The Reports on Sarah and Saleem (2018) Movie Script

What is going on ?
What is this ?
What do you want ?
What did I do ?
Talk to me.
What did I do ?
Son of a bitch, talk to me.
Man, what did I do ? Let go of me.
Son of a bitch, what is going on ?
What did I do ?
Let go of me !
Saleem, Saleem.
It's best if you tell me everything.
About what ? I don't understand.
Tell me about the woman.
What woman ?
The one you recruited.
This is a closed area.
Get everyone away from here now.
Don't stand around.
Please move away.
Is he Jewish or Arab ?
-No idea, he doesn't have an ID card.
We are waiting for the ambulance.
What's keeping them ?
Everyone, move away.
A man was injured
in central Jerusalem.
Security officers say the incident...
resembles attacks
occurring earlier this week.
Hebron Road, which separates
east from west Jerusalem
has been the scene
of several racial incidents
that have raised tensions between
Israelis and Palestinians in the city.
Streets are blocked...
Can we listen to something
other than the news ? Please ?
The police are investigating...
All clear.
Katarina ?
-Look who is here.
Hey, there. My beauty.
Come to Mummy.
I finished the story, Mum.
-You did ?
-So what shall we read now ?
-Another story.
-This one ?
-Sorry for being late.
-Katarina had to leave early.
-The story about the rabbit ?
Ok, come.
For Rent
You want me to cut hours
from others and give them to you ?
What about a loan ? I have unexpected
payments and I need money.
Stop smoking.
It's not good for you anyway.
I don't smoke.
Too bad, you are missing out.
Ok, never mind.
What are you doing ?
If your family wants to move downstairs
and we move upstairs, I don't mind.
But when I return home,
I want to be able to rest and sleep.
-Mahmood wants to talk to you.
-I don't want your brother's charity.
He wants to talk to you
about some work.
I'm going inside.
-Here, Mahmood, my brother.
-Thank you.
-Here you go, Mum.
-Thanks, darling.
And this one's for Nasser.
I want to start a service for people
without a permit to enter Jerusalem.
I'll give you money,
and you buy whatever they request.
You deliver their orders behind the Wall
and they pay you.
You keep your job at the bakery
and this you do after work.
It's fifty-fifty between us.
What do you say ?
Flora, what do you want ? The coloured
cereal or the regular one ?
A croissant.
Mummy, can Flora
have a croissant today ?
A croissant ?
If you promise to drink milk with it.
Ok ?
Good morning.
Good morning.
One for Flora, one for Daddy.
Thank you.
One for Katarina.
I'm meeting the general today.
I think it's about the new station.
What ?
You said it wouldn't happen
before the end of the year.
Things are moving fast.
David, the caf is barely taking off.
I don't want to start from zero.
You wouldn't.
You have great recipes.
This is ready-made.
From the bakery.
How much did you pay for this ?
Don't worry.
I negotiated a good price.
Here is your coffee, dear.
Before you burn down the place.
Don't worry.
Work yesterday was great.
Good morning.
Can we meet tonight ?
Anything else ?
Can I have a coffee ?
Ten shekels.
It's on the house.
You can't give away
free coffee with every delivery.
It's ok, Ronit.
Ten times 365.
That's 3650 shekels you are losing.
The cafs that give away free
sandwiches get their deliveries first.
See what you got us into ?
Just give him the coffee.
Ok. It's your caf.
With her head for business, you'll soon
have cafs on every street corner.
What's going on here ?
Wait a moment.
I need to make
one more delivery tonight.
Ok, I will hide here.
It's to Bethlehem, behind the Wall.
Why didn't you tell me ?
I just found out. I'm really sorry.
Tonight is the only night
I'm free this week.
Wait for me. I won't be long.
I can't be late tonight.
-Is it safe ?
-What ?
For me to go with you to Bethlehem.
Is it safe ?
Of course it is.
Just speak English and it'll be fine.
Everyone will assume you're a foreigner.
You can come to the front.
I will be right back.
Sorry to have kept you waiting.
I wanted to congratulate you personally
on the amazing work you did.
Thank you, General.
The committee has decided
to grant you a promotion.
You will be part of the operations
in the south.
Thank you, General.
All the best.
Sarah ?
Are we done ?
-Figs ?
-No, thanks.
-Would you like to see the town ?
-No, I'd like to go home.
Nobody knows us here.
Let me invite you for a drink.
You work hard, Saleem.
Don't waste your money on me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. Let's not make this
into more than it is, ok ?
Sarah, it's just a drink.
Life is not that complicated.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
So, do you like to tell
me what's wrong ?
I have to close the caf.
My husband's work needs
him elsewhere.
Where ?
I don't know.
So you just close
and go like this ?
I've closed the caf two times
in three years.
Did you find a new place to rent ?
Still looking.
Hi, my love.
Yes, all good.
Don't worry.
It shouldn't be long.
I will be home soon.
What can I get you ?
Two sodas please.
Whiskey, please.
Guys, do you have a cigarette ?
Where are you from ?
The Netherlands.
Is he your boyfriend ?
Twenty shekels.
-Here you go.
-Wait, No !
You shouldn't have.
But I wanted to.
So... Sarah.
Are you Israeli Dutch ?
A peace activist ?
Yes, something like that.
I'm Sharif.
Nice to meet you.
Do you want to dance ?
No, thank you.
I'm a bit tired.
-Come on, just one dance.
-No, no, no ...
-I said no.
-Come on, just one dance.
She told you no.
Hey, it's ok Saleem.
-I'll rip your face off.
-Piece of shit.
-I will get you, son of a bitch !
Go fuck yourself !
-That was completely over the top.
-So it's my fault now ?
-That's not what I said.
-What then ?
You overreacted, that's all.
Do you want me to go back
and apologize to him ?
You're crazy.
-Good morning.
-How was your first day ?
-It went well.
Thanks for the breakfast.
Go ahead.
I'll be there in a minute.
I have to get to my lecture.
I'll drive you.
Ok, I'll go and get dressed.
Who paid these bills ?
I told you I don't want them
to interfere in our life.
I paid them.
I was stupid to accept sub-letting
from your brother.
We will move out
even if we end up in the street.
I said I paid them.
I sold a pair of earrings
and paid them.
I'm sorry.
It's ok.
-It's nice, isn't it ?
-Very nice.
This one is a bit cheaper.
Around 1,000 dollars a month.
Which one is four hundred ?
Like it said in the ad ?
Oh, that's the garage.
You can add a garage or storage unit
onto any apartment for 400 a month.
Right. I see.
If you don't mind me asking...
The landlord would like to know
what you do for a living.
What I do ?
I'm like everyone in this town.
I'm an astronaut.
Work schedules.
Hello ? Yes.
I only deliver at night.
Sorry, I can't manage it
during the day.
Oh, ok.
What are you doing ?
Get a move on.
I will try.
Sounds good. Ok.
Where are you ?
Where across the wall ?
The camp's intersection ?
I see. I'll be there in five minutes.
I understand.
Turn right after the camp.
What's going on ?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
Ready or not, here I come.
Where is Flora ?
-Good evening.
-In the middle of the desert, David ?
-Mummy, you lose.
Mummy, you lost.
Mummy, you lost.
Daddy, come play with us.
-Daddy is tired, sweetheart.
-Mummy, let's play again.
The caf is just taking off, David.
And now this ?
Let's play in your room.
-Please, let me come with you.
-What for ?
-I don't know. Just let me come.
-No need.
-What do you do ?
-I deliver bread.
Let's try again.
I'm a driver. I deliver bread.
Who do you work for ?
I told you. By day,
I deliver bread in Jerusalem.
At night,
I deliver orders in Bethlehem.
Orders. Right. What orders ?
Whatever people request.
Exactly, what people like you request.
Come in.
Some gentlemen are asking
about this guy.
Good morning.
Welcome, Abu Ibrahim.
Good morning.
-What are you doing to our friend ?
-Your friend ?
-This guy is not clean.
-What are you talking about ?
-About prostitution and drugs.
-What are you talking about ?
Calm down.
-This must be a misunderstanding.
This guy goes from bar to bar
with an Israeli woman.
We received a detailed report
about him.
You are an hour late.
One of our workers
didn't show up today.
That's no excuse.
We run a business here.
-Is he all right ?
-How should I know ?
This is your highly respectable
brother-in-law ?
And I should clear him
of drugs and prostitution charges ?
-I swear it's a lie.
-You shut up, you understand ?
Abu Ibrahim, forgive me.
I knew nothing about this.
I got into a fight
with a guy here in Bethlehem.
I think he's setting me up.
-Who is he ?
-I don't know him.
Was there an Israeli woman
or not ?
I know her from work.
So you fuck around.
And you bring me in
to wipe his slate clean for you !
You entangled me in this
and I will get him off for you.
But if any of these accusations turn out
to be true, I'll teach you both a lesson
When we go back inside, you keep your
mouth shut whatever I say. Understood ?
First of all, congratulations
on the great work you are doing.
I wish things hadn't gone this far.
Let me explain to you.
This guy works for us.
We asked him to bring
that woman to Bethlehem.
I cannot go into any more detail.
But, Abu Ibrahim, I need proof.
Something in writing.
Are you implying I'm lying to you ?
-Absolutely not, Abu Ibrahim.
-What then ?
I believe you and I respect you fully.
Hand me the report.
But, Abu Ibrahim, to close the case
I need something in writing.
If someone follows up on the issue,
I need to have an answer.
Mahmood ?
What happened ?
Please tell me if everything's ok.
It was nothing.
A misunderstanding over a delivery.
Just as I thought.
I need you to write
several detailed reports.
How you met her,
how you seduced her.
How you gained her trust
and got her to work for us.
Don't write her name,
just write 'the subject'.
Is all of this necessary ?
Don't you want me
to clean up your shit ?
This will close your file.
Date the first three reports
in the past.
Post-date the rest
until end of the year.
I don't know what to write.
The scheduled encounter
with the subject went as planned.
The objective was to establish
attraction and draw her to me.
After several meetings,
we agreed to meet after work...
and we had a sexual encounter.
Where ?
In the back of my work van.
Fine, so write that down.
If you ever see this woman or any
other woman again, I will kill you.
You understand ?
How could they do this to you ?
It's ok.
Misunderstandings happen.
Better not, my love.
I'd be worried about the baby.
Good morning.
I paid these bills.
And this is for you.
Thank you, brother.
Darling ?
Mahmood is here
to check the accounts.
Good morning.
Here you go.
The net total this week
is one thousand four hundred.
Seven hundred each.
Here is the order list
if you'd like to check.
Keep it with you.
This money is yours.
The deal is fifty-fifty.
Keep the money.
You should have cash on you
for an order of mobile phones.
Here is another three thousand.
Good day, sister.
Darling, can you give me some money ?
I have to go pay some bills
and I'll buy some groceries on my way.
Is this enough ?
Thanks, bye.
Were you really sick ?
And your eye ?
Is that part of being sick ?
I was arrested
by the Palestinian Intelligence.
That bastard
from the bar in Bethlehem...
He told them I was bringing
Israeli prostitutes to Bethlehem.
I had to prove it wasn't true.
I had to involve an influential contact
to help get me out of it.
It was that hard to prove
I'm not a whore ?
All right, thanks for everything.
We'll talk later.
Thanks again.
What a nice surprise.
I wasn't expecting you here.
I have been busy
at the Government headquarters.
-Did you meet your team ?
-Yes. Just now.
Great. I want you settled very fast.
We have a lot of work ahead
in the coming months.
Of course, General.
Your work schedules.
-Your car keys.
-Why ?
Why ? What do you think happens
when you don't show up for work ?
We lost customers.
It was an emergency.
I did get all the orders...
I don't care. We lost clients.
Caf Louisa cancelled their contract
because you were late.
The keys.
What are you doing here ?
Why are you doing this ?
I can't go on with this, Saleem.
You could have said something
instead of disappearing.
I have to stop this and I can't
if I keep seeing you.
I got fired because of you.
I'm sorry, Saleem.
I didn't think they would do this.
Please, you can't be seen here.
You have to go, Saleem.
Please don't come back here.
I'm sorry.
I received my new posting.
It's in the south.
Ok. We'll figure something out.
I already did.
It's an hour and a half's drive.
I tried it.
I don't think
we'll have to move this time.
It will only be a few months.
A year, max.
Are you sure ?
Thank you, David.
Should we toast ?
Of course.
-What's up ?
Feel here.
You feel it ?
It did it again.
I have to go to work.
I just wanted to say that I love you.
I love you too, baby.
Is everything ok ?
Why this early ?
We have an operation tonight.
Where ?
Where, David ?
In Gaza ?
No, no. It's just Bethlehem.
Everything is fine.
Take care.
-Saleem ?
Since when do you care ?
Medical sources say three Palestinians
died and dozens were injured
during an invasion
by the occupying forces
in the cities of Bethlehem
and Ramallah last night.
It's good you didn't go to Bethlehem.
Thank God.
The forces invaded several Palestinian
government and security buildings...
Thank you, baby.
confiscating property
and leaving much damage behind.
I cannot talk right now, Sarah.
I just want to know
if you'll be home tonight.
It would make Flora happy.
She was waiting for you.
I'm very busy.
I've got to go.
I'll be late.
I'll be there in the morning.
What is going on ?
Son of a bitch, talk to me.
Let go of me.
I said, let go of me.
Saleem, Saleem.
It's best if you tell me everything.
About what ?
I don't understand.
Tell me about the woman.
What woman ?
The one you recruited.
Who is she ? What is her name ?
-What are you talking about ?
-Don't play stupid.
I don't know what you want from me
and what I'm doing here.
Write what ?
What you just said.
That you don't know anything about this.
Thank you.
-Same handwriting.
-What are you talking about ?
Do you remember her name now ?
Bisan. Come.
Can you wait till her brother
gets home ?
No. Let's go, Bisan.
Just Bisan.
Mrs. Bisan.
Do you work ?
I study at Al Quds university.
No classes today ?
I'm taking this semester off.
Do you and your husband
have any Israeli friends ?
-I don't.
-And your husband ?
I don't know.
Any women ?
I don't know.
How is your sexual relationship
with your husband ?
Did you ever feel your husband
might be seeing other women ?
How dare you ask me
such questions ?
Come on.
What do you want from us ?
Hi, I'm Maryam. Your lawyer from
the Coalition for Prisoners' Rights.
Please have a seat.
How are you doing ?
Can you tell me what happened ?
I know you are scared.
But if I am to help you, you must
talk to me and give me details.
It's illegal for them to listen in
on our conversation here.
Anything I say
will complicate things more.
But I didn't do the things
they accuse me of.
Give me a place to start.
I'll get it.
-Mrs Alon ?
Can I talk to David ?
Can I come in ?
Sorry. We are colleagues.
-Yes, sure.
-Thank you.
-How are you ?
-All good.
Can we talk in private ?
Yes, of course.
Would you like a drink ?
No reason to worry. But as a friend
I thought this was something...
you might want to know about.
We are casting a wide net
to find everyone...
he could have been in contact with
through his delivery work.
Your wife's caf is one of the places
that were receiving goods from him.
I'm sure it's just a coincidence.
Yes, of course.
Small world, isn't it ?
I just wanted you to know.
Good, thanks for letting me know.
You're welcome.
Good day.
Avi, thanks for coming.
-Take care.
You want some, darling ?
What did he want ?
Nothing important.
It seemed urgent.
It's just that one
of the guys we arrested...
used to make deliveries to your caf.
Do you know a Saleem ?
Saleem ?
Do you know him ?
No. Not that I recall.
We used several bakeries and
the drivers kept changing all the time.
"M. Hammad, lawyer"
Your husband's case is sensitive.
Best to keep matters confidential.
If there is anything you should know,
I'll inform you.
I asked if you could see him.
But given the serious charges
against him...
I'm not sure when it'd be possible.
Can I see the documents they found ?
I think it is best
if they remain confidential.
They don't contain anything
you need to know at this time.
You asked me here just to tell me
my husband is in jail ?
I knew that already.
The documents say
he was recruiting Israeli citizens...
to spy for the Palestinians.
Saleem denies all this.
Saleem was never involved
in politics.
The papers were found in the possession
of a high-ranking security officer.
Who ?
Hani Awad.
Also known as Abu Ibrahim.
He is in charge
of a security agency in Bethlehem.
Bethlehem had nothing to do with it.
That was a disagreement
over a payment and it was resolved.
You're sure this Abu Ibrahim
has nothing to do with this ?
What if the guy he fought
tried to get back at him ?
What if he went to this Abu Ibrahim ?
What's the matter with you ?
Why do you want to create
a bigger mess ?
I have kids to take care of,
you understand ?
I told the police everything I know.
End of discussion.
Bisan, you're my sister.
I love you.
We are all trying to help you.
I'm sorry.
I'm very sorry.
It won't happen again.
It's ok, Ronit.
Are you ok ?
What happened ?
I screwed up.
What did you do ?
I cheated on David.
It is ok.
These things happen.
And when they do...
they remind us of what's really
important in our relationships.
It was with a Palestinian guy.
Are you crazy ?
You said these things happen.
There are millions of Jewish guys
you could have chosen.
Are you that desperate ?
With an Arab ?
It doesn't matter now.
What's done, is done.
Just make sure
David doesn't find out.
Can I help you ?
-I'm looking for Mr Hani Awad.
-Who ?
Hani Awad.
-George ?
Check this ID for me:
976 376 35.
What do you want with Abu Ibrahim ?
I need to talk to him about my husband.
He was arrested by the Israelis.
What does your husband have
to do with Abu Ibrahim ?
My husband works for him.
But you can't recognize him
on the posters outside ?
Abu Ibrahim was killed
during the invasion.
Hi, Maryam.
Ok. Tomorrow at seven
at the Maskobiyeh detention centre.
Hello ?
What ?
Anything to drink ?
How are you ?
I'm fine.
Are you eating ?
You look like you lost weight.
No, I'm fine. Don't worry.
How are you and the baby ?
We miss you.
God willing,
this will be over in a few days.
Your lawyer is doing everything
she can to get you out.
God willing.
I was wondering.
Could this be because of the fight
you had in Bethlehem ?
-Abu Ibrahim being from there...
I have nothing to do with
what they say. You hear me ?
You hear me ?
Discussing case details on a visit...
can ruin everything we are doing
to get him out.
But I found out...
I know that Abu Ibrahim's dead.
This is my job.
Please do not interfere in my work again
This is best for you and your husband.
Why did you meet Mahmood ?
I'm trying to find someone
to testify in his favour...
so he doesn't spend ten years in jail.
Is that allowed ?
I'm sorry.
Look, I'm trying to find
someone who can help.
I'm working on a few leads
and I expect to find something.
When I have anything,
I will let you know.
-How do you like your coffee ?
-Just black.
Sleep inside.
Hi. What can I get you ?
I tried to reach you by phone,
but you never answered.
-I have nothing to say.
-Really ?
I have a lot to tell you.
You can choose who hears it.
Let's talk in private.
Just you and me.
-Ronit, can you cover for me please ?
-I'm coming.
I want you to stop calling my home
or I'll call the police.
You don't want to do this.
The police are interrogating Saleem
about some woman he knows.
-What did he do ?
-You tell me.
I have nothing to do with him.
I'm his lawyer.
And soon will be yours,
unless you help me.
There are false charges against you both
because of what happened in Bethlehem.
Nothing happened in Bethlehem.
-I want you to say this in court.
-Are you insane ?
He's being beaten up by the police,
refusing to lead them to you...
because he understands your situation.
I can arrange a private meeting
with the police.
-Your husband doesn't need to know.
-He'll be the first to know.
Soon everyone will know.
They will get to you.
I'm trying to help you.
I'm offering you a way out
to spare you the scandal.
Think about it.
Muhamad Othman.
Mahmoud Awni.
Nizar Hadad.
I need to tell you about your wife.
What ?
What about her ?
Who are you ?
No... nothing.
Who are you ?
Give me your ID.
Give me your ID.
Wait. Come back here.
Everything is fine.
There you are.
David, you're hurting me.
You're hurting me.
Enough, David.
You're hurting me.
Two thousand shekels.
Can't you make it
two thousand five hundred ?
This is the price.
You can ask in the market.
-Who is it ?
-It's me, sister. Open up.
-What are you doing here ?
-I'm going to the post office.
If you have any bills to pay,
give them to me.
From now on,
I don't want your help.
Don't ever come back here.
Go away.
Have you gone crazy ?
What's wrong ?
Have I gone crazy ?
I found out everything
you said to that lawyer.
I was crazy to believe you.
You are a hypocrite. Get out.
Just let me explain. Calm down.
You see this line ?
Don't you dare cross it again.
Just listen...
You can go.
Why her in particular ?
Listen, I told your friend.
I don't know
what you are talking about.
Why this particular woman ?
-Is she in the army ?
-So there is a woman ?
We were at Caf Louisa today.
Did you know the owner's husband
is a colonel in the army ?
What does this have to do with me ?
What do you want to know
about him ?
What did she tell you ?
Let me tell you a bit
about her husband.
-He fights the terrorists whom you help.
-That's not true.
The mobiles you delivered
were used by terrorists.
Your word against his ?
You will never leave this place.
You will never see daylight again.
You will never see your son
or your wife.
Your house will be destroyed.
Your wife and child will live
in the street, like beggars.
I'm sorry.
I made a mistake.
I cheated on my wife.
Your wife also made a mistake
towards you.
That's all that it was.
That's all we did.
What did she tell you ?
-What do you want from her ?
It was just fucking.
I fucked her and she fucked me.
Yes, it was a mistake.
But that's all it was.
A mistake.
I'm sorry.
Better for you not to mention her or me
in any way.
You never met her
and you never met me.
We never spoke.
Otherwise you are dead.
Understood ?
Bisan Abd el Ghani.
If your husband is a prisoner,
shouldn't you stand by him ?
Doesn't he have enough
to deal with ?
My husband is not a political prisoner.
And what he did was wrong.
Your marriage contract says you
waived the right to initiate a divorce.
But you can still do so
if he's given a long sentence.
Is there a court ruling ?
He has not been sentenced yet.
You can come back
when there is a court ruling.
Why are you in a hurry ?
Be patient, my daughter.
God willing, they'll let him off
and your life will go back to normal.
"Freedom for the imprisoned hero
Saleem Mousa"
-Are you blind ?
-I'm sorry.
Just leave it there, you fool.
What's wrong with you ?
Son of a bitch.
We need to talk.
What's this ?
Reports like the ones
we found before.
Also written by Saleem.
These ones are dated in the future.
Also in relation to the woman.
You know, Palestinian reports.
A source of income for the jobless.
For each report
they receive thirty shekels.
So you rarely find
anything useful in them.
Certainly not in this case.
-But they were written for a reason.
But none of our agents
know this Saleem guy.
Even Abu Ibrahim's men
have never heard of him.
Why are you telling me this ?
I need to talk to your wife, David.
Saleem's lawyer.
The reports do not mention your name,
so you have nothing to worry about.
The dates don't match the time Saleem
was making deliveries to the caf.
But your wife knows something.
Sarah knows nothing about my work.
She certainly doesn't know anything
that would be of use to them.
I believe you.
At least, the reports
show no sign of this.
There is no indication
that the woman collaborated...
or provided any kind of information.
But there was definitely
a sexual relationship.
Are things ok between you two ?
You don't have to worry.
I can still bury this whole story.
But I need to hear what she knows
in relation to the reports.
And then we can close
this entire affair.
Ok ?
Get in please.
How did we get to this situation ?
I'm sorry, David.
I screwed up.
How did we get to a situation...
where this bastard takes advantage
of you and tries to recruit you ?
He didn't.
He is not like that.
You know him that well ?
You are in love with him ?
Not at all.
He is just not into politics,
that's all.
You are so naive.
They set up a case against him,
He never tried to recruit me.
I would never do such a thing.
But you would get laid.
You'd better not tell the investigating
officer any of this bullshit.
When he asks, you say...
you stopped sleeping with him when
he started asking about my work.
You did not tell him anything
because I never told you anything.
You will be cleared, but not him.
You understand ?
If you can't do that...
we will go our separate ways.
The child will stay with me.
They wouldn't let her live
with a traitor anyway.
Don't worry, madam.
Just a few questions.
You and your husband
will be home in no time.
Please go away.
I have important news.
-I don't care.
-I know you know what happened.
But you need to know that this woman
just testified against him.
Let him rot in jail.
You have every right to be upset.
I'm with you.
I'd also want to teach him a lesson.
But you need to know
that she told a pack of lies.
She accused him
of things he did not do.
This can earn him ten years.
She'll emerge unscathed.
Nothing will happen to her.
Look, she was my only hope.
I don't have any other witnesses.
I don't know what else to do.
I'm sorry.
He didn't tell you his wife is pregnant,
or you just don't care ?
You don't even care
about him do you ?
I don't know what you
are talking about.
Oh, you don't know ?
Of course, arrogant people
like you have no shame.
You just take whatever you want
and nothing else matters.
-Get out.
I'm not leaving until
you tell the truth.
Get out, or I will call the police.
-I am not leaving.
-Out !
Get out. You heard her.
You are not getting
away with this.
Sit down.
What's going on ?
Sit down.
We've come to the conclusion
that you violated the code of secrecy.
Secrecy is crucial to the success
of our operations, as you know.
I don't understand.
It pains me to see you
in this situation.
But I have no choice but to strip you
of your security clearance.
What ?
I would never do such a thing.
I know what my job demands.
I would never ever talk
about security operations to anyone.
Our tech team delivered this to us.
An analysis of the outgoing and
incoming calls to Saleem's phone.
All the phone calls over
the last six months are harmless.
Except one.
A phone call from your house,
two months ago.
Don't make deliveries
to Bethlehem.
The army's launching
an operation tonight.
Since when do you care ?
I just want you to be careful,
that's all.
Can I come in ?
Anything to drink ?
Water please.
Thank you.
Do you know the baby's gender ?
It's better that way.
What's your daughter's name ?
Beautiful name.
Did you know Saleem was cheating ?
I thought he was working nights.
We needed the money.
Do you need any financial help ?
If you want to clear your
conscience, tell the truth.
Don't try to buy yourself
a way out.
You, sit down.
You, get out of here.
You, sit down.
David, she is pregnant.
Have you gone mad ?
What did you tell them, huh ?
Are you one of them ?
Have you gone mad ?
Drive home. I'll follow.
-Can you calm down ?
-I'm calm.
I have to talk to this woman.
Then I'll be back.
What's to talk about ? His dick ?
-They have a child on the way.
-He shouldn't have fucked you then.
-Go inside. Now.
-Enough of this.
Go inside.
I risked everything
to fix this mess you created
and you keep dragging us
in deep shit.
A man will be jailed for years
because you made me lie.
He deserves it.
He will be in jail for years, David.
This doesn't move your conscience ?
-It doesn't move you at all ?
-Get in the car.
Why am I surprised ?
All you care about is the glorious colon
David and his fucking military career.
-I'm sorry.
-Don't touch me.
Let's get out of here.
Don't touch me.
David, I beg you.
Put pressure here.
Stop the bleeding.
Wait here.
-What happened, sir ?
-We took a wrong turn.
There were stones, a total mess.
My wife is there on her own,
she is injured.
I couldn't find her, I searched.
We need backup.
An ambulance. Fast.
Israeli woman in East Jerusalem.
Injured and alone.
We request backup, over.
Please calm down, sir.
Everything will be ok.
-We cannot go in there, as you know.
-I understand.
-I couldn't find her.
-Everything will be all right.
-Help is on the way, ok ?
Easy now, ok ?
Sarah, are you ok ?
Thank you for your help.
At the house
of the Palestinian prisoner Saleem
a crowd of friends,
family and neighbors
gathered to show their support
after the Israeli court's decision
to try his case behind closed doors.
We have with us Maryam Hammad,
Saleem's lawyer.
What are your expectations
for the court ruling ?
We do not expect this court to be just,
but we'll do everything we can
to prove Saleem's innocence
or reduce his sentence.
Thank you.
The Israeli woman, who testified
that she was misled by a Palestinian
man from east Jerusalem
has changed her testimony
in his favour.
She's been vilified by
the conservative community in the city,
who consider her a traitor.
Angry demonstrators gathered
at the court house
chanting their disapproval
of her actions.
Come, Flora.
Let's go, my darling.
-Come, darling.
-See you Monday.
Let's get you in the car.
Bye, Flora.
Bisan, I'm sorry.
For cheating or for lying ?
Anyway, the lawyer said
that with Sarah's testimony...
you might get three years
instead of ten.
But I want a divorce regardless.
-Can we talk about this later ?
-I've made my decision.
I'm walking into a court
that will ruin my life.
Yes, I deserve to be punished.
But not now and not like this.
Did you think of our son
and what this means for him ?
Did you think of our son
when you were sleeping with her ?
You think it is easy for me
to be here as your loyal wife
and to hear how you two
used to sleep together ?
Would you feel better
if you took revenge ?
Saleem, people outside
think you are a hero.
Would you like me to tell them
what you did ?
Don't worry.
I wouldn't do it.
I want my son to grow up
to love his father.
But I'm not staying with you.
You will file for divorce, Saleem.
I don't deserve
to be the disloyal wife
who divorces her husband
while he is in jail.
Bitch. Traitor.
Here you go.
What is the name ?
Beautiful name.
Thank you.
In 15 minutes, they'll call you inside.
In 15 minutes, you go in. Ok ?