can you
call me back on my cell.
A few things about the house
that I want to ask you.
Thanks, bye.
Holy shit!
Hey! Watch your mouth!
What were you guys doing
in here?
It wasn't us, dad!
We didn't do it!
Fuckin' a!
Enough with the swearing,
goddamn it!
Nothing I haven't heard before.
Seriously, what happened?
I don't know.
Victoria, would you go get some
bags out of the kitchen, please?
Aiden, you go get the broom
and the dust pan.
All right.
Well, don't just stand there,
give me a hand.
Seriously, this is like
freaking me out.
Think the house is haunted?
No, don't be ridiculous.
There's gotta be some
practical explanation.
I didn't screw the legs
into the bookcase well enough.
Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't come in
here, buddy, there's glass.
I got you.
Thanks, Aiden, you can go
up to your room.
Oh, nothing... you just reminded
me of your mother just then.
Lynn, was that you?
I've missed you, John.
Hey, there!
Good morning!
I'm Melissa, I live next door.
I'm John, I'm the new homeowner.
I meant to stop by and welcome
you guys to the neighborhood...
But my father's been such
a handful.
Is everything okay?
He has a lot going on right now.
I'm watching after him.
He had a stroke a while back and
he hasn't been the same since.
Mix that with dementia...
And well let's just say
he's a lot to handle.
That's terrible.
I'm-- I'm really sorry.
Yeah, I know, it's-- it's sad.
It's hard, but I get through it.
I saw your kids running
around the other day.
Cute little things!
I'd love to meet your wife.
She recently passed. I'm still
learning how to say that.
Oh, i-i am so sorry to hear
It's okay.
Please! If you ever need help
with the kids...
Or if you just need some
time alone...
I'd be happy to watch them.
Thank you, I appreciate that.
Look at us, first time we meet
and we're exchanging sob
You know what? I'm gonna
bake up a cake...
And bring it over to you guys.
Oh, no, no, that's not
I'm right next door,
if you need anything.
I'm just so happy this
old house finally sold.
Um, how long has this house
been empty?
Well, I don't know
if it's ever been empty.
What do you mean by that?
Oh, I've just seen some mice
coming from it.
You might want to keep an eye.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that!
I'll check into it.
Maybe-- maybe I'll get a cat.
Oh, no need to apologize,
it's not your fault.
Anyway, I should get back
to my father.
Uh, nice meeting you.
Aiden, Victoria... time
to get up!
Jeez, didn't expect you
guys to be up.
You're never up this early.
What's for breakfast?
I'm gonna make oatmeal.
Aiden, what do you feel like?
Eggs, you got it, coming up.
How do you like em', bud?
Sunny or scrambled?
You got it!
Got it?
Buddy, I think these eggs
are spoiled.
Or not... um, how about some
Hold that, I'll be right back.
Fix yourself some cereal.
Good morning! John!
Sorry, I went around to the back
to see if you guys were home.
I rang the door bell
a few times.
Hello, Claire. Yes, the doorbell
is still busted.
Well, you better get on that,
Mr. fix-it!
Hey, I got your message
this morning.
I was in the neighborhood
showing a property...
Down the street,
figured I'd swing by.
Thank you, you didn't have
to do that...
But-- a phone call would have
been good, but thank you.
No problem. What would you like
to discuss about the house?
Well, my kids found this very
old chest in the attic.
Yes. I believe I mentioned that
the remains of the house...
Were part of the purchase.
Yes, you did.
It's the contents of the chest
that's concerning me.
And what did you find?
Do you mind if I show you
for a second?
I'm here, might as well.
I'm sorry about that, I told my
kids not to play...
With this stuff until
i spoke with you.
Curious little things,
aren't they.
Hello again... dear.
I can see her hormones
are peaking.
Yeah, she hasn't been the same
since my wife passed away.
She'll come around...
Death changes people.
So, what's the problem?
Don't you find these
photographs peculiar?
Makes me wonder about the people
that lived here before us.
John, the house is over
100 years old.
I have no information
on the previous owners.
You're welcome to check
public records, if you like.
As for the photos, they had
various methods of altering...
These images. Spirit photography
was very popular in the 1800s.
Spirit photography?
Yes, during the spiritualist
People had seances and such.
Often photographers used
various lighting tricks...
To create interesting photos...
To build up hype
for their meetings.
How do you know all this?
I spend too much time in the new
age section of the book store.
Believe it or not,
it fascinates me.
So you think these photos
are staged?
Maybe... I don't know, maybe.
Excuse me. Victoria!
Is everything okay?
Jesus Christ!
Oh, my god! Baby? Baby?
Aiden! What happened?
What happened?
Oh, my god, do you want
to get her inside.
I got you, baby. I got you.
Come here.
I got you. I got you, baby.
I got you.
Victoria, come on, ssh.
Baby... baby girl.
John, what can I do?
Come on, are you okay, honey?
Baby girl, up.
Yeah, sweetie?
I saw mommy outside.
Claire, could you go
to the kitchen...
And get us a glass of water?
Right away!
Are you okay, sweetie?
Yeah, I'm just a little dizzy.
All right, well, just sit up,
you want to sit up?
You want to lay down?
Hey, buddy, are you okay?
You're gonna be fine. Why don't
you scoot upstairs and change?
Nobody needs to know!
Thank you. Thank you so much
for your help.
I'm glad she's okay.
I'm gonna get her to a doctor.
I'm-- I'm sure she'll be fine...
But best to make sure
everything is in order.
Yup, that really scared me.
They're lucky to have you.
Oh, thanks.
If you need anything,
feel free to reach out.
Thank you very much.
How you feeling, baby girl?
I'm fine, honestly!
I thought I told you not to play
with this stuff.
But... I like it.
Can I keep it, please?
Okay, but only if we can
get you to a doctor first.
No, I feel fine.
No excuses, we're going.
I probably just had
low blood sugar.
It happens to people all the
time, I searched it.
We're going, get dressed.
Get out of my room!
You're never around when I need
Your sister just passed out
in the backyard...
And you couldn't care less.
She did?
Yes... I'm taking her and Aiden
to the doctor.
And I need you to start
caring more...
And start trying more
and be present.
I can't believe you moved
into the Addams family house.
Oh, shut up!
Where can we--
in the backyard.
Oh, fuck, you're hot.
What the hell?
I thought you said
your family left.
They did.
Mm-mm. Wait, I saw someone.
Oh, my god.
Just hold on, one second.
I just saw someone, I swear!
There is nothing.
Come on, they're not here.
Shit, it's my dad.
Um... yeah, just the usual
is fine.
Okay, you have to go right now!
No, no, no, no, no.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Babe, I swear--
they're on their way.
No, no, no, no,
we'll be really quick.
No, I don't have really quick.
I just need a minute, seriously.
No minutes, come on!
Ah-da-da-da, they're really
quick. Where's your jacket?
Shit, seriously?
Yes! Get out!
Don't you want to--
no, come on, later, later.
Come on, go ahead.
Okay, okay, okay,
go, go, go, go!
What did the doctor say?
He said he thinks it was
low blood sugar.
He said if it happens again,
we can take her in...
And get an mri
and some blood work.
No one's getting my blood.
All right, that burger
was gross.
I should probably get my lazy
butt upstairs and start cleaning
out that attic.
Can you keep an eye on
them while I'm up there?
Uh, yeah,
i think I can do that.
Hey, I'm glad you're feeling
better, Vic.
What the hell is that now?
And that's the end of him.
Who are you?
Elena... Elena tolwood.
What are you doing up here?
Why are you in my house?
Why are you in my house? Do your
parents know you're here?
It's too late.
It's too late for what, hun?
Burn them.
Burn what?
Burn them.
She's coming!
Elena tolwood.
Madame Addison's house of
spiritualism was a well known...
Place for social seances.
During the mid 1800's, she held
countless numbers of seances...
And rituals for those who sought
to contact the dead.
In late October of 1891, madame
Addison was found strangled...
To death in her home.
Four other people were also
found dead.
No one truly knows what
happened, but many believe...
It was the outcome of a seance
gone horribly wrong.
Give me the doll and the camera.
But, dad!
I said no!
This doll reminds me of mom.
Honey, this stuff... it's--
it's not good. Give it to me.
This is bullshit.
Aiden, go to your room!
What the hell
is happening to me?
Why are you doing that?
Because it's garbage,
that's why.
But I like that stuff.
It gives the house character.
Well, I've had it up to here
with this house...
And it's characters,
it's gone.
Can I please just have the doll?
Absolutely not.
Mom would have let me have it.
Well, your mom is gone,
isn't she?
Help me, daddy! It hurts!
I'll kill you.
You evil bitch!
Tainted by the devil!
Kill them.
Does that sound crazy, mom?
John's mom
when your father passed...
I thought I saw him around
the house a few times.
I keep having these
John's mom are you
taking your anti-depressants?
Yes, of course.
John's mom
okay... did you look...
Into the history of the house?
Apparently there was a murder
and the woman who owned it...
Ran some type of church
out of it.
John's mom
there's your answer.
The realtor didn't mention
any of that when you asked?
John's mom
well, if I'm not mistaken...
She is required by law
to mention...
That kind of stuff.
Um, yeah, I really had
to dig around...
To find out anything
about this house.
John's mom
the best thing to do...
Is ignore any type
of occurrences.
Don't feed into the
negative energy.
I used to burn Sage in our
house once a month...
Just to cleanse the negative
I'm going to book a flight out
there for next week.
No, no, no, no, no, that's too
much, that's not necessary.
I appreciate it though.
John's mom
I'm coming either way.
If the house doesn't feel
We'll put it right back
up on the market.
I can't afford that.
Not for a while, at least.
John's mom I'll put
you guys up in a hotel...
If I have to, or you
can move in with me.
When do you start
back up with work?
Um, next week, I'm doing a
remodel on a local business.
And the kids start school, too.
John's mom
don't you worry.
I'll be there soon.
I love you.
I love you, too.
John's mom
I'll check in with you...
Before I fly out.
I knew I should have stayed out
there after the funeral.
You guys want to go see a movie?
Answer me when
I'm talking to you.
I'm going out.
I'll see you later.
You guys want to play a board
game? That could be fun!
You can pick!
Not really.
May I be excused?
Guess it's just you
and me, bud.
Are we gonna eat takeout
for dinner every night?
So, I need to get some stuff
from the store.
Put your shoes on,
we're gonna take a ride.
No. I don't want to.
We're watching a movie.
Then you can put it on pause.
We'll finish it
when we get back.
C'mon dad.
I'll watch Aiden, you go.
Absolutely not.
Why do you keep
treating me like a baby.
I know you're not a baby anymore
and I'm very proud of you.
Perfect timing. I need to get
some stuff from the store.
Can you keep an eye
on these two?
Thank you.
Hi, Claire.
Claire hi.
What's up?
Hello? John, how are you?
I'm good. Is everything okay?
yes, everything's fine.
I just wanted to check in and
see how Victoria was doing.
Oh, yeah, yeah, she's fine.
The doctor said it was nothing
serious. So, thank you.
oh good, I'm glad to hear that.
No problem.
Hey, while I have you.
Are you sure you didn't
know anything...
About the history of the house?
uh, I already told you no.
Well, I find that a little
hard to believe.
Claire and why
would I lie to you John?
Well, I can think of a few
reasons, commission number one.
Hello? Claire? Cl--
I'm home.
Hello, guys?
Aiden! Victor--
Victoria? Sweetie?
ah... the three of swords.
It relates to heartache
and sadness.
What the hell is going on here?
Oh... I'm sorry i--
please leave!
No, I apologize,
i rang the bell and--
I told you kids not
to play with this stuff!
You scared the hell out of me!
no, it's my fault.
I came by to bring that cake
that I baked--
oh, well, I appreciate
the fucking cake!
I don't appreciate you teaching
them about this shit!
And I don't appreciate you
entering my house...
When I'm not here.
They told me that you
left them alone.
How was I supposed
to just leave them alone?
Are you calling me a bad father?
I left them in charge with my
older daughter, thank you.
Please get out of my house...
I'm sorry, guys.
What the hell is wrong with you?
She had a cake!
I knew who she was. I saw you
talking to her the other day.
Don't talk back to me!
I left you in charge of your
little brother...
And you let strangers
into the house?
I wish you were gone
and mom was still here.
Stop screaming!
Izzy? Izzy!
Izzy, open the god damn door!
Izzy, open the god damn door!
Izzy, open the god damn door!
You're grounded.
What? Are you kidding me?
Oh, my gosh!
Get out of my house.
Leave my family alone!
I'm so sorry.
I just had to come back
and apologize.
I intruded on your family.
It was wrong.
I know you meant no harm.
I apologize for yelling.
You had every right to!
It's just--
There's something not right
about this house.
My father came to lay mouse
traps when it was vacant.
Something happened to him,
he had a stroke...
And he hasn't been the same
ever since.
Melissa, I'm truly sorry
about your father...
I appreciate you coming by,
but it's late, so--
is everything okay, John?
Everything is fine. Goodnight.
Hey, babe.
So what's the plan?
Just thought we'd go park
Spend some time together.
Real smooth.
So when are you gonna
tell your dad about us?
Not anytime soon...
At least, that is if you
never want to see me again.
It's that serious?
Just believe me when I tell you
it's not a good idea, okay?
Well, I have some good ideas.
What are those?
What the fuck?
Aiden! Victoria!
Aiden! Victoria!
Victoria! Aiden? Aiden?
Come on, baby! Come on!
Come out! Where are you?
Where are you?
Izzy? Aiden?
I got you! I got you!
Victoria? Guys?
Where are you guys?
Answer me, guys,
you gotta help me out.
Aiden? Victoria?
No! Stop! Hey! Stop!
Stop! Stop it! Stop!
Dad, you up here?
Oh, my god! Dad!
Wh-- what happened?
Burn it.
What? What are you
talking about?
Burn it!
Burn what?
What are you talking about?
Burn the chest.
No! No!
Dad, no, I love you.
Oh, my god, oh, my god,
oh, my god, oh, my god.
You cannot save them, girl.
Kill her.
Fuck you!
Please work. Please work!
Please work!
Stay away from me!
Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Get away! Get away!
Get away from me!
Victoria! Aiden!
Aiden? Victoria? Are you okay?
Oh, my god.
Wake up, baby!
What happened?
Oh, my god. I love you
guys so much.
I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Are you guys okay?
Wake up, baby.
Wake up, wake up.
Are you okay?
Wake up, Aiden.
9-1-1, what's your emergency?
Hi! Again, hi, please...
Have an ambulance and police...
I'm at 329 Willow--
the number you have reached
has been disconnected.
Come on, come on!
What about dad?
Now... you're all mine!
This is gorgeous.
Yes! This is it!
Look at that porch,
it's amazing!
3:00 o'clock... right on time!