The Replacement Killers (1998) Movie Script

Delta Team, he's 50 metres away,
Can yousee him?
He's headed your way,
All right, let's roll.
Hold your fire!
Everyone hold back out there.
Let him run. He ain't going nowhere.
Back away! Back away!
Get out of here.
They're gone. You won't be hurt.
Put that gun down.
Don't make me!
It's inappropriate for a murderer
to come to his victim's funeral.
- I'm just here to pay my respects.
- Respect?
For the blood of my child?
My orphaned grandson.
- Your son made his choice.
- And you made yours, detective.
The day you chose to pursue
a vendetta against me ...
Against my family ...
Your position offers the opportunity
for arrogance, but not safety.
My son is dead.
My condolences.
A child is irreplaceable.
Which brings us to your task.
It involves a cop.
That's why we want an outsider.
After that,
your obligation to me ends.
There's been a problem.
- Yeah? This is Eddie,
- It's John.
What happened?
The piece wasn't where I left it?
It was there.
I need a passport, can you help me?
- Yeah, I'll call Bob.
- No, he works for Wei.
Everybody works for Wei.
What do you want?
I wantsomeone who doesn't
I know this broad.
She's a pain in the ass, though.
Her name's Meg Coburn.
- Meg Coburn.
- In the Olive Building.
- Where will you be?
- It's better if you don't know.
All right, Johnny. Watch your back.
- Yeah?
- Meg Coburn?
- Never heard of her.
- Eddie sent me.
Great! Just hang on a second.
Come on in.
- Can I help you?
- I need a package.
- What's a package?
- Papers ... you know.
No, I don't know.
Can you be more specific?
I want forged documents to China.
Okay, you said forged.
We'll do it.
Have a seat.
- Or not.
- I don't have much time.
China. Mainland.
It'll cost you at least a grand.
How soon did you say
you needed this?
From here I go to the airport.
One hour.
That soon?
All right, back up.
Back up. I'm taking your picture.
Smile and say,
"Flight from prosecution."
- Okay, what's your name?
- John ...
- And.
- John Lee.
Thank you.
Aren't there like a billion
John Lees in China?
Yeah, all right. John Lee it is.
I can fix that.
Meg Coburn?
Never heard of her.
Hold it right there!
He's still out there.
He won't get to China.
We shouldn't be chasing
our problems, Mr. Kogan.
We should be solving them.
How would you like this handled?
Bring in professionals.
Men of John's talent.
Swindle, bad cheques, mail fraud,
no heavy felonies here.
But you make up for that in volume.
12 arrests before you were 16.
A bit unusual for a girl that age.
I've always considered myself
a feminist pioneer.
You've been clean here
for about 4 years.
You either got smart
or you've been very lucky.
Now let's talk about your office
and four dead bodies.
You really think a lightweight
like me did all that damage?
- Who's that?
- It looks like a ghost.
- Meg, you can do better than that.
- It was in your computer.
You're a bright girl
in a bad place ... I can help you.
I can't seem to remember one
bad place a cop helped me out of.
Is that so? Well ...
Somebody had to help you out
with custodial placement at 14.
- You don't know a thing about me.
- It's all here in black and white.
- You're looking at two years.
- Minimum.
You're not as smart as you think.
You're messing with Terence Wei.
- Terence Wei?
- That's right.
Where the hell do you think
all those dead bodies came from?
Okay, this is the part
where I get appointed an attorney.
You're not under arrest.
You're not entitled to an attorney.
Then I can walk out
of the fucking door.
Go right ahead, but somebody
out there wants you dead.
- I'm real scared. See me shaking?
- I sure as hell do.
I've got a deal for you.
You tell me all about this guy,
and I'll give you police protection.
I don't know anything.
But even if I did,
I wouldn't give it to you.
Suit yourself.
Last chance to arrest me,
Detective Zedkov.
I didn't think so.
- She's in deep. Put a tail on her.
- Why not just charge her?
She's red meat. I'll put her
on a hook and see what the dogs do.
Jesus Christ!
What the hell are you doing here?
- I still need papers.
- Great.
How do you expect me to cook
a passport? Crayons?
Anything that didn't get shot up,
the cops confiscated.
My $3,000 computer
is now a paper weight.
Four years of work down the drain
because of you.
We can go to Eddie for help.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
You're a walking bull's-eye.
- So are you. You're safer with me.
- Is it my perfume?
You're the second guy today
who thinks I need help. I don't.
It's not an option.
Then what happens when I tell you
to go fuck yourself?
Okay ... if that's
the way you want to play it.
When I have a gun,
we'll have this conversation again.
Come on, Nikk,
what have you got for me?
- My kid works faster than this.
- There's not much there.
Okay, I think I've got it.
There's your ghost.
Good stuff, Nikk. Come on.
Eddie ..?
Let's go.
You two make a cute couple.
You're welcome to try.
Take his gun. Check them.
I beat my head against the wall
trying to anticipate your next move.
Actually, I beat Eddie's head
against the wall.
Mr. Wei will be
pleased we found you.
Obviously this situation
has nothing to do with me.
Let me walk out of the door.
I'm sorry, Meg,
but you're in a little too deep.
- You picked the wrong partner.
- Partner? I'm his hostage.
I just met this guy yesterday.
He told me his name was John Lee.
His name is John Lee.
And hostages tend to get killed.
Cuff him.
Cuff them both.
How's that leg?
How's yours?
Bring the car around.
Flush him out.
Jesus! You came back.
- Get down!
- Shit!
Take the keys.
Give me your gun!
Get this car moving.
Come on. Go!
Put the gun down!
- Another problem, Mr. Kogan.
- John was lucky.
Don't confuse luck with skill.
John's father and I served in China.
He was an honourable man.
But he could be ruthless.
John is like him.
- Where are John's replacements?
- They're arriving as we speak.
- It's going to hurt.
- Just do it.
I told you we would have this
conversation again.
What did you get me into
with Terence Wei?
Put your gun down.
Would you let me
walk out of that door?
- I didn't think so.
- Do it.
Do it.
I'm sorry.
I want to know
what the hell is going on.
All I ever wanted ...
was for my family to be safe.
I would do anything to protect them.
Mr. Wei used my mother and sister
to persuade me to do three jobs.
The first two were criminals.
It wasn't difficult.
What happened with the third?
I couldn't do it.
If I don't get back to China ...
... my family will die.
- What was that all about?
- I have a passport.
Fix it for me. Then you can go.
My family is running out of time.
I'll need a picture.
What do you mean,
that's all you've got?
Give me the money
and get the fuck out of here.
- Damn, you look good!
- Not today, Loco.
What's with the attitude?
You need to get some of this love.
- Meet my new friend.
- What's up, friend?
Ain't no harm. Right?
- Old boyfriend?
- I try to stick to my own species.
Here we are.
The fastest passport photos in town.
Give me three bucks.
Hostage etiquette.
Kidnappers pay for incidentals.
You gave me four.
I'll take it as a tip.
Sit still and stare straight ahead.
You could've saved yourself a lot
of trouble by doing that third job.
It was wrong.
Mr. Wei was taking revenge.
A man named Zedkov killed his son.
Zedkov? You're getting
yourself killed for a cop?
- Not a cop ... his son.
- What?
A seven-year-old boy.
That is how Mr. Wei
deals with his enemies.
Through their families.
All right, you're done. Get out.
Picture's not done yet.
We'll have to wait ...
We'll have to wait ...
- Don't turn around.
- Cops?
No, assassins.
Stay close to me.
Let's go.
- Hello.
- How are you doing?
- Dad!
- What are you up to?
I'm making a shake.
Listen to this.
Let me talk to your mum ...
We've got two officers down.
Stevie, stop for a minute.
- Daddy's got to go to work.
- Are you cancelling tonight?
Youpromised we'd go to the movies,
We are, I'm gonna take you
to the cartoon festival,
How do you get to the airport alive
with those two killers after you?
They won't be.
They're here to finish my job.
Why hire professional killers
for a little kid?
Zedkov's boy
must die in his arms ...
... to show Mr. Wei his pain.
The same thing happens
to your family.
Zedkov's son for your family.
That's a hell of a choice.
People die.
Children die.
And no way out of it.
I've spent days thinking
about the one good deed -
- that's gonna wipe out
all the shit that I've done.
You ever feel like that?
So you didn't want to shoot a kid.
Welcome to the human race.
But standing aside is no different
than pulling the trigger, John.
Now that's some of my best work.
Have a nice trip.
I'll need guns.
What the fuck?
- You picked the wrong place.
- Yeah?
Why don't we take it to the jury?
See if they'll stand up for a rat.
- Should I dump on him, Loco?
- No, don't trip.
- I've got it under control.
- That's good. Get up!
Keep my dice warm.
It's all right, these are my people.
I know what you're thinking,
but you two are marked.
I couldn't be seen with you
and not make a call.
- It'd be a real drama.
- We wouldn't want that.
- Break out the munitions.
- That 45 is all I've got.
You sure about that?
I forgot about that one.
You can have that.
- Give us your keys.
- What? Now you're tripping.
- Do you stand by your product?
- You gonna bust me a cap?
- It's a little loud...
- There's nothing in there.
Thanks for the ride.
- How am I supposed to get home?
- Just hot-wire our car.
Zedkov, get your kid down!
Get your boy out of here.
I'll cover you.
- Go!
- Run!
It's my boy.
They're going after my kid.
We're gonna lock down
this goddamn city.
It's not them. Coburn and her pal
saved my ass in there tonight.
They saved my son.
Come here, boy.
- How are you doing? Still scared?
- Yeah.
Come on, we'll sit here in the car.
- Guess what? I love you.
- I love you, too.
Have you got the keys?
Have them take Stevie home
and put him under guard.
- I want to know he's safe.
- What should we tell his mother?
- Tell her whatever you want.
- What are you doing?
Call Zedkov. He knows, now.
You will be safe.
Safe? What about you?
- My family is not protected.
- What are you gonna do?
Kill all of Chinatown
just to get to Wei?
I cannot run from battle ...
... from what I am.
There's a difference
between battle and suicide.
It would be the last death I cause.
Fair enough.
Okay, John. Let's go.
You saved the boy.
This is not your fight.
I know, I just have a problem
with watching you die.
- I believe he'll come here next.
- So will Zedkov.
- We shouldn't wait for them.
- Of course not.
Call the airport,
then our men in Shanghai.
You'll handle his mother and sister
- And me?
- Stay here. Earn your pay.
Meg ...
I'm gonna find you.
But you could save me time ...
and put a bullet in your head.
If the position were reversed,
I'd do the same for you.
- Are you?
- Excuse me?
Gonna put a bullet in your head,
now that our positions are reversed?
I didn't think so.
The boy will die, John,
as well as your family.
Not in your lifetime.
What's going on, man?
They're gone.
I brought you
a going away present.
- For your family.
- Thank you.
I've not made a passport before for
someone I didn't want to see leave.
This was a lot easier
when they were shooting at us.
I will miss you.