The Rendezvous (2017) Movie Script

I'm looking for a place
Where I can rest my head
I wanna hear the ocean
Layin' in my bed...
Traffic is heavy on the road
to Los Angeles today.
It's absolute Carmageddon
out there.
The end of days sale...
peace comes from realizing
that we're all in this
- Yes.
- MODERATOR: Every human being
just wants to be loved...
...and then uh,
the rest of it...
And I'm one of these people
where we believe
in this kind
of a more Western cumulative
like your soul mate,
meeting the right person...
I know!
MODERATOR: ...waiting for
a while. Like it's much more...
That's what I was saying, too!
I love it.
these two uh, points of view
as well as many others exist
in the same space.
RACHEL: Hey, are you okay?
He's got a decubitus ulcer
on the posterior
aspect of his
left lower extremity.
Full thickness skin loss.
Ruthie, what was I supposed
to do?
Call an ambulance.
Definitely not put him
in your car and bring him
to a financially strapped
women's hospital.
Except when he's lying
on the curb
and I see him as I'm driving by.
Okay, well, Rach,
there's your problem.
You should be texting
like everyone else.
Give me that. Have fun.
- Thanks.
He's gonna be okay.
Good, because Lord Haskill
wants to see you in 410.
Oh, please.
Look, Dan, I'm sorry,
but the guy was in need
and that's what we do here,
right, we help people.
And I understand
the financial realities
of this clinic, I've even got
him on a transfer
he's headed to County,
- so there's no need...
- DAN: Rachel, Rachel.
There's somebody here
to see you.
Let me know
if you need anything.
Dr. Rozman,
I'm Jake Alshadi I work
for the US State Department.
I'm afraid I have some
difficult news.
You wanna sit?
Uh, no, I think I'll stand.
It's about your brother, David.
I'm sorry, Dr. Rozman,
he passed away.
Can I get you some water?
I haven't seen him
in three years.
- Where is he?
- Amman, Jordan.
In this kind of situation,
a family member usually
goes overseas to identify the...
In what kind of a situation?
When an American citizen
dies on foreign soil.
I understand you're his
nearest relative?
I'm his only relative, um...
I can take you to him.
There's a flight
for Amman tonight.
- I'll be right outside.
- Mm-hmm.
EMMA: It's gonna be hot,
Thirty-seven degrees Celsius.
That's almost 100 for us,
I don't even know what to take
to something like this.
So, um, how come, you know,
you didn't see him for so long?
I don't know, um,
I mean, he lived over there
and I lived over here.
Just work, you know, life.
Anyway, you remember the drill
about the cats, right?
Yep, twice a day.
Fuzzy gets wet food
in the morning
and Zam gets dry because,
you know, he's a real fatty.
And don't forget
the fresh water.
Don't worry about Fuzzy
and Zam, Rachel, okay?
I can even do my homework
over here.
I'll take good care of them.
I know you will, you're awesome.
- I'm gonna miss you.
- Thank you.
I think that's your mom.
- Ready?
- Yep.
Do you wanna talk?
He was smart,
David, he was so smart.
And he was really curious.
Kind of obsessive, actually.
Loved digging for things.
Always wanted to be
an archaeologist.
And he worked freelance
for a while
and then he moved
to the Middle East
because there were digging jobs
over there,
but he was...
naive, you know, he was an
What'd he dig for?
Religious objects and artifacts.
He was
kind of a treasure hunter.
Indiana Jones?
That's what he sounds
like to this desk jockey.
JAKE: Have you ever been
to the Middle East before?
It can be a lot to take
in at first.
JAKE: I was born here.
- Moved to Ohio when I was a kid.
- Oh.
Part Mid-East, part Mid-West,
so, no worries.
I wasn't really worried.
There's no rush.
Take all the time you need.
Jake, hold up!
Dr. Rozman,
Excuse me, I'm afraid
there's been a complication.
Sorry to blindside you
with this,
- I just found out myself.
- What kind of a complication?
The Jordanians are holding
onto the body.
They're looking into possible
illegal activities.
- The theft of antiquities.
- What?
And conspiracy to transport
objects of cultural heritage
across international borders.
Those are serious crimes.
The Ministry is upset.
Do you happen to know
if your brother was
- part of any religious sect or...
- He was Jewish,
if that's what you mean.
Who... who are you?
I'm sorry. Conrad Hanley,
Special Attach
with the American Embassy
here in Amman.
The police just have some
She's a guest of State.
They have no right
to interrogate her.
Interrogate? For what?
Your brother was handcuffed
to his steering wheel...
abandoned in the desert heat.
Notice the front tires
were shot out.
This wasn't an accident,
he was left there by somebody.
Do you know,
why he was wearing a tuxedo?
I have no idea.
Your brother's cell phone,
unfortunately there
was no signal in the desert.
He called you on April 9th?
- Yes.
- WOMAN: What did you talk about?
He called me for my birthday,
just wanted to say hello.
Did he mention
what he was doing here?
Did he seem excited, scared?
Dr. Rozman...
do you know the name,
Charles Du Plessis?
No, should I?
Eccentric French millionaire,
lives in Dubai.
- I don't know anybody in Dubai.
- Really?
He was the last person your
brother tried to call.
Du Plessis is a collector
and your brother
was a kind of a...
- mercenary archaeologist.
- My brother liked to find things
they were knick-knacks
he wasn't...
Stolen knick-knacks?
Dr. Rozman,
the smuggling of antiquities
is a lucrative
and nasty business.
If this was my brother
and someone had just shown me
what we have shown you,
I would do everything I could...
So you think that I know
why this happened to him?
Did he ever mention
any business associates?
- Friends?
- No.
- Enemies?
- No!
Now, can I go, please?
MAN: Not yet.
WOMAN: One more photograph.
Your brother carved this
in his left arm.
- I don't need to see this...
- He did this to himself...
- No!
- We recovered his knife!
MAN: Look, this may be
very important.
We believe it's a message,
your brother was trapped
he was dehydrated
and he knew he was dying.
So, in a sense,
this was like his last word.
Is it a symbol, is it a map?
It must mean something.
- I don't know!
- Take a good look!
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
Why? You didn't have anything
to do with that?
You doing okay?
Can I see my brother's body now?
Of course.
This way.
They're keeping the body
for now,
which gives us some leverage.
You think she's one of them?
No, no way.
You can't go by looks.
A lot of religious nut jobs
seem perfectly normal.
My first wife.
Next paycheck says she's
no cult member.
How about her brother?
Paycheck on him not being
a loony?
No bets on the brother, but...
she doesn't know anything.
- All right. When's her flight?
- Tomorrow morning.
Take her to her brother's hotel.
Show her his room.
Maybe something will click.
They're holding
his body hostage.
It's a criminal investigation.
Governments get touchy
when the US
starts meddling
in their affairs of State.
It's also a tactic, they're
trying to put pressure on you.
- What do they think I know?
- A name, a number, an address.
What the carving
on his arm means.
They're looking for anything.
He needed money.
Okay, good, that's something.
Money for what?
Rachel, did David say why
he needed money?
He always needed money,
he just... he wasn't very good
at being a grown-up.
But did he say why this time?
He just said that things
got weird
and he needed to get
out of Jordan.
To where?
You know, if I had the answers
to your questions
I wouldn't be sitting here
trying to answer your questions.
Can you get his body released?
I can't, it's not my place.
JAKE: David Rozman's room, 702.
I'm so sorry, sir,
I can't do that.
The seventh floor is off-limits
at the moment.
It's impossible,
I can't help you.
I'm sure there's something
you can do.
US State Department...
in Jordan.
I still can't help you.
Thank you.
- What are you doing?
- Don't worry, I got this.
Got a few tricks up my sleeve.
Way to go there, desk jockey.
- Yeah.
- Excuse me.
The police did this?
Somebody broke in afterwards.
DAVID: Keep closed,
keep them closed.
Okay, open them up!
Oh, David!
Aren't they beautiful?
Hey, look what I found.
An invitation to an event
last week University of Jordan.
You read Arabic?
It's in English on the back.
It's honoring
an archaeology professor,
Abdul Rahman Al Ahmad.
So, something that someone
might rent a tux for?
Professor Al Ahmad,
thank you for meeting with us.
I have only five minutes
before my lecture.
You wanted to know
about David Rozman.
Yes, he's my brother.
Well, then you know him
better than I do.
He's dead.
Under highly suspicious
Not that we think
you're involved in any way.
Actually, we kind of do.
We... we think that you
might know something.
My brother, who never wore
a suit in his entire life
rented a tuxedo in order
to go to your fundraiser
before he died.
He went straight from the party
to die out in the desert
and we were hoping that you
might have some information
as to how that could
have happened.
So, how did you know
David Rozman?
I met him, two weeks ago,
at the University.
He insisted we meet again,
so I gave him a time
to meet in my office.
Next day he calls and says,
he wants the meeting
in a public space.
My office wouldn't do.
People were after him.
He seemed unhinged,
so, I suggested he come
to our fundraiser.
And what did you talk about
at the party?
I never saw Mr. Rozman.
I was told he met with a woman.
She caused quite a scene.
I'm sorry, Professor,
what kind of a scene?
Who was this woman?
I don't know,
she's a drunk foreigner.
They left together.
Now, excuse me...
it's time for my class.
I bet you there's a list,
for the fundraiser
and that woman's name
is gonna be on it.
I'm guessing lonely nights,
watching Sherlock Holmes on TV
with ice cream and flannel PJs.
First of all, nobody wears
flannel in Los Angeles
and secondly,
a lot can be gleaned
from watching Sherlock Holmes.
- Can you get us a list?
- No.
Why not?
My job is to escort you
to ID your brother's body...
- No, Jake...
- I'm not investigating a crime.
They're not gonna release
his body if we don't find out
what happened to him, you heard
them, people were after him.
My job is also to keep you safe.
- You're my responsibility.
- My brother wasn't unhinged!
You haven't seen him
for three years.
Okay, fine, what's next?
- The airport hotel.
- What?
Look, I'm sorry
about your brother
but we're not here
to play detective.
You're getting
on that plane tomorrow.
JAKE: I'm not putting you
in danger.
I wanna stay at David's hotel.
- No.
- Please!
Please, I can feel him there
and after tomorrow,
he's gonna be gone
and maybe you
can't understand that...
We're not here
in an official capacity.
I'm sorry,
there are no rooms available.
we just need a place to stay.
For one night.
Queen-size bed?
- Two rooms.
- Two rooms.
- Sure you're gonna be okay?
- Yep, there's a pool,
and I brought a swimsuit,
it helps me relax.
Good, you do that, you relax.
- Let the police do their work.
- Yep.
RACHEL: Two toothbrushes...
one of them
could be that woman's.
Yeah, of course there's no way
to know for sure
but, Ruthie, I found lingerie.
RACHEL: Red, lacy,
sexy, just the kind that a woman
who makes scenes
in public would wear.
Yeah, okay, what does Agent
"what's-his-name" think?
He doesn't think.
All he does is follow the rules
and say, "no."
It sounds a little crazy, Rach.
I know, I know, it is crazy.
And David was sometimes
a little crazy.
Ruthie, I can't leave
until I find out what happened
to David.
All right, but, Rachel, be safe.
- Hey.
- Ah!
- Something wrong?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry...
- you scared me.
- I look that bad?
No, you look great.
There's a place
across the street
if you want to grab
dinner later.
Would you be offended
if I ordered a drink?
No, why would that offend me?
Because you're a Muslim, right?
You don't know many Muslims,
do you?
Please, have a drink, have two.
I'd join you, but I'm
on the job.
don't want to break any
of those State Department rules.
Can I take a rain check, though?
You ever hear the joke
about the Jew and the Muslim...
who went into a bar?
Nor did I.
I don't think there is one.
I Googled it once.
I had to give a toast
at a friend's bachelor party.
He's a Palestinian guy...
married a Jewish girl.
- Seriously?
- Yeah, met on J-Date.
He joined the site on a dare
and hit the J-jackpot.
And what did their families
think about that?
It was a pretty big deal,
as you can imagine.
You know, his mom had been
badgering him for years
to settle down with a good
Muslim Palestinian girl.
She'd been networking all her
friends and family
setting up introductions.
He was always on that,
um... you know,
You wouldn't know that.
No, no, I didn't even know
there was one.
Anyway, no chance
so, in the end,
she was like okay,
- as long as she's Arab Muslim.
- Mm-hmm.
As long as she's Muslim.
- Yeah.
- So, finally,
Mazel Tov!
And yeah, he got his girl.
Anyway, there she was
at the wedding and uh...
now she's a grandma.
I like that.
RACHEL: You sure you
don't want any dessert?
JAKE: No, no I don't...
I've got a dessert rule,
twice a week,
that's it, already met it.
It's only Tuesday.
Now I don't have to think
about it
for the rest of the week.
- Is that lame?
- No, it's fine.
That's a great view.
- Think so?
- Yeah.
- It's a beautiful city.
- It's a beautiful country.
You know, you should
see it sometime.
Do you feel like breaking
the rules for once?
Why don't you try me?
I think that we should meet
with Du Plessis.
- The guy that my...
- Aw, come on. worked for...
- Rachel, I know who he is, okay?
- ...the Frenchman...
- So, how far is it?
- We're not going to Dubai.
- Why?
- I don't have the clearance.
Okay, fine,
I'll talk to your supervisor.
You'll talk to my sup...
I don't work
in a call center, Rachel.
Just go home, okay?
I'll stay here in Amman
and see what strings I can pull.
It's the best I can do.
Okay, fine, Agent Alshadi
you do that.
I'm gonna go, it's late,
I got an early flight.
Remember when I said,
you can't tell by looks,
with religious terrorists?
This guy on the other hand,
face out of Central Casting.
Who is he?
Mousa Abyad, a baker
from up north near Jerash.
Learned how to make bombs
off the internet.
Latest intel puts him here
in Amman.
Any, uh... any luck with getting
the Jordanians
to release the body?
Jake, that's us...
we asked them not to release it.
Mothers wants her here
a few more days.
Why? I just spent
the evening telling...
He's the only one we've
been able to ID.
Now he's here.
Let's see who else crawls
out of the woodwork.
She doesn't know where
the scroll is.
Well, the crazies
don't know that.
And frankly, Jake,
neither do you.
What am I supposed to say
to her, huh?
Actually, Dr. Rozman,
stick around
we'd like to use you as bait.
make it a little more charming.
JAKE: Room 802, please.
CLERK: I'm sorry sir,
room 802 isn't answering.
CAPTAIN: Ladies and gentlemen,
our flight time to Dubai will be
approximately three hours.
Flight attendants, please
prepare for takeoff.
You trying to get me fired?
First class to Dubai?
How did you find me?
I work for the US government,
Yeah, the State Department,
not the CIA.
- I'm not leaving this plane.
- Then neither am I.
Orange juice or champagne, sir?
Orange juice,
- shaken, not stirred.
- Oh God.
You know your rogue operation,
is costing the taxpayer
a lot of money.
You know that might be true,
if it wasn't for the fact
that I actually paid
for my own ticket.
I didn't.
So what's the plan?
Just knock on Du Plessis'
door and say hi?
No, he's expecting me.
How'd that happen?
I made a phone call.
Personal touch,
it goes a long way.
I'm sure he will be right
down, ma'am.
Thank you.
Dr. Rozman, welcome.
And who is your
handsome companion?
Jake Alshadi,
uh, family friend.
Come, Mr. Alshadi, you're
with the US State Department.
You don't think I vet everyone
that comes through that door?
A man in my position
has to be careful.
You know what they say here?
"Trust in God,
but tie up your camels."
Dr. Rozman, allow me to offer
you my sincerest condolences.
Thank you.
Your brother was a very
engaging man.
A real connoisseur
of ancient cultures.
I enjoyed his company
a great deal.
This way, please.
How much do you know
about the Dead Sea Scrolls,
Dr. Rozman?
Not much, I mean I know
that they were manuscripts
and they were found in caves.
Why did a team
of religious scholars
suppress them for 44 years?
On orders from the Vatican
because they deny
the virgin birth?
But how could it be otherwise?
Even the word, "scroll"
is misleading.
Most of the Dead Sea manuscripts
are badly damaged fragments.
Those scraps have been pieced
together creatively
to translate into different
meanings for different people.
Together they might shed light
on the inspiration
for the holy books
of the world's great religions.
It was your brother,
who encouraged me
to play out a hunch that there
might be more to be found.
After four years
of scouring caves
David found a new piece,
not a fragment, mind you,
a scroll, perhaps the largest
ever found.
Perhaps the key
to the other texts, and then
the prick stole it from me!
- Mr....
- No, no, no, no.
I didn't kill him.
My passion for collecting
only goes so far.
So, who did?
I wouldn't be wasting my time
with the US State Department
if I knew.
Mr. Du Plessis, what was written
on the scroll?
I've never seen it.
Hardly fair, is it,
since I paid a fortune
for its discovery.
What's it worth?
An intact Dead Sea Scroll?
Oh my, it's beyond price.
You have heard of the...
Elgin Marbles, Dr. Rozman?
Well, imagine
the Du Plessis Scroll.
Such a discovery can make
a man's name last forever.
It would be the centerpiece
of my collection
of my life's work.
You see, my agenda is simple,
I want what's mine back.
Dr. Rozman, I'm afraid you have
no idea how entangled you are
in a very dangerous business.
David and I were not the only
ones scroll hunting.
Word got out of our find.
Several religious groups are
interested in this manuscript.
- Why?
- They think it's a prophecy,
a road map till the end
of the world.
To these people, God's word
and God's judgment
are one in the same.
There's a particular fanatical
sect calling themselves
- the, "Armageddon-ites."
- Catchy.
They think the scroll will
hasten their desired goal
the end of days.
It's a call to arms
a trigger for World War III.
Yeah, it sounds preposterous
but everyday there are people
all over the world,
killing one another for what
they believe is the word of God.
David was only one victim.
In Jordan, you were shown
a symbol
- a road map carved into his arm.
- Yes!
What does it mean?
I don't know.
The Jordanian authorities
won't lead you
to the truth of his murder.
Neither will the US government.
They have a different agenda
and they're not on your side.
Despite David's disappointing
actions at the end
my memories of your brother
are fond.
So, if I can be of any
Yes, Mr. Du Plessis, um...
Can you tell me who's in this
photo with David?
The man is Beltran Reyes
and she is Anya Slovin.
They both work for me.
Doing what?
Business negotiations.
Do you know if my brother
and Anya were involved?
Is that important?
Well, I found clothing
belonging to a woman
at his hotel room and he was
seen arguing with a woman
the night that he disappeared.
So, um,
Anya was sleeping with David?
call it a sister's intuition.
Well, then you should talk
to her and to Beltran.
They're both in Jordan.
I'll let them know
that you're coming.
Thank you.
We're about to get
on the plane, coach this time.
Looking out
for the American taxpayer.
Good work, Jake.
She might have found
the mystery woman.
She's been a stroke of good
luck, hasn't she?
She got Du Plessis' attention.
Play it out with her.
Well, even if that puts
her in danger?
MOTHERS: We're not keeping her
against her will.
Let's let her help us.
By taking advantage
of her grief.
Our job is to get the scroll.
Keep it out
of the crazies' hands.
Or else what? Armageddon?
MOTHERS: Do you know
what's on my desk, Jake?
Two suicide bombings
this morning.
MOTHERS: A new ISIS kidnapping
and a bunch of religious
lunatics looking for a scroll.
That's a fire we can put out.
Good to go.
BELTRAN: This is Beltran Reyes,
leave me a message.
RACHEL: Hi, Beltran,
this is Rachel Rozman.
Charles Du Plessis gave me
your number
and I was hoping
that I could talk to you
about my brother, David.
Um... I'll try reaching
out to Anya Slovin.
We'll be in touch.
It's that one.
BELTRAN: Yes, yes,
I'm at her apartment right now.
She's right here.
BELTRAN: Yes, yes,
I saw two men leaving
the building as I entered.
Um, muscular build,
one of them had a hip problem.
Yeah, my name? Jack Bauer.
Okay, I'll give her a call.
Okay, when will you be here?
Is that Anya?
- Oh my God, she's dead.
- Yes, I'll be waiting for you.
Apartment 601.
- Rachel Rozman?
- Yeah.
I'm Beltran Reyes, your brother
was my friend.
- I work for Du Plessis.
- Jake Alshadi, US State...
You shouldn't have brought
her here, Agent Alshadi.
- You're putting her in danger.
- Like I had a choice.
We need to get you two
out of here right now.
Come on, let's go.
The police will take care
of this.
- BELTRAN: This way.
- JAKE: What happened back there?
- They found her, stubborn girl.
She should have just
left the country.
Why would they kill her?
Same reason they killed
your brother.
He had noble intentions
he wanted to take the scroll
to a museum in the US
and keep it safely there.
- Where's your car?
- We took a cab.
Not a good idea, drivers talk,
they'll follow you.
If we're lucky,
they don't know who you are yet.
- Who?
- Could be anyone. Him or him.
Paranoid much?
When your enemy is invisible
it's wise to be paranoid.
They know who I am, so let me
play decoy, yes?
You know
the King Abdullah Mosque?
- The blue top?
- Yeah.
There is an old church
across the street from it.
I'll meet you there with a car,
but perhaps buy something.
Just in case you've
been watched. See you in a bit.
JAKE: Do I look like the whole
nine yards?
- RACHEL: What?
- JAKE: Ayatollah.
- What is it?
- Jake,
are those guys following us?
Over my shoulder.
I think I just blew 40 Dinars
on this outfit.
Come on, in here.
JAKE: I don't get it, it should
be right around here somewhere.
We... we've gone too far.
I thought you knew where
we were going.
- I do!
- We're lost?
You hear the call to prayer?
Yeah, it's coming
from over there.
Actually, it's bouncing off that
wall, it's that way.
What is it called again?
King Abdullah Mosque?
Is that with a "u"
or with an "a"?
Wait a minute, are you
GPS-ing this?
This way!
- I'm... I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
- Which way is the church?
- This way.
- Thank you.
Go, go!
Hurry up, get in!
- Rachel?
- LISBETH: Please.
- Rachel?
- Please, get in!
Hang on a second.
JAKE: Go, go, go, go.
LISBETH: We're good.
Who are you?
- I'm Lisbeth.
- Hi. Where's Beltran?
- Where are we going?
- Somewhere safe.
Funny, I don't feel safe.
Do you feel safe?
Are you aware that Jesus
was a Jew, Dr. Rozman?
Oh shit, here we go.
What's going on?
In fact,
he's actually best understood
as a first-century
Jewish apocalypticist.
Oh, you won't be needing that.
His, too.
Jesus believed the world would
come to an end in his lifetime.
We never had the pleasure
of meeting you nut jobs.
Now stop the car, I work
for the government.
And we work for a higher power.
Do you know what happened
to my brother?
The devil whispered in his ear.
Where'd he hide the scroll,
JAKE: Hey!
She doesn't know,
now stop the car!
Stop the car!
RACHEL: No! No! Get off of him!
Jake! Jake!
- Jake!
Hey, hey, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
- It's okay.
- Oh god.
He's not your friend.
He was using you.
Now, we... we are on the path
of righteousness.
Walk with us.
What happened to my brother?
He was punished,
because he was a thief.
By you?
We didn't kill him.
It was God's will
he didn't escape
the desert heat.
Go to hell.
No, no, no.
Oh god.
RACHEL: What the hell.
- Jake!
- Wha...
- Whoa, no, no, no.
- You okay?
- Yeah, never been better.
- Okay, good.
- Get in the car, Jake.
- Oh, come on...
- Way to go.
- Lisbeth?
- No, no, no, no, no!
- Lisbeth!
- Look at me, kid, look at me.
- RACHEL: Hey, shh.
It's okay, it's okay.
Sing to the Lord a new song.
Praise his name.
Proclaim his salvation.
LISBETH: Declare his glory among
the nations.
For great is the Lord
and he is to be feared
above all gods.
There's still time
to save yourselves.
From eternal damnation
or from your crap?
Oh, Jake.
You really think we're
candidates for conversion
to your cause, hm?
- She's Jewish, I'm Muslim.
- God loves all people!
He gives every soul opportunity,
even if it's only one
in a million.
You are wasting your time, lady.
I'm on the Lord's time.
- Yes?
- Just imagine...
once the Lord has his number
of redeemed
the world's gonna come
to an end.
And he's gonna raise up
all his chosen
in his divine rapture and we...
we can eat
from the Tree of Life.
I... I'd like that.
- Together.
- Yes.
And the scroll is the key.
where'd your brother
hide the scroll?
I don't know.
Khaleel! Come here!
- Jake!
He'll keep doing this
until your memory is jogged.
You know what, that's fine.
I don't even know this guy,
I met him three days ago.
- What?
- I don't care about him.
I don't care about him, either.
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
All the Earth.
Among the nations,
the Lord reigns.
Let the heavens rejoice...
and the earth be glad.
Let the sea roar and all
that is in it.
And let the field be joyful
and all that is in it.
Then, all the trees of the wood
shall rejoice before the Lord.
For he cometh.
BELTRAN: Your brother
was my friend.
To judge earth.
[GASPS] Jake!
where'd your brother
hide the scroll?
I don't know.
If you move,
he will shoot you.
Oh god.
Hey, so, how you doing?
Um, are you afraid?
Because I'm really,
really afraid right now.
And, we gotta get out of here.
You know how you said,
God loves all people?
He does...
he really, really does.
And if you could,
would you help us?
Would you just walk over
to that table
and grab one of those knives
and get me out of these ropes?
Okay, please.
- No!
- Okay, got it.
Um... so then,
why don't you do it?
You could just walk right over
there and cut these ropes off.
It'd be so fun.
- Lisbeth!
- No, no, no!
- Lisbeth!
- No!
- Okay, we bust out of here.
- Uh-huh.
Find a crowd, marketplace,
a public square.
- You got the gun?
- Jake, I don't do guns, okay?
- Really?
- Okay.
So, the thing to keep
in mind here,
is that there are better
ways to follow God.
- Rachel! Come on!
- Yeah, okay.
Wait, keys.
What the hell?
- Jake, Escalade.
- Good idea.
Wow, yes!
Jake, what are you doing?
Jake! Hang on!
Get down!
- Now get on the ground!
I said on the ground!
Woo! Yes!
- Next time wear a shirt.
- Get in the car!
You stay down!
Ready? Here we go!
- Take your time.
- Woo!
- Whoa!
- LISBETH: Khaleel! Khaleel!
Come on!
- I think we lost them.
- Jake!
- You were amazing back there.
- Jake, listen to me.
Okay, so, the reason
that I'm here
is because I'm my brother's
only living relative, right?
You said that was standard
operating procedure.
- Right.
- So, I remembered something.
My brother had a mentor
in college
he was a visiting professor
from Jordan.
A biblical scholar.
Jake, he had
a Spanish classmate.
- Beltran.
- Okay, and?
My brother wanted us
to find him.
- Who?
- Fawaz Azzam, the professor.
- That's his name?
- Yes.
And this is where
it gets interesting, so,
David found two kittens
at a dig once
he named them after
Fawaz Azzam.
But he didn't have time
to take care of them
so he gave them to me.
- Fawaz Azzam?
- Yeah,
"Fuzzy" and "Zam" actually.
- Oh, no.
Oh, shit, Apocalypse Annie.
God is coming for you, heathens!
Hang tight, here we go!
- RACHEL: Agh!
- Keep your head down!
- You think?
Hang on.
Agh! God!
What is she, crazy?
- What are you doing?
- Keep it steady.
RACHEL: Careful!
- You can't escape God's wrath!
- I can't hear you!
- What are you doing!
- Shout louder!
LISBETH: Son of a bitch!
I'm out.
- You got a better idea?
- Uh.
Oh, Rachel, Rachel!
Pull up next to them, come on!
- What is she doing?
- Here she comes, here she comes!
What are y'all gonna do now?
- Jake?
- Watch out!
- JAKE: Get down!
- Whoa!
- Khaleel!
- RACHEL: What?
- Really?
- Oh, yes!
- Hallelujah!
- Yes!
- Drive the car! Drive the car!
Yes, yes.
- JAKE: Nice driving, kid.
- RACHEL: Thank you.
Jake? Look at this.
My brother knew that I was
gonna identify his body
so he carved that into his arm.
It's a message, Jake, for me.
It's not a river.
It's the cats.
"Fuzzy" and "Zam."
JAKE: Cats? Really?
David wanted me to find
Fawaz Azzam
because he knows something
about the scroll.
Beltran will know how
to find him.
Rachel, that is a pretty
thin thread.
Well, do you have a better idea?
Oh, no.
No gas, no signal and half
a bottle of water between us.
Unless you want to drink
washer fluid.
So, what's the plan?
I guess we sit tight until
the sun drops a bit.
Or someone passes by.
And let's hope the crazies
don't find us.
You know, the trick to this
is to conserve your energy.
So, we both have to keep
our mouths shut.
Easier for some
then others, right?
I'm serious. And we have
to cover our mouths, too.
Slows the rate of dehydration
from breathing
it's a scientific fact.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Wow.
- Hm.
How's that?
It's very chic.
I spy with my little eye,
something beginning with, "s".
Eyes this way.
I gotta go and pee.
You okay?
Come on, change of plan.
We're walking.
Where are we heading?
I'm Bedouin, I can get us out.
With what, your Bedouin radar?
My birth name is Yakub Alshadi.
My grandfather lived in a tent.
It's in my blood.
Jake, you were raised in Ohio.
I came back in the summers.
For what? For Bedouin camp?
You have a desk job.
You weren't even able to get
us out of that market today
without a GPS.
JAKE: I'm gonna get us
out of here, I promise.
We'll find some Bedouins
or some camels.
I shouldn't have left her
with him, they disappeared.
You were supposed to keep
them with you.
How could you lose them?
I'll find them, I promise.
DU PLESSIS: Don't make promises
you can't keep.
- Was Anya sleeping with David?
- Seems so.
She was like a daughter to me.
That would have been
Beltran Reyes?
Gotta go.
How can I help you?
BELTRAN: I'm afraid,
I won't be much help.
Anything at all that can help
us find the missing US agent.
I've left messages,
several times,
so naturally, I'm very worried.
They went to meet you
at the apartment
of the dead woman.
What happened after that?
We split up, so I could
get my car.
We were supposed to meet
in front of the church.
Why didn't you?
By the time I got there,
they were gone.
And what does Mr. Du Plessis
have to say?
Du Plessis has nothing to do
with this.
What are you doing
in the Middle East, Beltran?
Protecting my friends.
What about you?
Give me a call if you
hear anything.
RACHEL: So, we get to Beltran
to get to Fawaz Azzam.
JAKE: Beltran, Beltran, great.
- RACHEL: He was David's friend.
- JAKE: We don't need Beltran.
Once we get a signal,
I'll make a phone call.
We'll be out of here in no time.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
What are you doing?
Channeling my inner Bedouin.
My grandfather was
the camel whisperer.
RACHEL: It's spectacular,
isn't it?
JAKE: Yeah.
You can see why religions
started in the desert.
RACHEL: Jake, do you think
we're gonna get out of here?
JAKE: It'll be dawn soon,
we should get some rest.
- You shivering?
- RACHEL: Yeah.
That's actually supposed
to be good.
It's when you stop shivering,
you have to worry
about hypothermia.
JAKE: Yeah? Here.
Thank you.
- You got it?
- Yeah.
You want an arm?
Yeah, sure, body warmth.
- It's a good survival strategy.
You ever hear the joke
about the beautiful Jewish woman
and the Muslim man who went
out into the desert?
There isn't one.
Not so sure anymore.
Jake, if we don't make it
out of here,
who would identify your body?
I don't know.
Some State Department bureaucrat
Makes you feel pretty alone,
doesn't it?
We're not alone.
- RACHEL: Jake?
- JAKE: What?
- RACHEL: Wake up!
JAKE: Really?
RACHEL: Where do you think
the owners are?
JAKE: I don't know,
I don't see anyone.
- Come on.
- RACHEL: Oh, my god.
Yeah, that's right.
- I know.
Oh my god!
- Wow.
- What?
I'm coming, Rachel.
I gotta get my shoes.
Hey, hut!
Well, mine's not going anywhere.
Yallah, yallah!
Is the Wi-Fi on?
JAKE: Fawaz Azzam,
no got nothing.
- I don't know. I think...
- JAKE: Mm.
- I gotta call the office.
- Wait, where are you going?
Outside. Better reception.
Um... stay in here,
out of the heat.
Rachel, I've been worried
about you.
Where are you?
I... I don't know, we're in a...
- village in the desert, I guess.
- In the desert?
We were supposed to meet
at the church.
Beltran, did my brother
ever tell you
about a man named Fawaz Azzam?
He was a Jordanian professor,
he taught in the US.
BELTRAN: Fawaz Azzam?
Yes, he was our professor.
She's right.
Goddamn kitties.
- MOTHERS: How's she holding up?
- She's great.
Why wouldn't she be?
She's been lied to, interrogated
chased by lunatics.
Still, at least she got
a free camel ride.
Listen carefully, Rachel.
Is Agent Alshadi with you?
Yeah, he's on the phone.
BELTRAN: What do you think
the US government
wanted from David?
They're, uh, texting me
the address and phone number.
You know, you might think
about switching carriers.
I got great reception in here.
Oh yeah, who'd you call?
Beltran, he called me.
What did he want?
Just to make sure
we're still alive.
Well, that's rich,
coming from him.
What else did he say?
Nothing. I told him to meet
us at Fawaz Azzam's.
What do you have against
him anyway?
I don't like his beard.
Well, he was
my brother's friend, so,
I trust him.
You know,
if it wasn't for Beltran
we wouldn't be here right now.
Jake, if you knew your way
around Amman
we wouldn't have ended up
getting in the wrong car.
Wait, I only got in that car
because of you.
And I was trying to save
our asses,
which I swear is your job.
If it wasn't for me
we'd still be wandering
around the desert!
And if it wasn't for me
you'd still be tied up
- to a pole in the bunker!
- Yeah.
Getting punched by some
guy, trying to protect you!
- What about the car chase?
- What about the car chase?
Fine, you know what?
You don't want Beltran around.
I'll go see Fawaz Azzam,
on my own.
I don't need you!
SHOPKEEPER: Welcome to Jordan.
Something for your wife?
There he is.
CONRAD: Mothers thinks you might
be losing it.
So he sent you to babysit?
CONRAD: He sent me to remind you
to do your job.
You're letting it get personal.
You need to see
the bigger picture.
Be careful.
This place is like a time warp.
I think it's here?
- Greetings!
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
- State your business.
Rozman, Rachel Rozman.
We're here to see Fawaz Azzam.
AZZAM: It's you.
It is!
I apologize
for my grandson's behavior.
Dear, Rachel.
I take it since you are here
that David...
- has disappeared.
- Yes. Found, but gone.
My deepest sympathies.
But I'm not surprised,
the last time I saw him,
I was very worried about him.
- Who have you brought here?
- Uh... Jake, sir, Jake Alshadi.
Come, Beltran is already here.
There we go.
- Thank you.
- Hello, Rachel.
- Hey.
I am very sorry to see you here,
dear Rachel.
- Why?
- David asked me for a favor.
If you ever come to my door,
I should give you something
he left with me.
The scroll?
Extremely dangerous.
David knew that.
Just a piece of paper.
Anything can be a weapon
for the right kind
of imagination.
Imagination of fanatics.
Well, isn't it true
that the US government
has many men who believe
in the end of days?
Even some of your presidents.
And he wanted me to have it?
Yes, you alone.
It's here?
RACHEL: It's all right.
Have you opened it yet?
It's too fragile.
Even to touch by hand.
It should be examined
in a proper lab.
We think that my brother
was killed for it,
- by a religious group.
- Yes, the Armageddon-ites.
The apocalypse has always
had great appeal.
God created the world.
Man pollutes and profanes it.
God will destroy it.
That's the message
they are meant to deliver.
The world as it is,
and the world as it should be.
But it always ends
in a massacre.
Tell me, Rachel,
what did David want you
to do with it?
He wanted it to go to a museum.
You've brought snakes
to my garden, dear Rachel.
- Come on, there will be others.
- Okay. Jake, he's not breathing!
Rachel, Rachel, we need to move,
come on!
He's not breathing!
- Come on.
- No.
Come on, let's go!
- BELTRAN: Come on, come on.
- JAKE: Rachel, let's go.
Oh, shit.
- All right, my car.
- Okay.
How did they know that we were
gonna be at Fawaz Azzam's?
Maybe they followed Beltran.
What? Are you kidding me?
Maybe they followed
Agent Hanley.
Why don't you cut
the crap, Jake?
The US government has
an interest in the scroll
which differs from
Charles Du Plessis'.
Yeah, they want to destroy it.
Keep it out of the hands
of the lunatics.
They've been using you
to find it, Rachel.
Is that true?
Your brother dug up a problem
the world didn't need.
We had to try and fix it.
BELTRAN: Was her brother also
a problem to fix?
Come on, who has the resources,
the connections
with the Jordanian police to
hide the fact they killed him?
What are you implying?
Well, it wouldn't be difficult
for you guys to stage
that tragic death scene
in the desert, would it?
If the US government went
to the trouble
of killing David Rozman
and covering up his death
we would have had the scroll
long ago.
- So, then what happened?
- I don't know.
But you don't care either,
do you?
This was never about my brother.
Rachel, we had to find out
what you knew.
We had to find out what was
in the scroll.
Stop the car, please,
Beltran, now.
What are you doing? Rachel,
we have the scroll, it's over!
- I can't trust you!
- You can't trust him!
Give me your phone.
Give her the phone.
The phone!
And... and... uh, your wallet!
Rachel, I've been trying
to protect you.
Yeah, because it's your job,
Choose to!
- Think about what you're doing.
- I told you, Jake
I don't need you.
I can do this on my own.
Please, Rachel,
listen to me, if I...
I'm sorry.
RACHEL: Wait, wait.
Goddamn you!
It's gonna be okay, Rachel.
Don't worry, it's gonna be fine.
How did you know about Jake?
Well, Du Plessis is a very
rich man.
He's got many friends.
This is Jake!
Yeah, I need a car
and a driver!
RACHEL: My brother died
for this scroll
there's no way I'm giving
it to Du Plessis
just so he can hang it
on his wall.
BELTRAN: David never would have
wanted that.
You know, Rachel,
to be honest,
Du Plessis is a blind man,
and pathetic.
His mistress was sleeping
with your brother.
- Anya Slovin?
- Yep.
She was beautiful and ambitious.
What are you getting at?
Isn't it obvious?
The scroll is valuable.
Your brother had it,
she wanted it.
So, she killed my brother?
Du Plessis had no idea of Anya's
betrayal until you told him.
You remember, a woman
with red lingerie,
who stopped your brother
from giving away the scroll?
We were both quite surprised.
I don't... I don't understand
what you're saying, it doesn't...
Okay, okay, give me a second.
We need to get out of this
country right now.
- We'll get you back home safely.
- This is the best you could do?
I'll drive. We're looking
for a blue Honda Civic,
give me the keys.
Mm, I was told you're off
the case.
Give me the damn keys, Cronin!
Not gonna happen.
Can I use your phone?
MOTHERS: Sorry, Jake,
this mess is escalating
with Hanley dead.
You're off the case.
We're putting together a team.
She's my responsibility.
Not anymore.
She might get hurt, even killed.
MOTHERS: Listen Jake, a US agent
is dead, it's a CIA issue now.
You're not qualified to handle
this, so stay out of it.
You're not gonna do anything?
I got you the ride back,
take it.
Listen, uh, I'm sorry.
What for?
Screw you, man!
Nice shoes.
- WOMAN: Is the scroll okay?
Don't worry, it's with me.
Did Du Plessis killed Anya?
- WOMAN: Where are you?
- BELTRAN: We're in Petra.
You did?
BELTRAN: I know,
but you know, all he had to do
was tell me what it was.
You have to understand,
it was his fault, not mine.
Who are you?
Let's say...
a simple servant of God.
And you can be as well, Rachel.
I'm in Petra, you have any idea
what your boy Beltran is up to?
You tell me,
he took my new Escalade.
A gold Escalade?
Beige interior.
Which I just learned has been
found in the desert.
Agent Alshadi?
The car we were kidnapped in.
Beltran's an Armageddon-ite!
What a pretty face you have.
You don't have to be frightened,
I'm not going to hurt you.
I have no reason to.
You should envy David.
He was allowed to die
in the service of God.
God has a plan for you, Rachel,
and it's beautiful.
But you must understand
for those who know they
are living
in the last days of the world
death takes on a new meaning.
You'll see.
Stop the car!
Please help!
There's a man... that man,
he's trying to kill me!
BELTRAN: Rachel!
JAKE: Thank you.
The day of the Lord
is upon all the nations!
And it shall be as though
they have never been.
You get any closer
and I swear to you
I will throw this over the edge.
Don't be foolish, give it to me.
Are you willing to make
the same sacrifice
as your brother, Rachel?
Because I promise
I'll kill you for it.
Drop the gun, Beltran!
Admit it, you're happy
to see me.
I said drop the gun!
You drop it, Agent Alshadi!
- Shit.
- Or we'll kill you both.
- You okay?
- Yeah. Good to see you.
You can only shoot one of us.
Come on, drop it.
Kick it to me.
- No!
- Don't move.
You don't know what you've done.
It's over. It's gone.
That scroll was more important
than your life.
It belonged to me
and you'll be judged for it.
Jake? Jake?
Oh, God. Jake, listen to me.
You gotta talk to me,
come on, Jake.
You feel that?
That is my hand.
You and I are walking
out of here tonight.
- Jake, come on, wake up.
Help! Help!
Jake, I want you to talk to me.
Listen to me, this is Rachel,
can you hear me?
RACHEL: Jake, you've been hurt.
Now that's a pretty good
looking poster.
"The Rozman Scrolls"
has a nice ring to it.
I'm so proud of David.
I think it took two Rozmans
to make that happen.
So, what'd the researchers say?
They said that they keep finding
new artifacts every day.
They think that this might be
an entire
ancient library of key texts.
Wow. Here's to David's legacy.
- We should go celebrate.
- Sure, where do you want to go?
There's a place near here
that has the best baklava
in the city.
What about your dessert rule?
What dessert rule?
Didn't you say you only have
two desserts in one week?
I didn't say that.
Did I say that?
- Yeah.
- Must have been some other guy.
The guy who took
a bullet for you
doesn't have a dessert rule.
Oh, okay, yes,
you're very courageous.
Thanks, just doing my job
saving the world
from Armageddon.
You know what?
If you actually think
about it...
you didn't actually take
a bullet for me.
I'm the one who threw the scroll
to deflect the gun
so, technically, I'm the one
who saved your life.
- Technically?
- Mm-hmm.
I threw myself in front
of that bullet
because you were backed up
against a cliff.
I was busy saving your life.
I have the scars to prove it.
The scars?
Oh no, no, that was singular.
- Well, it's a pretty big scar.
- Uh-huh.
How's it feel?
It's tender.
How about...