The Replacement Daughter (2024) Movie Script

[mellow music playing]

[girl #1] okay, so I'll do
the social studies notes,
You do the science notes,
and then we'll switch, deal?
[girl #2]
[girl #1]
hello, earth to jessica.
Are you even listening to me?
Whenever I start heading home,
I wonder if today is the day.
[girl #1]
I know.
But you just gotta believe that
it's all gonna line up, yeah?
When has anything
just lined up for me?
[locker door clatters]
It's just
so freakin' frustrating.
Getting accepted
into the school of my dreams
And I still don't know
if I can go.
I know, but I'm sure that
They'll give you
the money you need,
And if they don't,
then you'll find another way,
Because that's what you do.
You're amazing jessica.
And you're positively vanessa.
[both] and together,
we're totally fantastic.
Oh, how's your mom's
salon doing?
At least she tries.
It's better than my dad.
he is what he is.
I just can't believe
that my mom let him move in
For the hundredth time
this year.
When is this woman
ever going to learn?
[jessica sighs]
Oop. Sorry!
[soft, eerie music playing]
uh, no worries.

Why did shane act like
he'd just seen a ghost?
I have no idea.
just go, that was weird.
yeah, that was really weird.
-Want to grab a coffee?
-[jessica] I can't.
I've gotta go home
and check the mail
And then head to my mom's salon
to help her clean.
Hey, that black car over there?
what about it?
I've seen it the past few days
after school too.
[eerie music playing]
I know this sounds weird,
But it was outside
of the coffee house on main
When I was there studying.
And when I walked out
of my mom's salon the other day,
It's like it's following me.

Are you sure you're not
just being paranoid?
Let's walk in that direction.

Okay, yeah, you're right,
that's beyond creepy.

Should we call somebody?
I don't know.

[soft, eerie music playing]

[man] I got a chance to make
some really good money
If I sell to these
condo builders.
you can't just make me leave.
I have renters' rights, ray.
I'm not gonna let you
mess this up for me.
okay, fine.
I'll take this to city hall.
You're leaving me
with no choice.
We'll see about that.
Just wait.
And tell your customers to stay
out of my parking spot.
Someone was in it yesterday.
[soft, tense music playing]

-[employee] what was that about?
-[woman] nothing.
It's just ray being ray.
Hey, helen brought
some doughnuts in the back,
Why don't you go grab one?
I am so sorry about that,
ms. Roberts.
No, no, no, it's okay.
And please, call me eva.
Oh, it sounded like
a heated conversation.
Yeah, it's my landlord.
Apparently, he was sober
long enough
Just to make a deal
with some condo developers
And he wants me out.
And it's just, um,
it's not a good time, you know?
But I'll figure something out.
I always do.
All right, I have to ask.
Was that your genius daughter?
It was, yeah.
We're still waiting
to hear back
About financial aid
at stelford.
It's a bit of a nail-biter,
no pun intended.
[both chuckle]
-How about your daughter?
-[eva] oh, mine?
Uh, she's still traveling
across europe.
Uh, gap year, as she calls it.
You know, I think teenagers
were invented
To make it a little easier
on the parents
To let 'em leave the nest.
Ah, you say that now,
But then they're gone
and you're all alone
And you miss them terribly.
any news from stelford?
no, not yet.
Oh, hang in there.
All right, I'm headed out
for the evening
And I will pick up
some more cuticle oil
From the supply store
in the morning.
Oh, and we really have to get
the security camera fixed.
That caf a few doors down
got robbed twice last week.
Wow, okay.
Um, thanks, helen.
I'll see you in the morning.
Well, these are wonderful
as usual.
[eva laughs]
All right.
[clearing throat]
there you are.
No change needed.
-Thank you.
-I wouldn't miss it.
All right, I'll see you then.
[laughing softly]
[car door closes]
That was your
super-rich client, right?
It was, yeah.
She was here last week
when you stopped by, remember?
how was your day?
[jessica sighs]
[soft music playing]

All right.

what do you want for dinner?
[jessica] I was just about to
say I think we should do pizza.
pizza! Yeah.
Oh, I forgot the keys,
I'll be right back.

[sinister music playing]
[tires screech]
[panicked breathing]
Help! Help!
Mom! Help!
Help! Mom!
[jessica whimpering]
[siren wailing faintly]
[equipment softly beeping]
[soft music playing]
Hi, mom.
I don't know
if you can hear me,
But I really miss you.
We really miss you.
It's been almost a week
since the accident.
I don't know what to do
without you.
Please come back.

She looks better today,
don't you think?
Her color, it looks better.
[jessica] she looks the same
as she did yesterday.
And the day before.
Jessica, could you two join me
in the hall for a moment?
So, unfortunately, there's been
no change in any of her vitals.
but that's good, right?
Yes, however, I have to be
honest with you.
If a patient lingers in a coma
for more than a month,
There's a 90% chance
that they may not improve.

You need to keep hope, though.
One of the reasons
I wanted us to come out here
Is that studies show sometimes
patients can still hear
While in a coma.
Talk to your mother.
-Tell her how much you love her.
-I do.
I'll let you know as soon
as we have more information.
Thank you.
[jessica breathes deeply]
It's okay, sweetie.
She's gonna pull through this,
I know it.

-Jessica grady?
I'm detective michelle martin.
I'm replacing detective strauss
on your mom's case.
Can we speak?
I'm very sorry
about what happened.
Detective strauss had
a family emergency,
So I'm picking up
where he left off.
I know you've told this story
multiple times,
But would you mind
doing it once more?
Sometimes a detail
will come to the surface
At a later point.
You told the officer
at the scene
That the car was black.
Do you remember anything else?
Oh, I don't know.
It-- it happened so fast
and it was dark.
I told the other detective
everything I could think of.
Are there any new leads at all?
I'm afraid not,
And we still haven't found any
nearby security camera footage,
Which would have helped.
Many of the street lights
in the area were out.
I want you to call me 24/7
if you remember anything,
Doesn't matter how small
you think it is.
I'm gonna do my best
to catch the person
Who did this to your mom,

Where are you living right now?
she's with me.
You can stay
as long as you like.
Since jessica
is still a minor, though,
You have to make sure to keep
social services in the loop.

It's gonna be okay.

Mrs. Roberts.
You're my mom's...
Client, yes-- well,
more than that.
I like to think of myself
as a friend.
I really hope you don't mind
my stopping by.
Liza's been on my mind
since the accident.
Is there any news?
Liza's stable,
but no improvements.
you poor thing.
I mean, I can't even imagine
what you've been going through.
It's just horrible.
Liza is one
of the sweetest people I know.
Why would anyone hurt my mom?
The police think maybe it was
an accidental hit-and-run,
And the driver just kept going.
That is just so horrible.
Your mom is a strong woman
And she's gonna
pull through this.
[cell phone dings]

[helen sighs]
Sorry, sweetie,
I have to run to the salon
and wait for a delivery.
Well, I mean, I was
just gonna drop these off
In your mom's room.
I could take you out for dinner.
When's the last time
you had a decent meal?
Don't worry.
I might not be a five-star chef
but I do feed her.
I'm fine.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to offend anyone.
Um, I just really wanted
to treat you.
It's okay, I-I should probably
stay here with my mom.
Well, I know a little caf
right around the corner,
And it's really close
by the hospital,
And I can take you to the salon
right afterwards,
If that works for you.
Okay, yeah, I guess.
All right,
then I'll grab you from there
And bring you back to my place.
of course, yes.
-Bye, sweetie.

[vanessa] thanks, mrs. Julie,
I'll get these to jessica.
She'll be back on campus
Okay, good.
hey, vanessa.
Any news on jessica's mom?
Nope, nothing.
Will you tell her
I'm thinking about her?
Hey, shane?
I've caught you staring at her
a few times.
Do you, like, have a crush
on her or something?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Yeah, right.
[soft, tense music playing]

Guess I was hungrier
than I thought.
Oh, you poor thing.
I can't imagine
what you've been going through
This past week.
How are you juggling school
with all this?
Mm, as best as I can,
But I just want to be
at the hospital
As much as possible.
It's just been my mom and I
for a long time.
My dad left us
when I was a kid,
So, we've always been a team.
I just feel really lost
without her.
She brags about you
all the time.
I know she's really
proud of you.
She told me that you played
the piano.
Oh, not really.
Just a little bit.
I'm not that good.
Oh, well, I play the violin.
[eva laughs]
I thought it might be fun
If you and I play together
[eva chuckles]
thank you.
[bottle sprays]
[car alarm beeping]

[keys jangle]
[tense music playing]

[car alarm continues beeping]

[car alarm stops]

[suspenseful music playing]

[helen screams]
[eva clears throat]
[mellow music playing]
Baby blue was my mine
and my daughter sarah's
Signature color.

How did you find
my mom's nail salon?
I don't mean to sound...
It's just-- it's not
in the best part of town
And you're not like
most of her clients.
They're usually in the same
financial shape as us.
Well, I mean, one day,
I just happened to be driving
in the neighborhood,
And had a couple stressful days,
And I saw your mom's nail salon,
And on a whim I just stopped in
and I had a manicure.
And I am really glad I did.
Well, not only is she
an amazing manicurist, um,
But she's just so easy
to talk to.
I haven't been in the city
very long
And I don't know many people,
And she became a confidante
of sorts to me.
She's always been really good
at listening to people
And making them feel better.
Well, when I got to know her
a little bit better, uh,
We talked about everything.
[sentimental music playing]
That's why I know
so much about you.

She told me
about stelford university.
Oh, I don't think
stelford's gonna happen anymore.
With everything going on
with my mom
And I'm still $10,000 short,
after financial aid.
I have to confess.
I not only invited you here
for dinner, but, uh...
Oh, I hope it's okay.
I did something for you.
What do you mean?
My late husband, craig,
he was an alum of stelford.
We actually have a house
not too far from the campus.
And craig, he was very involved
in the university
As a signature donor.
And I spoke with the president
earlier today,
And it is not gonna be
an issue for you.
He's gonna rescind
the financial aid offer,
And guess what?
Full scholarship,
room and board as well.

I'm sorry. What?
I just pulled
a few little strings.
But you deserve this.
I mean, you've worked very hard.
And I know that your mother
is gonna be so happy.
-Are you serious?
-Yes, very.
I don't-- I don't know
what to say.
You don't need to say anything.
I'm just so happy that I could
help you and your mom.
This is more than helping.
This is life-changing.
You are an amazing young woman
And you deserve the best,
Remember that.

[soft, tense music playing]


Um, I'm gonna see
if she's in the back.
All right.

That's weird,
she's not in the back
And she's not answering
her phone either.


[jessica gasping]

[dramatic music playing]
Oh my god!

This doesn't make any sense.
jessica, I am so sorry.
So far, it looks like
a robbery gone wrong.
I think helen may have just
walked in at the wrong time.
I remember liza saying
that there'd been
A lot of robberies
in the neighborhood lately.
I don't-- I don't understand.
Why is this all happening?
Let's go to the conference room.
I feel like I'm losing everyone.
Helen was like
a second mom to me.
Gretchen, thank you
for hurrying over.
oh, no problem.
Jessica, I'm gretchen kent,
One of the social workers
with the county.
How are you holding up?
-I've been better.
-[gretchen] of course.
All of this has had
to have been very traumatic.
And you are?
Eva roberts,
a friend of the family's.
Do you need to speak
with her in private?
Uh, yes, actually, thank you.
I just need to discuss
some things with jessica
To assess her current
living situation.
Of course I'm gonna wait
right outside.
I'm not leaving, I promise.

according to my records,
You don't have
any other family members.
Is that correct?
Yeah, it's just my mom and me.
I, um, I don't know
where my dad is.
And we don't have
any extended family, so...
And you've been staying
with helen
Since your mom's accident?
Yeah. Until now, I guess.
[somber music playing]

We should start talking about
a possible long-term situation
Now that your mom's friend
can no longer take care of you.
What are you talking about?
I can take care of myself.
Yeah, I'm sure that you are
a very capable young woman.
I realize you're 17.
But you're still not
a legal adult.
Because of that,
We are required by law
to place you in a home
With an adult guardian.
But who?
I have no one.
I would ask to stay with
my best friend, vanessa,
But, no,
her dad's not a very good man.
Well, that's where a temporary
foster care placement comes in.
You're saying I have to live
with a stranger?
[gretchen hesitates]
I don't see any other option.
What about eva?

-Um, excuse me?
-Eva roberts, right?
You said that you were
a friend of the family?
That's right,
a friend of liza's.
I am very worried about jessica.
I don't believe
she has any other family.
I heard.
I mean, it's-- really,
it's awful.
Yeah, and, sadly,
if that is the case, um,
We'll have to find
a foster family
Who will take her in.
She's still a minor.
Um, I was thinking--
Actually, we were thinking,
If you were interested,
I could help you apply.
[eva gasps]
Okay, this is--
this is really strange.
-Well, my only daughter
Has gone off to college
the last couple years,
And I really miss
having a child in my home.
So you'll do it? You'll apply?
There's no need for me to apply.
I've already been cleared
to be a foster parent
A couple months ago.
I just haven't received
my first placement.
So if jessica wants this,
I would be more than happy
to take her in
While her mother recovers.
I think that would
make jessica very happy.
[eva sighs happily]
[soft music playing]

[eva sighs]
Well, let's get you inside
so you can get some rest.
Everything is ready
for our guest, mrs. Roberts.
Oh, delightful.
[woman] come help bring
our guest's bags inside.
I didn't know you two
were already acquainted.
Yeah, from school.
Oh, I thought you were going
to that science academy.
Well, I transferred
a few months ago.
Your father never told me.
Well, jessica will be
staying with us
While her mother
is in the hospital.
Would you please get her bag
and put it by the front door?
I'll have your father
take it inside.
-I could just bring it ins--
-no, that's okay.
I'm sure you have other things
to take care of, correct?
Yes, ma'am.
shane is a good kid.
Now, mrs. Durant will help you
with anything you need.
She runs the inside
of the house.
She's also my cook.
She's been with me
since I was a child.
Just tell her
your favorites
And she'll make sure
you have them.
[eva laughs]
I don't know what to say.
This is too much.
Oh, thanks.
Um, I'd like
to see my mom today.
oh, well, yes, of course.
I mean,
we will definitely visit her,
But, um, I think she would
want you to get some rest.
-[jessica] okay.
-[eva] all right, come along.

Ah, well, here we are.
[soft, bright music playing]

This house is huge.

Is it really just you
and your housekeeper?
Oh, shane and his father
live in the back house.
My daughter,
she's traveling across europe,
And her father...
Well, he passed away
a few months ago
From a heart attack.
I'm sorry.
-I didn't know.
-Oh, well.
That is one of the reasons
why we moved back here.
We lived in the city
many years ago
And I just have
very fond memories
Of this place.
All right,
let's get you settled in.
You should really try
and get some rest.
[eva sighs]
I promise it's just
one more flight up.
[both laugh]

[eva sighs]
All right, well, this is
your room when you're here.
And, um, this is your bathroom.
I had mrs. Durant
stock it fully.
-My own bathroom.
-[eva] of course.
I want you to be
as comfortable as possible.
And I'll have mrs. Durant
bring you up a tray
When it's time to eat.
And if you need anything,
please, please ask, all right?
-I'm sure I'll be fine.
Well, I'll see you later today.
Oh, um,
since tomorrow is Saturday,
I thought it'd be really nice
If we go have a breakfast
in the morning
And then we can visit
your mom afterwards.
Does that sound good?
Sure, thanks.
I just-- I really want
to get back to the hospital
-As soon as I can.
-Of course.
[soft, eerie music playing]

[water softly sloshing]

[water splashes]
[exhales deeply]
[dark music playing]
[medical device beeping]
[soft, tense music playing]



Who are you?

[medical device beeping]

Oh. Uh, you are?

I'm sorry, who are you, exactly?
[tense music playing]

[michelle] we're gonna have
a uniformed police officer
Outside your mom's room
all day and night
Until we catch
whoever did this.
[both sigh]
I don't understand
why this is happening.
My mom never did anything
to anyone.
[eva] I mean,
who could have done this?
Oh my god.
what is it?
-Tell me.
-Well, I remember--
I remember seeing liza
Arguing with her landlord, um,
During my last appointment,
He was very, very angry.
Ray bowers?
[eva exhales]
Tell me everything
you know about him.
My mom said that he wanted
to sell the building
To condo developers.
I'll go have a conversation
with him then.
I'll keep you updated.
Thank you.
Oh, well, I mean,
it sounds like
We finally found a lead
on who could've done this.
I never liked ray,
but to be honest,
He seems too lazy
to do something like this.

I'm gonna go check on my mom,
say goodbye.
Oh, sure, but please,
take as much time as you need.

[ominous music playing]

check this out.

[medical device beeping]
[somber music playing]
I'm so sorry.
I don't know what's going on.
I keep having nightmares
about you
Getting hit by that car, and...
Helen is gone, and...
If dr. Lopez wasn't here,
I don't know what to do.

The detective says
they're gonna have
An officer outside
protecting you now.
Why would anyone
want to hurt you?

Anyway, I... I have to go.
I'm staying with eva now,
Your rich client.
She's been really helpful.
She says she got me
a full scholarship
To stelford, but...
I can't leave you here
by yourself.

I know how important
it is for you
That I go to a good college,
so you have to wake up, okay?
Just wake up.

Are you ready?
[suspenseful music playing]

-Ray bowers?
-[ray] yeah.
-Detective michelle martin.
We need to talk to you
about the hit-and-run
Of liza grady.
[dark music playing]

[intense music playing]

On your knees.

You haven't touched your food.
I'm not hungry.
I'm sure the detective
will be here very soon.
She said she was on her way.
[soft music playing]

Look, there she is now.
-[jessica] detective martin.
I have some news
I think you'd like to hear.
-[jessica] what is it?
-We've arrested ray bowers
For the hit-and-run
of your mother.

-You did?

His car, a black one,
like you witnessed,
Had damages consistent
with hitting a pedestrian.
He had no alibi to provide,
But most importantly,
We found needles
that match the one found
In your mother's hospital room
during the attack.
The needle found
had a high dose of insulin,
Just like the dose
he's prescribed.
That can be fatal
in the right dose to someone.
We believe he tried
to kill your mother
So that he could free up
the salon space
To sell the building.
Thank god you arrested him.
Yeah. Yeah, I guess so.
Jessica, let's get you home
so you get some rest.
I mean, this is just so much
to take on right now.
thank you.

That's amazing!
So why don't you seem
more relieved?
It's just I've lost so much,
And everything is happening
so fast.
I just need time to process.
Makes sense.
So tell me, what's it like
living in a huge mansion?
It's cool. Weird.
I don't know.
I feel really alone here.
and eva, how is she?
She's super helpful.
Everyone in the house
is so nice to me.
I-I really can't complain.
Oh, hold on,
let me call you back.

-Look, we don't have much time.
I'm not supposed to be
in the main house to begin with.
Okay, come in.

Look, I had to warn you.
-When I first moved here,
I was told never to come
in this house
Under any circumstances,
but I couldn't help myself.
So one day, when no one
was home, I snuck in,
And that's when I saw pictures
of this girl.
Maybe a few years older,
but she looked a lot like you.
-Like me?
-[shane] yeah, like a twin.
And that's why I was staring
at you in school
Because I personally couldn't
believe the resemblance.
Then I hear the maid.
She's talking
about eva's daughter,
And these movers are bringing in
What looked like teenage girl's
bedroom furniture
Right in this room right below
on the stairs.
And then I went
to help the movers,
Then eva jumps down my throat.
She said, "never ever
go into that room."
So I'm thinking,
eva's daughter's not alive.
What do you mean?
Eva's bedroom window
was open one night,
And I heard her crying
about sarah, her daughter,
No longer being with her.
Plus, she's renting this house.
She doesn't even plan
on staying here.
I tried to do
an internet search on her,
But nothing came up
under her name.
Did you try
with the last name soloman?
no, why?
Because I found some mail
addressed to eva soloman.
You should check that out.
Look, I gotta get out of here
or my dad will kill me.
I just had to tell you.
Be careful.
[door closing]

[suspenseful music playing]

[floor creaking]


[crashing thud]

[eerie music playing]



"sarah soloman, 24...
Passed away in new york city
After a heroic battle
with cancer.
Soloman was a graduate..."

the resemblance.
It's uncanny, isn't it?
She was your sister.
You said your daughter
was traveling in europe.
That's what I like
to think she's doing.
She loved to do that
more than anything else.
Ah, the last two years...
[eva clears throat]
She couldn't do anything.
Cancer just diminished her light
Long before she took
her last breath.
What do you mean
sarah is-- was my sister?
That doesn't make any sense.
Please sit down.
Let me explain.
[soft music playing]
All right.
I found out early on
in my marriage
That I couldn't carry
a baby to term.
And my husband and I, we tried.
But I had a total
of four miscarriages.
And my husband and I,
we moved to the city
For his work, and I began
looking into adoption.
I found a lawyer
and he contacted me
With an agency
that did closed adoptions,
Which is when you never meet
the birth mother.

All I was told
is that she was 16 years old.
And it turns out that sarah's
birth mother was your mom.
She never...
We told each other everything.
Sweetheart, I'm sure
she had her reasons.
I didn't know anything
about your birth father
Or what that situation was.
I can't believe this.
Sarah was my world.
She was everything to me.
I loved her so much.
And that cancer, it just...
It slowly took her away from me.

And, uh, it really
tore me up inside.
How did you get in contact
with my mom?
Well, after, um...
After sarah passed away,
my husband,
He had a heart attack.
Um, craig...
Craig died,
and I moved back here.
I hired a pi to search
for sarah's birth mother, and...
He tracked her down to you
and the nail salon,
And that's how I became
your mom's client.
Were you ever planning
on telling her who you were
Or what happened to sarah?
Yes. I-I was working
up the nerve.
And then, the hit-and-run
accident happened,
And all I could hear in my mind
was sarah telling me
That I needed to do everything
I could to help you.
I mean, that's what my daughter
would've wanted.
Your sister.
Can you please,
please forgive me?

Yes, um...
-Of course.
-Oh, thank you.

[eva exhales]

Um, will you tell me about her?
-[eva laughs]
Absolutely, I would love to.
Well, she was beautiful,
of course, like you are.
And, um, oh, wow.
Every week, our favorite thing
to do was go bowling.
[melancholic music playing]
Very competitive, we were.
Actually, I've never been.
-Seriously, you've never bowled?
All right, what are you doing
right now?

[indistinct chatter]

-[dishes clink]

[pins tumbling]
Oh my god!
[indistinct remarks]

[indistinct chatter]
-I like your shirt.
-Thank you!
I still can't wrap my head
around all of this.
I mean, a sister?
God, if my mom
would just wake up,
Then I could talk to her
about all of this.
I mean, I think her and eva
would be friends
If she knew what really
brought her to town.
Has the doctor given you
any updates on your mom?
I was there this morning,
and they said they would call
If anything changes,
But nothing ever does.
What about you and shane, huh?
What's up with all that?
Look, I probably would've
never found out the truth
If it wasn't for him.
We are never going to finish
this history project.
Why don't you just come over
to eva's tonight?
She said I can have
friends over whenever.
If you're sure it's okay.
-All right.
[soft, tense music playing]

Thank you.

[eva sighs]
The package has arrived.
Oh, I don't think I'm gonna
need those anymore.
Although it doesn't hurt
to have backup.

What are you doing?
I'm looking for
real estate listings
Near stelford.
I told jessica that I owned
a house there, so...
I need to buy a house quickly.
[tapping of computer keys]
She can stay with us
while she goes to school there.

And these?
Hm? Oh.
I bought her some new clothes
for school.

Most of what she wears
are hand-me-downs,
So she deserves the best
from this point on.

Are you not perhaps getting
ahead of yourself
With everything?
No, I am not.
Jessica and I
are connecting now,
And I haven't been
this happy in years.
Oh, I just know she's going
to be the perfect daughter.
And what if her real mother
wakes up from the coma?
[eva sighs]
That's why I have
what's in this envelope.
Now, let me be.
I need to buy a house.

that's just insane.
Like, how does eva
not tell you who she is
And who her daughter was to you?
That makes no sense.
I mean, I get it.
First, she had to be torn
Over whether or not
to tell my mom
That she adopted
her first child,
But that daughter died.
[shane] yeah, but even after
your mom's accident,
She didn't tell you, though.

Just be careful.
My dad genuinely acts like
he's afraid of eva at times.
What? That doesn't make
any sense.
Why would he work here, then?
With my dad, who the hell knows?
That man attracts trouble
like metal to a magnet.

[cellphone vibrates]
-Hi. This is dr. Lopez.
I'm trying to reach
jessica grady.
We have this number listed
as a secondary contact.
I tried to call one number
and didn't get an answer.
Well, this is eva roberts.
Jessica is staying with me.
Can I help you?
[dr. Lopez] we may have some
potentially good news,
And I wanted to share it
with jessica.
Good news?
[dr. Lopez]
yes, her mom showed
Some pupillary reactivity
this evening.
Well, I'm cautious,
but it could be a sign
That she's emerging
from her coma.
We're gonna do an eeg
and get a better idea
Of her current condition.
Ah, how wonderful!
Uh, I will let jessica know.
And, please, use this number
if there are any updates.
[dr. Lopez]
will do.
Thank you.
[tense music playing]

Mrs. Durant?

What's happened now?
She may be waking up.
I can't take any more chances.
Prepare the special room,
And I will start to make
travel arrangements asap.

[doorbell ringing]
-I'm vanessa.
Um, I'm a friend of jessica's.
She said it would be okay
if I came over.
I-I tried calling,
but she didn't pick up.
Oh, well, come in then.
[insects chirring]
dinner was amazing.
Much better than anything
we'd have at my house,
-That's for sure.
-[eva] mm.
Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Have you seen my phone,
by the way?
I swear that I left it
on the table by my bed,
But I can't find it.
You probably just misplaced it.
Mrs. Durant will find it
for you.
-[mrs. Durant] sure.
-[jessica] thanks.
I should probably call
the hospital, though,
To check up on my mom.
Why don't you let me
do that for you?
You two can finish
your school project,
And I'll let you know
what they say.
-Okay. Thanks.
You can use my study
if you'd like.
Come on.
-Thanks again.
-My pleasure.

[mrs. Durant]
everything's ready.
-Are you sure that--
-thank you.
That'll be all.

[tapping of computer keys]
[vanessa yawns]
why don't you head home?
I can finish up.
-You sure?
Oh, shoot.
My laptop is gonna die.
I think I left my computer
charger at school.
It's okay, eva has something
I can use, probably.
I'll head out, then.
The bus should pick up
a couple blocks from here
-In about ten minutes.
Guess there's no news
from the hospital
'cause eva hasn't said
anything yet.
-What if my mom never--
-don't go there, okay?
There's still a chance
she'll wake up.
[soft music playing]
And call me
when you find your phone.
I left you, like, 20 messages.
Oh, wait, let's just use yours
to try to find mine.
Okay, sure.
[suspenseful music playing]

Okay, it says it's in the house,
but it's off.
-Maybe the battery died?
-Yeah, that's probably it.
I'll just see you tomorrow.

hey, look on the bright side.
You got into stelford.
I told you.
You're amazing jessica.
You're positively vanessa.
And together...
we're totally fantastic.
-I love you.
-I love you more.

[tense music playing]

Is there anything you need?
Yes, actually.
I'd like the truth, for once.
What are you talking about?

What are you doing with those?
I found them while looking
for a computer charger.

I can explain.
Why don't we sit on the bed
and I'll talk about this?
Hell, no.
What are you doing
with a passport
With my picture and a different
name on it, eva?
And where is my phone?
What the hell were you planning
on doing with me?
I can explain everything.

I love you.
You understand?
Love me?
You barely even know me.
I'm getting out of here.
No, no, no, please,
please, please, please.
I-- I can do so much more
than liza can.
-All the money I have...
-I don't need your money!
I can be the mom to make
all your dreams come true!

You were behind all of this,
weren't you?
No, it was fate.
And now the two of us,
we can be together,
And we are gonna completely
start a new life.
I want out of this house.
You're crazy.
Don't say that.

You're insane.
Let me go.

[jessica shrieks]
Jessica, sweetheart, please.

Please, eva.
We have got to arrange
to get out of here.
We can have the girl
safely removed
Once we're far away.
[soft music playing]
You're out of your mind.
I'm not leaving.

Not without my daughter.

[suspenseful music playing]

Shane, have you seen jessica
this morning?
No, why?
She told me she lost her phone
last night,
And she hasn't returned
any of my texts today,
And her phone keeps going
straight to voicemail.
-Could she be at the hospital?
-Oh, maybe.
Let me try calling
the nurses' desk
On her mom's floor.






[breathing heavily]


[door handle jiggling]
[pounding on door]

Where am I?
[door handle jiggling]

[breathing heavily]


Why are you doing this to me?

This is wrong.
Thank you.

I'm so sorry...

But I can't.

Come back! Please, no.

I told you to keep your son
away from jessica.
And, now, after what
he started, I had to...
You know, never mind.
The bigger problem is
is I don't trust you anymore.
You let me down, tony.
Listen, I'll talk to him.
-It won't happen again.
-No, it won't happen again
Because the two of you will be
leaving my estate by tomorrow.
-We got nowhere to go.
-Not my problem.
I pay for your gambling debts,
and you help me out.
That was our agreement.
But she's still alive.
It is not my fault.
How was I to know that
the doctor was gonna show up?
That's all you had to do, tony.
Listen, at least they think
that two-bit drunk landlord
Ran her over.
The setting-him-up
part of the plan,
Now that, that worked.
Yeah, well,
you can explain that
To the friendly folks
you owe money to.
I'm sure they'll be
very pleased
To not get their next payment.
You cut me off,
you're going down with me.
Are you threatening me?
No, not a threat.
I didn't think so. Here.

Money for you to relocate.
And you'd better keep
your mouth shut.
Otherwise, I have people
to do that for you, permanently.

[tense music playing]


I've got to get
the hell out of here.

[somber music playing]
[tony sighs]

Um, what the hell is
going on?

Oh, this? This here?
It's all 'cause of you.
-This is my fault.
-[tony] yeah.
I told you to steer clear
of that grady girl
Now, eva knows
you've been talking to her,
Putting all sorts
of nonsense in her head.
Yeah, like how she looks
like eva's dead daughter?
That is none of your business.
And now, we gotta
find a place to go.
What happened to jessica?
Do I gotta tell you again?
That girl is not to be
any of your concern.
Leave it alone.
[boxes clatter]
I'm gonna get out of here,
you crazy bitch!

Help, please! Yes!
[soft, tense music playing]
It's mom.

I really just
need you to calm down.
Stressing yourself out,
it's not healthy.
I need to use the bathroom.
Well, honey, that's
what the bucket is for.
I'm sorry that
I couldn't arrange
For better accommodations
for you.
It is what it is for now,
Until we move
to our new home.
New home?
What the hell
are you talking about?
I really thought this was
gonna be the easy route, but...
And that you would learn
to love me like a mother.

It's just...
It's complicated.
And I-- and I'm afraid
that we're gonna have to move
To another country soon.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
Oh, sweetie,
you're gonna have no choice.
You'll comply.
Whether you like it or not.
I mean money-- money
can do so many things.

Including helping
people disappear.
you don't understand, jessica.
I wanna...

I need to be a mom.

And I can do so much for you.
I-- I can make your life thrive.
I'm not your daughter.
It really hurts me
to hear you say that.

After everything
I've done for you?
I'm gonna leave you now
to think about that.
No, no, no-- wait, wait! Wait.
Wait! Come back!

[water running]
She is so stubborn.
I guess sarah could be
too, though.
Well, she's not our sarah.
We've crossed another line now.
I think, eva, it's time
for the two of us
Just to leave the country.
The girl will never
go along with this.

Eva, the police
and the social worker
Will coming looking
for her soon, very soon.
Well, the plans
for tomorrow are in motion,
Including the private jet.

Since you were five years old,
I have loved you
like you were my own daughter.
I-I stayed after
your parents died
Just to take care of you.

-[smacking counter]
-look at me!
Look at me!

Remember, I was there
with you through it all.
That horrible husband of yours.
Sarah's cancer treatments.
Her death.
I...I have always stood by you.

I know what the plan was...
But I think
you need to let jessica
Out of the attic now.
She can never
really replace sarah.

Are you listening?
Do...Do you understand?

I understand.
Okay, good. Good girl.
You're turning
your back on me too.
[mrs. Durant gasps]
[sounds of struggle]
[tense music playing]
[eva grunts]

[mrs. Durant gasps]
[eva exclaims]


[faint grunt]
[soft, eerie music]

Why did you make me do that?

[exhaling deeply]
You can do it.
[jessica grunts]
[suspenseful music]

[creaking, grunting]

Hello? Hello?

[jessica bangs on door]
Open this door, you psycho!
[jessica screams]
She'll break.
[jessica bangs, cries]
[jessica bangs on door]

[medical device beeping]
Thank god. I've been calling.
Whoa. Calm down.
What's going on?
I-I can't get
a hold of jessica, okay?
Something's wrong.
My goodness!
is something the matter?
Where is jessica? Why does she
not answer her phone?
The poor thing, she...Came down
with some sort of bug.
I was hoping
it's just the 24-hour flu,
But I did have my personal
doctor come to the house.
He feels she just
really needs to rest.
But she was worried
about her mom,
And so I came by
to check on liza myself.
Well. It sounds like
you have your answer.
Jessica always returns my texts.
I did take her phone
out of her room,
And I also gave
strict instructions
To mrs. Durant
not to bother her
Unless there was
a change with her mom.
Which I am assuming
everything's still the same?
Okay. Then I wanna see her.
Sweetheart, I don't want you
to catch what she has.
I will have her call you
when she starts to feel better,
All right?
I'm just gonna go
pop my head in on liza.
[soft, tense music playing]
I'm gonna head
back to the station, then.
Please wait!
There is something up
with that house.
There is something wrong
with the whole situation.
Mrs. Roberts has obviously
Been quite generous
with jessica.
-But the hit-and-run...
-[michelle] has been solved.
We have the man in jail,

[insects chirring]

[items clanking]

[jessica grunts]

What the hell?
[eerie music playing]

Oh my god.
Better call
someone you know, tony.
[tense music playing]
What did you do to her, eva?

[tony exclaims]
So you decided to come
and steal my antique silver
On your way out?
I just wanted a fresh start.
Okay? And this, all this?
I didn't see this.
And besides, I don't care
what you did to that old bat.
She hated me anyway.
It's fine.
You come here,
you steal from me,
And you don't want any trouble?
If you did your job
like you were supposed to
And killed that woman,
None of this
would have happened.
It's all right.
I'm just gonna
show myself to the door.
Nice and easy.
On my way out.

[tony screams]
[intense music playing]
[eerie music playing]


Tomorrow, we start our new life,
Whether you're ready or not.

[grunting, panting]
[soft, tense music playing]

Yes, this is ms. Ray.
I wanted to make sure
the jet was ready
For my daughter and I.
Four a.M.
Good, and the house in varadero,
is that ready?
With a secured and locked room?

[inhales, exhales deeply]

[door closes]
I just came back
to get my stuff.

[wheels crunching on path]

[soft knocking]
Have you calmed down?
Have you thought
about what I said?
Let me out of here!
You can't keep me like this.
People will start looking.
I know they will.
I have plans in place.
We won't have to worry
about anyone finding us.

Maybe...Maybe I'll go with you.

I just need you
to be honest with me, though.
Okay? You have
to tell me the truth.
It's the only way
we can trust each other.

[suspenseful music playing]

What are you doing here?
I'm trying to find jessica.
That lady says she's sick
but I don't believe it.
You know, when my dad
and I first moved here,
I thought something crazy
was going on.
Like, who comes to this town
and rents this house
And has no real reason
to be here?
Don't even get me started
on that creepy maid.
My time here is over.
what do you mean?
I don't know what happened
between my dad and eva,
But it's bad.
But I'm done with him too.
I just came back
to get my stuff.
What about school?
School hasn't done me
any good so far.
I'm leaving town.
Okay, but first, can you
please help me find jessica?
It's a big house.
Yeah, but you know
your way around it, right?
Yeah, better than you do
in the dark, for sure.
Plus, I don't
want you to startle eva.
Who knows what she might do?

All right, come on.
I know a back way inside.

[soft, tense music]

Why aren't you saying anything?

Are you still there?

Answer me!

The day I adopted my daughter,
That...Oh! That was
the happiest day of my life.

It must have been hard
losing her so young.
You have no idea.

She was my world,
she was everything to me.
[soft music]
My husband, he--
he had his business.
But she and I...
We had each other.

Tell me more about her.
About sarah.
She's so smart.
And she's sweet.
And she just-- she knew
how to comfort me
When I was sad.

Maybe you want
to call it depressed.

But she always knew
how to calm me down.

No one can replace that.

But I moved to this town,
I rented this house...

And I put the plans in motion.
It was you, wasn't it?

You ran over my mom.
No! No.
I hired my desperate gardener
with bad gambling debts
To do that.
-Shane's dad.
-[eva] yeah.

-My mom!
-Oh, sweetheart!
What is it? Mommy's here,
mommy's right here.
And I will never
leave your side again.
Oh! Nothing matters more
to me than you, sarah.
Jess-- jessica.
[soft, tense music playing]

[sharp thud]

-I'll be right back.
-[jessica] wait, no.
Don't leave, wait!
watch where you're going.
I didn't see it!

[panting, grunting]
[banging on door]
[stamping, grunting]

[faint stamping, grunting]
That must be where jessica is.

Through the kitchen.

[clattering thud]

What are you doing up there?

[grunting, thud]

I'm not gonna
let you hurt yourself.

I'm not gonna stay in here!
I'm getting out
one way or the other.

-I'm coming in.
-[alarm pad beeps]

Stand back.

Don't worry.
It's just to calm you down
before the flight.
You'll sleep
the whole way there.
And then we'll settle you in
to your new room.
Oh! It overlooks the ocean.
I just know
you're gonna love it.
You've completely
lost your mind.
You're sick.

Why would you say that
to your mother?

[jessica grunts,
eva inhales sharply]
Because you're not
my mother, you crazy bitch.

[eva gasps, exclaims]

That wasn't very nice.
[jessica screams]
[sounds of struggle]
[tense music playing]

[sounds of struggle]

[jessica pants]

Oh my god!
-She locked me in here!
She was behind
everything that happened.
call the police.
[soft, tense music playing]

I really need you
to come into the precinct
For a proper questioning.
I had to come here first, I...
I need to be near my mom
after this nightmare.
I'm sorry you had
to go through that.
[cell phone vibrates]
Are you sure it's him?
I need to talk to you,
young man.
About what?
Your dad. Let's take a walk.
Wait. What about eva?
-Is she dead?
-Don't worry.
She won't be able
to hurt you anymore.
Let's go.
[soft music playing]

[knocking at door]
That's me, eva roberts.
[chuckles, gasps]
Or is it eva soloman?
[softly exclaims]

Uh...Please, please sit.


I'm so sorry
that I'm such a mess.
My maid didn't tell me
that I was to expect someone.

Have you seen my maid?
Mrs. Durant.
I haven't seen her
in a very long time.

I've been with her
since I was a little girl.
I'm sure she's fine.
I'm dr. Wilson, I'm gonna be
taking over your case.
You had a meeting
with your lawyer this morning.
How did that go?
Oh, wonderful, just wonderful!
He's so handsome!
But that's not
the reason I'm so happy.
[dr. Wilson] so what put you
in such a good mood today?
It is one of
my daughters' birthday.
-[eva] I have two.
Jessica and sarah.
Well, according to your file,
Your daughter, sarah, she--
You know what?
What is that?
What about me?
[gasps, laughs]
You look like
one of my children.
Oh my goodness, this is
gonna be absolutely wonderful!
[monitor beeping]
I should have never left you
at that house of horrors.
-I'm so sor--
-[jessica] don't.
You couldn't have known
how unhinged eva was.
I still can't believe
everything she did.
[monitor's beeping quickens]
My mom's been through so much
that I had no idea about.
It must've weighed
so heavily on her.
[uplifting music playing]
[soft moaning]

What's wrong? Wait.

[monitor beeping]

-Is she awake?
-Let me finish examining her.
What? What's happening?
Where am I?
You're at the hospital,
ms. Grady.
You were hit by a car,
but don't worry...

I love you so much.

[soft, tense music playing]